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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 08, 1906, Last Edition, Image 5

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Note Heard on
NI t a Names
C tat ion of the
Of Officers and Aids
uf tlI
IJ1CII t 0111
110ccmei 3IadO at Mce11uC 01
SteIO8tUIII t rnul
tho of
cnt of nmel
OI with nr
rreiUeR of the Churrh wih
laalbrnrl aids occupied could
j 0jctrs ot the con
Mtlng 0 CUl
t th
l Ih Ile tng
hi tunhW afternoon There
te Ofl > lH
trce B voice not il I 1H
ot a dl 1
1 n ate nor < unwilling upllfttor
daflt II gathert fa far
in I the
I I obsr tturlng
1 oherVl <
puny ope th long ar
ln OflY of pMng IPon thl
CIon the contrary there
Mm I
1 01 imltv fllld tho olU
1 I j
a ablo e lu p of entire sUlHfactlon
rI Itt nivhith was
I nir h > 1l1 hltl
Qfb nMogaton In unison
and Olrl uton
IT choir lUl
t of aI
In tbO1Y fal
01 let I rcJut
ratOI r on earth need
0 lohger a tnlg 01
Good ce I fl3fl ale ounln to us 0111
W nat th hour ot ret mptlon
v And iw til
will come
11 offered by Patriarch Lorln
Ier u aj ot I Ul congrcguitlon
Tar A
ISECt Journey pursue
jlurney purslc
e lOt lP tlW
round VtIl the year
I eu t311I SUIt tilt the Master
d never tolil ai ti
Beaker at the afternoon
me first Icaker
1Ofl 3
He began
of le grl
t ftbe arklng quorum that Iosles recently read I
Kence put into thq mouth of a
entente tho effect that
In a story to th
ScVy knohH the Ten Command
EverybodY knll
ElerJbodY nobody keeps them He
Sea to read the Ten
re ied tJiTfore reat
pjrpOled rort
fflSdmenti and to make such
mandment as might bo sug
mmtni SUI
comments theen a
Smith there
to 11 mInd 1IMr lmlth
gted each commandment by It
upon red
comment after each
klng etch
kf m4tng th general trend of his
rernarks Thou halt have no other god be
such Is the essence of tho
iH me
frg lore command glvel in this list There
rr the Latter
cin be little doubt that Iter
can Itle of
d Ealntj worship the God spoken
here The God of the ancient people
of the lord has al < vays been the Clod
Lrd Lord But
01 the modern people of lut
can moern raId of thi rest of the
omniinilroent There aro many of tho
Eitoti for Instance who are seeking
Swt Intance of this world
tw nuch the things o orll
they are lii a sense erecting other gods
them Five minutes prayer a
Ware them tIe mllltN prlor
devoted to
dr and the rest of the time
I pursuit of goldthis Is the story
oh too many lives
Thou shalt not take tho name of
thi 10rcl thy OoJ In vain Many men
nocr and old who claim membership
Ln the Clumli are guilty of violating
I l peat law profanation of the
Wfi came la a grave sin and should
thOBo whoso
vt be knoSn among
usatre found on tho records of the
DA tame thing may be said of the
iint command that concernIng tho
fibbitti day There Is at present a
prtctice growing up among the young
t My to break this law The Sitb
bath lay Is holy and should be oh
wmd a such by nil Latterday
Salrtt Blt lnsiad we often see peo
ple devoting this dny to pleasure and
mrtatonlnslead of attending to their
rellfloii duties Our fast meetlnga are
tw little attended in many place
d commanded the Israelites to
honor Ihclr fathers and mothers that
Hey nWit live long In the land which
nj to b given them I Is n com
wn mtnt that has never been re
voke There ought pot to bn any In
cllnaUon on the part of the boys and
Ittrls to call their father old Inn or
fovemor or their mother old woman
This may be nod doubtless often Is
done In thoughtlessness but It Is none
the fm dlirttptetfut This HO far us
to youth ar concerned But there Is
tie M of the fathers and mothers
TOT should co that their lives are
is t a will merit the respect of their
clMren No father who Violates the
totunaiids of the Lord can hope to In
we 101e and ohedlenco on the part of
Ui ctlldmi
The law rrnhlblllng murder Is
iirftilarly well observed among tho
Nlatl Bat this ron not be sold with
Mmuth truth of the one against steal
tg and thOM also ugalnst adultery
J falio warlnsr Occasionally
these later Inq crop out among tho
Siati nut pll1 things are against I
tt teachings of the Church
of the sam Unrum was thl next
JLi ker Kl remarks were In et
tel f
telTho 1l
Tho Lord has abundantly blessed
r I vas bnrn of Mormon parentage
w hIahbor 11rlon ntagti
Wth I am thankful to God I
ari look tho world In tho face and
dears I t that the teachings of my par
lots have alwa ben of such I rhar
atfr s to rM kA better
HIP IC them
ii mp beter t
ta lo u me any > lsP ° ltlon to wrvo God
2r the truth to love niy coun
c7tk tad tl look lo tho advancement
St th v atvnneement
I i ti uJ hUman tact generally I owe It
thC lllm Tnr is nothing In
c It teachings t the Church that cIil
none to d rn
1tluih t Mnrmonlm tenches i
S 1tl thre something that Is ox
a u w must alh
L tb e allhero to
o elthll lie who hat tho
but dIP not reduce It In
II Vnt reduCI iirftc
U will lth Ik the house that fell be
The a of i hving a poor foundation
Ith r rat at thIs point from
i j In support of this stnto
OtlflutI I have evr found 1 man hI
w tr fVhT ° nir any of tho to
rs of Chiit
ThOH Iltl who has boon a good
IU Thot II tho c ° nl > i > ry who
Itd their imo In vlllfylmr Gods
r a tte Ihs ° whose own lives
hear let
1ttn4 II Potion So young
t 1 WOit0 k ff the Church when
to INHI you away frotn
I tChlnt frlf
s IIhln tf WHIr parent eXlmln
Hmf Thi I10 mo on of the
C irch Th i of the doctrines of tho
