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= U r
irro may 111 bo iinlnuiorinni mien thliiRS sioro ns milliter mher DESERET Co throunh sour pockets ninl you win I
Jlils uciits ncuspapci hut there nro IHhCf EVENING NEW S l I uutilad hiiuill jirnbnbly Ilmngi lIUIIIII r l n to onoiiRli capltaUjLo inoniy llmt In
J Strikers Line the Road and Pre
vent Men From Going
To Work
American Smelter Forced to Shut
Down Operations on Account
Of the Trouble
Incidents Mark tin
B cral Unruly Ilcdcnt
second ny 01 Strike AniniiR tin
JOOO Allen laborers
1 Beginning nmoni tho Austrian
until It Includes
trlke has spread
the i trlkt unt
+ eludes all foreign labor organized
vith I native of Honolulu ns
The Austrian nnd Greeks this
ranrnlng gathered nt the entrance
1 of ihe Murray plant and prevent x
j nil white labor from gen I I f f
s Violence was resorted to with
1 Fie hS attempted to pass tho
x strike pickets f
1 One mnn was hit with I lump
t of sag another WI thrown Into x
+ the ditch nnd severa1 were forced
back towards Murray The whlto
x mechanics finally withdrew for
+ If protection y
1 The strike forced I shut down f
of ihe plant n few foremen con
i t tuing to operate one of the x
1 dRlit furnaces the other seven
x h Ing abandoned
1 This aftcinoon tho employes are j
1 In ing paid off at the company of
fice n force of eight deputy her
x lit being on hand to prevent dis Z
order or Injury to company prop I
f erty Y
Superintendent Norton declares f
x that rho men w nt on Btrlko
lthoul giving him any chance
to secure a hearing of their griev
i ance and that he has not been
x approached today with any at
eimit to adjust matters Ho Is
x anllnlng his efforts to maintain 2
A ing peace and protecting proper j
x t y
Murray 230 p nTho payment of
Rirlkors ut tho company ofllces Is pro
grossing In an orderly manner but a
guard of 300 strikers Is maintained
nar the gates to tho company
Nunll and members of this guard
dMlard that they will not let nny per
fins go to work until tho olllclala come
out itud tell them that their raise is
gr ntcd They deny that thrro Is nny
organization among them and thu
they aro waiting collectively for this
notice and aio ready to stay on strike
for five months unless the demand Is
Kianted and notice sent them
The first serious strike to occur at
the Murray and Bingham Junction
nmfitcrs Is In full progress today Tho
county is represented In the case by
eight deputy sheriffs In charge of Chief
l > puty Sharp Thy have taken Ihell
ton at tho bridge leading to the
American smelting companys encloa
ur on tho west sldo of tho Murray
wk In tho road and on tho hill to
1 cast ovor 1000 strikers have taken
tliMr position
This hill overlook State street nnd
gves a clear VII ot the plant und
nil approaches to It Whenever any
attempt was made to ont tho grounds
this morning this mob nt strikers
fivooped down upon the approaching
parties surrounded them and cither
forced trcm Into the troek or back tb
wars Murray Prf this means all
white labor employed at the Binelturs
Mns prevented from going smelor
The principal trouble occurred
bl Wen 6 and 9 oclock thin mornlnc
When Special Deputies Furster nnd
Jjin Larsen with Marshal Mauss of
JUtrray wore alone at tho plant A
furry call to tho sheriffH olllco brought
out a Hiiuati of eight deputy sheriffs
ft ho arrived nt Murray nt 95 They
rDcPiitlea Shnj iko Emery Steel
Nmtli Corllns Slcater Butter and
Jjontii ami this force with their official
I gel pinned on tho outsides of thi > lr
coats marched nt onco to tho bridge
nmr which the strlkera wore congr < v
Inle < Xo further violence conlrl
temptld after their arrival and Special
Depuuls Furstor nn1 Larsen
Lun wore re
i1eId had to return t ° Bait Lnko UB they
been on duty nil night
This ncrno ° n at 1 oclock the com
1fliy k iid betan the white to In mechanics > off Its Inbor being nf the sill
flrii t to line nt tho
JV up olllcc
the Ino 111 I lco Most oC
lkirB lists left tim ° hill at thin
for lunch hut congregated OBUII
tIlt ltfterflooii without attempting
10 interfere with Ito lino of tCllltlC
Of Vrn to Gel tllolr parAaor Urown
V71y W11H out among Ito strikers
nil mol hI 1 trying nmoll somo lender
Ith whom ho could dlsctifs thn Hitua
I II und reach mime undcrBtundlnu
I HI round howovcr that they woe
f 11Y
fhor totally tinorgnnlsied or refused
Hlvl Ol Ihl nattiest ° t their Inadnrs
He a
nnully learned
Innly Icnred hnwovtr that a
Irrc 111 drL1sOII In brown with a
llo hat 01 his llvna w giving tho
for thin runhcs on peoplo nt
ptns 10 i > flier tho grounds and ho
tiled to havo u talk with him
Tho tall man refused like nil Iho
S Users In Ilnhlisrolitssil 0 word of Kne
L h J hln a roportor who hall
r ai hod tho company offices voltintoor
00 lhio nrollullon howovor lint no
5riIflItte4 hind called on tile Huporln
Cltod HUllorll
tfltleist anl V lt UI orot hind boen
tUIII to
° lnto
lllolholr srlovunco u Orotk
IlSniItfli Huarby suddonly tllacovorod
tbol ho 1101 unoiiBh BnglUh to call
thI BII14h rul
Inl ITlntondoiit nnincc nnd 110
Itnro thIn 1 onmmttoo of etrlkeiH unit
