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1 Thorn ll5rrrtrlllglrllt llltH Y I uuiy uenspnlxr and lie iinliii Midi Hicro > irinnl thills Ilro stuns in lunio milnjci nihrr in DESE R BT E V E N I N G N E w S I Jo uniunil Miuill probably ttirotmli clioiiRt campaign sour jiockeN ID enough Vnpltullis and money 3011 r hut run In
During Trials of Haywood Moyer
And Pcttibonc Will Allow no
Street Speaking
City Quiet But the Police and De
tectives Watch the Highways
And the Railroads
1lllln lilt1VlturFSCw
Dare Itnpldly llll UIlnc
rrhIIXI lttrpcrltrn AnllllllIQ
Trial WIH luist Tliroc Monlhs
13oiFr Idaho May 7As a prccaU
street poaUlns or
lonaiy measure
nrpaditiig will bo Mopped In noise dur
I ing the trials ot William D Huywood
thn other leaders of the Western
i nod tlf othcl
federation ot Miners for the alleged
murder uf Frank Htcunonberg J IF
jitrod that freedom of speech In the
lend to local agitation for
street may ullatou
or against the prisoners and possibly
II Hollies has decided
disorder and Mayor 1nhl11 his
that It will he better to Issue tend en
force I strict order covorlnB tin mat
ter The clly continues entirely nulct
s nnd there Is nol Ut slightest Indica
tion of possible disorder The occasion
al trunk Is tho man Soured rnlhcr than
I nny concerted or suddenly aroused gnn
J ornl movement Police and defectives
watch tbo railroads and highways en
tering the city and I Is the Rtncral ho
Jlef that they will bo able at all times
to fully control tho situation Beyond
them Is nn expnrlenred loml mllllla In
tO troons of United States cavnlry
quartered nl a permanent post within
the city limits but there Is nut the
pllBbtest apprehension that their ser
vices will he icqiilred nor has the
militia been Instructed to bold them
selves In readiness In fact the govcr
nir the mayor all tho people of Bolso
decline to believe that under any cir
cumstances tin peace will be broken
Judge Fremont Wo d has given no lil
dlcatlon 10 either side as to what his
decision may he In thu matter ot tho
bill of particulars naked for by the de
fense and Argued yesterday Should
thin motion bu grunted there will un
doubtedly bo considerable delay In the
opening of the case as the defense
would it Is believed iial for a postpone
ment until thY cm secure other witnesses
nesses In alto course of his argument
yesterday Clarenco Parrow counsel for
the defense intimated that delay would
IH asked for should the motion be
runted Lawyers not connected with
Hu case arc of tho opinion that the
n itlon for the bill vela not be granted
The city Js rapidly filling up Wit
nesses are arriving many of them have
engaged houses or Hats for several
months the opinion being that the
case wi take lIce months to try
Portland Ore May 7Thc Evening
Telegram will say today
The school children of Oregon will In
nugurutu I campaign tho object of
which Is to find the north pole Acting
upjn the suggestion which Is approved
by Commander Peary thoy will bs
tailed to contribute from one cent to
flu cents each in order to start the
fund of 60000 which tho famous
nrellc explorer declares Is needed to
Insure the HUccess of his
tUeecss proposed ex
P lltlon of the summer of 1907 Tho
hnnguratlon of this school chlldtcns
r + iipalgn a us the result of a telegram
b < ul to Commander Peary n row days
ui1 by W 1 StrnndburK newspaper
nr n formerly of Cluvclandt Ohio and
iijw I reporter on tha Portland Jiven
Inc Telegram
tfimnander Peary authorized the be
gin Ing of tbo campaign In Inn follow
ILK telegram
do ahead If you all confident you
in work It Thu masts and deck of the
It ose felt nro of Oregon plno my HUI
i in Is from Oregon and It Is uppro
puue that Oregon money help lit out
11 expedition
< Signed PEAKY
Tho campaign wi bo conducled by
Un Kluto board of education of Oregon
imposed of Oov Chamberlain Sltitu
p + J Ackinniuii und + Sucy nf Stato
ls noun The board Is piupiuInK n let
Ui which will bo submitted to the
Unty fcchool Kuporlntcndenta thoy
in turn will be apkod to distribute the
letter lo tho liOOO tearherH of Oregon
Miy 2 will bo designated OH Peary
flV und on that day every pupil will
or anki d to contribute from n ponny
lo i nickel to the fund and C
IlcllOI tho tUIII Ild they will ho
udtrd to collect nil the additional mon
iy they can so us to make I good show
tat for the state foolllhow
If loon ns the campaign la well un
wel UI
11 way the Oicgon Unto board of edu
nion will communicate with tho
r true of education of nlhur
edleatol IOWI wtutw re
flll j
> if > tliuj their oooptrntlon and sup
r and It II expected < that thu total
