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fOInfllI7rfg doOI answer wUli one iw two cur Rt10tltD bll1i tare is ads UI to DE1RET EVENI NG NEW S lliut couldnt trip oitli may particular loollnif llml b < ndmikJed on thins joui last ulilch today fthupptn you Its 1
ono tlonc
0 1IllTJo A n
Vanquished in Late
Victors Election and Congratulate and
Foraker Will Introduce
Senator Wi
Calling on President
Resolution Callng
dent for Information
SIJcn II Coil
tIo ur lJplllll
QI101 nll Ikconl Will ICI hO
I 111101 or eOJgrc
3 Victors and
jcc >
Wnh I n 1011 COI gathered In tho hall
Mul11 Id to congratulate
today cOIJrtluIO
Ir u 0
t 11 < over
I lnl > with one another Ivel
ld P IPI ballot
f tIe ovclber
ulls O
the i cLd early and when
OIl d < camo ulll
Th A Kavel fell at 12 oclock
lh f rakc 1111 with gully
wlh IU ly
crIU v ic jammed
J wo 1 which added jnucli
tt KHirksUen of hOI
lc llrglltnI90
I ho iipnearnnce IC licljk
Tli 1IIInlarnCo
h n as tho Blgnul for
If can n round ut applause
i h 3m intbers and Iho gallery
v nl11 all
ftm t until ho brought tho
w chdQ III owning the last Mission
tntl 1
ninth ougrc
01 tbe tW 1olh lug tlio prao1
I Y 1
dl II Coluwln
o thLiILll1 tit roll was called
ptali Forlir u bi uudorslood
1orn1lr early
1 FCflatfl
udecIded 0 tr I in th latn
of 1110
eek ii lesolUtOI
1 L
l CLOlO thC nttfl J
1 jtaun IIlt II rwenyfttth 1nlteiI
colored a rtlIt
11 I
rthI Inhntr E1tIng III Ir Ilollslu
h night of Aug 13 Kit
u on 1 will request
th nalor resolution wil
1TUdEH 51 thr war dllHutmlmt
Iht irtl tl UI Wil
lie senate wUh all tho
UTflIh sentl
10 lurnlh recalling fupeclatiy
mu In tlv ca rCIalhl1
flct which Iho order
rlldrnr upon
he Ipln
of dkmlrcal vu bascd Tho pur
of asking for the lall Is 10 pel I
whether mi In
Bit clur judgniiiK
hiitf rlI bi jlllII11 any of tho mem
jUt of th dlsgrnccfl organization
br raised whotnei
fhr nuoitlon has been
4inilii al without lionor U which the
ttloptl in n iuffcretl does not do
tlord 1
prlve Ih1 111 sal of mllltaty
unions admission to sol
inch an p 1loIS
tuts home etc
The question of spelling undoubtedly
til re five attention at the hands 0
11 ole
togress this week The subcommittee
hhc hllise rommlttev on appropria
te which provided thu executive amt
Jial appropriation bill will report
tfil measure to Uie full comrnlttco to
kj lib thu old fnnn ot spellhiBrr
taxjanJ it vlii bo for thc committee
UdecM1 vtiethcr the slmpllllcd spell
Irj mtlhoiJ mail be used There Is a
Mslblilty that the Congressional lIce
M wi rani a 111 both styles ot spelling
fepiwmaiH1 charleg Landls chair
saa of the hou c committee on print
ht In discussing thc question said
The Cong lional Hecord will con
ius to b prltitcil as herctolorc 1
r ect that tho ionipllllea spelling rule
rill not apply to the Ilecord Ofcourse
h reprinting the presidents message
a thc Jtccord the slmplllled spcllhig
tW1M that appear In the document will
h printed but otherwise the Record
sIl continue to bo tho name old fash
ioned flretldi companion as of yore
The frlonils of the hip subsidy bill
tr Insistfnt that that measure re
XMconsideration nt this session Trw
Wi U Kilt In committee In the house
tat Hi friends think they will be able
u gel u out in due season and havo
wker Cannon and many other
fnent members of the houso nr
1t > t the Capitol long beforo the
MI t ot the house and engaged In
tajtoa and Informal discussion ol
oble Usuis which will occupy
t agh attention
flejaptnr situation was discussed
utt i jiitty by tho mcmbcis and
woplnico 1 M expressed freely that
JMJJres afff Ing the Jupaticso may
MutroJui J in tho huuso ut any time
RVrweuuc xahn tij Callfornl
Iij be dors net think the California
Mention t I lIke Immediate steps to
lai any i gislatlon affecting Japu
WM le raIl that thc California del
ilni froll bly vill lloll a niecthip
tftkr Iwo w R for the dlscuusjon of
w tufon nd doubtlvfs will act ns
11 doubtlS wil I
I unit 10 lfv tlpclslon Is reached to
IU Ln ° par Jse of any special mea
lIt h1 J 1 jnegc exclusion bills ono
y Uprijcnutlve MeKlnley of Cnllfor
and the other by Representative
II otllCnlll are now cnillne In
flPlrenlnlhe Needlmm of Callfor
tt 55 the
iU tlrst member of tho dele
htjn frm tat stac to reach the
IM JLr Sdhm Is not from tl
r fhl0 district and consequent
I 1110 rl ° M touch with the sltua
IIi Ihat clh arising Crom the i
1 u i Oi oC J ane l from tho public
i slOvsver ndd by xvlllt children lie
In wrerlhnt he believes the pros
Ilalon wi Crndually dlo out and
tlj nlion 1 quietly lUo ltelf
I Ihn
