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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 30, 1906, Last Edition, Image 2

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< I i n 2 U7 < I r c >
ri T i i I r
t 1
he hail planned tOUIII His grIn own
4 inoiifty In limiting WAY with her Inas
much 1 < Ills own piir wars rather dc
IHlhotl < ui < vrriil N i
skoj li tin IMdot 1I1lnrnY Ii
i Inn > l > i 11111 th boat nt JJI Moo
I iki n > I 1 i I 0111 oil Itlo I11 1 I
ill mi JJiom In uiHl rutood hli flu
nul i iiliii m wnulil Jut urrnit bin n
ii linn fo in noni iii ill ultfll nil 1011
1 IIM wltoI h clUli 11111 illll Hot i lie t mI11
in II I
< lllli II ii ihiv i thl llhn < < h if i
lilt Ill hi dt p i Uiur mnuni > 1
MHivvln II I IM am y thriuo t
l I VuOflK t
I 011101 > U M > tllO Illllll d
10r Ylr f OIiIlSo thur nie flhni i h 1 1
I h re uiri 1Ir i poaeil dldn > fUnd
1 Yl H
JI nd Hi ii after you had Mm i
J ihm m told your roundel nt t I r
iiinlno you any further on thai > I
1 didnt you
J 1 I cannot lute
j lhIIClIIBIIioll fiiiuuliif Him Irco
h Trulo With flu Culled Males
lii rblragol Nov OThDt the fuium
LI nf tlio Filipino < lennd on tht granting
uf d iWt iraclfl Hi ln commnrcUl rrla
lion with the Pulled SIte WON tho
Mil Ifmflnt made yesteidny by Judgn
IRII W tlntbtrg who ha just rn
lImed fiom the PlUllpplna IsUinds
where he nrvntl Bye years as trial
1idgc ID which reunion he warn rip
foltited by Proldent iluKlnlny JudRo
JlncbiirRcr dimly bfllfvy the Philip
iiltipt hmr > been underrated nnd that
HIP requires nt the country have bet
iillderistbuateil lie derlurrd cmphat
j 4 if allj thai thrc U mi rionnoiiH idea
p4 tirnvnleiit In llio Uultrnl Hint en that the
F Philippines nrn a drain on the tax
imyei < of IhB public Initead of IItitlt
Mistainlng nation
VlevMng the oprrullonH of tin Iapa
tinse In the tar cast Inee Uxe tlofc ot
a the RiiMoJapanMA wnr If gnvo tils
i nplnlun that a war between this im
lion nnd the yellow people Is Inevit
ti able btiaiuo of llulr d lllrll lo control
tht cornmcroo of tim rnuntrlm beyond
i the PncllU Alrpudy he wiyn thp 10
Bend Great llrlUilu hut armtor Ja
1 pnn finds utternnro m thr lips of
Very person of ili < < II00WtJl > klimdottl
II Judgfr 1lnt Ion r u utinoiinrcd himself
i in favor of llio < unbllnlviirnt of u for
j eign trade bureau lu lJII operated In
fonnocllon with tile roninlar icrvlce
Hit Piluw of tili Ojicni Olio In
1IHrllJul i
iI Liverpool No > 3O1hl Irlnro or I
f AValei who wan conipiitilei hy tlm
Jrlnoeif tidy niiend tbu new cotton Ill
t 4 hILnllp here a hnnilnome building wlileh
IJ has JiHt boeli compl lr d at u coat nf 41
drjv In MR uptcih tli pilnin referred tn
the efforts belnij mad tu develop the
i ciiltlviillon of llritl li niviivn cotton with
the ubl ct of tnuklno Ibti llrltlsh cotton
nplnntrt pitrllilly inuep mltnl of for hn
xuptilles nnd mild h hud follnwnl thn no
velpomoiitii vltli BT nt Inlfiest mil liupexl
tho innvenient ulllmiloly wniild lie sue
i ciistul
Nnw nvih hiiitvin COWlt
4 i Vishi ng ion No U The prrnlilnnt to
I IiI y annuuni rd the ii print i twut of J > hn
J Mcllhenny of IuulMunj to fill Ihn sn
c infcy on ho civil iifrvltc rQininhnlon
1 ausd by 111 lrOInlInn of A w Coolev
lo bo iiMslslnnt nttornoyneneril of tii >
ilepartment of JiistUr Mr ikllhenn > wns
I IL meinlicr of tlio niflniKnt nf Houcli Hid
t in of which President Itixiiuvelt woe
colonel during tho Siianlth nir
I4 Mcllhenny Is u Democrat and his
uplKiliUnunt makes the lionrd a Demo
iiUlt line CommlvMoner Hlnck iilea bu
liift of that M > lltUal faIth
i New York Nov 30Ttn of tho tnot
tli Iionile prlmnern In till county Jail
1 1I11on rEIn lint City iKinpud frurn thai
liHlltutlon nnd lIre will nt big
Tin III at four of tho prlnoiifri to get
nut ciiwitl tin1 burn of tbulr cells and of