JMIDOO cal hu rnlBod ip thin wny Ao
frdlng to the plan ua outlined by tin
tVurnor and male 8Up < rlnlnidnt of
+ hociii o
loal tho children can bo expected to
+ uirluuur not far from J ioou and It
5tli < r Btalcd do an stall moro than thu
iulrd 00000 will hn ralxort by the
I + huij childrtiii ut Aimirlcu In the lot
whleii tlio stute bourd of fdiicatlon
ltlustl 101111
i > HI oa 000tlonhujetti ftlliu
111 Udaivtm ID the 2000 touolion uf llm
ILlto the appeal to the cliljdron UII by
utrdx on the Riiinnd llmt tlio north
Dntr him been
hut an liiHOIublo niyntoiy for
lo lum that U In flow lit neout were
Bvcnitfji to tin world and on the ad
sun na ground that Commander Paury
in Ameilcaii has done morn and glvuu
i iiruiiio of dolnif mora in tbu grant
niist lian Inv other explorer of thIN nr
11 otlior nation Tho board of educiu
lion recuem that the dourd of wdu
itlon of culler L11
htaied of tlio Union con
+ lh1 the mutter pBiidlnit Inlol
14t rooelpl
Ilcloln Ioeelil
of tp letter whipji will h1 nddreiwml
I ddrelllil
n throe board by the Oregon board
r + Ithln tltx next tvw dtiyn
hljBO tiny 7 The Trlbuno today
JUclrhhopH thifiuBhoiii tlio went and
mirv Btnten Ili it µ nm npueur to
Da Curly > ut the mid of their uxllelet
Tlio Knilncnl Clilenua Criminal Luwycr Wlio Is Vliicf Counsel for llnyuood
Moycr und IVttlhony
Cancel led legislative action against
them In seven different slates und
tho passage of stringent laws prohibit
ing them from operating further to
gether with tlm activity of the Chicago
board of trade in prosecuting cases
against them bal caused many of tho
IcndliiR biicketghop concerns which
has o had n network of private wires
covering practically every state In tho
west Kouih and northwest io decide to
withdraw from the business
I is understood tho leading bucket
shop concern In Indiana IH preparing to
wind tip Its affairs bv the middle of
June which IK Iho time set for their
closing up by the stale authorities un
der the law recently paused prohibiting
bucket shops In that state Iowa anl
Mlssciml have passed similar laws and
bills ale pending liiMlchlganPennsylva
nlu und Massachusetts nn well us In the
Canadian northwest provinces Several
of tho most extensive systems will be
out of of Ie raton In six weeks The vol
ume at business transacted by the dlf
ferent btickotsliop concerns has been
enormous especially ns thoy usually
havo charged only blot the commission
exacted by regular houses Tho wire
rentals of some of the big concerns
have been larger than sumo or tho larg
est legitimate bouses
1Slhnlto loUsesln tho business
One Indiana concern pal upward of
100000 annually for wires Tho di
version of the immense business han
dled by these concerns to regular chan
nels will prove of great ndvantago to
the board of trade
The antlbuckutsliop bill now before
tho Illinois legislature Is still among tho
uncertainties In tho houso today iin
effort will bo made to It
wil lo cal up A
strong bucketshop lobby Is present 1
Springfield however trying to block Its
CMo Federation Coiiiinl lou Worltll
On Preliminary Kciiorr
Now York tiny Preliminary work
for the preparation of the report of tho
municipal ownershlsp commission of
tho National Civic federation is going
on at tho Manhattan hotel A commlt
ec of four members oc the federation
Is getting records and slatlsllcs Into
shape for tho commltleo of it members
who will
w wil eventually report upon tho
results of careful Investigation of
rsuls hleslgton mu
nicipal ownershlnp at home und
abroad Tho report will probably not
bo ready for another month at least
Now York May 7 Charles 13 Halll
well vice president ot tho American
Tobacco company and one of the
heaviest stockholders In tho corpora
lions died suddenly of apoplexy In tho
Holland Iloitso last night
Mr Hnlllwell was stricken when nt
dinner with his wlfo of u fete months
and a nloco
Prior to the formation of the Ameri
can Tobacco company Mr lliilllwcll
was ut the bend of tho Xilcnrett
Myers Tobacco company of At Louis
Ho was reputeU to ba worth 20000000
Mr Hulllwell who was 50 yoAiu OOOO
was married In October last to Miss
Ruth Allco Colo a trained nurse who
had cared for him for some months
and had nursed him through danger
ous Illness twice
CUIII Mucklln Iliicrllics Ills Abulliint
Hit Kulls to Idontlfy Defendant
Fort Hill Okln May 7In tho court
tnartlal proceedliiRB hero uf
procClhlll INO Corp
ICnowiee colored chocked wllli an nl
tempt to kill Capl Edgar H Macklln it
the lfillar8 home at Fort Items Capt
Mncklln today gave 1 description of Ills
