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I 1t
> rrtnnii 11111 < > rll Il II mil her ttiK11 nllli YK8I fliwlj Notice HHti DESERBT E Tlie hi llIlllldlll 1I1I1H 1
I nro uihirllswl fur1 EVENING N E W S Incldcnti till MliTrlmiH lit quoin ot IIII cheer lot
Not Satisfied With the Fifteen to
I L Twentyfive Cent Increase
l Offered
Meanwhile a Quiet Anxiety Pre
vails and Deputy Sheriffs
Remain Ready
Jinny Men Arc Keporteil Going Into
Oilier Holds AVlicro Wages Arc
Higher Tlian Here
1 Al noon Information was sent to
nil strlkersthrough notlco post t
the companyofterlrig a raise
J od by
k of 10 15 20 and 25 cents per lour X
t graded according to tho class of
labor The men wore requested t
to come to work itt 3 oclock this f
1 afternoon IE tho raise wan satis
factory but up to press time none j
had reported It Is understood t
they are wilting for n raise of 23 t t
cents Hat to all men employed
The strike of Grookc Austrians find
Italians at the Jimray plant of tho
American Smelting and Ucflnlns com
pany Is still In progress today A
thin line of smoko continues to Issuo
from tho biff smoko fitack but It Is
not bigger than yesterday and cornea
from tho single one of the eight fur
naces whore n lira la kept burning by
the foremen
Meanwhile the force oC deputy sher
iffs remain on duty at tho entrance
10 the companys ground ready for
any emergency but conditions arc al
peaceful and quiet us though no dls
turbanco had ever existed A peculiar
feature of the strike U that the for
eigners are not 11 I particularly ugly
mood and wave no grievance against
tho company or Its officials except
that they pay wages less than labor
solicitors offer In mal other locali
General Manager AVhltlcy 11 on tho
ground today In personal charge of
tho situation Ho spent this morning
going over the situation with Supt
Norton and this afternoon another
meeting has been arranged between n
committee of tie men Mayor Brown
or Murray and the smelter officials
There Is leally nothing new to give
out dcclracd Mr Whltley at the
company offices this afternoon The
men arc very peaceful and company
property Is not damaged through the
strike We have a proposition which la
being considered but about this I urn
not yet ready to make any announco
Mayor Brown was located at his
store in Mnnay and he admitted that
the peace negotiations by which It
hail been hoped to bring the men buck
to work tills noon had failed and that
there was yet no prospect of definite
tint Immediate bcttlcmcnt
Fiom jitrlkero the Info muton wan
PIII that tho company has offered
11 rise not of 25 cents pgr day all along
tin line iis was demanded but of 15
1IIH per duy In one delia rtfl eats all
> IciHH In others tho majority of tins
1111 n receiving thr 25 cent raise I
nw thought that this would bring
most of them back to their work today
hut as they failed to report It Is uvl
iVm that they are waiting for the 21
fnt rise lu every case
The western labor fields mo still at
rutlng the foreigners more of whom
leI today with their ItnkrtH Indicat
ing that they are headed out of the
< v > uiitiy To cheap wan the only
Ilmmenl they would make In discus
Ing their wages at Ira although
1 i while leader whose picture Is
> < n In Jho accompanying snnp shot
IOU 1 iULlurd that tho wage schedule
in free here Is lower1 than at any
1111 In Ihl American Smelting
ti 1 and Unit this fact gives LImo men
1 wnm cling that I ralfo Is about duo
Vorkea Tnaellior for Two lliiyr He
rllL ItccoMiilzIng lliiili Oilier
A Joyous motting occurred nt the Altu
rhtli ypHteuluy afternoon I WUH not
mining thr < lnb member but Just ottt
ld of the Inllldlng which IH bulng
repaliiicil and docornted VIIUam An
rain Im known Us nil wns lent out by
t I i Inn hi charge to ii
II CI1lO aptend color An
f iiT fellim came out Inter and with
1 any tHin wunt to work tinting lime
mdiiw tashes lllll thought fiom
I ii wtart he had neji tho otherfollow
IliKwhcre but whern lllll has tray
f Itl 11 over the globe nnd might have
i > lllhll genial looking chap In Africa
3IgIII fbi 11m I nit or 1111 In Texan
Hie other follow was Tom Hen
KIIIIH ii painter all globe Irotler nlno
Ji1 kept 11 eye on his companion nt tho
1hpl cm of Ihn hulldllig and he too
womrrci He cit cerlnln ho had Idiown
I in otiui nmti some herO but whoie
Ji iniKht hiue moQ In India or Cunuda
run in tims northwest