J II nn earneit matter
tt Walter Inatel
l t f human ealvotionand
4tAru Ha lIltonnnd
Win he thought which wo
yst AM f if u rPlh011 ore you teaching
t the
t re rl ° octrlnefl of Christ
ho lut hrcvhl1 young people
tbllt Church I aI cortvlncetl
U al cOIWlncf11
u o the 10 not Properly
Ilertnl th i tCI Iroperly
the to
t01 a thl 111IUon of their pal
1 ir1 oue So
rant that 01 thn It Is
Iro trh tthnt young Jeollo bn
Ib In the
tofl principles of
51rh UUCStlJfl II ometnies asketi
Int WoUld Present lentalOI o
re CUh Undergo tho trials which
nderlo your
to The
tIii Nlrelll
Ihther they qiIestIo lep4 Upon
gosp Iu betn taught the
its t
IIPollnll true
o Can ttadily 11 t I they have
ala < 0nsor
b ynMlf it they
Wihl 1 In the
II r ldllllnl truth hy
l tho Q rlfces c
> 5
I LLe S It
I ont of thf constitutional
diseases It manifests itself
I local achM and pains
inflamed joints and stiff
musclts but it cannot h
cored by local applications
I requires constitutional
treatment acting through
the Hood and the best is
100 ad bt i a
course of the great medicine
which has permanently
cured thousands of cases
For testimonials of remarkable cures
eend for Book on Rheumatism cre i
C L Hood Co Lowell M
their parents J IH nol thousands
of the young mon go abroad leaving
comfortable homes anti lucrative oc
cupations to promulgate an unpopu
lar faith to strangers who often seek
to make thin labor extremely hard
Let us labor lay by day for the
progress of the Lords work Lot us
magnify each other by speak
lug well of one another I
pray Hint the Influence of thin
great gathering may lie felt In
the remotest parts of tlio Church I
know the gospel to bn true I know
that President Smith Is I mnn of Odd
whom men would say nothing against
If they only Knew his heart
of the same quorum next dressed I
tho conference Ho referred to I
statement which he snw printed to
tho effect that the attendance was
not so large in on former occasions
He marveled at such an norton for
thero hail scarcely been a conference
when there was an largo an attend
ance at the opcnlnir teflon Ho had
enjoyed tho remarks that had bean
made by tho elders Generally the
saints have nu understandingof the
doctrines referred to by Elder Hyrum
1 Hmlth and others who hud spoken
during conference Hut there arc
young men growing up among us who
am not evidently Indoctrinated In tho
gospel Ho did not believe that fo
many youilg men would befoul them
selves by using tobacco and drink
splrltuoim liquors if they had always
hind a good example ret before them
at Imf The speaker thought that
our children might more or less easily
forget the lessons taught them at
Sunday schools nnd other organlrn
tons of the Church hut they would
not easily depart from or forget tho
training to which If they are given It
they are subjected nt their homes
Elder Ponropo dwelt upon the opposi
tion which the saints had met with
from tho world They had always been
on the defensive rather than the of
fensive They have Indetd been mors
or less ngrcuslv In th uso of weapons
not those of the hand hut thus of the
head and tho heart They hnvo directed
rected attention to the written word of
the Church and to the lives of Its lead
orsVe were In the beginning with the
Father the speaker declared IJy the
beginning we mean tho beginning of
things which pertain to this earth
Christ the First born and Lucifer
were thero ItkewlH Lucifer and his
evil companions have been ever pre
sent with men on the earth Christ
confronted these while he was among
Inn In tho Temptation the spirit of
light was ought face to face with
tho spirit of darkness According to
tho Scriptures Satan IB 1 person an
Individual TIme spirit of darkness Is
abroad In the world seeking to have
a placo In tho heart Ho sought to
touch Christ but there was nothing In
Him to touch And so h endeavors to
seek place In the heart of sinful mal
How does this spirit work Through
the hearts generally of those who nrj
Inclined to evil Hut It often attacks
our children I may ontcr our home
nnd endeavor to Introduce liiharmony
Let us continue our work of light
Elder Pcnroso referred to tho notion
among some of our young men that
men In the Church may not pocses
the ramo civil and political rights as
others nut the speaker thought that
buch n notion Is wrong No leader In
tho Church has any more of such a
right than any other min but he has
no less Wo ore all equal In this fensc
I Is only In this meaning that we arc
Ha admonished the paints to retain
tho freedom with which the gospel hal
made us free Shall wo not remain
firm ho asked In the truth 7 Shall
we not stand by the servants of God
bo truo tif tho precepts wo have been
taught and teach our children In tho
way of truth Light wi arise and
shIne und Xlon will come out trium
phant Satan will be bound Christ will
come and all our tears shall be wiped
from our eyes
The general authorities of the Church
were presented by President Smith as
Joseph P SmIth ns prophet seer and
rovolntor and president of the Church
of Jesus Christ of latterday Saints
Wohn II Winder aH tlrt counselor In
tho first presidency
Anthou H Lund as second counselor
In tho first presidency
Francis M Lyman as president of I
tho twelve apostle i
As members of the council of twelve
rouncl o
apostles Francis M Lymnn John I
Bent Smith barge Tcasdale Heber
J Grant Iludger Clnwson Reed Smoot
Hyrum M Smith George Albert Smith
