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l 6
Judge Whitecotton of Provo Beats
Stewart in Supreme Court
JOMITH nominated by Automation
1or III1rrtIJlJuml Sltuulloii
Tliorniiglily hell a tI
For Conpi eM Judge 0 W Powers
I by acclamation
For Juitlco uC tho Supreme Court
Judge f f N Whltueottoii ot Provo
Tho Democratic ronvonllon developed
two surprhes yeskrdny Ono one thy
spirited dttmtn over a plank In the
platform d cUrlff that tho vUittlou of
Ian apostle of the HOcalleil dominant
Church wn n IMut Ion of the spirit of
tlio Constltutlot and the oilier was the
detection of HiilRO J W N Whltecot
ton of Iioo for the supreme court
Thu naming ot Judge Powers was a
foregone conclusion anl came upon
taneounly 1111 was XleetcII Judgo
Whllfcottona nomination was orke4
up In an Impromptu manner follow
ing the announcement that Judgo Ito
lapp of Ogden would not take the nom
ination This fact was not generally
circulated until after the convention
hnd assembled nnd then there viiii an
I open season Car candidates from all
over the state Support Inuilly center
ed on the Provo man In prefemico to
ludfco SUrart ot Bait Lake who was
objected to on tin grounds that thh
gave Salt Laka two nominees
Tio church and stabs debate began
j when the pUtfortn committee report
rd and tho only clause to wjilch seri
ous objection VHH made was the ono
IQntllIccS carrying objection to church
Interference to tho point of debarring
a man with a right to vote from ti
right to hold stiles Thin was chnrac
tfrlsed ns an assault on thh dominant
Church runl tho sentence was eliminat
ed a clause remaining declaring that
tho election of nn apostle to the Unit
Ad States oenata was Imprudent and
unwlsfIlWId haa Indicted upon ther
tommonwoalth of Utah nn Injury from
which It cannot iccovrr In many Yeurs
to come
Tho afternoon session begun with n
defining of Issues by JUdge William II
Kmff lie Imndlad both national and
locu uttuatlcms giving nlleucd Demo
erotic planks In the Kepubilcun plit
timn cre lit for the great good nccom
IllI hcd In recant leBWntion In favor of
the people against tho trusts urjil mon
Tariff revision was railed for rind tho
truBtA Wero denounced while the name
of AMllUjti JeunliiK Ilryun van pro
clulmed amid rour of tiiiplausc
Vasaltiff on to state Issue Judge
IvInK declared that It was a great mill
take to slzo un the American party
ns composed of ti gang Of sharks and
mnlcontcnti J would Just as coin
trust my religion my civil arid religious
Jlburtlci to solve American1 I know
811 to eomo Ilcnibllcum I know hu
cold It tho end of his statement about
tho new party and 1m was greeted with
another ovation Judge Kings re
inurks on local affairs in part wero OB
follows i
I There In another nticstlonmy friends
that I Usslro to allude to that It always
with us like tho poor Wo always
have some phase of what Is culled the
Church Influence with ua Ono of tho
finest Democratic speeches ever deliv
ered was eleven years ago from this
platform You icmombor Iti that I i
you remember the rest of It about tho
convention of the Democratic party
unfortunately conditions are prevail
Ing In this state today that distract
nt > ntlon from the discussion of tho
great national and public problems of
the day
I regret Hint us wo Iowa met from
time to time lu our conventions wo
have always had before us tho question
of Mormon and Oentlle ot Church In
fluence AVn could not dllicuRs tho
Brent principle that Ho at tho basis
of free government After nil my
frletidg there cannot bo good govern
ment unless there shall bo an Intelli
gent dlHcusslon ct the great questions
which lie nt the basis of all govern
rwiilfl Wo scud I confess In this
country of ours academic discussions
Many people are attracted by the
declaration that this party or that per
ty can put money In their pockets They
ilont Inquire what thorn U back of the
party They do not umleistand the
r function of eov rnment tho limitation
nt tho governing ionor tha extcutlvo
judicial fled legislative departments
hut they allow tho question ot getting
n little money ti > control their action
ui citizens Bach n thing appeals to