awallant wiileh talT d with that of tho
defendant The wltneits liuwever could
not positively Identify Knowleit na hid oull
Mullanl as the ibnillantH fiaturek ho
Raid were pirtlally hlddun by u hundknr
chluf axed us a makk
Mr Johnson Copt MuckllnH coloiail
cook who wan an eyewltne n lo the an
Buull coulj not toy puvltlvuly If the us
siillanl tenth a iinRro Rho Hold ho woie a
klmkl mil and earned I vulver with a
blue handle wlh
bllCll IIIII which uhu believed scar un
army tovolvr
llan6 Harrlnguhnw IH aeilng rte Juilno
aidvncate and Lieut leiiBluy is coun il
fur Cn KnuwluH
Cupt Edgar nt the hOkjtltuI coiw nt
t11dr Uruwnirlll 1ux will bu culled as a wlt
K C lOla IXQUlllV
Ciiihuii thy lluy iNu Ipdclal inont
Ins of HID piillco board tu Invmtlgate
rluugcs at polku uorriiptlou VIIH held to
day tlm matter bolng put alt illl tornui
voiv The I KM iii ut itu inuutlnii ytmti > iiiv
dicliloil uKin 1 full piuhlng of thu recant
cif 01 polle ofiliiir on tho foice
Wbit wa walt to do mild Polled
CnmmlMilunvr A li iiillauliui 1Ie
dart uur Inveiitlgutloii in n nyiteiiiatlo
manner and make It tlnmiuih latellto
Viilpuial tiny 7An lmpar tnt
slcp In thu educational affnli > ut thn
country IIIIH beiii duoldod upon by tho
HDVornmunt vivo hundred new nub
Un aluinunlnry NuliooU aro to I0W tirout
ert un Moon IIH gioMlblo
Nave Vopli Jlay 7 PrcMilant Thon
iioio Hniinaviilt wan iijoalod nu lioniir
art vlco preoldont nt thn uovonty
ninth annual meeting nf thu Aniurl
day oan fietimonu Vrlond noclety yoater
Pre ld d nt Unoaevelt It wan r al t 1
made jtn Ihat public spourli Ish Mil
Hung nun in iho BocJglya room
i Oiiicral 1iliiici Tenders Million r > >
i lars Worth or Property
Colorado Springs Colo May 7Gen
William J Palmer the founder of
Colorado Springs last night nollfled
the city council of his readiness to deed
lo tie city Palmer and Monument
Valley parks the High Drive Paseo
Boulevard and adjacent trails on pro
vision thtit a park commission ot six
citizens named by him IX cicatod
Tho land embraces 1500 acres and Is
worth considerably more than 1000000
Monument Valley park alono extend
from the Rio Grande depot for n dis
tance of two miles north and has been
Improved during the last four years
at a cost of 750000 The High Drlvo
Includes the famous Bruin inn and
Cutler mountain trull In addition to
numerous other trails of ptonllncnt
I i eccnlc Interest
Los Anicelctf May 1Th opening sex
stun of UI thirtythird Imperial c n
cI of tho Myfcirlc Shrine was held loch
and for the first lime stlncn thtlr arrival
the thousand at Shrlucrs from every port
O the country woro oiacmbled Ofllcers
and icpre ntatliF of Ihe council gath
old at the Imperial headquarters al the
Alexandria hotel and were escorted to
the Scottish rile cathedral where exer
cltes were held by all tho Arab und Be
douin palrola In full uniform Barely hal
there beta presented such a rplendld spectacle
tine sJe
tacle IIH that ot the long line of man
Barbed In brilliant oriental attire who led
the way to the meeting place Followed
by scores of automobiles and carriages
tarrying Iho ofllctrs and delegates the
procession was over u mile lang
Wheeling W Va May 7 In a den > i
fog early today 4he New YorkChlejRO
express No 7 upon the Uilltraore tic
Ohio rallroiU crauned Into nn eustbuuint
freight tttiln as It was taIling tho MdlnR
nt KosbyH Hocks 20 miles east of hero
klllliiK four of the railroad men seriously
Injuring three others and slightly Injur
ing live jmhscngers
The engines lingRuKe mall and express
curs were demolished but the passenger
eonches und the sleepers Were unInJured
The cause Is said to bo the fug which pre
vented tlu otufliieer of the piussenirer train
from Kcelns u lineman who was protect
ing the freight train
C A Wntner bnggiigeman
W T Thomas lit email on freight
J K Painter uxpross meuMunger
Churles Christy nrcmon of tho passen
ger train
The most seriously Injured
C W nile unumeer of eight train
leg cut oil above nnklc and Internal In
11 1 Parkinson fireman of freight
lraln collarbone bioken arm and head
Paris Mny iTwo well known explor
ers Ur and tilts Bullock Workman
Imvo arrived hero from India Tho doc
tor talks Intoresllngly of their recent ef
fort to unveil tlm iny > tery of tile Hlmat
ayns11o camped IIP said Ml the highest
altitude attnlniil by man JlOX feet This
was In tbo unexplored Mlnkuni rnnse
From our camps on a snow plain Bur
rounded by seven lowering peak we
amended to a heiHlit whom I Mapped to
take photouraplir us the mist wa lii
cuutliig wlillo tlfs Workman climbed to
n peak 23M feel nliMc tho level of the
