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1I11II lEY1 N1NG NgW
Sunday excopttd
Corner of South Tempi nnJ Eail Temple
teltL Salt Lulu City UUh
i Chtrlc V Icnroio Editor
Hoi ace U Whitney Iluslnesi Mnagtf
StJlIS ltWrtON pmCES
In Advance
On Year 3M
tt Monthii 4Sil
Threo Months 2
Ont Month
Hnturday Kdlllon Ir Year ICO
BgnilWtekly IVr Year 2M
COrrnpondeiKe Id other TtiAltit mILt
ler for puhlliitlcn ihoulil be oJdretiatJ to
Addroi nil binlncii communication
and ill rtmiiuneta
Salt Lake City Utah
Kntfrtrt it the PoitofrtcTof Halt IIt
City airiecnnd clrii mutter ceordln to
the Act of ConerHi March i If
c = =
= = = = = = =
The General Conference which open
ed on Friday and cloned on Sunday af
n ternoon vas tin occasion of the most
lntn Interest from the beginning
The Krtnt Tabernacle was cmwdcd to
r overflowing On Friday morning both
tlio lower noor and thu galleries Wf1rO
fully occupied with tho exception of n
f ow seals In tho northeastern flint of
0 the lower floor On Riitutdiy every
part of the building was filled nnil
many perwni hud to ninml On Bun
day morning the Assembly Hull wall
thrown open nnd wan soon crowded
while throngs were standing In tho
doorways anil other parts of the Tab
ernacle In the afternoon both edi
fice viore Jammed ttllli eager listeners
v the aisles nnd doorwnyi and other
available plactn or standing tree fully
ocrupltd and thousands gathered the
Kroundx unabla to nnd ft scat or a spot
whereon to stand within either build
r ing
r President Joseph F Smiths open
big address wni llilenid to with rapt
attention and vas pnhllshcd In full In
tho Descrot Jfewn the sam evening
All till speakers who nddresied tho
conference were animated In their nd
urcHin nnd spoke under the Influence
of tho Fplrlt of tho Lord Thero never
was n conference at which closer at
tention was given or when the Instruc
tions were more adapted to the condi
tions and circumstances surrounding
the Lnttfrday Mm The narration
of President Smiths tcnlve trav
els among the missions abroad and tho
great work ho performed during tim
short absence from this city was highly
Interesting and gave those who heart
It an Insight Into tho progre of the
work abroad and the faithful labors of
the devoted bund of missionaries
young noble nnd cleanlived men who
c are engaged In preaching tim Odpel
j to tho nations of tho world Tho teach
c ings Impartcil throughout lie confer
coca wero of a practical character for
the regulation of tho liven and conduct
of tho members of tho Church and
wero received with that devotion nnd
determination to do right which Is
characteristic of the people of Clod
Ii Tho authorities of the Church In every
department from first to lat were
i unanimously sustained In their respec
tive portion with n heartiness that
> showed there was no oppostlon to any
Jinrne that wis presented Tho musical
exercises consisted largely of congrega
tional nlnglnir which was rendered In
nueii n cordial and harmonlom rninner I
UK to make tho vast building rrsouml
ivilti melody anti the prtilse of the Most
OIlKh Tile set pieces by the choir un
del Conductor I van Stephens the solos
nnd tho grand organ manipulated by
Prof John J McClellan were In their
ujual nplendld style and all the exor
clacs of the great asicmbly ranked
among the cry best that have over
characterized a General Conference or
tho Church
Tho Mows has presented dally a
Succinct synopsis of the proceedings and
the remarks of nil the speakers wero
BtenoKraphlcally reported and will np
pear In the usual Conference pamphlet
Which will ooon Ustio from the press of
this paper It was a grand occasion I
I giving joy and satisfaction to Iho hearts
ot tho many thousands who were con
I croguted In the Tabernacle and thoso
I iwho filled the Assembly liaR at tho
overflow meeting and that held out ot
doors on the grounds because the two
spacious edlttccs could not contain the
throng of eager people who assembled
Jn General Conference
H was a time of Brril rejoicing and
much profit The influnwn hilt pro
vailed there will ba carried to all the