PII him yostordiiy morning und tnd
I 1m on what terms dm men Avould
c 1111 lit work el
ot nun Mraur Urown wild ii
Jrown lull
1tIIr the ltllull n tin Homowhut ri
OU4 8 the fyrrr Jwiio people u
so uncommunlcatlvo nnd hnnl to ap
t h makca It difficult to reach nn
understanding They lake heavily to
her drinking anti I may find It neocs
snry tn close tho saloons nor pay day
tlln nfternoon The strike is harm
ful both to the town nail tho com
pany and It Is to bo hoped It will
be fettled nt nn early date Tho only
previous Btrlko was settled In n day
hut these people It scorns are pri
cared to stay out n month
Superintendent Norton was found on
the company grounds nlono with the
exception ot Chief Bookkeeper L A
Cope and Assistant Bookkeeper A C
Smith These two men had broken
und stated
through tho picket lines 111 Itatod
that they heard the strike leaders toll
Ing the mel not to molest thorn afur
starting to surround them as they
Itartng 11 aurrounc
had the brick masons anti mechanic
Mr Norton Is I thin wiry man and
was very much alert to the situation
You will have to go to the company
citllcoH wi town for most of your In
formation Vo are In constant touch
with them and you ought to be ublo
to learn here anything there Is tu
give out I will say however thit
these men went on strike without giv
ing mo any chance to adjust their
grievance II They demanded a raise
and struck almost at the same time
They have not approached me since
and no committee has been to see me
today And that Is about all then
Is to It There Is a strike and we
tire using our best efforts to protect
our property nnd keep peace That
Is all the force of deputies are here
orAn attempt to Interview strikers on
the hill was hopeless for each one be
came suddenly deaf dumb nnd blind
until his attention was attracted by
some one approaching the bridge Then
the English word scab would float
from his lips with t choice collection
of approved English CIIse5 They re
fused to give out the names of any ot
their leaders and the leader himself
when finally located through his efforts
to give signals when to swoop on peo
ple approaching tho bridge declared
that he did not know his own name
from I Greek storekeeper In Murray
It was learned that he Is a native of
Honolulu and that botb the GreekH
ind the Austrlans havo placed their
ISO In his hands
On the hill where they congregated
were nearly 50 empty beer kegs which
lIre the net result of tho recent CJrook
holidays and which may have some
hlng to do with the strike Most ot
the strikers live In the western portion
of Murray and It Is declared that they
cnd out of the country over WOO outs
el o
if each 3100 earned
From members of tlio mechanical
force who were prevented from enter
ing tho grounds It was learned that tht
charge wheelers among tho foreign
laborers recclvo 2 per day and that all
the rest receive 173 The demands arc
for 223 per day for charge wheelers
and 12 per day for all other employe
who are at work In the brick mill th
e anl o mill tho flat roasters and tho
Iron mill
In the rioting this morning tho In
jured worn two white mechanics and
L E Lnurltzen Murray manager of the
Dtseret New Mr Laurltzen rode up
t tho strikers on a wheel and turned
town towards the bridge Intending to
Interview Special Deputy Furster who
was stationed there He was surround
ed and pushed over on cmbankmont hli
wheel being demolished and his hip In
jured from tho fall A mechanic Was
jOlted Into barbed < I wlrp fence and
was cut across the face while another
was struck 111 the back with 1 lump
of slag Two people were pushed Into
the creek but were not hurt beyond re
ceiving a gratuitous bath
Purchase Automatic Guns und Ammu
nition at Suit Laku Stores
Inquiry at I number of the gun and
ammunition houses In the city elicits
tho Information that no special snlo of
revolvers knives or ammunition havo
been made to foreigners recently nl
tlrcugh sales of all these articles to
thvse men tire of dally occurrence At
one establishment four Greeks yester
day purchased a 38 Colts automatic
gun anti 700 rounds of cartridges for
32 IUd 88 caliber rcvolvern of the Colts
and Smith Wesson type A razor
was among tho articles purchased by
this bunch hut the transaction guy
the clerks was no uncommon occur
rence Greeks and Italians accord
Ing to the manager of ono ot tho
houses when first landing In tho city
always repair to the nearest gun
store and provide themselves with u
llrstclass 1G or 18 revolver usually
of tho kind mentioned They will not
havo a cheap gun and the regular 3
bull dog pattern has no charm for a
Greek I must bo of tho very best
grade obtainable and they are al
ways willing to pay tho prlco for thu
best make of gun
Three Greeks yesterday entered an
other sporting goods store on Mali
street mid wanted to buy guns but
when tho clcrk Informed them they
had no high priced rovolvorn In stock
they would not purchase Knives aro
carried by a largo percentage of the
foreign element and one gun mer
chant who has dealt with them ful
