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I ICMtW CorrtspodLICC = of the Deseret News by Fwk G Carpenter
rr HHlNOTONTlvo lnva on
and Vahdala de
of the Gotha
W IlrOyed the Hornan empire
W still the Invasion of the horde I
Europeans destroy our re
nt turtJpeans
plat ouestlon U beginning to
public Our
fh lade of our sociologists
lW Ih often Is Incraslnsby gigantic
11rraIIOI1 the beginnIng ° < Olir F ° v
IJJ 11ent u milt no w just about 23000000
L come Into this country
rrrlpnrra about 130 years
rccred Is
Tee If past L month the llnml
the pa
purl a S more than 1000000
1n6u0o a
rits 20 cent more than wo
HDi wax par
wbih before We have
hid In any
n sta In N uml number 80000000 people
II wo added ono foreigner
lat J
ll < l MP
SO sous
every <
TfcU US to know who these
II Etbeovea
whrc they lorna from and
rc p1c
> >
Italy nnd Russia and they are day
laborers rather than farm Hellion
All American citizens are calloa the
nephews and nieces of Inclu Burn
Tell mo something about this new mil
lion of raw emigrant who have became
our cousins In 190511
Most of thosn Immlgrnnts mo not
bud and they will make good numbers
at our national family replied the
commissioner general of lmml rutlon
Still there arc rare birds among them
and omo nrc so bad that vc have
shipped 10000 or si back to the cotin
tries whence they came Cake the
Italians There were moio of them
than there are people In the ntv of
Genoa and 16000 of tiiin nmu from
ro u them Italy There wero about 130
000 Hebrew 102000 Point and n largo
number of other Russians and Austro
Hungarians Va admitted over 80000
CSrmans and Bomethlng like 120000
Knsllih Irlah and Srot h Aa 10 our
more than any other U swallowed up
31 per cent or almost miolhird or last
years million Pennsylvania came
next with MOOOO and after that Illlnol
Mawnchus and little Now Jersey
The tooth which roods labor to develop
ItH farming inn d r got almost nothing
and the great agricultural west compar
atively little A large part of Pennsyl
vania Imirltratlon went Into tho coal
inln < > H Ohio had also n largo number
of those Immigrants
polity hlch this country Is now foiv
Ing and the stoat doin > + + nl fT labor
drifting therefrom If you tflll look
over u tnhlo nliovliiK th IMI uul Ml
of our Immigration slnrn our beginning
as nn Independent government you will
sof that we have a big 1 nth 1 x nf for
dgnerH when times are t vin 1 Nt that
the HOA stnpK when they bcroino hid
Indeed limnUutttoii Is one of tho best
Qf thermometers to test our financial
I condition 1ioin the beginning up to
oo oo > < o oo
N + + + + + + X r
toe they are settling To find out
laced on Mr Frank P Sargent the
royllalaner general of Immigration
to asked many question In reply
Vitrotight out records and papofs nnd
K the Mtre time showed me photo
nsis recently made of setae ohourr
sr immigrants
I uked Mr Sargent Dont you
ttl Uncle Sum li biting off more than
lI ln chew A million In the raw Is a
kl mouthful Can the country mastl
a < iM dljtjt It
Tn replied the commissioner gen
Immigration The teeth of our
utlon are strong and Its stomach cap
Hciras It the Immigrants are of the
I 51 character and they can be carried
Iotht right localities wo shall have no
orbit whatever Tho chief difficulty
i that many of them are Ignorant and
elf show a tendency to congest our
b 1 titles They are not like the Inv
Itrranl of the first three quarters of
111 ctatury who came with the ambl
totote farm owners They settled
oat nur homeatcids and other cheap
J Kattercd themselves out over
wt Lnjteil States Such forckntrs
Itctd and were transformed Into
oirlcans Their children learned our
JjMge end all trots quickly nbcorbcd
Matte Eddy nlllle Those ImmlBrants
111 tram nor + h in Kurope and es
rny froi Orrmnny and the United
sJom They formed the bulk of our
ajrstHn until well up Into the
ttEaaa The roast of our Immigrants
now coming from AustriaHungary
X + + +
people from southeastern Europe wo
brought In 52000 Slovaks 46000 Mug
yore 35000 Crotlans and Slavonians
10000 Bohemians and Moravians and
4200f arccKtV
How do theso Immigrants compare
I with Jhoso of tho past as to Illiteracy
I asked
They contain many more who can
not rend or write The immigration
from northern Europe from 1880 to 18S5
was extraordinarily well educated Of I
those from Denmark Norway and Swe
den wo rarely found ono who could
not read and wrlta only about I
3 per cent of the Scotch Irish and
English wren HlltorntPi and only 8 par I
cent of the Germans In contrast take
our Immigrants from 1500 to 1905 Ot I
the RittrlanH and AilstroHunsarlanfl
onu man In every tour or live was Hilt
pnto and of the Italians 43 per cent
could not read or write Poring that
time over 17C000 Italians landed here
and rnnro than 80000 of them were to
tally uneducated Our Scandinavian
Immigrants urn on the lioleths beat
Where nrc those Immigrants now
going Mr Sargent I asked