Stakes of Vlon and tho different mission
Heidi and will tend to accelerate tho
onward progress of the latterday work
und Induce tho moinbein of the Church
ml their families to llvo righteously
to walh iiprlKhtly to exorcise a mornl
influence luul to uphold tho Constitu
tion laws timid Institutions ot their
country as well nil thoso of the Church
of Jesus Christ of litterilny Saints
g 11 was a Conferciuo never to be forgot
I tel
Tho Evening andMornuiig Star pub
IWied lit Independence Mo roprosents
the body of religious worshlprrs com
monly known ns the Holrlckltci which
Iii In legal posjession of the land nt
that plnoe known as Tho Toronto
Lot Ilfiitlcrs of lie New will rn
member that the ftcorRnnltoa CII
deavorcd to Bet tho lot iiway from the
owners and iucce > le < l III obtaining a
decision from nn evidently blnsed Judge
1n their favor On appeal to the su
perior court however the decIsion was
promptly roveraod and the land ro
mains In control of tho parties who
acquired it by buying It In nt differ
ent times at tux sales
The Htor hAil nn article conveying the
Impression that acme repro entatlvn
of the Church if Je us Christ of hat
terday Saints lay clMm to the Temple
Lot and further that the Hedrlck
ll is have mado borne kind of nn agree
tnent In suit it to the Church here
all of which is Incorrect We can My
positively that the Solntu here respect
the rights of the present possessors of
tho Temple Lot It was originally
owr ed by tlio Church and though th
till was vested In an otllclnl of the
Church ho held It simply In trust
The bpso ot titan and the change of
clicunutances have brought about
present conditions rind there is no
body that we have heard of who U au
thorized to speak for the ChuWi In
Utah who either has a right to my
that tho lAnd Is clultntd by this church
or that hw Jledtlcklto leaders hare
ever agreed to turn over tho property
for a money consideration Thin Jf
preliminary on our part to the publica
tion of the following correspondence
which appears In Iho Star ot the latest
Orarid Rapids Midi Sept 3 1906
Eider John It Halderman
Independence Mo
Dear 8lrf ntn Informed by nn ad
herent of the Utah Mormon Church
that the organization you represent
ban expressed willingness to turn
over the temple lot to Inn Utah Church
whenever they want It to hulld upon
and thnt your church is now only art
tour as guardian III this true Any
information you ran give me upon this
will be appreciated
Yours hopefully
Independence Mo Sept 4 1906
Mr K K Kvoiw i
Grand Jlapldn Mich
Dear Sir Youi letter of Inquiry of
Sept 3 at hand No sir the Church
I rel1rel lIt ban not expressed lit will
Ingnesii to Turn over the Temple
Iot to tho Utah Church whenever
they want It to build upon
You may rent assured the Church
of Christ now the legal ownerK of the
Temple Lot will not turn over th1
property to Iho Itah Church nor any
other Church unless God should glvu
us to understand that Ho wishes tui to
do so This Ito has not done
While wo are the legal owners of
the ground nevertheless we feel It
really belong to the Loid and io an
SUHtodlans hope and expert to retain
posicxslon of the spot that It may bo
ready for the bulldlnif of the Temple
let that structure M reared by whom
soever the Lord wills
No The Temple Lot Is not for sale
barter nor exchange
Koine lands In close proximity to tho
Temple Lot nt Independence are owned
by the Church here and were wo bo
llevo originally within the limits of
the land purchased for tie Latterday
Saints when they contemplated build
ing up Zion In that locality Thero
nro many precious IItlnl ell In rela
tion to their return to Zion anti tho
purchase of the lands now referred to
may have given rise to the rumors In
circulation there Ws hope this ex
planation will bo patlsfactory to the
odltor of tho Hvenlng and Morning
Star and his associates among whom
are sonic very worthy people whom
we highly respect
Secreetary Hoot has performed n
great mission to tho LatinAmerican
republics It was a mission of peace
Ha wan the bearer of a message of
goodwill from n great and mighty na
