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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, April 18, 1906, Fourth Edition, Extra!, Image 1

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Miowhu Ililnl Street and Examiner mid nil llulldliius to Which fire lias IIITO Many HJocUs Arc Being Djnnmllcd ID Stop rro rcs of the on At the Mend of Mnilcl Street Towards Which the Flro Is Working ltd
Intended narration WII a t I
Frightful Calamity Comes to San
Francisco in the Early
Morning Hours
All Wires But One Went Down and
Particulars Come Slowly From
Scene of the Disaster
TheO Contribute to Mnkln Hay tliu
Worst of the Kind In All the
JIlMory of Anirilru
The greatest and most deso
lating of all earthquakes in the
history of modern America oc
curred in San Francisco this
morning The first news of the
dreadful calamity came to Salt
Lake in the form of the follow
ing dispatch over the one re
maining wire out of that calam
itystricken and unfortunate city
Denver April lBAt 915 a
m Postal Telegraph Company
here received the following in
formation from Los Angeles It
is reported that thousands of
lives have been lost in an earth
quake at San Francisco Both
the Postal and the Western
Union telegraph buildings in that
city are reported to have been
destroyed A disastrous fire is
eating its way up the south side
of Market street and at last ac
counts was within three blocks
of the Palace hotel Water mains
were bursting and the fire de
partment was absolutely help
less Business is entirely sus
Tie Inlnco hotel Is now on fire
Other bulldln s on llro urn the Clans
fipreckels Mrncltiro II stories high
tliu rhclnn building nml the OTiirrell
The south aide of Market street be
tween fourth and Fifth streets IH now
on llro ami tlio Ilmnr s arc Nprvadlng
III directions
The city In now under martin InV
It seems Hint tho entire InHlncw HCC
Hon of San Francisco must lie dcstroj
ed Major SclimlU liiw called for tho
nHMnneo of the entlrr Oakland lira
department nnd hns ordered that nil
lnnmllc available ho med to blow up
building In order to stay tho progress
of Iho flame
Snn Francl eo April UISuulrnn
el eo was praotlcnlly wrecked by nn
earthquake nt S10 thin morning The
ihock la tril three minutes thousand
of buildings were damaged and Ue
k San Irnnelco Cut OfT Prom 111 e
Y The Wmlll This Vflcrixxin A
I >
i Tim Ini wlro loimcctlng San
t FrmicKeo with the oiitflde amid J
y 1 went down this nficiiiiMin and X
V Iho oral IN fennel i
v dust brforc the abovn 1111 i
k noimccincnt came I hi following J 1
X was received from Xcw York
1 New York April IS = I he Ij
Western 1nlon announces that It f
y hns eMiiblMicd an nlTlce In Kan J
A rrunelMi In the Terry building
V at Iho foot of Market street and A 00
7 that It hah wires running Into Y
this building and In worMng or J
i der The following mesago was t
i rrrelved hero from the 1fI > p
r building X
IYe tiro14uiI uiuuidedby ilamcs i
1 but the lire cannot touch this X
building y
y It vns explained by WeMern X
t Union official In this city that i
the Ferry being on the wntcr X
X front Is separated from joining j
f property by n court about 309 t
l feet Midi 1
Mrocd The loss of lIfo Is reported
If ho great There Is no water nml
tire rnges all over Iho city AH wires
with tie exception of ono nre gone
The city hall costing 37000000 Is In
ruins Modern building sulTercd less
than brick and frame Terror and
excitement lire Indescribable Most
of tho people ntlccp wen suddenly
aroused tilid rushed Into Iho streets
undressed linlldlngs Mvaed anti
crushed bur j Ing occupants 1anlc In
Iho hotels Lick hoiiH vvns badly
damaged hilt no loss of lIfo Is report
ed there llio Palnco and San Joan
clsco hotels sto < Hl the shock People
flocked to tho telegraph office to pond
incfisiKCs to friends and were fruillo
becniiso Ihcro were no vvhcji The
greatest dnmngo to hull hings was dono
honth of JInrket street where they
lire mostly framo buildings and tene
ment house Fire broke out hi every
block of that dMrlct
Samtmento Oil April tSTho
severest cnrhquake shock felt In this
city In many > cars occurred at fi13 I
ielock lids morning Hulldliigs rock
ed like cradles Many clocks Mopped
No serious damage was done A few
cracks ncro discovered in tho Mono
postolTIco building Slight damage was
dono to omo brick buildings
Telegraph and telephone wires were
prostrated between Sacramento and
