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Want answer ctii advcrlUliiff though to tho It Is llltlo n luinl hIOUlhc renl one riddle DESERET EVENING NEWS I j i Every of only rCIII day U > rotli jwnV > rtnnfC rtHtJUijftho tilings nwyj often In IJ alt Je naletl hlS h
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Streets of San Francisco Are
Thronged With Laborers and
Excavating Has Begun
police and Military Authorities
Take Steps Prevent Fur
ther Looting
Report From llofnsco Cnmps Show
nCct1II1lf innll IerctMitaco
Of MlcUnvts
Sun FrnncUco April 20 Today
liuitked the nctuni beginning of dlecn
tangling San Francisco from Its dis
ordered condition nml of commencing
the work of reconstruction On many
Hides were visible Indications of the
determination of merchants stores re
dinning business Gangs of men with
teams were excavating for foundations
In numerous vacant lots mnl In other
places the removal of debris of burned
buildings wis well under way Tho
streets at nn early hour were thronged
with laborers on their way to the
burned districts where they hnd been
engaged to usslnt In the task of cleaning
up The boats from the cities across
tho bay nnd the local electric cars from
the suburbs were packed with working
men who had already secured employ
ment Jn ninny places advertisements
were posted on the walls seeking la
borers and these Inquiries for men
wore met with numerous renporincs
from heads of families who wero only
labor too willing to engugo In any kind of
The authorities toiler ipsued numer
ous permits to corporations and hull
vlduals to open their safes Ever
precaution Is being taken lo establish
tho Identity of owners so that It will be
almost Impossible to practise fraud In
this direction These safes nre of the
nmaller kind and have miindciitly
cooled to permit of the doors blng
opened Hy this means 1 little more
money will be put In general circula
tion and somo of the distress arising
from the want of gash will hI mm dlT
ntoly relieved
Tta3otlCiir providing for the
destitute nnd the homeless van done
under the plan dcvlwl bv 0 < n Oreely
and a check put upon the waste ex
tiavagancc amt deception that hud pre
vailed to some extent In the past A
closer watch was kept on Individual
rases and by this method It Is probable
that In the future there will he no ex
cess ly supply delivered to anyone fami
There win be some Important meet
Ings of tho committees concerned with
the financial futuie of the city and It
Is expected that thl Ideas advanced for
the ichabllltntlon of the city will be
t crystallized In a definite project
which may eventually bo submitted to
engross for action by that body
Tho police nod military authorities
have tnken steps which will effectually
prevent further looting o ruins par
ticularly In Chinatown h latter
place hns been n Mecca forrcllc hunt I
ers and It Is asserted that men and
women of piomlncnco have been carry
ing from the uHhes of this quarter many
valuable pieces of chinaware bronzn
work etc Last night four militiamen
were placed under arrest while digging
In the ruins of Chinese bazaars anti
I lumber of others were frightened i
nutty by shots tired over their heads
Hereafter n strong military line will hi
drawn around the boundaries of the
former Chinese colony
The extension of street car telephone
pod telegraph service Is proceeding as
rapidly an the dllllcult conditions will
permit and It Is hoped that before the
week Is ended the people who remain
In San Francisco will ba provided for
In tho affairs of communication and
normal transportation along lines approaching
Reports from the refugee camps nnd
hospitals show nn astonishing small
percentage of sickness and the tyugaboo
Dr threatened epidemics has been bur
led It Is hoped for all time
The water supply Is getting better
every day and In several sections of
the saved district the force of water
In the faucets Is almost as Htrong ns
t was before the big lire
Lack of funds and Ignorance of tho
mount of tho appropriation to lie giv
en by the finance committee have ac
fnnnce commilec I
inrdlng to Commissioner Thomas Egan I
retarded the operations of the board of
public works In clearing tho strccta of
debris and garbage and repairing the
0 powers As 1 result of tho shortage of
funds between MO and 000 men engaged
In this work were laid off last night
rio hoard Mill retained mal gauge
of carpenters In making repair unit
