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I i
Gave An Illustrated Lecture to
Large and Interested
6ttggcstlVl1hat Looiil Society lleoonio
Alllllntcd With tho Kiitlomil To
IreMrvo Vnlmihlo +
jrof Mllchell Carroll of Check mud
jntln Hi Washington university find
nsoclate secretary of tho ArchaeoloK
jral society of America KIIVO Ids Il
lustrated lecture list night In Library
hail to tin audience Hint tilled the audi
at Athens
toilum on the Acropolis
Io piefuced his Icctuio by n short talk
In which ho urged that tho local no
nets became initiated with tho na
tional wclftj Ho held that an nrch
lroJoeal society will ho of Hpeclul
IIrll m to Itah In Iho preservation of
exhumed from
the vnlunble remnlim
ti0 southern part of the state and pro
tnlliiK their being removed from thu
Btitc for oouimciclal purposes
Tho leeture w sIN very Intending and
embraced nuiiiy KtcreoptUon views of
the Parthenon nnd the Acropolis re
stored The details of tha art work
wire well brought out and described
Tlii doctor leaves today for the coast
In the inteiest of the National ocll
Ion mid proe11 to stop over In Snit
Like iigJlu on his return April 12
Vo filse pretense has marked tho
rir < cr of IIIjs < rearn Ruins No Idle
promises of rcwnnln for cases It will
pat cure IiPlnu entirely harmless It
u not responsible like the catmrh snuffs
mind powders for minds shattered by
iralne The great positive virtue of
olra Oeim 1n hit In that It speedily
paid ininlpetel ernes iunil catarrh
nail haY fever Hack of this statement
1 q the testimony of thousands nnd a
r milntlon of many years success All
druggists Me or mailed by Ely Bros
t6 Vurr > n Street Now York
Conmilltrc lo Hecomincnd liolcsito
Liquor Dealers 1iiy 100
At the meeting of tho committees
of tho city council lust night the II
ien o committee decided to recommend
that tho license of wholesale liquor
dealers bn reduced from 1000 to 100
per annum The action was tnkcii
upon the petition of Uer pros Mer
cantile company which called atten
tion to the Injustice of charRlnjc
vholesale dealers us large a llcenso an
iPtiiil dealers who have the advantage
of selling at both wholesale and retail
under the one license It Is believed
thnt the report will meet with much
opposition when tmbmUtoil to the
council Monday night
The sanitary committee will recom
mend that thn city pay for nil Ilbiaiy
books destroyed In Infected houses by
the board of health Tho board finds
It necessary to destroy all books 111
housed wheio UNMH are contagious
dlbwses and the library board re
quested tho council to pay for such
books out oO the general funds of the
A proposition Is being agitated by
roundhuan Martin to adopt the Los
Angeles group llght plan of street
lighting for tho business district of
the city The Idea Is to use tho group
fight plan for lighting the district
bounded by South Temple State
Fourth South and West Temple streets
If the scheme Is adopted there will bo
clutter lights on each corner and at
Intervals of lit feet along tho streets
In the district mentioned The prop
erty owners on Market street have al
ready petitioned the council to adopt
the duster light plan on that street
Vhll In Suffolk Va Henry Croll Jr
proprietor of tho llraverton Midi Hard
ware Co wan taken very sick with bowel
trouble A traveling salesman from Big
Inaw Mich ndvlied him to fret n bottle of
Chamberlains Colic Cholera and DIll
rrhoei Remedy which ho did It soon
cured me and I take pleasure In rccom
mending It he says No one sbould leave
home on a Journey without n bottle of this
remedy It Is almost sum to bn needed
and It not obtainable while on steamship
or cars Sold by all druggists
The following program will he given
this evening In Unity hall on the