The hvu mIl worked almost side by
m if for tvo days I wan u Inlght nf
1lllnl vcHterduy nnd Tom WIPH and
whistled cheiiy Hutldcnly II mvung
n to the
I tl The Irolcstuul Boys iai
1101 IIIL 10H
ving lime tuiiis but singing his own
Ihl111 111 IWr
vorciH mil rdgod over and grabbed
t 1 suiptl e I roinpanlonN I im mid nlmoiit
iHiiitcd Tnm UunlamH an I live
lOn nirnid around n light IneaK
II IHII Axiiulih I sear by my Aunt
itKM The tO mon lmm lntely
t > Knii u Hunppliu of talon Hint
HUH going on to time mush
or unlKhinif pilnt hruihis 0111
at noiith one dny amid Tom
nl tn th northwest Neither hnd een
Nolhl Ild eel
n oihfr Hliifi mull yuBtirrtny Ilnth I
111 IHh
II l rhunufcd miKiitlly but thoyiij living I
i > ii i hi Kmtl 111 111 H uKnln an they j
tiC 11m up the 11 ciuba hum
r 1
It is a Boy and the Title He Will
Bear is Prince of the
In rtooni AilJoliiliiK Hop Apartments
AVcro Gathered Cabinet Members
Cranilees and Ambassadors
Madrid May 10 Queen Victoria gave
birth today to I son who becomes heir
to the throne of Spain
The birth of the royal babe has been
awaited with eager Interest throughout
Spain The news from the palace early
this morning that tho accouchement
was Imminent spread like wildfire and
crowds tlockcd to the great plaza front
ing the royal palace Th happy event
had taken the capital somewhat by sur
price for only yesterday afternoon the
queen had taken her customary drive
and the court physicians had Intimated
that another two weeks would pass be
fore confinement
It was learned from the palace au
thorities that the queen had been taken
with the first pains of chlidblrth dur
ing the night Messengers were hastily
dispatched to the prime minister and
other chief court dignitaries an the
event of an heir to the throno of Spain
1 > dn event of the deepest political sig
Through the inMy morning ministers
and big functionaries arrived at the
court of the palace
Meantime ward leached the waiting
tluongs that the queen was piogress
Ing well The doctors pronounced her
condition normal anti satisfactory King
Alfonso remained at the queen bed
At S oclock this morning the king
cancelled the meeting of the council of
mlnlsteis which was to have considered
current stato affairs
At 10 oclock the high functional of
the state alt capital with many am
bassadors and ministers In their court
costumes hud reached the palace At
noon this assemblage at the nobility
and power of Spain was grouped nobity
royal apartments set aside for otllclal
ceicmonlos awaiting with feelings of
profound emotion the announcement of
the birth of tho heir
Tho birth of tho babe occurred at
1245 p m The announcement was Im
mertlateiyoonvoyed to tIme waiting olll
dais and crowds outside the palaco
who received tho glad tidings with
tclnHs wlh
mingled feelings of enthusiasm and
emotion That the
emolon queen had beon
blessed with a 501IL male heir to Ihl
tin one was no less
Ilmmewal 10 wclcoim than tilt
happy event ItHolf ll 110
The boy will be named Alfonso
In no monarchial country In the
world Is the ceremonial observed at the
birth of tho first offspring of hit kinA
and queen so rigidly stately and formal
as In Spain and on this occasion so
Klgnlllcunl for tie IJourbon dynasty
when an heir to thu throne was no
anxiously nwnltcd nothing was omlt
ted from the courtly etiquette
From the moment when Queen Vic
turla was oillclally announced tci bl
apprehending the period of maternity
the moat careful surveillance wan ox
erclbcd over her In order that tho
hopes of Hit country should not nU
any risk of beIng blighted
Several months before hoi aocuunche
nunt according to Spanish inyul cus
tom this uncoil took up her roUdunco
at tin palace in Madrid to await tho
anxious jnonunt Thcntv accompanied
by the king Hue has undertaken from
time to t111 pilgrimages tl various
holy Hhrlncs to pray for a sure dolly
prance In thu caiiui way us the hUI
blest Spanish woman
For tiullo month preceding the aus
plcloim event inuinhcrH of the proud
SpaiilHh nobility have heel In constant
attendance at limo uliiri
IlfI1hll It 1111fl 1 precau
t ion mm gimi list the nnwulLumu prise of
n Pmemmlml tutu birth while tie twwiburs
of til loyal family havo taken up
their rtsldiiicu olthnr II the palaco 1
Helf or war lit Imli mid In the capital
When at length Dr I IeII cuing the
oung llngllxh doctor who attundnd tlu >
iiecn I fi Ito Ilimeemi that tie birth was
