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The the Other In Want P Try nlit Thlnn Advertising nt Man F llow Uiually Aa ii He at IB Win Lucky In All DBSERBT EVENING NEWS Every Want You ot Would Little You ad Which That While Be Hit If Is There it Aimed Were Appears 10 a Directly Bullet 1
Senator Brackett Introduces
Resolution in N Y Legisla
ture Demanding It
People Staggered by Relation
Shown to Exist Between Him
And the Equitable Life
GovlIlgglnln Ills Menage DuelN at
Length on lho Insiiriinco Question
And iced of a Xcxv 1 AW
Albany N Y Jan lSenator
Itrackett of Saratoga won after the
legislature convened todny Introduce
resolution demanding of Chauneey M
flew hlH resignation as United States
mnator from this stale The resolution
in full follows
Slnco the ndjournment of this sen
ate the people of the state mid nation
lint been staggered by tho relation
hown to have existed for years bo
twoen the Equltabl Lire Afsurancc so I
clety and elm unccr M Depeu one of I
the senators of the tatc In the United
Btatw Congrcas
Recognizing that these disclosures
have caused a total lack of confident
In tho ability of tho senator named to
properly represent the people in the
body to which he was elected
Resolved by the senale that Clmun
cey M Depew he niul hereby Is request
ei I to forthwith resign hIs seat In tho
United State senate
Albany X Y Jan 3T110 Mate log
Mature convened at noon to < lIlY for the
one hundred and twentyninth session
under conditions In mte ways re
markable rho closing of one of the
bitterest factional lights for the as
sembly speakerahlp In many years
the expectation many that the de
feated action would at once Inaugu
rate a policy of reprisal the under
standing that ut the opening or the 8e8
non Senator Edger S Hrackett of Sar
atoga would Introduce Ills longherald
ed joint resolution rcntiCfitlug the resig
nation of United States Senator Chaun
< eyM Depew tha Intensity of feeling
In many quarters resulting from tho
dlBcloaures oMhe InsuranceInvestlga
tlon all thee things drew upon tho
opening or the session today a degree
of public Interest greater than tor many
years past
There was very much more than the
usual Interest also In tho annual men I
ease of Gov Hlgglns to tho legislature
which Included Important recommenda I
tlons as to life Insurance the inort
gage tux law the pavings bank surplus I
tax and electoral reform
The governor In his mersage Fay
Tha eyes of the whole world are now
turned towards New York And If
this legislature does not produce an In
urance law which shall be drastic
but practicable radical but sane In
a spirit which shnll be courageous hut
not hysterical It vlll fall to meet the
expectations of those who have confi
dence In ho ability of popular govern
Inent to solve its own problems as they I I
Future effective action by Congress
or the federal government la not prob
nble and the possibility of such action
hould not retard for un Instant the
work of the state
While lift Insurance has received
almost exclusive attention It cannot bo
assumed that other corporations deal
Ins in Indemnity nnd Investment con
tracts have been blameless and ti word
of caution may not bo amiss regarding
tifsessment associations accident In
Furanco companies cooperative fire In
miranco companies and tho like Uet
tee allow free and unregulated Insur
ance than permit such concerns to ox
l vt under laws which do not protect our
tlllreiiH but enable tho promoter of
dunbtfud schemes to beguile the in
vestor to financial disappointment anti
fatten himself on false promises and
deluded hopes
The pollcyholdep now dtntanI u
fomethlns better from the state than
n guarantee of solvency He has Iearn h
rd that Ills Insurance will be cheaper
end safer when the companies arc com >
jflllod to Invest their assets for hi
benefit exclusively and are preventei
from diverting funds to the Individual
undertaking of fpeculatlvo director
and to the payment of vast salaries and
exorbitant commlssjona gratuities to
seen of influence arid contributions for
political campaign purposes He In
voices the power of the state to shleU
him more effectively and to curb th
lompanles and their directors
You will be called upon to make a
radical revision of the law for the bene
fit of Investors In life Insurance and for
Ibc regulation restraint of the com
panics We may well consider at thli
time tha expediency of providing foi