occasion of tho German evening of the
High school students
German national HOUR Dlo Vacht
am theo German classes
nay Das tics er Tho Knife
liy the Sophomore and Juniors
Emperor MaximilianKrancl Lotchfleld
fare Joseph Bamuels
Jfalll Vivian Tallhurut
leople of llrelsach
Carl Craig Nattlo Naples Harry
True Ixo Girls Choir
f oIlo ivy Evans
Comedy J5r Musi Tnnzen Wo
Must Dance Uy the Senior
The Undo Julian HamberRCr
dward his phowU U Klmball
Trans Sylvan Synion
SllnnaKdwards lovcrMarle llosawsky
Emma a servant girl kibble Cushing
LMnard Martin and lss AKTICS May
Garjkk were united In marriage ester
di afternoon at the home of the
brutes parents at 639 north Third West
1 tt S5y DePuty County Clerk David
Smith The ceremony wus wltnessol
lather parents of the bride and by Iho
a er ° J the Broom rtinbywas
bought hack from los Angeles by
J PUty Sheriff Sharp on Wednesday I
tl answer to the charge of having
caused tho girls downfall and In order
to jrape profccutlon married her Tin
girt i became a mother last Sunday Mr
and Mrs Marn will Probably
ins J go te
Angeles to Ilverho charge against
dnrtin has
been dismissed I
TuoYonr Old Child Hnd Xnrrrov I >
1110 Imiii Dcntli
Time Httif t ojearold dnuehtcr of Mrs
R W Mr
John J Plu man of 142 lake
n narrow e cap ll none dbath
f > v Carbolic
acId polionlnff about 1V
rink last
wTrt J ftvcnllf Mr Plunnian ww
suffering from a setere attack of tooth
and his wife
f0 opened a four ounce
Dr Prices Baking Powder supplies
a pure wholesome leavening agent
which makes the biscuit and cake of
highest healthfulness at medium cost
and protects the food from alum which
is the greatest dietary danger of the day
M IOTlAlum biUnc ponders treioMilten
PtICC BAKING POWDER CO 10 twentfie outs a pound or a rout nu
CHICAGO ounce but they render the food lIIIIall1
Indijekllble sad uiilicalltitul
bottle of tho acid and MIN applying some
ot tho contents to the n < Mnu tooth Vhll1
bus oiiffagpd sho did not notice the iip
liraoch of her little oUe Flue child took
lie opened bottlo and begum drinking Its
contents In n moment the houo was
filled with consternation the parents of
HIP bah v tlo Mmply firrirled with grief
lUid liol lihor giilcklj era > olllletl In tin
culls for help nnd Ieguomualog civ
means knann to tbem tlI thn ixllcf of tb t
sufferer Dr Krmnt Van Cott who lives
not far sum the iltifinian hume win sent
for and with his dlllbent noik added tn
hat alrofldy ilono by otlicid the llfn of
the ehlld was sound Fishy its symptoms
arc favonihlc amid It In hoped and believe
hat a pptedy rceovery will follow
inc Julia and Niilliinnl Cinud Uf
Ikers at Illcht School
hh afternoon Coy Cutler and members
of lira otaff 111 well us other national
KUanl oflleuis till1 assemble at the lllyli
School to ipev the Cadet battalion In
set tht up txiril e t x vase l mount and
lirtttalloii review parade Ou TO cadets
under Mrlll Muster Ullllnm C Uebb Mill
ixrllclptiti and un Inspect loll bv tbn got
rnor will follow Iho iiaiade Tour torn
nnlei make up the Ihittiillon and att
n neero ronuolltlun I > company ban bent
monde the color Ixarer and will escort the
hag through this turnooun ceremonies
lilef Vail In Knfoieii Oidhmiuo With
Itufcioiio to Jlitniiiui
Chief Charles T Vat ot the fire de
iirtmcnt aniumnees a determination to
enforce tho ordlnaneo relatlvo to the
iiitrunccs to church buildings rho law
hI that all doom to such edifices nlmJi
swing OIL tsyard and must provide 21
inches space fur every 100 persons
which the building lt capable of seat
hug Them mUFt be no chairs ot
leiiches to obHtriict line aisles and
eiy meiiiiM of safety In vine of lire
tdiould be provided Complaints have
reached Chief Vail that all public build
HKH art not In line with these ic < ulru
mcnU und while he wishes to give