years wild that out of any hunch of
ten Greek or Italians and especially
with the Greeks six of tho ten would
bo found armed with tho bent grade
of automatic riwolvorn and of 11
other four un average of three would
carry knives making nine out of ten
who are constantly S armed
Appraiser Decision Put Valuation
Uncle on Old Bast
Now York May SoD n decIsion of
Judgtt Byons Wnlto fr lie United
BtntcH general npprnlKnni Just handed
clown JlOOOOil worth of LlmogCB china
wns admitted at I valuation which
will sustain the present prlcvs on
Frdiieh dilna all through this country
The decision Is an Important ole
Claims had been made that Llmogoa
china wan undervalued nl tho custom
lionso nnd tho apprnlHerc increased
thu valuation 70 per cent The Insult
wns that Importations Immediately
cniiMod os this country ins thr chief
customer for tho product lists factories
at Llmogen Pmnce hud to close down
Delegations of workmenappealed to
the Proiirh government for relief nnd
M JiiHFerand tho KioiKh anibnHHador
took up tho quextlon with this gov
Thu duclfllon now refit cued puts the
vnliiatlon buck practically on lIsts old
basis 10 that ImportatloiiH will con
LIaise huined and work ut Limoges can be to
Jl rornmlloii ItctnUfi lVoiii Qnnrrol
011 Jniiuid far Monument
Denver May STho controversy be
twtifii Mrs BOBSIO JnlkQiiburR Knllls
of Los Angeles only daughter of F A
rnlkmtbunr doccnsod who founded
tile Woodmen of the World nail L L
Beak huts present head consul of Ito
1iiclllc jurlndlcton over tho riiioktlon
Juclll jlll lctol nfl rllo lon
or ownorHhlp of the plot nC iironnd on
which tile KnlkcrihurfT mnvomunt will
ho elI el und the runaina of th <
dead founder Interred has r iutHl In
the Incorporation of Iho rulkcnburir
momoilQ iiHunclntlon by Mrn l all
mid invcrul o her adherents Mrs
Falls has nerured the rxeluflve right
through copyright to tho use of her
fathers mime both llRuro and Inscrlp
louts for tho monument nnd will Inatl
tuto Injunction proceedings It neces
sary to carry out her pltns
New York May 8The Ktrlkc ot the
employes ot tho American Sugar Hcfln
Inir company In WllllnmsburR II ex
tending Th strike stinted Monday
when SCO mixers platform men und
laborers mostly forelgnem stopped
their woik after nn Incnnso of 3 cents
on hour had beon refund An mil
lion ot 1000 nun has sInce been made
to the rnnka of tho strikers and tho
men say they will closo the immensy
plant If their demands ira not Krnnted
An outbreak occurred last nlsht
when strikebreakers whom the com
pany hnd employed left the refinery
Many strikers were severely clubbed
by the police and several arrests were
made day Further disorder is expected to
Special Camera Jude to 1liolograph
CnnuN on Mars
Chicago May SWork on a caincr
designed especially to he used by mem
bers of the Lowell expedition to photo
graph the canals and polar caps of the
planet Mtrs was completed yesterday
oy William Gaertner 1 Chicago maker
of scientific Instruments
The opnuratua will ho shipped toda >
to Piof Perelvnl Lowell of the Mas
sachusetts Institute ot technology who
is sending out the expedition The par
ty which will bf under tho direction of
Prof David Todd of Amherst college
will sail for South America on Saturday
and will establish Itself at some point
In the Andes where the planet will
appear In the zenith
Mars will be nearer the earth this
summer than It has been In 15 roars
and for this reason astronomers all
making elaborate preparations for u
study of tho planet
Mr Oaertntrs camera Is In tho gen
eral form of I fourfoot brass tube one
end titled to be clamped to tho end of
jn 13Inch telescope and the
cop tlo other con
taining a shutter and plateliolder The
main tube Is In two parts the one tele
scoped Into the other and adjusted with
a device for slow focussing
The unusual features of the appara
tus are a peculiar Arrangement of the
plattholder by which a large number
uf exposures may be taken on one plate
and n concave lens which enlarges the
Imago on tho plate Instead of diminish
camera ing It as do the lens of an ordinary
By pressing on a pneumatic bulb the
operator can move the late so that
as many as 50 exposures may bo taken
each exposure showing n different
phase of tho planet
Beaumont Tex May 8As the re
sult of two attempts at assassination
from ambush at Orange last night one
man was lulled and two seriously
The dead man Is Maj Boykln a
negro olllcer who was fired on by un
known persons ns he was leaving a
negro saloon Ho was shot five times
all the bullets entering his body and
producing Instant death I Is thought
the shooting was done by negroes and
several arrests harts been made
William Hudson of Orange and 0 P
Woodftn Ot Center Tex were on tho
seat of I cab that was loaded with
people riding in the outskirts of the
town when they were ilred upon tho
shot coming from n rifle The bullet
passed through the fleshy part of
Woodflns back and entered tho arm
of Hudson It Ja thought the shout
Ing was prompted by a spirit of r
range against Hudson who killed a
negro In Orange about a year ago