San Francisco and no communication
could be lind with tho latter city this
Chlmnojs and water tanks were
shaken down at SiilMiii Rolano county
and nt Tracy San Joaipdn county
Ban Frnnclsco April 18 The facts
so far as known nt this hour may 1m
MimmarUed as follow
Hundreds of people killed and
probably 1000 Injured I
The aiechanlcn nntlllon has been
conveiteil Into n temporary hospital
and already several hundred victims
of tho dNasler r are IKIng treated there
by n corps of volunteer surgeons
Thin entire water front Is nhlnsc
lira postofflcu was badly shaken and
l < entirely cnllip d
The fish mnrkel nt the corner of
Clay and Merchant street has col
Inpsrd killing six people
Ilro Chief Sullivan maul his wife
here bean very bndl > Injured
Thin Grand Opera TIon m Is biirnlng
A 1O story building nt Tenth nnd
MlMlon streets ndjolnlng the firnnd
Opera house Is apparently doomed
and other big buildings between the
theater and St Patricks church ninny
peoplo are fleeing from tho Palace
hotel taking their personal effects
The Kill works south of Market
street hum been blown up and Marled
jLContloucd on p z1
1ti i
W > X XXX < > > XX XK XX M < MX X0 < XC t > 0CXK W 0 1
Tho High Mnlldlng on the Hlght Is a TwentyOne More Structure the Highest In NIII Franclsci tThe Latest
Reports Shy It Is Hclug lelrojed bj tIm H
j I + HHooI + HHooI + + H + iH + H + H H + IIIHH + HHHH + IH + HHfj
i V
Violent Vibration Clear Across Continent r
1 VASHINGTON April 18The San Irancijco earthquake Ka readied across the continent
1 r The seismograph at the weather bureau here mowed violent agitation about 830 this morning The pen X
c passed off the record sheet at that time The instrument at 12 oclock was still under vibration showing X
that the earthquake had not ceased X
c In connection with the vibration in this city Prof Willis Moore of the weather bureau eaid C
today that the eruption of Vesuvius was recorded during its entire period on the magnetic in instruments 11
I the research station at Mount Weather a few miles irom this city in Virginia Prof Miller stated X
1 however that this was not an earthquake record but rather that Vesuvius acted like a powerful wireless X
I 1 transmitter and Mount Weather as the receiver Vesuvius with its eruptions there disturbing the diet X
trical potentials which disturbances sent out electro magnetic waves that encircled the earth The re X
X cords at lount Weather were clear and distinct Prof Moore was not prepared to say whether the X I
eruption of Vesuvius has anything to do with the present earthquake X
The seismograph at the weather bureau here at 1245 was still recording violent vibrations The X
second shock felt in San Francisco at 815 this morning was clearly indicated by the weather bureaus X
instruments at Washington this bowing that the entire continent still is affected X
W I of
San ErnrteiscoIprll 18 810 1111I
Is reports come In thu magiiltiidci of
I he disaster group Flrn IIMH been
inglng In all dlredlons and people urn
mot Ing out of tho dounUmn sect toil
Iho logs of llfo miy reach Into the
hundreds and millions of dollar
Mirlli of propert has been dcMrojid
Tho Valencia hotel between Seuii
tcenth and Eighteenth hlrccH on Vnl
euela street H III tory frame build
ing topplid over Into flit street bury
Ing 7i pcopln In the debits Only the
top story remains Intad A IKIIII on
Fourteenth street near Valencia uas
rccKcd Killing uo people
Many of Ilieo houses are damaged
HI badly that It Is Impo ltdo to get
Iho lire apparatus out A lodging
house on SiMiilli street IxUwvn How
ard and Mission hiumn as tho Kings
ley entirely collapcd It Is on lire nnd
75 to PO people are belloicd to he
burled In thin laming ruins At
Turnljkrcnml and 1Iloll the dry
goods store of Llpman Is on lire
threatening the destruction of the en
lire block At Eighteenth nnd Valeii
eln there Is n crevice In the street hlx
fart wide and entire bldcMalks are torn
up The Direct car tracks arc badly
ill bted did truffle Ut ut a staudstlll
At the southern InelfU1 hoiillnl Itller
N bring carrlid Into the building fioin
oiitlilo Ninrccs for the uo of the
Ill llcnt4 Mail people tulYrrlng from
Injinles are seen on tho tiecU inuk
lug their 11113 to Iho different lio
pltids 1 he KpUcopal church on
iieenlh creel Is hot dly damaged nnd
at tho StiuleliKer ciurlagi factor on
Tenth and Market streets Iho tup s n1y