a matter of only it few hourK urgent
miMHHgtw WUEfi nent to tin jiivmlor
Biiuir dnu rim and lilH cotleagucH of time
ahllll tilt mllllary guvumoi of Mad
rid Lila iiUiiiboiH of limo diplomatic
coipx time granduiH the knights of thu
pllnuliml ardor of chivalry IhA lead
ing military und rlvll II lnmrl t los and
11 time ladles und Kuntlcmeii uttachod
to the diuit
SOl all the nlllclnlH wcm gathered
11 tul ii lIlfnll and wearing tho glit
tering Insignia of their Illcu miss In
tho grand icceptlon room gorgeously
dinpid with tapnutiy iKljolnlng llm
royal pilvatn I PUtt mnents amom tluiKo
intUlU bring thu A i no rica ii mlnlHlor
Mr Colllur There In stipproKncd ox
rltiMiitiu mill liimlicil uxiiectancy they
ttaliod and llulr utcn Ion was ut
atlructcd by tho inovrmcnt of Jeavy
rurtuliiH at lImo und o Limit iipartinoiUH
and limo oponmg of tho door Icadliii
from the royal rooniM
The ton Dorn today to HIlS Alfonso
II smith Queen Victoria nlll according
to n decree of tli < HpanlMli governmonti I
bear the tltlt of Irlnc oC the Asturta < <
The principality of thf mitoEt wa i
formerly the mountain r > futio oC
Iht aborlglnul Inhabitants ot Spiln
who lemnlncd thuio unl couquuid
allko by Itomnn and Moor II many
respects the Asturlas Is regnidrd as
thu cradle o the Spanish monarchy
hence the pride token In the title of
the Prince of the Asturias
Queen Victoria the mother of the
ioyal Infant was man led to King Al
fonso on May 31 lOG amid scones of
tho greatest splendor followoil by th
honor o 1 bomb explosion which
killed scoios of people and narrowly
missed the royal coach In which their
majesties wore retaIning frO church
Considerable etiquette and publicity
attended the birth of a loyal child nt
Madrid King Alfonn April 3 signed
1 decree ordering tho necessary prep
arations for tho presentation of the
child to the high officials of Spain and
the diplomatic representatives ac
credited at Madrid immediately after
tho birth The decree after naming
tho various olllclals and others to he
present at tho birth eald
As soon as the accouchement Is an
nounced ai Imminent all the person
designated by the king hi thf eC1I
shall he notified to come to the pnlucn
iii fut uniform Immediately utter tho
child Is born the mistress tho robes
shall Inform the piemler who shall
then announce to the per olf present
the sex of tho child lIt the saint time
Informing the captain general of Mod
rid and the commander of the royal
halberdiers so that they may f
promptly as pcuwiblc gIve the orders
for the proper signals and solutes
In order that the Inhabitant of
our glorious city o Madrid may know
whether the newly born chili is a
prince or princess the Spanish royal
Standard shall be hoisted over the
palace and a salute ot 61 guns fired
In case It should bo a prince fC the
Asturias and In tho ovent of tho
queen glvlnsr birth to a prlncena a
Milute of 15 guns fired and n white
Hag hoisted Should the vent occur
during the night cither colored lan
tern or a white light shall bonoHt jd
an thl caso mas b < > < <
As soon us this has boen carried
out the child shall bo prosontod to the
diplomatic corps and other pcrotngeo
present by the premier accompanied
by time mistress of tho robes and the
chief court chamberlains
The minister of justice ai kings
notary will then draw up tho cer
tificate of birth nnd record n the
presentation thus terminating the
Ttnports weiv circulated alleging
disagreement among the queens
teal attendants and the departure
from Madrid f Dr Cilendlnnlng the
English physician together wIMi tho
English nurse but they were found to
be unfounded Both Pr OletidlnnlnT
and the nurse In attendance were In
harmony with Prof Guletorret the
Spanish physician who had charge of
the medical attendants at the ac
The formal announcement of tho
birth of the infant was made by tho
CamiiRira mayor mlstrewi of tho robes
to Premier Maura who formally com
municated the fact to the distinguished
company In the words
It It prince
fleiitlemcn II a rlce
The news was greeted with the great
est enthusiasm which swelled Into a
spontaneous cheer as King Alfonso
himself entered accompanying the
ciimaraia mayor currying u hugo sil
ver tray upon which was lying tho
newly born royal baby covered with
dellcato laco garments The lufnnti
Kulnllc watt at the kings Rile us lie
entered with his now born son Piein
