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V 1 r < w T V C rr1 r 7r t i va 3 > tey
fTjV rjr fI r E fl JrT
Churci o Jwtis Christ
4 Latterday SaMs
A uiiytmng rend cheaps rfluttod tlio nils but ubout market you umrkctH makes will never unless provMoni know jou DESERET EVENING NEW S 6 You IClh llnil ulll si manner nt totally nin or k one > icpujr nliliitcirstlii Inoli dial Kins tlio and lll reader nut ndvcr fur In to
Excursion Was a New Idea But
Suggested Dull Times
No More
Scheme on to Form an Associa
tion to Be Allied With the
1uturc Excursions Will Embrace Ioro
Territory In Utah nnd Will Then bo
Eitmilcd to Other States
I every town from Salt Lake to No
phi Is not talking today of tho sin
of buying goods from the eastern mall
order houses and of the responsibility
to Utah Inherited by each city as an
Integral part otl It Is because they
have already forgotten the tune the
boosters band played yesterday and
tho pledges their leading men made to
tho boosters which U unlikely
One of the happiest and tlredest train
loads of people that ever pulled into n
Halt Lake depot arrived nt 1 oclock
this morning trying Its best to make I
noise like a millionaire after making
booster all day long
I noise like a al
and far Into tho night at Prove Spe
cial cars were waiting to convey the
throng to their homes whore It Is sate
to SlY they dreamed of what manner ot
a stato Utah really In and how they
could each work In their Individual cn
terprlsCH to make I bigger thing of It
A booster excursion like that of
jeiiterday la I newer Idea In Utah than
In many other states but tho way the
excursion organized Itself after It stnrt
rd suggests that a dull time will bo 1m
possible on any excursion of a like na
ture In the future Col Harris had a
gleo club and tho glee club had Its
music which It Invented for the occa
sion tunes and all The process of In
vention was to cal lu John Held and
hut gpld cornet Then all tho men who
hal suillclently rocas voices would
make u noise together nnd John Held
would repeat It on his cornet with del
kate precision Thus wasi song gradu
ally built and then the glee club would
pass It around through tho cars and ut
thc stations till everybody In tho wag
Ohs und on the backs of meadow rals
l1 ponies and standing In bunches with
broad smile and glad hand knew the
tong and were Joining In the chorus
I Is new music for tho west but It
rings u song of progress and greater
growth by more feed for the homo mar
ket which Lives It an excuse for be
Nephl city did n novel thing In en
tertaining tho boosters The high
nchool needed some money and tho
boosters had declared that their Inten
tions Were not to unload themselves II1I
the hospitality of the Nephl people
Ihey hud Insisted on paying 50e per for
their meals and hence the preparation
of a banquet was placed under tho aus
pices of the high schools The teach
ers were head waiters all the boys
brought In tho food after giving their
Kihool yell I was 1 large lunch
inroad put over long tables In the ar
mory building and prepared partly by
the pupils of the domestic science de
partment There were meats of sev
eral kinds Jellies potatoes In nil van
1tles of cookery chocolate and coffee
und even Ice cream and cake for every
person or the 500 who demanded 1 meal
The train was late at Nephl and the
ftognn for the hour and a half after
unch time which preceded the run In
to Nepal was make a nolso like a
lunch counter lke
Following tho Nephl lunch the town
ntsembled In the
tabernacle nnd the
sentiments expressed were hopeful for
th future of this state W H Icttl
Brew In welcoming lie boosteis
pledged them that they would llnd the
tltlrens of Nephl at their side In every
movement Iv a greater west eey
tlrongcr Intcrmountnln section Ho he
eectol le
lieved he said that tho organization
of the orglnlzatol
Manufacturers and Merchants
was not a Salt I ike affair but u state
Jffalr and would never build up one sec
lon at the expense of the general good
President Hewlett struck I vital item
In the usefulness of giving the excur
Mon when he confessed that although
he had done buslenss with Nephl mer
chants for over 11 years he had never
yet visited the city and In fact had
been only a little way south of Salt
iake Now he was ready to swear by
f phl and the great valley In which It
wag locntcd and the applause with
vhlch his statement was received lath
rated thnt most of the boosters al
most all of whom wore strangers to the
touthlnnd echoed his sentiments
Mat Thomas who followed pleased
the grny haired pioneers of the town
by telling of their early struggles with
the soil and of the light for wlh I
dustries which was Instilled Into them
By young men He regretted that
1 el le regrele an I
frn had
er come when there was falling