ample noilco to nil and not work a
ardship upon imy he deems It only
Just and pioper for the safety of the
public that the law ha compiled with
He will notify delinquents before tak
lug any drastic measures
lfr lnnsliiRh Takes Stand Anlllt
Gran fuss Itcllfilors
An electrical lecture was given last
tenltiff In the parlors of the Commer i
cial club before a good sized audience
by Van Ilensnlaer Lanslngh of New
York an illumInating engineer He said
that 200000000 annually Is paid out
In this country for Illumination one
tenth of which Is lost owing to III
proper distribution of lumps globes
shades anti reflectors The lecturer
made n point of the proper distribu
tion of light so ns to secure the most
of It and to avoid bad effects on Hits
eyes He took n stand against green
glass reflectors which ho held drove
more men to the occullsts than any
other cause
The Salt Lake Temple will closo
Thursduj April B and reopen Tues
day April 10 1906
Tho St George temple will close on
Friday March 30 1900 and will reopen
ou Thursday April 12 1905
The Jlantl Temple will be closed
Murch 30 and open the llth of April
Logan temple will clo o on Wed
nesday April 4 and reopen Tuesday
April 10 1906
lime rrtiiuent ItcMit of ColTri 1oNon
A Toledo 0 business man says that
for three joins he had no appetite for
breakfast that about oncu a month ho
ate solid food nt Unit meal generally
contenting himself with his cup of
coffee and having no desire for any
thing else
Coffee frequently plays this dogIn
the ntatigor trick while It furnishes
no nutvlment Itself It destroys tho ap
petite for fOolwhich Is nutritious Tho
result wus In time U torpid mentnllty
which was n distinct handicap In his
butlnciH operatlonM
Last ChrlMmar he says I con
sulted my brother n practising phjtl
clan In Chicago mud ho advised a diet
of Iosttim Food Coffee Instead of the
old kind and also GrapeNuts food
Since that time I have followed his ad
vice with most excellent jciult My
bruin Is nctlve and clear In the morn
IIIB when it naturally should bo ut Its
hut I no longer have the dizzy spells
that used to make mo apprehensive
I hnVB gained materially In flesh und
feel better In every way
The 1ostum seems to bo no less n
food than the IrnpoNuU andthu two
together till all requirements My wife
inns tried several of the recipes In your
little booklet nnd we have enjoyed the
result but to my mind Ortpo Nuts
food H bent when served with sliced
fruit aid covered with cream Same
given by Tostum Co Hattlo Creek
Mich I
There ft reason Head the little
book The Road to Wcllvllle In I
If Senate Committee so Decides
A Long Contest Will
rbIIrr111 WIIS Appllid loll m 11111
Tlllman 1Vho Is SuiU Inns
or Its I nlrrmdly
Special rcspondcnco
Vnihlnston March iiilf the IInllh1
committee should denim iiixni n son
level innnl u lesult that would not be
stlrI nInv1ewuf the developments
In thu committee It will probabU mean
a Ions contest In Congress Tho cry
would be inlod that lily Willi uuother
defeat for the president because ho Inn
earnestly favored n luck canal Xo
doubt It will bo pointed out that tho
annul Is to Join the Santo Domingo
treaty tho Philippine tariff bill and this
Joint stntehood bill nil measures want
ed by the president but vlilch hat
been defeated thu senate Ill doubt
thu veuato eommltten nil ruternce silo
canals was favoiable to u lock cnm
when It began Its inquiry but tho de
velopment of the hearing has shaken a
lumber of meiuhuri vvlio begin to
doubt the ndvlsiblllty of lodes
In a running debilo on rats le g 18Ia
tlon son oth lag iinicornlMR tho authors
of thu pending bill was mentioned and
Senator Dolllvcr was given credit foi
n shaie In running It Senator Till
min hud been speaking about great le
