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I To o t 0 I = tvlIn 111111 I 11I1 I hlllI I r 0 t nlhrrll III pili IIUIII 11I1 = DE S E R ET EVENING NE WS In lllllIlM nut ttrlllnu tin IIslIdl better MilvrrllteniiMilt r ll lluin belUT ucll If try jou li van > ilo L L
Thou Shalt Not Squeal American Organs Command
Gives Officers Valuable
1 May Information About
t able
I 510000 Robbery
I I Proof Positive That the Young
I Scotchmen Had Amount of Mon
ey stated Upon Their Arrival
1 Jtcccillt for 8oorooks
rldlnJ Ifl4
1 IrOulllo jiiead for the
l1Je ScllOUi
4 10000 American Beauty
j It I j miiliuo by tho frherlftV
HJiln the lIlt lIclIlrour
1f1J tat
1 JIJQIi Ihrrc 111100 MIiIO very Interest
In Ilewlollmellti III tho robbery per
lle McWhlrtor brothers
ntcd on
I III O r lnlllco men
IT the jlrirnolloj
Ira days o
McWhtrter and Deputy
J Ufiander
noV on their way
rr IIro 11m
Iherff Spcrri
aUIDII Cut hot Oil I10 r11 IIf
t to
tim MiWpl of the
Iff Donaldson
f1n They arrlud In OoldlUld jos
IrllLt1 onl to 11111 Ihnt the elusho
Jim had reerlud a tip aheiul of ilc
ulopnicBtJ and luul Ml the camp
irhPjjolloMcd cm lie licit train
Tile sheriff Is In powwloii of thu
itimci of all rucmltrs ot the Kuntt
Thr drll1ultJOn aUo lie has learned
warned by lie XClj curly In lie
dJr jcttenlay that the I N ° women
prparluJt 10 leave tollI IUlil Join
lihcOllrlcns members of the SUIIR tho
I rfccrs tatlitml them In before they
RIO Grando
MId get aboard of tho
mm fr he ett The Hory wrunB
1 ton their reluctant lips placed the of
I ton In jKKtwIon of additional el
6u calculated lo put this Imntl of
I ImCo slian 5 behind the hars
sweetheart ot
MUi Uty Davl tho
mat alleged policemen in tho
J1JW Miij now under Investigation
1 hy Satria taery and County Attor
17 CtrSiinutA was again closely In
Imolated by the two officials named
t tciay ti regard to her knowledge ot
ttitftlr The woman Rave the oft
ten wire valuable Information last
I Jttt as lo who the parties are that
ptMttd the bold holdup ItntJl1s to
direction they took In leaving
Kite and It li believed beyond
ivnlon that some nf tho men will bo
Mjlsrtil during the day
Tie noman told them the names ot
Ut arts And told of tho UOOO bills
> blch they Hashed on the night after
robbery when they took thn womail
I I tut for a good time and celebrated
their mat achievement All thin In
f nnaatlon Is very valuable and tho au
fK jatluablo
I taorltin tie ujin It to good effect
bunt Attorney Christensen dated
today that th ftoman gave then den
We cluw as tO tho Identity of the men
nixed u rs in tlle affair but will not bo
ttdd aj a Mtness arid will be re
Imed a t once She was watched close
b u tsl nl ht bEhl the authorities cud
did not kate ht r room or show any In
1ut MJf ° Kolns back an hor story ot
I nfgbt They were very careful not
IQ her
IV thG nIght a ofl her friends dur
ilu alul ll mornlnff nnd
v TVm prmlt hfr to bo interviewed
iw e iio spap rr men
rlaln tll al lho nlrll lld ndt
1 tie R0
tbr 8ame direction when they left
eity aM art Lila
lit confession of
lOtJlal1 last
ni8ht the sherIff and
I ih1 tr t anorleY UMd the wlrfs and ito
omer I surrounding mute
Jr UrIs uep 11 T VlPh f ° f I lie parties
I nt ITL otJiOl fl Do aM nt1 have been
l lrf0on8 nv the omcers
at Ihe n I bellcvci inct captureI th t wm b ° one
1138 o1le to 10 Lq cxieteJ the Trlbuna
I11rne i tardy tcscuo of ho
of II
Sh ent nod wilcan police
rl an llon t
The CleorK tI
Itl rno miaA Tlbllne aUciPt to how
ce ot that Ih e enllre s mIll I a I hI
jOI It Clrnpalgn I ° litr to
llllr ath e columtll U casta
ho le hll1Uty d vcraclt > ot Iho
Iho Scotchmen
e buneoej tg
by Ibe o of over 1 10000
nr ot thaIler 10000
tbI crooks tha has ln
11 and torn at infested
el Inll alloweti <
Iinet eorge alole < to p their trade
nardlaeorge Sheets
tpt bf the hence n I nioralH <
Ih by th lorls ot
hiLton m Ian ltlInlnls
The IPIIOglsrJ 1lmlnl
tht the tW 0 ° IlslnUllel
of Srotehmel
Out bun
Ih Ie anything lke iorul rl1ct
to ed u r IMtlonAI sClndll IlS hc n
tompng tIecI ctc
I Iekl 11 WhlrfII renll lnde by
Whlrf much Ilevel
O rlt Itc Intormnton trOI Cook
l t that th lt New Yorl < r I
r W hmen C
b already stated
h0 II th O a I wol III the erl
rcT bi 4zh < by the
k n
I U V Itros
t h ble s lderitlfll ther rOi hlk
1 I no rrrlllllr hhg
1Joe the gnng who
1Jo Irick
dJII Mnnlcbon ehlll ted tht
hi5 In Ihe VI Ihrtl 1000
IUd1 tParturo to lp Cafe prior to
at l odb ill w astuires Mw
IS exchan