ton many and we do not have that In
tolllgcnt dlru ston of great probloms
essential to ilevolnpln a great people
nnd make them celt governing I
We have In Utah at this time a dis
turbing factor Who Is to blunio1 The
Ucpubllcan party not alone tluj
American party that abnormality
that Illegitimate product nt the Hnpub
< llrnn bosses and machine within the
slate of Utah
IOU thorn had teen no Repnbllean par
ty in Utah there would have been no
American party In Utah If there
had been an honest an honorable a
I legitimate Republican party In Utah
there would not have been an t
an party In Utah If the Itcpubllcan
leaders If the bosssen the clique the
nilsorablc wretched faction which gov
erns the Republican party today hart
taken council from the wisdom of Dem
ocratic utterance and Domoeratlc dec
larations there would have been no
American party in Xtnh today I
nm not defending the American par
ty I pay again It Is an abnormality
but I dont itgrce with Homo that all
the people In the American party aro
m scoundrels wlm dtstrc the dlsfrati
e chlsemtint of th + Mormon people of
i rUtah 1 know good men among the
I fA rt Americans mmiy of thorn hlghmlnd
no furnas
l rd nnd I would Just ns soon 10 fur an
I am concerned trust my convictions
I nnd clll liberties with mime Amer
IIt icans that I know as well with some
i y lUpubllrann that I know
My frlrrids tho DemocrAtle party
sUuuls In this elate as Iho conservative
force Wo have 710 friends to reward
we have M enemies Wo stand hero In
i defense of the rlKhta of conscience and
religious llbcrllwof Mormon and Cnth
olle of Jew and Gentile alike WI
k eland here prnrfjng the Brent men and
women that laid the foundations of thIs
uptcndlA and glorious commonwealth
We stand here to praise tM commer
dill activities the genius the Integrity
the loyalty ot the thousands of rice
tiles within the comities of this stale
who desire peaca and legitimate poll
G I clef s
t VVwy my friend pardon a personal
1 I llualjw a Sow yenrs ago a few of UK I
1 JlJ to r here in the old city hall and
Of Provo Who Was Suddenly and Victoriously Sprung In the Dcniocratlo
Convention for Supremo Court Justice
organized a Democratic party There
Were not very many of us The Des
eret Nevss abused un tho Tribune abus
ed us other papers abused us nad we
nero a disturbing Influence In Utah
Wo came to realize the fact that Inlt
republic such as this there was no
field for an American or a Liberal or
Peoples party that we should be cith
er Democrats or Republicans and fight
for the maintenance of the great prin
ciples advocated by theM parties re
spectively By and by tho day canu
when the old Peoples party and the
olil Liberal party laid down their ban
ners gave up their weapons and men
and women joined hands and stated In
their declaration there should ho pence
and fraternity In this state Tho Dem
ocrats have rtnieinbored that have m
membcrcd the combination of tho old
flghthavo remembered the bitterness ot
those old days nod the Democratic
party from the day of Its organization
in this state has stood for a proper
lino of demarcation between tho church
and the state and while It has been
vigilant and cournseous In declaring
Its rights ns a political organization It
has foyer Infringed on the rights of
conscience or the prerogatives lit any
religious organization While we dfc
mnmi that them shall be absolute sep
aration of church and stale tho Dem
ocratic pttty docs not In any way In
terfere or attempt to Interfere with
tho belief of any religious organiza
tion We say Hendtr unto reitsnr
tho things that nro rie nrs and unto
God tho thlngH that me Clods But
the Republican party from tho begin
ning has been nervllo nnd sycophantic
and determined to drag tho dominant
Church Into the arena ot politics in
Utah When It could not win by fair
means It resorted to foul means When
It could not will by arguments ad
dressed to reason It ho appealed to
religious prejudice and foully und 11
belously assailed the Democratic party
And now what Is It doing Hav
ing created nit unAmerican party lit
Utah It now appeals to thin Democrat
ic party silently In the stillness of tho
