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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 03, 1906, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 31

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Yy i 4
ww Eo PICKPOCKETS iF itit t 5
cS cljools of the light fingered Art
yr Are or tfi Increaser I rrA4 I
j iCJaoCK
oytl dRY Iha amlns to Oe
ware of pickpockets may be
SOME as frequently In street
C1irs ant other public places
ibo tllm lnr N ° Smoking In
IS Is or largl clty the pickpocket llko
II rte Irt microbe lies ever In wait for tho
Tho pickpocket Is even
I un victim canal
the microbe being a
re and preying upon his own kind
lurthemlor ho acquires his nefarious
being educated to It while
e MIWS by
Is born bad and therefore
MIl It
n Sou and then wo road In a newspa
t Jr that a school for pickpockets Is
Exacted In a certain city Almost
cD the reporter refers to tho
h riibly
rficlpil ot uw InsUtulon M tt Far
tda IpThi is a compliment to the
Seaorr ot Charles Dickens himself for
t Itiri a newspaper reportfr who first
iKribed In a work at llctlon a school
far the instruction of children In crlm
LHIT uch ns really existed In Lon
11 and no doubt Htlll exists there
lSvrltl g5 of Victor Hugo contain
of Parisian schools of
L t Quite recently lima pollco of
have discovered advanced In
jutloni of learning for pickpockets
BUJ branches of the profession being
But Andean cities furnish plenty of
kiiinc such as those disclosed In
tact and notion Vfe have
tut pickpocket schools as the court
record of New York Chicago and
other Urge cities prove
Ki York Is Americas center for
pklpwW colleges There arc two
tIT lod reaions for this New York
Is th port of entry for European 1m
tiinnt and It Is tho town where the
iioMjli Men who have studied the
Mobha declare that by far the greater
number pickpockets In tho United
Rates in the offspring of the lowest
orb + a of tottljw Immigrants Those
ro follotr lids trade do not select
gill Yltafts They go with tho
I ands They Beck tho places where
1 j nias of means live and move and
1 Iie hIlt being They nro ever on tho
itrtfor the thick roll the fat purse
ul the headlight diamond or real gold
for many years the New York nol Ieo
lire denied thc existence of tho so
d > schools where children and
pilot are Instructed In tho picking of
fxkeli The Pinkerton people how
d I inr whoso detectives operate largely
flew York and have a general knowl
rfcs of pickpockets everywhere do
I in that such places do really exist
I fid yean ago several societies de
kl ed to thc protection of children and
I h suppression of crime and vice ap
jw to District Attorney Jerome of
tIe V 3rk for spctlnl ottlcors to go I
Inn into tiO laver east side of the
city the slum district nnd break up
tho pickpocket gangs fir Jerome as
signed to this duty two of tho men on
his staff a young detective named
Daniel J Ucardon being In charge The
authority to make arrests was given
to nenrdon Thla young man was born
and reared on the east side and know
It thoroughly in h llttlo more than a
month he arrested 130 pickpockets se
curing convictions In court of all but
sixteen of the number nenrdon also
raided and broke ui > n number of
Joints which ho declared were noth
ing less than school for pickpockets
and shoplifters Soirib of these were
operated ns cheap saloons others as
billiard rooms and Htlll othcrn as res
taurants or coffee houses Boys and
girls were found thcro under actual In
struction In the art of taking pocket
books money rolls wutclies and dia
monds from tho person Tho Instruc
tors us a rule were old hands at tho
business of picking pockets who had
quit tho wotk them solves because fre
quent arrests had become troublesome
They weN teaching tho young Idea
how to shoot in the same direction no
doubt getting ix rakooff on tho products
of their graduates Boys of from Hf
teen to twenty underwent actual
courses of training and It was not un
til they wero ahlo to lift the money
or Jewelry of other and older crooks
without being detected by the latter
that they wore sent out to operate up
on real victims Little girls also took