Denver Colo May S William J
Hryan arrived In Denver this morning
Ho said that ho was here on 1 matter
o business and that his visit had no
political significance Ho will hearts for
Lincoln over the Burlington road at 4
p m today
St Louis May Twentynlno 51
Louisiana have beets summoned to ap
pear before the federal grand jury at
Denver to tel whit they knew of a
suppose scheme to combine a largo
number of coal land claims under the
control of HOIIIO syndlcato whoso Identi
ty has not boon publicly established
The names of thos osubpoenaed has not
been revealed Tho Denver firnnd Jury
will meet May S3 and it Is stated will
tako up tho matter as the result of I
recent secret Investigation conducted In
St Louis by secret service operatives
nnd special officers of the Interior de
San Francisco May SAs a result
of a discussion over financial matters
Ernest Thlclo yesterday shot Henry
U Knscnbrock twice In tho breast
causing death Immediately Thlelo
claims that ho shot In golfdefense
New York May SAii grades of
rcflnrd sugar worn advanced 10 c ntl
per ion pounds today
Washington May SCapt George
Curry governor of fiamar 1 L who
has been appointed governor of New
Mexico will sail from Manila for tho
United States on Juno 3
lip Ivrecis ftrmil Traps on iho ntys
X MV Ilonliuml
Judging from tin Information re
ceived by City Land and Wator Com
missioner Mathown today Contractor
Jutwplt Mullen IH bound to got gravel
1ulnetyliOre oven If Ito nan to spoil tho
cllyd new boulevard Jo 10 It Mr
Mullen leaned u plucu of ground Jiwt
north of Ito Wimatch houlovard near
tin corner of Eleventh avenue nivl P
street and today started to connrluit
limps right on the boulevard for the
purpose of loading tile gruvol Tho
patrolman In City Creole canyon tolo
phoned to the liuul until wntor com
mlBKlonor about I nnd wan instructed
tn Mop tho building of thn trap on
lie bonlovatd nt all hazards Xn re
port has boon ieculv < > d from thi pa
trolman hut I U belli veil tlmt ho
Wit successful In bill offortn
Irnnk hull nnil Mlw Jttlnl t lr
neil liy InilBO JiltIll T < xln
A pretty weiWIim wuls noUmnlzed In tint
parlorn at the iilm clubhnuto lIt 12H
Chris U DIHil ofncintliiK
lodoy Judfio Chrl 1 ornclllll
musts nnrt
Thu arrnnBcmnnts lisle qulotly mare
but few niimberi nf No U knew that n
nuptial knot wan being tied
The eontrnetlntf parties Arts Mli Mar
anrtt contrlclnl or Dwltrlit III stud
Frank H 111n of Bull Like Mr H < > m >
In well known hnro nnd IH I Ji ° Pl W
member of fish lko ledge No SI H I
O 13
The ceremony WIN wjlnH od by Jack
Hyon flash Alias Ida T Pjy friends nf
lyan happy young cOllplsIr anti Mrn
Uonn wilt make their homo In Halt J
> a
w =
Request is Based on Illness of
Judge 0 W Powers Her
Leading Counsel
Mr Hoover in Presenting Case
Made Definite Statement That
Defense Would be Insanity
Will be About Tiventyfho Vitnests
IVom West Only Ilc of Whom
Will bo Taken to Washington
Washington May LAt the request
of Axty Hoover represtnting Mrs
Anna M Bradley who 11 under indict
met for the murder of former U S
Senator Arthur Drown of Utah the
trial pf Mrs Bradley war today post
poned by Judge Stafford of the crlm
inal court until Oct 7
The request for postponement wn
based upon the Illness fr Judge 0 AV
Poweis of Salt Lake City upon whom
as one of Mrs IJradleyB counsel hai
devolved the duty of securing ovldenri
In Utah in Imr behalf
Mr Hoover presented an alJidavlt
stating that Judgu Powers recently
has suffered from an attack of pneu
monia and that It would be practically
Impossible for him to proceed with Mr
branch of thc Inquiry In time to pre
sent depositions and bring witnesses to
Washington for the present term a
court Under these circumstance
Judgo Stafford readily assented to the
postponement raying that as the wo
man life was at stake she could have
every opportunity for defense
During tho brief presentation nf the
case to the court today Mr Hooves
mado tho donnlte statement that Mrs
Hrndleys defense would be that o in
sanity I was announced that about
25 witnesses from tho west would lie
asked to testify In the case but that of
those only about five will be brought to
Mr Parker lid not make any defi
nite objection to postponement
said that after the first of July the
appropriation for witnesses would not
be RUftlciont to pay the expenses of
bringing any witnesses from such a
distance as Salt Lake City
Telegraphs Adjt Gen Lauck to
Have Everything Ready to
Move if Necessary
Lending San FranclwoniK Start toe
incnt in liii lug About
Sacramento May SAdjt Gen
Lauck received tho following telegram
from Coy Olllett last night
Adjt Gen J B Lauck Things look
serious Have everything ready to
morn If necessary AP heretofore
take every precautionary measure
Janice M aillott
Los Angelpf May Lit is reported
from authoritative sources that Adjt
Gen Louck has ordered Gen Wnnkow
ski to take the Kovonth regiment of
California national guards north at
once The order It Is elated canto
by telephone Gen Wnnkowfkl and
dov Glllott left the Alexandra hotel
together and cannot he located