hem Maura at onco advanced and with
60IHO hesitation relieved the mlKtrogs
of the precious load Then bearing the
tiay tho prcclcr proceeded slowly to
tilt > center of the loom where all pres
ent crowded round anxious to obtain
n glimpse of the child which was prc
Kontcd to one after the other In their
order oC court precedence AVhuii the
curiosity of all those present was sat
Ibtlid tho babe was handed back to
tIt mlHtiess of robes and by the latter
its given to the royal null who 1m
iredlatcly toturned to the side of the
AH tho nurtic appearfid In the royal
iipurtmont n roar of eileen higs coulil
be heaid from the outsldn of the pal
ace In limo meantime Lime scenes In
tho Htreett otilsldc were almost be
yond description bustiiRHH had been
HiiHpended for hours provloim to the
announcement of the birth An hl
moiiHO inultltildn gathered In thin vicinity
monlo mlllWdl
cinity of 119 palace and when the royal
standard of red and gold lluttereU ml i
to the peak of the lliRHtaff on the
Piintu do Dliiinonto making Known
that ti nrlnco of the nturliiH um born
a great shout of Joy wont up from
the acHembled IIIOI I mmm motile I ely
afterward a wiluto n 21 guns carried
time news to the most lemota Ionllnutt
of tIn city and lhl iii iambi I ujitmi o Ihl
inrounding country An tie nix
teenth report resounded 115 111 only
would have bcon tlnd lo 11111111 tin
birth of a RIrl tho men women unil
children walling In I lie roots and
upon tho lialronleB and roof gave voice
to their Mitlgfiutlon and loon the
1III f1nn
which city wan rlnBlng crlcw of I < oiiif
llvo the prlnco t Ixuig 11 time quitii
und long hive the king
Sliiiiiltiinuiusly thr public U llhlnil
bloKKomed out an If by mntigic with time
tutu mmlsi m colors H nd liiKliiK dunclntr
miami otherwise enjoying almo time MI
tile pupiilatlon of the city h tan
Mtioamlnu In time dlrcitlon of time pal
tyirriuil lH lIt1 for Arrcct of Ciro
Nil lor rnim Illhli I mill
t ooniplnlnt wait l wiwl by the county
attorney toilay timid worn lo by County
Jlortlrulliiriil IiiKpwior J p Soronnen
iharplmt Korc NMylnr who r ililM of
IDrgl tuit OI1 JMlh Hmith truos
Nilt ilihit tlnff that horticultural Inw I
lefimlPK to r mav Irtlf idol hlA nrem
Hca wlilrli himiio tue ituiti MBll nnil m
deed The iiimilnlnt wan I lieu l III J uiihii
lilil couit ftiiil H warrnnt Issued for
4mivrI arrest
Will Take All Time Allowed by
Court to Secure the Hun
dred Men
One of Managers of Federation is
Convinced Will be no Secret
Hearing or Railroading
ICllj1S Vro Conspicuous by Absence
Jiihvard Bojcc Bv1rcst of Min
ers VIH be a Witness for State
Bole Idaho May 10 Sheriff Shad
llodgln started out today to summon a >
special venJ or 100 men ordered yes
teiday by Judge Wood of the district
court when thu regular term panel
was exhausted In the effort tf secure 1
Jury to try William D Haywood the
first of the ollcor o the Western Fed
eration of Jllners cMled to the bar to
I1JTZfl1f 6hare th state has placed
rgalikt them of Conspiracy and com
plicity In the murder of former Gay
Frank Steuncnbcrtr The trial Was ad
journed Into yo terday nCtmloQnunt
2 oclock next Monday when it Is ex
pected the now panel will be In at
tendance Counsel on both cities of the
case were confident today that 1 jury
will be secured by Thursday or Friday
of noxt week at the latest and they be
lieve that tho taking of testimony may
be begun befotc the week ends Tho
task of summonliifr 100 mel In this big
county Is by no means on easy one and
the sheriff expects to bo busy until the
last minute allowed by court An ef
fort has been mado to conFine the per
bonnel of the now panel to 1 radius of
10 miles from Boise thus making the
work outlined for sheriff Shad as
ho Is known here u trltlo less ardu
The laws of Idaho requite that theie
shall be 12 talesmen In tha jury box at
all tliiios during time pulectlon of a trial
panel and it was this provision of tho
statutes which caused the halt yester i
day ii tOll aoomi after threo men hail i
been nased without chulloiiKo for
euuse from dither side although theie
weio eight others In the box awaiting
ero33eumliidtlon by the attorneys for
the defcns Seat No 4 was vacant
rind until u Juror qualities for that posi
tion the Iximlnutlon ot the others
cannot 110 Id Unrtor time system of
Jury examination In vogue heie it is
ImpoMlhli 10 tell at any time just