has made arrangements to have the
garbage carried to sea on barges In
plead of burning It
Homo thief believing that rich loot
lay In tho safe In At Ignatius church
nt Hayes street and Vim Ness avenue
Invaded tho sanctuary o that place
yesterday A skilled cracksman lie
carried drills fuse nnd explosives and
wan already drilling at the steel combi
nation when I private watchman dis
covered him The watchman Immedl
ntely opened lire upon him Three
phots wero fired hit the robber mal
ned to make his escape Detective
found thn paraphernalia left behind by
the robber In his hurried flight
Caught In the act of looting a safe
nt Dnblce nnd Church streets wlilcr
Is near military headquarters Francis I
co CnsselU wan nrrcsted by Corporal
Tudor of company F first regiment N
0 C last night Joseph ernba whi
was working on tile afe with CflsseW
escaped from the corporal by runnlnp
away but he ran right Into the arm
of Lieut llranck oC tho sameregiment
and both are now In tho regimental
Tho sewer system of San Francisco Is
now Intact and In working order Sew
ers may ba used without danger 01
choking or muffling Into the water
Money for clearing the streets of do
brls was cut off this morning and th
work consequently ceased but a great
deal of progress lies been made upon
tim principal thoroughfares within thf
last fortnight Probably onetenth of
tho streets in tho burned district are
now passable
Policeman A Gordon of company D
who was stationed at the city hal sta ¬
tion when the earthquake destroyed thd
building li behaved to be burled In
the ruln Ho hns not been teen since
tho morning of tho shock
Hundreds of physicians have been
practically ruined by the great fire
Their libraries their accoynts their In
Htruments their diplomas their Proc
tises were lost When the first alarm
came nearly every physician In town
Immediately plunged Into relief work
and hnd no time for diiys afterwards
to think of anything flue I Js call
mated that COO physicians have been
left absolutely destitute Dentists too
Buffered severely Measures arc being
taken for their rcllf
Hibert Howe Hancroft owner of the
History building which was on May
hot street near ourth announces
thit he will Immediately replace lu
ruined structure by a thoroughly mod
em steel building
A message In I loaf of bread was re
ceived yesterday by a militiaman on
board the Marion The bread came
from a nearby supply depot nnd In It
WAS a note from Mrs II Julian Lents
Multomnh county Or asking for In
formation of May and Alphonse Soubl
ron of 328 JessIe strfct San Francisco
I Is likely that the site of Chinatown
will ho sold for fine residence property
I 1 one of the most desirable locations
In San Francisco
Of San FranclscoH 76 school buildings
2S were wiped out or made useless The
department o education has declared
the school year that opened last full H
an mel and has announced nn Indetlnlli
SAII Francisco April 30Mnpr E
K tclnnltz In a statement Issued to
day ways Sin Franclcco can use any
thing In the wiy of funds clothing and
provision Send funds to lon James
D Ihclan chairman of the nuance
committee anti supplies to MnJ C J
Dcvol quartermaster 1 S A Pre
sidio wharf San Francisco
Now York April 3O1ung Yt1Vi1
the president of the Chinese Retonn
assocIation w > u Is passing through
New York on his way from Mexico to
Europe addressed 1 meeting of the
association last night Later he was
Interviewed by a morning paper
which quoted him h x follows
China is no longer In the dark
ages Mho has already reached the
pplnt where Japan was only 20 years
ago after years and years of endeavor
This Is not because the Japanese were
slow In learning but rather because
they were the pioneers They cooked
wo ate We have now for example
morn than 20000 Chinese students
pursuing advanced modern courses of
study As to common schools some
5000 have been started In the one
province of Canton There are now
4000000 Chinese who can speak Eng
lish Our courts are being remodelled
after the Kngllsh system The num
ber of books we have translated Into
Chinese text books technical works
nnd ticntUes mostly Indicates how
extensively the progressive movement
Is spreading We have thus appro
priated to our use oVer 10000 Ameri
can English and European works
The boxer troubles lie said were
over forever They nros from oath
foreign feeling among tho Ignorant
and was now rapidly decreasing In
China nnd being riyilaced by a more
enlightened sentiment of progress