At the regimental headquarter In
this city fluid equipment and romp
baggage arc piled In lie hallways In
roBdlnoM to be moved Oillcws and
men of the regiment are imaembllng
In fatigue uniforms and all are
equipped with side arm
chill Wnnkownkl was Inter found at
big offices In the armory In conversa
tion with olllcein lie rnfunoil to con
firm tho statement that tho regiment
had bison oiderwl north and referred
his qucdrtonr to Clot Oillott Gen
WankowBkl went to tho general oltl
WalkOItlll bouthern Pnullle railroad
company Wly bitoro 1 oclock and
COl RI Hh olllclaUi relative to
contorted a Ih olclli Ielutvo
tiaiim for tit north I le concluded no
clrlltilie Brrnngiminui for equipment to
tralusport 10 the rcglmont but Inquired
K nil the drtBll u to how long
101111 111
Ihut ni In
it would requlro to Ito II
0111 is
reaiJnew Th Southern radio II
18Jnl1 Is der for trains which Is
IWa I t I our hil i lrlnl
xpocud to ie IIen at any time
San Fnmrliiei May SoThe streetS
niftctlcully tel or orowil Police
uie moulted llll foot arc Btntlonnd at
Flllmor and Turk the fCI1 of much
of yeterda noting nnd are prflvent
IliK the oongiesutlnK O poople thero
botiu No violin occurred during
the night 110 III all ll known al lhJ
hour Ilght force oC 100 liluoooalii a few of
hells mounhl It SIC uuIutI all nlih 1 he
of the United Hallrond at
nroDerty Turk JlIIIII i very tonsil ilstallii
were on BIIHM at the other car intros
It Is bellev a ibm Mr Calljoun Jennr
in Manager Muilnly iinrl Supt Chapman
will liiuo ollrl thin forenoon that
will b followed by 11 siratOBlo attempt
to 1110 cum from blurt hnrnn at Otik
mid Hiodiilk ctrnalB Instead of Turk
a nil Ill I lfl0t
arhoiwcT Mulll1li a 55 l iiuil lo
PrmMenl rnlhoilli ot hit United ItHll
rondu nt tl today that tho company
had IIl1l1rnlor ot aflWavlla hovvln f that
the shooting ye rday was begun by
nrs J j
PotsoIls In the crowd trying to obstruct
the movement of tho street cars and
it by the men who wero operating
Chief of rollce Dliun made his first
appeimmeo on the strike scone this
niornlng tie drove tn automobile to
Turk and Fillmore streets where CapW
Mooney and Gloason arc In command of
6 o nfllcers doing patrol duty around the
Limed Hiillroadi barns The chief held
a long strcnt corner conference with
CaPt Modnsv Afterward he unld that
thc men had Instructions to gets their
clubs toiny in the event an attempt
should be made to repeat yesterdays
Asked why Ills mon during the fatal
rioting of yestordfty afternoon did not
draw their clubs and moke a rent effort
to drive the mob back Dlmin replied
Woll 1 think the men did pretty
well I think they did nil right Wo
did not want to break nny hcndu If we
rould avoid It We wanted to ui peace
ible measures Yes I know hat thero
was n lot of stone throwing hut I un >
derstnnd It was not done by union
Informed that n great deal of the
stoning of the car guards had been done I
by union men that union pickets acre i
Jeered ami mado the target of miasllis
by union men us well an by hoodlums
Mid that eventually come of the pickets
Uiomselve took to hurling brick tho
hlef said
Well thats a pity Its unfortunate
liked to Blllrm or deny the report
that he had threatened to arm the po
Ice with rifle and order them to shoot
the strikebreakers If the latter opened
tire from the cars today Dlnnn said
I did not say exactly that I told
he attorney of the company that If
he strlkebreakeis wero going to shoot
lown my men we have a tow mimics lit
hcuilnunrtcrs ourselves and we would
ice Hum
Thin was nftcr I heard of the
hoctlnu of Detective Sergeant Bell
nnll Officer Sauers My men will not
carry rifles today however
I understand added tho chief
that this company has not proponed
to start any cars from the Turk and
Flllmore barns today but that ears
will bo started from the barn nt Oak
nIl Broderlck streets about I oclock
this afternoon manned by strike
A strong movement to secure ponce
was begun todav when after consulta
tion among loading citizens It was re
solved to call a meeting lit Labor
temple at 2 oclock thin afternoon
when efforts will be made to settle all
the existing troubles At th18 meeting
the chief speakers will bo former
Mayor James O Phelan Bishop Nlch
tIe of the Episcopal church Arch
bishop Itfordan Rnbbl Isvy nod thin
I aco commlttie of the labor council
v hlch wag appointed last nlKht It IB
tho aim of these people to bring to nn
md the strife among the carmen the
telephone operators the Iron work
ers laundry worker stpno masons
1111 cement workers
Ioa Angeles May Sfhe annual elec
tion of odlcer was the principal busi
ness transacted nt the second days sell
lon of the imperial council nf the Mys
tic Shrine By the law of succession
which Is customary In the highest body
of the order the oftlccrs It la expected
Will each l > o advanced ono step leaving
one vacancy to be the subject of con
Frank C noundy of Chicago wl
thus succeed Alvah P Clayton as Im
perial potentate Under this order tho
other cfllcers will bo elected as follows
Imperial Deputy Potentate Edwin i
L Alderman El Kahlr temple Cedar