Atworro Bciate adjourned until
I hQUSP adjourned nt 153 p m
5000000 INVOLVED
it rought by Philadelphia IRII t
lUtrutol Plant Contractors
I Pblattl I III Dw 3f nc equity suit
I CCO L o r > hlln lphla involving
oC J j ii i11 contracting llrnv
r Phnll nt this
tri m 01 city and oth
ot thCinL 11 with tho construction
Mwt co municipal filtration
0 Inunllpnl
Ianl ISth c rd for Inn before Judge
lay Theno animon pleas court to
It ftk Ictv charKM that the money
th Stk rP0Ver ohlolnd
was lnlned by
te contra
1 OJ t IY fraud and collusion
onlI C1Ill4nltE CASK
lourt lon Dec 3rho
0urtof Thl supreme
i lit fo r want Ilc < States missed to
U tis w Vn Jurl8llctlon the case
H hnc el rkTJou nllng hospital
tIe Story Gnt Til8 det = l0n revived
tfron Nel t 40 Orphnn children
rrol y ork to Arizona In ww
Iheb II ih e tlIfl II 1301
l U013t the hnl rccclvcd much nt
Itt rr Ih nM or the Public The
ubetl by Ju18101 which was dotqr
Iect the d Mc Day Is to leave In
CQltm COUIe llhOC the Arizona su
ltt ilcij 111 favorable to
Eiitt I IUC1 RJt1srEI
qUe lt0lt
n nt
ct a Oct LArtLiur H
lnfOnltsted tlly thIs 10rlni
d b tho IOCRI
t hel I aleges th he has Rot
Qf IVfol thoulan
< l lnrJ
ot b t n jeleIU the pron
lot mer
u ohn treet1 1 fork
Supt of Grand Trunk RR Comes
Here as Assistant to E
Ho AVIII ho CJluii lie Tllle < if A sIs
taut General Superintendent
Of thu U S L
W 1C Coatcllo mjperIiiUii for thc
Grand Trunk at Hattla Creek Mich
arrived In Salt Lako on Saturday to
enter upon his dutlca as aaslslant gen
eral superintendent of tho Omon Short
Lino under L Hncklnghum
Tho appointment which was effective
flee 1 comes somewhat In the imturo
of a mirptlHO and It Is umltTPtood ho
will havo his headquarters InMr
Buckinghams otllco and ncslst thc gon
cral supcrlntwidont by taking oft his
hands a lot of tho routine work In addition
dition to attending lo 1ulle to whiuh
he will be assigned from time to time
wi Msljlld
A il Mr lluckliiBlmm Is now on lili
WDY to Sparks to meet Vice President
and General Manager W II llancroft
who Is corning homo frnn San Flu
clKCO no details of tho appointment will
ho foilhcomliisr until hu returns and
circulars arc Issued
Declared Ihcy Were Liurd There Ln
tier Fnho llml cs
SMI Antonio Tox Dec 8A dispatch
atiii the Express from Eflglo IasH
patch to 1 prl5S tlom Pais
tex says
Three hundred Japanese have entered
the United States from Mexico through
Kaglclas since Nov 1 They arc leav
ing Mexico because of Illtreatment
which they rcrolvcd lt Iho hands of
Mexican employers The Japanese say
they were lured Into Mexico with
promises o good pay and pleasant
work oa farms So Inviting wcto tho
promises that Japanese Immigration so
cieties aided the work of securing Jap
anese for Mexican agricultural work
On arriving In Mexico however tho
Japanese drcluio they are put to work
hi coal mlle on little wages and food
and are watched by guards making a
condition little better than servitude
To this Is dUI tho gteat exodus of tho
orientals from the Mexican republic
St Joseph Mo Dec 3lrs Charles
Rhode was probably fatally hurt and
about 100000 loss caused by u flro which
destroyed Nalo lilockH ilvcstory cloth
ing store early today The woman fell
from the first story ifbout20 fuel I
hove the pifvemcnt breaking one leg
and sustaining Internal Injuries Her
husband hal n narrow escape Tho
the loss Is probably covtred by Insur
Chicago Dec Students of the On
tario agricultural college Quclph Out
were awarded the first prize In tho
Judging contest for all animals com
bined ut the International Live Stock
show In the report made yesterday
by Prof J H Hheperd of North Da
kota agricultural college tho superin
tendent of the Judging
The students Judging team of tho
Ames agricultural college of Amev
la took second Ohio ranked third
Michigan fUth and
Kansas fourth fth nld
Texas sixth
In the contest ot horse Judging for
tho McLauhlln Hrotherrt prize Iowa
Was fIrst Texas second Ohio third
Ontario fourth Michigan fifth and Kan
sas sixth
For Individual excellence A I Ha
race of Ontario ranked first J 0 Olson
of Kansas second and C C Nixon of
Ontario third
To llcuarc ot Glass Imitations of Iu
Mrs Kmernlils anil Sapphires
New York Dec Warnings are be
Ing sent out by Importer of precious
stones to wholesale and retail dealers to
beware of glass Imitations of rubles
emeralds and sapphires that have been
sold In largo iiuaniltles In the last week
or two to dealers by a French vender
who designated the articles as recon
structed stones I Is said that como of