Charles W Penrose George F Rich
ards Orson F Whitney and David 0 i
John Smith as presiding patriarch
of tho Church
Tho counselors In tho frt presidency
and the twelve apostle and tho prcsld
Ing patriarch as prophets seers and
First seven presIdent of seventies
Seymour 13 Young Brigham ItRoo
ms George Reynolds Jonathan 0
Kimball Rulon S Wells Joseph W
MoMurrln and Charles I Hart
William n Preston ns presiding bish
op with Robert T Burton and Orrin 1
Miller as hlit first and second counselors
Joseph F Smith ns trunieelntrust
for the body of religious worshipers
known ns the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latterday Saints
AnthMi I Lund ns Church historian
and general Church recorder
Andrew Jenson A Milton Musser
Brlglmm II Roberts and Joseph F
Smith Jr assistant historians
horace I Cummings superintendent
of Church schools
As members of the general board of
education Joseph F Smith Wlltard
Young Anthon H Lund George I
Hrlmhall Iludger Clawson John I
Winder Charles W Penrose Horace
I Cummings nnd Orson J Whitney
Arthur Winter secretary and treas
urer to the general Church board of
Duncan M McAllister as clerk of tho
Ilathihebn W Smith president An
nlo Taylor Hyde im counselor Ida
Smoot Dusenberry second counselor
Emmellne B Wells secretary Clarissa
S William treasurer Jane S Rich
ards Sarah Jenno Cannon Romania II
penosej Susan Grant Emma S Wood
ruff Jullna L Smith Emily S Rich
ards Ellis R ShiPP Julia P M Farns
worth Phebft Y Heatle Carrie S
Thomas Alee Merrill Home Annie
WclU Cannon PrUcllIn P Jennings
Margaret A CalM Rebecca 1 Little
Ellzftb tlvS Wilcox
Harriet Ann Badger Sophia T Nut
tall Mary A C Lnmbert Mary T
Smith Hattlo n Harkcr PrUcllla
S S r S
Smith Leila Merrill Allen MarUn Y
Hardy Isabel M Whitney Sears
Emma A Empey superintendent
Phcbe Y Dente secretary and treasur
or Dr Margaret C Roberts Dr Ro
mania B Pcnroso Dr Ellis R Shlpp I
Instructors S
Joseph F Smith general superinten
dent George Reynolds first ujsljtunt
general superintendent David 0 Mc
Kay second nnslmnnt general nujier
in tend cut
Mcmbcni of the RnardJwoph F
Smith George Reynolds David 0 Me
hay Joseph W Suminorhiiys LevI W
Richard Francis M Lyinon Heber J
Grunt George Tcatdnlc Hugh J Can
non Andrew Kimball James W Ure
John F Uennctt John M Mills Wil
fhn IDDennet 1 UII WI
liam D Owen Seymour B Young
Gorge DL Pyper Henry Peterson An
al 11 Lund John I Winder James
E Talmage George M Cannon Horace
Cummmgs Josh Burrow Wllllim A
Morton Horace S Ensign
CifTie D Pyper general secretary
George Reynolds treasurer John A
Burt business manager
Joseph F Smith general superintend
ent Heber J Grant assistant gone ml
Bupcrlntendcnt I 1 Roberts assist
ant general superintendent Edward H
Anderson secrcUry and treasurer
Evan Stephens music director Horaco
S Ensign assistant music director
Aids Francis M Lyman John Hen
ry Smith J Golden Kimball Junlus F
ell Rodney C Badger George II
Brimhal Edward H Anderson Doug
las M Todd Thomas Hull Ncphl L
Morris Wlllard Done Lerol C Snow
Frank Y Taylor Rudger Clawson
Rulon S Wells Joseph W McMurrln
Reed Smoot Brlftnt 8 Hlncklcy Moses
W Taylor B F Grant Henry S Tan
ner hymn M Smith Joseph F Smith
Jr Ovando C Boole Lewis T Can
non lhllr S Maycock Benjamin
Goddard George Albert Smith Thomas
A Clawron Louis A Keltch Lyman
R Martlneau Charles H Hart John A
Vldt roe
Marihi home Tinge president
Ruth May Fox first counselor Mao
Taylor Nystrom second counselor
Ann M Cannon secretary Agnes
Campbell annuitant secretary Alice K
Smith treasurer Maria Y Dougnll
honorary member Alice Calder Tud
denham music director Miittle Read
organist Llzzlo Thomaf assistant or
Aids Adella W Eaidley Sarah Ed
dlnxton Agnes Campbell Sara Y
dlnlton MInnie J Snow Slay Booth
Talnuige Joan Campbell Emma God
dnrd Rose W Bennett Elizabeth O
McCune Julia M Hrlxtn Augusta W
Grant Jnla A Freeze Estollo Nert
Caldwelt Nellie C Taylor Emily C
Caldwel Nele Connelly Ellen Wal
Louie B Felt president May Ander
son and Clara W Beebe counselors
Olive anl Chrlstenceii secretary Mar
garet C Hull nest secretary Emollno
McMoster treasurer Vcrl 1 Felt re
cording feeretary Ida 1 Smith I
brarlan Norma Fenton oragiilst Lil
lie f Freeze antI Josephine I West
honorary members
Aids Aurclla S Rogers Lulu L
Greene Richards Isabello S Ross
Camilla C Cobb Illlza Sladc Reunion
Calla Smith Edna Hnrkr Grace
F Folland Allle llowarth Anne Wallace
Folnd AlIe
lace Emma Romney Rebecca Nlbley
Lucy Strlngham Xlna Y Card Vllate
Peart Maria 1 Winder
Authon H Lund general superinten
dent Rudger Clawton first assistant
superintendent Hyrum M
general lrum
Smith second assistant general super
intendent Joseph J Cannon secretarY
Members of the rdAnthon H
Lund nudger Claw on Hyrum M
Smith Henry Peterson Horace Cum
mlngs Joseph W Summerhay Hulon
S Wells Orson F Whitney Joseph W
McMurrln Louis A Kelson John Henry
Evans William A Morton Joseph J j
Cannon George Albert Smith Charles
W Penrose
horace II Cummings chairman
George 1frlnhnl James H Llnford
Wlllard Young
Eva Stephens conductor nnd man
ager Hoiuv 6 Ensign assistant con
ductor 10 John J McCDtluu organist
Edward P Klmball nsaUtant organlat
r rlt 1
Noel S Pratt secretary Joseph F
Smith Jr treasurer and librarian and
nil the members
Rudeer Clawson HMiS Smoot W W
Rltcr CharltB W Nlbley A V Carl
son All the voting was unanimous Con
ference was then adjourned till Sunday
