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c c I J
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j JI riCE i
1 1111 II 11111 I Ihl 11111 Oil 11I1 JII hlll l 1 I 1IIII rlII J 11 Ihn lilt th IlIlt tlll 111I1111 lilt 1111 11I1I DESERET 0 0 EVENING NE VV < S I S A Inutile Mnro oonipeltlim Jllll III tiitont STOHK U UK Uhul publicity hJt IT IS U1trll A In AVOIIT1I of I1r I11J 1 r 1 f
One of Four Defendants Charged
With Complicity in Murder of
ExGov Steunenberg v
Should Defendant be Acquitted
Believed Cases Against Others
Would be Abandoned
Jlfllllllll Array of Cmuwl on 1011
jdc1fl lllnlllul qf Inrois
Ji JkgttIi
1Isc Ida May William D Hay
il secretary and treasurer of tho
11 11 elIeILr
vitcru Federation of Minors today
irs placed on tilal for complicity In
the niurdtT ut Caldvvell Ida on De
30 1303 Q former Oov Frank Stounon
ot four defend
bI Iloywood Is ono o
bere HtywOQd
ants charged with the murder Thu
oilurs are Charles H Moycr president
of 11w federation Guorgi A Pettlbonp
member the executive com
a former tlo executv
mittee of thc federation and HarrY i
Circlmrd TIio lust named i ojcpectvJ
in bo the most Important witness for
the stato against Hnywood Moycr and
Fcttlbone He is said to have made I
confession and It has been the task of
the prosecution to endeavor to corrobo
rate this confession wherever possible
Tho fact that Hayxvoods CUBe IB the
first called for trial la regarded lS in
dicating that the prosecuting attor
neys bellevo their strongest ovldence Is
against the necrclary ot the federa
tion The outcome oC his caso will de
termine tho acton to bl taken with
icgard to Jloyer and Pettlbone Should
there bo a conviction ot Huynwod
Jloyqr and rottlbonu will ho called for
trial In thu order named On the other
hand an acquittal of Hnywood un
doubtedly would mean an abandon
ment of tho cases tijralnst tlio other
accuycd olllcers of the miners organ
Irallor Orchard will not be tried until
ull of the other cusus arc disposed of
I Is said that the evidence acalnst
Him Is SI Rtronir that he cannot hone
ful other than a conviction oc murder
in tlio first degree regardless gf tho
verdicts upon the indictments against
Hayvvood Moyer and Pcttlbone Or
chard It Is said has been promised no
dtgrce of clemency whatsoever In glv
Ins evidence for the state Having
admitted bitt active part In the heinous
cime of blowing the former governor
of Idaho to pieces with I bomb at the
Gatuot hIs residence Orchard un <
jcatlonnll will have to pay tho capi
tal punishment for his confessed
Tho ilwt disclosure of the names
of the witnesses fur the state other
than thoio Known through the grand
Jury Inquiry was made voluntarily
bs counsel for the state before tho ex
amination of talesmen began The
list contains 151 names Including
lurry Orchard former Gov Peabody
ut Colorado Miss Cora Peabody
daughter of Qov Peabody VV K
frlioii president and C C Humlln
HIM rftury or the Mine Owners ngso
I i then of Cripple Creek Colo Gen
fliMman Hell of Colorado Bulkeley
ills adjutantgeneral of Colorado
Jullnn Stoucnberg brother of the
iail governor Stuvo Alums Mrs
Vuanis Frank A Fann of the United
Sidles Interior department In clang
I forest reserve In Idaho James Mc
raland ind other detectives
1 fIldVClI where the murder was com
IllIId ia the county seat of Canyon
tuity A change of venue to Boise
ti capital city of Idaho and county
ii O Ada county on the motion of
the di fense
being alleged in behalf
01 thi Ilrlflllll that I fair trial In
1 myon ruiinty would bp tin Imposs
i ity Huywood Moyer and Petti
1 1 < WI transferred to the county Jail
I i > which comprises the basement
1 of the county courthouse Tho
> uH for which tlio cases were set IH
i I 1 us the district court of the
Jii < r4 Judicial district
Th presiding judge Is Judge rio
inoi Wood n native ot Maine a form
tI prvtitlonrg at the bur In this city
Id l < nsldiiiK nul over his lust 1m
I crhnlinil case Judge Wood
h go riled us a careful deliberate
and both the prosecution at nit
II IMC in iho present trials bet love
In he will Iciivu
wi lel no titonu unturned
I that equal evenhanded Justice
in Orchard the selfconfessed
1 inlurr of GOY Steunoiibcrg and the
i i rr of Hayvod Moyer nnd Patti
I I voiiilniil In the Idaho state
Ucniliiry Hovcrcil miles out of thin
I Hi M kept under careful guard
II linl
i msp m the outset of tho famous
I ti is on tho Htirfnce almost tim least
i t r Id community nt any In Urn
1 iiKd Htatcs The case of the mlnerii
i ntvrr discussed upon the strcutrt
l J the nuthorllleH n city county
d i alp have taken careful but not