ivwny from the old Ideals nnd fnlin
comed n return to the principles which 1
first made Utah thrlftyof digging the
natural wealth from the soIl and con
Burning It In the home market Inl
Manager Gordon I Place followed
with the story of Mary Ann Jone n
young woman of Nephl who bought
from a cntnlogu house and robbed
her town of whatever trade was hers
to give putting her
putln money where It
nil went out with nothing coming In
r was well along towards evening
when the train with Its two engines I
and ten banner bedecked cars pulled
out of Prnvo and It was after dark I
when the destination was finally reach
Pd At Payson
eJ IaMn Santaquln Spanish
Fork anti Sprlngvlllo j
Sprlnlvlo crowds were wait
log nail nt Pnyson a number of selec
lions by the bund had been rendered
tho Murray delegation furnishing both
band and the noise to go with It Mur
ray by the way was always making
n noise The grayest hpnds In the big
delegation stirred things up more than
Rome of the most youthful citizens from
Halt Lake and when ever there was
something dolngMitrray was In It
At Provo In the evening President
Irvine called D crowded assembly hail
to order anti sprang a decided surprlsa
In 1 song from the Proo choir Thu
choir was engaged ut practise when the
boosters reached the tabernacle nail
they responded to un Invitation to sing
with a number which called for it
hearty encore and caused much favor
able comment on the train bound for
Suit Luke The Provo choir made a
distinct and decided hit and Its offer
Ings will long be remembered by thoso
who herd them The songs alone
ivcre worth the trip declared
ono en
building thusiastic boater ua he left the
President Irvine of the Commercial
club called the meeting to order and
Introduced President Hewlett who laid
down the doctrlno of nupportlng the
Provo woolen mills He pledged the
MunufacturerB Merchants associa
tion to back those mills If they should
decide to reopen 1 touched his heart
he said to see them closed while they
would furnish work for hundreds of
people In making up garments for
thousands of Utah people to wear all
over the state
K W Moffatt of Murray sid same
good things on the need for everybody
to slag the booster chorus for Utah
Ho wild Murray realize that Salt Lake
couldnt do anything tu help herself
that wouldnt help Murray for that
reason Murray had stepped Into the
bandwagon She was not going to
knock Salt Lnko but was going to work
to annex the town for she fully realized
thaI there was only one big city pOl
dlble In each state and It was time to
quit bickering a to which thL city
should be It never couM be any other
city than Salt Luke and ror that rea
son the other
towns should line up
shoulder to shoulder to make It the
biggest possible kind of a city so ns to
make It tho biggest possible kind of a
consumer for their products
Trnln time camo while tho program
wns unfinished hit the crowd refused
lo leave nnd lingered to hear lie
speeches of Mr Place and Mr Thomas
until nearly half an hour over time
Then they boarded the traIn for the last
run of the trip anti ended up nl Salt
Lnkn at 1 oclock this morning
The cosmopolitan character of tho
boosters1 was a featute Knysvllle
represented Davis county and fifteen
filch were out to talk for that town
and lJuvIs county which from tho WilY
they mentioned It seemed to be but the
suburbs of Kaysvllle
From Salt Lake In addition to the
Manufacturers nnd Merchants the
Butchers and Grocers association had
1 car full of people along from which
I nv si banner rending Meat Mo nt the
Annual Barblquc The IMchcrs and
Grocers took 1 live Interest In the ex
cursion nnd It Is evident lint from
now on their policy will be shaped In
the Interest of making better conditions
for all the people as well as for them
selves The south fail Lako county
delegation will probably be heard from
again In the In lr future when 1 meet
lng will be held to form mi association
to be allied with the Merchants and
Mnnufacturers nnd to work for the
Houthern end of the county
Other booster excurslqtis will follow
this one the next probably being Into
Hanpcle valley over the Illo Grande
to Mnntl nail
route taking In towns Mlnl 111
possibly beyond that point After that
the foreign Invasions will begin that
will take In Idaho Montana Wyoming
und Nevada
Burlington Iowa March SA rear
end collision hero todny between two
HtctloiiH of H freight train on tho Bur
lington railway resulled In tho Injury
of four men
8 Hcaton or New Virginia a stock
man was fatally Injured
Tim accldonl Was caused by lie
first section of tho train breaking In
New York March 8 apt Henry
Dodge o Portland Me and eight men
the crow of the threemotlcd Rchnoner
Kllra J IVndleton owned by 1endleton
Uro of New York were put ashore nt
Kllzalrthnort yesterday by the schooner
