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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 01, 1906, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 29

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I 11 I SALT 0 Rsi ys4vyyyygw4a GOTHAM 490 J
i L L LV
Bpcclal eUIr fI0I111ICI
i > 0 f1 2NThu tow
tl days thai Uliltrii Oorio Alba
i N Smith and JJ 11 Uoborti
I spent among the Utah col
PI city In low York wero full of
to the people hero
l > leafim
I I The iftcrnoon Iretuii by Elder Hob
I trts and the evening sermon by Apos
f tlo Hmlth Will u llsttmtxl to wltli rapt
4 Intproil hy the many assembled In
Ilivrthorne hall On iIoima ivoiuitf
i nt the Sunrtnu rut wli rll lima gen
tltmcn were Invited to spook the
Kreatest attention was iflvon to their
remarks l Irtu Jlnboru oxoklng
tormn appluusn by Ills Plonuonce
and riStly aniort that tout every
question advanced by the < llfl < ircnt
am 1 > TTVII rliimiili
Hon A W MoCuiif In Kill nt the
1 Waldorf his doiiRhtor und winlnlnw
1 Mr and JIis Kriuwi Orcon mid their
rlillilron ate 11 tho Wulcott Thirty
liftli and rtfth aonui
rungs F Rolls tunic dawn from
Heath iloyultim Vt In way of Breton
lost Wednesday renmlnlnt two day
v Rt the Jirl rtv < > nu < hotel nthinline to
blulncHK before goliu home lie haH
now Inhlied lilt luboH III Vermont
r and Is cpcedlnv hour to imrtnko of
ThunkHslvlnjr tunas with ids family
It li now a your rind a half since Finer
Willfi left for tho granltd stale to ho
Kin Ills Inborn on the Prophet Joseph
pmfthn monument That he has salts
fnclorlly complied his labors und thai
they have bean approved liy tho nil
Iliorltlcn homo Is well known It In
wltlr regret that Ma friends In the east
raw him depart and the ulah Is givoi
r that he will olwuJ remember thorn ns
fondly as they cherish their brief uo
qunlntniicc with him a
The iiojmlar magazine Huccns linn
Iwo UliyilratlimH by 1lydo Hqulros
Cheering tin Doctors Vlfu u story
pf Interest to Its rouders and mode
morn no by the plruiree HluntnUliiK
BOini Of IM beet MWIttl
Lisle Leigh IN meeting with grant
piiccoss In her playlet Kid Jloo
Can ovorywhbr In Mnlno and Con
t necticut nor 5 oily lnh gernnt In
hoped fur by her Jfmv York frlciiiU
r Hldcr Chat leu Allen lImo down
from lIo toll t < > attend tho conferonci
t In New York He left Thursday for
f Hoiton und lynn on his way home
a < having town honorably rllleRse1
tW from his inlNrlotmry labor
llr and Mrs Daniel Anderson for
u I1Ifl residents of Ogden but now en
J gaged In vnuilrvlllo hiislnoss with thilr
y b children wen vMttiri to chapel per
kls Hun Mi Antrson and hg
l a OS1Jfl f + 1 1 When the
Nw 1b Q a digestive or
G CIUSRAU lu gnns Iwvo bo
I come Impaired
ion suffer I
Poor Appetite I
Sour itbhugs
J r1ll1ltl Illloll
° flillU CClllb
y4 or Costhcllr6 >
OMACH The lilt tern
I 1 ta1 ORS Try always It today cures
0 yo
three children will appear In yonkers
next week After that thoy appear In
due northern part of the state for an
extended tour
Joint Tuodny Mrs Oscnr Klrkhuin
und her baby arrived In the city and
are preparing to tnoo Into an apart
ment which they have taken for the
winter at tho corner of Amitcrdum
avenue and One Hundred und Twenty
third street Mr Klrkham has been
engaged to do some concert work In
Mt Vernon a musical llttlo place a
few miles from the city
Doss Kill Shlpp who In dolntf seine
line work thin year In Teachers Col
lego has Intel been olccted a mem
ber of the executive start of the gradu
ating club and Is feeling quIte Jujllnllt
n Ir he i ointment
fi CSI r v r
T wrar rltt M
+ 1 This li a recent plcttiro of Enrico Caruso the world greatest tenor who
na recently fined S10 for annoying women In the Central Park Zoo yew
York city Ills arrest ansumwl tho pro portions of an International sensation
rms Hn 0 n
for the two Utrth rcprcscntatleT 1rof
llickmnti of tho Brigham YounR UnU
v rslty at Irovb and President JIc
Uuarrle nuet not ho overlooked In tho
praise awarded Tins fortnor In nn
i I fivir to rtmarl on tho authenticity
ft uf tilt Hook of Mormon rose to tho oo
rnIon In a most tolllnc mannur ho
Kaft fnctJ in uch u forcaful way that
even fthes moat Indifferent could not
but tin convinced Altogether It was
+ nn evening of decided progreis for tho
cause nf tint nil slonurleo and will
I certainly bear Its load fruit Mrn I
Jliirlon C Wd of AVashlngton n C
tho Now York Tilbuno correspondent
was a visitor to the afternoon services
I nnd In an article In Mondays paper
pall rare trlbutn to Kldern Itoburtti