tion to the smaller neighbors In this
hemisphere U formerly the Impres
sion had prevailed that might was
right Secretary Hoot has certainly en
deavored to bring nbout a hotter un
derstanding of the policy of tho United
Htates He has convoyed to them the
message that their right and privileges
ns members of the great family of na
tions ate an sacred to us and us In
violable as our own He has assured
them that our only aim Is tho con
quests of peace In which the nmallcst
of nations can cover Itself with glory
ns brilliant as that of the largest nnd
Mr Hoot hud not returned from his
mission as a messenger of peace be
tote an opportunity of demonstrating
tho truth of Mi message presented
Itself In Cuba And the PresIdent
quickly sent another messenger nlno
with a message of peace to that re
public For that In tM mlsulon of
Secretary Taft Ho was sent to Cuba
not to fin Into furious lames the
glowing embers of civil war for the
purpose of creating nn excuse for
acniol Intervention and annexation
hut to make pence between tho war
ring factions and reestablish order
European powers often take advan
tage ct the troubles of their neighbors
to enlarge their own territory nt tho
expense ot those rendered unable by
Inteuml strife to defend themselves
Hut this Is not tho policy of the Unit
ed States This country mntte sacrl
Ikes for tho freedom of Cuba i It U
prepared to make further sacrifices for
the maintenance of that status and It
In evident that tho Cubans will never
lose their dearly bought Independence
unless they themselves throw It away
by Internal strife and disorders detri
mental to their own material Interests
ns well an those of their neighbors
This great nation has been given
n peculiar mission Tho first ivdvent
or tho Son of Man was accompanied
by the proclamation from heaven
that there was to be pence upon earth
and good wlll among men Th re are
now many sIgns that this Is nbout to
be realIzed and the position of in
fluence to which till country has ris
en Iii one of the moat significant As
Ions 11I wo are true to the principle
embodied In tho great Instrument of
liberty the fathers wero Intplrcd to
make Mto of In their day ntil then lie
quenth to posterity wn will continue
to rise and the world will follow our
lead until alt are prepared for the be
ginning of the Millennial reign the
coming of which has been heralded
by tho Prophet Joseph and other mes
FC grs In this lltpenatlon with a
divine mission to their Wlow men
Great responsibilities rest upon tho
shoulders of the citizens of thla coun
try They cannot afford to suffer
mornl rottenn to potule the gov
ernment They need Intolllcnce hop
eny nnd purity In both high anti low
places Only as they maintain a high
moral standard can they continue to
bo a blessing to the world
From lime to lime the newspapers
throughout the country receive olrcu
lots calling their attention to Ihe fact
that the public are very often swindled
by tho dealers In the nedessirles of life
by the use of dishonest scales An In
stance Is given In which scales are ad
vertlscd to pertain the miracle of re
tailing a certain commodity at n profit
though fold nt the wholesale prlco
To quote
Can you do this on your fictile Buy
twenty pounds pork loins at nine cents
a pound retail them to your trade at
the same price nnd get your money
back Wo cnn on our scale and make
you three percent profit beelde If
jour business nmotjnta to 10 A day
sale we can tarn you thirty cents In
fraction you dont get now Thirty
ceua a day means that you buy ibis
scale every ISO days
It la clear that It the conies Iolk 11
here advertIsed the customer lire
swindled to the extent of the Illegitim
l Li
ate profit of the retailer that uses them
It Is a Bud fact that the connutnti
IK often defrauded Jii purchases even
by Ju scientific methods than those
employed In tho ron truotlou of the I
scales alluded to It Is about the moil I
mean and contemptible practice Imag
inable for a merchant to cheat his
friends on whom he depends for a liv
ing Uven cannibals generally eat on
ly their foes It Is often dlfllcult for