the Imitations have already been sold
under tho same name to holiday buy
New York Dec Throughout this
country the Ix > dgc of Sorrow was I
observed by the Klks yesterday Sen
vices were held In public halls theaters
and churchcH Ono of the most Impres
sive ceremonies was In Plymouth
church Urooklyn where 1 congrega
tion that reminded the older men of
101 days when Henry Ward needier
vast building
preached filled the vlt huldlng
Kxaltcd Ruler Kdwurd s McGrath
Lethbrldge Alberta Dec 3Tho
longstanding coal strike Is over the op
orators and mel having omo to terms
last night A largo number of miners
will return to work Immediately The
following terms well accepted
No check off or discrimination between
ot dlscrhnlnntol
tweon union and nonunion men em
ployed but I substantial Increase In
wages lion been graned Arbitration Is
also provided for in ndvnnco of future
disputes Thc news will cause great
rejoicing throughout tho entire west
as tho strike has created n fuel famine
and coal has had to be brought from
the cut
San Francisco Dec 3Thcro Is no
longer any danger of n fuel famine In
San Francisco nut Nevada according
to James II Smith vice president of
tho Western Fuel company Mr Smith
stated today that 6000 tons of coal are
now being unloaded Ih San Francisco
and 12000 tons more will arrlAt before
the end of the wTek Last weak 1000
tons were shipped to Nevada points
and another 1000 tons will be snipped
this week The unusual demand from
Interior points together with unavoid
able delay In loading tho companys
steamers ut the mines caused the
shortage The rteamers nro now get
ting quick dUpatch and with the arrive
ot Australian coal which Is soon due
the situation has been relieved Coal
however next three will months not bo plentiful for the
Overseer Voliva Will Give up
Dowies Great Enterprise
To its Creditors
Ten Chosen Kuiulllra Will ho Selected
by Him nh hit Xmleii Locu
tion Xol lhlilgeth
Chicago Dec J The Chronicle to
day says
Zion City IH to bo abandoned rIle
restoration host which wan built up
by John Alexander Dowlo after years
of strenuous rffoit will shortly be left
to Us creditors by Overseer Wilbur
Glenn Vollui who like a now Moses
Kilt loud his people forth fiom thin dlu
credited gates to found another JMon I
Announcement of the approaching
hcglra was made ycHtvtdny by Over
seer Vollvii before nn audience of more
than 1000 pet son In the Zion church
at Sixteenth trcft and Michigan nyc
title I was marked by his assumption
of divine authority at tho same time
ho outlined Ills plann for I now city to
be conducted along socialistic Inc
with himself I tupremo spiritual and
with thc
temporal head Coupled wih an
nouncement of 111 plans were vehe
ment denunciation of unworthy mem
bers of tho church whom ho declared
vtcro icsponslble for Its Cal
Tho how Zion Into which no un
worthy member shall be allowed to
enter will form the nucleus of a most
energetic crusade against the wicked
ness of thin world and Chicago In par
Autocratic socialism Is to be the government
AutQcrate Aoeulim
eminent of the new community No
more dehtl no moro houso rent no
more holding of land or property by
Individuals hut a mibllme condition
of brotherly love and primitive Chris
tianity Is to prevail At the name iliac
Vollva Is to be supreme
Tho nucleus o the new Zion Is to
consist of 10 chosen families which will
bo selected by Vollva These families
will be chosen for their Implicit faith
In the guidance of tim new prophet
arid their preparedness to sacrifice all
at his bidding
As to the location of ths new Zion
Vollva was ullent contenting himself
with the declaration that ho would
have several announcements to make
within two weeks In preparation bow I
ever of the crusade which he proposes I
to start In Chicago he elated that to
n certain extent headquarters would bo
located In tho great devils kingdom
as he termed this city
Chicago DeeaTho friendof John
Alexander Dowle today denied stren
uously the otorles that the mind of
the Corner leader of Zion church has
become weakened
Dfncon Lewis Dotvlen companion
said however that Dowlo had been
very sick and Is Btlll far from being
c I
Washington Dec 3 Senator Penroio
today Introduced I resolution calling
en tho president for Information re
garding the discharge of a battalloi ot
negro troops at Fort llcno OklahomA
on account of the affray at Irons
ville Tex
The war department Ih iwparlifNfor
an Investigation by Congress of the
cases of the Twentyfifth Infantry re
cently dlschaigcd without honor by or