cloiuunce declaring that ho spoke
with the iloiUPiife und p tnel4tno t
ot n Campbell Moi nii and that ho
true In fuel the most eloquent speak
ti she es heard aha sad hu
t comes with a IIICMUKC to a waiting
world To the men and wanum of the
Ionifrowitloii fu iio gave unstinted
praise for thou hoed looks and court
DOS 11111 liner sooutins the Idea that
they wre sin Ignorant rlacs
of people Th singing also came
In for a share of praise H c1 Kuwton
who wing Tho lulling Star by
iJenev Richards she wrote could make
his fortune In Brand peru If he cared
to Oscar KlrUhnm und Ellen Thomas
iun the inornlng and flvijiilnu singers
and they nwlvid many Olllfrutlla
tlfiim for their work Tho confeiencn
MHH a day and cvenlntc of solid pleas
me III the ttah ipkldi niM of New York
niul It Is oerulu no city the tmvollnn
filt I have vMted has been iivuto
thoroughly uniiroclitlve than were the
r Uotltninlus tiall list Sunday at Hawthurno
Prom Pluthlng Long Island Wed
ncMlay the 21st all that was mortal of
the once brilliant actress Georgia Cay
run was conveyed by relative and
friends to her old home In Dostun
Mass there to bo laid beside a loved
sister who had preceded her by a few
years In tho old family burying plot
just mitnldo the city Hho had nlwnyo
cherished In her heart an home New
York elnlmd her for veral years an
u resident but lloston wan her home
In reality First ai a public reader
weN she known being a graduate ot
tho Lewis U Monroo school of oratory
Hteelo Mackuye the author and mnn
alter beciuno Impressed with her abil
ities D3 a reader und made IliUtentiB
offer to bar to accept the dramatic
stage ua a profession but a fear of
failure hold her back and she contin
ued to give public readings a few yeus
longer Hut In 1870 she was Induced
to accept the part of Hebe In H M
8 Pinafore with tho Boston Ideals
In the lloston theater 8tetl Mackay
renewed hla offer to her to become a
mumber of hula Madison Square com
pany Dolly Dutton In Hazel Klrka
was her first enturo under hU man
affcmunt afterwards being promoted
to the title part Miss Cayvnn carne
under the management of A M
Palmer J H Havcrly and several
minor stock managers until 1887 when
Daniel Prohmun engaged her as lead
Ing womnn of the Lyceum Theater Co
From that limo the name of fieorgla
Cayvan became u household won for
all that was womanly and digni
fied on the dramatic stage Her
career though not phenomenal
was of the more enduring kind nod to
this day the characters she portrayed
In Hint inodol stock company have
fever bneen eqiuled In the opinions of
the bent New York critic Vor nearly
seven yearn has aha lain on her bd
ot siifforlng the loss of cyoslght
caused Is thought from an operation
oho wan nhlliruil to undergo In DUG
occurred soon after her commitment
to tho sanitarium thu last three years
of her Ufa wore n total blank her
mind giving way under tho mental
Mruln of 111 lualtii mid bllndnoii Tho
end camp puucufully She foil asleep
novnr to awaken belnp constant
watched by A younger sister Irofen
slonally Miss Payvan has always been
grently loved her memory Is cher
blind hy manager and brother art
IstH Socially sho was an immense
favorite Every paper In the city
hllll contributed EOIIIO loving words for
the unhappy end of no beautiful a
character Her frlenda are many
and she li not forgotten for time artlstlo
work she gave tho public years ago
oven In this HghtnlnK ago of manu
factured stare who burst Into view
dttvlnn a night and continue to ipurkln
for u brief season her labors were of
thn blow but sure nature but the pen
tnitHd tho heart thero to find an abid
ing plncn forever Sweet rest to
tlmuKla Cayvan JANET
ln6 yon read UNDHIl THH
have all of Hamilton WriKht Mnblcs
book und for dainty bits of nature
Ktudlti they arc just tho thing They
are mnely little glimpses Into the hlli
or life Erich 115 I
The shrine ot the Virgin of Kl IMUr
at Saragotsu Spain Is one ot the rich
est sanctuaries In the world It has
received costly gifts from Its devotees
of many generations and Its most re
1 tf
cent acquisition Is a jeweled walking
stick presented by King Alfonso The
handle Is of fine gold set with rubles
and diamonds Quern Victoria ot
Hpaln Is reputed to have a special
veneration for this hallowed spot
l1 I r Dam
lint who can view the ripened rose
Nor seek to wear It 7
llAKSGIVING It over Temp
T tatlons beckon us Christmas U
near What can I get for
SoanSo Is tho cry upon
everybodys lips And If omothlng
cannot be hurl for somebody ono way
why to bo wire there nro other ways
