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1 t L
j1 iSt11c EV INnN W8
l i Sundays eJceQtetll
ft Oerner ot Pmtlt Tempi nnl Kfint iemp1 <
ztfrf Street Unit Lake City UUh
Jo 0
M i
Charles W Ponrpm Editor
1 T Horace a Whitney Ilustncsi 1I1IInlIlr
In Adunce
I On Tir 1lll
k t j Hit Months 4111
L tL4 t Vhrto Month i Z
f1J Onn Mnnth 15
i iw Baturdnj Hdltlnn Pfr Year 200
v StmUWrekly 1tr Tear 00
ft F 1 a
f j r j CorrMpon and other reading1 mat
ter for publlmtinn should lit drws il o
the mHr ft
jl Addrto nil buMnem cnmmunieatlont
and all rtmlitancps
ir r sit Ulco City Utah
Entrrd it th Pontofflr of Sill Inti
qThll City ni second rial matter nc orllnr tJ
I cn A the Act ot Contrren March 1 UW
1tIj i
The 80ntyslxth annunl Conference
cki nf the Church ot Jesus Christ nf Int
cIt1 tcrdi Snlnts Tlll convene at the Tnr
1t1i trnricU Bait take City April 6 105
hk lit 10 ft in A full Attendance nf offi
i i3 j i cers and memlmr Is requested
iL JOHN n wiNonn
1 t iE First Vrei4flCY
i The annual conference ot the Otscrot
I t Sunday School union will convene nt
tho Tabernacle Salt Lake City Sun
day April S 1006 nt 7 oclock p m
Officers und worker are reaueutfd to
lio present nml nil tho Saints are In
cited The subject of Iarents Clusv
1 cs will bo considered
1 g 1i JOSniH P SMITH
i A
4 i g > General Sunorlntondent
3Jik t
c L
An Idaho paper published In the
U northern i > nrt ot that State deems to be
out of SOILS because an announcement
was made on u pago of the Desoret
Nmva devoted principally to Idaho In
j tercets thut certain prominent citizens
1c tit Idaho were tundlditoa for tongrca
plonal honors Thai paper alleges tlmt
j tho honorable gentlemen Hint up that
J nnnounoement to the lo eret News In
tndance of saying anythIng to the lit
i tis Northern Idaho publication It
c assumes too much and publisher too
lIttio How did It learn that the gen
A tlemen referred to sent tiny communi
V 4 tA cation ot any kind to the Dcsertt
We publish a pper that disseminates
f11f nowB every day from all pirt of the
0i Blobc Wo nro In touch with alt tho
Th Importune points from which informa
I tt t tion can bl obtiiliud on current topics
and present events We pay special
1 T attention once a week to the affairs of
t tho Gem State ABrlcultutc mining
tl 4 ttockrnlaltig Irrigation political move
i1 e ments unit other mattrra Intetostlntt to
our friends In the north and also to u
t ft 3 large proportion of the people of Utah
who like to know what U going on with
4 I our neighbors who arc elody eonnicteU
If not really Identified with this State
I lid place on our Saturday Idaho page
I 3 L If the Idaho paper Is so plow In obtain
Ing live news concerning prominent
I jicoplr anil Important occurrences dose
j rLL tit hand It has the privilege of learning
2 m 11 about them from the IXserel New and
I nu hliutild lint toko umbrage ut our getting
r u little ahead
t Tho notion that the gentlemen the
name of otw of whom It has taken In
t I Vain made a public proclamation
i through our columns that they won
c 4 tnndldtttes for political olllcea Is Blinply
p i ubsurd It might Just nt well be us
1J1 tiumcd that every candidate for of leo In
4 tho country whose ambition or wllllnc
fleas to rorve his country Is announced
3 ns nn ordinary news Item has sent a
special re iueit that we should innkc tho
announcement The Idaho paper rotn
plains that It linn not jet received a
P f remonstrance A remittance or any
1 other Hung from tho honorable gentle
i men whom It aMUine seat the first
nnnounctmont of their candidacy down
i I to tho Ueieret News That atomi to
ijj m t ho the root and ground of the anger of
I ci that paper
1i A remittance attached to such An
iiL announottmeut would havo doubtlei
l I racehed inrdlitl welcome ftntn the pa
1 1 P r that didnt get It Nothing of tho