lull MUIMI to provcnt any suIt
lisiurlirnirc fhn people have di
1 fiinod Hint th > i cfwcd Hlmll be tried
iho toItut5IiQL Upon the street cor
J1 TlKll BIOinH to be I no lllllH
I a hero hut llmt a full trlul will tie
LI nIl Ihl best of feeling aiipniuni
1ull among tliiim mom proml
I ntlv coimiLted with hit ewe Hvmi
1 r inoiv radical of HIP mipportmH of
I uniifprl ijilntTH nro in good humor
ii 1 II rcndy lo rim It with their itc
uamtanrcH over llin udviintuKcs iir
ti rtomlnBH or BOflrtllHin
Thf good feeling and widespread de
p iq
to rirnvenl Anything nven iip
fOClt 111 lP
rrWhlnB a Hiiro of disorder tos cI
1 r lf1 lute last lrtc Wil
11111 IIMl iii i lit triton 111
iimum mimmonid oNo him a Hoplai
> orator who was bert elfht inonthH
M hiiraiiKUlnR aurllonvon at sirn i
I ners and iiro test ing tll absolute
0ipijcp or the man ILCCtiIOJ of the
urder of dov StnuiHllberK Tho
nyor ox tim It toil lo the noilallslle ail
il old npisixcr tnt thacondlthm ol
all and quiot iievti I I log II Ilolun vat
r7 BrntcfyliiK to ihe jHlzons that I hey
flu not ililnk I oil visululo Unit ihcre
f mid he nubile spea kill Ii al thll I I IllS
I 1
J ii pointed out unit IKHmatter of
t if Built or liiiinceiiMi ot lift nvciiaul
111111 wnH 1 mixtifir fm lie deiermlu
ii toil or a J11 ot I 2 roll rltlzonx and
1 puulio oratory 11 Iht mibject
rlgijt end to Inilmne come woalt
i imled pemnn Into tile rommlHvlnil of
11 rrt nil ivhc would b ruinttel I
r all aldPK The Interview wim inoal
Ifulm eliding by ihu nmyorH I
Iubki dl J W tlU had no Intcn
MTio Confesetl that ilxGovvriioi SIciincnbcrK AVas WnNliuilcil in the In
stinico of tlio hint Circle ot the VtStrIl Fcdcriitlpn of Jllncrs
ton of speaking during the trials ami
that ho agreed with till the mayor said
Speculation as to tho length of tho
Hnywood trial his resulted In guesses
ranging from two weeks to live
months There all some who belo
that tho task of selecting a jury alone
will require lit least threo weeks In
the jury panel reporting today were
only 2 i names two ot these having In
dicated that their excuse was certain
Each side hRS 10 peremptory chal
lenges and there are likely to be many
lawful disqualifications
A formaidable array of counsel has
been engaged by both the state and the
defense to conduct tho cases of the ac
cused miners In charge of the prose
cution lire James 1 Hawley of this
city United States Senator W E
Borah County Atty O M Vanduyn
and George Stone o Caldwoll es
pecially employed to represent Canyon
county where the murder was com
mitted Representing the defendants
are Messrs E F Richardson of Pen
ver Clarence S Barrow of Chicago
Edgar L Wilson of noise I forma law
partner of Judge Wood John F Nu
gent of Boise and Fred Miller of
t Wash
Tho bit courtroom was only halt
fled nt 10 oclock when Judge Wood
took the bench and Sheriff Shftd
JUxJgln called the session to order
Grayboarded court bailiffs stood In
tho aisles ready to preserve order They
hud little to do The opposing counsel
were arranged ut long tables on either
side of the witness chair which Is sot
in tho center of thu space within the
counsel rail At the defendants table
John Murphy general counsel of the
Western Federation of Minors sat with
the other attorneys entered for Hav
wood Just bacl of the defendants
counsel table sat Mrs Haywood wifu
of the pilsoncr In her Invalid chair
She was accompanied by her two
daughters and I must
Judge Wood made several announce
ments In civil proceedings before he
finally turned to tho array of counsel
before him and asked
Is tilt defendant Haywood In
Darrow Ho is waiting to be culled said Mr
The next Instant Hnywood appeared
in custody of Deputy Sheriff Has
Decatur employed by Canyon county
to guard the accused miners Has
wood a stocklly built man Just sho
at six feel In height and weighing per
Imps 180 pounds appeared clean
shaven this morning and apparently
his long confinement broken nJPlrent
11 his
been by dully oxcrcUo on the lawn
surrounding the courthouse has had
little effect upon his health Haywood
suffered an accident to his tight eye
some yeiua ago losing its sight Ho
fat today at the end of the line of
seats occupied by his family ms chair
fOII le
was within I few feet of tho llrst of
the Jury chaIrs which arc arranged
directly In front ot tho Judges bench
Mr hawley of tho State counsel In I
formed Judge Wood that In accordance
with the statutes he would Indoreo on I
the Huywood Indictment the unman of
all thu witnesses for the piosectition so
UI ns tlCY art icuiosvn PIOScclton I
Mme THIS Was ncreSi10 to ncClt