tho wage earner to get what he need
at the prices forced up to the highest
top notch by trusts and combination
It Is Weiss lo have to pay the exorbit
ant prices for hOlt weight nail nuns
urea Hut the public can remedy this
In many Inntnncis aftfeait by weigh
ing or measuring whilt Is bought be
fore paying for It and then deal only
with lOuise who are honest rhero are
many honest merchants uid they
should have the patronage Those who
think nothing of lying stealing and
cheating their customers by means ot
short weight should be left alono by
the public
According to a consular report sent
out from Paris Franco Is suffering
from n gradually Increasing suIcIde
mania The Fiench have for pars
had the reputation of being coniplcu
fillS unions the nations addicted to
muhint hits been called met suicide
If individual suicide IK Increasing too
they ire rtalnly buinlin the candle
at both ondc And that seems to be
the fact
Vice Consul General Ingrain of
Paris In a recent report shows that
while the consumption of nlcohollo
drinks has decreased In Germany
Kueden England and Switzerland It
has Increased In Franco from 113 liter
per capita In 1830 to 380 liters In
1003 Thcke figures represent pure
alcohol of which one liter the Consul
MJH Is equivalent to about 2U liters
of brandy no that each person III
France Including women nnd chil
dren consumes each year 8 ½ liters of
brandy not counting wine beer and
elder And the alarming feature ot the
Increase In the consumption of alcohol
Is that alcohol has taken the place
of wine Among the alcoholic bever
ages that now have a hold upon the
mosses Is absinthe a liquor that hns
beon expelled from Belgium on ac
count or Its Injurious effects upon the
The repoit goes on to Kay that In
1001 there were consumed In France
IDTOOO hectoliters of absinthe at 50
degrees alcohol and In 1004 It had
Increased to 359000 hectoliters In
other words each Inhabitant con
sumed In 1904 on an average 1 liter
of absinthe per annum but us only
one person In every hundred drinks
absinthe the fact is that each ab
sinthe drinker consumed 1 liter of this
beverage every three or four days
There Is nn obvious connection be
tween drunUcnnes and suicide It
has been established that cases of self
murder ns a direct result of alcoholism
Increased from 854 III 1879 to 1120 In
lfii > 3 Tho total number of suicides
Inuensed during the same period from
6190 to 8885 and It Is certain that
many of these wero Indirectly due to
dumkenness since poverty and crime
misery and dispnlr lit a great many
instances originate In the haunts devoted i
voted to the worship of Hncclni
Tho French are n great people but
they should earnestly endeavor to find
a remedy for the evils that sap the
vitals of the nation And the effects
of the sins from which they suffer
should be a warning to others to avoll
the pltfallg of fashionable vices
To bo American Is to be unAmeri
When lightning bolts a ticket It Is
done for
It U hard so hard to give up the
straw hat
Does Mr Hearst look upon Mr Mur
phy ns really small potatoes
Too often the logical candidate Is
nothing but a mere sophist
Talking of presidential pos lhlllllcs
every Americanborn 1fIY Is one
Eugene Debs says that Philadelphia
Us a den of thloves This Is pretty
tough on him denizens
In the ten thousand dollar bunco
game It Is not Impertinent to ask how
tho bunco men got It
It may bn more Interesting but the
Plait divorce case can never bo so Im
portant as the Platt amendment
If people would but heed Jho admo
nition Lwid ui not Into temptation
they would not be led Into bunco games
A Chicago pastor claims to have
found a remedy for swearing lie
should patent It Theres big irfoney In
If sO Inclined people can call Taft
name Here ire some Judge Hecre
tary and Governor Yet after nil whats
In it ninu7
Charles E Hughes Republican can
didate for governor of New York Is
a mountain climber lie also seems to
be a political climber
Members of tho various boards of
health throughout the state want the
LoKlslaturn to make an appropriation
to pay their fares to their meetings
