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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, January 21, 1905, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 23

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S or i1 51 oJ 4 r volI I mi ui Im1 t MI if mi n i > vnrmrnn fnmtri
I Ii rri News tfe SportIng World at Home and Abroad I I I 1
1 = c c L u I
Big Events Soon to Taftc Place at
Daytona Where Records
1 Worlds Most Famous Mortoijsts Will
SoonCompete for Championship
i OMOeld Will be There
That Old pnyliiff Bco NiiploB and
die rhaps true In sunny Italy
to the most Jjloturcslue
does not apply PJoturcsque
llttlo town of sunny Florida for thtro
It II to co Uaytona and live To ieo
Ills to want to live despite aches ami
pains to fifo It Is to ho converted to
nulorooMIIng with nil Us iittcndniit
J jileuurf S atid dlseusen
lrb bly no places havo contributed
more O the automobile Industry thun
1 v NI i
Dayton iiml Ormond connected by
K fan o ui beach where all records
ruern broken and upon which
try m > vIce who rides la not only en
I huJatfr but nt onfo nlloww himself
lo > enni < the loBltlnmte prey of nu
mobil Salesmen >
Climate roads ami this magnificent
eah havo drawn tho tiutolst hither
II nd alt lllg to sny he Is welcome
IriF he must exercise Homo discretion
iid eh uld he drive tauter than ono
hundred miles nn hour IH liable to bo
wiitcd by Its solitary heavy weight
iilitnmn who with club nnd loaded
fun faithfully pntrols thirty miles ol
UrMs nrt thirty hillos of beach III
nays ready to land the Infringing tint
tl fleiu in thfc twelve foot Jail over
the rlvtr hero while escape through
the slrtng Inch wall might ho possible
the offender would bo obliged to swim
k libntv or meet a watciy grave
Hut little has been written regarding
the Bumni on the Florida east const
end ri ulcrs may smile to he told that
1118 fast becoming n favorite summer
rt ort For many wealthy residents
DTlglnolly from tho north und who
ItautiR timo and means to travel linve
M last fi und as near an Ideal nil the
year round climate as this Imperfect
inrth rm supply From last Juno to
January the thermometer reached 00
leg lut once and that was on Oct
3 nil tin nights arc nUvaya cool and
IcThar no one lius done more to
vftrl bringing this beach to tho alien
i tin or the nutomobllo world than Mr
1 F It ih iwuy who In tho winter of
IIJ bruIlIt ono of tilt Ilrwt motor earn
i that i r trnvcisf these hard sands
4 and nut unknowingly traduced this
1 ttnli 1lIn that has Infected nil tour
hits n j pm the native crackers AH
an lllii i iiiun of ninety pcoplo whom
h Intnied that winter In automobll
lug Coo Irour Immediately contracted
ihe h < r and purchased cars within
cn j 0
Iflun i the sununnr ed ii cat t ug t tic
ii nen n the White Mountains of
Nfw Himi hlte durliiB the winter
tdlrdl t ii tint lvi Fiotkl ian III Iho
is H 0use of the auto eti ntitan thy
knit ni w fields for missionary la
hr df this Idnd of Inoculation ran be
tffii i i siomiry work ho bun nt lust
PI > I lujiled the pjiluiimntlc nlllBiitor
frq > > nate hunts and tourists
inu1 b startled should they now
Cl1 i thiso autoBators whlrh
biu PO Illw Bjicod to tlio licnrtH
rnl i < iirouRh hammock and swamps
11111 I r this far famed Florida
lin 1
In T Miat time the great events will
fk 111 P md that records will KO
tUU1ht thtr > can bo little doubt The
1vuItjs m mi famous motor drivers vlH
1 en inuil to paitlclpato In tho races