I Kind however It neemt was received or
Jfl I t nt and hence tho e ttarg For the
I I i comfort of our northern contcmpornry
11 vo will state that the Deseret News
1 i has not y et received n remonstrance a
lj 4 emlttanc or tiny other thing from
j thoM honorablo gentlemen mind him
i f ec i not expected nn > thing of the kind nor
I1qi1 1 I Old they or either of them send that
L I itt at announcement of their candidacy
q fIj down to this Detwret New
I I That paver la mistaken alto In an
I t other ntaertlon tftaya that the DeMret
Ii I i Now is MNMlU u blfr paper than
the SunJard but It duennt llv In
i n pi Idaho The flrit part of the e ntnc >
I i IH oorrect but The other part Is Ineer
fJ J root It will be dlicoveted that the
LT Deseret Newa does ° live In Idaho It
r4 I i will be found In every part of that
State and It In alive wherever It It
1 r found It lives In the hom a and m
i i 1 the heart of thousands of our Idaho
1L 1t fellow citizens
at The Standard add that The Mormon
I I L people null ha the vory best of citi
4 li zen Well that II R very reluctant
f4 sdmiMlflii H In conceded that they arc
f c not excellel In any of the inmlltlc
i 4 h that go to makeup that sUtu Our
contemporary laYS further They ma >
t4 t be honest frugal lawabiding Just
io Certainly Hut what Is the mat
A ter Why it U this The ateurtion
S is mAde that A candidate living In
3 the Mormuu tfotln of thin SUto f ciii
ct ttnecesetry tp ertl his announeament
1 to the Morftifin ftuuii r > per oulsta
ot the atate bforo daring to mak
the aniiQimsBiiicnt at howif Of Verj Jjr
rlbt Is It not 7 Ujvi iliit hypothesis
the StHiiJini goes on to nolv n bt ot
the rotnmon nonnen about hierarchy
follovcvm r conun nuatlin of the
Cliurcti absolute eommeind thai tho
member ranuot will not illtobey atc
The gt facitpea from that tlttlo lial
Imtn by the altnpln puncture t
In the tent that no eondldAte hiii made
any uch fine announcement to thf
UnHret New hut Ibf Inforutatlon
name like any uther pIece of ftfj gntti
eri > d by our ngents and cnrreapoDl
In the north But supposIng It cam
direct what It It TIe Dexeret Nevrr
Is not urvloijtood ti be niAkliie an iu >
dornitment ur reeomniendfcilot Ut
every cttiiillrtttte for publlu nllc whono
Intention to run for It amours in our
< nILlmnll
ThU Is it newepaper having u very
wide circulation and publellln such
itfnu of ititorest to the cenernl public
as It la ablo to obtain by wire by
telephone b > lotfrr or otherwise cron
e ery available cfturc The Ghurcn
has nothing to do with that prt ot our
buiiiiMs Tile nll altl brnln that can
not perrclve inythlng that appears It
this papdr oc pt In the light of < v
l1uroh tattera nec or ° rscoinmemlatlun
numt be m u very sickly Mate and
Ncaidely nt to oxpretii opinions throutjli
a public Journal
The pun Ho notion tlmt when th
1I Mornon clUr n > of Uitho rend utt
antiouitrtment In iti Utaent Nw < that
certain p ntiurn > m ar oan < llda 8 for
election It currlfj with I an absolute
command which tho mlIhrl cannot
will not duohey i auoii wonder aim to
the sobrietv or aanlt of the writer
that put It Into print The Mormon1
citizens of Idaho are divided on politi
cal lint as their felloe citizens are
They form their own opinion In re
gard to policies iiml parties and candi
dates The votes they have cast at thi
elections In that State for n long sgrtri
of years chow how strongly they cling
to their party Ideals and candidates
In voting for party nominees they
hue In noino InstanccK done that to
their own detriment They have imp
ported at the polls men who had been
their malignant cnemlo who had
abused derided antI assailed them In a
manner that ought to have hurled them
for ever from political life In this In
our opinion they have not exhibited
political acumen anti not oven good
