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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 30, 1906, Last Edition, Image 1

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I D E S E RE T EVENING NE W T S Do mlu ono11 joit > undlinr s If buy jqtt < for lothei do IIP 5011 tlw inlshly for store muni nil InterestIng now tlini
Sensational Story Concerning the Sunnysiae Mine
Testimony Given Be
Startling Testmony
fore Interstate Commerce
Discoverer of Sunnyside Property
Declared He Was Forced Off
His Land by Armed Agents
1IflI NeTet 3fLIIc Il Jlm
nI < 1111
cai 1111111 SCf
J S1I TaUrFromMo What
S1II Could 111 1101
I I dlUwfMlj Cornell t
been ft chapter 0
Wlua mwlit biie herl 1
as rda
dthe Spoiler
from r
Iwo fron SJol
launtate Commerce Conlll
bfore Jnttrstac fit the
1cr E K dark Uili Inmln fl
ctIgaUoIl DC th wnl tend scandals
ptuil m the U S courtroom
r netnsauotr m came at the closo of this
when In a dramatic
fssloti hJmlc
noriliirii rSIOI
IO II rrld convlcllon to tho
Dnr that > conlclll
JI of inlltois who listened wlllr
2JOfl ult
I ID J itrattI attention Outgo D Hoi
I Temple street
toy of IO wit North tlcc
Ir bow h s the original UUcov
now fHtnous Sunnysldo
Irlr vf Ci 11n1UI
11 rl us forted nft hi property In
V 7 If ar cd agents of the Pleasant
ale fitl iitpany and tho Illo
da IV > trn
HUE itlin Hint consumed a rou
Ait i ItSU1 IIUlee 1
fie of fears the case was Iransfcrrcd
i liire when said
1 thi dLIId court lt WhCl
I tintM his asodates agncd to uc
in tho nrli offeicd by lho big cor
I wntlon llotllday told of meeting
raton 1lday suiitilntendenl of
t e 1 V toal company nnd seven
tiler ofil lals o the coal company and
the RIO firanle Western In tho otllcc
tt t 10 compai in the Dooly block
I compry told he could tnlle
rterc ho 13M flatly tote ttile
i tv liuudreil dollars or else be run
lills ptiipeity In response Holll
h all he told those plo rnt that
thuil never made 1 man who could
t4tt fUHI uu what I had hpnestly
tCrby He further told tWmi that
Jbnrc ford off his own property
It toaltl not deal with thoro UKOIHH
I i to 1 rass him but would come
obit LaK and dial directly wltk
t ftHbl Vitness told how
SImp tcd him i go ahead und he
tid not tf molc ted
Sabjtqui ntly thi JIoldtiy Coal com
I yJ MS organized and work was
l mi Th Hollldiy let for Alaska
h only riMrtvd Portland Or when
I IM rMJllfd by 1 dispatch rtatlng
I till the us IS of the 1 V l oal com
IT hd Jumpcil the mine and driven
a Hie emj > iiye off th Jell c by
aw lit turned nt once to Salt
Lk aid upon the solicitation of his
Cln s ussoliuf who did not want
Lubk he 111 to tJunnysldn to In
i1tJgat tpon his arrival there ho
iz mtt b Hobert Klrkcr an agent
I the p v toil company who cursed
w and Mil him to get on the land
iMtr tain ot death Accompanied by
IMftiMrai a witness Holltdiry rode
winess Holday
Ire the Property despite the threats
Bj ni r ho passed the cabin tho sec
t tm Kirker flrd upon lllm wlth
iiui v 1111 wih
iWnchMtir rl Witness saM that
Iled hic fn j rile when Klrker
Ui the othl r Qed mrn ran Into tho
tb to Jb jot ot rats
Ti Mb Iell a story ot obstacles
ihcI In tr way of the Holllday coal
kti r tol Whl Tmlnntwl two years
cn a ealKc of venue of the cases
1 inim > Ie Ixht
I il diXltly 411 the prl
the PIeasat Valley Coal corn
Pr h srI
ru I This
compiny cent
ci7 ei i ih d t11 original local
r t rat witl tMr property
tit IO Tliiti property today Is the
heT IUbll cIting coal lir ° Ulon
tnal y th Utah FUel company and
ua runs nto the ili Ilgures
frau the > IHUIC8
FI testimony forthcoming this
Il IWe the InldaH aPlatrently lt
all Ide In a
cpPtK mix kind
itt Kfl alcrptl kild
1Jf r r Iwnu81 hall they Con
tal1 u s unmolested they
I e R rely survived tho
ltI lurvlcd
lt h
It nI J cmmerfl CTtllnif
btu 11 1 by the name of Secret
L n dteIopci early In the ilay that
larllutOrane ha < ot yore been verb
ther ttih Fuel compiny In
mlt r tf ahIovIng comlany
alowing hat company
t th iSo compll
I 8Uplk for next to noth
So n l1xt 10th
o1 Vj
fct hat rU as Introduced show
atolL but Ih r ors wlrl given such
tui 1 there arc no compel
OOraie ni business along the
Pl Ilonl
C 10 ieil < of
bars Lt
Irk IIOn ertwhIIe either
t 5u erstwhlc ehot
FUtl Ir to11 how the Utah
h1 C yMHhW < l in fire brick
ele nnn trtUeoMJ
S1 Mir 01 lut Jlle oC lie
hl tnt 1 et P r 100 pounds
lt orrh Viw gr Ltl whelhw It wits
t as 11 I Ul8 ° developed
at l Q I I IP AWC apparent
the inir i I lplrcnt
C 11 telr r nimerec rommlv
rlli Uw I I jnv stJatt tititigs gen
ant ii nde name
II to al tmUI depnrt
If il I r I y i ishfd a tllrlfr which
v h
Lkn la t Av 1j11Ot This action WIll
tt Q d IOllhnt ot a rIpple
Wt If Ih Oftunent
Fut 1m laiS Iudlor for tho Utah
IU1 th4 J1 Whhet lie hlt author
Ird t a of certnln oUeher
Q to N t o divers Irnpertnt
e11 t kl k Mr Williams sou
he kl I lg about I Lll < c
It n h tt WhAre Capt W F