iAro 3Cti mi < 1 > Gentlemen queried
Judge Wood Iucrled
Wo IIIHJ counsel fOI both bide
voiced In unison
junons ExousicD
Next followed tho oxciiHlnjr of four
members of the regular Jury panel of
2 namcH luaviiiK hit I 11 lo bo
examined at this 11mI Ono of tim
men uccuiica had I Kick wife Tho
others hud business InloroHtH which
limy convinced the court would suffer
lireparabiy of thoy worn IlleOI
nerve In hun trim
Twelve itui itt etu 1161 wen called nnd
all of the nnl
tht empty Jury scats woe ftlM
before the examination ot any nled
talCBinnWi8 begun
A U KwiiiK I Krnybonrdod rnr
pent ci who Slt In tho foremans ohalr
was the first of II pnnel q itest ho tied
by Sir JUiwloy for thu Mini fhu
attorney liiinlm llrwt ag to the ron
denec of thin Propottvil Juror Hu wild
hu hnd llvud hern n mnnhor of 111
havlnif com from Oregon Ho won
1 native however of Indiana
Are you I memb of I lie carpen
ters No U I I 1011 iiidtid Mr I iii nrleu
Aro you I member of tiny union
fNo sir
Have you hotird thin rned llBOiiBFril
faclHNo by II who prntonded 11 IPI tho
No sir
Vuro yon iciiunlnlcil with novo
Htiiihenbertf Iclllcl
Vvr air
How long Jiiul you lonmii him 1
About four yatira
Hvni hud any Inminotii relations
wtih him
VP I hfld nn nppQlnliiient nt thin
floldlerx hmne for uwhllo hit for
politlenl roil iuii P my i it rm of nillco
You Vei wero illtuliarnoil
Thim I luko 1 you and Clov Bleu
ncntKTK hiul I illfforcnon
I dllTored with htm polltleiilly nt
that time
ItIntc wild lie hint read of tho case
thurouulilr iUl ftu puiicru Hi
Is I married man and knows none of
the defendants Ewing said he had
talked with hIt grown son regarding
tlui cage nnd the procedure
What do you lean by that ask
ed Mr Hawley quickly
I mean said the proposed juror
that we talked about thc length of
time It would take to try the cases
Have you formed or expressed an
opinion as to the guilt or Innocence I
of the accused
I dont think I ever have
Uavfi you any opinion nowT
Well raid the talesman r dont
think I have although It sounds like
I wooden man to say so
Kwlng said he had served as a Jur
or but once in ft capital case and that
vns at the present term of court
Huvo you any prejudices against
circumstantial evidence
No not exactly but 1 would he
very careful In arriving nt a decision
such evidence
on < llclce
Would the fact that the defendant i
was not In the taut at the time of the I
killing but was shown to have ad
viiid encouraged and aided In the
killing would that influence your
verdict provided the court Instructed
you that such y penson was equally
respowilblo with tho mun who ac
tually did the killing
I would take tho instruction of tho
The examination of EwIng was hero
dropped temporarily and Mr Ilawley
passed on to the second man It then
became apparent that ho would go
through tho panel of 12 men before
tho defense undertook IU examination
of the proposed Jurors
The second man James L Ayres
said he was a farmer married and
had lived In this county slnco ISSl Ha I
came to this Mate from Tennessee
Ayres had t passing acquaintance with
Gov Steunenberg
Do you rend any o the Socialist pa
pers published in this country asked
Mr Huwlcy
I do not hut they have been sent
to mu In the past few months
Ayre3 said seine of the papers crime
to him by mall while others were
thrown Into his yard
low long has that condition existed
We object to that Intoriupted Mr
Danow for the defense The only
question here is the bias of this pro
posed juror There Is nothing to show
that anyono connected with this case
had anything to do with thews papers
They have nothing to do with the
eaNuI have decided lo allow wide lati
tude In this matter said Judge Wood
and far that reason the objection Is
Ayres said the papers had been com
ing for several months Hu read ono
of them for Q time but stopped
Why asked Mr Haivley
I got tired of t
Ayres then said he Ivnl formed and
expressed 1 opinion He was chal
lenged by the prosecution The defemsd
resisted the challenge and Mr Richard
Non of Haywoods counsel took up the
examination of tho talesman He drew
from Ayres the statement that ho felt
that he could render a fair verdict but
It would take considerable evidence to
chungo his present opinion
Thu prosecution Insisted upon tho
challenge and It was sustained As
Ayros stepped out of the box the de
fense noted an exception
John G Breckenrldge wns called
Brcckenrldge said ho was a grocor unit
had discussed tho cano pretty thorough
ly with his customers Ho lund dis
cussed also the method of bringing tho
prisoners to Idaho from Colorado all