political common sense Hut they have
acted upon their own volition and have
reaped the consequence of their own
act to some extent
We have never given them any ad
vice us to tho support of candidates ot
one party or of another We do not at
tempt to do so now Uut we think they
arc the densest kind of chumps It they
pursue such n course In ttii future and
do not distinguish between actual
friends and hitter Toes and fall to tee
hiding In tho sheath concealed by the
adroit and mnoothtongucd politician
the stiletto with which he will stab to
the heart tho dolts who hoe helped
him Into power nnd the Intent lurking
In his traitorous bosom to rob them ot
ever right and privilege which belong
to them us Ametlcun citizens
The Ousel et sews will continue to
publlnh news toni Idaho ai well as
from other putts of the country nnd If
U shown greater enterpiUu bait some
of the tardy sheets Issued In that State
the people wliii want news will be justl
lied In continuing their support of this
paper If any suggestions of ours on
subjects affecting the welfare of peo
ple In any part of tha Union obtain
weight and consideration we shall bo
pleased and encouraged But whether
thoy lire adopted or not the freedom
of choice rests with nor readers and
that llbctty we have not the nllght < > st
Intention or desire to limit or restrain
If our contempornrien In Idaho do not
like the enterprise of the Ueserct Nea
or tts Influence In their State they had
bettor get n move on them Instead of
showing their foolishness In Impotent
Jcnloua and ridiculous Imputations
The announcement Is now made defi
nitely that Dr Dowle Is to retire from
the position ot overseer over tho
bUDlnewi affairs of the city ot Zion and
that the stockholder will assume con
tra over the various Industries In
which they nrp inletcsted through reg
ularly elected boards of directors This
step ban hciome iuca iiv through the
long l < kmiAi of Dnwlc and the conse
quent financial dlltloultles encountered
When the leader departed for Ja
maica where ho Mill IH for his health
It was gcnurally supposed that hli Zion
had millions of dollars In the treasury
and that Dole had but to extend hli
hand In order to have It tilled ISven
Mm Oo < vle tlalinH she had been led to
believe 10 It Is not strange If oth
ers had a similar Impiesalon Hut It
now tttriH out that Iolo l < poor and
that the people of Zion can save the
tlnantlnl situation only by the mot
telling pernonnl sacrifices Mrs Dole
ha wt the example She desires to
dell nil the furnlturtt of the Dowle home
lit ZIon City which la dpcuiatpd In a
moat expensive mqnner and then tha
furnlihlngi arc mid tnu houM Itself la
at the disposal of the society
The prvarnt head ot the tlnnnous h II
young felloir ot Italian uxtractlon Ha
seems to be n thorough hu lnoM man
He iniiimenoed by calling upon the
people to reachtilt mlnUter to
give up their salaries and the clerks
and laborers hi to run ami factory to
accept u cut to Jut enough pay to
keep thun from itarvlng Ho work
Mxte hours and lives on 16 cents a
day tolllm over satlmalwn ami rates
ln compensation for preauhlnr j itm
not an InrtlvtdimlUt and not n Social
ist wija he I believe each man
should liu paid nil he li worth for his
uoiU Uut he bclleVM in sncrllloti
when nwveaary
Much praise tins been bestowed upon
the man who orcanUed that Zion tile
ability was held out as lometlilng mnr
velou Hut the bubble seems to have
luintcil Ever since his opom bouffe
performanie In New York things have
one wrong with him Ability Ig not
enough for the redemption of man That
Is the work Of Cod and none but Ills
commUutonld rarvRnta cnn succeed In
that mission Dowie may jet live to
Illustrate In his oloMng years the ox
ttemo folly of rLtl ely claiming dhlno
liilthorlty Tire colony he founded may