rnn tvn that will probably attract tho
Breater attention from the enthusiasts
fire Jiumy iih hold nn WSnll Lillie
iinii iiiier and HCnrl Fournler the
o1 J1 rench racer
Oh why o you stay In the cold blank
N nh
Mli thi co and tho sleet and the
Vh1 1 r ny yu ought sully forth
> < Ite the inim8t breezes blow
1Vt1i thf RUII hhlne bright In the
luist sky
AM thc tree nn fOMVor Kccett i
Ih toy palmetto with oiown on
The iaj with UK shimmer and sheen
iiMiak with graceful festoons of
rh age with globes of gold
Whil Hi rfutno of roses Is wafted
rtn Burdens whore Mummer mnkeH
fnntui Utter month to prolong her stay
Atut t banish the hifng frost
Ant Biitterilliw hem nit about BoldombotHed the livelong day
Whr the llneht of beachea doth In
re a hrUk
Where automobllo i l1111
f > y m may witness a rare Rrand
When lJlIc1ell or Vnn prblll win
vr Men oen the tutors Join tho night
As they crank the car with n grin
And sped along twulng left and
Lll i any mud manikin
Yes ioU nuto go to the nutorace
On the OrmondDaytomi bench
You auto visit hat beautiful place
s Come one come all Co mo each
I To swell the crowd with eager face
Or ontor III the world great race
Ionncr In OffcruJ Match Ullli the llttlo
Dmivcrlto for cit Month I
Jimmy Britt can have a fight next i
month for tho asking Morris Levy I
manager of tho Hayes Valiey Athletic
club has the February date and Is
willing to match Britt asralrmt Young
Corbott Irltt Is holding out for a bat
tle with Jaber Whlto but Levy ways
he will lint Import n lighter when bo
Jinu such u popular man as Corbett on
the scene
Corbett Js wilting to make concca
Hloiis to Britt for tln unkc of getting u
chance to will back bin championship
laurels Corbett III reducing flesh nnd
netting Into condition at ShnnnonH Hun
llafacl Ho huts been working with
Tom Jenkins nnd will have Franklo
Nell to box with and go out on tho
road each day torbclts condition Is
lmpiolng Ho has knuckled down to
business and nan cut out the buttorily
life Although orbett has only l mi
In Han Hufnul It week he Is beginning
to show the effects of the hard road
work he Is doing
I nm entitled to a return match with
I3iltt Bald Corbdtt Britt did not win
my title by knocking me out he simply
IIIIH a decision over inc LoUt of people
think he Is not entitled to It It ho
wants tho title let him win It by a mar
Kin I um bout Hrttt and ho fears mo
moro than any oilier man Drill knows
that If 1 am In condition I can give him
n tough buttle I ftm tralrtlnc haul and
I want tho peoplo of this city to have
confidence In mf llrltt Is u fflci fellow
but he will ninko a bigger hit If ho
Bliowa the public that he Is not nfrald
to meet me a second time I will bet
him on the Bide RilL make nil kinds of
concessions to him because 1 am mix
bus to get hint In a ring again If wo
lire matched the public will toe mo light
na I did when I beat MeOovcrn I have
not touched a drop of liquor find will
tAke care of myself Frnnltlo Nell will
box with mo every day and I will RO out
on the road dally Britt Is my choice
for next month nnd I hope the sporting
writers will assist mo In getting a re I
turn battle
N r
> i
Itih1v 1tilIT
X2 4 I
I vJj
Frvnk Kullck will run Henry Fords 20horse power record holder Kullek
Is tin rrgiish chauffeur und has mud 3 good records till over the country
The rtNlIt storms have packed tho nan d on the Florida bunch to the smooth
yes of maiblc and It Is In the finest possible condition for racing
Matched to Ilyllt IrnnUlo Nell at San