had formed and exnrtKKod a decided
opinion bused upon what hn nad road
I in ho newspapers It ho evidence worn
lflcn from what he had read he
thought ho could chriiigo his opinion
HI wao not ninny wllhoul hearing hue
evldnnce to decide he fat of the pris
nrecheiuldEO wan rhallongid by lie
prosecution Tim defonte joined In the
challungo thlH time nnd tnu laloMiwn
wax promptly exclsI
I am omit we agree on tomethlng
wild Mr Huwloy laughingly
Captain J E Yates pnmldant ofthe
CIIIII liaise Hank of Commerce Wil net
Ill 1111 lii Yaio was blunt nnd mono
xylluhlc In hln aniwifi He wild ha had
read about tho case and discussed I
Whut lie hnd heard however would liit
InlHUiicn his verdict He nfl lii lib Imd un >
Man uoimlly or faelhiB ngtilimt the prisoner par
Mr Hmloy punned fnpt Yales with
out n nhulleiigft and went on with thus
examination of Henry W Uuker a Kro
cei who Ml II chair No I
Duluir mid hI wan a juat Ito uf Jill
1011 lloforo comlnu to Idaho hit his I
ed mid furmad In KmisAH ami Iowa
Ho WAV tllfet sawyer III it lumber
UMIIIII and HfterwardH a lift lnnurnni0
IIKDIII 110 knew Got 81 Olin nit hlllg
si iii I i but did not Know the defend
mil tin had formed nn onlnlon antI
hit lush I svul It viiH nnnualllled Eli ii
I ui Osinutut WIIH ulmlleiiRud the rose
rititlon for Iliiuo but WHH I thud i lotitut
further by tilt lUfenBi Imforo they
dually iic < Ulo ctd Hakor tin ito tho
tlilul mnn exoiifcid for cut use out of
thu tlrttt live pxnmlncrl Tlm other
two howovpi have not been Ihnilly
jtitbt I Out rb by the iloftiite
NO 0 A IiUTUliibI
Ooon Will I r a butolior In chair
No U wUsii questioned taid ho know
OBrien Positively Refused to En
ter Ring Until He Burns
Promised to Lay Down
Determined lo Urea t Promise and Did
Had Bet Oiltril jrr to im
trcf 11111111
Ius Angoleo May 9 A full xplunn
thou of tituS miiny suspicious features of
tho BuniMOBrlcn light before the Pa
clllc Athletic club last night was given
to the Associated Press today by Tom
my Burns the winner Burns said
Jaxjk OBrien won caught In one of
lila own traps lust night He refused
to meet me and I could not get him to
agree to enter the uruna until after I
had promised to lay down and lot him
will the fIght J saw no elmiiee other
wise to gel him Into tin ring 1 wanted
to show tho country that I was
Hrlons master I was anxious to
prove thai ho wall no match for me I
and to whip him decisively After a
long conference with the other side I
saw no possibility of pulling off tho
fight unless I agreed to a prearranged
result In whlch I was to be the loser
FInally I consented to tilts rvfolvlng
as soon as the eons sounded the first
round to break my promise with th >
other side to tHrow the light and io
In and win This I did null the result
was apparent OBrien was taken out
his reel and WIIR scared to death
everyone saw how he hesitated about
leaving his corner when the iirct conn
sounded and how his seconds had to
push him out of his chair lie knew
I lund planned too CIIII nlngl for them
ail multi that he was duo for it beating
As for the bets being called off I
was iiibtrumenta III having that done
for the protection of the public r
wanted to make this explanation after
ward and I nil rIot ito Ilt to Eec the
puhllt Ileked Into loslnl allv of IL
ltioiuey The 1111111I Mt of tim bets
Cost 11111 tSOO for I stood to will that
Ullluun 11I8clf
Manager McCarey of the Pacific Ath
belle club today comlrinvd Burns state
ment Kvcry detail of it was agreed to
l > y the latter In order to get OBrien In
to the ring but there vnu no inten
lion on the part ot Burns or McCarey to
earty out the refment with the
p Brieii side McCarey said he wished
it to ba distinctly understood that Billy
Nolan Battling Nelfcons manager was
not Involved In the affair
rise disgust of the sporting world
over the burlesque given under the
guise of a botingeoates Is without
Referee Charles Eyton said today
with reference to the ftsht
Burns statement today Is the first
intimation I hll about any ngreemcn
between the mon I am not surprised
however at the rovoliuonh us there was
plenty of suspicious circumstances I
culled off all bets last night after a
conference with Manager McUarey Wi
found many suspicious circumstances
connected with the betting and agreed
that It would be an Injustice to the
public to allow the bets to stand I am
glad personally that the exposure has
been made for It will help to shut some
of those out of the boxing game who
are In it for dishonest purposes
WaMilngton May Answering some
criticism which followed the designation
ot Brig Gun William S McCaskey to