more thorough regulation by the de
trtrtment of insurance Under the new
Insurance law of Germany not only ar
borough Investigation anti pUblicity
isuretI but tho government dJrecto
Hctually enters Into the business modi
od of tho corporation
We can lenrn much from a careful
nomination of this law although some
of Its provisions may be deemed too
Internal for our differing conditions
miBlness and politcal life or objection
able as leaving too much to the discre
tion of the Insurance department
The funds of Insurance companies
> hould sacredly he nafeguarded
for the
tollcyholden by the mate and every
jlsment of personal gain eliminated
their management To accomplish
this result It has been
suggested tha
J rgi amounts ought for tho
tie Mfety of
the Insured as well an for the good of
community to be Invested In bonds
iccured by mortgages on real Mtatn at
i ccnenRtlvo value that deposits with
r > r iron
oorporatlonii should
be subject to
sultuble restrlutloiwi that
inp control of subsidiary companies
would cOll11Anlel
not be permitted that
prnIUei thrUlnsurnnco
directors business shourd havl no eonillctlng I
m connections that Investments
corporal bonds nhould be
houl regulate
M 3a to relulalert
spwulitlon amid IOB
rram PIullon 108
an attempt to float doubtful en
ijrprlsfij that policies should be of
tland3T forms so that the
rig from 10 thf abuse arls
mplelenen4 complexity nun In
I contract
may hI
Jaillcated and tho contriict
made den
dle In form Iluledeft
tlrr and substance thlUn
I rr n unl
S8tel ot nlJltH
lud L nnd accounts
Ihul prelcrtLed by the Insurance
i stPrttflent that full Ilsurnneo
I9hOdar5 tul publciy pol
tOtrl aboul4 b anurcd thldo
t e rr < d dividend policies should be pro
hibited or greatly restricted that poll
cit should be further safeguarded from
lorfelture that an equitable dlxtrlbu
iou of the gains of the cumpany to
th e pollcyhoMenj entitled thereto should
b3 required that polIcyholOers should
have an effective voice In the govern
ricnt of the comiiimle and hat the
drcrotoll of the directors should be
subject to Judicial or administrative
review ndmlllBtrltve
ISCIl Jh13 In Hospital IVrrlbly I
Injiirrd by One and Mnj Die
Kew Vorlt Jai 3drt Clara Ieldy
31 yars old of Vest Hrlghton Ield a
hOHplial terribly Injured and may die
following it furious attack made
toluwllJ 1 mid updn
her by u supposedly ulock cot Upli
ho Mrs Lldy treat to the back stoop
of her home where two cats were tight
InK Hlif One upon the cats biting
nnd clawing each other a the hear of
tin fUops and Mcked tlinn As phf did
10 ono cat turned and run Tho othor
rrang it her niul bit her right arm
I then pnnl Its teeth In her face raven
tlmeH nnd n tjecond time in her arm
The niilmal was finally beaten or Irm
I man who was passing amid escaped
Hold flail Girl Taking UN Ilaiv 1 Says
Vllllatn O Lnnioiile
Chlcdfio Jai 3The bad boy Is
disappearing the bold bad sIll Is tak
ing lilt placo nccoidlng to William 0
Ilolltl for lIve years clerk of the
Juvenile court who spoke before Urn
Social Economics club ytslerduy
During the llrut fix months following
the establishment of tha juvenile
court declared the sjwiker only six
dcllminent girls were brought before
the bar The year before last the
number Increased to 3St anti It is grow
ing constantly I believe when the
lotaln me mnd for lam year the num
ber will lie found to reach nearly COO
You women we all ought to work day
and night to create I public sentiment
which will cause the extinction of those
Infamous dance halls In which nearly
i I these glrlB stnrtPd on their1 down
ward career
At tin Rtato refuge at Clenevn every
rom s full In nearly every room
there arc cots to accommodate the over
How I Is Impossible to build cot
InKl fast enough to meet the In
Mrx TJ n Curr 1lnral Under Awcxt
1or Uor HutljandV Death
Des Moines In Jan 3Tho coroners
Jury has declared Mrs I > U Carr re
sponslble for the death o her husband
which occurred In 1 hotel nt Oelwcln
Sunday and the woman was placed
ln < lC arrest at time hospital today
Carr wits found with I bullet hole
through the head and the woman was
wound unconscious from two dangerous
Manila Jan 3W Morgan Sinister 1
collector of customs for the Pldllpplna
iirchlpelngo will accompany William
Jennings Bryan on his visit to the
southern islands of the group as the
representative of the civil government
Gnllcnno Apislble the former pres
ident of the Filipino Junta at Hong