Francisco This Month
Foilythrco battles and 33 knockouts
In 21 months ngalint boys of his weight
and men from llvo to 15 pounds advant
age No amateur ever turned out In
San Francisco not Imrrlng Jimmy
llrltt Kddle Hnnlon and Fmnkle Nell
who Is to be HylandH llrst professional
opponent on Jan 31 over approached
this record Hyland wan born Sept
li 1S37 which nmkes him the youngest
tt I
4 S V 4
fiKhtef In the ring flo has never been
put > ft hli fort in 0111 list I t toil
Here M tljr record with weights of
opponents Henry Hboehan 115 W 4 i
Manual Toires 116 1C O 2 Manuel
Torre i 115 K O 3 II Psclo 126 K O
1 Jim Kane la3 W li Clmrllo Weber I
120 K o 2 Pete Carroll 120 K O 2 I
Jim Unl er ISO K O Ii Dick Cohen I
UH K d 4 Kid Parker 12J K fl 2i i
Jim J a m > 12M K O 4 Charlie Dunn
1J6 W 1 H Brown 130 K O 4 Jim
Kune 118 W 4 Ohaillrt Dunn 135
IC 0 8 Frank McDonald 186 W 4i
Charlie Dunn 135 W 4 Henry Hrown
1JO K n h Prank Walsh 130 K O
S Jack Hiirlie IM W 4 Jack Burke
138 K n 4 Kid WlllUuiiH 130 K O 2 j
Too Hull 13 1C 0 2 Joe Donnvan
US K 0 3 Young Jack Munroe 128
1 < 01 Jilt Taylor 111 K O 3 Hen
Klrby 1JB K O 2 Hilly Wetroi IM
FL 0 2 Young Jack Ollrlen Itt K O
8 George Whlto IM 1C O 3 Fred
Wyatt 12S K O Ii Jack Jlorlnrlty
10 K 0 3 Mlolw Welch 124 1C O
It Illlly llsker IM K 0 1 Frank
Fields 128 K 0 3 Frank Fuller 130 I
K O 2 Jock lioach 130 K 0 1 Torn
Pi Ice ISO 1C O Ii Kid dirlsUe 18ft I
w 4 Jimmy hyatt las K O 2 Hilly
Puyne UO K O 2 I
AVon the featherweight championship
of tho Pacific coast from KddlP Am
Htful Jn Olympic club toutnument III
four round
y +
T 0
1 I
1 1 r I
1I I
y t
i A
y A
1 flfflt i t
1 1 I J
X M X > X X MX < X X < X X < X > < J < t < 5 > XX < > >
Stttt ttfctt tt
ann arutrmarui L mnrinnn nnruuin an nruuuuirLn rinnnnnnnumruinnrururn
FnJ1J11JUJ1J1 i
jj W S Jones Promises Some Good Races
thru innruinnni uvruuutn ru uuvnnnnn uuinnnnru innrutnnruiannaaruuinjo
lIeglnnln on Decoration liny In rI
ot horse racing will he given a loyal
rent of their favorite sport In a < Ull
Ion to the regular dau Hi lniu > it to
thin city by the newly organised
western circuit Mr W S Jones the
man who linn done much for the sport
In these part will give four days mo
inp and will give the moat liberal
paws ever offered In the State of
The dates for tliete events aside Iron
till circuit cviiiti will bo Decoration
day July 4 July 21 and Labor day
For each day Mr Jones will hanK up
purses nseregntlnK 51200 On the llrst
day 600 will be given In the frosfor
all JIOO for thn 220 trot and pace and
MOO for each of the running races The
offerings for the events of the succeed
Ing days will be Just as liberal
We can not get Rood fast horpo1 litre
for nothing IB the way Mr Jones
spoke to the News tho other dny
If you want tho best results you
hap to pay Tor It and f millae that
HH fully MB anybody ran
1or the regular circuit dates I will
have the hlgg t Hiring of fast liorsei
her that lociil hoMomcn have wen for
A long time Many CaRl unlmiilM will
cnnip here from Denver und other cities
In the circuit and we will lime at
lenst Ito fust nnlmuls for thus vurlouH
Interantlnir ovenls to be given
On tlic flint day of the circuit meet
w tf will give a fifenfornll trot suit
pace that will iiirely bo H hummer for
In thAt race alone We will give u nuim
of 1000
The dstftfl for these event me July
1R 17 18 antI It The re rex will be ut
the state fair half mile truck The con
illlloru down lit tho trade are 1110Mt fa