der of President Hoosnvclt and to this
cnd has compIled I record of negro
troop dating back to the Civil war
It Is said that this record discloses 1
stale of affairs not generally known
and that onco before at least the
Twentyfifth Infantry shot tip n
town The affair happened In 18S > at
Fort Sturgis Dakota Some of the
legr soldiers went on a rampage sun
liar to that at Ilrownsrllle und one of
their number killed a citizen In tlfat
case however the citizens took thc mel
Into their own hands forced the
troopers under pnlnof death to dls I
close tho name of the mal whO did
the killing anti then took him out nod
lynched him
Portsmouth Dec aThe trial by
courtmartlal of Lieut Collard 11 N
charged with Inflicting unusual punish
ment and using abusive language
a stoker In ISO and with improper use
of tho order on the knee Nov 4 last
which caused mutinous outbreaks
among stokers began hero today
Mohnnimctl Allinlrn Heir Apparent
Owing to TatherN Illne
Tcrhan Persia Dec 3rho report
that Mohammed Allmlrza tho heir ap
parent and governor of Azerbal Jan
has been summoned from Tabriz to
Tcrhan to assume time regency during
the Illness of his father the shah s
The establishment of a Persian na
tional bank und the issue of an Intetnal
loan with tho object of emancipating
hue country from dependence on foreign
financiers appears to be assured
Spokane Wnih Dec 3A fatal
wreck occurred at tho Jefferson street
crossing of tho Northern Pnclllo this
morning a switch engine colliding with
nn extra eastbound frMght Engineer
Ed Fearl ole Switch engine was In
ptantly killed No one else was serious
ly Injured It Is raid that thc switch
Ing crew had not been notified that
tho freight was coming and It Is suip
poied Engineer Fearl may have beon
looking backward watching for slgnnU
Washington Dee aThe president
todny sent the following nominations to
the senate
Secretary of the Treasury George U
Attorney General Charles J Bona
Postmaster UneralrQeorge L von
Secretary of thc Navy Victor II
Secretary o tho Interior James H
Secretary of Commerce and Labor
3dcar 8 Straus
Associate Justice Supreme Court
Wllll I Moody
Arthur W Mcrrlfield to be United
States marshal for the district of Mon
They Sought to Have Their Ex
tradition From Colorado to
Idaho Declared Invalid
JCIIcct of IlccMon Io Ttuit JiTin
Lenders V1II l > e Held for Trlnl
In Idiiho
WnHhhiglon lice 3Thc supreme
couit of the United Ktntca today lie
rlikd the habens corpus case of Moyer
lluywooil uncl Pottlbone the vepro
hontatlves of the Yaftcrn Fcdcrntloi
of Minors who arc 101 hcldoln prison
In Idnho on tho charge of complicity
In Ito murder of former Cov fltcunen
lioi p adversely to tho mel The opinion
was by Justltx Italian
The effect o the decision will be tc
continue to hold thc men for trial II
Id u ho
Of the men Involved Charles J
Moyer Is president W 1 lluywood
Hcrrctniytrfasurer and George A Pet
tlbone a member of the Western Fed
eration of Miners They arc now II
prlnon In lIon county Idaho umlut
I charge ot murdering former Oov
Bteunenberp of that ntuto although It
was not charged that they acre pies
Ut when tho crime was committed
The cnce camo to this court on an ap
peal from I decision of the Idaho fed
crul court refusing to grant wfltH ot
haboa corpus The principal point ol
rontruvorsy wan ho method by which
the Idaho authorities secured Jurisdic
tion over the men 1 of them arc
residents of Colorado and It was al
leged on behalf of Moyer and hIs as
sociates that they were kidnapped In
pursuance of n cons II racy to which the
governor n Colorado and the Idaho au
thorities were parties and hence that
Jurisdiction was acquired by fraud
ito habeas
Justice Harlan soul that In
Peas corpus In the United Stairs courts
the method of extradition nt time de
fendants was not material Tho merits
of tho cases were not Involved as that
phase was not presented The only
question there Involved was the right
of ItO state courts to proceed with tho
cases o which there could bn no doubt
Justice McKenmi delivered a dissent
ing opinion holding that Mnyer Hay
wood and Pettlbono had u right to In
vokn tho aid of tho federal courts lo
correct Improper methods used In se
curing their extradition Ho said that
kidnapping under till law In no more to
bo Justified than when performed out
side the law where every effort of au
thority IB used to prevent nnd pTTu
Idi it
And When it Was Settled Dead
Bodies of Two Men and a Wo
man Lay by Roadside
Howard Gore Killed Kduartl firmly
Mrs Urady Shot Gore He Killed
