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Yt I
Strenuous Times in Evidence
Around Headquarters in Con
sequence of Activity
Corpi Arc Ititniilli Lino In Iduliu
CntlulT In tin WKiniliiK
Con I INIil
Thcie fire stlemioiiH times In el
dliico nround the ciiKlncorliiB depart
ment of the OrtKon Short Line with
Urn lulent of spring Tho work of
constructing the railway bridge ncrosH
llock Crock nt Twin Falls has been
comimiKcd and tho structure Is to ho
completed In about 15 ilnyn from date
Thin work Is In charge ot Mr Trout
On tho completion of till the extension I
In Ilulil will be Htnrted ThlH proposi
tion has hem previously exploited In
the ° NYttn mill It IK claimed thrit It la
port and parcel uf ttio now iimln lino
that Is to cut In on the old line In tho
vicinity of Mountnlnhmne
In the meantime there are two corps
of eiiRlneerH nt work ITOBM scctlonlm
the survey bctweii Burley and Jlnlnd
If this Is built It vlll mean that tho
new nniln line will Ieac tIm old line
at it point near IlrlBhnnt City thence
on to Mnlad and through the new and
rich Twin Fulls vounlry to Mountuln
home euttliiK out It nr Illvcr runyon
imd the heavy Krades to the cast and
vest approarheH to OlennV Kerry
Thoro Is null another company of
enKlneeis nt work on II survey north
of Preston They nro ciiRaned In jun
iihiK n line from Preston through the
cnnyon and Ueritllo valley to connect
MUi thu mum hun juat went of Sodi
Springs Thn reason for bulldlnjr this
linn are Klvetu
It will In u measure nlnit off tho
threatened Invasion of the Chicago
Northwestern fioni rcnchlriK ttnh
from the Hiiitku river nlley whit n
foice of survey 0 Ill has been tit work
during the winter It will open up u
Inrgn district In Oentlle valley and
last but not least It will wivo about 40
miles and bid grades on the haulage
of nil coal from the Kennncror und
Ulamonrlvllle mines to Utah points
Shoit llno survcyorn also were at
llyrum Cache county at the ond of
last week locating depot sites In that
place nnd Wellsvllle The uracl on
the line between Wellsvllle and Men
don Is completed nun tho ties and rails
nrc beliiR stacked at Memlon
H IB stated Hint the track will be
completed nt nn early date und regular
train nervier will ho extended around
tho south end of the valley
IUcnwn Hros Itoutch the IlrM el
1JlmlII s rrom Ilnli Tills HII
First blood this ool fenson goes to
tho Union Pacific Hock Island nnd
Nlcklo Plato who have secured the
ra llrst carload of wool nut of Utah One
far routed to Himlon left Fnlrllild you
trrday and two moro nvti following
today They are consigned hi ll mian
110s tl vol I IUOWI linn whIch has
been such a factor In boosting prices
In thin stnto for the past three yearn
Hhearliit 0 lierat ions at Ii lack foot on
tho Halt Lake ttouto have heel post
poned until Thursday but when they
do start there will bo a lively scramble
In Malm It Is stated that thoro In n
carload of wool at WcUor but to date
I haH not been moved
All stories to the contrary notwith
standing astern 11H will con t I nun to
load wool as horetofoie nod It Is a
ate proposition that the Initial lines
will never make u fuss about the pro
llepnlr Ounsi Kpc to Ilcacli Tlmt
I iii lit This I HI II
Work on repairs on the Wl lolll
on tho Halt Lako lloutc IH beliiK rushed
harder than ever From u dispatch
received at tho CMaik road headquar
ters from Hupt Vim Hotison who Is at
tho front It Is learned that the forces I
nt work are stralnlnu every iminclo to i
have the lIne opened to Callento by
thin evening I Is I safe proposition
f hat by the tlmu Ily necemiry to him
Olo the dozen or HO flhrlner special
trains that the line will bo open for
through business all the Los Aiwles
limited will bo making trips both ways
Ianl Slump Appointed A Miint Von
cIal PutMiigcr Agent for II S I
Iortland Or April 1OPaui Hlmtip
nn lstant Reuernl freight ngent for the
harriman linen in the northweitt has
been appointed ntulMnnt Renpial has
neiiRer npent for the Southern Pacific
at Hm Francisco Tho tippolntmciit
hlCllll effective May 1 Mr Shnupa
stlecesirjv hal not yet bten nitrated
I Iii iil illil II Mncs II iplrt lelro
pollliui Opera < onipnny
The Union Vaelllc and Southern To
cine ivihI handle this week two blc sio
fclnl trains Hint are ctosHltifj the con
tinent One of the tpeclnlij iHlglnaUa
In New York and the other at Wash
ington Tho Hist will carry the Jletio
polltHn Op ra eompany and will paa