euOnly once wus this record broken whim
1 climbed tho Chogo Luiiga glacier 28894
feet Uitrlnj the boat live day of our
climb the ulmiMPtieru wan MI Mire wu
weiu unablo to ilcep
Avalanche In the 11111 were niliila
luieu competed with thoM ne aw In lIltl
lllm lnya Some wre Unit a mile wilds
nnd plunged down the praclpltnun IIluplII
with a terrlile mur r nmimiifcd lo niai
fin ortnnt M < ntino recoidn
The WurkmiuiH touad a iieonln 0 Man
nollan type at 11 height IIf IOU feet 111
fins rye wlient oats and barley and wlioti
nt 12000 fot th + > xnn II vllluwe nliLru
luimiin belngh were living In huts with
white KOiitM fowl innrntoUi and HIIIIIK
anlinuls Alitui WM pot tliw WorUiiianii
wiw only n rlMrtrs nf parirldRe The lor
lul sold uhnYn 16 u > fret there way iiaitl
lull nu llf
Small Part of Jewelry stolen
From Daynes Store Recov
ered in Ogden
Consignee Was Named Williams
And Consignor Was One J
Dunn Who Has Escaped
lUui lu Ticket for Sun rrnnrltiii and
Left Train at Mimtfllo Whore
Troll WHS i0it
< Special to the jfv
Ogden Sltiy i Mr Daynes the Bait
takn jowelry dealer whom More wu
robbed of 15000 worth of diamonds
nod Jewelry Home xlayg ago has post
lively identified a lajge number oC
watobee + rings and pins discovered by
tho police In a package deposited for
shipment to Denver with Wells Farg4
Company express office In this city
Mr Diiynos arrived In Ogden jeaUi
day and had with him numbeis and
descriptions of watches etc stolen
from his stoie and when shown thu
package taken from thu teeters ofllce
provnl beyond iuenUun that ho wutch
us were his
CbUtf oflollco Sheets and Detecllva
Jlnlulgh of the Salt Lake force have
been here for the last two days folio
ing the various clues and they finally
located this package at AVolls Faigos
ofllcc and traced the man offailng tho
name for shipment They took pos
se slon PC the package which was
marked Jovrtdry and consigned to a
certain Mr William In Denver and
found that It contained between J 100
and J500 worth of watrlu diamond
rings and pins but mostly watcha
Tho man offorhiK the package for
shipment gave tho name of J Dunnand
he later purchased a ticket for San
Kranolaco over tbe Southern Pacific
and left on the train that ould mm
landed lilin In San ratieisco at 1
oclock this afternoon Inquiry at tho
depot elicited eta fact that the num
ber and form of ticket purchased by
Dunn had bRan leapt mid various otll
cors at stations alohg thu Jule of tIC
fsouthern 1ucltle word notlll d and
Dunn was actually traced as far as
Montollo but Information received this
afternoon Is to the effect that He loft
the train at that point
Tho police olllcers ale very much dis
turbed over thu appearance of the sto
ry as published in a morning paper
and say they are greatly handicapped
by the prematun publicity given their
operations In attempting to run down
the robbftrs
J Fr51 Daynpg who holds a con
trolling Interest in tho jewelry busi
ness her was much wrought up this
morning over tho publication of the
fact that Jewelry stolon from his store
In the 15000 robbery had been In
tercepted by the Ogden police Ho
stated emphatically that ho did not
go to Orfdon with Chief of Inllco
Sheets and Detective Ualolgh and
that he knew nothing about tho mat
ter that Is for publication
Mr Diyncs was nskcd If his broth
er accompanied the officers to the
junction city awl replied that ho did
not know toy might have gone
paid he but 1 dont know whether
ho did or not Ho frequently makes
trips to Poatello nnd may have stop
ped off at Ogden
From official sources the Xoivs
learned this morning that tho pollen
bad recovered HO mo of tho property
stolen and hnd laid plans for the re
covery of more and tho ciiptnro ot
at least one of tho men They fear
Viowivor that a confederate has
turned the man In Denver not to
call at the express office for tho de
coy puckaga
The chances for the arrest ot the
croak at Denver arc extremely alight
Crooks of tbn character who robbed
the Dayn store as tv rule have con
federates all ovur tho country and as
soon an Ute4 learn that officers are
on tlm trail they end telegrams of
warning Thnt thl was done In the
present case thorn IH little room for
Karly yestoi lay the News had
Information from Ogden and locally
tn the effect That IntDortonl develop
ment end an arrest In the Daync
robbcty were ibnut to materialize
but In the ittiv st of jinlli0 and with
the hope that the criminal might be
captured and trto stolen property re
povurnd thin paper refrained from
publishing1 tit story but now that
soma of the ftotn have been made
public no further posdble barm can