gal lights and DolllWT r said that he had
never boasted bf befiiB a great lawyer
and added I have not acquired the art
of saying of one that he IH the greatest
lawyer in the world and of another
that ho Is still greater and then ad
vancing my men opinion contradicting
I ndmlre the senators modesty very
much replied Tlllman Wo nil know
that In the bottom of his soul ho thinks
he Is as great a lawyer as either ot
Now continued Tlllman I Just
have a word for my friend from Ohio
who mania some allusion to his bill a
moment ago nUll with the pride of
mtcinlty ho practically md It was
he only good bill that had been Intro
duced He forgot thnt little baby of
nine which ho alone with my friend
from Rhode Island Aldrlch was no
tinsel In love with when It win brought
modestly Into thin chamber that they
indicated n desire If I would consent
10 put sumo little cloak of court review
irouml the little Infant that they
would adopt It
WHY HI UKioivruD run RILL
After saying thut bintllpg IH ninep
ins peacefully leforrlnif to his own
hill ho Hum explained how ho yainc to
ho In chars of the boufe bill Some
body by some hocus pocus I hardly
know how It happened came to us tin
expectedly and kt h great hurry dumped
his baby In my aims It Is supposed
III be 01 said to be for the purpose nt
living the people relief I nm suspicion +
ot the bantling Itself but Undine hut
ihe Inteistate commerce loinmlttcu
would do nothing but talk and tnlk I
bought It was Test to bring this eon
iiiciny Into the senate and out In the
There are I vomen who are salting 10
gel even with Kepte > eiintlu > Ourdner
of MnHsaohutettH chnlimali of the ev
position committee who In opposed to
ippiopililloun for expositions They
are all Interested In the coming Jam > s
own Lvposltlon or nl least that por
llos of It wlihli relates to Iotabontn
tort 1 a menu meit to tin + memory of Hut
Indian vomaii who flgmcd no pioml
nentlj In the hlstoiy of Virginia
I nm going to live long eIlOIlh
said one of the ladles who has already
leached the uncuituln age period to
ci < IJiirdnrr and nil Miissnihus tt
dcvn hero asking fur a large nppro
1 meta I InII for the exposition that com
immolates the landing of tin ullgilniH
Ill wager they will want inoofMO
hi tliU sumo omieitlon I Iiumcd
that the Hood vomen who are goliu to
Imiiioitiillo Iocuhontus havi ntuilel
hi by milking an elToit to obtain the
desieiiUimts of this wumiui nail have
found 700 who have tepoitol them
selvoH to the association
That la n putty good mike on tho
piofohor of hlstoij of lobim Hop
kins renmikid u porlUiilail ilwer
menu for ho him d whir c r 1 that Io
eahiintim wIN n injth mul existed inl >
hi the minds of a few unman ucerN who
wrote tales of the early sPttlemeiitH In
the tohmliti Now I say Hint Jocn
hontiit had more hilliieiui on the curly
hltor > of America than nnv other wo
man except Isabella of pain
No one ever tell where executive
coHslon stotlos come from henic It
UIH not siruuge that n newspaper man
whu hud not been In Washington long
supposed they came from xcnatuiH
When Hemtor Ooekrell was null a mien
atom there had been n content In execu
tive session over a Mlssouil ippolniev
mid the Missouri ncilbe went to Sena
tor < o < I < rcHH icwldcnco to make Inv
lull about It
Let me see Mid the SIlssouil HOII
ntor and reaching for a book ho
opened It nnd read
All Information ommunlcatcd or
lennrks made by n lenntur when uot
lug upon iiomhiatlons conceniltig the
thainctcr or quulincntlonH of the per
son nominated Also all votes upon any
lioinlnition shall be kept secret
You see said Senator ocktcll
blandly I cannot tell yam
Never allow it roll lo take Its oune
Too often at thIs season of the year Its
course li toward pa e um e Lila Chamber