tl room e a
I 1llllni th e nlgh o
thmer t ffeflht r thi
0 hUsh
eh1rt up
eWblr remaIn
ti l IICCld tl rC f She ls
t un
hUiedt train tmn and
lacu town t h
l an blorgepot In
Jat bne etnthttb ot t h
undoubtedl I cln h
that Intc
ely OUt of
town the vktomH would no longer iron
bio them
Jht two wonion Mrs OBrien mud
May Davis who were to have left
Halt Uiko to join the OBrlciw tn
Mexico when headed off by the sheriff
and Interviewed last night told how the
gang had flushed 1090 blllH and how
they had scattered when the victims
came back to town
Tlus are a few of the Indicator Hint
point to the onllllulol of n crime
Tlio grave scandal continue to lie the
allnljsorblnff loplo and It Is not Infre
quently heard on tho streets that
Sheets mado a cicnt mistake In RO
ln oat Into the hail nnh Interviewing
the lan Holl ulowi and returning with
tho money
When toll by McWiilrtcr that ho had
been arrested by Bell Shetits made nn
other grave mistake In not arresting
hell on the charge of Impersonating un
officer There are a number of other
llsliy Incidents connected with the
Sheets y McWhirter reported at
the police station when hi reality the
station through the back entrance and
station by the hack entrance and I
Sheets stood for the bogus olllcor I
Sheets and tho Tribune are Inclined
to doubt the story of time Hcotchmcn
yet the victim had tho receipt for HJOO
dollaiH given him by one of the gang
who Impersonated an olllcer Thl they
Rhovred to the police to nay nothing of
the six 1000 bills which wero changed
In taut city by member of the gang
Why did SheetH muko McWhlrUf
pick up the 7BO laying on the desk an
he explained HO that tho reixuteitf
could not see It If the chief of police
thought no crime had been committed
and here was nothing to conceal
In the face of the story loll why did
not th chief of police neml n man out to
shadow Hell whtn he went oft to eel
the money
Sheets nays he did not know the man
Hell jet him ho calls him Bell Who Introduced
JlcWhlrtcr says he didnt
heetl was perfectly wllllA to re
cover part of the money for the vic
tim SInco when linn the police de
partment gone into the collection
agency business to thai neglect of run
nine clown crime
The Tribune nyn that n 10000 rob
bery Ims no news value what consti
tutes news value
It Sheets told McWhlrter that he had
better get out of town hecuusu pub
licity would spoil any nuuccsa In tho
subsequent arrest of the gang WHY
These are just a few < the questions
that are being naked on the streets to
dny not only by the rank and nic but
by prominent citizens
One bank cashier this morning wild
fr am heartily In sympathy with the
American party and oled for the tick
et lit last election but from what I
can Icnrn plenso excuse me
An attorney also voiced tho sale sen
timents In almost exactly the santo
words 1 looks pretty rotten to me
ho Kild Where cUt 1 Ill go who
has been wronged It not to the chief of
police Nice kind of advertising to glvo
Sol Lake Isnt It
That twounsophlstlcated Scotch tour
ists could come to Salt Lake be fleeced
out o 110000 nnd then deliver one of
the song to the police o rather to bo
more correct was delivered Into the
hands of the chief of the police by the
bogus officer of tho gang of harpies
J a staggering fact
I Is known that Mayor Thompson
Is doing sOle deep thinking about tho
pcandul and particularly the astonish
Ing part that George Sheets played
Ho knows that he was responsible for
the appointment o this same man
Sheets who whenever lie hns been oft
the force for the good of tho service
spent the most of Ills time In trying to
fret back and with 1 determination
that was significant Accordingly If
Sheets permits a bogus officer to come
Into the quiet of his department aunt
tell him nnd
of 1 crime If he gets
handles sOle of the stolen money
that to than
money thll amounts mure
10000 makes a settlement as be
tween thloves and victims with the
lctlm < getting only 1 tenth of that
they were robbed of when after
this lie iillows the thieves to escape
nod exclaims according tn tho story
oC one of the women In the case when
ho learns that time boys Imva cot
away Thank God for that I sort
of companion Joy to that of Thank
God for the Am rlenn party small
wonder that the mayor Is worried and
that lie will be held responsible Ieforo
all the public In Just so far as ho
condones Sheets anti his method
Surely In the vernacular of the day
