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r < li l i 2m
17 iit1iifl
< 1 trifLif
I Cffio Paramount Duty of Mothers
i Is to Fan it Till it Illum
IISSION ines the World
IVrwIilcnt Wlnilrr Commends It and
i Snj Ho I 4 Miirli 1NitMM With
1 Tlio Ctxxl HoliiK Dimes
I j
The otllccni of the Primary niwela
ttonn met on Saturday In the Assembly
jial Immediately nfter the clos 11 of tha
Afternoon session of the general con
isister Mar Andorcnn welcomed th
CJdlcis and hoped tho session might be
n profitable oiif
Sister Harah Stewart ireiMrnl nf
he Ensign stnko Primary MPOCIII lon 1
piv Instructive talk on tlm subject
Clod could not bo everywhere co lie
made mothcr
r Slstep Stownrt upokn nf tho Import
anCQot tho proper uro ot children inui
thn responsibility devolving upon moth
film mild
tn and teachers in Primary
there Is a cpnrk of divinity In every
child and tho r > aco of mothers and
Indirectly of Primary worker 18 MM
guard thiit MIIIrI < that It tony Illumlno
tho world
Sister Ella Jcremy president of tho
Salt Iiiko Mnko Primary ususclatloni
read a pxper on the HUbJrot Peopio
eldoin Improve when they huvo nu
model but themselves to copy after
fhn snld hos iifctsniiry It wn for ril
nmry worker to have proppr idtals to
after thnt they might Iw ablo
copy that
to Rive to ha children Ideals
will help them to Improve mentally
rind morally and that n real love for
the gospel mlsht bl Implanted In their
A chorus composted of momborN of the
general board tinder tho direction of
l HlectlonR
Prof StephenK pang thrM ec
the Prlnury tong book Illujtriit
Ito of work thnt might ba dQno with
the chllliren
ffllrter Edith Hunter preIdcnt of
fiin Pioneer Htnkf Primary
llons upoke on An ounco of f ctrfut
of Adiifs In
worth pound
> HM III a
KTVO God with She iaiil too often
It Is forgotten thnt choerfulncffl goos
jmnd In hand with duty ClirMH nd
niunlllon to Hln Mint was o0
pood cheer JJVon though tho life
of Jrsus was a sad ono yet wherever
Ho wont He carried peaco and cheer
Kho nho spoke of tho noccsnlty of hav
ing a cheerful spirit whenever doing
work with chliawi
EWer Josephine AVoolloj prHdont
inf the Mberly ntnko Primary nsKOcIn
ton talked on the nubjoct Obedl
lice alone gives the right to com
mand She also wpoko of hoW chrltl
lf and work teachee obedience und
iHihl the only unfo plan to follow WHS
In bn obedient to thoso placed our
ns It we expect tho children to bo
iiibedlent to 118 then wo mint ho will
ing to follow the Instructions ot our
President Winder tpoko far a few
inlnuUK nayltig lie wan pUancd with
i the work that uni being dona and
fcQlliird that n great rcuponslblllty
idovolved upon the plonacr wnrltors
lit trnlnlng ami guiding the children
lot isrHol Ho Mill 1m wns on hand
10 tin nit In could for thn progress
lilt this great work and felt especially
f 1IIhl with tho pfforlH being ma do
long A miiflcal line with the children
Ho declared ho lovuil to hear them
sing congH appropriate to their work
The meeting closed by tho chorus
Hnglng Wo Kver Pray for Thee
iIenrdlctlon wai offered by Sister
Ulna Y Card
J11I11rclNlm Fimrral Scnlccn Ocr Ko
mains of n JiHxl Viiiiiiin
IIIIJlrell91vo services werft held over
the remains of Jim llnchel Helm In
the Mill Creek wnrdhoiisa Saturday af
ternoon The homo was filled with
HynipathlrliiR relatives and friends and
tho many beautiful floral trlbute whlch
covered the casket testified of tho en
teem In which thu departed was held
Tim pallbenrora wcro llrnj T Helm
Hay Andewon Daniel Mitchell Chns
Mitchell EdRnr Mitchell und 13lmo
Mitchell Kulo l tlc and comfortIng
words clmractcrlzcd the brief remarks
made by the many speakers nil teitl
lied of her worth to her famllylier saint
like characteristics and her influence
for Rood umoiw those with whom eho
fume In contact
III hop Jail C Hamilton presided
over the Mrvleosnnd appropriate music
WIIH rendered by a select quartet Tho
pieces rendered wuro Sister thou wast
mild and lovely Not hnlf has ever
been told nnd Fading nwny Tho
lUdy speakers vero Slslers Tt SneA