Pt I trm d utj astiler of the Utah
4er in arh the nlo Gmndc
I rdr Ibt rla and
Id rn flIrs Preshyterlati church
In bin Ir lalI that hc hat not
ft ee1
t41 1JdLor f the
t fre rb big corporation dlii
tt gOr a very valuable vItiies
t ktn t I lie illnhltteil
11 liar
1 up nv 1nd nmlte1 la
a J1petv Or < whteh WIS now
11 tVti IV I II eel Clrpal hut
Inee the tnvesttatIon d lION ndmilcil
Iorts elgalln cotnhllelicel
In be comlencell
t Ih tl Intiko him
1thet < Ilko admit
tt I o elko a ItUet tt VI hod
Alonllshlpmentl from utftt to
IIIJ 0 smelter wore without
tIlt ts SHnt IN voau roVer
11f th h Jib rrlec il com lmenlar
Lthe Otnne railroad and
< t 1K1
nftcr numetous questions ndtnltted that
whenever tho company desired to fend
an ftnploye to the mint I trip pass
was usually forthcoming Ho also ud
mlttid that the Wiisutch Store company
at how rHtnbllslunentH the miners buy
their Hitpplles wal n buhsldlnry com
pany to tilt Utah Fuel corporation
Byron Clrco fprmer cretory of ths
lie land board proved n good wlneMI
but beyond iletulllng the procedure of
the Htiite land board In the selection
of landrf mid mating that Robert For
roster VIIK freniiently In the oillco look
Ing over tho plain and had on nevcral
occasIons plld money Into the oillco
presumably for landi rolecttd his
testimony lure was lot of I startling na
When the tommlfiHloiict called tho
investigation to order thlH morning
there AVNB an unusual crowd of Inter
tHttd spectators present which grew
In numbers us tho morning wore on
Clark the basking
Jlr opened proceedings by
asking counsel for tho Oould and liar
Ihlll Interests whether they desired
to IntroducD vltnes > ioM air Williams
Htnled that ho mIght call his olleaguo
Mr AlllHon to tho stand The Utter
fccemcd surprised nnd then transferred
his gnzo to the aptVlal maps that had
been prepared showing the holdings of
the Utah Fuel company und tho Bio
Oiamlo Wcntrrn In Utah and which
ulurned the north tahl of thC court
ClilrlClcik at Suinijchlo Wid tin Iirt
Charles Livingston wan the llrst wit
nets nsoin tints morning lie state
that he ns chief clerk at Sunnyslde
for the Utah Fuel company for M
month Anionjr his ditties were the
clKckliiK of xptimo bllH and freight
mates tihlpmonu on In freights
Hwniypldo jirlor to Auc I o this year
when there was a change Prior to that
time there was 3 rate of Imlt it Celt
per mllo mi all freight conslHtiid tr tho
Utah Fuel company at Htmnysldo froth
luau points Wlincss It ted that this
rate isits consldeiahly less than that In
effect for outside consignees This
secret rate 1 rounnel Thomas for
the government put It was the same
from tiny point In Utah regardless of
dlstniiio from Hunnysldo
Witness slated that this rate was In
creased on Ihllt 1 tMf n wtro the
rates from Coloiado points Where tho
Utah Fuel company paid loin 50 to
J60a ell fiom Idaho points after tug
1 It paid under the new rate approx
I Iuhl
imately J2 > 0 and 300 a cam About the
name changea were nude In regard to
lame of rails nnd lire brl5 from
Im bio to Sunnyslde
UegnrilliiR the lumbPr shipped from
Oregon for the reliulldlnpr ot the trestle
at SininyHlilc following tho big lire
witness stated that It wan billed to
Ogden where It waH reblllcd to Sunny
stile under the half cent secret rate
RegardIng shlpmcnls to the Wasatch
Sloro comiiuny reputed to bo tho store
comlul the Utah Fuel Co wit
ness could not give any dcilnlte In
Witness MliUthftt this secret rate
officIal of
tariff Hhert was signed by an
the tile Grande Western he could lot
give hla name
The freight bills he fall were turnfl
Into Caot Coltons otllco Instead ot
cash Who paid them eventually he
did nol know
W 0 Williams of Suit Luke nnd
auditor of the Utah Fuel company
was tlien culled He detailed the oni
the Utah Fuel company
cera of til lel cOmpll
stated that Capt Colon was not the
treasurer of the Utah Fuel company
He did not kioI where Cupt Colion
was ut this time and had not Keen
for live or six weeks In answer to
iiieMtlons wltncKM stated the Utah Fuel
company was l capitalized for 1UUOUWW
olpnl owned this atock
lie did not know Who Itoc
Ally Allison for the company piompt
I tho
ly MJluntccrcd the Information that
yolulteercll vas owned by
stock of tho company 1 olll
tho Denver Hlo Grande Interests
Witness on icsutnlng stated that the
bonded indebtedness ot the Utah Fuel
totnpany wan 1 00000 approximately
Ho said that ho hail made no payments
tall been In
ments durIng the year ho had becl
odlcc for tho acquisition of coal Intuls
Clr nClulsltlon
Ho admitted thai agricultural buds Had
been acquired The lands of the IJtah
Fuel company ho said hud been niort
He did not know that these
gaged 101
landi 1 been mortgaged for MOO an
1IIItR mated that hf did not
mere He further Itnted Ile 1lt
know II yo could give this Information
Coming down to the subject of rates
ho snld the Utah Fuel company paid