I Is up to Mayor Thompson to Inves
tigate and Investigate with wide open
door HO that tho public may hear tho
question asked and the answers that
flio given Then should bo no secret
session and no whitewash
When It comes to uncovering ho
shameful methods of the Fnlt Lako
police department in shown by IN of
cia head the organ of the knockcrc
the tenderloin and the gambler cries
out I perverted corn 11111 Thou
holt not squenl and woo bet e tutu
unfortunate within or without Its
tnnlis that dares to do the peach
nt This morning It gives Sheets I
Mich a certificate of character that
tile devil never gave to his moat nutlvo
agent on this mundane sphere I
pays some people to hang together
that they might not hang apart And
that Is evident what will ho done In
this case the worst spot that has over
been made on the history of the de
Tonight the city council will begin
ni Investigation of Its own accord I
has neon tracks that lead cry clom
iil to lie municipal chicken coop nnd
has examined some of the feathers
Hint have fallen about the roost It
will endeavor to ascertain to whom
they belong nun why they ore there
AH to Mr Sheets the expert on crooks
and criminal ho Is to be given an
overhauling I appears that ho linn
inked for I If nrpearl explain his
corJuct to the satisfaction of the pub
Ho wonders lie may bo put down no a wonder of
Theio can bo little question thnt the
111 qlelol
nil rio thnt played the bunco Rome
and robbery on the McWhlrtar broth
ers MIS composed of Jim Donaldson
Johnnie ORrlen and Uirry Olirlcn
antI the throe thnt played second fid
dIe embraced the names ot Doc Belt
George Peck iiiitt piobably Frank HII
stnrr The sextet had
lnt fn been associating
in all liours of the day R1Ilthul
the rooms occupied by Johnnie Otlrlen
inxl his wHo on south Jllnnle Temple
lime pair hud heel staying there since
last November anti nniontr the moit
tr felt callers nt thp apartments
were I nrrv Onrlcn nnd In Davis
Tim latter somotlmrR pOsfti ft Twirryn I
t lft hit wits often frnnlc lollfh to I
Continued on page two I
I Sale of Utah Light and Railway Properties
Street Car and Lighting System With All Appurtenances Go to New york Parties E H
Harriman the Renowned Railroad Magnate Said to be the Purchaser
I The Price is Not Given to the Public
The bIggest bnslncss deal that hat
been coniunnnntpd In many years so
fur as Salt Lake City IN concerned
was close1 In New York last night I
Involves the pale of the Utah Light
Itailrond company properties with ill
appurtenances thereto The transfer
of the property will In nil probability
be made In the next 30 days The pries
Is not named but It Is said to be entire
ly satisfactory to at least threequar
Body of Young Douglas Ward
rop Found This Morn
No GII Shot Wound In Ills Hod
Wile Celling Out of Slough
lit Fnlnlril
The body of young Douglas Ward
rop who dlMpptaml yesterday morn
Ing nt 8 oclocli was discovered this
mornliiK by searchers from tho Green
River Duck club lying In time clubs
ponds face downward with his head
and hack above water The Imnds
wtno firaplns tho tile grass and the
water was not over a foot dicn A
partial examination brought to light
no tVlilenci o san uhot wound all
It wus the belief of tho seuichlm
party who discovered him that he
tainted front exhaustion and drowned
In the halo wIlier while making
his way out of the ploughs
Time alarm for the safety ofyoung
Unrdrop began yesterday morning
when his companions In B hunting
party left thilr blinds In the dough
to rqtyrii totoln A he failed to
show up a innn vas pent back to
look for him and found that thE blind
vhem ho had been shooting was de
serted The party then waited two
hours for him to show up and came
to town heaving a member to continue
the search amid convinced that he had
merely nought some remote spot for
better hunting
Let night after dark the last
watcher came lo town nail reported
ho hud stalked tho dougha pretty well
without finding any trace of Vnr
rap As no one In ton had seen him
thin caused general alarm amid Secy
Will Slbley of the Green River club
tuok Instant action Ilcforo daylight
this morlnp A searching party of four
members left tho city and nt 10
oclock Secy Sibley was preparing to
leave with another largo party when
he received word that tho body had
bten recovered
Time sheriffs office was notified early
this morning anil Deputy Sheriff Slent
or was sent out to Investigate the case