como from tblr complete publication
Mm U lo IXalllUli nn Ailiiilnlcliathu
iniiiell nl Dublin
Miiluii Mi The Irish bill lh ih
Jott if sYldr II i KI tiiiivlUtd fir tin rr
tubllHliuiMir and ruiKtlunii of an iuJmlnlH
IriilM rum it ill nublln war Innndui i l
In tin liH + r ominonn tlil > uftTiiuu
uy the i 111r lelnry for liclHiul > li
llliicll bt i rn im > luiiii > wl1I11 iruwd
ud i Ir 01 nv lOt the hour <
egad 11110 111111 Which her Httoiu > n
will II + url nlll bu temporary Inianl
ty Thai tain Ill a linn bean net uu lias
biiiii knoAn fur many monihi and now
oaMo A till III I Into tlio camp of her at
torney in Hi1 f1Im ot R J pe ih maiJu
by Judas Biilfrd bufore vvhum bur
cur ss lll bu ncard In tin mjiliut luirjin
the > iiniii IIIollnlulI lust night In
which In sal l l iul ll e does nth ollas II
III the unwniton law 111111 lliti turn
HriF IUJ rY + tA
hG EosrRIIER5 1
San Francisco Agitator Told
Them Streetcar Co Was En
titled to no Consideration
It < Apiirarnnei signal for Hooting anil
lrrrJng and Hurling or llrlclta
Fuys Cars Will bo HUll Today
Sun KranrlMco May 7111 untlctpn
tlou of nnhut lempt by the Lnltcd naIl
roada to start Its cum this mornliitf a
crowdtbean to Anther about toe car
barn ut Turk and IiUmore IItnoeaeurly
and by S oclock It had so uuRtneiited
that trajtio along both streets was to
tally blocked and upwards of 0000 poo
lIe Hwanruwi about the shed in which
the strlkobroBkrT are housed Piimo
attempt was madu by agitators to In
flame the crowd notably by Dr C C
ODwmoll who spoke from an Impro
vised logtrum advising the cm men Unit
the rullioim company had iolutod toe
laws and was entitled to no considera
lion Ilttle attention was pall to ouch
harnnffuos how urer und ih iiowd w II c
very orderly Ingldc of the stockade
Which the company built around ear i
sheds the men worn being given break
fast a form of cooks having been In
stalled there yesterday They worn
Quiet and seemed In good humor
Xo move was nnulo by the company
to move tho t ears duilng Ihu curly lioinK
the striking carmen having IKMI glea
until S oclock to Hccept rifultlent Cal
hoim alternative of returning to work
or being discharged None ot the strik
er nOoBDteii this offer and the nillcere
of tho union declare the men acv stand
Injf solidly by their cote of Sunday
mornltiK find them have been no deser
tions rom the ranks
General Manager Phnpman arilved
nt the barn at Turk and rillmoru
streets at Srd whore hi entered Into
cocferenc + with a squad ot Inspectors
who It la understood will man tho
firt car A police sergeant and 10
officers kopt the crowd rtiitsldo moving
as much as possible While the peo
ple In the crowd were not < ii > nn n
stratlve quiet threats were made than
If Farleys strikebreakers should
bring mil tho first car thal they would
not leave It alive The strikers arc
planning to allow tht first few curs
to reach tho burned district whore
bricks atil stones are plentiful and
then bombard them Police CUIt
Mooney said the police would not be
allowed on tho cars except for tbe
protection of passengers He said his
men would go to the limit in preserv
ing life and property
ASM Secy Ktntler of l > raild nt CaJ
houns office has gist been In confer
ence with Chief of IViUcw Dinnn ax
tho result of which Dinnn bus sent
orders to have 25 men detailed from
each police district to keep pence Ht
tho car barns
Statler says thn cars are to bo
started Immediately
At JOflO oclock the doors of tho
biff car shed nt Turk and Klllmoru
streets were opened and n car manned
l > y strikebreakers wearing the uni
forms of the union men startej out
HM appearance was the signal for
Jeering and hooting and before tbn
car bad proc dd wry far brlcks
were thrown by some In thi crowd
Tho car was then hulled and then
returned to tho shod
Supt Illbbs of tho United rail
roads declared that the offort to ftart
the cure hal nit been abandoned and
that they will be running today
Chicago May 7 Violations of all
the laws ver written In the city coda
or staid statutes on the subject of
health and comfort In the lodging
houses for the unfortunate wore dis
covered during an Inspection of west
side houses last Inght by Inspector
James U Jiuillvan of llio sanitary bu
reau acting under iho orders of
Health Commissioner W A Evum
Houses whore 80 men slept In
stUJIiiK rooms with no ventilation no
lire swaps but a narrow wooden
Htnlrway leading down In front walls
caked with dirt nnd floors covered
with filth nt awry dencrlptlou were
some of the tilings found
In another place GO men worn plleil