continue but the probability Is that It
will conform more and more to tlio
lUstpniH of tilV world both In ueeulni
nnd ecclesiastIcal iffairs HI other Mlin
Ilur cumutunltle have done
It U probably true that the Imprim
meats In rmaIis ot communication haw
made gruatur wirlilet during thu past
one hundred vearn than during all the
ir < lou ccnturliH together < < olnpe the
ttealmitng of authtntlo history By the
aid ut Rtenin and electricity the dlniffi I
alone lit the workl Juuo btian greatly
rnducuii al it were Oceans have become
come mere haimelij and continents
can ba trayesimul with greater eau end
with lelll expeuUUura of money Ulan It
t lt foim rly to orui a narrow penlr
ulii Nntiuua that nor tntlrc Ntrang
Illll have bcconie clove n Rhlort
At jirescnt the InJlKjtloiiH urc that
jn ImmenJiu iluiii8 of tralllu will
spring iii bctwtfrii this country and
A aln it 111 conillenty OIl rxoted that
the ueat eons of this continent will
In the preaont gcnuratlon IU lIme thu
commercial impuitnncc nu lone held by
western Huropo tumid that somewhere
another JonJoii ulll cpilng up Hven
AlusKu now almvtt a wlIdirneiH will
It predicted become one ot tho Bifiu
est trading centers In the world Ths
awakening ot Lhiiu antI the other Asi
atics will bring about this change In
the busIness center ct lilt w Kid
Whil thtH Is true It Is also a fact
hut business only sravltntei to the
imints to which It Is attracted by con
lltlonH tmliuble for Its growth To
l rente auch uimditlons la the duty ot
the present We must uiter Into friend
I y tcUUons with the peoples with whom
iv0 exppct to deal and by honesty and
Integrity gain nnd merit their cond
fance The time h past when the Occi
dent can exploit the orient and bring
home the plunder at wai done In tht
aurly ages Thosu m thodi ore as obso
lete ax the Btlll older viking methods
trot ns Impossible Tho older robber
policy must bo substituted by one ot
brothurly regard for the rights ana
privileges nnd property of every hu
nan being Nations having becomi
hose neighbors must henceforth ett
ilcivor to be good neighbors In the In
terest of nil
A special representative of tho Lon
don Chronicle has recently studied po I
litical conditions and tendencies In i
Canada and arrived at tho conclusion
that these arc carrying the country
dung the road to national Independ
enceHe claims that the spirit of national
ity Is constantly growing among the
Canadians and that this is certain to
fad expression In demands for more
liberty than Is enjoyed now As things
nrrv are the Canadians cannot take a
ensue whenever they wnnt they can
not change the number ot their repre
sentatives In the parliament they can
not inovt thIr capital or IKSUO their
own coins Some of the Canadians ore
sensitive fin account of such restric
tions The honor and interests of the
Dominion they think well laerlflwil
by tho notion of the British govern
ment In the Alaskan arbitration rind
It has already been declared to be im
portant that Canada ask the HrltlsU
pirllamcnt for more extensive treaty
pwors BO that she can rleal with her
neighbors according to the hest light
she has The people do not clearly ro
tillze says the report that such a
claim Implies the severance of the last
bond of Imperial controldirection of
foreign policy hut they make It
The gentleman does not believe how
ever that Canada will amalgamate
with the United States lie Is rather
of tho opinion that the present move
ment is for Independent kingdom ot
Canada under British protection That
U rather on ominous prediction For
those who have striven to establish
kingdoms on this continent have not
succeeded Nor have they prospered
Napoleon III died In exile after a futllo
effort of establishing an emperor In
The rate bill Is nonpartisan If not