Her Hcforo 1U Died
San Diego Cal Dec 1Three
corpses by the aide of the road between
Kscondldo and San Luis Key dam re
sulted from what was but n casual
meeting of two ranchers named Howunl
Gore and Edward Untidy this morning
Thc two have been at enmity for somj
time over a lawsuit over t claim Game
Is alleged to have jumped and It Is said
that inflny threats have ell made
This morning tho twd met on lie high
way 1C miles from Kscondldo In what Is
known as Hells Hole canyon along tho
line of the Escondldo Irrigation ditch
Thin dispute was renewed and Gore shot
Urady killing him Mrs Hrady who
was present got hold of 1 gun nnd shot
Oore who then succeeded In killing
Mrs Ready before he tiled
Gore Is understood to he unmarried
but Ilrady had been married twice his
divorced wlfo being now Mrs 1 M
Abel of Escondldo
I Is Mid that vhn the three met
this morning the liradys were unarmed
while Gore carried his vlllu and Imme
diately began firing at Brady TwiJ
shots took effect but though JOiIousli1
Wounded Brady was able to get to an
open ditch where he sought to protect
himself from Gores fire lortu ran up
to the ditch und deliberately tired on
Hrady killing him Ho then turned his
attention to Mrs Brady who hail start
ed for her house Ho fired twice aZ
tho woman wounding her nnd contin
ued to advance She succeeded In get
ting Into the house where there was
a rifle which she loaded and knew how
to ISo > As Gore continued to como
toward the house M rf Urady brolw
out 1 pane of glass In the window and
fired The shot took effect hut before
Gore dropped he managed to fire an
other shot which killed Mrs Hady
Urady was 61 years of age It I d Gore
was 46 Virginia Woods who was nt
the Hrndy house Is thc only witness to
the triple tragedy
Largo Nuiiibrr of hoods to be Siiril fur
Not Udiiff Them
Washington Dee 2tetiilg on re
ports submitted by the Interstate com
merce commission Atty Gen Moody
Ilrce directed that Milts hI brought
against a large number of Additional
railroad companies for violation nf tho
safety appliance law
Tho defendants the districts In
which the suits will be brought und tho
number of violations Include Arizona
New Mexico railway district of Ari
zona two violations Arizona New
Mexico railway district of New Mex
ico two violations El Paso South
western railway district a New Mex
ico ono violation Fort Worth Den
ver City railway northern district of
rex two violations
Madrid Dec 3 Tho cabinet has re
Writes a Letter to the Interna
tional Policyholders Com
Sees yolhlnc Wruiis for ARCHI Cam
ltulguiilig for Ticket They Think
Is time Hlghl One
Today Oov John C Cutler dictated
the following letter to O H Sorughum
of the International Iollcyholdora com
mltteo o New York
Halt 1110 City Uec 3 IMS
Dear 8IrI am In receipts tit your
communication of the 21th lust II
which you protest agalnnt alleged pits
ippreHcntatlon on lIme part of lime two
great Mutual 111 Insurance com
panlew campaign
IIanlt of Now York In tlio clhnplhm
for trustees now going on j and tin
work of the agency organization for
the administration tIckets of tho com
panies Ilrlclly replying to your com
1 the agents of lie companies who
work entirely on commission drain to
Klvo a portion of their time to cam
paigning for the ticket which they
think serves the beat Intcrentn of the
company they represent I do not son
that there is ally valId objection Krom
personal observation and Investigation
I am convinced that in ttah no ceroino
nUH are used with these 1 elI and It
Is also my conviction that time expenses
of whatever campaign is contlueted Hi
behalf of the administration tickets
arc paid with other money han that
which belongs to tho pole holders
Therefore I do not see that there IH
any occasion If even I had the au
thority to do KO for me to ask for the
revocation of the license of any agent
fouad canvassing fr either ticket
1 believe them should IX strict hon
esty und fairness on both sides In this
Insurance election The pending out of
Mao charges gross mlHHtatemenls
destructive literature tentUng to Im
pair the frtlth of the pollc holders In
their companies and leading them to
lapse policies which In many Instances
represent their t ilo pavings for years
Is hi my opinion most reprehensible
no matter by whom done I the elec
tion can not be won by fair means the
party usllJ unfair methods should certainly
Yours very truly
Governor of Utah
1 Washington Dec 2All hnt Is
mortal of Samuel Spencer late presi
dent of tho Southern mi way whoRl
tragic death in his own ralroad on