Anna It Illshop anti told of Iho fluttering
they underwent after being nrcckeil The
crew were rescued from the Pendlelon I
miles southeast nt Fire island on March
2 after being nearly four days without
food or water
The Pcndleton wits I her way from
Georgetown S l to Bridgeport Conn
with I cargo of lumber vhrn she was
struck by I gab on Feb 37 For hours
nho withstood the blow but late that day
It seemed ns if she had burnt so fast
did the water pour Into her CIt Dodge
was struck by u wave hurkd against
n plrco of lumber on deck and severely
Injured Toward evening on March 2
the Bishop sighted hit Iemlleton then
almost completely submerged A boat
was launched and manned by lie stew
nrd Howard Nelson and two sailors who
rowed alongside at the risk of their lives
Tnpt lodge suffering from his Injury
had to lie helpeil iilioard So hud the nc
gin cook and the mate who hail tempor
arily loat hlH mind from the privations
lie had endured The vessel had been
prevented from sinking by her cargo of
lumber When abandoned on March 3 she
was 41111 afloat
linlga 1hllllps Decides AgnlnM At
tempt lo Otcrtlirow U It S T Co
St Iouls March 8 Judge Phillips In
the tnlteJ States court of arpeuls decid
ed today against Celia Adlnr Ttllcs
of Ht louis In Ih Cell to overthrow
tho merger of the tnltPi Hallways t
Transit company The suit brought orlg
Inally In th < > state courts nnd then trans
ferred to the federal court was directed
against Drown Brothers of New York
who brought about tho merger I south
to overthrow the tripartite agreement be
tween Brnwn tiros the uniTed Hallways
and the Transit company by which live
shares of Transit stock wcr to be ex
changed for two of United Hallways the
stockholders aha putting un money to
pay the Indebtedness of 1M Transit com
P CeIa Adler lilies stockholders of
the Transit company refused to enter
thin agrcemnts nnd alleged misrepresen
tation against Brown Broj Judge Phil
lips holds that there was no mlsrepr en
tatlon ing Judges Hook and Ttlebcr concurr
Headline Crisis anti Itcjldcnts Called
On for Our S2 > 0000
Chicago March 8Picturing n gloomy
financial situation anti recognizing n
ends Overseer Vollva called upon the
residents of Zion City Usl night for over
JKOCOQ to save the community from the
mOleylcnler und thus to relieve the
present pressure and put the Industries on
n paying basin An security ho promised
the people first mortgages on tho lace
factory end printing house
nni prlntnp
Ho called upon ministers to give up
their salaries he asked clerks and la
borers to work for 13 33 a weth and up
braided the followrs of Dr owlo for
wearing Jewelry anti gaudy clothes
Accept In pay Just ennuzh to pr vld <
for living 4xpenscs was Ills urgent re
quest hf himself declaring he wts will
ing to live on 35 cents I week If possible
Inl 10
thus to kT oul and body toiothcr
John V Buckle Fined Two Dollars
But Refused to Pay
Court nnd Probation Olllccr Changed
Their Minds Hut the Knit of thu
iliiltcr Is Not Yet
I las conceded by Hit public In gen
rril jiu particularly by pergoti who
have been hauled before the Juvenile
court of this city that lie jincnlli court
law IK very elastic but It was not rea
lized until Tuesday that It could bo
stretihcd fo as to reach u penon who
sets a bad example for n child limitt1
the age o IS years Judge Ituwn and
Chief Itobatlon Officer Woods nine
evidently of the opinion on Tuesday
that I pprbon who sets a bud example
for I child could be chanted with con
tributing to the delinquency of such
child but tills morning they changed
their mnds In that meshed anil IIA
mlHSPd the alleged complaint against
lie defendant In tho ruse
rho history o the ciipe Is about 111
follows On Tuesday yiung Victor
Hucklo wns before the Juvenile court
timid lined 2 for fast driving over a
crossing Ills brother John V Huckle
who was with him In court
walked up to the Judgem desk and
threw the 2 down on the desk
In a malmnr which Indicated that he
wn not In n very good humor Mr
Buckle then started from lie court
room but Judge Unnvn asked him If
he did lot wnnt 11 receipt for the
money whereupon he replied In a
gruff voice that he didnt want any to
cplpt AVIth that ho left the cowl
Judge Brown shortly afterwards
pent a probation otllcor nflnr Hucklf
but the latter refused to return to
court whereupon the Judge spnt a po
lice olllccr after him ISvon the police i
man could not brlnj him as he had no
warrant of incest Theicupon I com
plaint was drawn up iigahiHt Mr
Huckls charging him with contributing
to the delinquency n a child and n
warrant wns Issued for his arrest 1
Is the belief of lawyers that the com
plaint hi tl case will no doubt go
down In history us the most absurd
specimen of court procedure ever con
cocted The gist of It follows LOI