hu major general which promotion wan
made over the head of Brig Gen
Fredk Funslon the senior brigadier
the following statement was Issued to
day ut the war department
Concerning the recent promotion of
Gen McCafkey notwithstanding the
seniority of Gel Funston Gen Boll
the chief of staff Hold today that prior
to Gen MeCnskeya promotion he had
personally reeehvil a letter from Gen
FiniHton in which ho stated that he had
no objection to Gen McCaskey s promo
tion ahead of himself because of Gen
McCaskeys character ns u soldIer and
his civil war record and that he would
gladly have made this statement ofll
chilly were it not for the fact that this
would be amimlng that the Will de
partment Intendcd to promote him be
Outline ho was the senior brigadier gen
eral an assumption he did not care to
make but he desired the chief of staff
to know his trim sentiment upon the
subject and for thai reason whole
peri anally about the maiter
lSpfriil to the NVwf J
Washington P r May 9Thn commhi
shorter Ronernl It tile land ofiVc ban ion
clnrtHil ihi tlipnrtmiHn order of April
26 1W1 which In tKfrt Miigpcndnd nil en
tries lo font ImilK by Indlviiluiilf IIR wftll
at nlmllnr nclfrtloim made by the Stub
or tlnh The revocation of the order re
ferred to will tiihuire all area lylns nut
Fide Hif rnii Hint mineral iirnH This
hint dcriHinti iciivf all allllt Inn l PC
UclloiiM from siispeniilon rInd pending
eiiHcH will at OI I P tiiken up and noted
hitch by Hie fiinil in ltd office
Tlionift K illminhiilmn 3111 rica
Ilah hun bin iniHilnt an iiKSlftnnl
forest niiiffi xiit st IIId to duly on the
the IliitaTi iiill > nil latent
Sxilnl 0 I lie Nev 1
hinttoii n c May Clu MH > I
hers w UR IPlun1 Id bits IIhllf of
Vyotni tug I iii innliy whool Innd Mire
lion In Tiunrtiini Uyo dlbirlot lll Ko
n hindu j1grseitiutg llTtS trr and on
lUy I n Hiiniili IM In Ilio anm dlMrl
was npptceuu JBgrcwatlng 8 < 7S seven of
Uov HIiimtnliDrg only by night Snil
tor Uornh cundiicted tlio exnmlnatlan
of Walhci
AValkei MI ci Ill Iniil formnd an
opinion tu > < retain 1111111110111 thllt
Wfuld rcaulr pretty strong ovldfineo
tn remove VtiilKuf II Iso Wild lie wa
nppoMKj lo tI Iii iii i pinil ohiuutent whfrr
chili rnetftiu I hi t eelilciioe enteitd Into
tin maitci II was thorvtipon dial
linvixl bv Ih 1 uiroecipJ iOn Tlm rte
retue iciiUtcii nnd rrafirvoit the uI git I
to 1 iuetin I h propof d juror Inter
itll fill I bOi < h usl Ihi u rats thn III 1t11
IJhlll cut Bo mporarlly
0011111 H McIntyre n former ret
1r11111 In thi county for 10 yonr wits
helnfoT riucntlonci when tho inn tihlvuiut
hcIe mull oclools wu orIArI
N diu lihHiiiiillny till flirt that tho
12 men In tIlt jury box hUll not bosh
11011 Judge Wooij ordered that tl11
bo UoH toucther
I = Jl rIl1Y
San Francisco Streetcar Strike
Situation Shows no Sign
Of Improvement
Cars Will he Starleil With Ireus of
StrlMlircultrrs Under tho Pro
tection of tlic Police
Sun Fmnclico May PTho outlook
for trouble in tho streetcar strike today
IH more serIous according In the police
than It Ivies yesterday Seventy morn
strlkobiwikors nrrlveil In the city dur
ing the night and wer0 conveyed quietly
to the TTnlted railroads barricaded
yard and power plant nt Turk nnd Kill
more streets where more than 100 cots
have been Installed for the accommo
dation of the notiunlontsls
The company will run cars from the
barn at Oak and Broderlck streets thla
afternoon and the undemanding In
that none of tint operatives will be
armed Tho police will furnish an es
cort of O or moro olllccrf mounted nnd
In automobiles its was done yesterday
The roulu for tho run has not been an
The arrival today of Prost Mnhone of
the Interntttlnoal Street Cnrrnens un
ion is awaited with great Interest He
hria u mime for executive ability cool
ness and diplomacy and It Is hoped by
some that his presence In the city will
have a deterrent tffect on violence
The committee ot CO appointed by
Mayor Schmltz will meet with him at
his ohioan at 10 oclock this morning
San Francisco May 9 1130 a mAt
this hour crowds are congregated at
Tune and Klllmore streets wiicte Police
Captains Mooney and Gleason with t O
men arc doing patrol duty around the
companys burnt and power plant
Capt Mooney reports that there has
haunt no disorder today and that no ar
rests have been made
The United railroads will < alt two
cars manned by strikebreakers out of
the barns at Oak and Broderlck streets
early this afternoon The nonunion
men will be brought In covered wagons
with mounted police escorts from the
pouor house at Turk and Klllmore
as was done yesterday The days run