moinln nt 10 oclock The choir and
congregation sang the hymn
Ouldn ua 0 thou groat Jehovah
Benedlctlon was offered by Patriarch
John Smith
The first meeting of tho winter sea
son of the One Hundred and Twenty
fourth quorum of seventy will be held
Monday evening nt 730 In tho Eigh
teenth ward schoolhouse Some of the
teplth warc
first council of seventy will be In at
tendance and all members are expect
ed to be presnU
The Thirteenth quorum of seventies
will moot In thn Twentieth ward ves
try at i30 Monday evening A full
nitpiulnncp Is desired
Tbe meeting of the Salt Lake Stake
Primary oltlcprs will be hell on Sat
urday Oct 13 Instead of on the date
previously announced
Salt Lake temple will close on Thurs
day evening Oct 4 and roopen on
Tuesday morning Oct 9
The Lsgan temple will close on Wed
nesday the 3rd of October and reopen
on Tuesday the 9th of October 1903
WM DUPQK President
The St George temple will close on
Friday Sept 28 and reopen on Oct 18
The Mnntl temple will close on Wed
nesday Oct 3 and reopen Wednesday
Oct 10 1906
< 1006LEWIS
President Pro Ter
1 i t6 1
Ever see n it
ij Coffee Toper jj
Look about i
t j They Ronerally can get back to
comfort with
S Cfieres a Reason
B b
r + t
Ie 5
Seventy seventh Semi Annual
Session of the Saints Has
Passed Into History
lemmi tile and Tiilieriinclo Illork Packed
With Humanity and Stirring Ocr
Mow Mcollngs Held
Conference Is over once again and
thu seventyseventh semiannual ces
sion of the saInts has passed Into his
tory yesterday the final day of the
gathering tho weather wax Ideal al
most summer like In Its warmth and
radiance Tho temple and tabcrnacl
block was packed with humanity and
the usual overflow meetings were held
and enjoyed too by those who were
unable to secure admission to the tab
ernacle or Assembly hal Accounts of
each meeting of the day regular nnd
overflow follow
Conference was resumed at 10
oclock The choir sang the hymn
Glorious things of thee aro spoken
Zion city of our God
Prayer was offered by Elder Byron
Sessions The choir sang tho anthem
From Afar Gracious Lord
was the rst speaker of this session of
the conference lie rejoIced ho bald In
being connected with tho work of God
Hu nad btcn born In the Church of
Mormon parentage and the gospel was
to liini tIn choicest thing In life He
knew that the Prophet Joseph was In
fjlred of heaven to bring forth a work
that would revolutionize the world of
religion That work though small nt
piteeut would grow till it covered the
earth and extended Its blessed Inltu
ence Into all the affair of men
We are the children of Gent Those
Who do not too with us icllgluuflly are
yet our brothers and sisters Inc Mor
monism teaches us to regard amid treat
them cut such Ht Paul said on one oc
casion that Alexander the coppersmith
had done him Injury and prayed the
Lord to < ell wIth him according U his
works Elder Nlbley thought tie doc
trine of Christ In this relation the bet
ter that namely which required us to
return good for evil Thla was what
the Latterday Saints had always en
deavored to keep In mind Monnonlsm
teaches that all men have equal rights
us Individual Ever man hal the
n e to work or not to work If he
chooses He has tho right to Join any
society or to Induce others peaceably
tu Join parties but the Church teaches
that no mnn him the right to prevent
another man who wants to work from
working There is nothing In tho doc
trines of Monnonlfin that Interferes
wIth the rights of Individuals The
sruiker hero r ferel to I strike that
occunpd here I few yoara ago In the
coal mines and contrasted It with one i
that nro e across the borders of the
state bringing out the point that the
moral Inilueneo of some leading breth
ren brought about pence in the Utah
strike Ho wished that tho managers
of the larger business concerns In Utah
might be able to ceo better the moral
Influence for good to laborers and em
ployer alike of tli leaders of the
Elder Nlbley had accompanied Presl
d < ni Smith 01 his European trip He
hut come homo with the thought he
declared that Mormonlsm was becom
ing better understood every day Thire
las a greater need than ever for our
oung mm who would prepare them
whiS for missionary work The Lord
had cnclnred that he would visit the
ciiiih ttlh tIre and vapors of smoke If
mel would not hearken to the voice ft
tin iiutHlonarles Elder Nlbley testified
ti his satisfaction with which the af I
falin of tho Church were managed
of the quorum of apostles iwxi ad
dressed the conference During tha
pant six months he had Isled 15 tIlt
irrent Makes and formed the uccualnt
cure of hnmrd of valiant men and
women He loved the saints the men I i
and women who loved the religion
which he loved He wished he said to I
become acquainted with as many o
tho saints as possible and he Itkewlne
wished them to lear his spirit and his
intentions so that he might be able to
do some good nmong the people
Elder Richards believed that one of
the main sources of spiritual food
which we hove lies in the thoughts that
lire suggested to UM by the remarks we
S hear from ubbath to Sabbath from
the pulpits even though those thoughts
ran In a different channel from those
of the speaker These Ideas the speak
er thought Nhould be cherished IIH the
fruits of the sermons which wo hear
Ho spoke of the mean by which
wo are to be nefltted by what we
learn This means lies In living the