That John V Buckle on the fith day
of March IMS at said City ofBait
Inkp thenami there did unlawfully
contribute to the delinquency of a Ju
venile delinquent Victor Buckle I boy
under 18 yearn of age by netting him
I bad exnmpli through showing him
contempt of court by bin Insolent man
ner n court whereby and by force of
the statute In such case made amid pro I
vldPd the said John V
vlcel Buckle Is
dpcmed It Juvenile delinquent person
I was sworn to by Probation 0111
ecu Woods and a warrant wan Issued
Mr Buckle wan brought into court
Tuesday aftrenoon when the following
conversation wan hud between the court
all IhJ accused You were very
angry when you were In the court
room this morning Mr Buckle werent
011 Inquired Judge Brown
Vps I was replied Buckle
You are angry now arent you
asked tho court
Yes I am was the reply
You are llnpd JJ said Juilgp Brown
At this point Atty BarnPM who was
with Mr Buckle took a hand In Urn
proceedings ansI gave the court his
views In tho inattork and advised Mr
Buckle not to pay the line The latter
then refilled to pay the line and was
committed to the county Jail for two
days The attorney requested n stay of
Judgment until this morning nt 10
oclock nnd tho inquest was granted
When the case was called today Mr
Buckle was In court ready to go to Jail
rather than pay the fine but the court
nnd probation otllcer had changed their
Ills nnd the latter nHked that ho
complaint against Mr Buckln be dis
missed and KUch an order was made
by the court The Judge however or
dered Mr Buckle to appear on next
Tuesday nnd show cause why lie should
not be punished for contempt > t court
anti another chapter to CTip story will
be added upon that hearing I
New York March 8Semior Juin
Francis Sanchez former recrctnry of
state of the Dominican republic who
Is In this city said last nlcht that he
desired that Ida views concerning tho
work of Mr Uawson In Santo Domingo
nail the proper disposition of the mon
eys that have ncoumulated from the
collection of the customs of tho Island
republic by the Amcrlcnn authorities
bo clearly stated Ho added
Mr Dawson has not Interfered in
the Interior politics 0 Santo Domingo
Ills good oillces hivo been sought a
few times nnd on these occasions ha
has acted In the Interests ot pence
multi aided In hnrmonlzlnt nil the po
litical parties
In regard to tho moneys thai are
today In the National City bank 1
hold the opinion that the United
Sil leAIn cnso tho SanchczDiiwnn
treaty should fall In the United States
senate ns morally bound to deliver
these moneys to the creditors of the
Dominican republic thAt being the ob
ject for which the treaty v5 made and
the funds collected
Almost every Dominican that loves
his country believes un I do In regard
to the disposition of tin money
Senor Sanchez had u conference of
three hours with Socy Hoot before
coming to this city but stated whim
admitting thnt there was I conference
he could not make public tho topics
talked on
Mndu Acting IIciul Dept mllc
11Jlnlll Chicago o University
Chicago March 8IoLelt Francis
Harper Lre tier of the late President
William I Harper of the University of
Chicago has been appointed by tho
trustcei o the university as acting
hiad o thi tUpnrtmcni of Semitic lan
guage cud literature left vacant by
he death ot President Harper
Prof HnriPt who In nn Authority In
his rii o lmf nt will begin hIs new dti
ties tt titice
New York Much I iihop Ire I
land soiled today or Europe
f S
Firemen Arrayed Against Ships
Officers and Members of
The Crew
Men Who Started Trouble Drhen In
In SubiuhNlon Before rollco
New York March 8A mutiny In
which ono life walost occurred to
duy on hoard the twiner Mussuchu
Bttts which was like at her dock at
Brooklyn y
James Plncum I fljeman was killed
during a revolver battle on tho steam
ers decks In wlijjLh tho steamers
firemen were tunlc on one side and
opposing them were tlio ships olllccis
und member of tho crew Pound of
the fighting caused I reserve of police
ilo bo hurried to the steiinier but tho
lineman who hud started the trouble
had been driven Into submission before
the police nrrlvpd Six numbers of
the new were arrested as weio also
Flint Officer Albert J KVIIIIK and
Fourth Ofllcpr Elmer I Kermen All
wore held HH wltucmco Kttrmens
homo In In Itultlmoit lid The muti
ny has been browing according to his
olllceiK ever since the htciimer left
Cardiff Feb I The Ilrcmcn were the
chief disturbers It wa aliened mak
Ing continual complaints about their
food The crew however sided with
the ofllccrs During the voyage from
Cardiff there vcro almost dully HBt
lights on the steamer all growing out
of the surly temper or the two oppos
ing fnctloiiH Tho wrangling contin
ued until after the Massachusetts ar
rived In Urooklyn Weral days ago