ItapldF Michigan
Imperial Chief Uabban George L
Street Acca temple Richmond Va
Imperial Assistant Habban Fred A
Hines Almalalkah temple Los An
Imperial High Priest and Prophet
Frank Treat El Zagfal temple Fargo
North Dakota
Imperial Oriental Guide William J
Cunningham Boumt temple Baltimore
I Imperial Trfawuror William S
I Brown Syria temple Plttsburg Penna
Imperial Jtecordor BcnJ W Howell
Aleppo temple Boston Mss
Imperial First Ceremonial Mnnter
William W Irwln Osiris temple
Whcrllns W Va
Imperial Second Ceremonial Master
Jacob T Berron Oasis temple Colum
bus S C
Imperial Mnrjhrtl Frederick ll
Smith Daninwcns lemnlo nochcstcr
Imperial Cnj > tatn of tho GuardJ
Putnam Stevens Kora temple Port
land Maine
In the otllclal report of the retiring
Imperial potentate Is shown a gain In
meinborshlii of 10ISS maklni 1 total
Iii North America 113271
For the visiting tOirlncrs who did not
attend till session of the council thero
were plghtwclng tours of the city a
reception at the home of Paul De Long
Pro the artist and a new exhibition
drill at Ascot Park by all of the Arab
Tonight the electrical parade will lie
presented for the second tlmo and many
ot the templet will hold receptIon
London May Sfho Chester oup a
handicap of 2500 novornlgng for two
years and upwards at two miles and a
quartnr mm run at Chewier today nnd
won by CSuerldo Blblanl was Hnconfl
and Torpolnt win third Twelve horilIJI
Quorldo which h u French horne
wan ridden by Johnny Kolff the Ameri
can Jockey mid won by 3 length and a
halfThe betting wall 00 to 4 ngnlnBt Quiirl
do 100 tn S agnlniit Blblanl und 4 to 1
agaliiHt iorpoi sit
Bridge of Canny ridden by Danny
Mnher the American Jockey was
Sny roniilrno Is Iteln ronncil In
lam tu Dojiros Price of Wool
Cheyenne Wyo May Srhn Wyom
ing Wool Growers i oolutlcm 111111 Is
iiued a circular udvUliiK nhcfpmen
throughont the state that II coniplniey
Is being planned by eamorn wool buy
MK to force down the price of wool In
pile of manufacturers demundH Pro
ducer are advliod lint to Hull tluilr wool
under any clrciumntnnctiM less than tint
IMG market and the atfioclatlon offer
to buy the wool nt last yeiirj ptlcw If
eootnrun buyir will not pay 8tI much
Should the grower take ndvantnga of
the nffer the association VIII he In
Lorpnratud and Ilipltnllaod becoming
piuetleuiiy an Independent oxclmnga
rontrolllng the Wyoming output
New York May Ijrrs Mary vito
and her mother Mrs Mm In Brlifnoll
wnr literally slashed to pieces with
razors m theIr onit side home early
tod sy aiovnnnl Vlto Ihe hUnhnnd
of the ynnnivr woman Is undnr ixr
reHt clmiKeil with te erlmn It Is I
alleged that he klllol Ibo women uftur
II quarrel which followed their 11
usnl to ghQ him nwiKy Vllo dcnlu
hut he Is guilty however Ho mam
hums that his wife and mothorlnlaw
were killed by two men who broke
hun the house and with whom he him
self had a llercc snuggle In defense of
MR life In support of his story 1m
exhibited to the police a cut on one
If hili hands which ha declares wan
nlllctcd by one of the muiderero His
tory is subRtnntlaluU by lute Syenr
old sass The police give the story Ill
tic credence however its Vito anti the
child were the only persons In thin
iliartment when the police who hud
iccn Informed that murder was being
lime in the house forced an entrance
All the doors of the apartment had
icon locked
Inside the police found Vila fully
dressed Blood was everywhere mid
ipou the floor lay the lifeless body
of Mrs VIto her head nearly severed
The body was frightfully slashed and
a broken rnxor wits lound still stick
ing In ono of thus wound On the lire
oncapo Just outside tin window was
fcund the body of Mrs Drlenoll PHIC
tlcally covered with wounds
It was Mrs Bilgnoll who gave the
Iiirm which called thus police to the
scone Martin Cnsnno who occupied
hu apartment adjoining that of the
Vltos was aroused by somo one tup
tliuj upon tho wlndpw He saw Mrs
tirlunoli in her night dress with blood
llowlnc from wounds on her neck and
throat Sln tried to speak but could
not and us Casano threw up the win
dow she tell buck and died Cosano
had recognized her ns his neighbor and
his cries brought the police to the
scone Under a lied In the Vito
nifflrwncnts the police found a second
bloody razor and on u dressing case
a razor which bore the Imprints of
four bloodstained fingers
VIto Is a barber Ho hM not worked
at hits trade for several years however
and his fatherinlaw declares that all
that time he has lived fiom the earn
ings at his wife who WItS employed
In a shirtwaist factory
Dune Mont May SHh three sue
pects and a witness In the custody of
the sheriff the posses on the trail of
tho masked men who held up the North
Coast Limited at Welchs Spur wirl
yesterday morning and murdered Kn
gin per Clow and wounded Fireman Sul
livan are still in the hills Inrludliirt
deputies from Powell and Jfilterson
counties Hutu police and the local she
rifts force moro than 50 men are
patrollliiK the rldgu of tlio divide direct
ly east of Butte where tho dogs lost