Lb roil g ii ORdeii Saturday midnight In
nil comi 212 ieopN W ill 1m i > rrled In a
train nr rather Lou H loll roniprls
eil of three tourist oars five ataiulird
sleepers two dlncru nnd eight baRgni
eHru The ferond iriiln IA earrihiK inn
rlnes who will board the transport or
the IhlllptilnpH nt Han Krnnelfno
thf Ihlplhwl lt ln 1llclo nt
tioon April IR Thh train which will
ronKlst of 10 1cttl two tillers aiul u
bngRHKP rare wil rwrry eight otllrers
J and 2S9 enlisted men item WanhliiRtun
1 C And one olllcer rind 75 enlisted
1 len from Norfolk This is iilHo due to
j Hrrlve In Ogden KatnrdHy night
One Cmnlng We l Kit Moult In Cali
1 fornia fir Naitlicrn Pacllk
Special to tin XowH
Cheyenne Wyo April 9nolht
Union Pnelllp motor < nr panned through
Chejenii1 lam nigh en route to Cali
fornia where 1 will be UMd In Hiiburb
l nn KrVl < > t > on the Pouthern 1iii tic The
car conic from Sidney making the run
n r over 100 miles In 11 w than three
The run 01 In the nature of a bill
3 limbing twt UK there are several
heavy Rrade b ttH > n Sidney und till
city nnd the climb IH n hard one In
I some places especially on Archer hill
t i I The elI had no trouble at all and
V walked up the hIU as IholiRh running
9j on level track The machinery did
i u not seem U > be In lalKir nnd It wan not
ii necessary to stop ut liitcnala and nl
2 > jv the miitiiaiiibin to HI off an vat
the case with Motor Car No 1 which
1t ji triads I trip from Omaha to Portland
ciyIi lcs than 1 year ago Thin ut car
Come to the Big
Electrical Show
Next week and let us serve
you with a cup of electrical
COFFEE and a dainty de
licious biscuit leavened with
Everything Free
Hewlett Bras Co
appears lo be lmott perfection In run
nliiK qUilHleH and with I few minor
Implements It II bellmed tho Inloii
lnnl tic 11 have attained thC acme of
Deputy Vnlted Hlnt < > H Marshal Joe
IiForx who MIK rfttnrnlnB from north
ern Wyoming and had inUHcd his train
tit Hldney win picked up and ho sa
t he ride to Cheyenne wan 01H of the
moKt enjoyable tu over took At time
the ear attained I speed of 15 miles an
hour There wan no rocking of the
coach and very Ito vibration the en
Klnea hellJ located In tho forward ell
and the lull a till express compait
mcntR In the ndln balUxt
IwlK rear acllnu 111 halllt
for the piiKHeiiKer wctlon which IK In
the center There Wil no nmell of
rlfl gasoline no dust or offennlvo nIl I I
The car continued on wst this morn i
Ins cllnibliiK Hherman hill 11 an aver
ago Kneed of 29 miles 11 hour whhh
do la better than regular passeng r trnlim
An effort may bo made to have the
Colorado and Southern purchase or
manufacture one of the M Keen motor
cutS for fervle between Cheyenne and
Ft lUlssell Horn troop are being
stationed ut the post and the carriage
service between the fort and Cheyenne
Id Inadequate More troops will bo
assembled here short for targtt prac
traflU1 between
tlHO and field maneuvers and
tween the fort nnd Cheyenne will then
be heavy A motor ear would pay for
Itidf In one aFOI
Cliuli load HUH llest Slicep Dlppluc
Ilnnts In HIP Ktnti
K X IIutchlnHon the government
veterinary Burgeon from Portland Or
win wan sent to point on tho Halt LiiUt
Houte nt tho Itmtlgatlon of ol 1 II
Hlekock han completed his a
lit the eonsliuctlon of the nhccp dipping
vote at Ihiack Hock Mil ford and Mo
dell and Utnl llockmustcnt aic con
plderably pleased with his work Thrt
new vats Installed during the past few
das are tile only ones of tho kind out
side ciftlii state of Oregon and slu ei
men dull that they nn the best vet
tnder new eondltloim theN Is no chance
of brulHlMK the animal and whcrent
under conditions comlngo the old stjlo
of vat It vax only poaylblfi to dip from
3000 to 50000 sheep a day anyvsheip
from SOOi to 10000 head can be handled
at the IKV illpiilnpr peiirf
Hr > t inn rirnl on Jriidc In lilt iis
UI Colmnbla HUcr
Portland Or April 10 According
to the Oregonlnn odiiy hostlltltle urn
probably likely to begin at any mo
ment between construction
nlmt Illlstludion Bangs em
ployed by the Columbia Valley alt
Portland nnd Heal railroad the two
rival roads being built down the north
bunk of the Columbia river by the
Harrlniiin ami 11 Interests
Tho fIrst overt act of hostility be
gaii yeatercluy when tM Karri man
unulcrH began shoveling off four feet
from tim top of the Portland and Sent
tin grade n little distance below Ln
Camus Washington In order to get