the window opening into tho corridor
t of Iho jail at 231 lu in Once In tho
B t ard they lUll only tn 611mb a fcntu find
Jt tIny were frei
iv rite nliciiicu of tho men nnd the III w
j In of tho barn MITO unnoticed when
tho keopern nptIIII the cell doorrt and
allowod the otlmr pilsimers In thu cor
i t rider nt 11 oclock thlf morning HU of
tho prlsoiipr tnunfdlatoly crawled
I through the holt > In lila window
t < itAi > n 01 vice 1111111
ii Uttshlnglnii Nov 30Thl grnda of
k 5It1 > < inlmhnl will bH rrlcil In the
t navy If the navy ilcpnrtnient ndoptu thr
ocommcndiitlini niiido by Hear Admiral
i Converts chlof nt Ihl bin unit of imvl
uatlon In Ills nmuial roport JIll swyn
t thAt at IniKt tun vlru iidmtrul nhtM
lould be matrd from tlio iommandcr
of thn Atlnntli aid Aslath lleoto who
tvlll HIMIII huvo inidiM them Hiilwnlln
nte roar ndmlrala and a large number
of uhl >
Will In Tried rill MnnliuiKliIrr for
UlllliiS Illiiur Smith
1 Iw Ill ton II I Nov 30ith
Hmlth the 15yrarold Bill who hot
mid killed Ulnirr UrlfRH yetierday
L whtto the hitter wee iitUmptlnf to force
111 intranet Into liar tAmlh1I home
i AVhero llrlRKH wifo and child worn
ptajltiff will lit trlcii un a rlmige of
iiiatiiUaugluer lei IT
g Wasblnlon Nov IInro will IK
f mltrxl by llip lnir > nu or intvlgullim of
the ussy diimnnvnt to mako BU nupro
in1 tlon fur offlilul cnlvriulnmeitlK nn
Ipoird naval ewirlg when suit lo furelKii
IIhol it will iio arut1I that in tliolr
w w
S Drink
I Fresh
k Coffee
0 ing Hot
Tho only Fresh Roasted
Coffee on this Mnrlcot
hits or fliuwltiR the tide nl rllltlvatlllJ
fn nlh anI illrilonulc nMnilons In ft a
i ll luimlrln otfiicni Cur the honor < or
thru nrrvlie 10 Oliiil nn niiproclabl
iniHint III ilirlr own My I or cnleitalii
mnt whoM exi > cnc i Ii < > uld I ti > inie liv
the government ii ithoi cmmtrlee nn
Hrnplrt uiiproiirlltli n Is uuiln fit such ex
ienir In nur nidi jnciUMons Is seldom
1nlf and onl on extraordinary ocn
Tokln N JO A training squadron
roneIet1n of the rriil re lIuku l1lrm
jfiihldalei and the MntMishlia under
tommiuil f Ttiir Admlrtl Tumogka late
rflllltl lIt lit Iho nuvel endr > tt arhool will
tarl frum Vokulmmn on Jan S next on
f cruise via Honolulu The ivjuadron It
Ii ixpiitrrl will nrrtva nl Han Ironelwi
on ret U It v lll afterward vim Soutlln
lint Tacoma
Plcniiirs of lliiiiilisirlxint Disturbed
Ily four Hurry up Call
Tho ore depaitment spent n busy
TlwnkiKlvlnr dy Four will were I
r gtt red on the book Tha first cull
came tn at 11 oclock a m from Main
and first South A street ell I hnd
caught tire and one nf the amployoj
II hA 0 Ifth lIu 1tnrl
mint wa alt thut could mvq It Clilif
and hone No I responded to thC call
At 2JO p m anothoi alitim wns ent
In from 67 P street A two story
brick liiillcllnt belonging to J U Olios
hid caught fiom an overheated fur
flare TIIP house Is valued at M500
tin contents at flM with J30 in
Durance on the building and content
The vxaet amount of dnmagc done haw
not yot hion ascertained
At 530 p m thn Day Nursery on
I street betwtien Klrft and Suond
sent In altirni foi the huso of No I
which responded and soon put out
the blaze Flvu hundred dollars lam
age was donn Doth capes aro iitlrlh
iiicd to nThnlid furnucon The
liwt call cnmn front HI went First
South nt T05 JI m A fourstoiy
brick building used as a hotel hnd
Jargn volume of snioko anil flying
Mmrks lnsiiltiB from the chimney Tho
soot from the flue had caught on die
HIlt somn ono fearing the IIOUM WAS
nblazo sent In nn nlarm The nisl t
ant chief ind hose No 2 responded
Prci > ldrnt ljiim nml ApoMlo Smllh
11110 for 1tiI
President Francis M Iymnn and Kl
lei John Ilcniy Smith of thu council
of the iipostlos teavs Into this nfiornoon
on a till to Mexico They go for tho
imriMto of nttoridlng the Juarez stake
Otifewice and to visit the various