throughout all classes of the popula
tion I
China Is no longer asleep he said
She Is wide awake Inc fully able to
came fur her interests
A deep acntlmnet has been aroused
among my countrymen by your ex
clusion laws We see the Immigrants
pouring into your hind from ni coun
tries by thousands very week Not
only is the law abidIng Industrious
Chln men desirous of making I liv
ing unable to come In with these oth
ers but our most refilled and Intel
gent can not get the mere passports
for travel that they cnn readily get In
any other country Disregard of what
Is simply fairness to us today
means to nllenlate the sentiments of
n nation able to think mid net for
He paused for n minute and then
China Is now awake at last Hhe
knows her resources and her rights
Them will be no more InvnsloiiH of
China for she Is ready to defend her
self necessary with cannon and with sword If
Chicago April 30 Chicagos city hal
has settled to such nn extent since tho
completion of the excuvMlon for the
completon cxcaIIOI
adjoining mnv county building that It
was found necessary yesterday to ropo
In the entrance in prevent pedestrians
from being killed by the falling sec
tion of coping and cornices
tons the south end qf the building on I
Washington street the foundations
hose sunk several Inches while the eny
tire building IIBH assumed I list In the
direction of the hole which the new
building will cover
The city hal nnd county building
were of the same massive construction
and ns It wns necessary to use giant
powder to wreck PAt o the latter
there has bfcn no apprehension of the
cltya administrative building collaps ¬
ing However though Hi foundation
walls are many feet thick they do not
wils on the rock which underlies the
city but merely on the clay subsoil
Yesterday ominous shivers ran
through the buildings nnd with many
snaps and groans cracks appeared
within and without Hillocks appeared
In lhln board floors and desks assumed
angles the floor tiling tilted and dirt
emerged from crevices where It had
lain undisturbed for years Skylights
doubled up and planter fell from the
walls nnd ceilings
During the day several pieces of stonn
foil and two employes narrowly escaped
building being killed II they were entering tire I
Buy Forty Voting Machines For Salt Lake
County and City Conclude tovJointly Purchase ThirtySix and County to Take Four
Extra for Outside icbProposition Will Come Before the City
Council for Consideration This Evening
i The county tommlfceloncrs anti the
election commutes oC the city coun
cil held u speelal meeting today on
the voting machine proposition and
by a unanimous vote dcrldeil to rec
ommend thefurclmie 40 United States
Standard voting machines to bu used
In Salt Lake county
It was also decided that 30 of the
ma < limes will be purchased by the
jltlul county Jointly to be used In
Mayor Schmitz and Other Duly
Authorized Civil Officials
Are in Charge
hIlIul Order Hcgarillns ltdlef Work
Changed tho Ilinio Prom Sc > cn
Military HUtrlcts
San FrunIsco April 30Let mo em
phatically deny once for all thnt I have
taken command of this city said Maj
Gee Oreely at headquarters Fort Ma
con this mornIng Gel Orecly then
gave out the following statement cov
01 Ing the order of precedence of au
thorities civil and military In this city
First the mayor und other duly
authorized civil olllcUU me In charge
second lea Funston lias authority us
to all purely military control of troops
and the guarding of public buildings
and other important points UK he
thinks etc in accordance with the re
quest of the mayor
Third MujGen Orcely besides ex
eiclslng complete control and supcrln
tiiidency over all military dutlbs ho
has assumed In the public interest nnl
at the request of the mayor and Dr
Devine the practical charge of the en
tire system of relief as rapidly tie ho
civil und volunteer stations request him
to do so He alto Is cooperating With
the health commission in the nccom
Wlshinvnt be IUW btI1nlnr mftjit
nfcsiur San FhirteitiEy8Tijttrre safety
In every respect lent Qfeely connld
ers these nonmilitary duties as obligatory I
gatory upon him only ns long ns the
civil authorities declare such action ab
solutely In the Interests of the public
safety In all respects lie acts subor
dinate to and at the request of the
duly constituted authorities
iltcgardlng relief measures ho acts
only us ho Is requested by the citizens
committee amid Dr Devlne the special
