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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, June 11, 1907, Last Edition, Image 1

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If iKMtit AAVAV for nil n nilvcrllsttir inonllt Hint rnou nt TOWN out trimiporlliu llnMrtl lii liicst in till icoi1c winld city D E S E R E Ir E V E 1 I N G N E W s I Porno omn tlio tiiy of coiifMi will lit Urn double ll real In of two u oMnlo In fun ymr1I1I vnliic jfills nUcrtl lit a of year c < l It to In
Atty Richardson Endeavors to
Make Him Admit That Detec
tive McParland Does
His Testimony as to Dynamiting
Bradley House is Vigor
ously Attacked
JMciv Dlnpram Mionliur Vtliore llrmltey
JJonib Wil Vluwil lpft WUnrs
Clmlr mid Kxplalncd It tu Jury
Dolsl Ida Juno Continuing Its
crossexamination of Hurry Orchard
ioda the defense In the case of AVU
i1awoOd attacked tho teatl
liam r Hay wooc nttfctcd
inony of the witness us to the dymunlt
inp of Fred Bradley of San Kranclscf
nnd besides endeavoring to show ds
In t
rrcpanclos and Improbabilities II
sought to make it nppear thnt U had
been In part Inspired b 3 Detective tIc
fltst mi effort to how Hint
hero was 0111 Ilort
heard of
seen nor
Orchard lad lever 101
servant who cleaned the
tho Japanese cellell
orch at tho Llnforth huts the morning
was blown m > tmtll McParlatu
JJradley bJowl unll
Jrdlc Diehard dePId
tohl him out hll denlll
this and swore that he saw the Japi
neseand Iwore ho Tind to wait for tho
nCle ald before Iw
Japanese 10 leavo the porch cOIO J
the homb
placed boml
Then the defense endeavored to discredit
of tho ImrchllSO
credit the story jmrchuso
dvimmlte from the Judson Powder coin
dYHl111 bomb
and the rnUre claim that u
1111 showing that the wills of
vaI used by Ilnt wnli
blown out
bulldliiR wore
the Unforth Wfro
wlud and that lirndlejr liwl bect howII
nichimlMm do
into the street Atty nelnlfon
1ccl J1
mnded that tho witness ex plain
the explosion of a bomb hal had the
lxJlo Orchard said he could not ex
plain tho matter hut expressed the
opinion that Jlradley IVIIH stnntllnp sie
way to the bomb and that the explo
Moil taking tho Hues of least reslsL
inVe had caviled him Into the street
11 the rcnnest of tho deteiwe Or i
chard stood before the jury and drcw
I diagram of the entrance to the Lln
f > rtlt
frh n18 ilmt tlmo slnco his erossex
iiailiKition began Orchard this morn
Imr showed derided emotion It WAS
when AttN Itlchardhon put tho wUncsj
the mck for his neglect of bbs two
deserted wives Orchard Insisted that
find Iettluone promised ti
Ild Jlllhono
raro for the wife at Cripple Creek but
hart failed to do so AVhcii he admitted
har Cllel lo wlfo hml
ted that he know his first
worked at cheese making for I mms
Orchard lower lip q Ivorcd he swal
lowed hard on a lump in his throat
Oi I 1111 his volco
lois answers well short and hil
Itlchurdson continued this
prllliiiK for If minutes but failed to
Creak the witness down
When Orchard rcmtmed the stand at
thc opening of court today Atty Rich
nrdNon continued to question the wit
ness nbout the attempts he made upon
nesi nb11l
the lifo of Fred Bradley In San Fran
rlsco Orchard wild that he momed
near the Bradley home being able to
overlook It from his bedroom window
The confessing witness declared
that he had bought some dynamite for
A bomb before the attempt tl poison
Jiradlcy with strychnine In the milk
rldle3 Orchard though It waR the
Judson Powder company that he
bought the explosive from Asked the
appearance of the clerk who walled on
him Orchard said he wns 1 youngish
looking man
In buying the powder Orchard wait
lequircd to glvo his name 31o could
not remember what name It wnsIt
was I fictitious one thought ot on tho
ppur of the moment An an excuse for
hulnl the 10 pounds of dynamlto Or
rhard told the clerk ho wanted to
blow out Nome stumps on his ranch
Dont you know there are no
plumps within 150 mllea of Son
I ratwisco demanded nichardron
I know that there aooIve seen
theft on tho ivny to Cullento Springs
Orchard gave as nearly as he could
I description of tho various places
where ho had lived while In San
Francisco before moving to tho Brad
joy neighborhood lie could not re
member the names of the streets or
the numbers of the house
Next Orchard told of I pleasure