the same rate an did any other con
signee There had been 1 concession
of this rate prior to several
all construction
ago said witness on al
material This rate ho said waa
elfrlittonth of u cent per 100 pounds
lUlls brick
mllo on this material HalK
and per lumber cams under this heading
aliliumbtr cale
The question on tho ratn on coke
shipped to Anaconda by tho Ulah Fuel
company precipitated un argument be
tween the attorneys for the government
and atorneys Oregon Short Line
who tfvercd that tho Short Line and
tho Union 1aclllc were separate and
distinct corporations Witness said tint
the published rotc on ooUo to Anaconda
was 5 Ilel 100 pounds and as for aH
he knew there had linen on change
during tho past year Tho consignee
he sal paid the freight The prices
of sni coke was billed as nn advance
charge on California consignments
In other words the railroad tom
imny advances the price of lie eoko
pri collects nt tho other end on Inter
satu business
yiliiosa Mated he knew nothing re
garding the transportation of Utah
Fuel company Personally ho canted
a complimentary paw over the Rio
eOl1111mentnrr JIPI
About 50 employes
Grande rullroad Abolt G ellloe9
of tho Utah Fuel company were located
In Halt Lake Whenever they were
neat to the mines w lines mild they
were given I pass over the road
In niiswcr to questions on tho purl
Mnrchand witness stated that
Of Atty Iarehrlli ItatcII Imt
he had no Information that certain
vouchers were destroyed during tho
past few months He dM nt know that
certain hooka of the Utah Fuel com
pany had been shipped to New York
After considerable questioning wit
that vouchers had been
ness stated no oueherl el
destroyed hnhls authority rind he know
of none being destroyed
Witness admitted that the Wnsntch
Store company was n subsidiary com
puny of the Utah Fuel company Ho
Is auditor for both corporations
The Block of the Utah Fuel company
dividends but the
he poll had paid no dhllelds blt
bonds pit Id r per cent
Mr Williams stated that he had taken
up coal lands west of Clear Creek but
did not complete the title In 1M3 ho
took up 320 acres of grazing hind In
the snnio region This Is now owned
by the Ileasant Valley company le
did this at his own Instance He re
ceived no ompensailon for taking up
either panel of land
unccmns ASKUD roit
1 Here Mr Thovnnn took n hand In ex
amining witness He asked that wit
ness furnish the commission with the
< Continued on POI two
t P
Due to Block Telegraph Rules Be
ing Disregarded by Oper
ator Mattoax
Ariangemriits for Ilineral of IVeMdent
Spencer Hino Nol Yet Ilccn
Iynchbwfr Va Nov 30he acci
dent yesterday morning near Uawyprs
depot on tho Southern rallwnyln which
President Samuel Hpcnccr and his party
lost their lives Is declared by I South
ern lallway ofllclal to be due to the
block telegraph rules being regarded
by Operator C D Matlonx who was In
charge at night at tho block station at
Ilnnsoon four mllcH from lAwyers de
Asst Gen Supt 1 K A Coapnmn of
the company today gave out the fol
lowing statement
Investigation so far made of the
accident develops the fact that Operat
or Mattoax nt Uangoon let multi No
33 Into the block and disregarded the
riles failed to notify tho operator at
Lawyers depot of thin fact When tho
hunt section of train No 37 the Wash
liiKton and Southwestern vestlbulcd
limited approached Itangoon Operator
Mattoax asked the operator nt Law
yets for the block on No 37 This
ilta given by the operator nt Lawyers
who did not know that No 33 had gone
In upon the block
No 33 broke down nt tho south end
of I curve nnd aa soon as the train
mopped the flagman ran back to pro
cot his train AH far as we learn
tho flagman had proceeded about 300
ynuls when No 37 was In view on tho
curve Engineer Mclvlnnoy law the
signal and applied the emergency
brakes but he did not have time to
leave his seat before the collision took
An Inspection of the telegraph sheets
In each of tho block stailonx Hunatantl
le LOIs belief Tne nncet nt llangoou
mows that No 33 was given the biock
by Operator Mattoax niul the sHeet at
Lawyers shows that Mutfoajc had not
notified the operator tnero that o 33
was on tll block and entitled to It
A fuller investigation will be made
IIH speedily as possible but we do not
expect to develop additional facts The
company Iian a number of men scour
Ing the country In tne hope of locating
Operator Mattoax but up to 1 lato hour
this forenoon wo have been able to as
certain absolutely nothing ns to his
An investigation II being made to
day us to tho circumstances which led
t the wreck of the two Southern Hal
way trains near hero yesterday result
Ing In the death of President Spencer
of the road and several other passen
gers and the Injuring of several others
Time death of William Pollard the por
ter In President Spencer car and J
W Shaw the negro fireman both of