down to the Columbia Valley rate
The property at the point li claimed
by the Hairlman road nnd they de
cluro that tho 11 mini hal never se
cured title to the right uf way and
that It Is n trcspnseor The proposed
lines will cross and recross each other
many time In the 200 inllen they He
beside each other At polnlw there II
loom for only ono track and In other
places It will bo neeixwry for the ri
val companies to operate thiough
common tunnels In view of the sharp
contest between tIme Interests Involved
there Is u piobublllty of application of
S I almost Il1tlell number of Injunc
tions and other blocking litigation
Donald 1 Stubhs district eight and
passenger agent for the Short Line at
Hole II In the city today
1 1 Plalnted traveling fielgbt agent
for the Chlciign Milwaukee SU Paul
linn returned from Idaho
I V Potcrson traveling patwneer
agent of the JIlnnenpollH t HI Louis
railroad at Minneapolis II lumber
among the visitor today
J L Flood the flan Francisco millionaire
lionaire nassed through Ogden to
day in private car Columbia with a
patty > on board bound for New York
Assistant Oeneral Freight Agent H
V Derrah of the Denver Hlo flrando
went iliiwn to Sprlngrllle this morn
lug to look Into II new wpur track pro
Trmeling Freight Agent Mnnder
Ibid of the Salt Lake Route returned
this morning from iv trip to Xophl lie
teporls that there Mill be no shearing
at Hint point for overal days yet
C W Burroughs traveling freight
agent for the Nlekln Plato with head
fiuarter nt Omaha Is here and J K
Curtis western freight agent foe the
wimo road IS expected to arrive on
Friday uiiil take a luind In the wool
J L Moore district freight nnd pas
fnII ncent > C the Bull Lake Route
etiiriietthiiP morning from Unite with
IhE Sit r timers cIIJI hanging at Ills
txlt Ho captured the Itutte contin
gent M the extent of three carloads
rn route to the big powwow In los
Angelcn next month
That Tired Feeling
Tlmt comes to you every spring U 1
eign that your blood Is wanting In
vitality just an plmplea and other erup
tions arc signs that it U impure
One of tho great nets ot experience
and observation Is thit Hoods Sarsv
parilla always removes That Tired Feel
ing gives new life and new courage
Todny buy and begin to take
Hoods Sarsapariila
In Ihmid or tablet form 10 Doses 1
Three Were Taken Before Judge
Armstrong This Morn
Pulltlon for Writ of lliibeu < > Corpus for
ConUci IMmd Mullen Wi be
Heard on Thurxhi
Thrto prisoners appeared before
Judge Armstrong In the criminal divis
ion of the district court today and en
tered pleas of not guilty to the charges
against them Albert Moore alias Al
Miller pleaded not guilty to the charge
with ouncglrl
of criminal conduct 1 young
who IB now In the reform school Mil
ler wan sentenced to the county Jai for
elx months by the judge of the juvcullo
court at time time limo girl was committed
but he released under
ted to Ogden was lder
a writ of habeas corpus After his re
kate he was Immediately leorrcsted
upon complaint Issued by the county
Itlchard Morrl entered 1 similar plea
to the charge of burglary In Ihr first
degree He IH charged with burglar
Izl UK the Short Line station Iii Murray <
on the night of Kept 10 1905
A Mexican who wan given the name
of 0 Trlvlno for th i simple rcanon that
hIl true name cannot bft spelled or pro
nounccd In English also entered n plea
of not guilty to the charge of burglary
In the first degree Ho Is charged with
burglarizing The Hub store nt 25
west Month Temple street on the night
of lien 2S 1903
Thtt hearing on the petition for a
writ of habeas corpus In behalf of Kd
ward Mullln a convict In the state
prison was continued by Judge
strong until Thursday morning at 10
President Winder Knlertntned u Num
ber of Cliuivli Authorities
A gathering that might properly be
trmed nn aftermath of the recently
adjourned annual conference which
vns considered to be I spiritual feast
that made glad the souls o the thous
ands that attended I was held yester
diy afternoon at the home of President
nnd Mrs John n Winder 4 9 north
Went Temple Mreet The last named
event was In line with the custom fol
lowed by President Winder for a num
ber of yearn that ot Inviting to his
home Just after the close ot confer
ence t number of the iemmultumg Elders
of the Church
Thoxc who were present yesterday
were Presidents Joseph F Smith and
Anttum I Lund Kldern FrancIs M