law according to the light we have
The atonement of Christ would not be
entirely effective In our Ilea unless
we endeavored to walk according to
his word So I II with the word of
Instructions we received from time to I
time In our iouTercnces We must re
duce there teaclilncH to practise In our I
dally hiss else tiielr only nftct M far
> wo i concerned would ho to ndd
to our v jiidemnatlon The speaker bo
llcved that there Is a tendency among
tlmsalnts to disregard more or less the
teachings tlmt arc given them If
they lived according to their best
knowledge there would bo no saloons
among Ut there would be no ue for
tea nnd coffee and tobacco there would
be less of I crize for amusement our
meetlnghouxps would bo so crowded as
a require larger ones new temples
would haxe to he erected In order to
satIsfy the demands for work for the
dead no difficulty would then be ex
perienced In getting plenty of mis
sionaries to preach the gospel to tho
world nnd there would be I spirIt of
forgiveness and faith such as fuw peo
ples have ever felt Why is I asked
tho speaker that we do not do this
Why do we not live to our highest
convictions nud light of the gospel
In It because we have not been blessed
of Mic Lord No I Is not ax this con
gregation can testify There Is a de
gree of hypocrlcy anti deceit among us
When our enemies otinrgu UH with
this and kindred qualities there Is too
much truth In tho charges And yet
It Is not a great deal that God has re
quired o us nnd It Is moreover of the
higher benefit to UI But Instead of
doing nil that He has required us to do
We choose often to stoop to petty MhlS
that deprive nurelv of blessings In
thin life and the other
We Ire too susceptible Altogether to
tho influences that surround in The
Lord has commanded un to core
out of Babylon And yet we follow
after her In theories and fashions Wo
ntnilate with those who would do us
Injury adopt their Ideas ann follow
their practises When will we leave
off this Instead of lending we are
led In too many households we see
poodle dogs pussy cats birds and
other things that can IIP tethered by a
trln in order that tho mothers may
attend clubs whereas the mother
should be rearing children and training
them In the fear of God The Lester
dny SaInts should see to It that these
cvl them practises are not adopted among
5 5 i 5 S
tt L
L iI
The choir then sang the anthem
Rouse 0 Ye Mortals
of tho same quorum was the conclud
ing speaker He referred to what
President Smith had said regarding tha
fact that Christ wus time king of the
spiritual kingdom which the saint be
lieved nnd also to what Elder Nlbley
Mid concerning the purposes of the
Church He marveled he Bald that
any one could make the charge against
un of wishing to establish an oriental
despotism In America Anxious as he
wn to credit even one with honesty
In believing
he nevertheless mid difficulty
lieving that those who made such false
charges were sincere
What Is Mormonlsm asked Beer
Whitney Ve have henrd much of It
during this conference We have here
been taught that men are agents unto
themselves to act according to their
Inclinations Why then should Mor
monlsm bo thought to seek Us own
overthrow by teaching such doctrines
no would Inevitably bring about Its de
The Prophet Joseph taught that at
tho council In heaven wa were alt pres
ent and that wo were In he cxrclse
of our agncy there 1 was Lucifer tho
son of the morning who Introduced the
Idea by which the free agency of men
might bo dJo It Is who In
mortality seeks to take from man his
freedom to act for himself The spirit
of evil Is the author Jf thl doctrine
and to overthrow free chinches and free
governments Christ on the contrary
Is the author o thu perfect law of lib
erty otherwise called the gospel and
It Is tho spirit of Christ that endeav
ors by all proper means to preserve
this Precious heritage to man Does
all this bear any resemblance to tyran
ny or despotism
Elder Whitney traced the history
of the gospel from Adam to Noah
Abraham and the Christian dispensa
tion outlined tho work of Christ and
lon apostles to pot up tho Church In
Palestine und on this continent
Lat of til continual tho speaker
the Prophet Joseph wai called upon
to bring about a restoration of tho gos
pel this perfect law of liberty lIe
was 0 champion of freedom of thought
and action Yet this man and his sue
ceswirs In this grand Idea of human
liberty are accused of establishing tx
tyranny men who stand as tho em
bodiment of free agency
Not only however has this spirit
rested on the prophets and apostles of
the Church In all ages It has rested
al > o upon peels sages and statesmen
of our own and other times Luther
had It when he defied tho council at
Worms Cromwell and his Ironsides
had It when IIP overthrew 1 tyrannical
government In England William of Or
ange had I the embattled farmers
of EmeraonH poom had it when they
ii their shots heard round tho
world Jefferson had It when lie wrote
with pen of ttnme that all men nvs
equal and taught them principles of
human liberty
Joseph Smith possessed this mule
spirit of liberty when ho established tho
Church not only In a strictly religious
Idea but also In politic and govern
ment He was n nntlvo American
Ic 1 nalo
born of and trained by American par
ent o drank liberty with his mothers
milk and he upent alt hid efforts In
establishing freedom Ho It was who