Some of the firemen spent last nJRht
In tie city and the nuarrpl begun ira
mediately upon thqlr return to the
vessel today The Massachusetts was
expected to sail today for San Francisco
ocph I Clioud Accciill Position of
Attorney to CII iii I tl
New York March 8lt was officially
nnnouncid nl the ottlccH of the Mutual
LIfe Insurance company jcsterday that
Jnseph H Choute hadajccpt5dkti9p < j
SdWilf nttffrripy mT tlC Mutfialf8elf
Investigating committee recently va
cated by James I Dili tumid others when
Ktuyvesnnt Fish loft the committee
I Is understood hat Mr Chonte In
sisted upon nHsurnnces lint tlio Invest
Rtitlon would be thorough In every
lin of the companys affairs and that
ho would be absolutely untrammelled
lu his work an counsel There was
some doubt In Mr Choatcn mind ns to
the pioprlety of his accepting n retain
er from the committee ansI acting us
counsel for the company In the Me
Curdy and Raymond and company gulls
at the lame time
The mcmberg a the committee It Is
said nssurcd him his relations with
the company would not Interfere In the
least with his work for the committee
I iii thought likely that a third mem
ber to tiike the place left vacant by
tim rcftffnntlon nf Mr Fish will bo
named In ufoI days
Samuel Intcrmyer counsel for the
nuwly organized International policy
lioldem committee was In Boston yes
terday It Is aid that he had 1 talk
with Thomas W Lawson and that
Lawson agreed to fever himself entire
ly front the movement which he has been
organizing ngnlnsl tho Mutual Life and
turn his proxies over to the new com
mlttLO The personnel of the PM com
mltteo will be announced In a few days
Charles Miller Charged With
Burglary Seized the
John llrwnrd Amioil of nlrlur
ScnUiiccil In Six Months by
Judge lunch
Special to tho News
Ogden March SThere was consid
erable excitement In tho district court
building this morning occasioned by
tho escape of n desperate prisoner fol
lowed by a gun PlaY
I happened when Sheriff Sebrlng anti
Deputy Sheriff Wilson were conducting
four prisoners from Judgo HowelP
court rom to the county Jail At the
fool of the stairs there Is I doorway
leading to the street The door Is sup
posed to be kept lot d but this morn
Inc It was left unlocked Charles
Miller churged with burglary who had
just entered 1 pica saw his dimmest nnd
fiulckly Untied through the doorway
and down lh street
For a moment a genera break was
Imminent but Sheriff Sebrlng nulckly
pulled his trusty revolver anti cov
ered the other prisoners Doouty
Hliprlff Wllion then went In pursuit or
Miller but UP to a late hour ho had
not bon onptured
John Howard charged with burglary
in the vcond degree appeared before
Judge llowpll this morning for trial
HI entered n plea nf guilty and upon
the recommendation of District At
torney Hnlvcrson n sentence of only
sis month iriri nmrnt wns Imposed
Pnddy Iinyli < hargpj with ffrnnd
larceny entered n plea of not guilty
but tho caoc was not set for trial
To Give TransMississippi Inter
ests Strong Representa
tion in Congress
Will bi > EaH of lie ii ΒΌ iisslppl Ue
KIS AlOIt Sllllli Wi tinfts
Ho Jlicrc
AVaslilngton March STho senate
met nt 11 oclock an hour earlier than
usual In order to afford additional
tlmo for the clscu lon of the state
hood hill hit I looked for I while aa If
that objMt would bo frustrated by the
lack of attendance on the part of sen
When tIm hour for meeting arrived
not IL flnglp cent In thtt chamber < oas
occupied but IU thu vice president and
the chaplain tmtur d > thiough the north
door Mr MoCumbcr and Mr Ouatln
iippeared Mt the opposite entrance und
1 Pellet and 1 Patterson clinic In
i > few iiiomiiitH later Other senators
wpm low In arriving and at 1110
when Mr McCnmbur began to Hpuak
on tho statehood bill loss than u dozen
ntiialora were In their sell
Mr McCtlnibor I at rod ulcetl his Kpeech
by prcucntliiK I substitute for the
statehood bill cteatlng ont state out
of Okluholl antI mother out of In
dian Territory tho latter under the
name of Sequoya In honor of tho
Cherokci scholar of that name and en
tirely cllmlnutlng new Mexico and
Arizona Ho made an argument
against the consolidation of the terri
tories Into cover stated contending
that morn western states were neces
sary to give the agricultural and other
trinsMlsniPsippi Interests strong
ImnlI sISIIII1 5aoll rep
resentation In Congress HP predicted
In the neur future the west would have
U much larger population than the
cant and lull that even If present
boundary lilies were preserved it
would still bo ImpoMlbto to secure as
ninny stales us there were east of the
MIsMcslppI and therefore the balance
of power In the senate must necessar
ily be against tho
I alalnsl tl western section
Mr McCumber declared that the
time would come when the east would