Mormon colonies and jmttlcmonts In the
Slstw republic Elders Iynuin and
Smith expect to bo absuit from Salt
Uiko for Homo tIme
lames McriiiRli Unit Ills UIKht 1oot
Crnshcil by ElIlllIc
Special to the NowK
Ogden Nov 30 James McIIugh of
Kvanston Wyo a fireman on the Un
ion Pacllle had his right foot badly
crushed this morning Ho wns brought
In from llvnimlon where the accident
not rrod about noon ami taken to thtj
OgilDii emergency honpltal where tho
ijlsiililed member was amputated n lit
tle below the knee Mclltlgh stepped
out on tlm running board as the engine
pulled Into Hvnnston to get coal und
water The step was covered with Ice
und snow In sorm manner MclIUKh
ftllppcd nnd fell henr > ath Iho wheels
Both fet fell nrnjss the rails but bri
managed to extract his left which was
aiaved from Injury
The hotly of Fred W llurnow of Og
den wbo dlid hl Sunday In Stockton
Cal wa brought to Ogden this niorn
leg Funeral servleej will bolitld Sat
urdu from the rofrlilsncn of big broth
erinlaw Levi Southwell 3031 AVush
Ington Ave at 2 clock Interment
will be In the city cemetery
Millionth Showed bogtiii cxcs Hood
limn host hhl
The AMOulHtnd BtUiUmfH of thu uni
versity gave I large und well attended
retoptlon to the A e football
team last night In the ollege nsmmljly
room A fine tlmu won voiced for the
nffnlr Many down town fnten were
seen Among the visitors
The chaperon for the evening woie
flovernor and Mrs John C Cutler Dr
and Mrs Joseph T Klngsbury Prod
dent and Mn W J Kerr Dr mid Mrs
Joiwph V Merrill Piof and Mrs Uyron
IummhiKs ton Prof niu MIH W S Lung
I i 3When you went to Thanks
j giving dinner yesterday you
t i
I may have noticed a lot of
j swell neckwear some mighty
good stylish cut clothes new
C hats of the Knox type and
I shirts and gloves that caught
your eye 7s almost a cinch
I that they all all came from
lz jQUTH N tTnuT1
Continued from paso one
rerrs of the niortgiuuel giver hy tILl
Itah Knl mortll1 ilHrtlM In
HIh mid Colorado
Ultnois Hlatetl that nil the money
mid liy tlm sale o coal by the Utah
Fuel company had been roiin etHl In
An rffort on the part of the govern
ment tu secure a lilt of ill the lands
bought hy the Utah Fuel omntuiny
troll All Wllllnnri proved aburtlvn
Attv Allltwn hovavr olunt ivd t < >
sQcure llt tho neueuarey Ill from the
Vltness in nn wer tl rigid Q ues
lunliiff Raid that he katw that cor
tnln monlfn had bon paid tr Ilubnrt
Tuinxter and the Into MaJ Jllnl but
how much had been paid for ox
nsM 1m did not know
In answer to ConunlMlun Clark
lo1 stated that on auditor wltnwH
did not puts upon all of tho financial
transactions uxi lucd of the company Ho was I
Byron Oroo o Hal Lake former
tccrotary of tho stats land hoaxl was
tlun coiled lie stated that luring
hIs tenure of office I big percentage
of the 1260000 acres of land srrantfil
to the stats 1 dlipo d of Xot
all the selections mAd by tho laml
hal fall wltnevc were IPPIOVlld or
b the United 8tnto land oftlca In
making nn oppllcatlan for lands par
ties had to rnvear that they had been
ovftr thtj wlictloni nnd that thp land
ns noiiinlnural Theso nffllrtvlts
saul wltn w were Ilia authority of the
board to dlipoae of the properties In
some cases the local land ollica not
Id the board that there n ore coal
claims In the vicinity Then
the nppllcntloim were ndvril d
In the prom acfoidlni lo the
Inl and thin government noiimln
oral affidavits were filed In the U d
land ole Ultne saId he matte no
Investigation si to the nature of the
land IhE otrtl took the noiimlnoral
Kllldiwlt BK sulllclont evidence Dur
Inn the laMt yeir of his ofllve there
A a change thereby the arty tak
Int up the land was appointed nn
agent of the state
Witness stated thnl ho had known
Robert KorrMter for 10 jenr Its
knew him to be the KtolnKlxl for the
Utah Fuel company Fan rater fie