has been finally decided upon but It Is
understood that no attempt to penetrate
the nui hied district will be made It Is
not thought likely that the cars will
be run Into the Mln < lon street district
as that Is thickly populated with strike
sympathizers and affords an abundant
supply of piled up bricks and stones
While It Is true that thai company yes
terday succeeded In running two curs
manned by unarmed strikebreakers
for six miles through the western ad
dition nnd the Richmond district with
police escort 11 Is pointed out that
small hope Is entertained of resuming
operation on the whole system for the
IKIEOII that the police force In Inade
quate to the emergency The force Is
composed of 700 men only 30 of them
mounted Forty police were employed
In yesterdays run over a tingle division
of tho system and oven this number of
olflcers was Unable to prevent tho hurl
Ing of stones or lo disperse the mobs ot
thousands of men and boys who run
with the cars and only refrained from
dragging the strikebreakers from oft
tho platforms out of fear of having
their heads broken by the clubs of the
police Furthermore tralllc cunnot bo
resumed wlthoul them
It has been suggested that the police
force could be enlarged to udeiiuato I
propoi lions by the appointment of
fcevoial hundred special ofllcers While
additional real protection would be wel
comed by all peacedesiring people In
the city In some quarters the fear Is
expressed that In the appointment ot
some hundiods of specials many union
sympathizers would creep Into the serv
ice and the result tlieri of would lie did
1215 p mDlh of the CO police
men now on duty ut Turk and Fillmore
streets were sent to Oak and Broderlck
shortly after noon to accompany thin
strikebreaking curs throughout their
Chicago May 90111 of the moat
persistent and nystenmtle confidence
gangs that over operated In Chicago
WIM broken up yesterday for a tow
years at leapt when Patrick U Touhy
Phillip Uulfer IMu Hurnett and J C
Daubach were found gullly of obtnln
mg money under fnle pretencoH by a
jury In ludgn Ito tie court
These men were ur iinlzi > rH amid man
ngers of the Chleago Jlereuntlle 1 Ito
liortliiRT nRWipy with otllccti at Ill
AVnshliiKton street U wits a Inks
pinploymenl ngrncy with n lido line
of swindling by mcnn of netting con
trncta on thin oarlmn per game llul
fer Touhy and IluriiPtl wore centPlieed
to till ponltonptlnry while Uanbnch
who wad only a clerk wits fined 3PO
The sentence In prlnon IM from one to
live years
rite victim wore all men and wo
men of the poorci classes mostly small
HurnoitK method was to cnll on n
storekeeper In thft outir parts oC the
city and ask If his firm the Chicago
Mercnnllls t Hoiiortlng agency coulil
not tnko over n few nncollecterl bills
for the shopkeeper at u mall commis
sion Obtaining consent lUirnntt pn
ducod n blank hook and asked the
shopkeeper to flgn bin name to one
of tins pages to complete the con
Tho not the storekeeper heard Will
to roculve a bill for o from tho Chlcngo
Mercuin tile Hoportlng sigeney Ask
ing what It wait for he was shown a
contract with the victims signature
attached In which contract titus shop
keeper had agreed to pay the company
J20 for services performed Occasion
ally Touhy and Ntilfer would start suit
without bonding any bill if the victim
was not fait enough In his payments
a levy would bo made
The employment part of the agen
cy wns n fantasy Men and women
who applied for Jobs were required to
deposit 2 or 13 and cent to places
where no help wus needed day after
Lillian 1 Miller nt lUvjull of Wreck
On thu Pennsylvania
rhlenjto May I11111 M Miller one
of tho Injured in the wreck ot the Ieim
vylvunla rnllrortd lsh ur flyer III which
Maynr Fred A LItmus also wan Injured
nn the night ot Feb 22 wax udjuilgoi
IIIMIIIO l > y Judge 1nnd lit HIP county
court yesterday Minn illlleis Insanity Is
said tn have teen n result of the shuck
sho received In the wreeli
51I Wlllrr WhO Is 22 years old hail
been vlnltlnp frlcnile In the eaSt and was
on bier return to ChlcaBO wlim the wreck
Tha county ofllolnls know little of bier
family except that her mother lives
somewhere III Kentucky I
Koek Lslnml Sued tw ir tttHW for
Death of Flltccn Mexican Laborers
Kaunas City May 9 Aii attorney fur
Jose U Doaat Mexican conaul In Kmi
pua City brought IS auils In Iho clroui
court yenliinlay tiKulnst the Chicago
Hock Island nnd I Jaclllc Hallway com
inlay for actual clnmaK IIZRVCHHUUK
lloa fur the diath of 15 ItisSiettui labor
crt klllvil III HIP runronil eolllxlon ncir
Volluml K in Jan i 1507