lain B Coiifjli Item ed Y will prompt y cur
your cold nnd counteract any tcndrnoy In
this direction There Is nothing better for
acute throat nnd lung troubles For sale
by all IItuttlete
Investigate Smelter City
We Invite the closest Invcstlgntlnn of
Smelter City real estate A 150 lot In
the new town at the smelters may stait
your fortune The lots ire located wIth
In a twentyminute walk of the bill
concentrator Call or write for plat
Vo 201 D F Walker Hlk
ti ai fJfi Y 9
tlellJ I OR iricBCoj
100 Ideal Hah Ilrindics for io
2Gc Bridge Kuorn for 19c
this hi new edition and ooneldei superior to the old
The season for them Is nearl > hero As a HiigrnstlOn jour
attention Is culled to our liindnnic ai > oitmi nt of wash
belts A Rpeclul pilco for Hiturdiy 3Go
n n
A GO cent box of Hurlbitts Hue paer for 26u
Colgate Eureka Armours and Poets toilet soups 5 uents
a cake or DO rents u dozen
Men will find these counts nuno convenient I
They ure made of fabilcs shninU bv the tlnpoco procesi
They nit four ply and perfectly made
They ate tho whitest amid longest wearing collars It Is pos
sable to produce
15 dents U for 2Ct
Aftcrmatk oj tko Millinery Opening
Tic One of the surprises of the Important event was thu dis
WlthJM play of H lo 110 hciidwcar I
Ihesu hat mo different from others which sell nt the
sumo prices
These creations are full of style s upin blooming and
dainty rime chl1lIOIII of hunts thIs eam which this
store Is showing It superior to 45 to 410 produutlons
hereto olTcied a
We believe we cnn nlcaxo joti
ivcry woman who has exnmlned the dlspluj pralsoa the ex
ceptional creations
Our Peter Thompson sultn for girls are now ready for
sale Prices 550 to U4i5
I 11W Taco embroidered linen collars In nil styles and shapes WI
Saturday only JOc
Umbrolderj turnover collars 15 cents and 2 for lEc
llatlste embroidery itock collars 1C cents and two for lie
fB B
An entrrtillilne and ediiintlonal conic cpen to fIJlllle will ceptloii na noted below Hint ulll
proto Interc lliiff runt lioncllclnl to all oho ptirilclpnle
lilt ilMrllmtlnii of prlCN will he math to llioso entlliig nt Iho largest lIt of correct uordi mndn t
from loiter used In Hulling bo three wortl
r j
Jlicilldllnilliin nf this him tge nnioiint In prlos I iinlj ninil po + > ible lij llio Illicrnlltj and prolrrho 1
IHII of lln > W W Klmball to to ho are determined thai 1111 nmo KMIUAIjir halt liecomo a household i i F
oidj to MX llio iiuiiu KIMItAliI1 Indelibly iiton llio minds of nil lio may nou or nt sonic In urn time
need a piano
g1 I
A FeW Pertinent Facts I is aa
JIll W W Klnibatl Co iiiniiiifnrtnic mil Mll r lIon Inslruini ills rcij 3dne a
Klinliill Ilinox arc wild on the inc prIietti ull ijitnn llie > lime n hued nli they are not sold t
In Mr ilone nt mire prliv nml 10 Mr llroun nt another
Ml denies who ell Iliu Klmhiill Ilaiui innsl sell them nl the rMahlMird prier Xo more is nllow 2 4 +
ed In IK skid no Ks iicivptid
itery dealer who liandlrt llio Mmbiill IMnno liuit niirU them lit plain llgnrc I
1IIISI Pllli 15I1H hlinliill Cprluht Iliino Ciihlnrt drnnd ulll br Risen us llit prlr to the per
MIII ailing iii the hiffieM IM of onect wnttlN ass ahoic inentlonoil null luiurdlnc to rules nail condltloni 1 I
111111I11 11111
SIXOXD PHII > Siian lilinliill Ipilelit Ilnnn collage site
TIIIIIIl IHIr A crnlll hill for SIMHKl t
rniIMIl 1IIIII1 tuulll nil for SIIOMIt a t
Ill the next live InrciM ISls of nniefl oriN ulll he sUrn I redll mil fop Sinn rarh To tile next dl
nu largest IMsof ntiim OKIH nlll IK yhcn 1icdlt Hills f < irSd > earl To thn next flip Lirgfl Hl of cor i t
eel oriN trill ho guru Ciiillt I1IIN for Hf enrlm mud Cal has III this In Kronpi of fin melt of IIi o romped ti
lurs Hmlliu us the MM IniKckt IMs or iirrict woes will Ill clMii milt Hills for 1111 le < t < i thin IlreIIIII 6