what rent progess hits been made Tho
12 clialis big revolving affairs with
hlRli back plaeixi In rows of six di
rectly In front of and below the Judges
iKiieh will Hist be filled with mall who
havo pasRol the searching examination
of the prosecution and dofeimo without
n rhatJiiief for rmiNO such us bins ex
pressed or Implied t Then aich side
lies the right to exorcise 10 peremptory
All of thoie conneited with tho CUM
were somertliil surprlHo yesterday at
tho absence of any nagerneHR on tho
part of I lie enli emeu to avoid jury
Grover Cleveland j
And His Family
I a t Home i
t I The recent fflcbiatioti of I
Y t the seventieth anniversan1 of y
t i the Oil I living prcsideHt j
ft i If till r ntlid States was made
a IllltllllItOl affair at lr m
homc IH Princeton Now Jer 1
1 S y
Saturday News jr
I 1
5 tomorrow will present a group fa
o f the latest vifivt of the fain fa
aus statesman and members f
v of hit iiimily with nn inter fa
v Citing a > tide by a Wfll known fa
vritfr fa
fa Frank k Carhentfr send fa
f ii specially vivid article from fa
fa the Inca f of dfried j
fa The Saturday iuos will f
be crowded wlih other interesting
sing features among them Vf
1 bents a verbatim report of the ff
cent address of Hlder Jot
s cfh j Smith Jr on The Xii
I t
fIecesSIOII ii the President
> < Io < < >
pcrvie nut a small pcuenliiBe of thi
1 lliiti examined hul PXpiemeil 01
loinii nn opinion Mitllrli to rilh < unli
ty them Hiul the others declared thev
lieiued they could render uu nbh
lutel rail and Impartial vordlt fin mi
the evidence adduced and allowed bv
the lotnt The proceedings went for
ward with nil the calm and dispatch ot
the ordinary murder trial In any mod
ern community
In this connection thorn III an evident
deslri here on the part of both Hides
to vlb with one Rnoiher in the expres
lon of a feeling of good will and a
sentiment of absolute tair play Tho
spirit of conciliation everywhere np
parent nnd the desire of all partial Im
mediately concerned with the trial tu
prevent an untowaid lucltknt of nay
naturi whatsoever Is amply Illustrateit
by the action of the leaders ot the
Western Federation of Miners In trown
log down and finally defeating nlto
gether the plan of the more radical
members of the organization to hold the
annual congress set for lane 10 In
Boise rather tliun In Denver the head
quarters lhe radical element ins In
1I1 lent upon coming to Boise Uounnel
for the ptisoners when they heard
of this move counseled with the more
conservative and were quickly assured
by them that the proposition to hold
tho mealing In Boise would not be coun
It was said by a man active In the
management of the nffolis of the feder
ation today that the tank unl file of
the federation weie at last convinced
that theme was to lie no secret hearing
fr rulhoadlns of Haywood Moyer
and Iettlbone to the scaffold and then
was now a disposition to let time mat
tel be tliinUijhly threehed out In the
courts everything possible being done
legitimately aid the Imprisoned men
In their light for freedom The prison
ois stem to lmv every confidence as to
their future and believe their counsel
will bo able to clear them It Is thou
often expressed dvstre of the prisoners
and theIr attorneys that there shall be
no outside Interference either fiom
their own ranks or any other sounm
Uolse continues ns quiet and placid
as eor Tho people uro continuing
about their business and social af
fairs with nothing whatever to Indi
cate Hint this Is tin center of t
In a historymaking liial
Members of the Federation of MIners
are conspicuous by their abStract only
those timing business here being In evl
deuce Moyer continues as president
and Hay wood as secretary und treasur
er of the organization which oliilms
to huve 32000 men In gnud Mnodlng to
day und It Is necessary for the agents
who are acting fOI them to conic her
and discuss time affairs of the otganlza
IlIn from time to time A stacgerlng
array of witnesses is promised by both
sides in the Haywood case and If all
whose names are announced lire enllud
to the stand the duration of the trial
cannot even approximated Appear
ing In the Indictment of Haywood
Mayor nOd Fottlbone as witnesses for
the state are 14 names States counsel
yesterday tiled u supplemental list of 151
witnesses milking icr In nil The de
tonic It Is announced will cull perhaps
CO witnesses In all making 215 to be