A physician says that the cIgarette
habit la the cause of Ivlng And yet
Ananias flourished over a thousand
years before cigarettes wero made
The Postmasters convention Is op
posed to the parcels post Tho people
aro In favor of It Tho wish of the
people and not of the postmasters
thould rule In tho matter
In some of tho Cuban provinces n
question of pride ns to which side shall
lay clown Its arms first Is causing some
linicult LU both sides remember
that pride goes before a fall
Bishop Potter of New York says the
church has civic duties nnd that never
b < fote tree the demand so Insistent for
religious bodies to Interest themselves
In public question as now if the bish
op wero to utter such sentiments In
Utah he would ba branded as a traitor
and one who would rend the Constltu
How long will It take before tho Cu
bans are prepared for a second trial ol
selfgovernment At present they have
been nut back a class or two In the
school for constitutional Government
They must first learn that eelfgov
crnment Is about the hardest task a
people can undertake This under
stood there Is no reason for discour
An Alabama mob took two negroes
from a sherIff and hanged them An
other mob dissatisfied with the fate of
the negroes started for the scene ol
the lynching determined to burn the
bodies Thoy simply wanted to glut
their savage Instincts for blood and
tho horrible There was not oven the
poor excuse of avenging tho usual
lUgardlng fake mining the Ban Fran
cisco Bulletin says California al
ready adopted a law which has worked
on almost complete riddance from that
state of spurious mining stock and that
lecherous parasite on tho mining Indus
try the fake promoter It probable
that the proposed legislation which will
be submitted to the state legislatures
thls winter by a committee of tho
lAmerlcan Mining congress will be
fashioned After the California law
which provides that any person who
shall undertake to sell or assent to time
publication privately or publicly of
n fraudulently exaggerated report tend
ing to give any person or tho pub la
generally the Idea of a greater value
than such stock may really possess
with the Intention or defrauding any
person or the public shall be deemed
guilty of a felony and on conviction
shall bo punished by Imprisonment In
stats prison or a county Jail riot ex
ceeding two years or by line not ex
ceeding five thousand dollars or both
It It a good Idea and deserves encour
agement In tho interest of ono of tho
gratest Industries In tho Union
George K Turner In McClures
TIme Galvcston Commission Is a body
of five mcna mayor or general man
ager and four managers ot particular
departments All power resides In the
Commission A majority vote of the
body Is final The mayor Is presiding
ollluer and general director of the af
faire of tho city but he has no power
beyond his vote as commissioner except
some minor abilities to act In case of
emergency Tho commissioners must
also como to the board for nil power
to act The Commission at Us first
meeting divides Its departments
among Us members by vote under
these four heads Commissioner of
finance and revenue police and fire
commissioner commissioner ot streets
nnd public property nnd waterworks
rind sewerage commissioner The mayor
IH elected specifically for his office but
the commissioners aro not But though
tha division of departments Is under
the chargo of tho board the public
arc practically certain when they cast
their votes of the otllco each man will
assume In fact the men who now
serve wero chosen because of special
fitness for their work The elections
to the board are of course at large
and tho whole body Is elected together
every two years tho election taking
place In May a time as fur removed
as possible from tho time of other elec
The Outing Magazine
Two Important causes of heart trou
ble arc underwork and overwork but
chlcily underwork Where duo to
overwork It has been physical not
mental Tho hearts of longdistance
runners and bicyclists sometimes be
come hypertrophied while children
sometimes succumb to too arduous