fluently examined tho plate In tho of
lieu lint all wItness he did not te
call him taking up any lands Two
or throe times Forrester paid to lands
but wItness could not say what defi
Considerable tlnio was consumed by
counsel for the coal corporation In
Kitting mince to detail the contest
canes that followed VVltiiPHH stated
In redirect examination that MnJ Illitl
tluii counsel for the Utah Purl com
pany had represented the Sluta uf
Utah In several of these contest eases
George D Hollndiiy tall In stature
ind a typical westerner wns then culled
und thosti who were prepared for the
Mlisatlom scheduled stttlid down In
their scats Mr Ilolllday stated thai
hd originally opened up tho Sunnjelde
mine In Carbon county on iiiunirvyeJ
mud He inulo locutions nnd proceed
td to develop the properly In Jnniwrj
iso Shortly afterwards Robert For
ttntcr nnd another man came tn him
and told him that ho would hnvv to
sell out to flue Pleasant Volley Coal
company or his claim would tie Jumped
and ho would be driven out of tho county
Witness sold that hI went to Hilt
Luke und met with VIII O Sharp then
superintendent o tho lJcn ant Valley
toul company and AOVUII other olll
dale of the coal company and the Rio
Grumlo Western The mectlntr wiis
nrrnngwl for III the companys oillco
II tho Dooly block olct
I iiBked Mr Sharp he said
whether ho hud sent Torrcstcr down
With such n message and he denied
I Later I won admitted and I wan
given the alternative of 1 few hundred
dollars or Im driven off the place I
told those present that I must bo left
nloiif and that there wan plenty of
coal lands around for everybody lying
Idle I told them Maid the ltneis
that God never mndo I nrjn who could
take from mo what 1 had hontjotly COt
Witness then vent on to state that
ho told those present that they would
not take n pin from his coat If he had
b that
come hj pin honestly
On the threat tn drIve him Com lilt
tube wltne said that he told thCHI
pieneilt that hn would not Interforo
with pent down but
wih anybody IJI would hold
thorn responsible and would come to
Salt Lake nnd nttlu with tho oflldah
and If thoy valtie their Scalps they
would mayo him alone
Witness said that W G Sharp
shook hands with him nt parting and
told him that he would not be molested
Thon witness related how he went
ahe d and the
ahtllan1 developed pioperty after
the Uolllday company hnd been organ
ized Then he loft for Alaska end wni
reached at Portland Or by wire In
forming Him that tho property hnd Icon
jumped Ho returned nt alice to Silt
Uiki > and upon the advice ot tho other
siuckholdiin he went down to Sunny
clout fltle unarmed and on a peaceful mho
When ho rode up to hH property lio
wna met on the line by llolxrt Klrker
who ho alleged had hl4n employed by
the V V company to Jump his mine
He Introduced himself and received
the following polite welcome
Yes I know you you G c is
and It > 01 dont not off thin property I
will kill you hi 1 mInute
I told him I came on 1 peaceful
mission said witness land lie said
Hero witness delivered himself
lero w1lms drlverO of a
etrliiK of oaths which he salt
Kirker replied with and again
threatened to kill him Klrker
then left for the cabin for I
gun while witness ali his father rod
up to the mliw Then Klrker W A
Tldwell HI Tldwell J F Tldwell mid
three others nil armed with eliot Kilns
and rOe came on the scene und again
thrtntoned to kilt him
ItTueia salt he paid n aitentlon
but went onup to the ground where lie
found a lwrr cadc with 1 notice pooled
on It warning trespassers off This
ho tore down and found that the prop
erty In the form of tool ette belong
IIIB to his company had been removed
On hU way back he paeeed the cabin
Ito he had pMt Klrknr
tune out with the ret of the men and
tIred at him
I trltil to get fathers rifle said