heard according to present plans it
Is considered ns doubtful however that
nny sueh number will be placed upon
the stand
The federation initials wen liii roil
ed today to discover the nnmes of sei
eral former otiiclals und mambprn nf
their organization Included In the lIt
of the fitalei rrospeotlvo witnesses On
of tiise IM Ivdvuad lioyce formoily
president of the Western Federation
JSoyce III now n mine owner and lives in
Colorado Tho witness lint Includes n
hinge number of perwonn from rulclnell
who rived on tho hcene Immediately
following the tragedy They and time
coionei and other county olllrluls HIP
cxn < > rl d to b the Hint to lake the
Maud Clhcr thiin these witnesses timid
the tlttII ties omployed 10 gather ol
dence tin aniiiiinicil wltnefises Includo
hurry Orclmid who In allfKed to hovf
made a eonfenslon admlttlni that lie
plucd the liomb which destroyed Inv
Hteunenberg pimoils who its y they
sit v niehuril fleer the RteunenbcrK
liome the night of the murder Annan
Sutherland formerly sherIff of Hho
Hhoii counts who served tin nnrraitl
on Stpvn Adsm ao < IIMO < I of the munler
ol Fied Tyler xner l former strUn oill
halo nf Colorado liicilndlng former Oox
Jciibidy and others who lost itlool nl llm
piollmlnury hearing glvon Orehaid
C Hpc < liil to the New i
Washington D C May lOIont
nuutcr Tlinmn oomplotod bin work he
tome tim ti poHlolllco dupurtment licit1 yes
tcidny and left for homo lest nlslH
Din lust day wan spent In tho pontolllcu
iUiWrlment dlncu mn iuest bits iou
ivrnlng the increase of fuollltluH fOl
the Unit lithe nlllM A s 110011 UI In
leuchB Iiom Mr Thom will 11l y out
his program nnd prepiuv huts twain
nvnilutloiu to be lubmltttid to t tam de
paitnient for uppinval Ho is 11551 roil
In mtviliw that It In the pur pom of the
ilfjuirtinent tu afford the lilt m mclii I pont
uMtie In Itnh every possible fncllliy f ur
Imu ntt lImP g the m nit lie This 111 lie 0 ViY
thing ptmnllilf In tho lIIY uf piidem
fiitilpmunt U to iin glvon lu hue idle
and tho d1030a ri lii elm t pro oKe to go ih
llmll In mipplxliig nucli acldltloiiil clfrl
rul atnlHtiinrp hlll nil I III with the lNCI
UCHl yr an tho upiioprtatloiiH uull
nhlr will warrant
Salt Ltiko oillfp now ranks III fifty
1I0llonll In tho country In thin mallet of
volnmn of inuliifHH ilonn It hating
gained two points In the last neal year
In addition lo thin hnalnnmi luring llm
pant 10 months liulliatrH thu Ii will
jump aWl fnrihcr towards tht loon >
whop nil returns for current lineal year
IIrp In
Says the State Board of Health
Inspector Did Not Tell
The Truth
Vtiilih lllo Ills Iiwot Dentil lisLe
In the InlKil Rules Declares
lie Ecl lIthe
1h people of St George arc much
wrought up over statements or mis
statements as they claim of Dr Clark
Inspector of the state board of health
In ft report to that body rolatlvu to the
water supply of Utahs Dixie The
docinmnt tiled by Dr Clark wits quite
nn exhaustive ono and bile Sews
published a short epitome of the sume
The matter was taken up by the city
council of St George nnl the members
tinroot with the mayor prepared a
Rtn tement which covtar the signature
of the executive ban been forwarded to
the News with the request that It bo
given place In JiiHtiue to the people
of St Oeorge Following IA the com
munlcbtion lit full
In your ISHIIO of May 1 1 notice an
article wiitten upon tluj St Ooorgo
wilvr supply from Infojmatlon pur
portlnff to be given by a Dr Clark em
ployed bv the Hlatu board of health us
Inspector Till article IH given a con
spicuous lilacs In your paper In fact
Is on the front pugu where It ulll like
ly be Keen and lend by all your numer
on subscribers us Well ax many others
It states that the water supply of this
city comes fiom Nprlngs aomo two or
thif mile dlHlunt lunnlng through
beds of alkali and corrals without
number an thon In delivered to the In
habitant for domustlo and culinary
tiipist also states that u project for
piping jiuro wiitni Into the city wais
turned down llireu yuuis since by the
munIcipal Mithurltluu for the icaRon
that the system would cost BOIIIO 20000
Tillso above nutvmuiilii are Ineor
revt and In fact to into a biouler
term ire absolutely false The water
supply of our city coiniM toni two
groups of sprhiKH one tlowliiR from time
west and the othm from the caSt they
run over no ulkull lied nor do they