play With children however It Is
usually due to a predisposition In that
direction from their parents whose
hearts have been weakened by pro
longed underexerclae rather than to
ovcrexcrclse on their part As tho
result of a recent examination of near
ly 10000 school children In tho primary
grades by tho Board of Health It was
fowid that GO per cent wer suffering
from physicAl detects among which
predominated defective vision Insufll
dent nutrition pulmonary and heart
ailments startling condition of our
boutcd civilization
Now York Times
The uniform of tIme enlisted man
whether In tho army or the navy Is the
lvlge of the wearers subordinate em
1 > I < > merit In an honorable and useful
government serviceone of many such
nnd one of the least It give him cer
tain special rights In his garrison or on
his ship and deprives him of many
Individual freedoms there and clo
where It operates not at all to In
crease his merely civic privileges Oft
duly anti outside his garrison ho counts
merely as a man Least of nil Is his
tinform a social passport
Chief said the Cznr calling his
chief ot detectives
Yes your majesty replied the
chief The evening paper says tho revolu
tionists will throw no more bombs but
will poison ofllclals hereafter
It is true your majesty Time rev
olutionists have so decided
Then give orders for the seizure of
nil the canned beef and Ice cream In
Petersburg and have It brought to the
police I propose to eat all of It and
become Immune Ex
Only n Trifle Gone
The editor ot a paper In Western In
dIana declare It to be a fact that a
cub reporter on an Evansville sheet
In describing the murder of a man In
an adjacent town wired his paper as
Murderer evidently In quest of mon
ey Lucky Jones had deposited all his
funds In the bank day before so that
ho lost nothing but his lIteSuccess
lly Way of Correction
Cherry brandy Is the name of tho new
color which Is to bo the rage during
the wInter A fashion writer describes
It as a rich rose pink Should not
this read a rich nose pink Man
chester Chronicle
The Hilling lasslon
Laden and Perspiring Stranger
Could you kindly tell mo how far It Is
to the station
Oolflnir Native About A full drive
two brassies and a putt Punch
Preliminaries Agreed Upon
Some humor was Interjected Into a
cnn In a magistrates court In Ocr
muiiton Two local lawyers wore
representing plaintiff and defendant
and became excited and somewhat per
sonal In their argument Matters pro
ceeded to such a pitch that tho law
yers began to call each other names
Youre an illS sad one to the other
Yoitro a llarl was the quick retort
of the opposing attorney Then tho
I magistrate In a very dljnlfled manner
Ie io
t 7
said Now that the counsel have Hen
tided each other kindly proceed to the
disputed points Philadelphia Record
Hard to Collect
nut dont you really think asked
the sentimental one that honesty pays
In tho end 7
0 returned the man of affairs
Iso no doubt of It But It wants
shockingly long credit Smiles
SAI1 I LML luls IHATftE =
Tonight Only Farewell Performance
The Wedding Day
Tim Same Splendid Call
The tame Magnificent Chorus
The Same Enlarged Orchestral
25c to S10O
live Nights and Two Matinees Start
Ing Tomoriow Night
Presenting the Comic Opera Surprise
Headed by America Favorite Prlma
Donna Contralto
PrlcesMc to JIM MatlnecsKc to
JlOO Beats Now Heady
Colllni hart TfeoVlvlini
Mix Ilildtbrandt Johnitone Cooke
Gonzales liroi Klnodrome
Every evening except Sunday jc
60c Zc Box seats JHO Slatlnef
Tuesday Thursday nnd Hnturday Me
TiC And lOu flax seats 1oe
Matinee Wednesday 3 p m
Mr Then Lorch
Supported by Mist Josephine Def
fry and his own excellent company
In the character of SHKHLCHK
nOL U8 In theThe Sign of tho
Tho Romantic Drama
Salt Lake Only Family Thlller
limo Greatest of tIi llelocrnmM
MIIUnc Wedneslay
Evening IrlcesIOc tOc hOc 1I1al
nellIoo ne
I >
of the
Will bo given at the Bait Lake Thoa
Friday Oct 12th
at 4 p m
Mrs Montague F rry
Mr Wlllnnl Welhe
Dlrecnllr AHhur Hhepherd
Concert Master Mr Gee K fikelton
Manager Mr John U Spencer
Box offlcp open for sent reservation