whom died In tho city hospital
hero last night swelled time death
list to seven In all Tho latest
word from tho hospital regard
ing the Injured Indicated that all of
them arc doing nicely and probably will
The scene of tho wreck Is 10 miles
south of Lynchburg and to I many
persons have wended their way out of
curiosity to sea tho effects of the dis
aster The work of clearing the debris
Is being carried on and some of the
wrcckngn already has been removed
County Coroner J W Davis Is expected
to take some action on the accident to
day HA arrived at the scene ot the
wreck yesterday but llndlng that the
bodies already hid been removed ho
deferred until today us to deciding
what steps he should take In the mat
ter The escape of A E Merrill of New
York private secretary to Mr Sprn
ctr the only survivor In the party on
the private car save for a porter WHS
miraculous The Injuries ho sustain
ed am not serious and ho will be able
to leave the city hospital hero prob
ably by tho first of tho week
Identification was made today of tho
negro who was killed and his body
burned The victim was lionjiunln
Hozwoll of Toledo Ohio I dining car
lan who was taken abroad Mr pen
cerH car for tho trip
Washington Nov OThe bodies
of Charnlea D Fisher nnd Frank T
Redwood both of Baltimore who wore
killed In tho collision near Lawyers
Va when President Hamuel fcpencor
of tho Southern railway lost his life
wore sent to Baltimore early today
Arrangements for tho funeral Pres
Ident Sponcor have not been complet
ed but burial probably will ho In
Wnshlrnrton After n conference to
day with the family Second Vice
President Flnley will announce ar
range men l
D W Davis tho tcleghnph operator
who was killed was frequently detailed
to nqcoirtpnhy the higher ofllclals of the
road on such trips as tho one tlat ended
to disastrously ycslerdar 1 Is said
that when ho was notified that he would
be expected to accompany President
Spencer and party on this occasion he
asked to be relieved stating that It was
tho desire of his wife and himself to
spend Thanksgiving with her parents
In Alexandria but It could not bo ar
Superintendent of Transportation
Taylor said today that all efforts of the
company no far to locate Operator
Mattox who was operating the block
signal tower at tho entrance of tho
block In which tho accident occurred
had failed Mattox Is a native of San
dy Iovel Vannd had been In tho
employ Qf the company for three years
The body of Samuel Spencer was
taken from the undertaking establish
lent where I was taken last night to
hits home In this city this afternoon
Mil Spencer has been In consultation
during the day with officials of the
Southern railway relative to the fu
neral arrangements Funeral services
will be held at St Johns church In
this city Sunday The Interment will
bo In this city and will be private
Many telegrams of sorrow have bern
received at the Spencer home and at
the general offices of tho Southern here
from prominent railroad men through
out the country
ExPresident of Chicago Team
sters Union Will Turn
States Evidence
nhlne jiont of Coal Teamsters
Inlim und Member of WrtcUii
Crew Take Same COIIIM
Chicago Nov 30Tire dimensions
which for tho last year Iran provullud
In tho mnk of lie TiamMitfrV union
lure today wvtc curried Into tho trial
of Cornelius 1 Shea who In com
pany with It other im n Is on trial
for alleged conspiracy In connection
with tie steal tcnmstcrV strike ii f
June 1905 Albert Young former
piesldent of the Teamsters union
William Kolly business agent nf the
Coil ToaniPtci union nnd William
Murphy wild to have boon I momber
of lho red < nF crew dutlng tho
strike wltbdriiw their pltJ nf nol
guilty and entered plonn o guilty 1
of tho men declared their Intention of
turning otntfs cUdoncn
The Incident caused great fxclle
rent In the coin doom and took thEn
other defendants completely In sur
prise Shea and Voting hnd for years
bwi clone friends and hail woilscd
sldo through a number of strikes die by
Shim the la5t convention of the
Tramstcis union liowovt they have
been oppo ed to each nthei
As t1 as court uponid ode > Atty
Leltoy Brown who has lot pinIons
Is appealed In tho CHSU addicted
Judge Hull Kiytng
Your honor I desire to gle notion
that I herewith enter my appearance as
counsel for the following named defend
ants In thin cane Albert Young Wil
liam Kelly and Michael Murph
The attorneys for the defence showed
their surprise at this announcement
and a moment later when It was an
nounced that all three men desired
to enter pleas of guilty they were for
a tlmo taken completely aback Presi
dent Shea turned In his chair and
stared fiercely nt Young who returned
his look with at Indifferent tlrt Tho
statement WJIH then made by AIry
Drown that his clients desired to turn
stales evidence
The attorneys for the defence then
Informed thor court that they demand