hurl n > until the vntlro SIOllOO cliiill hatu hem ilMrlhuled
t 1
Important Features n
By Fpeclnl nrrnncrmcnl with llic W W Ulinhnll CII iliesit Credit Bill tlll bo honoreil nl llielr fni n i ry
mine oMinl < tint pun hn i > of mly nou Klinlutll pi mo III our Mine I lie Uiincr lire imsiircd ot n gems
lime rtdiicllnn of llu IIIIHMIIII of Hidr Crulll HUN 1y h ill
mare ulll bo 112 Credit Hills illliIlinUil llicj urn tioilli slrhlnj for f I I
n fH ll
Rules and Conditions of Contest = 6 +
Xn IIIS reed hed nfter Muidi it moil ulll hr eon > > ldeieil fffl c
Onlj unit tennis IIH > to IM ueil us arc found In UrlmerH Incrib n II maul Dletlnnarj Su proper names h
fmII1I t oiils iiiuiiis nf I s tem Ion as or plnivs mclahtuld t
Itii not n e ii Idler morn limes In rornilnj a uiut than It nipean In lie words Tho Klnibill F i I 11 i
rhino li L 1
Wurl IIIlhlI llio NIIIII but Inning n dinetenl minim utog can bo iiid lint once
Vu one ante inning nil upright piano cnn loinpelo i Vi
Vo one coimedeil ulili IIII plniu bulnrs In any way rnn compete y + I l r
In HIP Men of a He ptlcsof equal inluo ulll lie tlen r t1
Conle > lntils romplllni lIt must leu KJIIIIC tii cllicr tshh coupon nicoinpniijlic Ht i ks j iE
In Hie event of lIt mid oiipoii not IHIIIR hlRnol by ronie > tnnt Hie rllht N icered to reject inch ii if
Tns luiHiiriils will be irninlrd llioe vMitin to be iitvoiiiinodilnl by ipljlns tlidr Credit little r 1
nod pajln llic Imliinec In iniill nioiiilily piijiiieiii a Ii
Nol moio than non Ciullt Kill ulll houeecplcd on Hie snout phiim
llls must bo nniilo In iilpliiihetlrnl fciini or ulll JM pilhjecl to lejecllon
A B H I K L M NO P 1
all bat hall ink kill f
lap man no one pet t
ale bet hat ill kite lot map not oak pat I r tt
I i
Iho pliinos to be Riven ns pilos linn Just boon icceUrd from limo W W mil I nbull Co rind mo now t I t Y
011 exhibition our t uireroom a c d It x
II Jhe vxlnners of the prlet will bo deUniilned bj theca judges 1 nil prominent Hllins of Salt ToIIlI r h
1 r i t
t Ir
t i t
Cut 1111 out attach In llt of wools mud send In Cla 3 Inc Mnsli Compiiii 7 I0llii So rain
Street sail 1lIlw City Utah r aft
1 lurch t citify Hint I coinplliil thu iiccompni Ing list of words unit ngrco to accept tho de i I
cllon of till Judges of nuiuiN liS final j tf i 6l is
Vimio r ffl
D t
Sheet No t f
t a
I Iostofflco i
I IVnrds In list Havo jou a pliuio el l I
L i j
Clayton Music Co a i U I I t t
t <
Work Shop Talk
E MAKE to onkrany size
or height of iftCallrcss
and if you buy one from
us you Will have an hon
ally made durable and
comfortable allicss
We dean and recover
old iftCalltesscs making them as good as new and I
in many instances better In our factory we upholster
Furniture new or old and guarantee the highest
grade of work
R G Dun Co
1U Offlc i
Otorce Hunt ntntrnl Manager Idaho
Nevada Utah And Vonilnj
Office in Iro rrfu nulidlng Salt Luke
Cltr Utah
Use nnd Tak No Other
i Social Brnnd and Cakes
1 W
F r
You Know i +
WI aj know tlist In the Spring r i
ecrbJy blood needs ationtlon our
new EiippK of Sossafraa Sttrwaparllla y
and other herbs Isj extra Hnt We Ij1 ty
itpeclally recommend and gimrtnte i r S I
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the old omit young Give It a trial
und be convlnMl Both phones 467
remomber the number r
i I
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I 1
U J jp
The Lester t4 11 Al + S
r r I
Grand and r
C 11
1 v
Are As Near Perfec r l
tion At The Can Be t tl sr
The mot remarkabU E
Piano ever built t i j
Take One Home For p I tI I r
S 1022 4ti
I IV i
Daynes Romney t
Piano Company i
2517 f NKST SOUTH 1 1 I4
M 1 + i t
I h
IL ii q

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