these lessons with supplementary
courses In shoplifting
Detective Ileardon slated that In his
belief 95 per cent of the pickpockets In
Now York city are the children of Im
migrants of the very lowest type It
must not be Inferred from this how
ever that tho pickpocket is lacking In
shrewdness or education As a rule ho
has received some common school In
struction and his struggle for exist
ence from tho cradle up granting that
ho had a cradle which Is not probable
has been of a character to develop
< > >
his reasoning qualities and his per
ception along the lines most needed In
his chosen culling
nut there are exceptions to this sen
Hal classltlcation of pickpockets and
they are the most dangerous Some of
these are well educated men of good
address who are fashionably clad and
ape tho manners of well society One
of this claim Is nn Italian who first In
troduced In America tho dress suit and
Inverness topcoat as aids to pocket pil
fering This Individual once boarded
car picked several pockets anti Jumped
ore when his last effort resulted In an
outcry from the victim The car was
near the VnldorfAstorln hotel into
which the thief disappeared Mingling
T Strange Story of Manuel Silveira IpilH
A Man Who Started a Revolution For the Sake of Revenge IS lii
m v 111
I A1 G Ii the acnsallonnl hap
I 1 penings of it decldodly scnsti
I kA tonal reason there Is nothing
N mire suggestive of romance In
I fowling than tho story of Manuel
F1tra When one has accepted the
I hen u they have been unfolded chap
I ttr by chapter and proceeds to take a
urrthensivo review of tho entire I
luKs it Is hard to believe that the
ujUatlon Is not responsible for the
M matter
It has bin assorted that any man
I the U willing to pay tho prlco may
I Ite wealth Now here come Man
I Itt SHvelra and his career to refute
It claim He coveted riches and he
I > M wrffUy willing to pay the price
t6t try vuilngness was his undoing
etas EJ eager to attain his Mid that
t omiuit cd tho supremo folly of
I Wilding limself and tho game was
tR Fran his position as promoter
l lhtmri 1xtenslvo business enter
J gta In iMjii he fell precipitately to
wel f a fugitive a prescribed
ftderer i the face of the earth in
krtb of rime place that would con
att bun tam the eyes of hlfi fellows
Ilaan Manuel Kllvelra It appears
wpkmncl the recent revolution He
vneot tcrlK18ltlo for Iho sentiment
Ibieb led up to open revolt against the
raereehent but he took advantage of
t Phil f unrest that was stalking
lad ac 1 manipulated it to his own
iusee lie ll was who collected the
l rkteslUno elements that wero await
i the It mid nrcl them The
l vlatloe ready existed In theory
lIIaaQ I practicable and Preclpl
Oct It
I b 1 trnge story nnd a disagree
I CM for ahan to do with the
dhtce 1 and venality that sometimes
S their way Into Positions of tho
iiI trust These nr < 1 tho facts as
lit of hue come to light and are be
redoed from day to day
General Wood the American
S Vfirnor of the Island
band ever the government of the new
t L to Its first president there
areililY two Political parties In
h 3 the all drratesoand
f I lrates und tIm Liberals
Ii ldent Ialma wa the cholco ° r the
I ratfS 0 11l he WVI also the choice
blueace Vo > l1 niul the American
J 1 6v It seams however that he
< W r no n mina the Unit choice of
katteat na 3 of citizens of the Is
erlu10 t Ilavs
l Sllveira was a Mod
innfrll1 ttml the sponsor were
A ottifni i e vas sponsor for the
i t kar tiC 1nlrrcst In the Island rcpre
lilt H ltlljustrlal and commercial
ttlleea funded by J M Ceballos
tranoter oora and ho was mho chief
tR the tr ot a ton Hnd colony ftmcd
ir n l 0 batik
i Au fPailshAmerlcun bank
f u Q1 hand ln glove with tho
iii 7111n TMngnl and wait regard
alMeo if man ntu > able apologist
famously until Sllveira
t LVE1Rb
r cf6 2 it 1kL PLAZA AT CEBAlLOS
quarreled with the president The I
cause of tho difference Is believed to
have been Sllvelras crookedness In a
cattle deal In which Palma was Inter
ested Sllveira engineered the Job and
when the opportune moment came ho
sold and pocketed the proceeds Nat
urally Palma was Indignant He re