How through any cow eorriiU and whllo
the uaulor Is not as pure UH that from a
mountain spriiiK It uompaien tavoru
lily with that fif the wuivr from the
mnjoiiy of springs In Southern Utah
Tlifie 19 im iso a Inrnc volume of water
fully an mat uchi 01 moore Ihnn Hint coming
from tin afoiewild sprlnRg combined
fiom the Cottonwood Mjirlnf omo IS
iii lies dlitiiint thin IK pure mountain
I miter nnd In not polluted by alkali or
III tim from cornilH Ve hard no typhoid
or other contiijjlotifi dl iii es and while
Kdirnltlna wa ranlrur we nuffoivd IOK
than nny other cit y in Southern Utah of
the Hattie hfl am hat t ion
Dr Clark lens lieio IMO dnjs ho
may have known Itnil perimat tnt bofore
he einu lu certainly ulniU no mich
I ii ti a imat tan while h < re Tho people
of Hi George UK n whol enloy Hood
henlth In 1810 ulien the itS tiontti ceo
FIH wan taken the writer of thin was
uJellsJ ot e nu III thin locality
and when the rrpoit wan mibmltted ho
WHH erltlelKcd for the reAson that the
deutli iut for the preilous year which
wan reniilred WitH no Hinall It wan
lAss than any ton nf eiiml slz In
the nmiii KtatoK yet It wim correct
III eveiy 1Ilp Nt ii nil now out of a pop
ulation of 1701 to INUO more than SO
pirmiiiH can IIH foimu bntwoim ill and
V yiHjc of uie nnd wo nm doiriK nil
tlmt Is III our 1101 to malntuln this
lienltliful coiiillllon The jupHilon of
miring the waters or the rottonnood
HprliiRH iilwive nferrcd 10 and of Imnd
Inu tin city for the purpoiic will ho
0 U hiiiml u toil to the people ui an eiirly
dUll and UP ulnrvrnly hope In fact
have nn doub It limo oiiHUiiilinitioii
Dr lurk In from tile eimt ha been
but a few montlii In 1tali mid im In
npfrtor I K Icing imis utiniiHt I fear to
exprml the moii1 > v of thin mute to H
dlmidvantOK A Mali limn would per
hapN IIIKMV the citmiul I I loris bet tar It
IH not nn uncommon iirciirrcneo that n
tcnilerfoot comim fieri with the lilew
that h > kiiouM U all und Unit the I1 o
plu Alij have made tint state what It
IH know nothlinr for lilx opltiloim we
euro nothlu but itt 11 holilii I he mmoI
tln of limpoeior his report may und
PI1o1I1y will bo iiuulo n pun of hue
Uillmlrnl report of the niuto board of
I health ami for thin rHHi mid thin
only we object muit deeliledly to any
I inch Httuemcnt an he hitx mad We
mime pltanfU that you huve puhllihed
lh report Lie It 1i11 UH tlm opportu
nity if ilfiivhiB IhII othbrwlke we
umiM hdvi known nnthlnw tI fut It
Dr flu uk stats 1lfrll1 by our local
Phynleliili unit hcitlh olllcii Dr Jr J
Villiirv Unit there IH not u more
llialllifnl niinimmliy In the stub than
oil rot nnd In Vnodbuiy h a law ot what h <
U inllintf iilviui
J < tn lot fI II molllflll ll < U tllll
Dr liitli In KUfftilnu from tny de
Ill II Rll1on I of tljp Kidney CIIUI eil dy
linnurn water that he drunk In St
rjwirirn lil allmtnt I lttN bUlier ui i III
tact ncarM the ion of his head
Ht Oeorire Utah May T iDOl
i f M s irrfk JJ
20 t7tIr JtI JJa
i r 11
Chicago Journal Prints Story in
I Which it is Alleged Thai He
Served Term at Joliet
i i
Claims He Was Sentenced From r
Cook County for One Year i
For Burglary I i
Account Very Ch11I1I1 1U1I111I1IIllen 1
Siua Vnti Sneli n Man There
Mojor Denies tho Story Iii
Chicago May 10TJIC Journal ii
day prints n long tory in which It
IK alleged Unit Charles U Moyer
president of the Western federation
of Miners who Is about to be tried at
LiaIse Iduho for complicity In I 1j
the killing of former Gay titbunen j
berg served as a convict In the Inllet
penltontliiiy in this state In 18S HIM
1SS7 Tho date of his dlschuitfi Ie
wild to have boon Jan l 18S7 1
According to the lotirnal Moyer
wan sentenced from Cook rountv m
Fob I 1SSB to Horve ono yenr for
burglary Thin date of his discharacH
ti given us Jan 4 1887 The official
tocord of the lollvt prison In the i
case Is said to ho us follows
Nom Charles 11 Jlojer
Xnmber 705
Sentenced from Cool count Fob
4 1SS6
Aged ao
Term one year for burglar
Height 5 feet S Inches
Weight 168 poundH
Complexion medium duik
Color of eyes hazel
Color of hair dark brown
Occupation farm hand from loa
DlhcharKwl Jan 4 1SS7
At 1 oclock the otllce of the warden
of the Joliet penitentiary declared that
during the peilod mentioned by time
Journal a man beating the name ot
Chats II Moyer was an Inmate of the
prison Ills numbor was declared to
bo identical with that given above