Ilk hog In wooden troughs with no
roteilng but a newspaper and noah
line that which came from a broken
window over u blind alley Duds In
small dark ronms with tobacco iitalu
ud walls aagged with the weight of
quota and blankets that mtver had
seen the fresh air or felt the touch
of clean water
In none of tho place visited woro
nay precautions taken against thu
spread of dlHuate
lust whit Mttpn he can take Dr
KvuiiK hns not dbtermlnad There lan
a conflict tvUween tbo city lawn and
the mate laws and heretofore II linn
been the work of the alr < lo InapeotorH
ilnicat excIUKlvi > ly to look after tho
Idrlnlf hoiuca
lHI1g 11111 STOPII
Chien ra May 71 prlae fight was
Mt < pped and b3 purnoiiM were arrested
taut night whon Iho polleo ibldnd the
Silver Swan PliHiiuru club grand
uciiuo and Dlckordlke street
The rIll I li taken an an Indication
that tbe adnilnlMlrutlun dory nql In
tend to allow prlvo tights to bu held
The prliuilpal w afo releaxcd Oil
boiiils or Ston while HpectiitorM Wtlll
roliiuod un 3UO ban do
ValpuraUo Chile May 141 Alitbfa
IrQslli heN the bnbonii plague IN
1llilll there w n 121 dcutlif from the
drcidi dlHtiiKn iiuiinu the llmi three
an nrhs of this Ir
Bomb Thrown Into Camp of The Bradley Case
Judge Stafford Who Will Try Salt Lake Woman For the Murder of Senator Arthur
Brown Declares in Public Address That Me Does Not Believe in Either
Temporary Insanity or Unwritten Law Doctrine
Special to thn News1
WunhlnKiuii n C May 7IIlnl to
tho llliiuuB of Jiiduo Punlire of Salt
7vUle tailor idiumel for Ary Anna M
Wiadluy oho may not be brought to
trial until tho fall term of court Tlir
local nttornny for Mr llraillny ar r
porfoctly willing tn attempt the trill
of tho race at nnre vltljont curb do
IKiBillnim nu Judke rovvaiH tlll oucuru
on Hit recovery nt M r h as Ill t
Tlie pica to juttlfy Mrs WrWltiyn al
ImNxara arah ryYlk ji
pirnry linanliy Ic II Ine
While Judge Stafford U eoiii Jftrm
0 Jut and wUn juiiKo bin utlcnuieA
mud In publl1 U µ uaa thll counwil < > f
Ira nro Joy in huvu mnn divldad
jiwHu bacuiik Lf the trtuni u umy burn
upon thu Jury NinortlielnKH the y think
they liuva Hlicli utmng catu that they
would he willing tn HI to ulal at one
Hut llllutuiuIJni tin Ulili I tniiuiiiueil
opinion of Judge Htaffonl titaliul o U nee I
built upon the tuiuporar Innanlty pica
Mw1W f I
Waller C Davis a San Francisco
Carpenter in a Fit of Insan
ity Kills Six People
VII lheil In Pnme lionet Spnml i <
VounB GIll IJttauisc Pirn tiiKilceil
Mice His Daughter
I San rranclwo May V At 446 oclock
i his morning Walter Chelly Davis a
carpenter In a lit of Itmanlty shot and
killed tv family utaht persona with
whom he roelded at 411 1Urce street In
thlll cloy
Organ JC Uu h aged 57 his vita and
heir yountr non
W H 1Ia rd a carpentpr with reIn
liven In St Ixmlo nnd Denver
M K Vlnton a survexor recently
from New York
Mtu Lillliui I f arolh tin eldurly
woman who boarded tJ1 the hnus
Davis and his vlrtitns nil resided in
the house which was conducted as A
board lug house by the Hush faintly
Davis home wa In Karmerwvlllt near
Vlsallt this slate where he has a wife
und wlx children He has been working
here as carpenter since the first
Thu Bhoollng n nx done with a dou
ble barrelled Hhotgun Davis who slept
In the name room with jounx Hush and
Heard arose shorlly utter 5 oclock and
after arming himself with Ibo nun
shot his two roommates mid then visit
ed each room In turn killing the occu
hit Ilia
lie trux led that the people In the
house had formed a plot to kill him and
take ltls money Tho shots nttracled n
large erowd and a rush teas tnad upon
Davis as he Mas attempting to reload
his weapon and he w nr oerpuwcred and
turned over to the police by whom lit
was takon to tho detention ward of the
hlspltul The bodies of his vletimc were
taken to Die morgue
Onn lodger In the house escaped 8ho
was a young girl of ti Uiivls pointed
the sun at her and WlcIJ prepared to
shoot when he said she resembled Ills
daughter w he spared her life
After killing Iu h and Heard the
maniac took a box ot hclls from a ehelf
anj walked down the hallway where
he met Mrs Lllllum D CnrotliPrs un e I
duly womiin who hnd hoard the flrsl
two shots and bad come to her door
way tj Und out what won the mailer
Ho shot her without hystailon and the
remaliilns IIhll was used im Mrs Oi
son Uithh who dazed by the shooting
could not mnkf ber escape
Orson Hush Sr wan a tallyman
the employ of the Dlccktnan Uirnber
company and had gotten up surly In
order to prepare his coffce before goltiK
10 the mill He heard the shooting and