vrltneis ° and while s Iolng the men
run Into th cabIn as T have twtliiwl
to before when the trial annie up like
a lot of Ttl In a hate lke
Mr Holllday mid that from that day
until the mine watt ttirintl over tn the
Pleasant Vullcy Coat tomtmnr follow
me the litigation anti ultimate It
Itlton ald Iltmate liar
ehul he was not nwniltteil to
this propfrt nit prlltt so UMH
At thin JuiKturo
Jlwturu adjournnunt wns
lakon until p n
1 UnmenNA stock of art 001 from
Sin Fulnchco will ba sold dally com
inenclnir So Main at Street 2 p m and T it m at 04 J
t t
Has Just Been Completed by
English Railway l
Af > itnut Ocnoral MnniiKr of the
Jrcnt VMcrn S > tciii In limgluuuiut
lllOC of Joiiine
New York Xov 30 A S3 Pop a
sUtrint ganornl manager of the Ureat
Woatcin Railway o Kngland has Uit I
ilnlihad a three inonthi tour of roil
toad Inspection In the United States
and Canada In the Intereeets ot hill
company He snlU for UngUnrt to
morrow on the liner C umla In an
interview Mr Tope wild
The principal object of rny visit
to m rlC was to gottli Atlantic
uteanwhlpi to land Uialu iftulU At
cur new port on the coast of Pem
brokeshire It la 2sJ mites from Lon
don anti the Journey ls made In four
and ft half hour The Cunaid line
steamships can no long
wMb hug new slCln cln 1011
< r use Queetwtown as a port of al for
the mails Whim I oamo out on the
Ill 11111
Lucnnla I wnltud there for four hourn
and nilMerl landing In New York on
Krldav night
I hltJ sun the postmaster general
lure amid In Ottawa to discuss our
scheme with them 1 have been much
lmpres cd with all I have seen hut
the rallioftd conditions In England are
Mry dli rent to those In this cello
tty In Amoilcn fielght comes before
j aonyiis and with III It Is the re
rse The mifty signals In America
muld 111 very much lmpiocd and till
urpnlllnif number of accidents pre
nted As repudi carriages I think
that the English iieople would not
stand the manner In which passengers
au i > acl < ed Into Pullman cars at night
Him ue each person hus n comport
mont anti a bad Tho roadbeds In the
last arc good but they are bad In tho
went and co they are In Canada
Amcilcans are a longsufferlm peo
pie Mr PODO continued Since I
hate boon hlle 10 persons huui bocn
kllled In one wreck and r 0 In another
It made a stir In tho papers for one
or two days and then It seemed to
bo forgotten Under tho Knkllsh us
tout two tmlni nro never allowed to
he In the Mime section at tIme nine
Will IIP Impended by the Illinois Vn
trnl Compan
Chicago Nov 301110 million 101
ai8 will bo expended by the Illinois
Control inlhoad In elevating the dan
KCPHH tticks In Grand Crossing Work
on tlto plans will be stnited today and
ax soon us possible men will bu placed
I o worlt nn man as 1000 seems to
push It toward completion within a
President J T Harnhaii of the Illl
tiols Central who arrived In the cy
itt nluht from New York wheio ho
tad beau attending1 a meeting of stoCk
holders of tho railroad brought the
Money for the Improvement was np
luoprlntod us tho lust act of the dl
rEctor before adjournment on Vcd
Tho Lake Shorn Pennsylvania
lines are also to elevate their tracks
nl Grand Ciosilng
Tho Grand CroKshig tuicKs base
long been regarded dangerous
1i1113 < ooil Places Can bo hits by tho
There will bo civIl service cjcatnlna
tlora In this city Dec K for tho posi
tion of flrKtclnsa or chief steam en
sinter custodian service at Louisville
Ky and elsewhere at J14H per nn
num Age limit 18 to 53 > nirs on the
IOta of tho examination All honor
ably discharged United States soldiers
and snllorH of the war of the rebel
lion will be admitted to this examina
tion without regard to the maximum
age limit
There will also be n civil service ex
amlna Ian Dec U for till position of
oiler nt 70 per month In tho Immigra
tion service at Hills Island and no