and assist In the search Whether he
arrived before the hoe was token
away could not he learned The find
In <
era brought It Into the city and took
It to the home of tho deceaseds sister
who lives nt 188 C street < Joseph
William Taylor was called and took
charge of the body soon after Its arrival
The news or the death of young
Wnrdrop created a general nonwtlcm
among hi lan f11011111 Suit Lake
today He wnn 1 young man hardly
JM year of age and was well known
about the city In build he
wn cplondldly developed Never
In his life has he shown any
slgiiH of heart weakness or Ion
dcncy toward fainting spells At time
Rlore of Henry McGee ft Co wlioro
lie has been omplrtyed for the past
two year he wns known HIP
WI WIS as tht lost
utljletlo man In lie place mind In
friendly wrestling bouts sifter hours
could floor any of his companions
PVPII with 29 pounds or mnro ot ml
vnntngn In weight Mr McGee wos
nnflstlng Ptcy Slblw In jalslne n coo
ond nonronlng party when tutu news
of the young mans death wns recelv
cd thll morning Ho sold that he felt
tho matter ns I deep loss hat he hail
always had I personal Iniorrct In
A Van rop who wns a boy ut clean hah
Its and entirely trustworthy He wan
not duo at the office until S oclock
tnch morning nod yet ho wns there
for duty before half past 7 as regular
ns clock work
The grounds of the Green River duck
club where tho fatality occurred are
located south of tie Black Slough and
15 miles from Salt Lake
mlel frol No tele
phonic communication has been PC tub
Untied nail word could not be had from
the grounds except by time Bending In
of 1 messenger Por this reason It
was Impossible to organize n large
party last night The duck club Is
composed of 55 members most o
whom were shooting nt the grounds
yesterday morning The proxldcnt Is
C M Woodle a carpenter of thin city
Secy Slbley said thin afternoon that
ho was nt a total loss to account for
the sad tragedy MaX of tho mem
bers ho said went out Saturday
night nnd In the enthusiasm ot getting
the morning light they probably
thought little of tncrtkfnftt I think
Wardrop arrived nomo time durIng the
night nail wan ml used only when his
companions came to leave for the city
They supposed he had gone tl sonic
remote place to shoot anti ciiino In
after waiting tin hour I wasnt until
midnight last night tlmt I received
word about his being still missing nnd
I then began to feel nlannd Ho
inust haM become xhluJPd from the
excitement fainted and Inch nf food and
Klx months ngn young Wardrop
passed tho ffttimlnntlon for Insurance
nnd Intended to take out a life Insur
mince It wns paid by 1 close personal
friend this mornlnc however that he
hal not donI > o yet but was always I
folnfr to ft I In the Jar future nird
was never quite ready to take the step
S 4
tens of the stockholder The report Is
that E I Harriman tho well known
railroad magnate Is the purchaser al
though the management of the company
would nnt confirm this story
I Is simply known that Mr Harrl
mun with several symllciUcs hUH
teen negotiating fell the property fur
months past iyi1 It Is liPllovcd that ho
I the successful bidder for It Tho
company Is capitalized for JlOOOOOOi
stint approximately 1000000 of thai
Scotty the Scooter No II Cuts
A Wide and Sensational
Swath in Salt Lake
Squandered Fifty Thousand Dol
lars in Zion in the Brief Space
Of Only Two Weeks
Hln Name N Ired Ihmler mid 1r
11 med tip lo Mcniiliiff of UN Name
hits to Sleepy Philadelphia
Theie Is sorrow among the bell
hop at the Wilson the tenderloin U
wearing crepe nnd time barkeepers
around town are mourning for Fred
Holler of Nevada alias Scooting
Scot I has left town anti gone to
During the two weeks this regal spen
der was In Salt Like ho hit n merry
pace to the tune of omo 59000 In pres I
ents wine and seeing the elephants
Like the original Hcotty he was fol
lowed around by a crowd of parasite
who patted him on tho back and said I
he was the real candy
For 37 years Bowler was I prospector
In Nevada Then ho struck I rich In
the Little Johnny mine He brought
two carloads of ore to Salt Luke which
netted him It Is Maid 120000 cold cash
two more carloads flue nol on the way
Among his friends Bonier claims that
he sold 7 claims to Senator W A Clark
for Jl000000 and has banked JlJOOOOi
since January 1 last
Ho made the proud boast when he
arrived In Salt Lake that he could not
spend All the money he had If he ted