Take for Instance tho story of thu
gloves and tho woman temptedi
U woo dusk The electric lights
winked und danced through the fall
lag feathery snow Ilko the eyes of
Santa Claus Tho store was crowded
People stood live deep at every coun
I muzt now go to the glove coun
ter Bald tho woman tempted to her
friend Ullgabeth must have some
long white gloves for Christmas tu
irntch hor evening gown Just look
at those beauties lying thcrol
rho mow was falling In feathery
flatten Santa Claus seemed to bo
winking his eye HS much ns to say
Christmas comes but once a year
nags tho limo
Look at the beautiful snow Mill
tlio woman tempted to her friend just
an the lung white gloves whisked from
the counter Into her hag
Did you see that f said ono of
the vigilant clerks
Huihl aid the other vigilant
clerk We inn nay nothing now
well tell Mr K later
A fair dn > s Inter the woman tempt
od entered the atom attain and pann
ed at tho glove counter
I wish to exchange these gloves for
n ale smaller she said
Wholes your check naked the
lcllant clerk The woman tempted
rumbled about In her big
Well that In funny1 I was certain
It walt In my bag Ive carried so
many things in It lately theclork
did not contradict hrthnt I must
havo drugged It out with other
Th other letId hud made oft to
speak to Mr S
The woman who took the fdovoi
1ms returned to exchange thorn for n
smaller size ho said breathlessly Me
a flow down the aisle nt top speed
coming to an abrupt hall 113 ho per
celved tho woman tempted I
Exchange the gloves he whisper
ed to tho clerk behind him and keep
quiet that U one of our best custom
ers and wo en nt afford to loso her
To cover a vice howover small for
the sako of larger gains stakes tho
> I
The cafes ate npt to he crowded on
Saturday evenings Just before Christ
tiifts Its so handy and saves so much
time whllo out doing Christmas shop
ping to drop In for a quick hot meal
anrl give ono a chance to think over
and talk over and handle ovor gifts
for our dear ones and friends
It Is so hard to find exactly what
ono wants In thin town Tho speak
er looked mesk enough nt she lan
guidly drew oft her gloves
You Isnt 1t1 sighed her com
panion as she scanned the monu card
and other things
What dear little pink shades said
the meek looking ono following the
others glance
Arent they too dear
How sweat theyd loot with pink
finch pretty gifts too and so showy
on n tree
I can make them you know
Can you 1
Oh yes but one cant and anything
to trim them with In this town toy
Ing Innocently with the fringe
What dear llttln black draggony
things all over themjust pasted on
you dont wy hero comes our
tray at last I
One tit another table had over
heard this light chatter had been
amused but had thought nothing of It
till one of tho waitresses exclaimed to
another over the mysterious removal
of tho fringe from tho dear llttlo
pink shades
It In so crowded everywhere weoks
before Christmas who can keep faces
III memory from one day to another
The bystander or byiltter was tn the
cafe again a few evenings later and
arrived Just In time to hear tho rest
of tho story of tho pink shades
They are no uso whatever now
raid the Mine wtkUr H
Tho byfitter looked In the direction
of the poor frlngolRM shades and lot
the dew little black draKgony things
hnd taken wings and llown In quest
of the fringe no doubt
Christmas comes but once a year
iiml thon wo shall have money but
It vvo dont why no matter tho open
hand scatters Its bounty oer sea and
land Just the same In other words
the light hand
My Johnny Is BO fond of St Nich
olas You keep It hero 1
Oh yea here It li answered the
clerkTo be sure I must be blind Why
youve Just slacks of thorn Just you
be waiting on your other customeie
while I look over this number
The mother of Johnny wore n nice
roomy capo While situ Mcnnned an
other Christmas magazine she Just
slipped Kt Nicholas under her arm
against the time of the clerks return
Hy and by this went under her arm
too while she scanned a few more
numbers all of which disappeared un
der the sane loving arm Sho looked
about for the clerk for the sake of
nnlooker but tho store was crowded
mad she probably hadnt tlmo to wait
and HO quietly slipped out to lose her
elf In the throng of the street May
Johnny enjoy his St Nicholas hut
may lJe never know how ho came by
Heap on moro wood the wind In chill
Hut let It whlstlo ns It will
Well Keep our Christmas merry still
Them are other ways ot providing
girtH for our dour ones and friends