I < ymun John Henry Smith Kudger
riuMnon Ityrum M Hmlth George A
Hmlth Charles W Penrose Oeorgo F
Itlchnrds Orson F Whitney and David
0 McKay all of whom were accom
panied by their wives In addition to
these Mr and Mrs John McDonald
Sr and Mrs llathsheba W Smith were
among the Invited guestN
Dinner has served at 5 J m tables
lotdfil with delicious edibles being
placed In the double front parlor After
the good things had been partaken of
the evening wns spent In social con
versation amid listening to reminiscent
stories lo which were added several
Interesting speeches
A spirit of love and good feeling pre
vailed throughout the afternoon and
evening and about 1 p m the guests
departed one all oil speaking In praise
of the exceptionally enjoyable occa
sion and expressing time best wishes
for their kind and thoughtful hosts
Iii be Held Tomorrow I Itoanl of
Public Works
There will In an Important meoiing rif
works tomorrow afternoon
the board of publh lomorrw
ternoon fit 3 jelork for the purpop or
opening hldf fill pulillr lniproementi > to
N mmli 011111 the JBI thus will ho
opened for nil Ihl trr witernmln 111
jdilewiilk fxtemdon anrl cilpo for ilii > rav
ing of last Tenipl direct from Fourth
to Ninth Hotitli Slate Irt from Fourth
to Seventh South streCt Fourth fcuth
street from Vest Temple to Spoon E it
nnd First rtniuh utrfet from Went Tem
pi to Third West Mrret
Special to the News
IMhlnJtol Ar1tl 10 Senator
Smoot has been authorized by the
senate pension committee to leport a
bill granting pensions to veterans of
the Black Hitwk war
Mr Hmoot also repotted favorably
Senator Huthprlands bill to Increase
the pension of W 1 Hackney to 424
per month and his own bill Increasing I
the pension of John Deatty to 24
W J Bowan Hpanlsh Fork and
William Hurst of Heaver Utah Z H
Ixifferty of Welscp Idaho J P Clark
S K Hemle nnd J I Uelong all of
Pangultrh Utah 1 O McPhetcrs of
Kttchum F H Crutehtlelit of Oakley
nnd Wllllim Swan of Salmon Idaho
find 1 K Miller of Mown nnd 0 K I
Ilelknap of CHI Wyoming have been I
nppoluted forest rangers
Will Erect I Vow lUMdence on EnM
llnt Smith
President L S Hills of the Deoeret
Natloiml bank yesterday purcht d
from K Ii Rurton the broker a vatu
able building site on east First fionth
1tlcn Fourth and Fifth Kast Mrs s
snag south The land measures f 1
by 181 feet and the pi Ice paid II
about JlOfl per front fool The proper
ty VNN that formerly owneil by tho
SMiarkey estate arid It forms ono of
the moA cllulhle residence sites In that
juirl of the town Mr Hills Intention
Is to build 1 family residence In the
hear future removing from the home
he has occupied so long cm First West
The family ot General Stint C n
Vlckery of the Independent Telephone
company have arrived from Itoches
tee X Y and are now domiciled here
Manager Langford of Saltalr Is In
tin can on 1 business trip and will
be back next week The work of
dredging and pumping at tho resort
is progressing very satisfactorily
Contractor J MuuDonald U Just
The flavor of the fresh
fruit Is put into
Nothing of the original taste la
lost In the manufacturing process
Then too the other things uitd In
this confection do not detract from
the natural flavor
back from 1 Portal trip timid re
ports Dm town an waking up In n
realization of the tact that It has a
good future and that opportunities are
ut hand for marked improvement
United States Judge f C Kohlsant
of Chicago and family arrived from
the east last night and arc at tlui
Kcnyon 1 route east after a trip
to tho coast He says Chicago Is now
measurably freo from labor troubles
arid Is likely to continue so fur sometime
Theater Tho widely advertised Co
han production ° Little Johnny Jones
oomeo to tho Theater tonight titter IL
big successful record on the Pacific
The attendance at tho Theater last
night was mOlly confined to the gal
leries but there the crowd was Immense
The entertainment was tho reproduc
tion of the Witch of the Woods the
Huccejissful opera by tho children and
young people of Liberty stake original
ly produced 1 few weeks since In the
came building The production ban al
ready been elaborately described and It
Is only necessary now to say that the
stupendous chorus was handled as well
ns ever the pretty music was sung as
well IIH ever and the favorite numbers
had their old time reception The hand
ling of such an Immense crowd of child
ren reflects decided credit upon those