caved In badlj wrecking the cnthe
Fire uhlth has been rnglng In the
Uclnlty of Fourth and MeviiiMin
streets has got licjond the control of
the Ircnidi and thu lames liino Imp
ed to the Wlllrhrficr nHindlig lion f
on the west Mill of Third street Ill
Itt the tlames cnn he ch < ckeil here
till 1alacti hotel out block distant
will be tutu iigtrd
The wntd mpply Is entirely Inmle
finale and po > dcr Is being tm < cd to
I check the Humes Thn itinms In time
Inlaee hotel were neated early In
the morning told guests are now ic
liirnlng to vn 11 ir r up their ilTcct < All
aorta of Mhlcles arc being used to
cnrr out of tho ilangrr one ever
thing of shine Tho toys of life NCHIS
In have IMCII coiilincd to the poorer
ilhli lets
For thu hcncflt of eastern people
who lune friends iNtlng In San Fran
d > co It Is Nife to Nta they brave not
been Injuud
As the hours JtI b > thu ivelte
ment gnms were Intense livery
few minutes explosions aro heard as
biilldliiKs arc blown up to stop the
progic > > s of the flan llio lire hits
I ppicad and If the ulnd comes up San
I 3ianiNO will experience the greatest
conllaxratlon of modern tllllcs On
hmir Mnrkct sheet Iho main
thoroiiRhfare of the city block after
bliMk of 511h iantlnl buildings lm ye
been de > troid A big llro Is raging
on the corner of Snuome nnd Clue
streets one block from tho AIIK luted
Ire s The wildcat rum 1s us to loss
of life me coming In to the newspapers
hut It Is lmpo lblc In confirm them
No report1 hnio IK en received onlsldo
of Km 1ninrloi but the till IIIn ItO
nbout tin hay nni t be enormont
Oiklnnd Nild lime nftered sexerely
San 1rn ncl Mro April 18 fl tIll a in
A dhatrons fire has broken out on
Iho south side of Market street and U
now within ono block of the Pnlnre
hotel nit unttr mains hao burst
nnd tlic lire ilepiiitiiicnt Is pinctleally I
helpless llio utmost conlutlun exlsts
j =
J y
1 Iommcrcliil lull Meeting In X
j onslilcr Sending Train f
V v
V v
j Fillers prienl plmii are hang v
cd In all prolMhlllt the Com i
t nirrrlnl chili nil call a Iliads i
J meeting fur tonight in dlwii X
j iis and inepits with he object y I
In llcw ot sdidlng a relief train X
X In Kin Iniiirlnn In llio menu
time the iirgailUntlon hnltes con
X trlbnlloiis anil siipidles In iinilel
j pallon of such ncllon
X llrlglit and curl hn exini
S IIyes of he Commerehd club dh
X rusMeil Iho sltiinllon and tho sc X
j qiiel was that by II oclock n j
X ma age had been Hied prolTerhip X
the muyor of Sin Frnncl sync A
X pathy and aid The telegram l
y Inca 14 follow >
1 Maor of Pan Frnnel ci > Hip
y Conmierclat club of Knit lialte
X llj proffers HH sincere Rjmpalh X
X In the great inlfnrlmie hat has f
X iHfallen jour lint utIftd shy Our X
t pcodn wint to help yon All our 1
V ICMIUICCS are at jour crilco t
X Ul us Know iiilcllv what jnu V
1 need and how we mil Hill V
j coMMiutmii CIUH X
i II C a Jnlglc lresl < lcnt
All bu slmics Is suspended At lids
nioinent then Is onlj out who out of
San IVanclsco ln ial Mire The
Iostnl biillillng Is badly damaged Iho
op < rating room N n total wreck llio
power of event kind Is gone mid there
me no lluhts either gas tlr elctile
I Vclther the 1nlaeo hotel nor llio St
Hands Is gone Unit U MI far us the
outside goes hut time Inldo plastering
etc Is grcntl djimiiged lletween
he Ioslal olTlic and the water front
then has been great dimngu by Ire
whhh Is biinilng Urecl and thcro Is
Illtht or no water llm llro Is burning
bolh on llio east and south side of tin
Iosinl hnlldlng Tho damage hi ihe
eariliquako apparentl extcniU all OUT
the city flu shock occurred at 315
lids morning nnd Listed three minutes
Iho streets are blcHkaded with debris
Hlilldlngs err being blown up Thin
rcIdcneo dl > llclM nro safe so far
nc heaid fiom
FiiiUlj All
War Ollhe Hlegraphs liiMrnclloiH lo
ommander of Iaclllo Division
Wnnlilngloii April isARel Keqy of
War Oliver has telegraphed fnjGen
Greet commnnilliiR the Inelllc Jl
vision with licndqunrtcra nt Pun Finn
clteo hiRtructlng him to cooperate
with the local nuthorltles and use nil
resources at his command to assist In
alleviating tin lIullcllnA
11mc ruinous llolkr Loomed In Yel
lowstone utloiuil 1nrk
Ihitte Mont April 13A special to
the Miner from Livingston Mont says
that tlin old Ynnccy hotel locutu < J in tilt
YcllcMatone National park was da
Htro > o I by tire some time last night
The Ire orlKlnated from a defective