representative o the Hod Cross looking
to them to assume all these duties at
tho earliest moment practicable
den Clrcely then gave out a revised
official copy of Ills general orders re
garding the new arrangements for re
Hot work In which the phrase seven
rlvll districts was substituted for
HiVen military districts
JIiiJ Lea Keblger Inspectorgeneral
under theieI regime made the follow
ing statement of present conditions of
Wo have taken over up to this
morning two of seven districts ns out
lined In Gen Dreelys orders
Wn apprehend that by tomor
row at noon wo shall have
taken over all of the duly author
ized stations In tho city We nre nt
work completing tine new arrangement
ns rapIdly as pocslble anti stations are
being turned over to us without dllll
culty moflti mnui unenlC fp
I varieties affording decldei
portunltles for saving mo
I Gowns nt half of rc
prices sIlky suits priced
onethird nt ordinary t
llnrri suits reduced also
onpthlrd smart top
nearly nochnlf cloth cut
which tine following nre
pies of the special rcdui
1 25 for J1C75 2160 for
1 J3250 for J1975 J35 for
J1760 for J25 and like redo
upward to 65 for J37RO
The sample line of sprh
coils stunning long I
mael of the choicest
checks plaids and cream
which are Imported fl
Handsomely tailored and
reet in every particular
J117S 1275 J1676 187
1 The sample shewing of
I Lion Coats Is all that co
desired Specially priced a
I mado with the 31 sloev
trimmed with val lace
rIM Other fetching shtyl
I specials at J13BO and 1
pectlvnly Theo arc but
I of the Inttrpslln styles
thank Clod we are all unhurt
fhl rlty na jfdkI
Ie 10 IHTrf
Ualtlmnre April SO Secy nona
porte Is confined to his room nt his
residence In thl city with an nettle
attack of Indigestion which his physi
cian says Is not furious rho secretary
arose nt his customary hour this morn
ing In usual health nnd was attacked
with Indigestion nt hrClkflst
MAV roitM A oMiixirr
Vienna April ZO Prince Conrad of
HnhonloheSrhllllngsfucrst who arrived
home today from Trlestp will It h
believed be entrusted by the emperor
with the formation of I new cabinet In
place of the ministry hooded hy Baron
Onnteh von Fraiilfntluirn whoso res
ignation Is understood to have been ac
CllUlsnilS 1 MANILA
Manila April SlThe United Stated
cruisers Chattnnoogn nnd Uwslon
have nrrlved her for an overhauling
< tins licet Ht iittamng
preparatory to Joining nce lt lhll
llwiclty nail county and that the
cojjhly purchase four machines to bo
used In the county districts exclusive
1 l
vlhoso present nt tho meeting were
qty Commissioners Wilson and
Monkey Mayor Thompson und Coun
cilman Black The mutter will conic
before tho council nt this evenings
meeting amid It U more than likely that
the recommendation of the committee
1 I
+ San Francisco April 30TQ
X slight earthquake shocks nt an 1
jlnlervnl of an hour were felt here
X early this morning They wero 1
J Of the Sante nature as I dozen
+ other shocks thnt have been felt 1
1 sIlica the big quake of April 18
+ No damago was dolie this 1
looming and there waa no alarm
HWan Hlint nt WiHidbiirii Or by
Dopmido Irnnk Smith
Portland Or April 30A special
to the Oregonian from Salem says that
ShrHff J I Blmver who was shot by
thCdospcnulo Frank Smith curly Sat
urday morning nt Woodburn Is ell
tlme third victim nf the outlaw Hmltli
hlt been HtntirieU as the soninlaw
of AVIIIInm Kvkcrt I Mnn county
farrnor on whom Smith once before
made IlireatM and who Is now in
lea lv fear of him so long ns ho Is
making Mtt wny towards Jpkerta
H llivnls Out Agiilit One nf lie lIar
gli > s liclns Shut
Jak in 3vy April 80The Urea thltt
coilntyfcud broke out again last night
when lied Tom Cockrell Jnke Noble
andTsm Barnett besIeged Beach liar
glum I relative of former County Judge
llnrglsand shot out nil the glass In
the fiont of thu house Hargls wab
Washington April 30 Three hundred
thousanddollais wen forwarded by
wire by the American Red Cross today
tu James D Plielnn chairman of the
11 cd Cross und relief committee In San
Francisco and hp was advised that 1
000000 inure Is at the disposal of the
Judge W W Morrow president of
the Citllfornln branch of the Rod Cross
advised the Red Cross today that It
will be better from this time on for tho
society to send money tu California
lather than toed tumid provision as the
Immediate needs are piovlilvd for
Dr Edward T Devlne special repre
sentative of the Red Cross at San
Francisco tactic the following report