who had the affair In charge especially
on iis Harriet Portly Smith the director
Grand Thn IH the farewell week
for the Theo Lorch company at thi
Ornnd amid the bill Is Heaping th
Harvest In which Larch takes n role
that Is nmv to htm that of nn aged and
stern yet klndheirted father being 1
boy by nature and years he hardly
measures up to the requirements of
the role It Is just as well for Iorch
has few more reeking melodrama roles
before him according lo the promises
made by Manager Hmutzer Hh talent
that Is now latent and that Insists on
sticking out through the crudest kind
of training SCPIIIB to have Impressed
Manager Smutzer as It has others who
havo watched the career of the young
actor and after bis farewell hero ho Is
sold to be slated for I New York
season under a master who will drill
Into him something o the rules that all
must learn In stagecraft
Outside of Leech last nights play
receive fair work from the east John
McCabe and David Hlvers furnishing
the fun as usual In well teamed
comedy work while Mary Morrison
does fairly well ns the wife of the
farmers son who vas cut off by his
father for marrying against MM will
Heaping the Harvest runs through
I Wednesday matinee followed by
The Soldier of the 1 Umpire Thursday
evening Her Fatal Love Friday
evening and Utah Saturday matinee
mid evening S S
Manager Smutzer of the Denver The
ater circuit leaves today for Pocatello
where his llrm bus scoured control o
the Auditorium In that place I
Smutster Says the design Is to lemodei
and renovate the house nnd to Install
a new set of local managers ns they
have the house under a five years lease
He speaks hopefully of the engagement
of Miss Ihrperfit the Grand next week
and ray the erslon o Xaza which
die will Play Is the original ole ren
jTid by Mrs Leslie Carter Miss Har
per obtaining It for 1 week by paying
iiOwR the sum of 100 royalty to the
New York lWI rl
Urphciim Tho Orphcum attraction
of the past two weeks certainly appear
to have eomn In over the trail tlmt
leads from higher class vaudeville
When the all star crowd arrived In
town nlmultaneouR with tho conference
throng It was whispered that I was
simply superior In order that It might
prove a strong Countercard agalmU the
other amusement houses But last night
a new bill and new people came for
ward who are scarcely I whit less meri
torious than their predecessors of hit
week The Night Out by Stevens and
Marshall Is an amusing and altogether
capably presented playlet aiirt the mel
odrama The Bandit with which
Hawley Howe and Halght conclude
the evenings entertainment IK about as
lurid ns anything that was eel con
jured up by Lincoln J Carter I Is 1
Mexican vendetta production through
out and the threads ot tragedy are ev
erywhcre Tho company Is I good on <
and stirred the audience to Its depths
The Nellos gave I wonderful Juggling
act and proved to those who thought
there was no longer anything In their
line that was new that they ore en
titled to another guess The Ward trio
of Kuropean gymnasts gave 1 marvo
loiuly clever exhibition notable In Its
human bridge gettothetopofthelad
derandoffthestageact which elicit
ed n veritable outburst of applause
Early and lAte held tims boards for
1 quarter of nn hour In an entertaining
comedy singing and talking bill and
the Holdsworths found much favor In
the presentation of their banjo song
and dance numbers Time same offer
Ings run for the rest of the week
S S 0
Ljrlc rtellly i Woods company at i
the Lyric continues to entertain large
crowds and will doubtless do to the
remainder of tho week
Dr Graves
Tooth Powder I
you have 1 perfect dentifrice and
antiseptic I insures mouth purity
and beauty becomes a part of
ones life in its twiccaday use
Just ask your dentist about i
1 hnodf metal eaoa or bottlei 1c
Dr Graves Tooth Powder Co
Is Walter Kennedy Formerly As
sociated With Carnegie
lllhlla lh Alxnit the Deep Creel
Coiinli1 Looking tip Grrnt Iron
l > cpo liM II t lie WiM
A noted Iron operator was at the
Knutsford ytstorday afternoon mid
evMiiliig In Walter Keimedy Who was
formerly connected with the Carnegie
Interests In PlttsbUrg He Is now ac
tively engaged In exploiting und look
Ing up the great Iron deposits of western
ern WiiHblngtoti state mat well 11
Oliverlend deposit of tIme Clifton ills
trlctln eastern Nevada Mr Kennedy
Is acting In the Interest of eastern cap
Itallstfl whose personality Is not mado