estblshlng Articles of Faith one of
which declares for freedom to worship
God as men please Every record that
emlnated fiom Joseph Smiths minI
bears evidence of his love of liberty
The Book of Mormon Is an appeal for
the spirit of freedom And yet this
man Is charged with 1 detlro to over
throw human liberty
Elder Whitney hero read extraes
from tho Doctrine and Covenants ant
the Book of Mormon to show that his
statements regarding Mormon doc
trines are true
AH who have led this Church
concluded the speaker from Joseph
conclutllt built upon the foundation
Inld by the first prophet of this dis
pensation The only clement of com
pulsion In Mormonlsm Is that spoken
of In the parable of Christs which re
quired His servants to go Into the
highways and invite men to tho feast
the fulfillment of wMrh lies n bo
closing words of Jesus to Ills discIples
of old Go ye Into all the world and
preach the gospel to every creature
find those other words uttcfod to
moder prophets After jour warnings
cOle the warnings of the element
The choir sang the anthem In our
Redeemers name
Benediction R offered by Eldc
Thomas E Bassett
Siiiulnv Porenoon ANMiibly Hnl Meet
Ing Presided her by Either Tciislalc
Long before 10 oclock the tabernacle
was filled to overflowing and thieve was
a rush for the Assembly hal where the
doors hud been thrown open to accom
modate I part of tho fast iiwelllng
throng that poured Into the temple
block Provision hud been made for
an extra meeting I was called to or
der bv Apostle George Tfasdalp who I
< Jo
presided during thfl exercises
The choir nnl congregation snug On
lie mountain tops appearing und
reIn offered by Elder Hyrum W
Lemon of the Alpine stnko after which
the choir sang Do what Is right El
der Janice 0 Duinn of time Central
Slate mIssIon was the first speaker
He reviewed the missionary conditions
10 his Held and deolnrrd them to bo
thuiv ever before He
mori promising tlm lfte te
also addid that lie had a brlter rtivl
stronger class of elders who wore be
ing sent to his aid than ever before
Elder James Ducku cub recently
president of Iho Australian mIssion
recounted the status of affairs In that
part of the world Elder Duckworth
wild that he hud been engaged In mis
sionary work there for the past four
nnd a half years and that out of the
past 12 years lie had been In tho field
eleht and a half year
Elder German 13 Ellsworth president
of the Northwestern States mttslon re
ported conditions in that part of the
vineyard These he represented as be
ing most excellent In all rpsperts Hu
said thnt interest was growing ant
that th mlsMon was doing a great work I
in tho way of distributing literature
It has printed two Hltlono of 10000
copies of the nook o Mormon The
first edition was completely exhnuitod
and 3 1 copies of the latter are alto
gone Elder Ellsworth said that the
students from Utah who were pursu
ing educational courses In Chicago
were doing a alt amount of good
and assisting the mUslon work materi
ally He said he could hardly say too
much for the splendid colony of Church
students who were engaged here
The hymn Redeemer of Israel was
than sung nftw which the benediction
van pronounced
Intcroctliu InMrtictloin Olon by All
Of Sprnkcrs In Assembly Hall
An overflow meeting was held In the
stmbly hall on Sunday afternoon
commencing at nrlock Elder ltd
not presided
The temple choir under the direction
of tClder Charles J Thomas sung
No let us rejoice In the day of salva
Fiuycr was offered by Elder John R
Thr choir sang
Oh hit Joy will bo In heaven
EIder Seymour B Young o tho first
council of seventies read from section
4 of the Doctrine and Covenants and
then commented nt some length on the
divine mission of the Prophet Joseph
Smith and the power he possessed
which enabled him to make deep and
lasting Impressions upon those h as >
soclated with In life By that same
power ho was enabled to draw around
him such strong and Independent men
u BrIgham Young Hnbcr f Kimball
John Taylor and nInny others who be
came his bosom friends nnd dote tisin
claUs in the great work hn commenced
Rut the strength of the youthful proph
et was not his own I was God who
through him Introduced to Iho world
1 marvelous work and a wonder The
S f
i S
1 The Greatest
mL The most perfect food that baa ever been prepared
Vrlff W f ° r mac woman or child Is
I li absolutely cleAn pure and wholesome Th
systems needs are tatiified as It contains the largest
amount of nutrients necessary for the maintenance of
life and health No breakfast food can compare
with It
PalntableNuiritiousEasy of Digestion and Ready fa En
Cam tn mtd tot Pit J j dot sue hr a for olmtti er cook In boBIaj aCtt
IDa a package Mi Signature o
0 every 1 M
All droecra packag 2 wcl
u n u
speaker drew a graphic picture of Klrt
land 0 when the HalutH built their
first temple nnd prospered for 1 few
years but when lolls and apostates
finally drove the salnla away the place
soon dwindled down to u small Insig
nificant village while tho expelled
saints multiplied nnd grew strong first
In Illinois and later In the Rocky moun
nine In this western Innd pcrxeru
lons had been the lot of the saints
lint tie greater the opposition the
grater had beon the growth of the
Church of Christ and It would continue
to grow until Its dominion under Christ
shouM encompass the whole earth E
der Young admonished the faint to
ighteouane nnd purity of life and