kong will accompany him as tho rep
resentative of the Radical ptity
Malinger of 84j 01 Jtanch anti Origin
al of Wlsterfl The Virginian
Chicago Jan 3A dispatch to tho
Tribune from San Francisco says
The origInal of Owen Wlsters The
Virginian John Henry Hicks mana
ger of the treat T 0 ranch In Mex
ico was married yesterday to MIsS
Kntherlne Adam daughter of Kdward
F dams editorial writer on a Han
Francisco newspaper Hicks first met
her when she was a school teacher at
Temple Ariz Mexican friends of
Hlckn sent him t box of 1 dozen dolls
drefsed to represent characters In Wl
lers story Hicks nnd his wife will
live on the T O ranch which Is
south in IMso ot time Hlo Grnnde 150 mllca from
San Francisco Jan 3Tho Examiner
sis toll that three regiments of
United Htatos Infantry two batteries of
artillery and one squadron of cavalry
are under orders to leave for the
Philippine during this month The
troop to be moved I Is said are the
First Second and Twentyfourth loKI
mpnts of Infantry with some recruits
iihd detached companies In addition one
squadron of the Fourth cavalry and the
Eighth npd Thirteenth batteries of
Held nnllKry
Tarrytown N V Jan 3In largo
rowboats that trailed slowly and silent
ly through the water a funeral cortege
made Us way across the Hudson liver
yesterday < Nyack I distance of three
miles The funeral party had cOle from
Albiny only to find that the ferryboat
from this city had been laid up for re
In the coflln wus the body of an Al
bany man
Seven large rowboats were hired to
take the par across the river
The coflln weighing SO pounds was
placed In one boa which lcd Ithe
sttnnge line the mourners following In
boavs single file The unusual trip was
nude without mishap and the burial
took place In Nyaclt
New York Jan Summons wer u
served on several of the trustees of th
Mutual Lito Insurance company ester
day In n suit begun In the courts oC
Hnratoga county by K H Peters i
lawyer of Saratoga Rprlnga to obtain
an nccountlng of moneys alleged tr
have been Improperly spent by the old
management of the company
Copies of the complaint weie not
served yesterday nnd all that 18 gen
erally known of the action is that It
seeks ni accounting
anto Roan Cal Jan I James
Kranklln Ilrlnns a wellknown ranch
et of the Occldchlnl district was foum
dead In a little pond of water not fur
rN1 lte
from his hon The clrcnmstumc
showed that hp had fallen oft a bluff
Into the pond presumably In the dark
tiers onl hat struck his head against a
rook He was H years uf age TV
fUiierui will tuke place tomorrow after
The deceased waa the lon or U DI
Ilrltins who Wi a member of Salmon I
Creek lodge 1 0 0 P I of OccldtaUL
Blanket of Deep Snow
Covers the Whole of Utah
Official Report Show That There is Twice as Much as There Was Last Year at the Same I
TimeTwelve Feet in Ravines of AltaNearly as Much in American Fork
Canyon Jubilation is Widespread Sheepmen the Exception
Jubilation la written all ovcr the face
of sugar men farmers and agricultural
Implement dealer these days as roporti
come In regarding the unprecedented
snowfall ItlHhop J 1 Oardner of Le
h i superintendent of tho Utah sugar
factory was among those encountered
this morning He says reports from
all the mountain sources where tin
tlIOWI are piling up to furnish water
next year are of tho most gratifying
ichuracter In American Fork ranyun
at the old smelter site lie snowfall at
present 11 four feet on the level hlriv
In vastly In excess of the snowfall rt
tho cAme time lout year From other
points Mr Oardner said reports how
nn ciiuftl accumulation In the moun
tains of Park City and at the head of
Ulg Cottotrwood canyon all report
unite In raying that the slOW lies much
deeper than at thll time lust year on i
New Years day there were three feet at
Brighton and snow wall Htlll coming
Reports from the Columbus Comolf
dated mine at Alta are to the effect that
this snow there Is three feet deep on
the level and from 10 to 12 feet deep In
ravines A year ago It was about two
feet doep on the level showing cleafly
that the fall thin year Ix much greater
than It was I year ago The mines
hinvever are working steadily and
there Is no great Inconvenience felt 11
The weather bureau report Is most rn
flssitrlnf Says Dr Hyatt local section
director Our records complete to
date show that IK Inches of snow has
fallen This amount Is Just double that
irccorded for lust winter Tho fall re