edueatlona Ice I will bu required It Is
Interfiling to note In this connection
that tho government Is advertising for
aids or assistant civil engineers with
geodetic roast survey In which the
highest educational requirements ate
Insisted on and vet the salary In only
ICO jlH month The Now York fiun re
cently printed a very caustic editorial
on this On the same date examina
tions will be held for the position
of shoe and harness maker at 300 per
annum In the Indian service
An examination will be held In this
city January D 1M7 for the position of
elevator conductor fireman and wntch
man and fireman
One Viiforlnnalu huts In State Prlon
Another to Industrial School
Today was arraignment nnd sentence
day In thf criminal division of the dis
trict court Judge Aimultonit sen
tenced one prisoner to the stub prison
and another to the reform school Tlnve
other prisoners were nrritlgmd and en
tered of not guilty to the charges
against thun
HyruniYoungberff a boy 17 jcnrs of
iige pltnidcd guilty to burglary In the
first degree ami was committed to the
state Industrial school The boy burg
larized an oflloe over Walker Hros
bank on Nov 13 Ally Uiidgo repre
sented the young prisoner and made u
strong plea for leniency The court
told the boy that he would give him
an opportunity reform by Bending
him to the Industrial school but that If
he ever canto before tho court again
howould receive the limit of the liw
C W Smith who burglarized the
Blnghnm hotel at Hlnghani on Nov 20
pleaded guilty to burglary In the sec
ond degree and was sentenced to three
years In thu state prison
J T Livery charged with the em
bezilement of fund belonging to a
labor union of which he was treasurer
was arraigned and entered n plea or
not guilty to tin charge
Arthur Mssflonger pleaded not guilty
to the charge of polygamy J H Ron
anbergor entered a similar plea to the
charge of assault with n deadly weap
on alleged to have been committed up
on Walter Jenkins at Illnglmm June
lion on Sept is
Helena Eli was granted a dKorc
today b > Judge Armstrong from frank
KHz on the ground of failure to sup
Emmallne H Chrlstrnren lllcd suit
for divorce In the district court today
against James ChriStensen on the
ground of desertion They were mar
rEed In this city on Dec 23 iDOL and Jt
la alleged that defendant doiertcrl
plaintiff on Mutch I 3 1SOX
Judge Aimstront today granted The
petition of Brick und N lle Urlckson
far the adoption of William Daniel
Inrn mi orphan boy 6 years of ago
The childs parents tiled In Colorado
I some lima ngo and he has been living
i with the Hrlckson family sInce the lilt
of October Tho nnino of tho boy Is
chunked by the decree of adoption to
i VHIIim Daniel Krlckson
I Sptilal to the News
Washington D C Nov 11alln M
Picithavv has been appointed regular
and Kay Dushncll Hubntltulo rural car
rier route 3 nt Ogden tUnli
Dunk Clearing Todays local bank
cliwlnss amounted 153395521 ns
against 7547330 for the sumaC day
last year
O S Ii 111111 Propcrtj Vllllam
Kecks has sold to the Oregon ihort
Line 4x10 rfds At Third West and
Thlnl South fcticetH for 12000
Ititlrlnc Mcnilxjrir The following
iniinbcr of tho board of covcinors of
the Commercial club will retire on
the Urn of the year L H Tarns
wot tli R P Morris J W Houston J
0 McDonald find Hober M Welli
Their successors will tone thrco years
lost WiilUsi ToniortiM The of
deere ot tho hoard of education and
the Janitors of tho city school will
receive warrants tomorrow for their
llJarlell for the month of November
rue total amount of the payrolls Is
trlcU rilnl TlKi Wuiturn u1
company of this city Iliad Its articles
of Incorporation with tho county dork
today Its capital stock Is 10000
divided Into Jlinros of tho par Milita
of J100 ouch P C Kittle Is preildont
George A Smith vice president T C