ulcer Unices Hanson Nellie H Corn
wall nnd Marc rct Spenccrsluter work
t rs in the Hellef Korifty Each spoke
Of her happy disposition lier vnlno nil
a nnlRhbor and a mother as teatltlfd
to by tho beautiful family she had
valsrd They told of her visits fuuonrr
I the sick and the afflicted encouraged
the children to follow her wimple
Bros P P Carllsle and Jos 11 Car
lisle stykd Sister Helms life ns one of
purity honesty humility nnd upright
nefn Elder Tho W Sloan And IHshop
tI O Miller characterized her as one
of Ools nobility ItUhops Jos A
Cornwall and Jas r Hamilton spokn
t of the unity In her home and mid a
1I ii If you
f U
lover of
I good
t Tea
I ask
I your
t grocer
vlnltor tliiTfi woe nlwiys better for i
having been there
After tho brnedlctlon lIT Hlder Wm
ft Winder n long Hue of carriages fol
lowed her remains to their lust rcatlng
plncf The grave was dedicated by
Bishop Jan C llnmlltnii
SonlriKf Iiniionril by Iwljrp Dlrlil on
Ono C II IliilXrr This Morning
C II HUlntw who was iirrtHlnil lIeV
oral day ago on the charge of parsing
two bOKUH 10 hills wits before Judge
C H Diehl tills 11I01111111 for nontonce
Hulrter was convicted of the offense
and It UIIH nppixtfllt that he hud panted
tho bill knowing them to bo fraud
ulotit JudKO Dlrhl senKMiood the nun
to nerve four months In the county jail
Hoister WHS taken to the I county ban
tile liy a deputy sheriff and liu will have
nniple opportunity 10 think over the
folly of his actions
Homer Davenport Nrcutliilfn Inrdmso i
Of 1 Arublun Rom
New York Oct Twentyseven
Arabian horses 10 mares und 17 sul
lions were landM yesterday from the
steamship Italic They have been on
the way from Aleppo Syria since
Aug 21 This Importation In said to
bo the largest of the kind over made
and IH the result of tho only Iradc evor
liHiied to iin American Homer Da
venport negotiated the purchase The
niilmnln ho nays represent the only
strictly desert bred throughbreds ever
brought to this country
Tlnnlcr Tonight ccos the farewell
of Tho Wedding Day by the Knit Lake
Opera company Popular prices will
ruts und with the number of country
visitors yet In town the brllllmit per
former ot tho local company sholuld bo i
greeted hy another line audience In
all likelihood tonight will be Ml a
Gates last appearance In Halt Lake
City for a number of yearn
Ylola ailletto and her big production
of The UIH and tho Hundlt are duo
in the Salt Iike theater tomorrow
night 1
S I 0
Orplicnm This weeks bill which
has Its Initial presentation at the Or
photon tonight contaIns tome Interest
ing features There III Hen Welch the
Wurfltld of vaudeville a couple of the
beat rill and revolver shots In tho I
show business a screaming Kuroponn
act In the form of tho crazy German
cavalry band leader a farce soiiij
Mexican teroiKuler two comedy strong
men and other novelties The house 1
was almost sold out by noon
firnnd Mr Lorch nnd his company I
In the Sherlock Holmes play The Sign
of tho Four will be the attraction to
night UnonnouH business U already I
4 a
Ljrlc The old time popular play
Thn Two Orphans Is the offering
at the Lyric this week nnd up to data
tho Standing room only lgn has
been hung out On Saturday afternoon
and evening the popular little play
house was padkol to Its utmost capa i
city and scorcH of people VCIQ turned
Huny Although the play was produced
more than 30 years ago it seems to hnvo
lost none of Its popularity Tha presen
tation by the Lyric stock company Is In
every sense good Honors ore divided I
between MKI Pitt nn < l Miss Roberts as
the orphans The Intters portrnyil of
the blind girt Louise Is worthy cf
great praise
The Chevalier Da Vaudrey of William
Halfonr time Mother Ia Frnetmd of
Miss Hartley and the Jaques FraslinrJ
of Mr Fruzler were enacted In a most
excellent manner Kvcry part Is In
good hands and the company Is deserv
ing of the crowded house and mani
festations of approval received The
Two Orphans will bi repeated cvtry
nlsht this week up to and including
Friday There will be a matinee on