the morning of Thanksgiving day
shocked tho peopo of two hemis
pheres was lOPO rest this afternoon
fhcrt8 receiving vault at the Oak
Hill comotjry there to await final dis
A notable tribute was paid to tho
10tabl Iald
memory of tho distinguished railroad
magnate The funeral obspquonos hold
In historic fit Johns Protestant Kpls
copal chut oh were attended by rail
road officials financiers and public
men from all pails of the country
lel ul o
Hundreds of friends camo from the
The sorvlco was strictly In accord
ance with tho ritual of the Irotoctnnt
Kplicopnl church and was conducted
by Illshop Paturloo A lleelallu
program was rendered Mr Spencer
having Mealed her favorite hymns
At tho conclusion of the ritualistic
service tho remains were borne from
tbt church till Hinging of
Abldo With Mo No shell wonderful
profusion of oxqulslto floral offerings
hdil been len In Washington fclnco
ito obsequies of lie late President
McKlnloy an today fllled tho Massa
chusetts avenue residence ot ProMdunt
Spencer and lime chancel o St Johns
church lhue tributes lam from
all paitn of tho country Prosldont
and Mrs 1lno < volt sent a wreath of
orchids filth whlto roses let with
white raIn ribbon
Uy special direction of Mrs Spencer
all of the ilonil offerings welP dis
tributed later among the various hos
pitals and charitable Institutions of
rIme votlnt trustees amid thin hoard
of directors of the Southern railway
had n Joint meeting today and took
action on the death of resident
Spencer First Vice President A 1
Andrews pronlJpd nnd the others
present wore J Plerpont Morgan and
beige P Ilnkur voting trustees nnd
the following directors Joseph Dry
an Klchmoml a Samuel tnman
Atlanta Ua Adrian Isclln Jr New
York Kdntund D Hundolph Nejv
York James T Woodward New
York YVllllum W Flnloy Washing
ton and Churljs Steole New York
A lengthy statement was adopted
amid placed on the records paying
IilBh tribute to Mr bpencers frvlcis
to the company to other corpointlons
and to thO public and pointing nut
that tho great progr11 of the road
under his administration was oiTcctod
without making It the basis of 11 In
crease in the roads stock beyond tho
amount contemplated vhrn tint pro
perties were rorganlzed It yearn ago
Tho statement after detailing tlio
wonderful advancement In time rail
way properties under President Spen 1
cers administration nays
Tho mighty fabric which for 12
nrl he has born moulding must con
tinue under olhell to develop tumid to
Improve In tho rorvlco that It thou
render to tIme public but never can It
ceoio to bear the Impress or to reveal
the continuing Impulse of tho mohtiir
mind ot Its llrn president In tho
height of his tifoftilnoM anti his pow
ers he has ben called away but tho
Inspiration of his shining example and
ills lofty standards must ever animate
his successors
Milan Italy Dec 3 A careful scutch
has been made at Ilergamo about r
miles from here with thin view of dis
covering the sender o a threatening
letter to KliiK Victor Emmanuel re
ferring lo a plot formed by what the
writer termed the Holy alliance to
nisanclnntc the king but lip to the
present tho efforts of the police have
been fruitless
AdlsAbebii Aby Jni Dec 3The
report of the Illness of King Mencllk
which are attracting considerable at
tention In Kuropo on tho possibility of
ompllcntlojis In the succession to the
throne era unfounded
A British syndicate has acquired thc
only known coalfields in Abyssinia
E H Holden of K C Southen
Conies Here as Assistant
s Trainmaster II Chargo of Opera <
lion Vct of Helper Snow to 0 V
N W Uiliui to elI
The semiannual khukeup U iw
In full swing on tho Hlo Grnmlo am
following In the wukc of the an
h > unr > lent of lie appointment < > C
Ocorgo 1 lgr as cmi loll Ii cmm uletil
0111 1 reorganization of the oper
ating departmtint In Utah
IJ I Itoldeu fonnetly nf tin
Kan as City feouthcrn ut flhrovoport
Ln has arrived hero and today 11
going over time territory which wi
Collie under his Jurisdiction us iislet
put superintendent o tho Uo Ortindi
Wottiiii wHh headquarters In Sail
I A Camphnil who some time agi
waN UulnnmtitH here and was pro mot
Ld to afslstant supcrlritendont Ntndei
tlio former regline has been gIvomi
cbarage r the deport with head
qtiHiliTs at IIpor Ills Jurlxdlctloi
rxtiiidH from Helper caul to Grunt
Junction I
J C Know hii hits boon for sev
eral yoars I ilrk In thc oltlco of time
Ritieiiil fuperlatendent o llu > toad
hits rrtlgngd Mil will within tho ntxi
ftv day go to tho Chicago mu