He certainly made I good try while
here Tho news passed around that
there was an easy thing In town and
the way tho demimonde gathered wag
Il crying sin
On several occasions he demonstrated
that a fool itnd his money 8i SQ ufi
A few days ago he hired an auto
mobile and took three women out for
1 tlm Some hours later he reap
red at the garage and walking
lonlde MM How much do you walt
for your automobile The man In
charge with a laugh Mid Oh say
3000 Bowler prompt took out
I roll o bills counted off tho sum
mined and then turning to the women
said There you are girls Its yours
The nbovo tl I sample of the fashion
In which he Is endeavoring to get rid
of his coin Such little pastime ns
ordering champagne for the crowd In
II Wilson bar are too tame for re
cital Oncn In nwhllo hewould break
II necks o lie wino bottles on the
bar just to Co the bubbles fizz and lly
Among time stories told Is one wherein
ho went to a local clothing house arid
nfter spending J30D In fancy goods
scattered u wild of hills and J5 gold
pieces opr tho stacks of ready made
clothing with the remark to tho clerks
Hunt for I boys Its all yours
Bowler 111 member of the KO 1
nnd to I fellow number hi told sonio of
his experiences which demonstrated
that there was some method to lib
Oh he Bald hero have I been
starving out I the dciort for 37 years
and now I have morn money than I
can spend Why should I not have a
Rood line
I 111 you nCr you once stait to
make money nothing can stop 011
Talce myself I Have banked 1500000
since Jan I Just before I left Nevada
two prospectors I know came to mo
and asked inn to ptako them I gave
them 1500 each amid my blc lng I gave
It to them mind you but they would
not have It that way Just when I wiii
leaving they came to me nt the dopot
and giivo mo an envelope When I open
ed It on the train I found that It con
tained 1 halfIntercut In the shine of
the least they had got I did not want
It but lucre It Is In black anti white
Last week I heard that they had struck
a 7foot vein on the property that tho
first assay showed ran 3000 to tho tOi
and there you arc
Shareholder lleeletled the Hrllrlnj
Honnl of llrcclir
At the annual meeting of sharehold
ers of tho Horn Silver Mining company
held In this city today 313S9J shares
out 400000 were represented The reo
tiring board o directors was retained
which organized with Allan C Wash
ington president Juan Ctballos vice
president of New York Thco
Moore mind Win R Brltton of tlC inijie
place with Phllo T Fnrnsworth and
John Sharp of his city completing the
Ambrose I Harris of Neiv York mins
elected secretary and treasurer while
I I Morris will onilinip nn local ffc
relnry and Phllo T Farnsworth III
amount Is still In tie treasury
When Manager Campbell of the com
pany was seen hubs afternoon he de
clared that he had absolutely no Infor
mation on the subject to Impart to the
public a this lime Judge Lo Grand
Young who hits been In New York for
wyino weeks left for homo today with
all of the papers In the rase and thereIn
Is no question whatever 01 to the sal
of the companys Intereitu as sot forth
In the Great Balloon Race Lieut
F P Lahm Sixth Cavalry
Comes in First
Victor Covered 111 Mllci Acaliinl 370
Iuh h UN Xcnrt t Coin
Parisr Oct 2All the unceitalnty ro
gnidlng the result of the balloon men
for the James Gordon Bennett cup
started from here on Sunday afternoon
I wns ended at noon today when I din
patch aims lecclvcd by the Aero club
announcing that the lon C C Rolls
mid hh companion Col Capper In tho
balloon Britannia landed at Sundrlng
ham Upland at 630 last night thus
establishIng that Ileut Frank P I
Lahm Sixth cavalry U S army the
American competitor III the race who I
descended near Whltby yesterday In
the balloon United States In the win
v Signor von Wilier Italy Is second
Count de la Vaulx Franco third and
Hon C S Rolls GreHtBrltaln fourth
Some anxiety was felt on account of
llr Rolls It being feared that he had
attempted to CIOSH the North sen The
delay In reporting hit descent U nut
yet explained
Ileut Lahms friends are enthusias
tic over his victory With the excep
tion of Senor Salamnnca the Spanish
aeronaut Lahm was the youngest com
petitor Since his assignment to the
cavalry > nt fiaumur Lahm has devoted
much attention to aerostatics and his
rapid advance as an aerial pilot has
already attracted considerable atten
tion He made I dozen ascensions