Wednesday Going Into effect tonight
the prices wilt ho 10 JO nnd 30 cents
for evening performances and 10 nnd 20
centa for matinees
Th > Mndflnn union 11t Ita snnual
meeting striia3 nfturnoon und chose
UIIM oflUers
President C L Beuy
Vlri Insldfiit W K Him
perrctary II DanMs
TrrniiiHi lyirenro Sharp
These officers with H Zimmerman
Krnnk Ford A II Keisch P C Elevens
and John H Hmlih cnnstltute thd board
of directors
KxnmlnltiB cominltlie Anton PeilM
MMI John Held barge flkoltnn
Auditing romndtHio Htnry Johnson
T A MltrliMI M L Klnsrey
time report of tha Inwiurcr showed
thnt the union had more than SMI In Us
treasury and wns free from debt
The average man likes to
havc a bunch of Neckties
to select from If you
havent as many as youd
like you can get them at
this Good Clothes Shop
4 A variety in style shade
f and price which is sure to
j I please
l P
a u 100UJ A1 I 1
Handsome Memorial to tho Mem
ory of Three Pioneer Brothers
Is Unveiled
Ininllj As icmblc4 lmiii All tolnts of
flu Cinimns to ho Iriwnt nt
Till Rurl
This mornlnp At the cemetery dedica
tion t 1 vices were held for the hand
sumo now monuincnt erected to the
memory of Datiltl Hyrum und Orson
Spencer by the families of the three
brothers a large nunitivr of representa
tives being present The eervlcei were
Claudius V
opened with pntyor by
Kpfcnerr eldest ron of Daniel Hpenc
situ wai followed by n quartet coin
p0501 of members o the ftimlly name
lr Mr Edith ICiivltoii Miss
ItoRvrs Charlefl 1 Felt and John D
Hiienccr Itomniks wcro iimdo by
Charles Hpencir eldest son of Hyrum
Spencer who spoke of hie pleasure In
the occasion and specially of the Hen
tlmont It embodied that of unity nnd
harmony among tha family Hu fa Id
It was his prayer that tho association
thus begun would continue among the
fumlllus amid also the disccndants for
all time
Howunl Hpuncer the eldest ton of
Orson Spencer wan the next speaker
and he ad thnt In enjoying the pros
erit occasion we must not foiget to
honor the memory of the grot mon
who had made It possible for the gath
ering on that spot Through the influ
ence of the Prophet Joseph Smith the
throe brothers hud embraced the gos
pel which called them to this place
and through the leadership of another
crtut man IlrlKhum Young they were
led to this valley timid ho was Kind that
through their example tho descendants
had been partakers of Ihf blessings to
which they Rave their lives He hoped
that the families would remain faith
ful to he principles they had Instilled
In them
Hu wns followed by Samuel ° Spencer
representing Daniel Spencers family
who spoke of his pride In the occasion
his joy at the reunion and thn erec
tion of this mnnmiHnt to tho fathers I
of whom all were en proud He said It
was a mailer of pride for every Spen
cer present that not 1 word of blame
had ever been spoken iiBalnst the fame
nf those three men whom they were met
to honor Speaking for himself and h9
believed for all present ha would say
that he was proud of the course they had
token In accepting the faith they hud
cspoujud In their lives before und af
worth ter and throughout of their word of heroism and
It was the dearest wish of his life
o lo
that hMrnony and unity should oxlnt
the families of these
unions tnmlleR len
lie wild followed by John D Spencer
chairman of the program committee
Who pi Id n tribute to Jacob Spencer
secretary of tho association to whose
efforts chiefly the success of the re
union nod monument enterprises were
duo und ended In Introducing him to
the assemblage for remarks
The latter responded with a brief
meech In which he said that there
had been no happier clay In his life than
the present end that there was n dear i
er object to Ills hciii ilmn ths per
pntimtlnn ot ilu > MIIII if Jmrmony and
HfCcctloji which those ceremonies
HICCtOjl tht ceremollw sym I
bolized He was at lh service of the
association for anything IIP mIght ren
dr and would conlder mitch services I
pleasure and an honor Following his
I remarks John D Sp nccr read a dedi
catory poem written by Josephine