today on supplies sent to uarthquake
Have tabulation from Qiurttinuslor
r upplles reported to hove been
tIt 10 April 28 mind of mipiillcs en
til rderecl choirs on the whole
enditt1 Ie discrimination and Intclll
l op nilti haMs Supplies received
1 e ull irloadR of stoves 1800 stove
hIs I 28 carloads of forage 1000
gula al S5 carloads of tentage two
abou m 00000 feet of lumber 160 tons
Irles IIH 70 tons of medical supplies
nbou hat ids of acid and chemicals
coat uee oads of wood 21 cars and
ts 0 leI loads of HUbslstencc
Alm iO tons of Hour five cars of
ttlons t 185 curs of miscellaneous
8j5 elI of oranges fuse curs of
32250 wo cars salt camp outfit
ettoni ngclcs JS cars
CtOI i 9 en route or ordered Iht
heritage nine call mind one
Ig top three
730 lad of medical mippllesj trte
oats rip ks and troughs two cars of
of tclcgiaph and tel
rays avc two curs o leleglh pnd
ipplles 18 cars of lumber
nil of IPllle odorless extank wag
rs of subsistence stores sov
ort < m 1678 barrels of Hour 7000
iTBJ coffee 3500 pounds of to
I nnd i boxes of chocolate two cars
ell and ISO tons of mined
black pples 11 now alple
Ight tents nimi Intents elnites
old bo
t 9i
nnd fhe tho IIOUNTHECLA
r nd
PI are 1 I coin Icdllii IrpJI I hlus
75 rt COtS tl Iii 1 1lllllnl
a few nQ
lie h AprIl 30 Steamers
rplght today from Iellnlt
Mount lcIll hms been In
her hPR being scattered ocr 1
dUll rhe disturbance however
anti ous
mi IX IUSm
tuttle lm
LI > Irl 30lcJlnnlng at about
4 oclock yoHttfrdny inornlnK the
department was kept busy for several
hours responding to rails The Urn
burned tho Twentythird avenue Prec
htenal church located nt the cot
nvonno nail Ogden
ner of Twentythird IVOII Ogtn
street causing I loss of J2WWO A
block nwny stands the Calvary Hap
tAt church whlih took Urn hut wns
not badly damaged Something like
20 residences In the sonic neighborhood
imported llro more or lens damaging
The loss will total over J50IWO The
firemen were crushed hy a foiling will
nt the Presliytcrlan church anal seri
ously Injured
HULL FO 11 roit sriiKnriis
Fl Paso Tex April JOVlcn Pres
Ident Hamon Corral of Mexico who
came here lo meet his children leturn
hip from San Francisco attended a
bull fight In Clduad Juarez Mexico
yesterday given for the benefit of the
San Francisco sufferers Germ Frnnk
U Hntdwln of the United States army
Mayor manes Davis of HI Paso alt
other Americans occupied a box
will bo ndopted ns the sentiment
Fell to be entirely In favor of using
the voting nmuhlnei
Thn simple workings of tho 111
chines have already ben explained In
these columns and there cnn bo no
doubt thnt n great don of time and
money will bo raved by their mo to
sny nothing of the economic phase
of the ucslol which 11 most Import
In a Few Days it Will be Nearly
As Complete as Before
The Fire
hey Will bo Turned her ICury Day
tnUI Coininltlco CulU a
San Francisco April 30Wlthln
the next few days San Francisco will
have u street car service that will bl
Hourly us complete as It was before
tIme fire The United Railroads have
promised to spend 1000000 Im
proving Its xysttmi and line first million
lon of thin Hiin has nlmnat boon ex
pended already
Thomwnll tI U lie I Iy onto o the di
rectors of tho company stated yes
terday that 700000 worth of rails
machlnoty and other equipment JU
lirlnlH arc now on tho way and should
arrive within n few days HrsldPH
this GO now carl are IH the wny
Mullally tent n rush order east for
these I few days ago and time II rio
that had them In Its charge wired
back n favorable reply Mullally
stated that only seven of tIne largo
electric cars of the United Railroads
were damngnl The power stations
cue nowimgood working orderStun
Hvlll bn turni > d n Rt > > thtNdrlti va6i
plnnt this afternoon and I will be In
full running order Immediately
logtcrday morning Mlllnlly in com
pany With Patrick Cnlhoun president
of the company called
o thl OIIfl caled on Mayor
Schmitz amid turned over In cash to him
JU67 to be devoted to tho
cloteL work of the
relIef committee This sum was col
lectod tin the cars yesterday but did
not represent the business done as I
145 impossible to collect all fares The
receipts of thn company will be tinned
Into the mayor every day and the
practise will be kept up till tho relief
committee calls a halt
Our temporary wlren nnd pos on
Market ctrcei are In working order
nol said Mulluily and tht car will
he rim out to Twentieth street within