lcIn tyro sccrulary and treasurer
Mlko Anrnn Soiilnunl Mlko Aaron
I who was charged with stealing A
watch from his former emplojoi was
found guilty UK rhnrgoil this morn
lag beforo lurtKO Dlehl nnd sentenced
to pay a Ono of 50 Mike vlll Inn
BUlsh In tho city jail out of the cold
nnd the rain for tho required num
ber of days
BIg Oltko ItulMliiK Thcrn IK a re
port curtent todAy thai a 1000000
office buIlding Is to beer cted on the
Klmbnll pi opart recently acquired by
Mr Xewliouso i 111 Multi street oppo
site the Fodurrl building As Mr
Xcnliouue hni tao cash necessary for
such an undertaking the reported In
tention Is considered AS scry probibli
iw Railroader bland now 10
pound boy mnde hIs arrival nt the
homo of dun rue 1C Smith the popular
and efficient right hand mun of W H
Bancroft early In tho week The
youngster Is a husky little chap and
has nheady bumenned himself In such
a any us to cause his parents to sit
up nnd take notice of hit wants
George Jr Is the llrtL child of the
inalo persuasion among several tlotcrs
nnd their Is accordlngly much Joy In
the household
10t Ansiles Itn Here Thieo pro
minent los Angeles men Col C R
Eager C K Norton and J P Thomns
are at the Wilson Col Eager IK a
civil engrlnocr who has been liking
an active hand In the hnrinos lng of
the Colorado liver und states bin hr
Hot that tho river has at last boon
turned hack into Its old channel for
troud and will not flow again Into the
Saltoii sink At present tho sen Is
60 miles long and 30 miles whit and
60 feet deep Jo onporiite which will
require 10 year The wilt Industry
lois been entirely destroyed The
thrto Kentlonisn are interested In Salt
Lake real estate and express their
favorable opinion of the local elba
lion They return to CallfornU to
morrow night
T A Cosgrlff hut Chtjcnno bank
er In a guest at tifi Konyon on a
busoneia trIp to this city Ho In i
brother of the CosgrlffH resident hero
Manager A Woodruff of the whole
sale dry goods department of Z
C M 1 bus returned from un ex
tended business trip to Now York und
other eastern commercial center IIu
reports that It Is still hard to get
IlecorJ of the local office ot the wcath
er bureau for the U hours ending at C
a In today
Temperature at 6 a in J2 maximum
1 minimum y menu 16 which Is U de
grcts below normal
Precipitation slnco the bird of tlw
month 210 Inches which Is if inch above
the tiermal
Jctefl In precipitation slncn Jan I o M
Helntlvo humlillty 97 per cent
Local forecast for Salt Lnko City and
Probably local snow tonight and Satur
Section Director
TODAYS TiMpjiiATimis
nm l
Tttm l
8 nm
Wnn S
It fIm 1
12m > S
l Im JJ
2i > m 33
lllKhi1t II I I fl XI
1IC8t 21
Friday Nov 30 1JOL
tIiioti I II
Atchlson pfd 103
Baltimore V Ohio 110U
Canadian Pacific 182
ChIcago Northwesttrn 31
Colorudo Southern >
Denver A Klo Grande 43
Di > ner Hlo Grande ptd M
ErIe 4IU
Illinois Central K6V4
IjulMlIU t Nl1bI1oIt6
Mexican Central SJU
Missouri Pacllle r1h
Now York Central IjtiJ
lennllylllIIlt 13 J
Ilevillni lIS
Hick Island
Hock Islund pfd ti
St Paul tS
doilthcrn Pnclflc IIH
Houlhern llnllway MU
Union IMclfle IS7U
fnlon Pflriflc pfd 3
iVabash Jiiu
Vlsconln Central jsy
lnahllmlltf l Copper II3H
lutltciin Car Foundry HYI
Ain rtcnn Ixicomothe 141
American Smelling RedoIng il
American Smelling Heflnlng Irur
Jlrockbn llnpld Transit i yv
Colorado Iuei iron f Wl
International paper is
iVjtlnnnl lll rut TP
Xatlonil Lead TU
1iiclflc Moll tit
ople8 GAS 5IU
iisscl Hleel Car Ml
Iullman Palace Car eihi
8Ur1 Oil fl
Siicar exdtv ijjt j
7 nnc8t > re Coal 4 Iron exrlghta Mv
Vnltcil States Hurl 171
rtiltcd States Btttl pfd iia
IWstern tnlon S
Northern Pncino J
ot Northern pfd I
1n Met i it J I
mt tst Itt I
Mtckay 7f
ttck pft o i m J
2 5
Pickaninnies W
Thin holiday candy for children
which la also the Fuiulay candy