ed tho right Of reopening the exam
ination of the Jurors In oidnnio quettlim
the jurors rcgnidlng their acquaint
ance with Atty Brown The court
overruled them and an exception won
taken by the defense A recess until
this afternoon was requested by the de
f > ii o and granled The tionhlu be
tween Albert Young and Cornelius 1
Shea resulted fiom the effort made by
the former to secure the ptofildency ot
the International teamster union Ho
represented an element In the union
that was opposed to Shea Anl dlssitls
led with his method of conduitlng
tho Chicago strike Shea was rrrected
and Young then organized a rival or
ganization which Is known as the Inlt
ed Teamsters ot America Since th
creation of the latter body there has
been bItter strife between
beel biter Iltwrel teninMern
and assaults and tight on the streets
have occurred frequently
New York Nov 30A war on the
butchers of the Kim fide Ghetto has
been started by women residents of Ihe
district as 1 protest against the high
price of meat Heoently the butchers
put up the price of incut two cents a
jwund and In verbal explanation of tho
act said tho packers had again raised
tho prices to the butcher and they had
to follow suit
I Is an easy matter to create ti cu
bit among the cxcltnbjo residents of the
Ghetto and tho actIon of the billchois
was quickly resented Houowles met
on tho streets old discussed tho iamb
jct and from this It wan but I step
to form Indignation meeting Such a
meeting was held yesterday at tIre
homo of Mrs Esther Delsholsky nt U
East Fourth street Nearly r women
wcro present Mrs Delsbolsky told tho
women she thought the prices of meat
were outrageous and advised I strike
against the butchers
Mrs Delfbolsky nnd Mia Hebccca
Hesonlck went to a meal shop In the
neighborhood II parkcts and Immedi
ately began addressing a large com
pany of women customers advising
them to boycott tho butchers As the
women cheered lho butchers became
excited and tiled to disperse thorn A
bOttle followed In which clubs were
used und various rnlnslletf thrown
Mrs Dulsbolsky and Mrs Hejcnlclc
were struck In lie face with sharp mis
siles and both received serious cuts us
well as other Injuries Several other
women wero struck by stone oral clubs
Tho police wero called hut mado no ar
There were many small skirmishes In
tho doorways of mal other Kast Side
butcher shops Women with shawls
pulled ocr their faces upset sidewalk
stands trod broke open crates contain
ing live chickens
MIB Hoai Menlo during n moit
shop commotion on Madison addressed
Ihop commoton IIIU OI street 1
dressed a crowd Look she said
what fools wu are to buy meat when
fish Is cheaper Fish Is bet l thmi meat
any way 1 Is more nourishing
I Second street HlvhiRton street
Forsytho arid Dolanccy streets
Dellce groups
of women stood In front of tho butcher
shops declaring they would boycott
the butchers until prices camo down
The women would not permit nnyonn
to enter the shops AH night diew 01
they marched In a body to tho oillcen o
1 Jewish newspaper nnd there cicked
for newspaper alI In their fight
Fearing 1 repetition of the rural riots
of live years ago when much property
was destroyed thn butchers have begun
organizing Louln Klisch President of
tho organization declares the 40M meat
market on lie Cst side will be clowl
nithor than attempt to combat 1 strike
against them by the women of time totU
lentl a result of the war on niett the
fishmongers beneath the Wllllnnishurg
bridge nail along Dclancey street did I
rushtnr business yesterday
Toulon Franc Nov 30 Admiral
Touchall squadron raIled for Tanxkr
To be in Two Fleets for Service
On Atlantic and Pacific Coasts
Of United States
Adequate Naval Iorco Neim let I II Ihe
1nclllo Plans Will be Completed
About Ian 1
Washington Nov Ofhe completed
plans for tin organization of the light
ing Vessels of the navy In two IceU
fur ten Ice on the Atlantic and Paclllo
coasts of the United States In such
manlier thai time wholo force may lit
readily mubollzed In cases of emer
gency Is announced by Hoar Admiral
Coinersc thief of the bureau ot navi
gation of the navy dcpnrtniiiit In his i
unnual report mudu public today Tht
unllul lel0rt 1III Iluble I
concentration o the battle heat In
the American wntur and the align
ment of all vessels therein to the com
mand of one Hag olllccr will he com
nlitid about Jan 1 next Hear Ad
miral Converse said that owing to our
lespoitslbllltlcM In the Philippines and
lIre far fiint generally an adequate
naal force Is neoded In the Pacific
ocean The assignment of the ship
of the battle lino to Atlantic wnUis
and of cruiser anal gunboats to Pa
chIt wuteri III accordance with pronl
strategic ruquln mints
Tho tentative asslennirnt of vessels III
as follows
FIrst Sqinidion First Division Con
nvctlttit I sour is imritr Maine Missouri
Second Division Georgia New Jer