corded BO tar this winter has already
rlJuche figures far ahead of those of
Made by Morales Forces Under
Command of General Dem
etric Rodriguez
Lusted 1 Day Many Killed on Itoth
SIlt5ItflOiiCt4 and KM mils
Principally Ueil
Capo Haytlen Hart Jan 3 Ad
vices received here early this morning
from Puerto Plata on tho northern
const of Santo Domingo say thaL the
troops of the fugitive president Mol
ales under the command of Oen
Uemetrlo Rodriguez attacked Puerto
Plata nt 10 oclock yesteiday morning
The lighting was severe and lasted un
til B oclock In Hits evening when the
besieging force retired A number of
men were killed or wounded on both
sides In the engagement during bay
onets and swordi ero principally
useThe forces of lien HodriKiiez which
are massed outside Puerto Plata were
when these advices were forwarded
preparing for another attack on the
A portion of the population of Puerto
Plata bus declared In favor of Morales
and street lighting has occutrcd tlie
supporters of Morales shooting troll
the windows of their houses at Urn
troops of den Caceres the tcmporftiy
president of Santo PomhiRO These
troops were experiencing dIfficulty In
defending themselves as they were un
able to locate the pucoim firing on
A messenger who arrived here from
Monte Christi brought the
Christ today HOWH
that lien Kodrlgucx tins announced
that If his attack on lu Innounci
successful he will proclaim hlmnelf as
a candidate for the presidency of Kanto
See r llonnpaiti 11111l1 1OlllI
ilatlon of JiiilgcAhiHnpciicral
Washington Jan Although not
concurring In the finding of the court
which found Commander Lucien Young
guilty of remissnefH In the perform
ancc of duty and failed to find him
guilty of the charge of neglect of
Mnty Secy Honapartc In his review
of the case made public today ap
proves without comment the rccom
mendatlons of the Judge ndvoeategeiv
crnl The latter In announcing his non
concurrence in the finding of the court
saysAfter carefuT and painstaking con
eldemtlon of the evidence adduced this
o I tiro dOCK not concur In the findings
of the court nor In a number of tilt
courts rulings upon the admission o I
evidence In order however that Com
mandcr Young may not go wholly tin
punished It Is recommended as best
subserving the ends of justice that the
finding upon specification live nnd tIm a
sentence be approved and that the find
ings upon specifications one two threw I
four cud six bo disapproved
The remissness of the pcrformaneo of
duty In based on tho findings upon spe
cification live which alleged that Com
mander Young failed to approve th
smooth steam log of the llennlngton
for the month of November and De
cember 1901 nnd January February I
April May and June 1003 prior to the
explosion on board that ship last July
Secy Hcnaparte II now preparing the
letter of reprimand to Commando i
Young 1
wx nooriis Jil I
London Jan 3ln hi annual nd
drcrs to the Salvation Army Ocr
Hooth attributes his robuit health to
tho fact that for the past seven fur I
Ui liua been a Itrlct vetarla
Htiy similar past season The nearest
figures are recorded for 1902 when Jl
Inches fell 1903 follows third with 1 to
tal of 12ij Inches Numerous storm
yet to como will make thin winter
roml wl 0 rec
Tho best nnw we have had this In
ter raid Moslah Kvann resident man
ager of the Utah Hugar company at
Ciarlqnd I that there has Item 1 trr
memloUH snowfall around the headwa
ters of Hear river the source
from which we get lute water
our wnH sup
ply next jumniHv
tco T Odell general numnger of the
Consolidated Wagon Machine com
pany la Just down from the north and
In addition he baa reports frmn all
the agents of his company In western
Wyoming Idaho 111 throughout Utah
to the southern end of Mlllard county
Mr Oil oil nays he raw tiny amount of
snot In the north and that the ffcllng1
nipong the fanners thcic un the outlook
was the very bent His report Inl
rte that there Is plenty of mow ev
eryxrhfrr with the heaviest fall thus
far In Utah county
No winter In recent years has brought
with It inch abundance of
an snow to
Utah as that which 11 now asserting It
self In vigorous style Fiom all points
of the compass come reports of snow
snow snow BVPII In southern Utah
where the sun shines almost contin
uously tho walfr laden flakes have
been flllliu tho air for several days
past and tho result is that this morning
Ht Ckorge reported about an Inch At