Spencer and the seavlccs were
closed by prayer by dwrfia
Spencer a son of Orson Spencer nnd
a sons by the name quartet
The monument n handsome red gran
Ito stone with white granite bane was
decked with flowers brought by various
mebmers of the family und presented
I line appearance Tonight at tho
Thirteenth ward assembly room the
regular family reunion will bo held
TIe said wo live in nays whose sign
lorot lls the great millennium tlmei
And wo may think lit near at liana
When clustered in so close a band <
lha bpciicem scattered rA and near
Meet in the Cause that links us here
tRim north to stuth irom west to east
Wo satheretl to the iomlly Feast
1 And now a more fraternal train
ilrings us logethcr tnce again
From Cedar Iuat to Ikusnnt Oieon
Knslgn and Murray and between
From cities south to clllcs north
A pilgrim tall we juurncy forth
To Place this nobltf trIbute hero
To names wo cherish I 01 high and diir
I In that Um when oer the plain
Footsore sad heartsick with tho pIn
ut exile and the untold care
flaunting the desert region ther
Could then those heart to which wo nay
The tribute o our nrldo today 1
Have seen lh laurel of their deed
And the fair fruitage nf part aeeds
In thn changed scene that round us lie s
what word might mensme their surprise
Now where the alkali and sigu
Onto lined the deserts dreary page
Garden and orchard ipreud afar
Prom mountain slopo to saltspa bar
And n fair city clusters round
Ullh many a stately rooMop crowned
Nol stalely spires are ratsni crowod
For the Old JloIcry luafthatched
And 1 proud Temple looms on high
Crowned with the angel soaring hlilr
Whoso tongue amid the Creeds loud din
Cncol lour
Called them apart from homo and kin
And led them to the desert waste kn
I3y paths with thorn and teardrop traced
I q
Three brothels of I sturdy stock
Dating Hn days to 1lymouth Itock
They cast their lot to furnish cleAr
Another Fllgrlm record here
Hyrum the brunch of sturdiest make
vtth courage for Ids conscience sake
To bravo the backward desert path
lhe toe pant tlitrjtj tho tempests
And give his lifea dear paid pice
For his souls riitifo 1 wcntlcc
Daniel whoso wlnlorn guided ere
The others In their days of care
And whose un epig sense of right
Made justice ere 1 tO of might
Wlnnlngby word and deed claim
To his old honored Dibit name
Orson the frailest of the three
A gentler sweeter spirit he
But stronger with his gifted pen
In fruitful works with hosts of men
Than they perhaps whnss frame or mind
Titled their tanks tn sturdier kind
Theee th progenitors whom now
With prlvst pride and public how
e dtdicata tills emblem her
And know If now their spirits near
lather with timas chance they might
It will be pleasing In their eight
Proudly we gather proudly puca
This tribute on th lan fair face
And proud we are that since we came
To arthwe bear Inn KICK old name
That In the gO
figured tl ealy days
With words of layS goodwill nn praise
Proud that our fathers chose to make
The stand that always heroes tsko
And braved tho dangers of tho mobs
8f kindreds scorn of sore hmrMhroh
Ot hardship toll nnd famines stress
For faith In their Faiths rlghtoiiiness
Proud that our sires are named with those
Who turned the desert to the rose
Proud that their wagon fallowed first
That little group on whose e e burst
I The opening vision of thu land
And with prophetic outstretched hand
Tho l adr pok This I the spot
Here If alone I cast my lot
troud that their mime stood fair among
Those whom th ngthenlrg years have
And still hal sing to themes of pbe
And though they never knew the rays
That since hive beamed upon their name
In uordrf nf love and flowers of fjmr
w e trust that sonmewlicre If not near
Tliclr Iron ndrlts jet rhnll hear
fir tn the tvmf better manner know
Thn eell of honor which m111 thrr fate
For the proud pnth tint made their fate
J Of worth and JOSEPHINE honor to the OPENCEn State
Its n food and 1 sweetmeAt
that Is absolutely free from any
Impure Btlislnures
A goodly assortment of six fla
vors lllc and i5o packages