monstrated but Sllveira would not dl
vldo the profits
Then tho president resolved to get
even Ho at once set himself resolute
ly against all tho Jobs which Sllveira
was steering through the Cuban con
gress Ono of these was a clever steal
by which Sllveira expected to coin half
a million He actually got It through
the congress but Palma vetoed it
In the meantime Palma secured n re
election but It was a very trouble
some business dome z the popular
Idol of the Cuban race came out as
the Liberal candidate and at once
manifested a strength that eeemcd to
make his election curtain Although
the Moderates WHo hopelessly In the
minority they had control of the gov
ernment machine and they did not
hesitate to use it for all It was vorth
Hoforo election day they succeeded In
convincing tholr opponents that tnero
numerical strength vould be of little
moment nt the polls dome who real
ized the hopeless nature of his can
t Int ran an U supposed to be
poi lore there are somtUl1Ies four
t llllmlmriani + l1rlallc
yfA nnl Cumbrland
o highest
J d cultivated land in
JJt 11M Devon hlrC1 comet third
OrthleHel11 hlllwny hold thin
to number of engines owned by
bin railway enmpaiy
ot SlsainS full name ISA1
tln bergando
IlIi frItanioMa I khtagq
Maretan Hle mother
It IHl ra
decided on Alfonso Santiago Is the pat
ron saint of Spain Leon Is adapted
from the name Of his teodfather Pope
Leo the plowman Isidore Is the patron
lInt of Madrid Paschal h the patron i
saint of the kinds birthday nnd Mar
clan Is that of his tthrliMtnltig day
The bshop of Lll1illnPnll no
nroat amount of time In the planning
MUlls isermons forciful though they
relo write them only on very
peclal occasions Usually ho selects
dldacy withdrew from the race and
went to New York where he remained
In seclusion until after his successful
rivals triumph
When Gomez returned to Cub he
was received by Sllveira with open
arm He was Immediately made gen
eral manager of the great sugar plan
tation at Ceballos and given carte
blanche as to the hiring of workmen
Although there Is no evidence that the
patriot general began at once to plot
revolution It Is a fact that he as
sembled a body of 7000 men and put
them to work on the estate Sllveira
raw to It that they were supplied with
weapons and ammunition
Tho government recognized the
menace and took steps tit cope with It
after tho most approved LatinAmeri
can fashion An extra force of rural
guards was stationed In the vicinity of
the estate with Instructions to make all
attempts at armed rebellion a failure
Xhero was a good deal of trouble first
and last and tho government troops
armed with effective guns anti reen
forccdby the artillery usually got tho
hest of It The government demanded
that Gome leave tho vicinity and ha
was obliged finally to seek other quar
ters But Bllvelra kept on with his prepa
rations It now appear that the funds
he supplied In tho leaders cf the rovo
a suitable text ponders It for n mo
ment notes down the creeds of his sub
ject verities his quotations and ref
erences and In the space of n tow min
utes ho has nettled the whole matter
There are on nn average li deaths
yearly In the IlrltlMi Isles from light
ning 36 from sunstroke and 131 from
exposure to cad
I In Domtmy cotton nlll natives re
i ceive i0 pence for a thirteen hour
i working day
I A cubic tootot mercury weighs IS
50 ouncw cubic foot of lithium only
with the many other gentleman In
evening drew anti Invernesses his
Identity waj lost Ho had timed his b
on the car for Just Koch n denouement
Pickpockets like express train lobbers
her go after the biggest game they
can locate This being the case there
ate not so many of then gentry
aboard crowded cars at work quitting
time as there are on the cars which
carry bankers and brokers to business
or well dressed and bejeweled parties
to the theater There are In New York
gangs ot pickpockets who hire quarters
near some of the principal theaters
play cards to pass the limo during the
performance and then station them
selves at Iho exits of tho playhouse to
JpcxrEitousiyJ J
A T Vf
rob the people coming out ir board the