tip he had taken to Callcnte Springs
while waiting for Bradley to return
from Alaska
Played cards while there
You were n handy man with tho
werent yon
I dont know what you menn by
You wero a card sharp
No 11 I was not
Orchard was living near the Presidio
I tho limo ho bought tho dynamite for
Ihe Uradloy bomb Hn did not romoin
per whether he took I box of giant caps
to San Francisco or bought them nt tim
rud on company Orchard kept the dy
nnmlte in hil room and took It with
tim when ho moved to 1326 Wnzhlngton
tract within half a block of the Bract
ley homo
Orchrtrd said It whs after he had
teen the milk delivered to the Brudeji
back door several mornlngc In Bticcefi
lion that ho conceived the Idea of pots
jnlng hIs victim rather than to em
ploy a bomb
With the failure of the milk plot ha
went head and manufactured 1hf
komb first bllVIIr I piece of fiveinch
loud pipe 1 Inches long Orchard Mild
1 bouBht the pipe In a plumbing shop
n Taylor Street somewhere in tlm oQu
rnyiNG TO J > HAG m MCPAflI4AD
Ttlcliaidson waincd lo know It Detec
live McParlund hud atternpterl to trace
the Ban rranclsoo ocalile for the
All I know In that h Invoatlgutod
tho nowder or rijnamHe IlvoIKilc1
troucht me a jlnt of the talon nf the
ludson Powder rompany und naked mo
If 1 could pIck out thn name t had
liven I picked out A Deb IB the ana
I thought I remembered
non you know them win hut one
Wpouiid pale of dynamite Unit whole
tAlr SloJnrland ehowed 111111
But ull tlio other were In the
name of a well known customer jf the
There were teveral mime
Orchard said he hud heard from
McParland about the mil of tlu o > vn
cr of the apartments ugainat the San
yrnnclnco Gas compiuiy after the ex
plosion of the Bridl y bomb On Or
chards testimony Detective Jlclir
land and Oov Ooodlng made ulTldi
vile for use by the gas company III
novlns for a now trial
Do you know that the motion for
a new trial based on these affidavits
had been overruled by the court
Xo sir I heard the judgnijnt wan
But thnt was on appeal
1 dont know about that
Orclmril Mlil that the morning he
placed the bomb at the front door of
the Urudley house people wore pass
ing on tlieli1 way to work The lead
bomb was Inside n wooden box Or
chard took a down town car and wna
out ot ear snot before tho explosion
From the examination of the plaen
after the exrjoslon dont you Jtiiow
thut the wulls were blown out Instead
of In 7 naked Mr lUchardson
They wore all shattered
Orchard sold that ns Uraclloy open
ed the floor he would be Hldowuyn to
the bomb incl the explosion would he
morn likely to blow him out than In
The tvltnem with the same calm
tHfcs that hIlt marked his demeanor
throughout iltfv a dlagrini for the
attorney showing Junt where ho had
placed lie bomb and where Bradley
would bo with the opening of ho
door At tho suggestion of Jiidga
Wood Orchard loft the witness chair
und walked over to the Jury box
whcro he explained the diagram to
tile IS men Ho did not Jiosltoto In
supplying any detail demanded by
Orchard said that It wan from tile
newspapers that he learned llrartloy
hail been blown Into the street
Then you dont know positively
that ho was blown Into the street
tald Itlchardsili
I didnt FCC him go said Orchard
In reply to questions Orchard Hale
ho went to the corner grocery A few
days after the oxplosion to laarn
Uradleys condition
Why dldlnt you read tho papers
for that too Richardson wanted to
knowBecause I lldnt believe all I saw
In the jiapcrn1
The grocer Mild the explosion was
generally attributed to gus hut he i
thought It was a bomb
I told him T didnt think so at all I
declared Orchard
Orchard next told or returning to
Denver after receiving more money
from Pottibono lu disguised hlnmclf
us a soldier and wore gltissei1
Dont yon know that soldiers never
wear globes asked Ulclmrdson
I didnt know It no said the
Then Atty Hawley for the state
cbimod In Von forget Mr ItooKe
Yet at San Jnnn Mr ItlclinrdBon
ilu wnst a soldier shounted
And ho wasnt nt San Juan de
clared Mr Nuijcnt of iho defendant a
con ojel
Orchard wild he had sent several
San Francisco papers to PeUllioue
Arriving in Denver he went lirst
to see Tottlbonu He tlum mot Stevo
Adams nnd went with Hilly Ackeiman
to live at Adiimit house Mrs Admns
cooking the mealB
UlUnt Steve have to move berauso