during the summer the longest voyage
being from St loud to at Brleuc The
lieutenant took the place of his father
In the race the latter who Is time best
known American aeronaut In Paris be
ing called home on Saturday MaJ
Hcrseys trip as Lieut Lahms assist
ant was quite accidental A French
man Levee had been selected as his
assistant but the Aero chili of France
protested Maj Heresy who has just
arrived here from Norway with Walter
Wellmnn leader of the Wellman Chi
cago RecordHerald expedition eager
ly seized on the chance
Ileut Lahm who Is expected to ar
rive In Paris today covered 415 miles
against 370 miles covered by Von Wil
ier his nearest competitor
The beautiful cup presented for com
petition by James Gordon Bennett be
comes I trophy o the Aero club of
America The first cash prize of J2900
ROCS to Lieut Ia Inn amid the endurance
nwlnl lo Sir Rolls who was the long
est In the air
London Oct 2Thls afternoon limit
Aero club of England received1 a tele
gram announcing that lon C H Rolls
descended between Saudrlnghnm and
the sea nt C30 last night 26U hours
from the time of his departure from
People Will Soon bo Vlnc I In 1
Now York Oct 2tjnless the United
Staten url food commlsblon changes
Its mind tho people of tho United
HtateM will soon bo using granulated
nm other sugars that have a distinctly
yellowish tinge The commission has
decreed that no mineral blueing sub
Btiiice be used In bleaching sugars Su
gar chemists say they use four pounds
of a mineral bluing substance to every
one million pounds ofsugar for bleach
Ins purpose
This the sugar chemists wy Is not
adulteration It IH merely purification i
by a thoroughly healthful process TIne
pure food commission cannot see It in
that lIght and Insists that the whiten
ing process bo abandoned
Coroner Intimate 11 Is Not Sit I IIt1
I Wot Case of SiileMc
New York Oct J Coroner Hnrhiirg
er In n statement made early today
gave an Intimation that lie WII lint
satisfied that the Math
entirely 1lsl1lll of At
Adams the former socalled policy
king was time remit of suicide The
coroner sold
Tho police and nil the wltnesces to
the death of At Ailnms believe and are
convinced that ho committed suicide
hut from the position I found tile body
lying over 1 chair and the head resting
near n cuspidor leads mo In sonic ways
to believe that there might Imvo been
foul play
ur am now In doubt nn to what mo
the there was for n man of such worflth
to Ilk his life The force of the hot
pcriitraled nnd went through the fore I
head and the bull hit time door embed
din Itself In the wall This shows hal
1WHrul HIP shot mm that ended his
Ifl J Is supposed that he got out of I
bed nt 74 J a m Generally people do
not commit suicide when UUT rise from
slumber All tho Indications aro that
ho did commit suicide but I am not
thoroughly satisfied and I will examine
every witness and try and find out
what motive there was for self destruc
Special to the News
Washington V C Oct 2Hugh N
Wells has been appointed postmaster
at Tllden Blngham county Ida vlcvi
C C Cooper resigned I
Special to tho Veto
Washington IL C Oct 2 Patents
Issued Utah ErnMt I Godbe Salt
Luko City Utah combined agitating
and leaching tank George A Millet
Cedar City reservoir Kite
Idaho AJonzo B Doan New Plym
outh Insect destroying device Henry
A Helchcr Marion axle spindle
Iensacola Fla Oct 2After a
restless night Pensacola awoke this
morning to renew the work of rescue
anti rxbullJliih Realizing the condi
tion of the city Gal Ilroward oi Flor
Ida today wired the mnyor of lenA
cola Charles II HUM thatIf the cltl
peiu desired hu would Immediately Is
silo a proclamation calllnc upon tho
people of tho stale and tho OutMdit
woild for aHslstnnce An y ul the alTer
ban not been accepted
Tho pooplo heru worn given a fright
thin mornlifB when official news cairio
from WiLsliliiBlon to the npptninmcf
of another dlsturbancn oft ul Spo
cll weathsr bullotlni mere poHteil nd
lHlnff easeLs not to venture out In
the gulf
Tho hat of dead has not srovn any
I but Ihcrt Is a utoncU Htlninir from tho
mile or more of dnbrU along the water
front Just wont of the city rime IIMi
ennens cottages were cleared ivwny
nH If by one trolio by IIH shunt and I
I s bnlleed thnt In the uI leo nf dehrU
wi be found many bole
New York U t ZTlw Cuban evolu
tionary junta In this city nfter about a
month nnd u half of existence ended its
official career yesterday Col Charles