of subscribers ticket Tuesday Oct 9
Regular seat ale Wednesday Oct
Subscription tickets now on sale
App to Mrs K Corny
iiVakc Our Store
Your Headquarters
WillesHornes by the
monumentIs the closest
store to the Tabernacle
Everything pure and fresh
at reasonable prices
Hot Bouillion served with
crackers 10c
Tea coffee chocolate
I and all kinds of Hot Drinks
served at our Soda Foun
Uy the Monument
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Fenways Candy
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a real treat step into the
The Busy Corner
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gradiicandy hut It Is better
Order Phones 4350 Open all night
gp I
Real Bargains 1
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j MillineryDepartment
i Two Dig Spccals395 an495
1 A COMIMJTrn MVH of tlrowy trimmed hats recent
1 ly arrived from Iho east Our buyer purchased large
l quantities with a view of this sale and thus obtain
concessions that will enable us to
price convince our
wo arts idvlnR them unprecedented values
sI1 rons TO eon
y4tl them Is to unnt them Two special prices S fl3 ami p
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IU5A fine silk braid and silk velvet shape all colors now
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cent on
All White Hats ranging In price from il15 to n RQ
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Silks and Dress Goods
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J Ire sells reaularly nt Tic per yard
2 WHITE WASH SIMIS In the popular wldo widths
27 In and 36 In ranging In price from GOo to Jl25
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rZ mfiS GOODS Threo lines of orotty and senlce
able Dress Goods Inshadow plaids colored checks nnd
pretty mixture all wool Regular price 6Bo and 75o
per yard r 0o
SILK PIHIT nn CVdXK For dresses linings etc
sold regularly for 65c per yard 135
Table Linen Reduced
ff Table linen and napkins from ono of the largest and
best factories In the worU that of William Llddell Co
j Belfast Ireland who baa a world wldo reputation for
1 turning out first grade linen
Regular vke 40c SOc 75c 100 S125 S20Q S3QQ
Special Price 32tfc 40c 65c 85c 8105 SI70 250
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COLOHKD OUrrxo rrA3xnL extra heavy light
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In the Notion Dept Jj
wmlENS IJVMM SKIN GOES in black ox I
blood tans and modes An excellent JlOO nlovo Tc <
r 4k4 HUMSTITCJinD KMIUIOinnitRO and Scalloped Km
broldcrfd SwIss HANDKERChIEFS good 28o values IBc I
1 I
zq C M 11 Where you lIet the < tZ C M I
g g lI1Iia 1I
Knitted Garments
Underwear M Hosiery
Lisle Thread garments a few
Ftlll In stock per 01 flfl
pair V IUU
Medium weight Cot Qflr
ton per pair uk <
Fine Cotton splendid wearing
quality per IUU
pair t t p
I Best grade fine cotton bleached
I or unbleached per CI 7C
I pair H > l60
I Best Fine Fleeced bleached
I I pair or unbleached per 150
I Soft Wool and Cotton C 2 flf
I mixed per pair vUU
I Medium heavy Wors 2 50
I ted per pair
Ladles children and Mens and Boys Underwear In great varie
Hosiery In all grades and prices our leading line tVo ore known
for tho Hosiery wo sell
30 MAIN BTREET SALT LAKE CITY Wholesale and R tall
You Want To Be Well Dressed
At the same time price
cuts a figure with you f
You hesitate to pay the i 4jr
high price of tho merchant s
tailor because you feel that
there Is something wrong I
when the price ho asks for
a Suit Is In tho majority of
instances double that of the
readytowear kind
Yet you listen to tho old
song that you must be
measured each time you got k
a new SuitJust as though
tho chape of men Is so dif I
feront that no two are of the same proportions
But you know differently You know the best drossed
of your friends wear the sort of Clothes we sell and guar
antee so why not try it yourself
It will mean a liberal savln to you and If you get a
Gardner Suit we guarantee you will be as stylishly dressed
as any man in town
Prices 10 to 35
tsii ru 130

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