night to nbnndott Its organization
prostitute Its political convictions ant
Join hands with an Infamous machine
hit has wrecked Its own party std
wrought ruin to the Plate
I will nay so fAr ns I not concerned
that It every other man woman and
child in Utah should be seduced
from the Denux ratio parly by
these Infamous argument of this
still more Infamous machine I
hope I would have the limn
hood ti > stand alone and fight for Demo
cratic principles and religious liberty In
UtahWhether uo win or not w 11 aro
right Whether wo win this time or
next limo It matters not we stand for
principle we stand upon the eternal
rook of truth And eventually the Dem
ocratic party vlll conquer and rule this
great commonwealth and give liberty to I
tho people of title great republic
And 10 let there be no fusion We
will put up a Democratic ticket In every
precinct and In every county anti city
In this state nnd wo arc lIolnnto win
too You cannot fool the people of this
groat nitric nil the time T Hall Kearns
fooled them a little while The ncnlor
senator from Utah In fooling them now
a little bitonly n little hit Tlie people
are beginning to see the motive behind
thin machine and they will rise up In
their wrath and Indignation and hurl
from power this despicable machine I
that H trying to debauch the state try
Ing to bring ruin to the state and its
We make no war upon any eccleM
net We do make war upon ally eeriest
lIt who will forsake Ills high olllce and
tuck to prostitute any organization for
his own Hellish ends
My friends I am wearying you I
will stop Front the audience Clo on I
Oo on1
My friends 1 Mid n moment ago
them Is nothing to be discouraged over
In the situation To dcspali IS to d
cert and Democrats never despair und
think the Lord thorn Is none of UK In
the party who In going to desert There
H a man named William Spry by the
way have you heard of him He hal
been quite spry around her ho and his
machine Hi has said that ho would
take it certain number of votes of the
Democratic party It a certain number
Mould leave the Ilepubllcun party and
go to tho American party but I dont
halter he will mid that kind of people
lii the Domocrntlo purty this year W
an going to stand by tho Democratic
prlnolples and no arc going to light for
We tare not ashamed of Utah Wo
will not have it said ns my good friend
Thomas Weir iho thinks he Is running
for Congrccs on the American ticket
Of Lydia E Pnkhams Vegetable Compound the
Great Womans Remedy for Womans Ills
FW W 4
< b
II tW ti II
IL i
11 11
ar tta
d U J
No other female medicine in the world has received such widespread and
unqualified endorsement
No other medicine has such a record of cures of female troubles or such
hosts of grateful friends as has
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound
It will entirely euro the worst forma of Female Complaints Inflammation
and Ulceration Falllnff and Displacement and consequent Spinal Weakness
and Is peculiarly adapted to the Change of Life
It tins cured more cases of Backache nnd Local Weaknesses than any other
remedy the world has ever known It Is almost infallible In such cases It
dissolves and expels tumors In an curly stage of development
Irregular Suppressed or Painful Periods Weakness of the Stomach
Indigestion HloaUnff Nervous Prostration Headache General Debility
quickly yield to It Deranged organs causing pain weight and backache in
stantly relieved and permanently cured by its use Under ull circumstances It
invigorates the female system
It quickly removes that bearingdown feeling extreme lassitude dont
care and tvnnt to be left alono feeling excitability Irritability nervous
ness dizziness faintness sleeplessness flatulency melancholy tho blues > t
and headache These nre sure Indications of Female Weakness or tome de
rangcmont of the organs which this medicine surely cures Chronic Kidney
Complaints and Backache of either sex the Vegetable Compound cures
Those women who refuse to accept anything else are rewarded n hundred
thousand times for they get what they wanta cure Sold by Druggists
everywhere Refuse substitutes
Oldthnt ono time when he went
abroad he nas ashamed to say ho was