llnd Its protection In the went He reo
erred to the Influence of
feretl Innuclcc foreign Im
migration in eastern communities and
In this connection cald that at Us last
election Chicago hud elected a Social
bet us
11 mayor
t yt11en j tttfUrnlitr uiqset2 MrTlll
mail gnvTwlIco that nrsoon as oppor
tunity offers he will address the senate
on the menage of the president sent
lo the senate yesterday on the coal In
quiry resolution recently paused by
Congress on Mr Tlllmanu motion lie
referred to the presidential message as
I very remarkable document and
raid that but for the
Ihll Pressure to pro
ceed with thn statehood bill he would
ask to be heard nt tills time
Mr Iatterj > on > then addressed the sen
ate on the statehood bill sneaking In
opposition to the passage ot the house
bill HP devoted his Ilenlol nlmost
exclusively to tho portion 0f the bill
providing for the Joining of Arizona
and New Mexico amid contended that
Arizona as now founded had an un
questionable right to ultimate state
Brief In be ln cnK1 ID nlMrr of
11111 Clmnmli li Mend
Paris March R Edniond Kelley has
completed his brief tor
lon11elll presentation to
the minister of Justice M ChuumK
concerning the case of Elliott F Shfp
and whrt Ins lined and sentenced to
three months Imprisonment on Oct 2r
last for killing Madeline Marduel who
wan run over by Mr Sliepards auto
mobile nt St Ouen April 24 1505
Maitre Cruppl who Is associated with
Mr Kelly had pervlously secured the
issurunce lint DIP minister would
carefully consider the brief Until the
minister decides time case it will remain
stationary the sentence of Imprison
ment not beginning until M ChnumleH
decision Is rendered
WnshlnKton March President
lloosavill today removed from office
Horace Speed the United States dis
trict attorney for Oklahoma as I re
wilt of charges preferred against him
These charges were to the effect that
he had entered Into n contract with I
certain county commissioner to render
legal service and that ho had paid Im
proper to list commissioner certain
sums of money In connection with that
employment rIme chnrges were Invest
gstcd by the department of Justice and
tho presidents suction follows the
Ihl preshlents Icton tolows re
port on that Investigation
Chicago March 8A dispatch to the I
llecordHitalrt from Dallas Tex says
rite court of civil appeals nt Austin I
yotcrdny nave what looks hike I fatal i
blv to dealers In cotton futures In I
Texas In reversing anti dUmlssIng thi I
cane of Jtsile 1 Norris against W II
Logan The umiplalimnl sued Logan i
to U cover money furnished to buy fu I
lure alleging Hint LOgan had not sflld
nccordlni If tcctloni Logan red 1
coiittr suit CO money put upon the
inar InK The court dlimlssed the case
paying 1 Mas Fumbling The effect of
the decision Itt that neither side can col
lect rnnney h Texas on deals on cot
t01 future
Duluth Mum March SFrnnk A
Jones of Sail Francisco president of
thin National Marin Engineer Icn
flclary association addressed I large
members hero last
meeting of the member Ilet
Itclng Ho will visit the like locals
and go on to the Atlantic coast 1
Our nieoclutloT bus no grievances 1
this year iiil President Jones AW
wo arc n very conentpd company The
association now ha 11000 members
belonging to 103 local Three thou
rend of our members am employed on i
the great lake I
Manila March 8Gem Jmnes F I
Smith verfnfly nt > pontec governor of
the lhllh vjn t ndrre I a populai
lan uet Kn iuR to his dnpirture for
t nix months vacatIon trip by way of I
Europe There wns a largo attendance
1 lcnlnnN
including Hpre entntlVfH of tlio prov
incial governors and the governoiTgcn
nul was given n magnificent sendoff
Ho unlay great popularity In the la 1
Washington Mnrch She house on
meeting today agreed to I resolution
calling on the neerPlnry of state for
the report of Herbert H D Pierce on
condition of Anurlcnii consulates in the
orient and especially Shanirhnl
Two Men Killed nnd Ono Seriously
Iitwton Ok March 1In I saloon
fight near tho line of the Chlckasaw
nation SO miles cast of Lawton last
night Ed Huchanan nnd Thomas Culd
wcll were shot and killed and a third
man name unknown was seriously
II London tliurgc Ultli Obtaining
Monrjr by Menus of Ilaiul
Iomlon Alnrcli SItariy Hamuel
Simmons and Franklin FvcrlmtAmer
lea 1M were nrrcstcd hem today und
each remanded in 10000 ball on charg
es of conspiracy nnd obtaining large
minm of money by fraud The prison
ers ate dencrlbcd us stork and chnro
brokers and are alleged to have Issued
fort 1 shares nnd certlllcntcs In con
nection with Alaska Oklahoma Crip
ple Creek und Manitoba Mining coin
According In the police ovldcnco
Kverlinrt Is vlrp pnwldent of the Min
ing Sureties und Investments corpora
tion alleged to bo registered at Okla
homu City The pair have Ixon In