vorable for a big meet nnrt nmny Im
bit vPrnents are yet to mo made and
will be made III plenty of time for tlm
niece Mr Jones Bays he will soon Imvn
printed programs out and will mall
copies to the horsemen throughout tli
Mate anti ho believed It will have tho
effect nf bringing ninny top notchers
l > re and that the entry llt will bo
here the longest in the history of tbo Runic 1
1 r
Iouls HOBS fays he will give tho Irrepressible Darney the chance of his
life lloss will use Ms big steamer and If everything runs smoooihly he ought
to break nil of his former retorda The amateur iaco for fcHr Thomas Dewarfl
cup will be run by men of worldwldo riputatlon
Time Table
In Ell ret Dec 4
AflhiI VII
FrOgllen 1ortland llutte
ii Francleco Chicago Bt
Louis oinalui and Denver JW am
from Ogden und intermodule
polnu 9 so am
1 rom Oidcn Cache Volley and
Intermediate points UltS pia
From Ogden Chicago fit Iniis
Kaniia cit > Omaha U nv r
and Ban FrancUco 41 nro
From Ogden < Cache Valley
ft Anthony Iortland and San
Iranclsco 113 pm
Icon Og < len Omalia Chicago
iJcnver kunnus city and at
I ouls 700 am
ror Ogden jortland 8U An
thon ann lianclito and III
ternieillxta points 10 am
For Ogden Omuha Clilcago
Utntr HKnrM City at luul
und San Francisco 110 pm
For Oiidon Cache Valley Den
vcr Kurian city Omaha St
Louie auto Chicago till pm
Vor Ogden Cacbe Vulloy lIule
cliiitt Portland Ban Fran
cIsco and Intermediate jiulntBltJ pn
T M fiClltJMArilRH Traf Mar
U H SlKNCii A 6 i T A
City Tlcltct Office Ml Main Streol
Telephone SM
Salt La1e
Turf Exchange
208 Mllit sT
Callfornl and leItern race Direct
wtre toe all sporting tvonlL
flev Comstock Turf Exchange
No 23 West Seoond So
Snn Fronolsoo nnd Los AnRoloo
Tho Mercantile An onoy I
04lOIIln null fHnoral Mnnncer Idaho
Nevada Utah and wyomlnK
Offices 180 1roeresR tlullillnir SiH Lake
City Utah I
r Bin Pedro loOn An
gctel and Salt Lake
tI ci
LI It It Co
A i DRlAnT
fV Prom Oregon Bhnrt
o u IJn Depot Rait
Lake City
For Provo Lehl Falrfltil and
Mercer cfnnertlnp at Nephl
for Jtantl and Intermediate
points on Smipete Valley nv 800 am
For Oarnolit Heaeh Tooels
Stockton Msmmnth Rar ka
ftnrt Silver City via Iearn
Ington cutoff 14 J am
For rovo American Fork
lehl Juab Mllfnrd Frlnrfo
Cnllent and Intermediate
points 903 pm
From Prose Amertcnn Fork
tfhl Juab Mllfnrd Frl co
Callentcs and Intermediate
Points 05 am
From Provo IhI Falrrteld
Meteor and 8anp te Valley
I hallway points 635 pji
From Silver City Mammoth
Rurekn Stockton Toocle and
Qarflcld Iltach 533 pm
Dally Pullman ttuffet Bleeping CAr 101
vic tween Salt Lake City and Milford
Mndenn tnt Cullentei
nir ct stage cnnnoetlnni for all mlnlnit
districts In southern Utah and Nevada
CIty Ticket Office Ml Main Blroet
Telephone JO
Qtnl Past Act Diet Peas Aut
Joseph E Taylor
Of Utah Open day and night Factor
end Warerooms No 3M K First South
I axd cnhLlt btoclui cast of Ttwoter
Through car Rail Lake City to St Luuli
and Kanms City Only one change to
New York lluffalo and prlacltml polnu
tmtlnvf rates for luinmtr travil
Htpeclal attention tu ladies and chil
TnurM sleepers through to Chlrnirn
Boston ind ntW points Without ohllnn
Inquire at ticket office lltt Duoljr flock
Bait lAke City Any Inforuiatloa cheer
tully glVn
Q P A TA UlMOurl Had flo lly RU
It an ay thing to order
That Good Coal There
are 4 separate telephone
lines Into the onice and
you cnn talk direct to any
yard It you wish
101 Melghn SI
The agooii1thai1
Bolt Lnko nnd Ogden Railway