two days The Valencia Htieet sys
tem Is nearly complete and raffle is
to bo resumed there ns wion as possi
ble Our present syntiin Is being oper
ated very satisfactorily 1 think We
tire doing the host 1 can to give the
pooplo good service I am making an
effort to secure permission to run the
cars at night We have alitady pinred
there Is no danger In this The i > oplo
demand I night service nnd If the au
thorities are so disposed I think WI
can accommodate them very soon As
soon ns the factories can turn them
OUI we will have 200 more big ears here
In addition to those that me due here
within the next few days
irncriil Opinion Thnt Miiy 10 Will bo
Unto Ilml UIKIII
Washington April 30 Senate lc dera
will endeavor to have mIxed n time Cor
a vole on tine railroad rate bill upon
the conclusion today of the speech ot
Senator Clark Ark
The opinion Is expres i j freely that
May 10 will be the day iinmod and that
date positively will not bo Inter thar
May 12
Manila April 30fho Spanish climb
representing the Spanish colony herr
has adopted resolutions of sympathy
with the people of San Francisco The
resolutions will bn trnnsmlttrd to
President lloosevelt through Commis
sioner Me
Athens April RImu the final too
meter race 1nul Pilgrim N Y A C
won time 5215 HiVomls LlPtitenin
W Htilswelle England nfund 53 < I
seconds Nlgnl ilarker Australia third
In the final of tho ISOOmoter rnri
today J n Llghthody rliiojijjo nnl1
vorslty wits first MiRough KnglHiid
second Hollestrom Sweden third
Time 4 minutes 12 seconds
Llghtbody won by two ynrds
Two 1nhorcrs Killed and Fho SVr
linily Injured
Chicago April 30The UihnrtrH Wlr
killed and five others seriously injured
today by the explosion of n mpola In
the plant nf thu Illinois Steel compmiy
nt South Chicago C11JH
lint I m mmmi mu MIMonury Sij > itl ltslomzi ties
Sent hero Aro SrtiMlvit
KnnwiH City April ZOA Hrahman
missionary Marnynn KrUhtm filling
the pulpit of I SoulH church Hpjpro
pal In thin city by Invitation last eve
nlng said In thn coursd of n talk
Were overstocked with Christian
missionaries Ninety per rent of those
we have are senseless Furthermore
we do not want your religion and your
holy hook We have more religion nf
our own than we know what to do xliii
a surplus that we would like to export
60 I pray you Americana k < 3p your so <
called missionaries ntholll Jq you
want to ChrlfttlunUo us wnd us conie
men that nro qualified to trlicltt Jihlloi
ophors th know their own Scriptures
Jntll tll1 the Vedan our four baiks of
philosophy aio good enough fpruB
Show mo it cotinto vh < slo mission
iirles have been prosperous Jt dammit
exist There were no fumlnrs ni
plngiie In India before thl KngllHh Iii <
asian I am here In the interests of
India for India not India for England <
membirH I
During these renurkn nnlJelbrl
of the congrcgutlon left the nuBembly I
nnil later Rev Charles Fi reuion npot
nglzed inentB for Marnyun iCrlahna3 suit
1111 Wiillnri IleolliI18 Hubtmrds
Companion Reaches QIIbc
Now York April SO A Special to a
morning paper fioin Quebec says
Dillon WUlaoe tho nuiut mm lent of
Lconldas Hubhard upon bin fatal trip
Into the Interior of Labrador reached
hero hy tIme steamer I lnl Kdwartfrom
the last stage of another journey Into
the senile wild which him occupied him
during the entire winter With Jr
Wallace aro Cllffon It Kustan student
I of forestry of time VunJcrlitlt estate
Illlttnore N C ami 0 lgi BUliton u
NOR Scottan
The party went In last Hummer by
way of tho northwest river to Ungnvn
I bay arriving there on the Ifith qf OcL
totwr having been plinoit four months
oil the trail from that point They
visited Fort Shlllo 150 miles to tho
west by dug teanii nnd returned to thus
Iud on bay post lit George rlvor Th y
not out for Quoted on Jan 3 following
tho coast line They wero drawn by
dog teams as tar nn Kmiultnaux point
where the yet rived about a fortnight
ngo und waited for i few days forlha
arrival of the uteumer for Quebec
TJiey iccelvcd her the flnit letters
from home for nearly 1 month Wu
lare will to New York at
wil return once
Their journeylnifs l > y dog leant totalled
about 2000 nilkp Ail ate lit good
health and looking ur 01 and robust
They took plenty of MWIh thorn
nnd consequently 1111 u red very few
Mount Carnul iu Apri JfArTwo II
bctwoiii Lieut Sinithn
iloim chiMhea bclicclI llhl
I anti mliii iii I qf constulnilnry Uutt < lelRI
Ill iii tt4 occursd < here t ut The