Tho lecordH of the Chicago police de
partment show the following entries
under date of Dec 4 1S85 the name of
the prisoner bolng given im C S
Moyer In each Instance
C S Moyer alias Fred Hillier bur
glary complainant Ingoor Lius > en 721
Wont Luke street
John Keating burglary the PUIIIO
C S Mayor alias fred Usher bur
glary Swont P0 Jolfngyu S5 Koilh
wcst ni avfiiiuti
C S Moyer nllnti l rJcI IJakci idli
bory C Ii Muriihy 5S MUhltian
C S Mnyer alias Pied HtiUer ar
empieil rohbeiy Jucob Uinaiib i o
Walnut strict
C H Mojer alliiB Fid linker car
rying concealed wcapoiiK Jim lltirt
In all the above cases duplicate
charges were tiled against Juo Koai
hag who Willi Mill to have been a
partner of Moyor in the crimes com
Tho arrest was mantle ujion the mom t
Ing of Dec I 1885 according to this
jniirimlM Hlory by Iitiolman John
Ifnitnctt who In now a lieutenant at i
the Went Luke street police station allt7
was lor a time an Inspector Hart 1
null was going north toward AVood
street when he heard men running be t
hind him He stopped the men ami
asked where they wcie going Thev i
paid they weie going home Hartnett
then nuked one of time men who win
later Idontliled nf Keating what hU
name was Keating replied
John Kelly What Is your nnw
asked Haitnott of the other man
Frid Hnhor was tho reply
The man giving the name of Itukei i
opened hlH oat ns he spolie mid IJiirl
mist caught sight of a lovolvei lie in
onco struck the man across thu Cue
iv Lit iiI club knoekliiK him senseless
Kniilmg turn Ill and inn but wile
bruught tn u hull bv Haitnetta thiuiit
to shoot him If he did not whip r
Areordlug to the story printed bj tb
Journal Hartnetl uulttd untl the nuin
who wim afterward declared ki be
Mover roeovenvj und then niuvhid
both iiu n to the patiol box ui Wood
and Mmllcon MtreeUi where lie mitts
Joined liy Patrolman Thomiis lliimeny
who Is If till connected mmithm the Luki <
Ntiee HUitlon Heio Keating made uu
ulleiapt In ewciip but WAN recap
lined Hot Ii men vro then taken to
the 1Ak itt root it mao tItm m There Hcconl
IIIK to tho Journiil Moyti HIHI KaI
th > name of Fred llnknr and thou NUII J
lilH name wti ClinrloH Moyor Keatlnu
made no further allumpt to ioaeoul IHM
Identity and made a full calm fimiaka t of
the Climen IliuniCinlii ubove
Tlie two men were later hHii in i i
Kiund Jury In bond of ironn iuh i >
Justice C J AVIiltM at time IUHIIIIII
street jiollcr Htutloii
Jan 26 1SSC the men were vent > n < I
to Juliet Keating for two jvnni nut
Moyer for one year f The ehnrisc m
which the nenteme was bimert II u HM r
burglnry of IwiirikinM clothing KHO it
721 West Luke street i
IJwn lliirtnatt today conobormil nil P
nt UK tarts tilvnii above and HI id thn
h > hall been told afterward Him M < y > i
had ilMliirml Hint had lltirdieit l < n i
llttln Blower ullli his club li > uulil
have hitii killed I
nurnetl nald today
Mojer used to uinum1 hims if lit
miloomi by dhootlng pool bull In o 11
liocketH slUt his riViilvoi nml to hd
time general rapuUlion at tliu limit or
being a bad man
Jim KiMUlliK died vhllc a romn I m
tlio Jotlet peuulteim than nnd fill < > hi
lirotlicrx clmrlPN Kealimr ti h i
now u prUinii in the count v Jnl situ
W ii i nays knew that ciuni 11
Jloytir profldent of the AViniiin Kul
eiatlon lIt Miner wu tin iinm > ii
Will Mill to tho nlteniiury s lilt mv
brother Johnny I doll t reineinln i I < u
myiulf but he ued tn gu with m > I s
lIar and r have ofior liejiU mi r < IIi i
puuk nf him After Moyer un im < < i
the penitentiary hi > UMed lo mil in a
mutual aciuuliitiuiif Bumuel Wtlllanix
and Wllllumii Ullt tf read ib > enx it
to UK Ono time 8 IIlI came over ulil u
JIIIJt tvlllnir hi > w 1hBlIU Utyr hid I
Capnf made tIe Iliad of the mln ri un I
lunllit Kentlnx til notliui oi Jnhii I
Kvailnv iiday oouw Jloyei f IJIIII
the eiuiiw ot her sons iloivuiull Sim
hlhILrlll Jloyer left r hIClIIl i IK MH > II j
us he got out uf the poiillnitlmy but fur
I Illlltf tllll III miu tiP 10 Klll HllHlll >
ubi lived tX > l < oi in us Hiul WIlllaniH
iiKd ii tul UN Hi Ilium WlllluniN
luur ueni i < > MiiHMiiu nut wt liuvf nut
liiinl li4iin him since
rim lou ummul it lea prin Lit 1 IIIIr 1111 I t I
HKHH Iowa rtlilih is milmluntluiiv <
Kruilt M < ni rhlii of 101 lOr i
Jloom fni yd ii ii nnd now U onilovlor
on a Btrcet cnr lino hart m u brother ot I
i t1

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