You couldnt kill the beef trust with
a cleaver
Nere parlly booms make a great
deal of noise
Freedom shiieked when the packers
were set free
Spring Is coming but dont discard
winter Ilnnncls
As n Binsntlonniaklng star Thomas
W Lawson Is n has been
David 11 Hill favors Oorge n Me
Clellan for President In 1903 That
Hes McCloilnn
true to his principles lion Fisher
Harris lOW Ametlcn first and then
went and tw the President
John n Rockefeller III win born with
n golden spoon full ot rndlum In his
mouth Long life and health to the
yOUng gentimani
Six thousand dollars the record
price has Just been paid for in orchid
tn London Tlie tlowcr must have been
u daIlY anil the purchaser n cabbage
Judga Iowla holds that the Juvenile
court IB not the whole cheese If ho
la not very careful ni to lilt Interpre
tation of th law hI will lie cited before
that court for contempt
A vvltneaa In a Connecticut court In
sisted on lining called a lady Instead
of a womaji AntI she Insisted on
having her way which was not ladylike
ua tho judge ruled that woman was
both proper antI roepoctublc
The President told the labor Itaderi
who culjtHl on him in regard to viola
tions of the lghthour law and other
grievance that their petition failed to
specify instances violations That
must have ben a poser to them Tire
1rcjldcnt should have remembered
that they deal In general prlnlcplcs
and not in instance
Tho Ialw1 and the greatest thriller is
lo tourbllloq do la mutt which moans
In Kncllun tho ulilrlvslnd at death
nUo culled the Unlit An automoblh
turns n somersault In midair It may
bs tho limit but will not njmeone yet
try to make an automobile turn a dou
b0 somersault In midair Its u Vera
progressive aGo
The Husslan constitution neither
given nor guaranteed the rights anti
privileges that ore looked for these Jay
In such an Instrument but it probably
Is considerably in ntJvwice of the prep
nratlnn of tic Hunalnn pooplo for self
government They certainly would not
know what to do with such a constitu
tion as that of the UnlteJ States
It Is now hoped that stops will bf
tiiken for the ptenorvatlon of the so
called cliff avelllnfit situated near the
orncru of Utah Colorado Arizona and
New Mexico The Colorado Cliff Dwell
Irtgs natoelatlon has proposed tho crea
tion of a national park to Include nil
the principal cliffs amid the proipcct
Is pood for the materialization of this
plan This la not merely n matter of
sentiment The picsorvutlon of the
rillos of bygone agf IB tho main key
to the history of thoM ages If the
monuments nfe lost thieve ran be no
historical rcnearch
Queen Marghsrlte Is now said to hav
changed bar tnlud ns to her proposed I
tour of this county In nn autoinohHo
The reason for this is lint she fears tire I
United Statss government cannot pro I
tect her agalnsa assassins ThIs mere i
pioves that she docs not know thc peo
ple of the United Statts Her royal
hubnnd iCing Humbert MOB nsuniisl
nated In Italy and her friend Km
press IllzUioih of Austria met the
same fate there If precedents count
sho U not safe In Italy Here however
she would find a protector In every cit
izen and millions would gladly make
It their concern to see that no Inrm i
should come to her She la foolish not
to see America first
Portland Oregonian
The judge who will try Hayvood and
Mayor Is not n Jeffries He has no wish
to Btnln his ermIne with Innocent blood
Their attorneys arc learned and
shrewd versed In nil the Intricacies ot
the lixv courageous alert and of long
experience If there should be an atom
of unfairness In tho trial they would
learn of it from them and would exe
crate time Judge who permitted It It
there Is a conspiracy against them
these lawyers will unravel and expoe
It Nothing about the trial will be se
cret nothing will be hurried It will