preent however the weather there
has again uasumed Its normal condition
and fair and pleasant Is the regort
Heaver had a little snow yesterday
wIle Cedar City has eight Inches and
Rlchflold about two Inches with the
weather today cold and clear Out at
Tooelo the fall thus fur has amounted
H <
Y r
+ V
+ New York Jan 3ohn A Me A
Call today resigned u president x
ot the New York Life Insurance A
company X
+ The resignation was accepted 4
jlij tjhe tmard jof trustees jind A
0 Alexanders Orr vaM promptly j >
+ elected to the presidency of the X
2 company Y
Y Mr Orrs Mlarr was fixed nt V
X 50000 X
j President McCall has had a sal I
X ary of 100000 a year jjt
1 Mr Orr Is a retired merchant y
X of this city He Is president of
the Rapid Transit commission v
X and formerly was president of
1 the chamber of commerce He Is 1
X a director In many financial and
v philanthropic Institutions of New X
m York City
V Mr Ort was born In Tyrone Y
X county Ind in 1831 2
Various Governments Preparing
For Suppression of An
other Demonstration
The Oregon to Kcmnln In thC Orient
Sn Irl lns Anticipated Htforo
March rir > t
Chicago Jan 3t dispatch to tho
Tribune fiom Washington D 0 says
The altitude o the Chinese toward
foreigners nnd foreign Interests gen
erally has become eulllclcntly hostile to
warrant preparations on thc part of
the various governments for the sup
pression of another demonstration such
us that which occurred In 1100 The
navy depaitiiKMit had Intended to or
der the bftttlQshlp Oregon back to tho
United States but In view of the
threatening situation which has devel
oped Instruction have been cabled to
leave this nUll In the orient There
Is no change In the purpose of time
president to increase the bnttlehl >
tquadron in Asiatic waters by two
vessels during the coming spring
The Chtnoo situation was dUcusjcd
nt ito cabinet
meeting yesterday and
later Secy Taft cabled hen Wood
comandlng the military division In tho
I Philippines that ho was to be rein
forced In order that he might always
have 1 strong detachment In radln I
to proceed without delay to China In
caso American Inlerctls should be men
noel Two regiments Of Infantry and
two batteries of field artillery urn go
Ing from the United States at once and
should reach Manila by March 1
The administration does not antici
pate any uprising before that dale hit i
as an otlldal said It IK utterly lmpo
slblc to predict when the ChlncHo mny
attack the foreigner The only thing
to do its said was to bo reiuly and
this II the IeI of the president and
the entire cabinet
The troops at Manila will be within
Id hours of Chinese territory and It It
rhould prove necessary to land n foroo
in time southern part of the empire there
will not bo the long1 delay which would
eimblo the Chinese to prvpurt for ties
cerate niUtiuc
to about six Inch I while at llobor
there If A elmllar amount with s good
tall during the day
Th only people who are at
I apprehensive over conditions
ers time sheep men who fear that
thl heavy snowfall nnd nxtrnmrly cold
weather may prow disastrous to their
flocks Time snow in many 111 CM bus
covered up the bniMi which the sheep
fcublKt upon during the winter and
with a wircltv of > cd and extremely
low trmpcraturo flockmaMer1 hu v
b < > toin < more Ihini ordinarily anxious
All told however the winter bus ifin
tho very bent Utah has experienced
for a number of years past and the
outlook for cop and prosperity
grnernlly as II fnult Is all that rould
reasonably be desired
Todays roporlrt to the ° Xown on
cllmntlc conditions In different parts
of time state are P follows1
Logan Light snow yesterday told
full between two and three Inchon
good sleighing
Ogden Snowing again today has I
done so Intermittently for days Ii
Inches of packed snow on the ground
several feet In the mountains deep
est full In many years
Provo One foot of snow still now
l Pleasant Hnowlng fall about
sit Inches good nlolRhlnc
lebeI City Six Jnches still snow
Tooelc Cloudy six or eight Inches
of snow
niehfleld About two Inches of
snow cold nod clear
Cedar City Snow yesterday total
fall right Inches cold and clear to
dayHeaver ccar
Heaver Clear and cold not much
snow little fall yesterday
t > t George Snow Saturday nnd
pleasant Sunday about ono Inch fair and
Developments in Sheets Murder
Case Are few and FarBe
tween Today
Ofli Ti Drny Them KayliiK They Ar L
Without IYmndntlon the Mean
time Inquest Is loll On