known but It Is asHinned that they
mint be of considerable prominence
on account of so prominent nn expert
an Mr Kennedy being employed and
the amount of time und uttemm t Ion he IH
giving to the work
Mr Kennedy while not divulging
the lameR of Ida correspondent docs
not hesitate to express hU unthuslaxin
over the prospects of the properties
rcterrud to In Wanhlngton state he
has been Hocuring options on o other
wise tying up enormous tracts of Iron
deposits some of which have veins
1000 feet wide nnd several miles long
I IB n steam hovel proposition and
It Is wild that the capitalists Interested
ed arc ready to Invest 20000000 II
developing this great scheme hero
Is also coal reported within easy reach
when this vast
and It Is believed Ult
pcheme Is once fairly launched and a
plant built up I will not be necessary
any longer to buy rails from eastern
mills but nil the rail supplies desired
In the northwest nnd for Asiatic nhlli
merits can be manufactured right on
i the coast Mr Kennedy hal no par
ticular choice of location for the pro
posed big plant but Is waiting to lee
what Seattle Tacoma mind other com
mercial centerfl are ready to do In the
way of land bonuses and extension of
manufacturing facilities generally
Mr Kennedy Is also very enthusi
astic nbout the Deep Creek country
known ns the Clifton district und his
examination of the region bears out all
that the enthusiasts have said about It
In tho past A railroad Is being built
down there as rapidly IIH possible from
a station on the Southern Iaclllc n lit
tle east of Wells and tho Western
Pacific Is also bended In that dhcc
tlon So between the two roads It
will not be long before the much talked
of Deep Creek ore Is being hauled to
the sommeliers Mr Kennedy went away
this morning
Friends of Miss Allen K Cioodwln
and Leslie L Savage will be Interested
nt the announcement of their murnago
which dikes pliee tonight at the homo
of the brhlos parents Judge and Mrs
C1 K Goodwin on East Tempi street
The wedding will bo a quiet one only
members of tho family to bo In at
tendance Bishop Spuldlng of St
Marks will perform the ceremony
Miss lolso muller will bo bridesmaid
and J T Goodwin the brother of the
bride will net as bent man Tho young
conplo will leave tonight for an eastern
trip after which they will go to Ely
Xcv to reside
Another Interesting wedding of to
night will be that of Miss Pearl Ulcer
and Mr Blair IttclmrclKon which will
take place at tIme home of the brlilos
parents on north First West street
The ceremony will be performed by
Nephl MorrlH and the bridesmaids will
be Misses Umma Morris anti Maggie
S S 0
A china shower was given last night
at the residence of Mr and Sirs A T
Chrlsteiisen 230 K street In honor of
their daughter Miss Ethel Snow who
will on Saturday next become the
hi Ide of Irr P IrwIn superintend
ent of the Utah division ot the Hocky
Mountain Hell Telephone company
The affjilr was largely attended by
Miss Snows friends who presented
her with very many souvenirs of the
occasion The young couple will make
their horn nt the Cullen hotel until
they go to housekeeping which will
be III the course ot a month or two
Thc both hnvo many friends who will
wlfdi them well as they embark upon
the sea of matrimony
p S S
A pretty wedding of yesterday was
that of Miss Alice Cunningham and
Mr Charles W Pratt till ceremony
being performed at tho homo of the
brides father Jamm ems Cunningham
last night In the presence of the fami
lies cud near friends of tho bride and
groom TIme looms were bright with a
profusion of flowers the Easter Idea
prevailing In potted and cut lilies
which were everywhere Tho dining
room wn altogether In green and
white Illlea forming the centerpiece
with loose clusters strewn over the
cloth whllo white satin ribbon were
drawn from the wedding cake to tho
four corners The ceremony was per
formed by item K I loshen Miss
Josephine Wells was bridesmaid and
Frank Cook best mnn Thn brides
gown WUK of white rndlunt silk with
trimmings of real lace and a long veil
of tulln find boquet ot brldns roses
completed thf toilet Mr and Mrs
Pratt left afterward for a trip to the
coast tint will later return here to re
Last night Misses Henslo nnd Naomi
Felt gave delightful party In honor
of Misses Helen and Hmlly Whitney
assisted by Mips Margaret Whitney
Miss Georgia Vtt and Miss Julia Nel
ton The rooms welt decorated with