and everyday pindy too A gen
croon packaRP for a dime Sold
by all uptodate druggists and
Manufacturing Confectioners
1 1
Itoyx In every town to soil tho
SATURDAY NKWS Good conimls
clans paid Ittfcrrnce required Write
the News for paitlculart
CRAMIJR Tlio funeral service over
the remains of Mrs Jouphlne Cramer
will he hald Hunday At 1115 from tho
Mill Creek ward mcMlnghoufc friends
may view the remains at tlv fnmily
reildence Third Dust and fifteenth
South from 3 to 11 a III on dny ot
CANTWELtAt Denver CoIn Nov
2I Harriet C Cantwell
Itcinnlns will be shipped to Logan Utah
for linrlil Notice of funeral later
Logan pap ra please copy
R n Ihrani Florist 36 a Main Bt
Floral DroUnn flDtrlaltr Plionn n
218 South Main
Painless Extraction of Teeth or No Pay
All Work 1oslthMv Guaranteed Phones
Dell 1120x Ind lltt
For Meulb
01 October
According to
Ing book I
bOokaWh ellers of thl cOnt the led
have old b tP Iha 1
tIer ot Iemnnd itt tl1a
I The Junllt durIng Iho month or
2 Conlston BIIICtl
3 Laity DaIL
Haitimo Chulchlll
4 Thl Spoilers VvuitJ
5 FellWlcklI Career nftc
6 Pam Decides V Wrd
In ndrtlllnll 10 thus b V ° n IIIttf
large atQck of other OpUlar tohke
Ih dl 0 I or
G Main Stroet STORE
u corpoTatiun Ir1nctpsi coip Y
Halt like City 1r IPtlllLCe or bl1l rfj
delinquent UpOn the oUefThere
lock on uecount or teus 1 4l1crItt
tement No
¼ of I I 6
cent hot stare levied
day It October JJo j If F n be l
fet oplialte the I mtft Vf Wral lie r aruiu
hueholdorl as nIQW8 pOttl r
John H Ander on HhrAmt
Chas I Andemon
Uiistao Anilemon SW 3
Gustavo Anderson II
W u mown 1
W J Hultenvorth le s
Joe tinuth 10 i tiIt
Thor It m a I
A K lifts l
M ChrlslophTion 101 lo
J J Da > nori IWJ 11
M I Kakle 110
II P Krnntr tew J j
A L Itr
Uirson II
Je U Lund 0
n w Undquim I
1 11
Chrl C Iee
0orrjift Leddtnham IW III
It W MatUen 111 1
LOUIS Molds ID l
David MeOonald I
David W McDonald Tj JI
Ainbella McDomlt l >
John A McAlllatri UJ
ChiN Vlelsou 1e
J M Nlclion 01 i
Kamutl Olivet ioo
flainnel Oliver IW1 I
M C Peterc 00 111
Vm n 1reuii I 111 IAI
II O Pullmu iII
It M Petersen 10 11
Dr P M Poulton 0I1f 51
J Peterson
Jacob W smith 01 1 1
Peter Sorensen
Chat J SamueUfin 1 i
fleA F smith 6
S V Snider 100 M
Julius A 8mth 100W t
John TtionuH 1101
II II White o 20
II A Pedcrien IJ
H A Pedersign IOC If
H A ivdersen loo 19
II A Ieilersen UqI
K W NeNon IOCq lu
11 C ChrlatetiMn J M
And In nccordmco with law uj t1
order of the heard of Dliuton otut
23 IM eo munj shares of cut paunt
of stock ns may be necessary sill bHij
at tho office of the O nipiny the tUi
National Dank on the 15th day of ixtt
tier IM to pay lie delinquent Iwcw
together with tho cost ot adurtlslct ji
cirtnsos of alaTHEO
Dated Nov W 1906
19 Pounds Sugar 100
IllKh Patent Flour 1103 Cans Corn tt
Straight Uradu Itu New Pack Tomatoes 11 can
Favorite Patent 8Si2 for 23c Ieall t We ei l
2 loPcimd Sacks Corn Meal f3 Ac Klza Veal Loaf J for S <
2 loP Sacks Qruhini IS I Uc Riz Saupa T 2rorc
1Pound Rolled Outs 23 1 hoc Size Soups
Friends OatH pkK tol31io Can Kippered lIel1np r
J PkB Banner Out M Me Can Brook Trout
1Poiiml Pall Lard Saturday only O i 2Cc Can Sausod Mai herd I
I oPound Pall Lard Ci ZJo fan Clam Chowder i 3e
10Pound Pall bard 12 Wo Cm Pork and nan J rY
Our Choice Coifrelice pound IS 1100 Can Iork and Beans < for c
74 West 1st South
Bell Phone 2800 Ind Phone 2509
It pays to Insure In a good
company TIlE NKW YORK
have paid nil their Pan Frin
IlsMCt I Cisco losses In full amounting
t 5200000
I t This company Is known d
over the United States for
4 s
4 Equitable j4djtutmenli ana
4i Prompt Payment
4 of Losses
Jmedley Wakelifit
Insurance Agency
Ccpr Nr 204 Atlas Bloclr Sail Ukl CmtW
Window SEE OUR Display I
ti A B FROST 11
W M i 1i
I I 555 5jjs i 4j
I rii2sfis3syfgtss + yyfff

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