cars for the mine purpose These
thieves like molt of their Ilk In fact
travel in mcb flue or four to a
I nub One H known the wire or
the tool and he does the actual work
The others called Malls In the lan
guage of the t ratio assist him by Jos
tling or nudging the victim by receiv
ing tho stolen goods or by acting as
It Is a serious mistake to entertain
tho notion that a pickpocket Is neces
sarily a low brewed III clad hulking
sort of fellow The reverse Is more
often true That well groomed young
nun sitting next to you In the car ot
standing close to you In tho crowd on
I lLVllRlliOlllzpOCE AlLCJ8
lutlon did not come from his own pri
vate resources but were niched from
money sent by clients for Investment
Finally ho cot things precisely as he
wanted and then ho sprung the mine
About that time ho learned that the
government vas likely to order his ar
rest and Imprisonment
Ho took measures to throw President I
Palms and his advisers oft time track
Ilia first sup to that end was to fend
60D horses as a present to the national I
530 ounces Lithium Is the lightest
solid known
Germany now has fiftyfour moon
Ulheerlnn clubs with a total member
ship of over U2100
The first steel pens were made In
England In U20 The llrst gross sold
for H7CO
Alligators will soon be extinct Two
hundred and eighty thousand alligator
hides are yearly worked into leather
Mine Klammarlon the distinguished
wife of her equally illntlnKUhhed hun
bahdastronomer never allows any one
army Fearing that this show of gen
erosity would not bo suiiiclcnt to patch
Up hh reputation for disloyally no
supplemented It by betraying one of
the revolutionary leaders who was
wounded und had taken refuge In one
of Sllvelras houses Into tho hands ot
the enemy Tho victim of Sllvelras
treachery was chopped Into pieces with
This was Sllvelras undoing Tho
friends ot tho murdered revolutionist
to cut her husbands hair but herself
and she uses the shorn locks for pil
lows liar home In Paris li full of such
pillows stuffed with clipping The
Klnmmarlona Were married thirty yearn
age therefore tuking tho average tlmo
of a mans growth of hair between each
cutting as three weeks tho treasured
accumulation of over BOO hair cuttings
must make goodly pile
Uarceloha alone takes nearly 800000
ton of British coal yearly
Upward of 40000000 sleepers are
used airnuallyon the railway of the
the street who seems to ho much In
terested In his nutvupapcr or In the
bulletin board across the way may be
figuring on tho surest and safest way
to got your watch or your pocketbook
or both In the discretion ot tho thief
Ono of the commonest tricks Is for a
pickpocket to pretend to ba Interested
In his paper and lift your watch by
reaching his hand underneath tho pa
per Another trick Is for the stall to
nudge or hunch tho victim attracting
his attention or arousing his Indigna
tion while tho Innocent looking chap
on the other side tho wire or tool gets
tho goods
Pickpockets acquire remarkable dex
terity In lingering bank rolls out of
pockets without alarming tho victim
amid In twisting watches loose from
their swivel rings In old times it
was tho custom to cut the chain but
latter day dips ns the pickpocket Is
known consider this too clumsy They
have a way of twitting tho ring loose
without being detected In tho net
Not only lire pickpockets increasing
In numbvra In tho United States but
they are becoming much moro pro
Helen than of old This Is due to their
superior education in theIr profession
When Inspector Mclaughlin was at the
head of time New York detective force
an old tlmo pickpocket well known to
him called at his olllco to complain
that ono of the younger generation ot
dips hail lifted his gold watch He
saId that ho never discovered Ills loss
until he saw his watch chain dandling
rime crook remarked that tho present
day pickpocket Is a very superior ar
One of tho latest Inventions In aid
of pocket picking Is tho also arm
The well dressed dip carries his over
coat on this artificial arm with thc
gloved hand visible His real arm it
under his coat Standing beside a vie