red carnations nnd strings of red
hearts amid time tlmo was spent with
muslo nnd other social pastimes
Tomorrow Mrs n E Little will he
homo from a short stay In Toledo O
Mrs K Moylo announces the en
gagement of her daughter Louise to
James W Silver tho wedding to take
place this month
0 0 0
Mrs H H Lawson entertained the
members of her card club today nt
luncheon followed by cnrdc
Mr and Mrs J H Onrrett gave a
box party at tho Orpheum last night
to Mr and Mr Wlllurd Hcowcroft of
Ogden 3lr arid Mrs John Q Crltch
low and Mr and Mrs A It Irvine
A very unique social Is to be given
by tho Young PCopIo of Westminster
Presbyterian church on Friday April
li ut 231 south Fourth West Time
Uiiflter Idea will bo rnrrled out In de
tail and elaborate plans are being
mudo to make It a success A splen
did thnfI ij uMureil every ope who at
S 0 5
Mrs Lucy Avery la hero from
Itlngham and will upend a row day
1I1111f relatlscM and friend1
Hnnl Cleurlncs Todays local bank
clearings amounted to 020n36IB us
ngnliiht < 5C78Ull81 for tho Bamo day
last year
Water Is O ICcll CliemlM Harms
linK completed an analysis of tho City
creek amid Parleys canyon waters and
flints tlmn healthful and good for
drinking and culinary purposes
lliijlo ITmler rreM Thomas Haylc
was arrested ut Alia yesterday by De
puty Sheriff Davis upon tho charge of
petit larceny und wax brought down
to the county jail today It U alleged
that ho Btola some clothing from Flunk
Kelly A complaint wan Issuer In time
case today ami tiled In the court of
Justice of the Peace Dana T Smith
Sin It Street Properly Oscar M
Kngdahl ban bought 99x165 foot oil
Stato struct between Sixth und Sev
enth South streets through tim Halt
Lake Security Trust company from
eastern parties nt 100 per front foot
Mr Kngdahl proposes to erect n three
Mory building thero with stores on
the ground lloov and apartments on
the two upper stories to cost 20000
T I Sutherland Dead The many
friends of Thomas O Huthcrland will
bo pained to learn of hli death ivhlch
occurred yesterday morning ut his
family residence III was n faithful
clerk for years In time retail depart
ment lit tho genIi furnishings In Z
C M I and later wan transferred to
the wholesale department His funeral
services will be held Wednesday April
11 at 12 oclock III tile Nineteenth
ward ufsembly hlI
Record at the local office of the weath
er bureau for tho 21 hours ending at <
a m today
Barometer reading at 6 a m 2i81J
Inches temperature at li Am 44 maxi
mum W minimum 41 inCan M which li
4 degree ahovo normal
Piecliiltatlon far tho 21 hours ending at
6 a in II Inch
Iheclpltutlon slue the first of the
month 131 Inch which l > 6 > Inch above
the normal
Accumulated excess In precipitation
since Jan 1 LSI Inch
Itelatlvn humidity at fi a in SI per cent
Local forecast for Salt Lake City ana
Partly cloudy tonight and Weinesdty
with local RhoiersJl
Local Forecast
April 10 1904
Alchloon S24
Atrhlson preferred 103
Halllmnroe Ohloo lll
CMmitlaii aclric 171
Chlcagoo Alton 31
hlcMgoo Alton preferred 76
Chlcagoo it Noorthweslern WS
fhlcagoo A Northwestern preferred 210
Colorado Southern < 2 < H
Denver A Rio Grande Wi
Denver Hlo Grande preferred 5i
Krle 4J >
Illinois Central Kli
Louisville Xanhvllle lit
Metropolitan Street Itullwuy HI
Mexican central Ili
Missouri Pacific DlU
Now oork Centra in
Pennsylvania ItOj
Headlmr JV U
llock island 27
Hock Island preferred 6 U
Hi rani UlVi
Houthcrn Paelllc 57U
Southern Hnllnay 31
Union IMclflo 1MW
Inlia Iaclllc preferred M4
Wahash KVt
Wisconsin Central 24
Noiothcrn Pacific IHi
Amalgamated Copper 10SU
American Car t Foundry 421
Ameilcan Locomotlvn 6 > Vi
American Smelting Heflnlng 153
American Smelting lletlnlng Pfd IMi
Drooklyn Ilapld Transit SI
Colorado Fuel A Iron 1
International Paper 21
NatIonal Itlscult 6 t
National Lead > Mi
Pacific Mall 42
Peoples Oas Ml
Prettied Steel Car < 22
Pullman Palace Car 211
Standard Oil 615
Sugar 117
Tennessee Coal Iron ISrt
Ililted States Hteel 41
fnltfd States fiteel preferred to J
Western tnlon f2
Mackay 61
Mnckay preferred 72li
Phfhe I Kimball to Kllznbeth L
Nalabllt pnrt of lot 7 blnck M
pint A 6W
M H Walker nnd wife to Albert
Preece lot 40 and part of lot 41
block 1 nienii sub em
Alfred J Oliver 10 Kdmiind Schoen
lists part of lot 1 block M plat P SOO
The flrnt annual
Mders of the thaImptcBsi Of r the l8cl
palm Was hM Hl the otficCi In tO fI1