Lender of Mob That Ilanxctl a Negro
Charged With AhMiult
South McAIenter I T May 1111
giand jury In thy United Suites colin
here yesterday returned Itidlctmen
oharglnc J II Nnwniivu and John Wit
limns 01 Durant Tliomas fjiwrMico qt
Sterrett and Seymour TUlo of Texan
with mui < J r TJmy are oiareed tutu
being tho leaders of a mob which hanged
a negro Jamo Williams charged with
attacking a white girl at Stcrmt March
iijl2VATOU MEN STltllvi
Chicago May tAt the plant of hit
Otis Biovator company 27ti men went
on strike yeatonlay Thoy were ma
chlnLstH crui irnii and allied linden The
latter struck out of sympathy for the
machinist who demanded an increase Hi
wages of 25 cents a das
linltlmoto May 91hn Susan D An
thony memorial fund of JflMXio to promote
tho causo of equal suftraBfl luw LSCII cent
pleteil nccoiillnn to iidvlces reculveil hut
today Thu gchcnn orlKlnatod at tho nu
tloiial womnnH euftnitro oonvcntlon holil
In HalUmorc a year aG list February
Tlier wpro 2S canlrlbutlann In amounts
of JVi I1IOO and SJDI each and one of
JSJon fmni II frleml
Nw York May 11h x > altlun of the
Ft < unixhlp comuanlcd aifoeted by the
utrlki nt loiiRnhorsmen Is growing mom
I serious Fiei ht In nut being moved and
the piers are becmlnR congested rite
stcaiodhlp eompanlM rtortH to net fWpfl
out on time was lllutrutod today In the
case of fTio Oaciir II If thu Sonndlwi
Inn line iluc tu nail thin afternoon
Stewards and Saudis und oven the wlro
ICSH tolegniph oporiitor on the HtoamT
anus impressed to freight handling and
every one ef them today was utrugxllnu
With boxes barrcld andi casks Memitlmo
crubwomon Rtithcrod In the city were
performing the work usually done by the
towards Strikers and employers both
continue firm
Havann May I5ull1r oports dur
ing April show that ibis crqp Is tho
lrCfIIt over gathered In Cuba
Seven Millions Increase In Salt Lake
City and County Shows That and More Over and Above
Last Years Realty and Other Values Interesting
Figures of Growth and Progress t
county AHuvniior Campbell liiown and 11111 hold uirm have completed the
a lfeMnpll i III biin county for the year 1007 arid It shown A phnnoiuunal In
crease over llifuawssmont of last yeir Ths total nMttiHnitmt this year in
STfiS84U nn compurud with H total ot JHBn278 for Ifmt Gar an increase
thlH year of 7IR7160 Of thin Intrwins about 4600000 U In the city anil Lbs
rvmalmlur In tho county ouuidu tho city limits
Taking intii coiiBldnnitlon the fact that tlm law passed by the latt lent
lature cites nil thu propurty of thn Utah Uglu d Knllwuy uomitivny out ot
the honda of butt county ntHevnr ami places its IIneu11lent with the stats
bourd of ciiuallzatlon tutu the law exempting mortgiig from taxation It
will b8 seen thai the Increuwi III the assessed vnluatlon In Ildet vwy Urge
the docritiiM In Ihe valuation In this txiunty by taking out the Utsh Ulght
Sc HiillMtiy 110 port In JIti3M5 and the dnervata by rowon u the exemp
tion of murtKaKM from taxation In J331wn
Heal estate tilmiMt nn liicreHiHMlvaliiuUoii ot Wa4Jil over last your and tin
total valuation of poriKinal prontirty thin year In llTMtMT an Ineruu of W
lOXilit over lant your The only ducrraitm on the malts till your ure ljtttlUd
mining eliilniH jliip nwlnc and wmo other mlHcelliinoouii jHop tty A compar
nuts Ulilu nhiiuln the i 11118111111 for last year und tills and alno tho In
Cheeses and dicrenuav fiou
I limy I IIIII7 1 lncrtin1 I IOflvnL
I pill Jniiu I i t IIHin7 jlia1I70m 1 JllllKIH 15
11111111111 liuiiliti 1I1I11II 1 1111111 I 1117111 1 111
iiiiiirmuiiK iiaHVIuYi j IIIOiN111 JII17
llrn > i > I 271111111 m71I11 llillilA 1
Ciillln I iumi 111111 I 711t
hulno I 1 lili iKio I I IJII
lice 1 1111I111111
McrflmiiilUn 0 injHL5 n i in 170 1IIlIri
Miiclilnrry I iiinisi 211i11711 7iuiiy7
Hohcm cnillK 1 IMil 7117 tllSHi1 tlUIJlI
Mdlioy I LilJH7 aIIJ L 711 I
I iisouiii I iitnperiy not
1J111L1Ih t riniiiiiTiilril iljIlliilt 77111 i WI
I j
Ciranil inlJiU IsrIII121111811f1fiHrJ1 IS 7111111I11
= = t 1
American Laborers Allowed to
Return to Work Without For
eign Interference
Mayor Brown Obtained Confer
ence With Strikers and Will Sub
mit Demands to Smelters
Situation to bo Inquired Into Tills f i
trrnoon Many of the Strikers
lcullIg tlio State i
Today is this second day of lie smelter i
or strike at Murray mid the big plant
of the American Smelting Ucflntnvr
company Is still closed down with the
Crooks Italians and Austrians em
ployed lucre still out on strike
The arrest of John Sturvltch by dep I
uty xhurlffB yesterday afternoon for
rioting seems to have put a quietus