cy llhodc Island Virginia
Second Siiiiii il till Third Division
Alabama Illinois Kearsargo Ken
Fourth Dhj lollOhln liullami Iowa
Third Siriin tI nor Vlfth DivisionTen
nessro Washington Bt LonlH
Sixth Division Columbia Des
Mollies Cl vflinil Tnconin
Fourth Squadron Seventh Division
Dixie Marietta Neport Don Juan De
EIghth Division Prairie Dubuque
Paducah Scorpion
Tho seventh ned eighth dlAMoni
will bo held In reserve until their
vices are no longer required for
police und patrol chit
In rcsorw Texas Hronklyn
Soeond Tornedn Flotilla Hopkins
I iivrenco MacDonough Whlpple
Truxton Woi Jen
fh I Ill Torpedo Flotilla Wllkos
Hlakely Do Long llodgers Stockton
First Squadron First DivisIon
W > > 1 Virginia Maryland Pannsjl
nnla Colorado
Second IJnnl1llh1oro Chat
tniuiogn heolon Cincinnati
Kecond Squadron Third Div I shea
Hulclqh Concord helena Wilming
tOilIllurih Dlvlylon Callao Klcuno
Qulr Vlllabo
Const 1otehMonterey Monad
First Torpedo Flotilla Hrnlnbrldgc
Barmy Dale Ohaunccy Decntur
Iliht 1llIlonharleston Mllwau
kef Albany Now Oilcans
Second DlUnIon Chicago York
town Iloston Princeton
Fourth Torpedo I lntllluln1I
Paul Jones 1arrj Farrngut Solds
borough Howan
At an early date It Is oxpoctd that
time AsIatic fIt and tho Pacific squad
ion will be merged Into ono Pacific
diet under thc supwmn command of
n Hap officer of tie highest nmk In
the amo urnnrrcr as the Atlantic fleet
Is now organized
The bureau of navigation I u nil it I rig
every endoavor to secure It battleship
strength of 15 In Ire Atlantic Heel
dlvldod Into tw > squadronx which will
furnish ivory opportunlt for till prnc
lice of hattie tactics and will fiuililc tIm >
higher officers to ucqulre facility In
their exercise of a large fleet HIK III
tnancuvcilng ono homogenous quad
ron against unotlvr
C cncral I egret Over HIP liioppnrtunu
lies1 of MlnlMrrlal Cliailgcr >
Madrid Nov IHelllr Mprot v
Pendcrgast liiis formed u now cabinet
und bin appointments have been ac
cepts by King Alfonso It follows
Premier Morel y IrenderKavt
Foreign Affairs Poror Caballero
Interior Senor Hurroso
Finance Fleutcrlo Delngo
Public WorlnKeinir iianft
War Lieut lion De Lunuo
MiirlnpDuko of Albu
Justice Count Uomanones
Them Is no minister of worship and
Th re Is general regret regarding lie
Inoppoittmunetft of ministerial changes
during the present unsettled condition
of Spains commercial relations with
foreign powers und tine Moron an sit
untlon It Is consldrrod however that
the present comnietclil gitlatlonii are
suillclently advanced to bind the now
cabinet to the policy nf Its predecessor
whllq time taking over of the foieUji
olllce by Perez Culnlloro who was oe
of Spalnrf delegates to the Interna
tional Moroccan onfcremi at Algeclr
as KMitren n coiulnurinop of HIP present
umlerslandlng with France
Tho resignation of the Domlnguoz
cabinet yesterday ruftlly resulted from
dlursenclM of opinion on tho rellgloujt
question which tile modcinto liberals
eon ltltr hud been pushed too rapidly
to the front thus delaying arrange
ments for he final problem
Home Nov M Although the Vati
can believes that Senor Moret y Pren
dergaiit who will tie charged with the
formation f a new cabinet at Madrid
will III obliged to limert In his platform
a clause foi tlK Ht lon of the con
cordat with the Hnly Set It being nei
ijssury to form is block for tire Spnnlih
LtbcralN anil rome republicans It u of
tho opinion that IIIOMI of the members
of time inblnpt will bo moio modornto
than their prodei sors The cuncordit
doubtless will be dlx UMed by the con
tracting parties indeed negotIatIons
were already uniUr wan when Morct
y Prcndergast tuna last In power
niiwvnov IHLIAS TVTI
I London Nov St Although It has
been feared that the recent speeches of
A t
Pnmiii I uipbellDannermun iiiul A J
lialfdur hxd tinned the door to Iliinpro
nils on the education liiis lIeu when
tilt edtmai iou bill reached the riport
Stag In the hiiuso of lords tonight
minor tnni > HHions were nmdu on both
I < IdP minI Lord Ixinsdown the opiionl
Uon lciid dells ured u csjnvlllainry
epeeth The utmosl diversity of opinion
dourer still pievnllB as to the rate ot
the meueuio
Oiiglnal of Iliinmi Cliaiaclcr still Mr
Ing In Isi iimgtoir
New Voik Nov 30A Time London
pedal says the original of Little for
rll Is still living at Islington and U DI
years old SIre will i npn a culo of work
nt the Boy Training school In Isling
ton next Thursday
UMTvriox run ciTrixxs 1
lioHton No 31Jhe nodal educa
tion tongrejw which alms to draw wid
er atftitlon to the need of training
youth to mott tho new demands aril
hut from the eotnplaxlilra of modern
life opened here today Many em
inent HM > olallnts are here to discuss the
new nerds
What was rxft > Git > d to bf oni1 or the
tlll I nits of the congress wart the maMs
meeting at Tremont temple on tlu sub
Jet of IMiiratton for citizenship
which was rrhndllled for tho afternoon