chimney and wan so far advanced be
fore It uat illncoereil that nothing
could be done to wive tbo property Thu
hotel wan foundxl marc than 20 yenrs
ago by John Ynneey who was fatnll
lurly known 1111 Uncle John and who
iiuiilp It u most popular retort for tour
ists mnklntr the rounds of the place
ltcprccntatlc 1owne lells of Ills
Great Iouer In Politics
noeton April ISReflreenlallve Clwi
A Towne of New York < ll fuetl lhe
One linn Toner In Iolltki before the
Maeuchusetls Uoforin club at the Hotel
lnm wlck Iud night lie declared that In
this country the speaker of the tmtlona
house of rfpreiinlRtlvej InstMid of being
nn officer ec NMry for the laden con
duct of l Kf > lHtlvt huilncM bait become
a political oUIccr who could by the ae
cumulated ponor further the IIntl of the
inrty shl eh he represented I
Thnrstelii II IVblln prefMoor of tolill
cal economy In the University of Clrtoueo i
alto dlscujiod the ubJt1ct academically 1
Hundreds of Them in Stricken l l I
City and Relatives Are
Much Concerned I
a ff
Still HomeFolk Are Very Anxious
And News is Awaited With
Excitement and Fear I
IMtrlct WhrrfJ Fire Broke Out and ti
OUT Whklt Swopt With Such
DNnMrons Itc idli r
The calamity of an earthquake on the
ont comes hohie very sympathetically
to Salt Lake for the town In full oC j
people to whom San Francisco Is us i
a next door neighbor nnd to whom the
cntriHtropho brings the mont Intimate
concern The noarncca of It all brought
people in hundreds to the bulletin I
boards this morning while the fete +
phones of the newspaper offices and ir
tho Associated 1rcss wore constontlK i kf
People demanded tcleernms They
wanted to hear from friends and rein I
liven and wanted to be assured that r
they hud pissed unharmed through the
Hrwit upheaval despite the fact that
Its death list was reported indcllnltely
as thousands As morn complete
details came local concern grew moru
dcllnlte OH people could then tell
whether their personal friends were F a
Involved Jn the most seriouslY affected f
tllstilcts or weic somewhat remoed
from the vortex The extra editions 1 t
I of the Ueaeret News were sold as fast
al the people on the streets could buy
them and thousands were sold
and then the people began to crowd for I
the telegraph ollleen Will Clnwson t
the well known Salt Lake artist who
has bean on the coast for the past eight
years was the subject of many In I
quince while Ually Young the IJ
sporting editor of the San Francisco t
chronicle wan asked after nnxtcmalv r I
HH It was feared he WU8 In the high I
Chronicle building which was report II 1
c < l aa badly dumuged However thd J go y
fact that the ctirthuunke occurred after l
the moinhiK papers had finished inak t1 ii
lug copy and their forces hud ret it w i
tired for tho days sleep makes it lm
probable that many dentils occurred In 1
reportorial forces f 1
r 1
From of the tartlii 1 1
qualc contained In the earlier dfc
pntchus It would stern that It oval J
heavier east of Ban Francisco than 111
the city Proper and that It centers
near Uenleln where the Southern ni r
ellk truck along the bay shore WeN
Inundated lu San Francisco the en lit
tire town 18 divided Into aoutli of I
Market and the rest of the city J
South of Market the tolling mnyseil It =
principally reside men who live In J
crowded tenement boiuen with tbeU t t
fumlll b cauie the district III neat fr L t
the big shofar nnd warehouses of the rl
bny front Dullding a her > me moMIt
Poorly eon lrUllell und of wood nnd I
the lire ruglng there will bring tin t k >
mediate want and suffering to thl
great toiling chase of the city lh
fIll mo nuiiDiNas j 1J
On the north wing of the Hn > front I t
tiklnc In liarlwry coast conowpondhij W
to this wine Muuth of the Ferry station i I
vice Instead of poverty Is riiinpant
nnd fire their would mrrv tnticli lea I i
dintructlon to the people who make ug
the liCe of San Fmncl ro The cenlel
of the city Is nt Third and Market o4 t
the corner of which err located tht
Call the Chronicle nnd the Kxomlnel
i InilldltiKB Just below them on Mnrke
Is the Palace hotel which marks th <
I upper limit of the Present Urn zoo i >
and heroes Market from the Ialaoe 01
Monttem ry treet In the big bunlncfl
district nfikli take hi a large seotlon
and rum uhliIi thu liclit U no dOlt I
I conducted to prevent the spree
f y

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