troopcis llrcd oiiahelr a Sea I lutut s iftttnl
ly Injuring one nvii a nut woundlnc sBy
eral othort TJi troopers hM iacut
KUiirdliiK the Sit ymie colliery mu tit cohn
urbs Theli 0 rsI trouble tnhift whvn
the waltrctHe otlyihreo local hoUIrf re
fused to horve I lJ1 with fo di The
returned to thai het8 only t < h6ilt
tacked by I niob of fortlcn nilners
These weN beaten hick with tolncltr
jacks and per ulded by on At heir
number also the chief burpesii ot tha
tlllI to muituirmi itt their home FOr u
moment a crisis1 was averted as thu
miners weie preparing a mcoim a t to tit
und the soldlerarwure drawn up 111 Inl
prepared to shoot The troops stall It
to return to tlif colliery but hi front
Of tho rcsldenctSf DI ferciiiHtck
try lt heItIMt r agIseWtrkil
thc1 b ann6 Ilirotu tint stories Ll lt
Smith ordered the mol to disperse but
this merely resulted In thin throwing of
more missile Thereupon the troops
eiv ordered to lire As the cntblti
began to crack the miners fell back In
disorder leaving It man named Wll
on fatally wounded nnd I number of
others hint In the street Dr Keefcrs
lioiinc was riddled with bullets The
constabulary then retired to the Siyrc
colliery where Lieut Smith itported
the trouble to PottHVllle lie was or
doivd to hold his ground but later hu
was told to bring his command back to
Pottsvlllo Ho was placed under J500
lull charged with nruault with Intent
to kill Three of the miners also were
kil The home of Solomon Ooldsmlth
also was ilildlrd with bullets and Mrs
Goldsmith was wounded
A larger force o constabulary Is ex
Inccd to return soon
Wanliimigton4 itch 30Itt the supreme
court of the United States today a
motion was tIled by the attorney gen
eral of the state o Kansas to tile nn
original suit on behalf of the state
against the otllcern o the Interior de
partment the head chief and subordin
ate ulllclals of the Miukogee tithe of
Indians tumid the allotted of that tribe
to establish the right of tho Missouri
K ansnn Toxan Itallrond coin pithy to
the land granted to the company
through the state of Kansas In UCR
Till Is I part of the grant concerning
which no much has been recently said
In Congress tutu It covers each alternate
ettlon o land for 10 miles on either I
side of tine road through uot only the
l kogvo nation but through thl
rhoctaw fhlknsaw and Cherokee nit
tlDi In the Muskogeo nation theii
are aver 500000 acreS of Inn < nnd tin
entire grant embraces 3000000 acres
The value of tho land Is placed nt J20
an aero but some of it If coal land
and Is worth far more
The motion was taken under udvlsa
Washington April 30Chlef En
gineer K H NVwplI of tho goer
intent torlnmatlun service Infoimed the I
Ii iuso cnmmlttee on Irrigation that
from 25000 ID fiOono acres of land
at the of
would be Irrlmlplnt boglnnlng C
tin present Irrigation season from tho
InUrslatf canal between Wyoming and I
Niibraska MUI of thli land IH III
Wyoming 1ndtir the TruckeeCarson
project In Novada about 20000 acres
urn to bo Irrigated this year The sup
ply of water III both omen will meet
the piottent tllIIRClb
Manila April 30 Private advice
front Hongkong any thnt the flour mills
of American contemplate forming a
torn III in to control the distribution of
their pioiluct In China along Standard
Oil lilies
eleelnd 0 April MTwonty I
t hot ice mul mcmberx nf the Longnhnrf I
mens union will 1 IH expected 1 01
strike tonight at all lake ports I
iiilcngo April 30The h arlnK of tho
lolc bankruptcy cane was today post
ponnl until May 15
St ivtorehurg April Foreseeing
difficulty In Induclli parliament to
grant a crvdlt for moving trooprt to
Mipprcwi disorders In the Interior the
council of the empire upon the re
< iue tlf the minister of war has placed
WSOOOOO nt the latterH disposal for
Mils purpoe The policy of the gov
ernment Is ito move the troops fre
quently In order to prevent them from
VKI revoluUoiiljt dining mntlueneeti by atuoglatlon with
l c r
LIKEA Moii j
I n
loyal San Francisooans e1us
To Believe Life of Th ir
City Fled
And That SkySorapersWill Rear
Themselves In the Midst of
A Busy Population I
hut Xow There It Tat bo talud
Vw for Ono of Tliow Striicflureig
Tlicro ait In Hiihnrii
< Special to the owl j
San Kniiiclseo via Oakland April
3080m people hen from ho cast
who lee the flaring badge A breater
Ban Francisco nnd then go ttvor and
look nt the n hei remark thst It re
minds them ut thd mother who stilL
hurl I her dead bubo and refuse to
ncccpt the donors word that I Ii