For some unaccountable iftion or
most likely without any reason what
ever rumors were rife this morning tl
tho effect that arrests had been made
In connection with the Sheets murder
case Another rumor to the erect that
confessions hat been made were cir
There Is absolutely no truth In either
The police detectives say Ve know
nothing of It Its all con talk
The county attorney and his assist
nuts said Where when or why such
foolish tumor started we know not
There 1st nothing in them
flue ofllclal Imiuliy before Justice
Dana T Smith and a coroners Jury U
going on this afternoon The ease Wil
not heard thU morning1 for tie ifjHon
that the vault wan otheriUee engaged
lloy Sheets and Vance McCaim testi
fied yertenluy afternoon is stated In
last evenings News McCann ex
pltilncil the blood traelo and fhoweil
that they wore caused by his dog
Young HheotH atiited that on the night
of the murder he win visiting a youns
lady at SO north Fifth West nil eel H <
juld he arrived there about 15 inlliut < i
after S oclock and left about I ocljik
when word was brought to him thnt
hU father had been ulaln He Imnit
dlatelj irent mOrnmr to his mother who
was prostrated over the news of the
OfllecrH working on the case declare
that there are absolutely no develop
incuts nod thnt the case Is shrouded In
ns deep mystery UK on the night of tlui
klllhiK They urn determined however
to run dwn every ycmblance of a clue
of striking on something I
In the hop Itrlklng IQ t
that will assist thrum In solving till
I MilnnN Arrhcs Kn llniile With
It to Holr Idn
The body of Daniel MrUlnnl of
QleniiH Kerry Ida nrrlvH here this
morning from Ijnt Angeles en haul
to HoUe Idii where the burial will take
place Time remains were brought lurc
hy Mis Mclnnl
The decowd who was Ci yearn ot
nge uas a prominent stock nnd cat
tic mal HO was well known through
out the wed as a breeder of i
horses ant cattle Recently ho went
to Los Angeles for his health but ille <
there from heart failure
Mr Slildcy > Atllte rinuvli Worlcr
triehoii With InrllI
cg > ecal to the News
Ogden Jan Mr Kllmbelh Ship
icy one of the best known residents of
tho Third wild here iift e l away sud
denly at 815 this morning at tho resi
dence of her daughter 337 Tnentyfec
ond Btret
ilrs Iploy Wa strkkon nltt tar
nlysla at 93 i last evening while sitting
In tho dimming room with her daughter
tmd 1 number of friends Before tn
could bo plnrcd II her boil the old lady
lost eonfclouonesK Dr Forbes was Im
mediately KuimiMined and at once an
nounced her condition to be critical
Hhc passed away this morning without
gaining consciousness
gall nl COIJoI nC9
Mr Shipley was horn at Splttal
Xorthumberland Kngland Iun 8 1MO
In li3 she cause to Utah and since her
icsldoncn In this state she had been an
ncllvo wotker lu time Church Up to
the last she WHS a devoted worker Id
the Relief sixlety and wo generally lov
ed and reacted for h < > r good work
riot faithfulness Thn deceased len VM
imt dumi mm hit tq Mm Kllen Lee wltU
whom sIte lived nnd at hiuo usldence
the 13Isf1 away
tnh Taken 111 Till Iiy Onicloui
Deputy Is iheii ItiicU hy slung
ShiVlff Kmery haH roiuriieil 10 County
Trensujrr Cnrhlu the Hum of J37S talc
ni from tlC trcistirers office on last
Haturdjy by Deputy th llr Tiooih who
hAil an execution Issued ngalnit the
county hy Judge Whltaker of the city
o rly
court upon garnishment proceedings lu
the cult of Mark Jeffs ngalnst Fred J
> ny The lmttem Hrrvod us a Juror In
the Tribune libel null and haul 28vl
cum to him as Juror tftf The
vnirant had not hcen I Midi by the
c uily auilltor for the amount dUn May
but lie deputy sheriff railed at tho
trvatiurerR olllee atm Saturday awl be
ing protected by I bond furnished by
HIM plaIntiff In the ease and acting up
on Irsmictlons from plaintiffs attor
ney twre1 Deputy Treasurer lea no
cut of his compartnifiH In the ore
took tIme amount due to Mny and aismi
the costs In tho case from money which
as lylim In the treaMirerH olllce and
olkfcd out of the olllee olce
Tieasurcr Cnrbls wat very much ex
rclfM over the action of the deputy
heriff and nt one took thi matter up
wltji Sheriff Kiiiery and other county I
olllclals with the result that the money
wis u turned to the treasurer yrst nlay
mid hnrmony again prevails between
tie tw > departments of the btwtn
ninat ration CQllt <
Jacob LlndbiTKer Meets With 1 Ittal
Accident at Miirraj
Jniob Llmlherger I Swiss Fectlon