promised them that If they would keep
ho commandments of God their ene
mies should not prevail against them
preached I short dlncouise on the ne
ceislty of record keeping and referred
to the great Patriarch Abraham who
diligently fought for tho blessings of
hie ancestors mind by studying the gene
alogy of his forefathers and their roe
ordu which Iwd fallen Into hla hmidi
11 hared limit he was n legal nclr to
the holy PiUnthood which h subse
quently obtained through his faithful
IMPS und Integrity to God The speaker
lint jcferied to SOle of the children of
Israel who after their rotuin from the
Babylonian captivity were prohibited
from holding the priesthood because
they had lost their genealogy alit could
not prove their right to the pilpsthood
CIO tho records This being also the
condition of many of the Latterday
511111 the speaker admonished hu
saInts huienher to keep family records
to teeurd their genealogy and their or
dination to the holy priesthood and Jtii
er ttkflungs which they had rec iod
and were receiving from time to tmo
through tho channels which God had
nppomkd Every member of lii
Chinch anti eopeclnlly those holding
the rrlesthood should bo ublc to po
duce doiumntary evidence to ostnbimii
their standing and positions In tirj
Church and should be able to trace thti
genealogy of tl priesthood to Ua
source like Abraham of old Elder
Jenson quoted from section 125 of the
Doctrino and Covenants where It says
Whatsoever ye record on earth Himll be
recorded In heaven but whatsoever you
do not record on earth shall not be re
corded In heaven
Tho choir sang Thero Is sunshine In
my soul today
of the presiding bishopric explained
that the Church was never In a better
financial or spiritual condition thai
at the present mile The saints wer
complying with tho law of tithing OIK
cOlllll true to his promise had
opened the window of heaven so thai
His people could scarcely lake caro of
tho many temporal blessings which
were being showered upoiithem by Him
whom they had enlisted to serve The
speaker also rear from the Doctrine
and Covenants In proof of his asser
tion that the blessings of th Priest
hood should distil upon the souls of
tho saints llko the dews of heaven
This Indeed bad been tho case to n
very marked degree at this conference
and the speaker could scarcely remem
ber any previous occasion when the
spirit and power of Ood hind been pour
ed out so abundantly an it hail been
on this occasion
Elder Richard W Young presIdent
or the Ensign stake referred to tho
persecution of the salntx In Missouri
Illinois and other place but proved
that these had noel retaliated ngalnst
their enemies by depriving their fel
lowmen of those sacred rights which
belonged to overy son arid daughter
oCAmeilca In early Utah days when
lie Mormons practically could have cv
frythlng their own way they did not
oppress their gentile neighborssome
thing that might have been quite na
tural In contemplation of the many
and lie
Inllleted upon
ivroniM thll
srosa Injustice whIch they so recently I
gfOll1 Injutce
suffered under In their eastern homes
Rut Mormonlsm teaches Justice right
mid equality to all mon The Mor
mons cJulltr continuously suffered I
through slander misrepresentations
and persecutions but they had never
returned slander for slander abuse for
abuse or persecution for persecution
The nonMormons who had made their
homes In Utah had always been grunt
ed perfect toleration and had never
hen the subjects of outrages on the
port of the saInts for Mornionlmn
teaches nil HH adherents that ven
Kvanea belongs 10 the Lord who will
punish the wicked and reward the
righteous In HU own way
Sister Edith Grant anti inn choir
sang Soinctlme woll understand
president of the Northern States ml
Rlou delivered II brief discourse on the
beauties of the gospel of Christ Ho
Vall a strong believer III the free agen
cy of man and rejolcod In witnessing
the pouring out of blosslngs upon the
Mints through tho obedience to the
commandments of heaven The wck
id and ungodly would perish but thl
righteous should Inherit the earth and
while the machinations of men directed
Against the cause of God should bet
brought nnught Mormonlsm which
is Gods truth should stand forever
presIdent of the Eastern States mission
made some Interesting remarks In re
gard to tho liberty which tho gospel
gave tho children of mnemm There had 1
never been opposed by the teachings
and government of tho holy priesthood I
but frequently by prlMtertift exer I
cised by Intolerant and wicked men
The Latterday Saints had contldenco
In their leaders and love them becAuse
they exorclw authority In righteousness
and labor faithfully and true In tha
Interest of the people
Invoked tht blenslngs of God upon the
congregation and on all the posts of
Jsrael He hoped the Paints would know
the volco of the true shepherd and not
bo led astraY by the schemes arid ma
chinations of wlekod and ungodly men
who were railing against Gods anoint
ed without cause God was at the
helm and would see 7lon safely
The cholr sang God It tny song
Benediction by Elder horace O Cum
Jtugo antI Attentive Congregation on
11151111111 the Afternoon
A largo and attentive congregation
assembled on the lawns adjoining tho
Uureau of Information building at 3
11 in Ildrr Hciijamlii Goddarit pre
sided The volunteer choir and con
iUegatlon sang the hymn beginning