M Aguirre head of the Junta was busy
yesterday packing up preparatory to
falling next Saturday for Havana He
had Intended going last week hit was
Tho exodus of Cubans from thin city
on the steiuncrMexIco probibly will be
unequaled The Word Line olllcer has
bum overwhelmed with applications
for passage
SiiiPht1lI1S S11I
New York Oct ZThe threatened
strike of shipwrights In the shipyards
of New York and vicinity following
demands which were to go Into effect
Oct B came off yesterday i few days
ahead of time The demands which
were an Increase In wages from J3BO
I day to 34 and the Saturday half
holiday l re refused
The employers have opened buieaUH
for hiring strikebreakers In Philadel
phia Boston Baltimore and Norfolk
Ilfly Tliounnd Dollars In llouv of n
Dead Recluse
New oYrk Oct 2A special to the
Herald from Hudson N V says that
oh silver nnd blll ngreKntlng 3iO
000 were found jesterdnyt In the Rob
IIIHOII homestead where Miss Frances
Catollne Robinson a recluse was found
dead four weeks ago The treasure WON
stuffed In pots cups and vases which
were hidden In nooks amid corners
Miss Robinson left a will dividing her
estate among four charitable societies
r Is expected that relatives living In
New York will make a contest
New York Oct 2A cabledispatch
from Cologne Germany printed her
today states that the Vollsellung pub
lishes a letter from a correspondent
In Shantung China predicting out
breaks cOllared with which tho dim
lurbancpi that occurred In 1900 will
teem trivial He says thcro i strange
unrest among the people Trouble has
always begun In Shantung where I
rebellion him started The revellers are
plundering laKes and driving time
people Into tho towns Twenty thou
sand of those armed robbers are now
at Tslarichufn There have been many
flcbts between them and the local
troops The latter am always beaten i
New York Oct President Pea
body of the Mutual Life Insurance com
pany yesterday told Col Hlscoe
Hliidninn manager nt Louisville for
the company that If Iho administration
ticket failed of election by the policy
holders or If most of the Hdmlnlstru
lion candidates were defeated he Mould
I called Mr Peabodys attention
Mid time colonel to the report that
Manager IMward O Sputton of Spring
field Mass hat ben told by him that
1 manager would bo required to active
ly electioneer for the administration
ticket without regard to personal
views Mr Peabody replied that that
wag an uinimllilrd mletuke and that no
surh requirement uai or would be Im
Simla India Oct iflrn most Influ
ential body of Mohammedans that hai
ever approached the InCian government
mOnt headed by Agra Khan and con
sisting of 30 members representing
every branch of tho educated Moslem
community today presented nn addrnss
to Lord Mlnto viceroy of India
< lllo Irdll selling
forth tho grievances and aspirations of
the Mohammedans ot India and es
pecially their claim for 1 fair share In
any modified system of representation
that might bo contemplated
In reply Lord Mlnto said lie sympa
thized with sincere Bengali ientlintnt
He said their hopes and ambitions were
not due lo dliarfectlon but to their
educational growth the seed of
which had been sown by
British rulo Tho educational harvest
would Increase but British ideas must
prevail Lord Mite promised all
lIr I tto ronilell I rea
sonable aid to the desires of tha depu
tation and promised his hearers that I i
In any attempted modification of their
religions would be beliefs respected the national traditions I I
VnshlllKton Orl 1The ass of the I
tlllllv corpomtlons of rhlrngo ugnlimt I
thv treasurer at Cook roiinlj lu elite
the tin vilnillnn nf the franrliNs ant
cutter properly or inns c corporations un
der lime Illinois state law MI been nle I
In the supreme court of the Lnlttd States
Bade Farewell in His Apartment
To Many Friends Then De
scended Grand Staircase
Departure Was Witnessed by
Crowd of Loungers But There
Was no Demonstration
Disarmament Prim illng Without n
Hitch 1lrnt Portion or Cuban Kv
pcdlllon Sails on the Siniincr
Havana Oct 22ExPresldcnt Palm
left the palace at U30 this morning Ho
bade farewell In his apartments to
many friends Including Gust Monlalvn
Ill Gen Rodriguez and then descend
ed tho grand stalrcim1 and accompan
ied by his family entered 1 closed car
riage and was driven to llcgla where
he took 1 train for Mntanzas His do
tarture wax Ill fse by 0 small gath