The Sweet Candy Co
Ilnnk CIonrliiK Todays local bank
clearings amounted to 110211949
CM against J30D03040 for thu same
day last year
Itov SliiiiiMn litRev 1 A filmp
kin pastor of tho Phillips Consrogn
< rastor
tlonal church Is In nouthcrji Califor
nia for his health which Is reported
nu unimproved Mr Slmpktn hal been
working at high procure over since
ho came to Salt Lake from Gallup r
M and tho strenuous character of the
him wear nnd tear Is beginning to tell on
lUnlly Transfers II Harrison
has sold to Edwin U Elder 40x110
feet on Ninth South and Third East
streets for J3700 A C Gordon has
sold to Annlo Stenhouse 30x132 feet
on Eleventh East street and Second
South streets for 3500 O Sampson
nan sold to Clara B Kennedy 2x10
rods at Third Kast and Fourth south
streets for JSOOO
nincUlmrstfl Bail rnck Hyrum
Ulnckhurst a Salt Lake carpenter has
1Iaclhult 1
about como to the conclusion that hn
Is the victim of continued bad luck
Karly In tire summer lie lost several
having received
weeks work owlrijr to
an Injury to ono of Ills eyes A month
or so RiO ho hurt outs of hit legs
whllo working at limo smelter at Oar
Ctld and Just returned to the plnnt to
contlnuo work when this rrornlns Ills
leg vas broken anti he was brought
to the city anti sent to 81 Marks hos
pltal whore ho will receive attention
until he shall recover
LVrllllciitrit For Physician As are
null of the recent examinations con
ducted by the state board of medical
examiners eight physicians have re
celved certificates to practise In this
state They are V li Iate Coal
vlllo M C Fnod Salt Lake G W
Mlddlemus Green Illver D Easlcv
llh1emus Hver
Fcrron G W Green Ogden Annie
O ncls Salt Lake J a Johanson
Ogden F J CurtIs Sal Lake Two
applicants Frances p Parry of Wo
her county ant Flora A Hussell ot
Wayne county were granted ccrtlft
catcH to practise obstetrics
DUliiiKiiltlKtl TOMUH Here Two
dlstlngulthed citizens of El Paso Tex
Honn A Courchesno and Fells Mar
tinez arc II the Knutsford on route
d > San FranrHro Tht y report tho
tizc nf the tm Iltv as now 35000
JH opic with uifd afreets and electric
car 11 hot There Ire citizens In Salt
Lako who can remember El Paso na
an adobe vlllago on the southern stage
route to California where rowbo > s
wcro wont to shoot up the town at
thflr own pleasure The visitors re
port Mr Iteckhart formerly a citizen
of th city ns doing very well as a
mining and civil engineer and milking
Tlio llovvrlnt 1nncral The funeral
of Miss Annlo Uowrlnc who died
nt Ogden Friday night will bo held
from the Seventeenth word meeting
house Tuesday afternoon commenc
ing at 3 oclock Time remains may be
viewed nt the residence of J C Bow
rinG 28J west First North street
from p to 1 oclock on the day of
tho funeral Henry E Bowrlng tho
father of Miss Howrlntr died coven
months ago Her mother Is still liv
ing and tho deccasad Is survived nlso
by the following brothers and sisters
W C J C W D W J II X nnd
J F Bowrlnp Miss Laura Howrlns
and Mrs 0 D Hanks Mrs A M
Campbell Mrs J T Raleigh Mrs II
1 Kllerbeck und Mrs K O Clark
Tho Thirtieth quorum of ventlrs
will hold Its regular monthly meet
iic tonight at 730 oclock In tho
Ilneteenth ward meetinghouse Mem
bern please remind your neighbors
PAZO OINTMENTIs guiranteeC to cure
tiny case ot ItchIng Illlnd lllcf < ilng or
Protruding Piles In C to H dijs or
money rundel Me
Col R A Wail has gone to Waih
Ington to attend ft hearing before tho
United States supremo court
Eugene Gaylord receiving teller at
Walker bank has roturncd from an
annual vacation In California
Kupt D II Caldor find Steward
Pnxton of tho State Mental hospital
arc In town from Provo on busIness
Mrs 1 P Myton has gone to
southern California to remain there
for tho next two months She will
stop en route to visit with her son
lion W W TUtor has rune cast
to meet Mrs niter who will land In
Boston from Germany within the next
tow days He will remain In attend
ance on the annual meeting of the
National Bankers association before
returning to Sat Lalcc
8 D Evan and wife and Miss Helen