Tim i Table In effect Sept i IMi
Leave Salt Iaiio 880 and I a m 3M
anl SiM p m
Leave Fiirmlnrton and Lacoon lt21 and
10 a in 430 and t1 p m
Extra trains nt It H m and 180 p ta
on Hunduya and Ilolldaya
A D llImaON aenl laas Ajrt
1 D JEAN Kxrutnlnn Aid
I Office HI Main Street
fi1nruiiIJ D6R NDF
Curmnt Tlm Tnbln
In effect Oct tth JJ04
No 1GFor lleb r Provo and
Maryivnlu 8CO am
No iifjKor 1ark City 8U am
No JKor Denver and Rut 8 50 am
No ior Olden nnc Vet 1060 am
No 1Kor Ogden and Weit 143 pro
No tKor Denver and Rut 115 IIm
No 8I or Prove and tuulla 600 pun
No lizror IiliiKlinm 810 a m
NO 1I1Ior lllnxham 100 p ra
Nil 11For Ogden and Local
Points 601 pm
No 4Kor Denver and iaat J68 pm
No JFor Ogden and Weal tliWpm
NI I 6 From Ogden and the
Seat 140 am
No llpVdm Oruen and Local
1olnls 10M a m
No 1From KurcLa and 1rovo 1000 n m
No tFrnm Denver ann KnitiO am
No lrFrom Denver and Rut lK pin
No tFtom Ogden and the
No ut 101 Irom laic City I lilt IS
No > Froia Ileber Irovp and
Marvavale 800 pm
No In From ulnjnam 1010 ni
No llrroin ninrhnm JI40 pun
Nil 4From Ogoen and the
No Seat IIrrom DenVer Mil FutI1 ISS O 1111 p m
All train ejtcnit Nos t and t step at
tnt rmedlle point
Ticket Of nee Dooly Illock Phstie IM
Gen Act lau Dpt
4 thU
How to Avoid Pneumonia
We have never haont of a slnitlo In
Btnncn of a cold resulting In pntumonla
or other lung trouble when JoUyn Honoy
and Tar hnll been taken It not only stops
the rough but heals and itrenrthona the
lunn Ask fir Foleya Honey and Tnr
and rfu e nnv mhatiit orfeieil Dr I
J Illflhoii of Ajpiow Mith V1lIe i C
have iiaed Tolfyg Honey and Tar In three
very severe riviw C f mipmrnla with goal
re ultfl In erery css Fnr Bui by 1 J
Hill DniK > o
MkYrrn r1
Ff Frutt through trains dully to 1 I
F1 Chicago via tho I It U
1 tho doubletrack line be ri I j
H tween the Missouri River and jJ It
Chicago Direct connection
with nil lines to the East i
Two trains daily Omaha to il
St Pnul and Minneapolis i it
excellent service to Duluth Ii
and Superior il
Clio Tlest of Everything
Pullman drawingroom sleoplrj MM IIJ
bullet tmokli ac l library nti
Booklorers library dlcinz earn t U
carlo i rric > freo reolmmg ch ir
cu and nl rIsrd Nadt
r luaP e 01 p1r 10
C A WALKER Genl Act 0 IHR I jl
38 en 40 Jut 2etatI BtdhSt 1
6ALTUlt nIJU1 4
HA PElTt itEM wnntrg Jtttl tit
comncta ireoiiMfli at ottut IQII
blnkr IIIU tnd tit bcti foima et 1
Ihu Dttoict MJV liKk store
Decision Hcccntly Announced liy
Secretary Sullivan of Ama
teur A U
Was Mode for Worlds Kccord Hut It
Was u LOUR Time Before Vlnacr
Kecclvcd Due Recognition
A decision just minounccd by Secy
James K Hulllvnn of the Amuteur Ath
Ittle union brliiK to a close a long con
troversy an to the worlds pole vault
record and give II tardy recognition to
Not man Dole of Stanford university
who did the trick with his polo last
April for 12 feet 132 Inches
This history of the light for the rec
ognition of this record has been an In
teresting one In which prejudice
against the welt and especially ngaliiHt
the extreme west wheie Native Bon
enthusiasm Was mipposed to predomi
nate over tho securing of accuracy In
measurements hilts played a largo fig
ure Norman Dole who now secures the
long delayed title of worlds champion
pole vaulter comes from a wonderful
athletic family many believe tho most
wonderful family of which there Is a
ri > cor They are tho Dotes of Honolu
lu i which exOov Dole of the RatiO
vlch Inlands Is the father During he