Urn ho can reach his arm out at UK
side or back and help himself without
being suspected for nobody save him
self known that he Is a three acme
I man
declared vengeance on his betrayer
Ho found also that his base net was
not accepted by tho government ns < vl
ilcnie ot his loyalty to tho state Out
with both sides his only safety was In
lllght In desperate haste ho gathered
his family nnd movable possessions
and emball < ell ccorctly on a cattle
steamer belonging to his firm and sail
ed away his destination unknown
Manuel Sllveira Is a Spaniard not a
Cuban Ho appeared In Havana when
a very young man about foriytlve
years ago amid begun life as a clerk
working hard and saving money Am
bition drove him on He made email
Investment prospered mid finally
branched out ax a broker on his own
account In time he married a woman
of wealth and family eventually be
coming rich enough to buy a tine house
on the Prado Havanas Fifth avenue
In which with his charming wife and
equally atlnictlvo daughters ho enter
tnlncd lavishly
Tho funds for all this display carne
from a wide range of business enter
prises and Investments Ho was a
member of a long list of compiinlM
and In his Individual capacity ho repre
sented certain houses In tho States that
Incrusted to him tho management of
enterprises that ran Into million The I
center of till this business activity wns
the bunking firm of Sllveira S Co
which seems to have had a capital of
only HOOOO One of tho peculiarities
at the business U that this bank ls
Mil open and doing buslnews an usual
with nothing to Indicate that the head
of the concern Is not at his desk In hI
p lvate olllco
Sllvelrn had been associated with J
M Ceballou for several years Coballos
Is the bet known Spanish man of af
fairs In New York Ueforo tho war in
world Of these the United States uses
Paisley was mho first place to make
pocket handkerchiefs That was In
It would take over 7000000 acres to
grow the timber annually Imported In
to this country
It la reckoned roughly that about 10
000000 animals are killed yearly for
their furs
The roads of treat Britain cover a
space of 382000 acres
L All tho gold In circulation could bo
n I tt
e la
Those crooks sometimes develop Into m d trp
cry able actors Chief of Detectives i a r91 l tor
Vllllam Desmond of St Louis iino of rte
the mot noted thief catchers In the sv
United States lives across the street
from a ihurch One day during tho F ijl
progress ot a funeral hn observed that
threo boy i pretending to be mourners pt
veto robbing tho real mourners Ho 1 i 7y Z
rang for special olllcern and the three a I
IlldB were nabbed their pockets filled c t r 1
with watches purses and other prop m F t th
erty They had put pepper In their it + t
eyes U assist them In Weeping Kneeing
log with tho mourners near the collin G
during prayer they piled their trade 9
even In tho presence of death and sor r1 e
row 4i c 4r
On the occasion of every great mi
i lonal gathering such as u presidential rt r
nauguratton a nominating convention it t m
or an exposition every big city sends + r
to the place some of KM best detectives at a a r
who know most ot the veteran pick an
pockets by night When a detective rtwv y
spats a man whom he knows Is a pick
mckut thin thief Is either arrested on + r
general principles or ordered to get out J
of town by tho next train Usually ho a n T
gets out for ho knovs that the next ly
limo ho U seen and recognized ho will ta 4 t IIFt i
he Jailed until tho event which has t
brought him to town Is over ar 4
PP t C
The Russian peasant U lazy from
climatic Influences The cxcccslvo +
lent In summer and tho severe frosts
nnd tho earths heavy blanket of snow uj 1
III winter preclude vigorous exercise a
ho abject poverty oppressing tho vil i4t
lages also tends to prevent nny kind
of exhilarating sport Abject poverty c
< ocps whole famtllcH whole districts
burled In darkness for eighteen hours e
out of tho twentyfour for more than 2t s
a quarter of the year Artificial light
IH on account of the very heavy ex 1 e 5
cise duty and tho cost of distribution
of kerosene beyond tho reach of tho m <