The majority peck the large cities
nnd the various factory mining nnd In
dtiNtrlnl centers They are ns I have
already fnld largely laborers who
I have come here to get an easier Job and
better wages New York state gets
A Million a Year and Mostly From Southern Europe Hundreds Who Cannot Write
or Read The Paupers and thc Diseased and How They Arc Kept Out Contract
Labor Schemes The Immigrants Should be ScatteredHow Steamships Tout For
Them Something About Our Incoming Russians and Chinese Cheap LaborA Talk
With the Commissioner General of Immigration as to the Situation
+ > + +
DUI you must not think that all of
these Immigrants are laborers Mr
Sargent went on There are mnny
u bo engage In other businesses The
lltbrews for Instance often go Into
merchandising They are small sliop
keepers and also tailors and members
of the clothing trades The northern
Italians are usually better off thdn
those from about Naples and many ot
them become farmers Tho Germans
and Ilrltlsh go Into nil sorts of trades
and enterprises
I suppose mils of these Immigrants
were s urj poor
Yes the ntajoilty had little or noth
ing Nevcrthelesi tho total sum
brought In by them In 1905 amou > d
to more than J25000000
11 suppose the most of that sum
came from the English mid Germans
did It not 1
Yes proportionately so There Vero
60000 English and they brought about
3000000 whereas nearly us many Mag
yars brought lest than 700000 Tho
50000 Irish had almost a million and a
half while the more than double ns
many Jews had only about 300000
more The SOOOO Germans brought In
3000030 and more than double ns
many southern Italians had not ns
much Altogether there wcro less than
112000 Immigrants who had 8y0 or more
each and about 650000 who had less
than that amount The balance warn
chlldien oho had none at all
What U the cause of this great In
crease In our Immigration Mr Com
missioner + l
It U largely due to the era of pros
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h >
1S55 tho rise was comparatively steady
Then came the panic of 1S5T and the
rich war and tho number of immi
grant fell from over 400000 to lees than
100000 per annum As the war closed
the stream rose and gradually ap
proached 500040 when the panic of 1373
sent It down again It rose to almost
800000 In 18S2 and then becauie of an
other hard tli ra season again dropped
to tall jitlll her down after 1S3J The
present ln se begun with U99 when
It waR llttic over 200000 Tho Immi
grants wo admitted In 1905 were 1026
< 9S If we should have a season at fi
nancial troubles I have no doubt our
Immigration would ut once fall oft and
that we should laic many of the men
who are coming now
Are not many of our Immigrants
brought In by the owners of mines and
factories Arc they not furnished with
money and Imported In violation of our
laws as to contract labor
It seems natural to think O8aht
the commissioner general of Immigra
tion but It If dinicult to prove iL
Take for Instance such a taco as fre
quently occurs In which 100 men more
or less cacti xuppllcd with tho sumo
amount of money ptntt at tho same
limo from ono small community In
Europe for the same port of the United
Htates and upon landing nil make their
way to ono locality where they go to
work for one factory or railroad would
you not think that those men were Im
ported under contract We do but we
find It almost Impossible to prevent It
Indeed I have little doubt but that
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much labor Is Imported that way This
may be the coos with the southern
Italian who urn largely worked hero
by contract after they land with pi
drone In charge
Would It not bo far better for the
country Mr Surgenl It those people
could hi ECiUlered throughout tho Unit
til Statoi
Very much so and 1 am doing all I
ran toward that cud Indeud I think
It unnld pay the national government
and the Individual state to Institute
nioitnirtK whuioby the Immigrants
might lie Induced to IIO where they will
to the most good fur themselves and
MIL country This work should begin In
tlw louiilltle from which thn Immi
grants come AH It Is now the Imml
Mantii ttho conjfpst our big cities havo
too liero because their friends who
am laboring In America have written
them They KO wlicre their frlcndH lire
and do nut know that lharu are hotter
lociiiiuin clBewhere They expeot to
and good Jobs and big pay waltlnr for
them the moment thny land In Now
York lacy often fall Into the Innds
nf ompluymuit jgom PJ and arc inM d
Tho national government might pre
sent the opportunities offered by differ
ent flections of tho United SlaleR to
wouldbu Immigrants abroad and alco
hnvn bureaus of Information at our
chief ports to show them where to go
upon landing The states which no
I much nerd Immigrants should sand
1 nfientH to foreign countries to drum
up the best classes of settlers and they I
might publish their Inducement In the