0 yo mountains high S
Prayer wus offered by Elder A L
Booths S
Continued by singing Tho tlmo li
far pent
RIder Benjamin Ooddanl welcomed
ho jnlntH and asked for thai Spirit
of God tn assist all who should take
part In tho meeting Ho rejoiced In
the spirit of harmony und good will
that cxlutH among the people and had
never met with the saints In general
conference when they fait happier
mind moio united or manifested moro
faith In thin work of God than they
do today and he alt that this Is n
sufficient answer to all who may as
soil us
president of time Blackfoot stake enld
that only on a few occasions In tho
Southern States mission had ho
lircnched to the people In tIm open
air nnd ho bad Often wondered It ho
should be nblo to moet the task of
preaching the gospel to n traveling
congregation as our ciders have to
do when they arc preaching tn tho
people in the world Ho bore his
tcuimony to the truth of thus work
tn which we are engaged and lila
faith In the people Ho eald It wan
his testimony that when a man was
under thin Influence of the Spirit o
God ho liar perfect faith and confi
dence In thin work of the Lord and
that they will bv victorious In carry
log the gospel to avery nation ktn
tl rod tongue and peOple and In build
Ing up the kingdom of God In the
prosldant of the California mission
wns most grateful to have thcj privil
ege of attending this conference and
felt that It Is a good thing nmldec
ull the affairs of mankind to bo alive
sometimes and to know that you be
long to time Church und kingdom of
Elder Robinson read from Matt
xlll 4146 in which the kingdom of
God Is likened unto a pearl of great
price and related some of his ex
periences and hose of the saints In
passing through the scenes during1
the destruction of the city of Salt
Francisco by earthquake and fire and
sold that In that event ho felt ns
sured of the wondrous prlco of this
pearl that made mon rich In the
possession of It above all the riches of
the world rich in time knowledge Of
Uod nnd In the Knowledge that Jesus
U the Christ and In tIm knowledge
that through the gates of baptism
men had become Initiated Into the
kingdom of God and whether they
live they hIve unto Christ or whether
they die they die unto Christ
Whon tim forces of nature wero rent
asunder there wait no fear In the hearts
of the Latterday Saints They pos
desstsil their souls in patience They
recognized the protecting hand of God
while upon ever hand somo seamed to
be sunk In deep apathy some were be
side themselves dlstraut praying to
thu Lord to deliver them and others
seemed to havo lost all regard for that
which was humane Burglary plun
that loot antI murder wera Indulged In
during tlio first hours of that terrible
catiintruplip and many came to them
for protection When the flames drew
high and near ono man came to us for
pi election und said I trust my wife
und child Into jour keeping If any
thing happens to mo I wnnt you to pro
tect them as you would your own life
If It becomes necessary I want you to
lake her life to protect her honor
Ood had his hand over the least of
hits children Some who had departed
from tho parental roof and were In that
great city for Its pleasures God pre
served them that not ono of our num
ber not one who bore time name of
saint was hurt or even received n
scratch The property of our peoplo
was either saved by Insurance or by
being In that district which was not
devastated by fire
Six years ago this month President
Rrichnm Young of the quorum of the
twelve visited In that state and t
henrd him with my own cars warn the
people and tell them that It was not far
distant when that great city should b < i
destroyed by earthquake and fire
and It niacin such an linprersslon upon
some of our snints lint they wanted
to leave lie city and remove away at
once I had been promised by another
apostle along with some small boys In
St George that If wa wero faithful wa
would bo sent out into the world t < i
preach the gospel and that we would
see cities shaken to pieces burnt and
nuiik behind us after wa hud dis
charged our ineuiiige
We had gathered In a conference
capacity nnd the ciders of the San
Francisco confeience and some visiting
brethren going to the South Sea Isl
ands ssere priwent Tuesday night
After having met with some opposition
on the streets of the city 23 of ui
bowed ourselves In prnyqr tn time mU
mIen homo nt midnight and I remember
though not fully endorsing the fervor
of the elder who prayed He prayed
moat earnestly that God would shake
up the city for we had been talking to
them year atur year and not making
any particular Impression upon them
Whon the quake came ho rushed into
my room amid asked me If this was In
answer to hIs prayer
President Robinson related stvernl
Instances where some of the taints had
been miraculously delivered In this
midst of wreck and ruin And ex
pressed his Hianktulnes for n knowl
edge of the gotpel which Is the power
of God unto salvation It line within It
that which will save and uplift all
mankind nnd solve every proMom of
president of the Cuisais Bloke fait to
rejoice that his heart wn In full ac
cord with the spirit and teachings that
vc hart listened to at thin session of
conference that his nurentu had been
> rcod with lie gospel sound and lied
migrated to these valleys of the moun
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