12 year since Stanford university
threw open HH doors to freehmen there
has never been H time whan one of
these Dole boys and glrln were not win
ning laurels on the track and football
field The first of them Charley
Dole was the llrst man to he Bent from
tho west to represent the new univer
sities In an eastern field meet HP
surprised everybody by bringing home
n doxen points and winning recognition
for the went In athletics Ho wan fol
lowed by other and younger member
of the family upon whom such pictur
esque names nil Ravage Canlbnl
nnd Oulby Dole were bestowed by
their flaHsmatcF It has now come to
lie a tradition that a Dole must bear a
name In coHeRe suggestive of time Pa
illln Islander
Two years ago the bltterent athletic
contest that ever took place on the Pa
cific coast occurred nlllllt discovered
Norman Dole an a polo vaulter It wan
a track meet and In track events Htnn
ford had never won from llerkeley In
all the six yours they had linld annual
mcitlngB On the other hand Ilerkcley
Iad celdom won at football However
this year Stanford hud received a
oorcnlng fl feat that left her humili
ated and on her tnttl An spring drw
Hoar she mnrchnllrd her athlete aivl
prencM iini forward Into the hardest
of nil iII fttm simply went In to win
at nil Hffx It there wan any way In her
student body to do It On the eventful
day with a field team much Increased
by nw recruit she went to her old ri
vals grounds full of the spirit nf fight
Kvent after event WM run oft each
veloplnn some new aurprlm Un
known runners from Stanford dvelop
od winning burl of iced > pnt
Ilcrkelt vetoran and through thr <
whole nfl lIoon th oor climbed up
with Stanford fnrthor ahead tlvin she
had iver been but ntlll behind JI 1kly
a few pnlniii t the end two ivontit
wore left the relay race and tlu pole
vault ICIthcr one of them could turn
victory to Herkeloy If she won It und
Stanford needed them both In the re
In Stanford accumulated a good IPIH
until the hint lap when her man Ite
Hmlth of Denver running like n door
stumbled nnd fell while tho thousand
of tartlfiui spectators loosened n cry
of triumph and denpalr arordlnr to the
colors they wore an the Illuo ard Gold
runner busied IH fallen antaKt > nlnt Hut
too much depended on the event to stop
and Smith picked himself up and with
u lain of speed that ho bias never since
approached eped on till ha crossed the
tape with just enough of a lead to win
Thin brought hope to Stanford and n
tense Interest In the final event thu
pole vault If Stanford should win nut
Plate she could tie the meet or It she
lon second and third place site could
tie It and If first and Mtcond she could
win the day
I > or a whole hour people watched BI
tlu aim 11InlllpfAIed through the gold
There la no longer any rational rca
non for believing that we will not have
n SBttuon of good baseball during the
year of 1905
True there ne been many discour
aging report but for all that the out
look U bright and thoie Interested In
the fascinating iwtloiml pftgtlme are
working like beaver for the sucestt of
the porl They are doing this beoauiw
they like tho fame theinselvn and then
there Is money III It If properly con
At Butte Mont there Is a meeting
today of olllclnl In the Pacific Nation
al league Just what they will do Is a
matter of conjecture nt thin time but If
may be depended upon that Hull Lakes
Interests will be carefully guarded and
that we will get tho best that can 1Jc