ering of loungers In front nt the pal
mince hut there was no demonstration
Oov Tnft will tnko up bin resident °
there during the acuhc
The disarmament proevcdlngn lT go
ing on without I hitch tn the vicinity
o IlavHiia Elsewhere they have not
yet begun While itw II some nuoa
bum as to whether th > disarmament
will be accomplished In the Clenfuegoi
region without HOIIIP friction no oppo
sition or connfiUiiice IK anticipated
The news from ClenfuegoH province
of Santa Clara Is that he 450 marines
from Havana nirlvcil there none to 1
soon ni tin Munition was threatening
caused pnrtly by the dissatisfaction of
the volunteers OUT the jirospcct of h
InK disbanded with pay only for the P
actual time served and purity by the
uneaslnc of the revolutionists sui
rounding the city la Santiago province
bruce tho revolutionary mo vermin Ims
cOIcIIICk of work nnd nftual suffer
Tho dlMimament commission gout
from Hnvnnu began worn today In the
vicinity of guntn Clara city and It 13
experttd that I thousand of Pino Otter
raH mel will he tmtinlned for their
homes In PIllar Del Ilia province to
morrow from anoint near Hntina
Tlit provisional government Is con
sidering whether It Is wise to Rend nil
escort ot 200 marine on the train to
the city o Plnnr Del Rio with lie
homcnnrd bound InniiisentH
MnJ Laid of the disarmament com
mission reports that lie la having no
trouble whatever with the Insurgent
In Haviimi province many of thfai
actually layIng down their arms and
others retaining their own rifles
New York Oct 2Amiil the cheers
anti faiewclls of wives eetheirts and
friends SOU men composing the first
portion of the Cuban expeditionary
force to Ball from New York City l
reel to the Island sailed from the New
York ivyynrd a few minutes before
noon today on hoard the United Stuten
transport Sumner There was a big
galherlng of the friends and relatives
of the troops on the dock to witness
their departtie t
As the troop shjii passed down the
bay amid time salutes of the hurbot
craft she was accompanied by 1 tug
carrying Gen Grant commander ot
tint department of the cost Mrs Grant
Admiral Schley and Mrs Schley Gen
Weaver and MnJ Sherman The tux
escorted the big ship to the sea to see
hr safely clear of the channel
Time troops on tho Biminer comprise
two battalions of the Fifth Infantry
from the Plntlshurg barnicks with I1
olllcerH nnd 617 men commanded by p
Col C IX Cowles the battalion of en 4
glneeiB from Washington comprising
12 otllcers and 341 men commanded by
Maj M M Patrick and a detachment
from the hosplta corps numbering two
officers and 22 men
Philadelphia Oct 2 With moro
Hunt 400 marines on board end hailed
with II main ni ii Itlorm staSes meaiiiil sit ii
I ivI 1200 tons of co I the nr i
m itiNer Brooklyn nailed at noon
i i In the League Island navy
< uba The Brooklyn which
i aided by Cnpt I C Hcllner
I i tMi to arrive la Cuban wateis
on I iiUuy
Washington Oct 2Ciuiit Coiulen
I the senior naval otllccr at I La vaunt re 4
ported to the nary department today
thut acting under Inatructlnim of Hrcy
Tuft hI had ordered tho warship
Kentucky to latanrii from Havana I
and the Newark lo Neuvllnn to guard
I the railroad there
IlhO Persons Klllctl T4 Mortally
I Woutiilcd EPic Scrliuily Injured
Routmtx FrHncc Oct 2Five per
sons wero killed tao were mortally
u mi tilled and live seriously Injured as
a result of a tiollor explosion which
occurred In the Kttcmio spinning milt
lit I yesterday
> y tiand Or Oct 2The Chlnt
i ml government hIts appolnte
> Hack Hln n prominent merchant c
I i virlUuid consul for the states of
oirRun Washlnslon Idaho and Mo
Thu new consul Is lime fourth 10 K
appointed to represent the Chinese xo
eminent In the Lnlteii States Time oth
er coniulales mo In Sun FninclHco
I nhcre tho con ul general roclduw
ItfiaiD BY rIiiPiiONi
New York Oct 2For the firm tlnm
I hI history of telephone sin New Jer ii f
xiy the state U to la governed by i
long distance telephone f1 Boom
ing Grove Pa where Gnu Stokis yoos
today for the fall shoaling
Under the state conslllutton In tho
absence of tho governor the president
is worn In an aa exedi
of the senate 8 wor I al IXII
live but Oov Stokes nays he II going
to bo gone so short a time tills would
not he iiecesjiry lie also saul that
white lone distance Ifphone nf < H
ovMewo he nit hI In toimib wlili aV
fairs In Trenton and In tlio state U anv

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