on the violence for this morning when
the American laborern employed at
tho smelter formed In a solid body In
Murray and marched to the smeller
sate they wero not mobbed although
a crowd of SOU reeks Austrlans and
Italians had gathered thoro lo prevent
anyone from entering
The Americans are at work today
anti are Hooping the one furnace still
I In operation from burning out and
thus stopping the thin blue haze ot
smoke that still Issues from the big
stuck as a algnul that tho company
has not been completely tied up
Other gongs of Aracilcaii IIUIKOHH
and Btructurnl Iron workers employed
In constructing a brick and steel build
Ins weal uf the company ollkex
luiBMtd through the lineS and went to
work this mornIng While no duet
gency cull WUJ sent in five deputy
sheriffs arrived ut 930 oclock and te i
miilned during the morning They
seers Deputies Coiless Steel Sharp I
Andrew Smith and I A limery At i
11 oclock things looked no quiet thiu
Sharp Steele ail Corless left for
Union wIth this intention of searching
for moro Jewelry In the rendezvous of
tho two robbers captured In that ice
lion Wednesday Ths left Smith and
Emery on guard at the company gales
and they were noon Joined by Butler
who come down on a later car from i
Salt Luke
The foreigners kept oil the streets I
today mure than ycstorUay ami con j
gregated mostly around their homes
Mayor Brown secured a conference
with their leaders last night and to
day hnd n proposition to put up to the
smelling olllcloJs While Its details
have not been made public It consists
of a revised wage scale Braining a
ralso of 25 cents pur day for the la
borers below tho grade of mechanics
Manager Charles Whltlcy in the Knit
Lake oiliues ot the company was in
constant conference this morning With
other ollleluls antI Hits afternoon liii
will visit Murray in the hope ot patch
Ing up a final truce which will brine
the men back to work tomorrow
1 can tell you much more about tho t
situation this afternoon ho declared
at 1 oclock I have been at work on 1
tho situation nil morning and have t
prepared a wage rchodulo which uve i
will offer the men at a meeting with Ij
their committees Ibis afternoon hut I
do not care to announce this seheduo
Just at present
The strikers consist of 1200 men
mostly Greeks Italians and Austrian f
Their monthly payroll amounts to tt
GOO over 65000 Of Which Is said to In
shipped to Europo
The Inn today ore trying to eeuuiq
a strike among tho employes of the
ningluun Junction smoltors find these
men have demanded a ralso giving tho
company until tonight to reply to theIr
domanda Mnny labor agents luo
busy today trying to sectno men umon
tho strikers for Nevada points and f
for tho Woktern riicllie right of vnv
throush Nnvnda Every wir coming to
Salt Lake this morning tarrldl foi
ilgnem with hair blankets headed for
these jMilnts whftrn WIIR S aro hlRhr
than offered nt the nmelters
One rtnllan lrllnrom iixpnnoil thn
idluallon from bin vlow point tbU
mnrnlng by doelarlnc1 that thIn waRn
were too low and thin IIIMI were rout
iMa under rcpottlod offers of belt i
wagflB elHewhurn We will nover ki
back ho nil Id nt tue old wafO
Either wrt will sot the liuieane d
rmindcd or WI will pack up and lci
Murray for other pojnln whnre warn
ar from JM to J4per ility On thn I
roininltteo raprfiAeritlng Uiu ilrlkeiK is
one American one Italian nnd nr <
0recks and Audtrluni
James Ilmlflotil iilntl Slit lie Nild
1 im Sotu nil UN a Dollar
Da Mulnejt la Muy fl I urn 6i but
lounrt on a dollar anti good for nt kiL
Altor havlmj miulc thin r niiik
James Jltnlfleld a plonker ot Foi
eounty tMtlfylnc an R witneets in i
civil action hum esterdsy supped I
ward In JUf chair and dropped to
loir dsa4 lie was unnwarhiK iti
ml question n to iris put to u uitiic I
when he jocularly boated HB ab
liLlI1 STIIJ is Tlhl an n
New Yoik May 9JCfCorts it lnuii
tile this morning lo pull thts Whit <
itar line ataamed Ualtlo out f th <
ijetti oC mud In Inn awash > luiuii In
which kitet Wets run last ovtnliiK whIt
on her way tn Llvcipool fdll d Foot
tiNs pushed and hauled at the scuiner
btslnnlng nL fiau u m but tivv tuituld
not budge her
New York ilay 9 Klfty thounuiiil
porMonv rruudrd hil < > the lidiK at Conuy
tkland lam nlnht lu biur ihu Vl miu
utiolr who are vlvltlnv ihu emmny
for It day to Ming Tin affair had
bcon lirrungcil iii give the U iiuni
st < ltlnK ooiietlcn ri t ii rca tutu N sss t <
nn < > poitunlt > i 0 net und ii 1 Hi
t i tun vUitoiH mid lie ninmliii uf
hu soulllua turnoil out In foriu

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