London I few months
OkluJiftrnn Pit 0 T March S In
quiry hffo dnvelops lie fact that the
Mlnlni Securities Investment com
pany liud an leo hero bout j year
up for B shoit titan but very little li
known herr of either Simmons or Ever
year hurt nail they have been gone over I
IX omcicus MMOVII >
Washington March President
nonpareil his removed from olllce
John D Ollphant register J A
Trotter receiver nnd C J Chapman
clerk of thn nnd olllce at MnngUin
Oldn for Irregularities in the conduct
o the business of tho otlci Today
ho appointed Ororge B Hoberts to be
register of the Mnngum mittS plllce The
appointment IB only temporary ax the
Mangum 11 to be discontinued In April
Washington March Senator Till
man fall today that be did not propose
to offer any ptoposltton to amend Urn
Till mon tiOl Ii isple resolution Ilac
cordnnre with tho suggestion of the
president He says the resolution Is
Bulllcient to meet the objects Intended
and president he disagrees with Ihe viol ot the
By Light Iliglno ICunnlng Into a
Work 1111
Cireenaburtr IM March 6 An engine
running light on the Pennsylvania near
Hadcnburg Ill today criahed Into a
work train on tthleh wore about 75
Italian Inborers employed on It new pipe
line Four ot the men were killed nnI
Si othern Injured several of whom will
die The injured wore brought to the
hospital II this city but being foreign
ers nnil known only by numbers their
names could not be ascertained
I mnmnntl lute ly lel HIP accident Ihl
tmlii crVw wont to tin AMlptaticc of
tIme Injured but wero forced to lien
from thin nngry Italians who appeared
rrnzid at Ito Bight of their dend mind
dying countrymen
St Louis March 8Two recants
nnt eight patrolmen were today erie
pcneded from the pollen dfipartnicnt by
acting Chief ot Police Glllespy pending
clmrKCft of grafting It Is pall that will
be formally preferred nguinit them
before tlio police boaid The mel were
until recently on duty In the central
district which la In the center of the
grand Jury Investigation into cliarifos
Sail Francisco March MnJOen
Corblnrecently In commnnd of the army
In the Philippines accompanied by his
wife and personal stuff arrived toduy
from Mania He Is to he promoted to
tho rank of ilputcnantceneral on April
II On Feb 1 he icllnqulshed hits
command In the Inlands to MaJGon
I olntt Wood who promUNl to con
tinue itis policy In tho mnnncnmcnt of
mllltnry affairs
Hanker jiigpid ami Bound nail Sato
Boil Open
Spokane Wnili March LAbout 3
oclock this morning three masked men
mashed In this dour of the Inland hunk
at Cunningham SB mils west of Spo
kane Hunker F W Parker who slept m
the building wag svlzed KWl blind
folded nnd III arms suit leg tied with
nlle II
wire The inVtbnrs then blew open thi
bank safe with nllroRlycnrlne live
charges being tIred The force of the cx
ploilon wrPrked the bullUIHK bully luij
destroyed some of the ninney in the ate
which contained about llJiU The b iidts
then left leaving Hanker Parker lied so
securely It took him nearly an hour lo
p t loot unit give the alarm The sher
iff Is now hunting the robber
Cflklnell Ida Mnrch tOnlntr to amis
eritnndlng between Sherirf J i
Nlchois uf thlt county end Wuden J it
Whitney of Die tests penli nll ry thin
prlsuiirrs u uler Indli tmeni In connection
with the nuaulntitlon cf former GJV
lrank hteunenbcrg were not bruiiRh t <
Caldwell tills morning for arraignment
ShetllT Nlcholn old several Interested at
torneyn were In waiting at the iIclss pit i
sensor station but the van rum She tint I
penitentiary did lint arrive In time tin
fh train I I stated that I serial traja
at I otlock this afternoon nlll brlnij
CharlM 1 rlo > er WltlUm Ilnywort and
Uorg A PettlVono to Culdwrll Harry
Orchard I Is simod nlll be hr UKht heck
fur niralitnment at 1 later dote
The grand Jury will remaIn I rqML1
here until the validity of UI Indlctmentf I
can be tinned upon by tbi CIII 1 It
slat that nfl r the rendlic if I In
rtlrtmnl i u r > irerrrirur I I HI
rnii p l wml 1 Vr > I 1 Umlini
S f Mr A i I I ni vn ti the
quaxiliR n I Hi I Uofgio the
defendant enter bile pless 1
C = = =
i Ministerial Crisis Will Not Affect 1
Her Policy at Moroccan 1
Conference h
Hiatus Threatens Agreement
Which Might Have Been
Reached Today
Ciuifcoi Boiiiflllon nt Algerlrns Vher
Work of Ilaiiprodicmcnt WnN Pro
ceeding With IcicrUlt Activity
Pails March L3 p government
finds Itself without I ministry at the
culminating otigo of tho Moroccan
conference at Algeclras A nemlofll
clal statement on the subject says
The ministerial crisis doe nut ut
feet French policy tit the conference
This U designed chlelly In wall
Germany not to luke mlwmtuge of time
situation rue fact M that the minis
terial hiatus confuses iiiutturn and
Ilturf 111
tlueateiiH tho agreement which other