the trail yesterday morning
Hobert McDonald was arrested at
Woodvllle last night He imy he meani
to b his way north on the Great
Northern He was taken from till top
of a passenger conch upon this train
that left hero at H oclock last night
He denleu nny connection with the Clow
murder lIe IB n marine engineer and
worked recently In fiwittle
A drunken man entered iv restaurant
at Basin oaily this morning and ordered
fried eggs at once throntonlng to blow
off the waiters head Instanter If tht
eggs wore not served at once lIe was
promptly arrested His nanui cannot
be learned Ho Is not considered as n
likely suspect
William Powers arrested In Wood
vllle yesterday Is Mill In custody as Is
William Crawford the man who says
he milt the robbers on top of the ex
press car Just befqro they opened fire
vSt Paul May Offlulals wf tho
Northern Pacific railroad said today
that they had no Information from
Uutte or elsewhere In that vicinity
which would confirm the store from
Helena last night that the train rob
bers had been captured Our men are
all out of reach now so we are without
any definite advices and wo presume
thirty are still after tho holdup mon
said one officiaL
Beti hug Continues Light With IMilln
ilclphian limo Fntorttc
Los Angeles May 81ho 20round
battle for the heavyweight champion
ship of the world bctwocm Philadel
phia Jack OBrien and Tommy
Burns will bo held tonlfcht before
the Pacific Athletic club of this cltv
Tim men will tight for a puma at
SXOdGu guaruntccd by the club A
mutual atrreomant has been effected
between OBrijn anti Burns that tho
fight may be extended to 25 rounds
If both are satisfied to do tr If at tho
und 01 the twentieth round both con
testants are still able to cantlnuo
Betting on the battlo rontlmins
light the OBrien backers holding out
for odds of 10 to 8 and the Burns
biipportoru filtering to wager largo
sums at odds of 10 to 7 It U likely
that the odds will shift ono way or tho
other liofora night and much heavy
betting will he done
All preliminary arrangomonta have
htin made and thciu will be no hitch
III tIle prjceodlngo Hofcron Eyton
announce today thai he will glv a
hair lino decision If necessary to EO
loot the winner This it wulsfoctory
to both maim neither of whom want a
drawn battle The preliminary will
bf a 10round affnlr between Jimmy
Irwln and Dick Murray This will
mart ut 110
The sale of tents continues heavy
and It In trpOCtOd that tho largest
sum rer taken in for a boxing con
tent In this city will bo realized It
U expected to exceed JCOOOO The
price of scutH raiiKii from 30 to Sfi
Thero lure 3000 of the tG gent to bo
placed on snlo at 7 oclock tills RVIW
InK Mont of the higher priced Heats
have already beon reserved
Nearly all of the stars of limo pugll
Irtlc world wIV bo prexnit ut tin >
pavilion tonight Tlnn will Includa
lamIM J Jeffries Aim Attoll Rattling
Nilprin Jf3k and Mike Hulllvnn lingo
Kelly und seine others
Both OBrien und BuriiM are rent
Ing today Bach IH rorifld nt ot and
oxi > rem EH unmirance of victory Burns
will wfilgh about 17G und Ojtrlun a
few pounds lent
Mlnhtor Kurlnn Sfiy It III In no War
AliiKil tit Ilillcd Slains
PuriM May 811 Kurlno the Jnp
aiienu mlnlnter III an Interview to
day IH quoted an making the Import
ant utatument that the kerles of treat
las bntnociti Or out Britain France
HIIla nnI Jupnii gimrHntvolnir time
tnntlnrlal ttutuo riuo In tlu far alt
Implied an afrreemnnt to prevent
other countries from ac < iilriiiK terri
tory them
MlnlKtur Kurlno lenld that thn
KraneoJaparieia entente wn In any
way alinod at tutu United State add
Mapun In Hpllv of the Han Vrnn
cliou Incldint hall alwayn bann niont
sympathetic to thn InliAd Hlaioa lio
7iuo Mho was nit llrnt to trout thn
JapRiienK people nn u fooling of uqual
lly If laKIII could itlituln udvitntiiKcii
from an unlci uutttnil ilK with se
Inltdl Slam It IN mi 11 rely probably
that JIll iovernniiit MI Tnkfo wiuld
not hued ti to Si nit iii Is i < > with Wnh
11 111 nil
M Kurlnn Mill that us ClDrrrmnv
bud no ni < if e Hliiiii In the far IMIHI
Kino Ihni lien slmnlv Inuuuil iMil
lien srroiiud u lientv with b icr 1 I S
tn Slit uiie bnlvvnun Japan nnil lrrolucl
would b Uselisu4
1 l I
= = = t
Judge Fremont Wood Denies tho
Motion of Haywoods Coun
sel for One
Granting of Bill Could Not Convey
Any Information to Defendant
He Doesnt Possess
Holds He Waived Ills TllRht hcn lie
Pleaded to Indictment Counsel for
Drlimio Noted livceptlon
Boise jllay STho motion for a bill
of particulars tiled by the detente In 1
lie case of W D Haywood secretary
find treasurer of the Western Federa
tion of Miners charged with the mur
der or former Gov Stetmenberp has
been denied by Judgo Fremont Wood
Counsel for the defendant noted nn
exception to Judge Woods ruling They
then announced that thoy would be
ready for tho trial to proceed tomorrow
morning llaywood was remanded to
the custody of the sheriff and court was
Other than lie lawyers and newspa
per writers there was less than a scorn
of persons in the courtroom this morn
Ing when Judge Wood announced hIt