hand was the victim of a fatal accident
iho11 S oclock this morning at Murray
Thy accident occurred at 1 point on
tho Smut Pedro track just below the Rio
frandi depot and was
< all wascauoll by time
maim stepping In between sections of a
detached switch train which cnmo to
Ketlicr while he was In a stooping po
sition I is believed ho was caught
between the bumpers
httween hllll rslnll nniat havo
been very badly injured ps death re
almost Immediately Tlie Inns
body StOW dragged the length of two
rn he for the train wa stopped but
It Wat cauirtit so firmly that It failed to
get beneath the wheels Dr Jones
who made a superficial examination
after tho accident expressed the belief
that death uas the result of fright
lather than Injury but thll theory in
not very generally accepted by those
who witnessed I The body was placed
In I caboose and was viewed by Justlco
Holm who will enipanc1 D Jury and
hold an liifjucst Llndberger lived In
Murray and leaves n wife and adopted
child He was about M years of age
Utah Salnis K Imit Company 1 I
Erect 7SW Structure
The Utah Savings ft Trust company
is having plans driwn for a 70000
building to M eiect d on the newly
purchased liuokle Ir pert on Main
street below the Konyon hotel nnd
where the hauling company If propos
ing to remove from its present quar
ters on Main street neat Auerbachf
The bank ulU occupy the ground nor
In n fine riimrters ni may be found
anywhere end equipped with safe
vaults of tha latest pattern I
Mr M 1 Mcnnrt Will Make Istcu
she Improvements In Iht 1lnic
The Drexel hotel on State street wan
sold yesterday afternoon to Mrs M J
Stewart who for some time has been
conducting tie Holmes appartmcntu on
State and Second South street Mrs
Stewart took possession of the Drexel
Immediately and has begun a great
many Impioveinents
The amount paid for the place Is not
plated Mr Stewart said this morning
that she proposed to have the entire
place renovated and that entro
rpnoltelnnd thA connection
with time aparttrents phi would havo
one of the finest grill roms in the west
How Omit Youthful fleba tar Ilvlied I
OUT Ills Opponent
Tle most exciting and closely con
tested of the series of practise do
bite being holt between teams from
the count tenihew and the University
of Utah team which will meet the
University of Colorado on Jun 24 In
this city occurred host night a t Mill
Creek Tlc discussed the railroad
rule question nnd brought out sharp
retorts from both nUIen on the argu
ment of the principal speeches A
humorous Incident was furnished by
DIII Alexander who referred his 011
poncnt to page 2t of a volume which
on being looked up proved to be com
pletely blank The opponent held up
the page and turned the situation with
telling ores on Mr Alexander The
county teachers teal consisted of
James Carlfon and Nephl Jensen of
Forest PaK
TrcHMiier Vhltney Mnlict Hojiort 11
Itccelpls nnd lUbnr rnienn
Treasurer Whitney of tho city board
of education has filed Ills itport for
the month of Ue cnibor I shows the
TKOIptft of the month to he J13261S
and the disbursements wero 80tocol9
In addition to the regular dlsbuni l
1n4 ms an overdraft amounting to fJZ
301r whirls wis outstanding at UII
of the month
beginning 10nth WAS paid
inr klng the total dUiburiiemeiit JIOJ
JliH Tile bnlanoo on h ud ou Pc g
31 was 30SOJ U L
Says British Fleet Was to De
stroy Russian Fleet if the
Japanese Failed To
Mater Will Undoubtedly be Made
The Subject of Diplomatic Rep
resentations to Great Britain
Heading of the Letter roinc mite Im
pre lon That nii < Mnn Adjnlrnl
Wn tin Ileimi Victor
StIeter bursJan 3This reniarkablo
allegation thit tho British fleet a
hlllln readlncFi to drstroy time Russian
fleet if tie battle of tho el of Japan
hut gone In the Russians favor Ii
nudo by Admiral RoJcsUenalty In a
loiter published In tho Novoc Vremy
todnv with the permlnslon o the minis
ter uf marine Referring to the abso
lute secrecy of Admiral Togo In regard
tl the disposition of Imiuc forces Rojest
vensky deolures that this was un
known em to the admiral of the lint
I s h fleet allied with the Japanese who
coiicentratijil hln forces ut Wei Hal W < t
In expectation of recolvlne lit order to
annihilate the Russian fleet If this thn
fl oat object of Great Britain was be
yond the power of the Japanese
St letBburg Jan 3 2 p m A gen
eral meeting of tho workmcnH commit
tee and delegates uf all the proletariat