language of the countries from when + I
the Immigrants come I lIch such stale
should have a representative nt Now
York to rivet Immigrants as they land
at Hills Inland and he could If ho
would take them to see nn exhibition
of tho products of his stato on show
nearby Such men ns were especially
deilrahle at scttlcm might be helped
on their way
Today the south In suffering from a
labor famine continued Mr Sargent
Neverthfless of tho million who came
In Inut year only U4 PIT cent went
couth of Mason and Dlxons line Mary
land West Virginia and Florida each
received only about 0000 and Louisiana
5000 Texan could ue hundreds nf
thousand of settlers but she got only
1000 out of that million Tennessee did
not Rat 800 and Kentucky Htlll less
What should he done Is to divert the
streams of Immigration If possible to
different ports Why should not Louts
ani and Texas havo Immigrants land
Ing nt Now Orleans and Galvcstpn In
stead of New York
I suppose one at the grant forces
causing emigration from Europe Is thu
Yes They make from 120 to 330 out
of each man they bring IIO S th a At
lantic and sotno uliiglo steamers curry
a thousand or more at a time This
means receiving from J10 000 to J 10000
from that Konrco for a single voyage
Every steamship company has Its
agontu scattered throughout Kurope
itninunliig up such custom School
tPArhin and IOal prortchsrs may re
oolvn it small per cent of the pasiaK
money for Iach parson they Induce to
go abroad and there arc also rtinnerH
In eastern and southern Kuropo who
go from city to city and from village to
Ullage for this purpose They tell
fairy tales nbout the prosperity of thrt
many Immigrants now In America and
of the opportunities wo offer to aliens
It Is by ouch means that paupers nnd
dl n eiBcd perilous arc Induced to maku
the Journey only to find that they are
shipped bock upon landing
° As to the Importation of undesirable
characters the commlfsloner general
continued that Is largely prevented
now by our law We make each steam
er pay EI00 fine for every person
brought to our shores who Jews not
correspond vmi tho regulations of ad
mission and at the name time we force
the companies to carry persons hack
free of charge Tho lesult Is a steam
ship company will sometimes refuso to
take an Immigrant without ho deposits
1100 with It to cover the danger of this
But do we not admit many paupers
Into the country
Wo try to prevent It said Mr Sar
gent And wo do nend many such
bark to Kurono rut car Just nbout
8000 were refused admission and mora
than 2000 were kept out because they
had contagious diseases As It IB now
n lame proportion of the Inmates of
our penal nnd charitable Institutions
nro foiolRnTfi We have more than
I 44000 aliens In such places and of these
about idOOO are over 21 years old The
most of them came In through Now
I York although they nro scattered all
j over the country As It Is now moro
than SS per cent of all the members
of such Inntttutlons are pf foreign birth
and more thin 11 per cent have never
been naturalized
Arc the Russian troubles affecting
our Immltrntlon
You Wo have had a hip lncrcase
from that port of the world and If
the troubled continue we will bare
more We 1I0t HSOOO from Russia and
Finland In 1SOJ nnd nbout 185000 tart
year nhowln nn Increase of just about
40000 The Increase 1n our number of
Hebrews Is largely rluo to the troubles I
In tannin Wo got 130000 of them last
How about the Ohlnpcc Mr Sar
gent Arc not they unjiwtly kept out
fOr think not They are admitted ac
cording to law and tho laws are fairly
enforced Roth our government and
that of tho empire of China waiit to
keep these Ubmers out at the United
States Nevertheless tho conditions
arc such that It Is difficult to do so It y s
costs us moro to guard Mils class of
Improper Immigrants thai almost an
other Tho Chinese who wishes to
cotno hero Is usually ohIo to command
I the best legal adt Ice to help him ho
ran secure witnesses to tentlfy to any r
thing anil ran tempt smugglers by tho
payment of large minis of money Ho
Is backed by organizations which nrc t
ready to help him to almost any extent
and It IH dlfllcult to keep him out 1t
Ii not true that the fhlncsi havn IJ < H u
Insulted by our Immigration ofllccrK
and It In not true that we front them
unfairly In any way Wo merely car i
I ry out the law
How many Chines < nine In last
Less than n 000 and w r sent back uF
391 under the Chinese exclusion net fie
What Idnd of Chinese can jom Into
thf United Rtaies
Thn treaty provides for the admis a
sion of nerchanu teachers atudent
nnd travelers rot r I the courts havo aM
that the wives and hildrvn of me ak
chants may also DP admitted We hail 7rt
more than 600 Chln < > so who asked ad
mission ati merchants last year and
about 550 warn admitted I
One never roads a moral en ay but
what one feels bettor for having done f
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