rushed upstair wheiu In was met by
the murderer still untlusieied bv his
fearful a ork The appearance of the
hallway would Indicate Hint thn tinfor
luniile man had made a desperate light
for his life but thu shot of the assassin
was sum and went true In Us mark
Bushs body was found tis it had fallon
ul tlio howl of the stairs
Pietty 17yearold Undo Bush coma
s Into the hallway her long
trusses hanging down her back She
saw the dead bod 1I lying about the
lialliiy In pools of blood Shu was
dozed and hardly knowing where she
went nulked siralubt upon Uavis his
bloodstnined shotgun still clutched
tightly In his hands His eyrvt burned
11 ko those of a demon as he turned
them upon tho lost niemoer of what
was but yesterday a happy family
Davis pointed Ma gun and aimed It
fulrly at her hvail dhe stow Htnrlng
mutely before her without jipeaklug
Tho nuidman faltered his hands ticm
bled and 11 was uvldeiu that his nerve
hail failed him There was something
In the appearance of the whlto robed
llgure which spoke to the heart of Ihu
maddened caipenterhe thought of his
onn daughter In bis old Home at Karm
eisvllle Then the fair child spoke
Jjont kill me she pleadod
the doublebarreled nhotgun dropped
from thu nervoloes hands of tlio mur
I cant do It ho raid Youre a
good girl HcHldus you look like my
own ehlld and I would see her face If
1 killed you
IlckliiB up his gun Davis walked
down lo Iho kltchui Ho wandurod
around the home evidently consider
ing Ute grim woik when iho turning
of a boy In thn front door attractatT
hIM attention flu rushed forward
preparing for any emergency
Offlcor Fred J Stauglich wo walk
Ing on ilercu itruet between Fell and
Oak when ho heard the Hound of twu
abate He turned up Ilorcu sttuot In
tho dlroctlon which the reports coven
Ho hurried to tlio flat and aw he did to
lite occupant of the lower Hut told him
that Kuma one hud klltud the entire
family above fIt tbrrw tins police
man n koy
When Slucgllch upaned the door
luiiillng to the Hut ut No Ill lie wan
met bj tin Infuriated Davla who
pointed his shotgun full HI the police
man breuki und told him that he
too should die The police mild hit
cHcape and met Iulkemun Thonuis h
llolgai and the two niudi 1 Hecnnd ut
tempt to captuie David lhe > uera
un ucr0H ful mid u riot call ivnn turned
In Corp lrrguxnn and nix officer 10
kpomled to tlu call with nix iiatrolinm
who came In un automobile Btucgllch
and J iulgley a Magpoli climber en
gaged Davln In eoiivetnuiloii while Far
gown und IulHiMiian lrwls got behind
him und pinioned bin arm behind him
Thn murdeiKi put up a IviTlllc battle
during which Ferguhon wa Litton on
the hand but Uuvln wan tliially nup
lured and rumoved to too duo + ntlan
WhtI the nllco Rut the tnurderxr
to the detjnUnn honpltal Im was phu
+ + d In u rftrulghi jackut and put Into
a cell lie mned to bv duo d and
ned no realUatlon of what hu had
tlnne iiinl me mix wUil that hu had
been worried
Mlti Bnih rioelveil u notfl last Hun
Ouj from Uavb which guvo u pi imn
Itlon of tho tragedy of Hit morning
They wore wnned that the man
might do sham harm ThU l > On
tau hove kllloU my uu and my
nupliewM fiat vou liaunt all M hem
vet 1ou expjctjtl 10 kill mo tonight
lelhnJl8 Ill lilll my ulf
111 81 IlIOtIJ III I
N < W Volk 114 7 AiM CM I 11 1
vnii Hlnto tli u i 111 K IUM I
t hllI lu li lviilm that 11110 in fit
Outtliw nm U iBllvuulx III ut lux IWicli Hia i I
IW 1 t nlr rJ
ltAA ff SHECO 4P P i
Two Masked Men Did lob on N y
P at Welchs Spur Eighteen
Miles From Butte
Then Jumped From Train and
Ran Down Mountain Side Dis
appearing in a Gulch
Xo Attempt Jladi to Blow up l IprCxt
Car Hut uu Tender 11ne Iounil Tel
r coJll iirtp Full of DMmmlle r
Butte lont May 7110 North
Coast llmltod rna aund train nf iho
Northern Pacific oomp ny was halo
up by twu masked mutt near Wulchit
Spur a Biding 18 mile east of Butle
and Kttflncor Jameii Clow shot nn < j
killed and Fireman JanieH siiilllvan
phot through the iirm Without niak
Ing nn alt < mpt to blow tip the ex ¬
press cite as was originally ovMeutly
Inlendod the two robbttrs Jumped
from the cab und l down tho motto
nun side disappearing in a guloh
several hundreil yards from the track
The Kbject tif Iho robbers It IB pre
eumed wj to Becurc too conteriln oC
the through safe carrying cwiwlign
meniM of currency from ttealrle Port
land und Spokane to eastern polnln
The blnndhoundti ot the penitentiary i
will bo wired for This IH Hie fourth
thou the noiiii suet end bound hat
been held up In three year Ths
othnr three limes this train was rob
bed near IKMirmouth about 80 miles