without money None need be Alight
ed Just dive down to the bottom of
your trunk und come up with lust
years gifts that you didnt happen
to need and hud no use tor anyway
They only clutter your house and
worry you until you find yourself men
ally making hnnds with the woman
who wrote Tho Tyranny of Thing
sail who said If she aw another bit
of baby ribbon or tissue paper she
would scream
Theres that little book thnt Cousin
Kato gave me last year Ive two copies
already Im going to give that to Aunt
Georgia shell never know theres
no writing on It
This certain young woman Is getting
off easy at least so sho congratulate
herself She was pitting on her trunk
merrily chatting to ono who was sup
posed not to tell
Heros a set of collars and cuffs
shall sand them to Jennie Ill never
wear them In the world and apes
kind of old fashioned you know
Morcyl I hop sholl nevor call with
thorn on when Berthas here Bertha
gave them to mo Then you see that
box of stationery 1 Cheap stuff and
that bag Ive hundreds of bags al
ready and thoso comfort slippers
get several pairs every Christmas
cant begin to wear them all That
Heart I rather vront to keep but It
Mra M remembers me It must go
Ill Just have It wrapped In case Oh
I am so relieved you dont know
Why I have scarcely anything to buy
except for the Immediate family
naturally they saw all these things
lost year they woldnt havo to guess
again where they came from
Hall Christmas All hall with Its
beautiful spirit of gift glvngl
r r ti
r bda1
xrrt b
a r
h ant 11
y6 e
i e Pal
+ Est
The musical world has been shocked by the startling revelations regard
Ing Alexander Pcticbnlkoff the famous violinist who Is charged by his rela
tives In tlil country with having spurned and abandoned his mother who ac
cording to her own admission peddled wood In the streets of Moscow In order
to obtain money to develop her sons musical genius Mrs Petschnlkoff In
living at the home of one of her married daughters In New York In which city
her son In engaged to soon begin an Am erlcan tour Fctschnlkoff who la now
In Russia hna for years It Is alleged refused to answer letterSsont to him by
Ills mother leaving the writing of repl Its to hlswlfe who Is a wealthy Chi
cago woman
Garland and Peninsular Heater Hiflh Grado
2000 Heaters at 1600
25 00 Heaters at 2000
2750 Heaters at 2200
3000 Heaters at 2400
4000 Heaters at 3200
Monarch Hardware Co
r r II
J to
N j J
A Trench antiquarian M Aucler has recently completed a model of the ancient city of Cirth
Its prime In the background of the cut ate seen the mountain and lake of Carthage The larto rile as It was In
represents the docks with the central Inland on which wits tho tesldehce of the admiral of the net e round BtrU tur
torn light hand corner Is seen the wall around the OyrB the acropolis of Carthage Al lbs bat
Christmas Jewelry
Send for Our
Send for Our
Illustrated Illustrated
Catalogue Catalogue
We are ready to serve everybodys jewelry wants Those who think they must
either go without or buy cheap jewelry when they have a limited amount of money
to spend should see the many good and tasteful things we have to offer you Ife
have been headquarters for jewelry for 45 years in Salt Lake and with our large
stock and small store we are in a position to sell lower than you can buy elsewhere
0 =
Ladies Back Ladies Gold Filled
14 k Gold Filled Hack Comb
Warranted 20 with
years fine
very beautiful designs plain or set TM
with stones Sold everywhere 150 Jeweled movement Sold every
and 200 Our price where at 1650 Our price
7Sc 1150
r Diamond Rings
J Very Fine
Cenulno Stones
I 2500 3500 5000
nnd upward
Solid Gold Signet Rings
For Lidiu and Gentlemen
250 350 500
The Finest Showing of
CLOCKS in the city
Dainty Little GOLD
e a
5175 and 250 e
Large EightDay Man r
tel CLOCKS strike
650 and 750 r
u n
2t6 MAIN Sim 2i MAIN ST
High upon Main Street
i Low down in price dt
Reliable Jewelers
STAbtI5Mto 1962
= csrAC ilsntc 1662
01 n rt TrMJI
uLii r e 1
y1 l lt
1 I
i Tf i 2 I
I QNV frc f lPllID
Its Time Now I
to make your early CHRISTMAS
SELECTIONS Phone 3 for the
correct time
end vnetn
Ai S r
coo <
41 MIlD
SlIt 334 Lak Main City UTU DENTAI CO Logan Utah
lIR A ZUUIKU UO ens rot
lIbool pale
Teeth eatrsde pOlIII11
9t TMlh b1 r4 rubberS00
Bald OroWIII kl k160 10 5011
nrldg Work lestIee to ISOO p7ASrrar EI TVs y
0old nulln Uoo up
I Olla nlllni s SOl U 71
lBln nluU1I ash dries
Opea HU I p M flwdtjl 10 J
l r > 1
IJ w y IItK t 1
y 11 t X

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