from Utah Wo are not ashamed of
Utah We are ashamed of the Repub
lican party and the American party
but no arc not ashamed of the Demo
cratic party nor of the principles for
which it stands Our mothers and fath
er came here and through their toll
they laid tho foundations of this state
prid wo are going to build up n great
commonwealth and wo arc going to
stand for the liberty ot the people re
ligious anti political
And now my friends In conclusion
Ut us go to our prospective precincts
let un tell tho Republicans tell the
minions of tho machine that wo urn
aftor them and that we mean to work
through dnrkneM and In daylight and
lit us work with in aim In view that
vr will never cease until we make of
Utah a great and splendid common
wealth governed by Democratic prin
Chaplain J C M liner offered pray
er at conclusion of tho cheers fol
lowing Judge Kings speech and tho
convention then proceeded to tho
nomination ot a Judge for tho su
pronto court laying aside tho order
of business qn account of tho non
arrival of the platform committee
There was a dead silence when
nominations were called for ns all
the men scheduled for speeches were
tied up with tho platform committee
which was wrestling with problems
of Its own outside Judge M M Knl
HKK of Provo named Judge King who
declined to enter the running Cullen
bert L Olson uf Salt Lake placed tho
name of Judge S W Stewart before
thin convention In a very brief speech
Few of the delegates oxen from Wo
her county worn aware that Judge
Itnlupp had declined tha proffer of a
nomination and the name of Stew
art came as a surprise to them Sev
eral wero on their feet at once naming
Itolapp Jesse L Driver getting the
titer for the formal nomination By
this time tho impression was out that
Olsons speech meant an attempt on
Salt Lakes part to do tho grab act
of which the Alfalfa club Is always
alert and tearful
Cache county hastened to tho ban
ners of Rolapp and Utah county too
camo In with n speech Chalrmaft
Martlneau then explained to the dele
gallons that Judge Holapp w M not
In a position to accept the nomination
and It was his wish to remain out of
the running Ju ga 3J11ner ° < Provo
named Judpa n N DI1 skin and Abel
John Evan ot Utah county named J
W N Whltfcotton and seconds came
rnpldiy from Carbon and other south
ern counties CWihh a Farrell of Salt
That Good a
161 Melghn 8reot r
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k rtt ill r r I 1
r N e r r
rft h x ll II
e jSq
4z 1A l rh4 iY
54 AYr +
e ir k
t V 4
p M ndlyTv 1 r tit I m
M n v
y mrrt i ar I I
1 1
t I t
a > p
y i
i r
What You Cannot See
In a garment Is what determines its real valuefor the
goodness or badness of Clothes begins at the very foun
The inside of Gardner Clothes are made with the
same regard for their shape retaining wear resisting
properties as for their fine appearance outwardly
Correct style perfect fit good materials and tailoring
make them garments that keep their shape as long as
they are worn
The better dressed men wear Gardner Suits and
there is no good reason why you should not be one of
themThe price can be no excuse
12 15 182O t
Others 750 to 25 x
I 1 1r
4 0 f a p a
o Q a al D p a aoBcJ o o Leu 0 0 o ct o
r b
m KI
l > rte yC QQ tat a a JI1 d
L v i 9 4 a
i p
t V v
1 E
iv f J7odPrnflrl Sd rI Crafts trG5 Coxaer I
> tf I
lf fcrASl We HaVe GroWn Up
CvUtlly V With The Country
> < QL
HE Dinwoodey Furniture Co was established in 1857 The first building was a
small chair shop of rude construction situated on Main Street between South Temple
pie and First South fjjThe store has kept pace with the progress of the community
Q fl Ii c Today it is the most modern the handsomest in its appointment of any in the city s
I Q C JJI an emporium of furniture fashion where you can find the latest product of the craft n
1 a Q mans art Everything high grade even in the cheapest linesa place where shoppers find no misrepresent
a ation Everything on the square A square deal to everybody If not already a customer come and see
Visitors to the city are extended cordial invitation to come in r

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