denil Tho ChontclU building rlne
Impaired lay tho San Ifrnnclseonn
who nre fighting tlft spro confidence
and tlicn tht itrunjrert point out that
lucre is now ubfnit ins niuoli htcd for t
skyscraper III thn particular npot M
th rd would bo In tlie Sahara an It h
bounded on all cItIes hm y asfiftJ run
trlng flthfrt < > tho water ori mild
newt the cly The now SrivFran >
inco Jhey Iil y will In le born buL ol
ihI cit purentftite nnd the olIIdend I
tV natcil anil pifseil away forever
Vltli kilo dii > of gOut which gave It
ilrtllt vor nit ml thu chic cmii of nr
ftmiutlt adVtMUure
Moqntlnto thu battle In qn In Deadly
I pRrnoiO ijiitwron Oakland nnd Han
Jfr uiOljtiioi ft > teiuo Is the 11111
jlltll time rIL Intrepid and
Tch1il hun n ni ill Ilf to almost snap
time trrlf1 of vhniJJy Oakland tea
i I m lnn limit I its titan or never nnd
8IJII I ole people scuHcred
il ftecllndIJ 11Iulllnt ltbold
1 ntninlrut fI11 mnjorlty of 11
Inhabitants iiriV Tlijy Ueclaro that to
Aim up ttmotgiut ww would ba to stir
render city ltlq glory nnd all
and that they stay they never will
Wntch Us WOp anal grow unlU wo
lire again tho admiration und < prfd
h r 1 wh ti
lIJ erytd i1 cli Tu f41 ilt
untl all tho kings len rant destroy
thnt determination I Is n lesson in
courage and resolution the like of
which this old earth has never before
cetin May It never abate hut may
I be realized In measure speed ali
endurance II 1 manner that SInAI
startle and strengthen nil humankind
Dud Orny came out of Iho mysteries
of the refugu camm yesterday after
noon When tho tire cnmo lie was at
1HB4 Post street with hula trick hi
cclc which ho wni to usp in the Or
phoum theater He took his traps and
escaped with them to the park Then
lu volunteered as n Ilcd Cross man
and was assigned to duly driving nn
ambulance From Thurrilny to Tliurs
unit he workel In this capacity while
there was nny work to ilo and after
that ho canto to Oakland without u
eonl Ho IH due at Los Angele with
other membcts of nn Ouphcum com
pany us quick an they cnn get through
and have nil been given passes en
titling them to tako theIr baggage
wherever any was oavcd
Xlnnlla April 30A detail of Moroa
on the Island of Sainar In nn encoun
ter with Itilajanes killed 30 of the lat
Kansat city Anill SOMI Ethitnu
hughes of Ilttrtori Kan who for 13 1 11
I worked under missionaries among tbo
Mormoni in ttdh Mid last tmlgiut I an
midreM from the pupil of HIP Unwood
Prrbystnlun church In this city
The great object for which the Mor
mon Church Is striving Is political ponei
A constitutional amvnuinent uciln poly
gamy Is thin only thing fuirrd by tho Mor
moai They know that they rnimot cir
cumvent the nntloiwl Rovrnnunt aiul
that If polyupmy In l f to Ktnto control
they can preach It and jirnellM It ultl
111 ly wlh I egh si attic sit mi eutonu by tine
cleollon of nafe len to ofrli
When thy cnn control 12 state S t11
Mormons cnn rtofeat a constitutional
nmondment Their plan Is to get enough
Mormon voters to moe to the states
which they have mirhnl for control
Tho menace nf Mormonlcm to the
country U tnortaned by the tact that tlio
Mnrnion Church Is the best ornanltcit In
Blttutlon In the wend with the exception
of the Herman nrmy
Hi > Will Xot Inm Intll Jt < lias
Vlltcd Oli ir ntorv
pll April 3 Thie wenthfi onlln
Ilng fine King RdwRirt suit lie itnulil not
leave Naples without vlsltlnp lbs bIer
vatory l hr desIred to lOre I Profit Mat
luccl and Frank Icrit of lircHikljii New
York iMliUiit director of this observa
tory 01 It Venuvlui Tils Inilt alit
Duihfdn of AoMft uvere ilellghtvd nnd of
fercrt to guide the king Five alltomo
litlm were ordieit to convfy the io > Jl
pHrt > to JH VemiIU9
Mrs White wife of the Aniorlcun atn
tisninilor formed one of the rojral purti
whlrh trIM to mnh the ubiervatery fiat
urI Had It was hupej she would b
shle to accompan their nnajsstiee to < la >
but It was found that she had nlrrnii
returned to Hoinu
Iho Sccnttcnth Vnniiiil Com iecs
Opens In llnton
Boston April 3WAII sections of tho I f
country wero wall represented at Urn
opening In this city today of the seven
teenth annual congress of the Nation i 41
al society ot the Sonic nf the American J 1
HevolutlonMhlch will continue through d
tomorrow In addition to the bunlnM
m etliiRS Iho delegates will make ox cur i
Mloiis tn Concord and Lexington tn
vi > w HID sc nii4 of tevolutlonary but
I Uli

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