At this gathering Oov Ullhl Major
Fltzgtrald rredldcnt KIHot of Harvard
unUcislty Oeo II Maitln state soc I
iftuiy of odnrntlon and 1rPildent I
Davlit Stnrr Jordan of Leland Htantnrd
unlviiHlty on The Young Man of ttw
TwonllHIi Icitiiry were announced
us the ieahei
riitr I lniIllJllll
ll No 30Ilr of unknown
origin broke out nrly today In tInts
stationery ilfpartinPtit of time Huud
Manufaiturlng companj at 340 Pecond
ascii ii rid dahlia gad the plant to the
extent of Mtvotnl tliousand dollars
The blaze fAS PO fierce for a Urn
that II tlneiitened the adjoining slruc
hires and nil the engines In the down
balm district were nmunoned
ScMral ilremen were nllghtly hurt by
falling Klus J
WtifhliiKton No 30An order hai
bein Issued by the llret aisl tani post
master giiioml looking tmvard tho
adoption of uniform rate of rent for
bong nf poslolllcci The revised mien
will affect eciy poslolllre In the Unit
ed States
It Is not HIP Intpntlon In make an In
crease In box rents Whlln some rates
will be lalped others will be Olisldrr
ably Iwcrcd tlu aim being to correct
Mexico tlty Nov 2 William 11
Hearst intervIewed here tonight modi
fied tin nttflrnaiiie recently nllrlbulod
to him that he would not accept an
other nomination by naylng that If ell
cuiTiMtAntes wnininttd ho would once
more be n canflldntc for office lie did
not dcclgnat5 the odlce
Pardoned That Thcj Mu > Testify
gin I rrt Ituif and Sci i tim Itz
Sa < ramcnto Cal Nov 30t the
request of Atty llcrrey ion P rdee
has pardoned Stcffons and W > rnnri the
ballot box sluffcrsi In order that they
may testify agalnHt Abruham Itcuf and
Mayor limits of Han Fnuulsco
SteffciiH and Wyrnnn won sentonced
to live years Iniprlsonmcnt for stulllng
tin1 ballot boxes at the local primaries
held a short time befoit the last elec
tion of Mayor Schrnltz Through the
result of this primary election Abe
Huuf secured conitol of the county IW
publican convention Charges were
made that Stcffens and Wyman who
were acting as elocllon olllcerH had
stuffed the ballot box In favor of cer
tain delegates They were tried bsfoie
Judge Lowlar and convicted and sen
tenced to the penitential When
Judge Lawlor came up for irrltctlmr
Nov G last Hetif and his ndhorents
made a bitter and strong fight agalnai
him and It wan the nomination of two
men us candidates for superior judge nn
both the Iteptibllcan and Dotnocrutlj
tickets In order lo intake Lawlorx de
feat lertaln thai brought the present
prosecutions for graft to i focmi taw
her was elected judge and already conn
of tho casofl of some of the men Indlr tell
have been assigned to him for trial
Wyman was a municipal omplnyo end
Steffens was employed by F A Mu
nil otti thru priSldent of the hoard of
public works It IK supposed that In
return for their irardoun they will tell
what they know tibout tho alleged of
feminine of iit > iniploye
Gem 1 HIHT Hetlirrcs That Is Injnno
lion Noixlod III 1lImo Dajs
New York Nov 10 Oeorge F user
ptcsldont of the Heading rallroud In
an iiddrtss at Reading 1cnnsylvanla
yesterday acrordliiK to a special to
the World declared that III our day
wo need to heed the Injunction to be
ware of false prophets Thu present
tendency In to lend Itching ear to
strange doctrines
From the wears of the mighty and
from the street corners whrr blather
skites harrnngue the multitude a wall
of woo Ip hoard he Mid I very
tilnig Is wrong The whole order of
our Industrial and social life is assailed
In ehcinent und hysterical appeals to
the passions and srltUhnest of men
The men who do not by their own
work contribute anything to the gen
eral stores vant to uimtnd their dis
tribution Thoy create nothing
They only scold The Immeasurable
resounM of the earth no long hidden
haw not been dls < eretl or utlllseU
for the bIll Ill 1 of mankind by any
thought or action of their
They are drones In the busy lime
They have had no part or lot In the
army of glftfd and cupalilo men who
are nbolng the primitive irundato to
subdue the earth und haw dominion
over It They do not bear the heat
and burden nf lie das in the eternal
work of subjugation but they never
theless long for thrnn nf dominion
OLe It
Scientists ltd urn Wllh SovontjIlM
I llioirvahd piclineiiF
Sfti rauclsco Non 3I1Thn liooner
I Acadflmy arrived her jestnrdsy from
ialnpAjto islands with u party ot icUn
tints on board which bus spent 17 monthn
on the lilatuli mi llng a i nllcrtlm o Its
flnrn and laurm Tfiei Ill 5io itpeu
rnrui In tho fV rollo lea lit i jH n id ems
II of the O jpaKo vnrietj cf t > rtoso
Hie tartest 11 chI wrld 41 1 pcflni ni
I of reptiles Hud 100 si ilmens > birds
union whlilr An many rare spete Th
I party also rflUeitej Wu up unfn of
pUnU and WOW pcclriftn ot both land
and sea shells It H lice tlin < nltliolog
I Ut was In charge or the exposition
Admits That When Grace Brown
Jumped From Boat He Did