west of here This mornings holdup
111 near the scene of tlllJ robbery of
the linillnglon llyej two years tgo I
In u section or country very rough f
and inoitritalnoiiH
hhurllt Henderson nf Bulla was no
tified and with n pos e left on a
train at 3 oclock for the sceno of HIP
holdup Sheriff Webb of YellowBtono
count happanud to be on the iraln
and with one of the train crew starlet
on Ibis trail of the holdup men Ilie
minutes after the sbouilng Slicrlft
Ychb trolled the men half a mile
Ileklng up their imifkJi and then lout
all iiHclt if them
On the tender of the locomotive was
found a teloscoptt grip full of giant
powder Intended for IIIU In blowing tip
the express car The men hoarded tho
train presumably nt the Huttc trans
tel where n locomotive for Stontana
division wua attached One mllo neat
of Welch 1116tllen cnnvled over flat
tender and with drawn guns command i
fd ISngineer Clow to Hop tho train
which hI did The enjrlneor innile a
show of resistance ana ono of thu
rubbers llred shooting him through
the iKidy and killing him Instantly the
other mini tired ut Sullivan breaking
his arm
AVben the train stopped Conductor l
Hell Culver and thu train crew ran tu
the unglnt where they found n colored
man who rolatod tlio ctrcumstnncen oC
tho holdup This man wild that hu had
been stealing a ride and that the men
had offered hint onethird of the swag
If ho would uwKlBi them Ho Bild hi
had refused and md taken no pntt in
the hdldup The man liowOxrr is bo
tort held He nays he could Identify
Iho murderers If thoy could be caught
Tho body of Clow wax taken to
Whitehall whore an inquest will bo
held i low lived at Livingston whero
bo hns a wife and son Ho was SB
years old and had been In service with
the Northern tacitlc IS year
The Northern 1aoillc company Is
sending ottlwra to tho steno of the
holdup on the special train A spoolal
train from Deer odge with seven r
bloodhound from the penitential
with their liaeIJ1lr who have hnd is
perioiuu In trailing train robbers tend
Shorltf Fenner or Dticr Lodge county
pa so < l through here at II oclock thin
morning for Welch They were Joined
here by tuna from tlio Butte potluo
deimrtment nllli horses Arriving at
Ihe Htnu nn burn iucr thll dogs wero
put on the trail and at IILttt uccounu
were following U
Tho country whero the holdup loch
pluco is cMranialy iougii being sis
miles fiom the summit of the main
rangu or the Rocky mountain U is
not nut fled and tho trail In nut likely
to be domed by other own on fool
so that thu bloodhounds will hove a
tnlr chance to hACk thu men OftUciM
bolleva that the men uje trying to
got buck In to llutto The port > with
bloodhound uerti joined ut Welch by
It H tioitilard rhlef uf the Not thorn
Iucltiu dutectlvvK ut Llvln Nton Dep
uty Sheriff lumen Keown of Oallutlu
county and by Jumea Ijitu at Ituzv
man rbe luttir two men Wfro the
icon who Iruckeil unit captured Ike
Grnvello the Inuit who tried to fouc
Uie Norihcin Fuel KuMroiiU company
to lILy him 0100 blackmtiU A u
wari will be offered by lha rillrV > i < J
compuny for the capture of the nici
St Paul May 7 General Dtatl > r
Horn ut tho Nortliern PuclUi rullrou1
guvti out the following utomsnt fI
lh + + uitinpt to tab the Mo Mb Couit lliu
lud Hour UutUi Stunt early today
Xo ili txiKtbound Xorlh Coast Llin
lied Knglnoer Frank Clow and Cute
ductor Oulvur WHO held up upon Ihu y
cant aide of Unit mountuln about iii s
m lIell rust of Uutu by two ur nioc
lIen who shot und killed the untflit < > <
and shut the fireman ibruuuh he am
Thoy did Dome moio tlioo < liig but ll1
eLlIII aUrmud and left BlitirlK W cbii
of Killing VSAH upon hl train uml
HUrtfid upon lie trail at the luiluj r
mlttl HloodhuumlH ITOIU UK uwr
LodKfl penlteiillaiy bavu been 111 a
their trail mid wn eXpeci lo xr + the
men 2nglne Chi hd to an ruiniim i
Hint tram for Uln yeinis ever xlna
the limited war put iliu wiAlce
Tlw r bbuw UU not lrt any 11J1 i >
Wlillo thi road lien had Huvor i iolt
ups In that vlnlnlty In tlm pan iu
yearn we havn cuplureU the 11101111 hi
every inntance ntrd that lire all dolor
time In the pinltonrUiT and In nil thrft
tlmlt our money loan hurt nut been ti
nleld 3100
JtttiMina lJI 1Advlt11 1111111 f
hero unit that a Mro at iIJCI4I 11
Tt > ru Panama Haturdy 1IRrI1JUII
uiwroyaii tliti tnwu
Qciend di 1 Tuf Is a port on th Ia
illli clluatiil on un bin nd III lr
sumo TIUIIIC U bur u iupuliili u
iblUl i 1 la4 Hill Itlull 1 Illl U
Iorh 1sU1 irrrr yerJ rrcr I i I
Ili limn ilii dlllilll U a 1111111111 IYVr
UUU Utr 4U I
11Y r w

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