ovine mIght have betil reached today
The vote lu the chamber of deputies
Ian nlRht resullliiR In the defeat of
the Rovernmont mid tie resignation of
the cabinet also requires that the gov
ernment temporize with the church
iimnlfestiintH who ate becomlriK In
rcusltiKly lemonntrntlve particularly
the pcncantK
1rtsldent Tnllcrl today began u
series of cotiiultatloim relative to the
formation of I nfw ministry He first
conferred lengthily with t Dubost
proaldcnt of the hcimte and Inter 10
reload 1 Uotimcr pruoldent of this
chamber of deputies No
cepulet announce
ment of the irf liiiiln course of nc
tlon has been made but the
lon mimes
mOlt mentioned art those of Icou
HonrKeolH the fortner premier Alex
ander Mlllcrand t lie former minister
of commerce Raymond Ponealre for
mer minister M public work and t
Senator Clcnifnccau Thcie Is toMi
talk also or M Dclcasso the former
foreign minister who IH supported by
the A ulgla French a ii S Is tie lasts but hit
uppointmHtit in possible owing to
Itanium hostility to him
M llouvler wants to retire from the
premiership but ho may be Induced to I
itnin time poitfollo of foreign nffalra
inlcr or that oC tlnance under another pro
Hen lot went off 20 rontlmex todiy but S
recovered hllnl that lie operators
on Ihe Boursu were lot seriously dis
turbed net Ijy iso resignation of the cabi
Algectrns Spain March 8Tiue mln
iHterlal crisis In Paris caused profound
astonUhmcnt among the dulegatrs of
the pmvoin itteiidliig the Moroccan
confeiencc but the dotulls hme not yet
reachinl Algoclras The Impression pre
vails that the event II deplorable anil
may possibly prgvo dlsantroUM tn
French diplomacy Tim delegates how
vcr refuSe to commit tlinnmelvos on
the effect which the downfHll of liii
Houvler cabinet may have on the con
Previous to the receipt o the news
of the mlninlorlal crisis nt lie Kronch
capital the tone of discouragement hail
completely disappeared and the work
or rapprwchmpnt was proceedhiK with
feverish activity
The ronforcnco I his morning re
sumod the discussion nf thin Moroccan
police question Three distinct pro
podltloiis were prcentpd oite by the
AiiHtrlHii delegation embodying the
CJermiin Ideas another by the Frenci
mid the third by the Moroccan mlmlon
The Austrian plan glees the eultan
RUpiemo command of the police and
he Is to INI French olllcerH for lie
police at four points namely Tangier
Bal Itabat nnd Tetuitn and choose
Spanish olllcri for three points Mojn
tor Inulip uiul MtiZHgnn Tho sultan
finally U to select an prclorEetifr
of iiollcs from 8wUerl nd or Holland
This inspectorgnneiRl IK to have hit
hcadqufuterg at Cain Tljanca on time
Atlantic count and is to command thin
FiancoHpunlsh jiollco at thu other
The Moroccan plan malum the sultan
Eiipronie and asks that nil the powers
pnrtlclpato In the organization of the
The French plan us heretofore out
llnodrstdbllBhed KraiifOHpantoh pollen
Rt eight of the leading ports
The AustroOerman pUn concedes 1
FruncoHpitnlih jMillcc but divides
them In different ports nnd places them
tinder I neutral cpneril Thn Froneh
lcfcatB rtfclaro toOrl the latter con
dition Is tinacceptnble However th i
presentation of lie plan brims the
contestants much closer togethur
An otllclul note Issued nt the clot
of the days nation reads as follows
liar von nadowltz chief of tho Ger
man inlislon referring to tie state c
inentH made by the HUI lan French
timid Spanish delegates ut tho tact sea
alon of the aunfcrenco saul the Oarmnn
government tit not object to this or
ganization Of the Moroccan police by
Fratiy and Spain nt hue portti open to
comTiiAcij under proper Kuarnnteofl sue f
nurliKT economic liberty
The conference ndjourned until Satur
day night to permit the deteirnten to
study time pollPe projects
The official statement matte by Her
von Ttndowlu tolay appttra to assure
an agreement
The preiontatlon of the French plim
by M Hevoll head of the French dole
eotlon followed the receIpt of a tele
grain from M Rouvier stating Hint the
resignation of tie cabinet iMt the pre
vlous Inntruotion to the ilelegntM op
Madrid March 8Owing to the fu
voroblo turn talion In the situation at
Alyeclru rrcinlep Mottit hut cia
Rrirliel the Duke of Almdovar tn
fipanUh foreign mmutstleter and rMfi of
thir fljrfniih delegation it the > tnrooc i S
conerence who WItS to have returrnsl
punchy to iltdrld an Nods hjincs t >
remain at AlK cm until the n > nf > > i
slice conclude iti Mitlon
Homo 1rch SThe vMtoin iiutln
ties rutelveit thrcjthout the nth ta >
grams torn Frunce rc ritnv th rnht
net cnicIl In which th opp and papal
secretory Merry Del Vil wr most ln
tnrett1 i UhoiKh It w > iliilfed tlii
It i ir ii 1 u ifhcr til
I t I l < > r ii tio
F 5 5 I i l in 0 v
5s aii ttauiiLj reglin u

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