Xortlnvpctcrn In n slmllir cnpucUi
nuclei General gent C A Walker
I Is uiulMJood that them will Il
Ole minor resignations down at tlu
Hlo Clrande t pe ma I lug heudaunrteit
within Hip next few days
In the traffic dopartment of tho Hli
Oruudu Iliiingivi IUO nlno unnnunanl
Trod 11 Kpencer tnivellng freIght
nwnt at Ogdun for the Plo Orumle
111101 proniotid to Salt Lake tc
occupy Ihl position mudo vacant b >
the promotion of J I Dcwoy who
IUIK nssumcd the duties of chief clerk
of the freight department
V J Liiban traveling Ivl tool <
ii Don t forth lila Oratnle with wad
fiunrters here will he transferred to
ogden an truvfllng freight agent the
title of traveling live stock Igtl
having been nbullriicd
Health l > Improving ami lie is Able
To Takt WnlU
London Dec 3ln view of the rtccni
rumors regarding tho condition ot tin
health of Joseph Chamberlain tin
cxvolonlat secretary a bullotn
was Issued from his residence
Hlghburyv MooreOreen Illrinliighum
this morning stating that Mr Cham
berlain maintains a steady Improve
inont that ho Is able to take dally
walks and drives und that his eyes have
co much Improved that he Is now al
lowed to read
Dl iocml II Irult Orchards 11 1 00
nilnlMcr M llln II
Liontlnster Mass Dec 3The
ilreadcd San Jose scale has been dis
covered In several fruit orchards In
Ibis section by Tree Warden S IL
Snlkcr This pest does great dam
age to fruit trees and shrubbery and
IR the latest addition to the forces ot
the gypsy and hrnnum tail moths Is caus
ing agriculturalists much alarm It Is
thought that the Insects may hiivc been
brought lure on nursery stock from the
Itanil of Tuelu Cii lit tired to bo Tried
lly Drumbeat Court Martial
Ttllls Trnnsraucnsla Dec 3A
band of 12 robbers yesterday attacked
Ihe estate of Princess Avalova plun
Urlusc her residence and assnulted tho
irlncf s They were captured Inter
mil will be tried today by drumhead
out multi rtlai
MI Mtlciilf Quoted n > < Saying Cali
fornia Is Within Her ItIgi Its
Sun Fiunclsco Dee 3The Call says
School Director n II Oliver stated
yesterday that Sony M tculf before
ils departure for Washington told tho
ichool directors that he believed they
von1 clearly within their rights In cut
abllshlng a separate school for Jupan
ellP pupils This would tend to correct
bo Impression that Secy Metcalf had
Itcldcd to favor lie Japanese In his
oport to the president The secretarys
port It may be assumed will con
orm to bIn assurances to Limo school
Attorneys versed III International
b llevc that the treaty between Japan
and Amerlna In no way covers the
mints at Issue and the heat that the
Toiled Suites can do for the Island
implro is to Institute a test 00110 III
till federal courts as has already been
That the matter will be taken to th
lupreme court for final declilon IH now
lulll evident and It It Is decided there
hat the JapAiieffl arc not Mongolian a
ontentlon that ho beon made to ill
crt the enforcement of the law ieonlr
rig that race to be koptln schools sep
irate from white cldldron It Is quIte
trtuln that the state legislature at Its
lost session will lmllll a new law to
tech the Japanese out of the schools III
which Caucasians Arc taught
In an Interview yesterday Director
WulAh expressed sentiments similar to
hose ot Mr Oliver
IJoslon Dee 2 Three addresses I >
fvered before a large audience tonight
irought to a close tho Social 1Mucatlon
jongresn lIes William M I mg of
Stamford Conn In dealing with Nn
urns Message to > Moral Education
iild that man seems to he the only
creature that II Immoral although tho
hlld Is born n moral animal The
eastllncsj of nature In man wag
mown ho declared In a personal un
leanllnesH the envy and greed urousM
b > the setting up of wealth against
jovcrty gluttony and drunkenness and
lexual vices None of these lie assert
M wan found In tho animal klngdoai
except In man nnd monkeys III de
icrlbed the struggle for inillvldluatlsm
nod raid that the menage of natur
I as mutual cooperation and com
mon brotherhood
l l f
Pittsburg Millionaire Gives Evi
dence of Faith in Real
Estate Here ITO
Mr Newhouse Has Wired His
New York Architect to Come
To This City at Once
Recent TrniKfirs Were Not Properly
011110111 At All Vero Strictly
Mh Salw
The fact that Henry Phlppr tin
Plttsburg millionaire III also Indicating
his faith in Salt Luke us wc11 as Mr
Nowhouse Is an additional nlnn ot en
couragement When Mr Phlpps win
here the other afternoon he considered
seriously lie matter of remodelling this
Interior of tint Daft building Oil Mnln