decision In the matter of a bill of par 3i
ticulars filed by the defense In the
clues ot William IX Haywood the first 11
or the olllclals ot the Woelorn Federa
tion of Miners to bo called for trial on i1
the charge of complicity in the murder
of former Gov Steunonberg Haywood
clean chaven and alert was brought
Into court by a jailer und took bin plane
beside his counsel Messrs E F lUch
ardson of Denver and Clarence S Dar
row of Chicago
Judge Wood disposed of several mo
tions In civil eases before coming til him
1111 tier of the hill of particulars under
this Indictment
The special counsel for the slato In
the trial of the miners were all present
this morning for the lust time James
W Hawley of Boise henlor counrel
and om of the most prominent criminal
lawyers In the west IIItl besl Q United
States Senator1 W E Borah with pub
Jo prosecutor Vwndyn the thIrd of the
lawyers at the states counsel table
III deciding the motion > Wood
wild in part
An examination of the Indictment
In this case discloses the fuct that the
offonsu uliurgud In each count Is wi
forth with great caro and particulari
ty LIsts tlmo and place ate specifically
set forth as wall as thu pertion upon
whom tlio assault was made and the
spoclllc means by which the blow
which produced death was struck A
bill of particulars could not convey
Information to the defendant upon
these questions which ho does not al
ready possess The only question Is
tills Assuming that thin state must
prove a conspiracy and that the tie
fendunt wan connected therewith which
conspiracy resulted In the death ot
Frank titcuncnbcrg la the defendant
entitled to tIns purllcularlzntlnn ot hue
soveial acts or circumstances upon
which counsel for the prosecution re
ly In order to connect the defendant
with such contplrauy
I do not think It necessary to status
at this time what tho court would do
If this application hud been preMtntcd
before plea to the indictment or bo
fore the case was set for trial AH
the court now views tho matter thin
defendant has waived hla right W such
bill of particulars not only by plead
ing to the indictment hut furthur
by pcrmlttlnj the ease to bo set for
trial without making such application
Tho plea of not guilty to the indict
ment herein wus entered us shown
by the record on the 20lh day ot March
IMSA furthor examination ot the record
discloses the fact Unit after argument
by counnol en May 21 1D05 an order
was entered staying nil proceedings lu
this case until thin appeal In the mat
ter of a habeas corpus In the Unltctl
State circuit court district of Idaho
lo the Hupromc court ot tho United
Slates finally doterrnlne1 No nthnr
action appears to havo been taken in
the case until the Maren term 1007 lu
Canyon county when the defundmil
application for n elumgc of veiwi
theretofore filed wnj heard by thus com t
and as a rasult of paid application thlH
talus WOH on March 25 transferred
from the district court of Canyon coun
ty 10 this county for trial Immediate
ly following tIns ruling of thin court
upon application for chunge of vunnc
council for defendant In open court
gave notice that the defendants would
domand separate trial and It isus
slain stated that the defendant would
bt ready for trial at such time as
might be fixed by Ito court At lift
opening of the April tnrm of court In
thin county thn dofoiuUnt und his at
torneys being In court arid cotuontliDC
thereto flue into for trial wan llxnt
for May t ind I oMum that prfpnr
tons huvo buun made thcrnfor
Thin motion apiwnra to bare been
tiled in slute court on April SO Th < <
couit ha been In almost contlnuoUH
session since Aptll 1 whan thu QMI M
WON nut for trial If in tint axercUu
of the sound leunt dlcor tlon
of the court i tui defemlniit IK
entitled to Oils bill of par
tlculur lie VI1I also be entitled in a
rontlmianee of the euuro when the bit
of paitlcnlari IN ire fuied upon mak
Ing a Knowing of neceirlty for further
time to meet the ipeclfloutlomi con
tainad tn the hill And while ibu
granting or refusing of the motion for
a bill of particulars enuld not ba as
sIgned us error yet the refusal to grant
a rontlmianee upon proper Hhowlnir
after the innilnn for a bill ot particu
lar wi allowed would be iM lfnabli <
as error The data has uvldtmtly
boon led to belIeve that the defendant
In thin cavr isSut ready and propared
for trial Bueh havo been the oleum
doolur tlonM ot hi c9unesl upon less
oral occanlnnn and I am ulearly of lie
opinion that It would new be nn abUSe
of dUcioilon to gnint th motion and
order the bill nf iinrthuliu which In
my opinion hues beth iep ttdly walc l
by ii adliif to tin inliMnmnl by T
iwAUd v lateineiiiii i rnidlneM for
trial nnrt tis permit I IIIK lisa < M O to be
m > t niil iItuPii irnilnii > for trial made
upon tho umiumpllim tliut the dufenil
ii itt Wets ivinly for trlul upon thi
ihit its iirilnKt him Knr I ii 115 ii > eon
the 111111 tutu will In rvrn illil
When JudHi1 VVooiI hud flnlnh < I raml
iny his decision there wan u mumunl of

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