be deliberate impartial and fair Mr
Debs rind those who rava like him nro
wortfe enemies to workln men thin
Standard Oil Is His appeal Is not to
reason but to hate and Its effect If It
has any will be not to help but to hin
der Justice
Los Angeles Times
Somo fifty men have been murdered
in the mining legions of Idaho and
Colorado within the past few years
The hint one murdered vas an exGov
ernor ot tho State of Idaho The
legally constituted authorities as It
was their duty to do deliberately fU
about hunting down the assassin or
assassins They secured evldenco
against certain men which they deem
conclusive of guilt TheRe suspertrf
who arc officers of the Western Fed
eration ot Miners were placed unilei
arrest and they are now awaiting
trlnl They will be tried In due time
and under the forms prescribed by
law They will have a fair an im
partial trial If proven guiltless they
will bo released
Pueblo Chieftain
At the present time n great deal of
effort Is being expended on the OM stile
to secure the conviction of these person
regardless of their Innoccnceand on the
other side to secure thel release reo
gurdltea of their guilt Inc court pro
ceedings seem to be regarded by onu
party as a game by which If they win
the removal Mil be secured of certain
objectionable crtomltts And by the
other side the court proceedings are
alto regarded an a game by which It
they win certain of their friends will
be delivered from a pressing peril
Taunton Gazette
President Kllot of Harvard notes that
one of the chief defects In our munici
pal system Is that we change tho heads
ot departments too often There li a
lot of common sense in that especially
when It Is considered that the munici
pal directorate should be managed and
shmild manage after tire manner of
n business corporation and on buslnein
principles The new man II always
In thu nature ot an experiment He
may pan out but too often he doesnt
and then there Is a rush to put an
other chop In office One who does
Justly and well gets unpopular with the
boyS because he doesnt distribute the
plums vheru they think hn ought to
scatter them and they get their knives
out for him on election day Another
who Is well worth keeping gots tick
and tired of the gratuitous abuse and
tlmnklessnesg that Invariably follow
municipal office holding and retires or
his own free will It appears to be a
trouble for which there Is no remedy
pave In educating the voters so that
the majority of them will be gifted with
moro common tense than at present
nnd then common sense In municipal
governcnt will rule and business prin
ciples will prevail
New York Mall
One of the mot revolutionary propo
Hltlonn ever submitted to the LealnlA
tute Is now pending tn Albany It Is
proposed In a word substantially to
tear up the charters of tho two great
mutual companies of this city on a
given data summarily to throw tho
trustees out of olllce Und in effect
dump nearly a billion dollars of ac
cumulated trust Cumuli Into thn political
nrenn the vhoto sum to be fought for
In nn election which will necessarily
take on many of tho feature of a na
tional campaign This method will
strike any one tho uninsured all well
fin the Insured being violent
Signs of Spring
Detroit Free Press
The robin and tho bockbeor sign may
be indications of spring but a more
sure onu Is the announcement thnt the
price of ice Is going to be boosted
Ho was greatly Impressed by that
plump Miss Williams
I thought hewould be
Yts She fell on him when they unit
Says tho noston Globes Ons Iloston
man who has discovered thnt he hnsnt
any bad habit to give up during Lent
pays that ire wont fco cuuijlii in that
lIr again I
No bud habit Wliat tM innttor
with iriS IIcltrluhteUl1mtHMI
HWhnt do you know aboK thij coal
rtrlke Arf you Interested
I dont uuppoiu BO In iMy n con