en Evans returned this morning from
n trIp to Mlddletown N Y where
they went with Mlsj Hose Uvans to
attend tho weddIng of Mr Kvans
sister JIIss Hose was left nt school
at Irvlngton on the Hudson
Record t the local office of the weath
er bureau for the 21 hours outline at 6
a m today
Temperature a S a m 4 S mlxlmnm
74 minimum f mean 5 which U I de
grees above normal
reclplUton since the ftrnt of the
month 01 Inch which U 3 Inch Ubw
the normal
Accumulated excess tn precipitation
since Jan 1 J79 Inches
lleUtlve humidity 4 per 1t
Local forecast for Salt Lake City and
cool vldnly tonight and Tuesday continued
Section Director
ft am 1
7 ain > M > M
S ntit 6
t am 5fi
I iani St fl ft
1 turn < c
12 m < < AT
1 pm > <
3 pm 70
lUchttt i 1 <
Loweit o43
Make Strong Party Claims Dis
credit Democrats and Roast
Iho Different Ilnnlw Sntiinltlcil to Ito
Con cii I Ion n I tho Knit 1nlnco
This Aftfrnuon
Th platform and resoluttnnii submit
ted to tho lUpubllcait county conven
tion nt the finlt 1aluca this udonloon
mire UR follows
Your committee on resolutions rl
HHctruIly report UH follows
tllctuly tolow
Vc the Itaiuibllcnns of gait Lake
county In convention uoacniblcd do
declare nnd uninu rn follows
We raaiTIrm our miiironl of the
Itcjiubllcnn state platfurm formulat
ed and adopted by our elate oonvon
ton in Hat Ialto City Utah on Sept
Vo cndorta the succeftsfUI n pub
llcan administration of our county af
fairs und bcllevo that every voter nnd
mix payer within the borders of our
lair nni prosperous county Is inter
cstcd In nn honcut efficient economic
al and business like administration of
our county revenues and maintain thnt
the paramount Issue for tho citizen
of this county to consider U the col
lection and expenditure of their pub
lic monlCA
The question or taxation li always
a Vital ono nnd can bo mado a light
or lifnvy burden according to tho
amount of public monies colluctud and
the wisdom which Is exercised In their
expenditure nnd we submit for most
serious und thoughtful consideration
I of over property holder within our
country the following facts
In the last seven years In Salt Lake
i City three political pnrtlett have bee
In power viz the Republican party for
four years the Democratic party for
two years and tho American party
for practlcallv one year AVe call to tho
attention of taxpayers thnt during tho
tour years of Hepubllcait control the
city tax levy averaged but 8rj mills
that during the two years of Democra
tic control It averaged 101 mills and
that In tho one year of Antrlcun con
trol It ID 12 mills that tIme average as
messed property valuation durtnn the
four years of Republican control was
approximately 3300000 that tho aver
ago assessed property valuation dur
ing the Democratic control was 39 < KK >
000 antI that this year of American
control the assessed property valuation
IH JIlOOOOOO in other words tho at
tention of tho taxpayer II railed to the
startling and Important oct that under
Democratic control with an Increased
property valuation of approximately
3000000 the tux rate was Increased
two mIls that under American party
control with an increased property
valuation over the assessed value of
property during Kepubllcan control of
7000000 the tax levy wa Increased 3ft
We also call attention to tho fact
that the claim of tho Democratic par
ty and the American party that the
reason for time Increased tax levy and
expenses during their control towlt
the public Improvement carried on by
them Is not true These facts arc and
the records show I that during the
i years ot Republican control more street
paving and cowering wag done than
under either the Democratic or Am
erican administration I was during
Republican control that the strewn
of Kotith Temple and Second South
touth Secol Were
paved to the two railroad depots weo
thus far not a single block of paving
within the city of Salt Lake has been
completed by the American city admin
istna lIon
We call attention of the taxpayers to
tho fact that the permanent lixcd em