cret News Annex this It Du
Cutler presidIng lint II u VhUnJ II
leg III gecrtirj WhltneYCI
ot the 10X
of stock h3U d 878 were rJ ahartl
IHMon or by Vlw IPpreHntt I
proxy 1hQ
port Bhwed thai the aUm or E rt
been receive for MpUa K hal
amount < JWx remained or thi1
alll Vas at lniMnt 10alle1 en hand 111 Mll
HfM had been xp n tfo nt InlHlI
misfits etc In 1311rtle Witir
counmy ana
Icmnlnllr had hn pnl1 Qui tam Pltlll1l Ib
nary lxprnI Manager Cutler
that the Interest fho Itle
on time
would lu compounded n4ol
time tQ tlml
All expenses had been done awi
away with
that In I
a reasonable lime time Interl
earnings should put th lock III
Mr cutler abo nad m Ultndetl
hat statement of time conclltioni in SoIn tr
pHil county which had
Inl of the sugar factory caused to b th bh1d
lie saiui that IIIc tlnh fUIlAI drrle
lund for sonic years hMII company
Ihue let I
us xplrtmIJ
son of 1801 wltnewoi a Ir mlndou The Ia
rate of IctH for the Lehi factory Ion
tons hnvhiK been worked Thl IILI
co greatly uuod Lohl that tho tires41
was then reached that the tlmo had
to build In Hinpcte or Swler fJh eon
with the farmers hid bean ma Ohtrich
Ing a factory on a guarantee ot a pledg
ileri age KvwythlnK looked propltloJi
the spring of IMS but time droumb J ui
blight which followed upun nil the an
rime beet crop In the two cOlin tie plan
nlmpt n complete failure A tNanUJ WII
of the farmers was mad ant lJi
found that the ncrengo ruarnnled V UJ
shrink almost 50 per cent many fmSf
heluK discouraged by their nrtrtinl
during the year Thcro was only one MM
to lo therefore and that w AI to dHt
the building of the factory until the tm 1
were more propitious
Tin election of officers resulted in th
choice of the nime board as before Hair
ly Jo F Smith T II Cutler John name D
Winder W 8 McCiirnlck John n5nS
Smith Ileber J Orant ana Jhn Tc Xt
1XM + M > o +
1 I
New York April l01oaey on
t cull strong 15053 per cent rul
X ing rate JOftJJ closing bid II 1 i
offered SO per cent Time loans
steady 60 and 00 days Git per
cent six months 6 Hm portent
It Prime mercantile paper 5jjs
per cent
Sterling exchange steady with
actual business In bankers bills
I it 46360S4S363 for demand ani
X at 4S1 < S 48103 for 60 days
Posted rates 4S244SJ and t5
i fj11 commercial bills 480V
+ liar diver 63
1 Mexican dollars 4Wt
X Government bond heavy rail t
t roads easy
clock yesterday morning from ten
orrhngft of It Iwswels Thomas 0 Suth
Funernl Wednesday at 12 clock it
the Nineteenth ward meetlnghouu
K Q Evans Florist 3G S Main Bt
Floral Designs a Specialty Phones W
21S South Main
Painless Kxtractlon of Tttth or N 1
Pay All Work Positively OuarantMd
Phones Hell UXX Ind 116
COnsUItCoufltyCherlcorr1pectiVe tip
era for further Information
hate Division In and for gait Ialie Con
IOrnJrnn1 Oil1al eot
ty Htntn of Utah In thn matter of in
estate tarOJ 0 nRh Croxall U censcd Xo
tlceThe petition of J T Croxall th <
peUtlotll he
fldmlnlstrator of the ei < tatn of Joriin
Croxall dcreawd praylno for an crd
of sale of real property f Mid decedn1
And that rclal persons Inttretttd appeal
before the said Court to show CUM b
nn order hould not be irranted to fell >
much as shall he necessary of the follow
ing described mil estate of wld dectifi
towlt Commencing at a point I roll
north of tho 8W c n rrod lot J biftk
to pat A thcnca X 4 lodi thence E
10 rorii thence B 4 rods thence 111
rods to thn pLtce of beginning has bwa
K st for hearing on Saturday the lUtdijr
of April hPartnl IliM nt 10 odoflii II m
at thn County Court House In this Court
Iloom of Bald Court in Salt Lake GIll
Salt Lake County Itnh
Wltnrns the ffcrk of fald Court 5111
tl1e seal thereof affixed thlj bIb day Cu
April A D JWI
tS IIu AJD BIDriBtOR jn fktV
Ily W II Inrn worth IMnuty Clerk
W W nay Attorn y for Petitioner
I OST men Want their clothes correct
J they want to buy where they are
I sure lo find what is correct And
I tr in buying he sure you get one of our
u Celebrated ALFRED BENJA
r r K j
I MIN cS CO Spring Suits Why Wecause JIL
FRET BENJAMIN CO arc the designers and
leaders of Jashions And every garment has a dis I
tinctive style character they have the exclusive quality
of genius The clothes bearing this label are therefore I
sold only m
a guide to mens correct dress and arc
Salt Lake by II
I Poulton Madsen I
Owen and Co I
Wherethc Clothes Fit I
111113 Main St Where

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