Cant YOU fcl ma ha > j 3 3 fur at lay
or two
Id just lie soon lot sou have ten
Think It ov
I 71J I r
2ZSS22SE2 1t1 PJ < foII
Big SOllveur Matinee Tomorrow
A HindDUnn r < f i t ini11
T ilert a nnlr k 11 Ji
thrlld the svt rill IM a tM 1111
houus everwhi
See the raid on thi still liy the rrV
arne oftlctni Sc > tlio Umtdng f
In Pcto
Not Week Her IViub llf
I WltA
TONIGHT 8rA2omorrog
BaturMj Iltll iJ I
ly Until Tnrklngton and Iolnr I
lthrl i lilt
lln beNt p < ifr > irrnncp of a inmantk I
play seoa in Duivfr this winter
The Denver Hoiutihcirv f1
Scuts now on olo
NiXT ATlR < i ICiNMflPdlv T I
lilY nail VfdniscUy and mil I
riorenco Hoberls in Tn1 Strritn i
the WMk I
l > i1c sivenlrK Z1c to It U Jlatl f
U to M W Silo TrH
i ffodern Vaudeville I
m I
IlS lllnmTS
Every evening except Sunday 2c
Cflc The Matinees Tucsdij Thutsdu
Saturday lOc 25c Me
Last Time Tonight Farewell to the
High School Girls
Commencing Tomorrow at 2 30
All Scats Kc
Williams Imperial Burlesquers
I Sponges
If you nerd n pongc
of nny Uiiul ho sure
nml examine our limo
li foru yarn iitmy If
v u vvnnt n line toft
iIik mngr for liilij
VVCllllVU It If 011
want n tough iluiablo
iponKc MmietliliiR your
ran unruly vrar out
fur cleaning jour brig
by or fnrnltmo 10
Imvo It And nil tine
size In between nt
prices that will sur
prise you
Wiles Ho me1
Drug Co
Detfret Newt llulldlng I
UU the Monument Thanes 374
Take them off Works like a
charm with either loft or hard
corn 25c per borne
Tho Busy Corner
Yards Are Full
Ar Nir Out 01
Rock Spring Coal
At the Sign of tho Pucoek
38 S Main Strict Phoix 2600
Bucceciors to V 1111 Hunt and Chain
Kellablt Ilan And Organs at Iw
prices UN en cuitotnrr li u friend
made by iiuar fl allcg Cutu and
Is n ui
Mmon A Hamlln A D Chasm
Conovtr Utrobbollotiirt M Cable
Mason I lUmltn Chicago CotUf
Make Note of Ihc Time for
we will Hold Closely
to it
I FROM7to9pM
150 Taffeta Silks for 75c
Ilih Is J1 slew Hoc a7 InultvH while itluo and Whltl nill
illiU arid Wlillo Sttlpoi serviceable
lI UIJlI vir iiicllj fin ncn hint
tiriis boiling for thcie two bourns at TTCJ
lunni r 5 cents
Be on Time Itll Go Fast
20 Off L e House Wrappers
A large stock of Irrcnlo mill Scirsuclcer Wrapper for
Spring Wlm Just iccclml All the new model III u nrlcty of
uittiiN Ineliiilliu Ill in test in rid inoit populnr gram Price range
IssiUS 1AO17BI 201 a25 rio J7 nod J100 Regular
You hill Cut 15 Off these Prices
Are You Sorry You Didnt Attend the Bargain Fri
day Sale Well Dont Miss This One Every Fri
day will be Bargain Friday Every Saturday we will
offer Specials Watch our ads every day
P145 WF
Our Drug Dcpt U at 113114 South Alain St
Cutlers HighClass
Merchant Tailoring
We can make you n better suit for 2000 than you can buy In the
ready made kind at 2100
We MANtTAOTtmiJ Tiin GOODS right here and save you the
profit that the retailer gets on the ready mode suits us well as tin
I freight you pay tho RaIlroads
i 1rovo Woolen MUM Goods 1300 mndMoorder
I These are not heavy weights but arc just what you want for spring
I wear
Handsome elothu from the best manufacturers of the Eastern
I States made to order at nil prices from J2000 to 1000
We have the most complete line of TAILORS TRIMMINGS In
town and OUR prices are guaranteed as low as any
Tonight Tonight at 815
rrlc iiOc and JIW Sale nf seals now on it CArltnlfn Anion
panjs Music Store i4 Main Street
This is a New
In Patent Colt THE
Cuban Heel Plain Toe
with Ribbon Tie
Price 400
Watrl1 our window for Latest Styles in nil kinds of Low Shoesespecial
Iy White Canvass Duck Wo will receive a line of these thl week
Romney pependable Shoes
sta1I IIa =
if limy desire to roach lion poop In of Hie Wullln taIe5 aoJ
T rrllorl t In tlielr homo
Circulation Books Open To Advertisers

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