Not Try to Reach Her
Confesses His First Version of
The Tragedy Told to Sheriff
Klock Was a Lie
IJcdur III Altoilli dlrd Him
To Tell 11 DIlTcicnl Sinn 1ioni
Ihit One
Hetkmur N V Nov 30 Ch < wU r R
iilllette told his story of irnet Hrnwns
death ngiilii today this tme In re
spouse to questions put lo him by a
prosecutor who picked out every iluv
In tli ii neiniMd young limits tesllmoii
For three hours DIet Atty Wnrd IJUCH
Honed nillette and to thfc Mirprlso of
everyone In the room Cllll tle was as
cool and loiiildtnt when he stepped
down to x < > tn dinner as he was when
Ire walked Into court till niornlig
I I mile t I e rcpllod In the H hIram at I vi when
DIet Atty Ward asked him If ho swam
to shore and left Urncc Drown to die Iii
the lake a
Witness describing the girls act In
leaping Into the water to tier death sild
subs jurnpid from tilts item of tho boat
that ha shoutud for help that no one
responded and that ho tiled to It nil
out how dMp mimi water was there
Did you try lo result Inert
Vel you ny you swam In the Pacific
I did
And you did not swim to this girls
I did not
When she leaped Into the water
from the boat what did you say you
ihii7I reached out my hand toward her
Hum the boat tipped over
And you who had swam In tire lake
In Washington and In the Pacific
ocean left Ortter Hiown there WithoUt
swimming to her aid
I did
A foatnro of this mornfngti proro 1
togs was thu discovery of a plctuio o
hattIe ikiiedlct on u roll of Him > 11
Ullluttes suit case Olllclto had awnri
filet the Him was III1IXIIO ltd Mi
Benedict Is the fortlnnd girl who
wan ilrst claimed filllctti wunio
marry Miss Hinedlct cwore ft
stand that she wan nut lI1IIII
illlette during the examination ntnttil
that bin version of tho tragedy is mir
rated to Sheriff Klock a few minutes
after his arrest to tho fleet that thi
affair was nil accident and that ho had
tipped the boat over nrrldiiitally while
they acre picking pond lllllirs vun u
Now did your attorneys tell you to
toll a different story than HIP ono you
told Under Sheriff Klock usked tho
district attorney
They did They told me to tell tho
CheMff Gillette today twinned his
feat on tho witness stand prepared tll
stick to his story list GIt utah a
whom hi > Is alleged to have Klnln and
heft In Dig Moose lube died the death
of n suckle
Then wits a big crowd nt the court
house today much linger than the
spacious courtroom und Its oldfiui
loned gallery were capable of anon
OllUtttf whrn ho resumed his si T
on the willie stand looked IntrntJv
nt his umnwl and flit Uty Ward
cautioned him that ho mint face trm
jury whirr answering lUiwulons
Sir W rd rod a letter frma villbttd
to Orai Brown under date of Jttrto Si
In which ho said he hid been to Tlltln
York lake III bathing with some boy
Gillette If you had struck Orefi 1
Brown at 011 Moo e lake and ettimimmel
hr vould you hare told tin officer
asked Mr Witrd
I Yell
Gillette1 atkod thai district aLtar
is y If you trucK Grace llrown with
that tunnlB rauquat would jim como
hero and all thin Jury you did
I cannot nay
Did you hato thin girl nskod tIme
prosecutor reading from n numboi1
of kttoM draco Hrown had stint tbn
defendant In which she complained
of his appmiiil neglect oC her
No 1 did not hate her snswered
here Gillette for a seooinl diverted
his glance fnjm thn jury and Mi
Ward shouted took at thr Jury and
not at jour counsel
AUyy Mills and Thomttb lniMpojpi
objection to die district attorneys i
tnnnner toward HID wltnjs and thu
court MUKtulnetl thorn molding that Mi
Ward hnd no right to so direct tho
witness In hU gaze
The district altiinipy taking up ilvi i
inattur of Ulllotic having received a s
letter from Once Hi own In which slm
referred to his oontemiilfttid visit to
De lluyur tirnvlou to heIr departure
for the Adlrondtcks In July the wit
new ilnnlwl ha wn schamitl of nr
liar d to ji sn with tli girl there
Didnt y < ii want tin jKlrl to go to
Hamilton with you
I dont know 1 btllsvo flit wnntrd
lo jrn lu IlHintliiin
Did you know anv ie in Himllloir
t did not
Sire hud rclativiis there had she
I licHen she had
Then you wanted her ti iii5t > ou lit
Hamilton where she coe known but
where yam Were no known and started
frwn tIters u tie Armi Uii < tnctd < < t
from le Kuytr
I runiirtt State
When did you nr1 I i m his wis to
become a mother
I do not rtnnml
Was It In Aptii nvt < < > ft Inr
Und for Sutil in MI Hut you first h
kiev t
I cnit rnt ii
Illlettp kalu he 1 to rd tin
girl had no ch ri her con
ditksrr becanie ki > n in
Did you still in aslt i t
rlIhtrls uttirmiey
I did ii ns t ijillolt >
share nod of 11 i
Olllett wt itel i n ho il T
el lien Con had iili flrai P V
IntordlriK > it t rtu i lie lift t > x
M Ing in lila r < m dstiirlrd attl i
notb ng t i rl I ILtj ubout not cen1
Itp buck
Thu dutrlci attorney wkd him 1C

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