street which lie bought from Mrs Dst
threo years ago This morning ha
wired hilt representatives III this city
tint Tuttla Urns to go ahead and ex
pend from 5000 to fSoOO on improv
ing the building amid eontinets arc be
11IgIN tlilM afternoon with this cud
In vl iw The stairways will be re
located and rebuilt the hallways re
arranged rooms remodelled the latest
Improvement In plumbing and heat
ing Introduced timl the entire struc
ture brought to the latest standard
AB the Daft building In above Second
South street really men IIU remarking
tho hope that this will prove only tli5
beginning of an effort to further lin
prove Main street above Second South
so an to balance as far as possible till
stupendous Improvements about to 1 > 9
made on Main south of Third South
street nnd thus cvbn the Importance o
tho two ends of the thoroughfare 1111
not leave It one sided or better ono
The Inadvertent omission of the
little word not In a recent bust
heSS News artlclo In u statement
from a member of the Tuttle Uroh
nrm made It possible to construe them J
as placing no faith In the recent real
estate movements when on tho con
trary they have the greatest possible
faith In local realty development and
look for the brightest future
It In Interesting to note that Mr New
house huM wired his New York archi
eeL to conIc out hero al onco to look
over the location of the two great
oillce building lie la about to erect on
poslto the Federal building Mr New
house is minim gratified with the appre
ciation shown Ida enterprise by the
local public
Tutu realty transfers In connection
with the recent Newhouse deal were not
properly options an all were slrlctlv
cah sales partial payments being made
only In ft few cafes where a little time
wan required In which to examine ti
New York Dec 2A second great
temple of music dedicated exclusively
to grand opera III this city will bo
opened tomorrow nlfiht hm the cur
tain rises on the flint performance In
Oscar Hnmmcrstelno new Manhattan
Opera House The imcstlon whether or
not Nov York will support simulta
neously two grand opera liouees and
two high class companies of singers will
then hI put to n test
Mr IlnmmernUln hat erected a beau
tiful opera houso In West Thirtyfourth
street and will begin a sfa on of six
weeks of grand opera in French nnd
Italian with a company of singers of
International reputation and n chorus of
100 volets recruited both In Italy and
In this city
The coat of lie venture when the
season la inaugurated tomorrow oven
lug It Is mild will have been hi the
neighborhood of JlCOOWO The opera
for the opening night will be Bellini
I Purltnnl and later on In tho wool
Don Giovanni and FaiM will bo
Mine Melba nnd Mme Pinker head
limo list of sopranoa ot the company
Mine Regina Attn also K soprano IiI
n native of PlttslmrK Mme Ilreslur
Glinolt and Mine Uleanore do Cldntros
the twoxclilct mezzosopranos hava
been heard here b fore
Alessandro Iloncl a Neapolitan
whoso voice Is reputed to be beautiful
In quality Is the stav tenor and after
him are Dalmonp a robusto singer and
Alfsuhcffskl PoLls niv Frenchmen
Maurice Hoyuaud another Frenchman
and San Marco an Italian burltontjt
both come to tills country with great
reputations Gilbert who has heen
heard here Mid IclcttlGlincil from
the Teatro nivoll Venice arc to sine
tile buffobasso parts Vlttorlo Ara
ruondl the lending basso has sung In
the United Stales before The orches
tra will comprise 7S musicians under
lie direction of definite rampanlu
and L indro Cfimpanavi
What Is Ihoufilit to luc it ll cocri > il
At Formalc I
Npl i De thot would ai >
pear to btJ11 aiost Important arch
aeological discovery has been mado
at Formalf near which place CIcero
was assaaMnatod 20 enlllrl ago ThU
discovery curiItsof rcmalim wlileh ire
thought t6 Ie time tomb of the great or
ator They stand on a bill dominating I
both thc Ati4an aird Herculeonum
Lincoln Neb Dec 2 Wllllum J
Hryan today In addrwslns tho local
lodge of Klkt at a sacred scuba hnd li
memory of departed lIIellbr said
Death turned our thoughts toward
Immortality Heaven never seems M
j real to us as when it becomes the itbodi
of ome pots whom see have known tim t
loved And then when these treftsuro
from our hearts are there we can eas
ily b Io Ve that ro heart warmed in
a glow by the lire ot brotherly 115
vld ever stiffer an eternal chill th
no splrltiial llanio th > grow brighter
with the y aU will f e be utln
1 1het1 never to ihinc ajraln

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