organlzatol8 has been In le8 lou se
cutly since Intit night perfecting their
future programs All that Is thud far
htivcn Is that they ate planning to turn
tin anniversary of Jan 22 Clned Sun
day when the most serious rioting In
fit Petersburg occurred Into n day ol
national mourning during which It Pu
planned to make demonstrations hi
memory of the martyrs All the
shops factories and theaters will bo
closed and tho street car and railroad
cn lees will be stopped Requiem
rnnspco will be celebrated and proces
tloiib In which the workmen will wear
crep oa their sleeves will march
through the street No paper will
be allowed to appear except with black
holders I Is proposed to make a gl
Kfntlc peaceful manifestation but If
they attempt to carry I out the lead
ers fully understand that It la sure to
precipitate bloodshed 01 a large scale
From Admiral Rojcttvenskys ac
count of his tactics In the battle of tile
fcea of Japan published In the Novoe
Vremya today the render II almost
convinced that the RunsKin command
er outmaneuvered Admiral Togo at
every point and wns himself the real
victor lie declared he knew
Admiral Togofl exact whereabouts two
days before tho battle made his dis
positions accordingly and entered tho
fight with his eyes open The admiral
only casually state In the course of
hilt letter that tho minister of marine H
Investigating the causes of the catas
trophe In order to
trll determine whether
thn commander shall be courtnmr
laird for tho loss of tho fleet
The charge that the British admiral
concentrated his Meet at Wei lInt Wei
expecting to receive an order to de
stroy the Ktisfdans in the event of
Admiral Togo proving unequal to the
task has aroused I considerable Hell
fcatlon In diplomatic circles all the
more HO as Admiral Roje luki
letter was published with the permis
sion of the minister of marine nnd nn
doubt In fntertalned that It will bo
made the subject of diplomatic rcpre
pentatloiiii tl Great Hrltaln
The government Is putting on the
screws tighter out tighter War Min
ister RndiKer tins Issued an order ab
solutely prohibiting otlkert urlvate
nnd employes of tho ministry of war
from participating In any fashion In
political societies or nttendlng their
tncctingi and prescribing heavy
IcctlnR1 1111 1re crlbll pun
IslminitR which will be Indictable with
out trial
The use o tho telephone between St
rctenrburg Moscow and other points
which has been employed In communi
cations between the revoluttonlnts nan p
been prohibited to private Individual
exrept by permission uf the anthoritlei
The number of arrests Is Increasing
dally and the primus aro fo crowded
that the Xa hl Hhlsn says rooms with r
air Bpaee for 15 arc holding 60 persons
So far as atcertalnable not one of tlioaii
arrested during the last tbrco weeks
has been released The paper says that
the newsboys who since the Imperial
reform manlfwla was Iscued have been
crylnp tho most sensational revolution
ary news In the sireila have been pro
hibited under pa hi of three months im
prisonment anji Slit fine from even
mentioning the names of the
mrntonlng lles piperi
they are telling
Irof Iaul Mllukofta Nurodabla Svo
bod which yesterday made an ardent
appeal to the elector to prepare for
th campaign and to orgtinlzo meet
ings for the propagation of tho program
at the Constitutional Democrats Imas
teen suppressed The Coimnurclal Oi
zette entlmatca that Jf000 Jews lan
emigate to America since the massa u
IImmn mCllXt I =
New York Jan S Appraiser Willie
head gave out a statement yesterday
Ehowlng1 the total appraised value of
merchandise handled by hit offlca IR t
ear to bI 3703011t7 an increase of
72BO > 000 ovur 1901 The chief lines Pt
foreign merchandise appraised were
according to their value its follows
Sugar 71000000 wool and woolen
foods 64000000 coffee nnd cocoa G
000000 piecloun stones and pearls U
000000 cigars nnd tobacco 15009000
wines nnd liquors UOWWo and 1 j I
automobiles valued ut 000000
New York Jan i A stay pending si
appeal for rtlvorM brought by James It
Duke president of time American Tobiiirt >
company njptlnHt hIs wife LllllBn M
Duke WHS denied IcJoy In Jey rtl <
by Vleft Chancellor Uttner
Recently the New itmrtey court rul i
that this divorce oiiee limn In trIed
New Jersey on tbe Riiiund that Mr Dukn
WHO 1 resident oc that state An attemt
wan 1ork nmU to havo time cut fried In N 1

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