ployes oftha City of Salt Lake during
the last year have been increased over
30 In number that clerkship foreman
ship and other positions have been
created and filled when no necessity for
their creations existed
We remind taxpayers that tho Amer
ican party council of Salt Lake City
has determined to pay J7SSO to the con
tractors who paved Second South street
In defiance of the fact that I Repub
llcnn council Republican board of pub
lie works Republican city attorney and
Republican mayor Ezra Thompson
and a Republican city engineer t C
Kclsoy Investigated this claim and reo
Jccted It aH one which the city was
under n legal nor moral obligation to
pay and confirmed In this position by
the city attorney under the present
American party administration
We submit these tow Incontestable
facts to tho voters of Salt Lake county
they arc part of your public records
and In tho taco of the samo the Amer
ican party announce that they will give
to this county tho same kind of ad
ministration that they have given to
Salt Lake City In other words they
tel tho people In plain words that with
nn Increased property assessment they
will Increase the tax levy rind with
no greater public Impiovcmcnts than
In preceding years and no Increased
work they will Increase the county pay
roll 30 to 40 per cent Are the tax
payers of this county prepared to ac
cept this kind of an administration
Under the present city Republican
county administration there has been
much Improvement In the highway of
th county We pledge the Republican
party to a continuation of the Bam
The main highways throughout the
county have been lighted with elec
tricity by the Present county adminis
tration antI we favor the continuance
Imton contnuance
and cxtcnnlon ot this lighting system
so far as the revenues of the county
will permit
A large part of Urn taxes of this
county are derived frtom small prop
erty owners and the policy at our
county administration ithould not aim
as will compel th mortgaging or con
fiscation of the peoples homes and
property by Increased levies and there
by paralUing Industry and enterprise
but through Increased assessment val
uations on new wealth and now prop
erty derive sufficient funds to carry on
the county government anti gradually
reducing the rate of tax levy which
will have the effect of placing the pre
mium on enterprise and encourage
bulldintr rind Improvements relieve till
burden of the overtaxed and destroy
the argument that tie progressive cltl j
aemm und hOle builder Id the target for
felr all who nro Interested II
the success of Republican principle
that our old rnciny Is alert amid uctlvti
In an attempt t i > secure I congrosamuri
from the Stato of Utah und tho result
of the election In Ball Luko county
will therefore bo fjrrcuchlng nnd Is of
more than usual importance We cull
upon pIt tluwM who desIre to uphold
the JiumlB of President Roosevelt In the
great unnnlPlied work which lies before
grclt II
for bun to express their approval of
hi polky by I continued oupport uf
lh Republican party
S1ItIiil1ltIKEltS ImIl
DCS Mailmen In Oct Twentyfour
hours llnf the organization of a
street nillway mienS union 23 profes
sional Ikebreaker recruited in Chi
cago arrived In Des Moines A meet
ing of the ofllrlnli of the now union
and railway oillclalu will bo held this
afternoon when nn ultimatum will bi
Incited by Iho former An Increased
wage and shorter hours are demanded
by lImo street raIlway enlployca
Warsmv Oct 8Three terrorists
1 hero today after having
ivoro hanged tolay Ifler hvllU
been noiitcnced to death by a drum
head courtnurtlnl
WnihtflKton Oct 1After n month
vacation the xuiircnx court of tie Unit
ed Htitca convened today for tho term ot
1 i
The following San Francisco quota
tions art fuinlHheO today by Jumea A
Pollock it Company
Belmont GTi asked Cash Boy HO
lrj Golden Anchor 60J163 Home 26fl
2S Jim Butler 13240135 Mac
Namara 7381t Midway 2050210
Montana 2DOiff29S North Star 450
40 Ohio 23f25 Tonopah Extension
6il < 3 > 6Vi West End 175O1SO