Whether the obi league will bo con
tlnued with two clubs added or wheth
er a new league will bo orgunlrod ie
miilns to be seen It really nmkeu lit
tle or no dllterenoo which tH tho result
of the contlab just so thoro U u league
and a good one Whatever Is doiin Jt
In safe to say that tho longiie will ll >
compofed of at least six club Wheth
er the league will be tho Pacific Na
tional or the Northwest matters not
At prewnt It looks hike HgH Lake Og
dpn BoIse Unite Helena and Spokane
< n gsf o and the daiknoi found five
i n three rum Stanford and two from
l < > ikdtfy still going up Into th air al
though the rijiit iHterooIlerat record
hud been paseb several Inchdi by nil
Itvo of them In the utieiii D wnnlnu
which wan forcing tlirm oi Fltially
Beach of flanforrt dUtrmnttT the best
Berkotey men nnd Lmio of Hmnfvd
uliot up for a record of 11 feet j
incites within a qUaIter of nn Inch of
th worlds loconl
The crowd w nr wild while 8 tan foul
UitoxtoHtinl Wh tbi Klory of her list
tl1 victory id Norman Dele as
first omi nr th members of the famtl
who had done 10 muah for western nth
Prom that day thn boy started to
praotlio to paiN that worlds record Lest
spring ho trained steadily for It and In
tlc Held events broke his pole tutrt M
he was warming up to record distance
A week later a tryout was held to
chooM team for the world fair meet
and at this tryout he md lilly work
ed distance till he cronsed tho bar ut
W feet 131 Inohex Much to the surprIse
of all oOOlt authorities the record Will
withheld from press reports The Sen
Krnclnco ihronlcle noted that the As
sedated Ins Ignored It while the
wonderful U foot vault of a Yale man
WNB tlltlhed over the country as a now
world mark Thnn bpgnn the long
contest for recognition with tW Ama
teur Athletic union which ban just end
ed III tho giving to Dole of his place ao
foremo of the worlds pole vaulters
Pius beet work done with the pole In
Utah IH H feet II Innhea A record mulu
by Adams of Provo Htimoll of tho
University of Utnh doei 11 feet 4 Inches
which Is considerably above tho aver
age for most American colleges
rvv J
will make up the circuit
It IK more than likely that the trou
ble between Luca and McCloikty anti
Walter Wllmot at Untie will be sett Ml
In u satisfactory manner Butte will bo
In the league U has been demonstrat
ed that there Uj little fuiiadatlon for thn I j
report that Boise had wlthdiawn Utft I
year p miant winners will have a t
twain In the field again this season find Jt
Muck Weaver will be Its manager Tho f
other cities are taking an active part In
the jams and It Is the aim of > ach to 1
have first class team Ogden In more Ii
than anxloufi to get Into the ISHKUC
and can be depended uion to have a
bunch nf fast ones Salt lalte will not r I
he behind the other cities In this re
aped We have a good man In Charlay
llellly and he IN doing everything In
huts power to land In till city a team
of pennant winner 9
I Never mind what the league Is called
Just piny ball f
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s I
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zeJt Y OZ72ZD st 22N11T
narney Oldfleld will be one of tho daring nuto drlverH at the Ormoml
ttcneh race Hnrncv hUll nultc n record for handling the glunt racing ma
chine He will ntrlve to bent the mllo a minute for greater speed and new
mark The picture shows Oldfleld making a mile a minute In u Whonw power
French racer I
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