poor villagers whose only means of 4 r
lighting their sparsely windowed cab a r v
dm Is the primitive chip light stuck In
tho wall Old and young have there
fore to cease all occupation In the win
ter soon after 3 oclock Reading and + + r i
handiwork of all kinds have to be Mkes 1
given up and early bed Is the only re a a
source Children from school havo no l
m sans ot preparing their next days rjrfrS r
r v
lessons or of varying ll appalling monotony I
notony of their dull nnd tedious young
lives by story books or table games
t x t
In recent years tho construction ot
I railways proceeded In Germany nt tho t
rate ot about OafS miles a year Tho
entire trackage exceeds at preterit 34
t 183 miles The electrification of rail r
Q e
ways U still confined toa few subur y k t Z 1
d ban lines where tho system works sat j X
I isfactorily lx T
a t
Cuba Im was tho fiscal agent ot the c
Spanish government In that city Aft l t 6
er the war through tho agency ot SII ltRl f +
veira ho began to branch out In a va t
riety of big Cuban enterprises and os l e
tnbllsliiMl an American colony In tho
Island and built the town of Ceballos
They started a bank built a line hotel C
and operated a railroad One of their lss
enterprises was u gigantic cattle ranch
and a mammoth orange plantation was r ± s rr
another They also manufactured 9tll
sugar largely c
Sllvclm Is a small man fair haired 4
mil blue eyed with u great deal of
vivacity and a convincing manner He I P nt a iv
ban demonstrated tho fact that he Is H
endowed with plenty of nerve und dar
ing In business Ho WUH fond of en t 4 t
gaging in dlflieult problems nail may i i
thing that required Intense effort ap
pealed to him HP mm known In Ha
vana aw Kl Morgan Cubaim a title su l
given him on account nt his manifest
1111110sltlon to absorb everything of Im
portance In the country for the benefit r
of his numorous financial concerns + 9 l
rH 1
+ +
In every marriage however happy k r 1l
there must bo u certain amount of ro
adjustment of habits and Hits read
justment can scarcely fall to ho ac j
companied by more or less dlslllu lon 1 ° r
meat For one thing the point nt r
view masculine and feminine Is an y
regards many things totally different
and the bride who declares during her r
honeymoon that men are Just horrid f Ith
Ishy no means rare f1
Why should not a man be nn tactful t
and UN littlo disposed to find fault with
Ills wife or life partner ns ho In with M
his partner In buiilness Why should
ho not entertain and amuso her ns hn r
docs his friends and business asso
ciates Why nlKo should not A wife
exert herself to please and entertain
her husband as she did her lover i 1
Much domestic Infelicity U directly f 1 sfJe
traceable to tho custom which wives IA
nnd husbands contract thinking that
tho other does not nutter of treating
one another not only without cere
mony which ls pardonable but with v e y
out consideration which Is Inexcus LZ v
able Xewly married people ihould
burn up III the lira of their ardent af i Fat
fection all little ways which ure die 3 fir
agreeable to each other Like govern a
ment marriage must be a continual
series of compromise t
There are still several wooden rail a
t dial
ways In existence In Canada and the
United States Ono of them Is In the
province of Quebec and Is thirty milts t
long The rails arc of maple and t t
trains are run over them with remark r t i
able smoothness at the rate of twenty
five miles an hour This road U used
for tho transportation of timber t I
1 It r W
put In a room fortyfive foot long f J r to t
twentyfive feet wide and twentyflvo aye d + j
feet high F fa o
Too T me Is said to hold more differ I J row i mid f a 1
ent varieties of ash than any other In iP f et jtlrJ
land British river jkttjJ N
In 157J n Dutch fence from Amster lfil
I 1
dam moving upon Kales utterly de I 5 et i I l
feated largo body of Spaniard 1 r J lit
Tho Uritlsh government owns moro 1 if ° e
than 5000 camels I J
It the oceans suddenly became dry it t rtW
would take the rivers of tho world po
about 35000 years to refill tho dr b

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