Adams 10 iPll Atlanta 2G027 Duo
Bull 17JPU Booth 500E2 Columbia
Mountain 380SO Conqueror 13ft > 15
Dinmondfleld 34030 Dixie 6iQt7
Cloldilold 65iJr 9 Jumbo lROfMSK
Jumbo Extension IS052 Kendall E75J
58 Uipuna 44045 May Queen 20
nuked Mohawk 370 bid Red Top
1EOW1C2H Sandstorm 66ff 8 Sil
ver Pick 83084 St Ives 49WEO Na
tional Dank 535IEO Denver 155 bid
Eclipse 82 bid Gold lIar 110
0115 Original 14015 Stein
way 40 asked Consolidated Vir
Klnlix 341P96 Nevada Hills S00 t325
Ophlr 3005T310 Mexican 8ff88 Cal
edonia S9041 Exchequer DO53 Nor
cross 1050116 Golden Crown 16017
Great Bend 50 asked RPSCUO 23524 i
Jllack Butte Kxtenslon 335 Mont i
gomery Mountain 52JJ5I Sunset 12 i
hid Scepter 4347 Manhattan 12 bid
Scylcr Humphrey 15 bid Dexter 508
51 Gold Wedge 16017 Ion Star 120
lii Great Bend Extension 18019 Great
lend Annex 12013 Crescent 33 bid
Cow Boy 11C13 Denver Annex 2022
Bulls acid Bears 3fl4 Black Rock 4S
New York Consolidated 27030 Man
hattan Consolidated 83S3 Little Joe
4ftS Mayflower 6IQ6G Jumping Jack
55WB5 Red Top Extension om Mus
tang 17i f20 Fraction 76SO Triangle
24025Trnmp Con1300132V4 Bonanza
60S Yankee Girl 1415 Stray Dog
65065 Pin Nut 21022 Bullfrog Daisy
40 bid Indian Camp 660S7 Eagle 100
Monday Oct a
Atchison 11
Atchison pfd 10H
Baltimore Ohio 122H
Canadian Paclllc l9to
Chicago Northwestern 31
Chicago Northwestern pfd 30
Colorado Southern 41i
Denver ft Hlo Grand 43
Denver k Rio Grande pfd 8 >
Erlo 4SH
Illinois Gentra i 1
I luI911 Nashville Ih
11exlcllI Central llj
Missouri Iaciflt 4
cw Vork ntrl i
Headlu 111
Jtk hlnd S 11
HOfk bland 1111 3
Bt Paul fls
Kouthtm Incino Kjit
Southern Halhvuy jis
chili Panne MJ
tlllon 1acltto pfd W7 k
Wjibami M
Wisconsin Central 9
SCI r r t xtt 4
Atnalniftled Copper
American Cur AS itiundiv
Alolricin Locomotive I
Aui iliunbm ttuif It000ing 1
i ii
Unicklxn ItaDlii Transit
Colorado Iutji Sm Iron 1
international Paper tjl
National Bucult t7v
National Leatl
lacilta 3IsiI 1
lipl s One
Irexstiii Steel car > 4
Pullmnn Palace Car JL1
BtuniUM Oil 9
uraI 9
leunl Co coul iron I 1
United States Steel I J
Inllftl Mian atcol pfd 4
Western Union 1 I
Northern Iadnc I
Great Noth r pld 2
tnt 3Jet 3I
hit Met pd I J t
Mncluy Mackay pfd i 0
f t
New York Oct 8Moncy on V
+ call firm 2 i04 par cent ruling x
rate closing bid and offered X
loelnK Ind otfel t ut 4
per cent A
x Time loans dull and steady X
5 Sixty days 0 days and mi X
months 6 per cent
Clofu Prime mercantile pa Y
z Per 6107 per cent V
1 5 Sterling exchange strong with X
2 actual tnnlnoss in bankers but A
+ lt 4M c 18420 for demand A
nnd Ut 4O2fhi8030 for w >
1 day tlili v
5 Iostid rates 411 and UI t i
nnd 4S5 A
Commercial bills 479igiSO i
ci Bar silver GM 19HfSO I
l Mexican dollars 53 Y
t Bonds Government weak A
1 railroad bonds dram A
> X v
nFMISIA Oreat Bend Ian OIl
Alice lUralsli nfrcd 3 rtnucliter nf Au
drcvr nnd Allca Urny n mliliful Luri
day Sulnt anj onco u member i ih
tabcrnaclu choir
CnKAOER Hcpt 2 nt her homo M
TOn town Trnnklln Co P 3Ir A I
fnletta Granger wlfrt of JaIl J K
Creaser of Inlernnl tumor MM
frcantr wan I devotM Ijtli > rdj
8alnt nnd 1 great friend to the mflIm
R H Evam norlat 36 S Main St
Floral Drslens 1 Specialty Thonei
h81 uork Apply 334 U Street
HI South Maui
Pilnleos nxtractlcn of Teeth or K j
Panles Wcrk rojltlv lr QiuraatMl 1
Illau Dell 1126SJ ImJ UJd
295 I
In patents gun metals vici kid regular 350 blucher
lace and burton
c 295OverlOO pairs WOMENS FRENCH
Ji HEEL OXFORDS in patent or kid in swell dres
ey effects worth 350 to 500
s efects
I I ity fit and all in
wear al n one
LUXURIOUS VESTIBULED TRAINS consisting of Sleeping Oar
Dining nnd Cafe Cars nod Day Conches Aro Run Dally Between I
All Tribe Block The Erie Dining Car Ser
Al Trans Protected by Dock Safety Signals Ere DinIng
vice i Unsurpassed
For steamship passengers the Ero Excels All Other L Ins
R H WALLACE General Passenger Agent NEW YORK
H C HOLABIRD A C P Agent Chicago
C F OSBORN T P Agent Denver Col
° 4k n
nA A H = L L = i v J
1 i

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