he couldnt pay the rent 1 asked Hlcii
No sit AVe hail plenty of money
The old place was not satlxfactory
Orchard continued to live with tlio
Adams family from before Christina
1904 to February 130n Illehardson en
deavored by miiny questions to how
that both Orchard nd AdamS went
overtystrlcken all winter long
The witness repeatedly declared that
both men WIT I well jiupplled with
funds the money coming from Petti
bono find Haywood
Orchard snld ho made Itrndlry con
dition out Home to Pettlbone and
Atlanta than it really was whun he re
IKirled to them Ho had heard the
man wasnt permanently Injured
You lied did you anarlod Rich
y s
It wan your habit to lie about every
thing wwnt it
Whflnevor It nulled my purpo bet
tor you have always been a liar now
linveat you
I have lied nt linos IIllle I began
to go wrong
And you ntnrted wrong pretty early
flltlnt you 1
Bomewharu lctweel1 U nnd 30 years
old nichnrcUou asked the wllne If he
Milt any money ho received for the
Hrfidley affaIr to olth r of his 11111111
He sold Iw had not He nuppowd
Pettlbono was looking out for UU
Cripple Oro k wife
Hut nobody was eating for your
Canadian wifer1
No sIr Mid Orchard
The wltnosji lilt hi lower lip and
seemed to show one of tlmvc very rill
traces of feeling In his voice
Ignt It a fact ornitlniifd Hlohnrd
sot that lite woman you wronged In
Cripple Creek bait lo sell hr wash
tubs In order to set thlnijs to lint t
No IIII Pottl one had promlncd to
look out for her when I left Colorado
An incident typical of the entlm
cmft > xamlnatlnn next occurred
Itlchoccidl0i 1101 I
Phd you talk lo Haywond about
Bending soy money to your wltot
Yell ftpUta ivchard
In Pettlbone backyard
That makes two visits to Pettt
boiies backyard
No Mir it does nothing of the sort
mild Orchard positively we talked
iibout It the riav they wanted me to I
go lo California to get Bradley
As to the letnlls of his story Orchard
seems Infallible
lie icpfflis thorn U8 often UH RIch
ardHon desIres and seems never 10 lose
Orchard said It was while he was
living with St ve Adiim that he WHS
detailed by Jlt wood to help Adanw
assasiti Idiots Judge iabbert In Oenvcr
Haywood said ho wanted us tu
shoot Oabburt ieeoltose hi felt the ue
of dynumlto would get everybody III
trouble sold Orehaid His Idea In
continuing to kill was to get the ranch
iHnywood Meyer cud Pettlbone had
pioml ed him
And you wcie ready to kill every
body In Colorado for an JSOO teach 1
susgested Klcliardson
I dull t know about that
Once more Klclmrdbun reverted to
Orchards giunbllng proclivities Three
or four tlmf n day the subject as
come up since the crossexamination
began This time llnywoods attorney
minted to know what sort of gam s
Orchard played Ho Mid he phiycil
faro bank diiw poker stud pokrr and
blackjack He dcnlrd that hu had ovr
run a game and In response to a ques
tion which had been propounded nearly
a score of times before insisted that ho
lost at gambling more often than h
won Orchard said he lurked about Judge
fiabuertd house several nights hoping
for a chalice to shoot him
Why didnt you co up and ling the
doorbell and pump It into him asked
Becinisti I fvHs too cowardly said
Orchard without u moments hesita
You never allowed anybody Iso to I
call you n coward did you In those
I dont know about thut
Von considered yourself a very
brave man didnt 3ou7
I call all the things le done very
cowardly said Orchard In n low even
Itlchardion asked Orchard as to some
of Hajrwoods public utterances about
the time Peabody atteifipts were being
made one to the effect thut the West
ern Federation or Miners who did not
care who was governor
Mr Haywood oft > n said things nn
the tmlHldp that be talked about dif
ferently to U7 paid Orehaid
You used to do the same thing
didnt you
Yes I did up to the time I changed
and decided to tell the truth
Orehaid was being questioned us to
the makeup of the bombs prcpaied fur
Oov Peabody when the luncheon re
cess until 130 p in was ordered
Chicago Juno 1Ifbo burillns will
m < et ilenth by oleetiorutlon should u new
method of BtcrlllzHtlon proclaimed sester
dny by Or earl II on Klein co tiles into
general practise
Iwo wires charged iith positive JlntJ
negulvo cuiionts and n nilalllc bowl
proforrablv coiiijor lire the iieiT
oni with whIch I > r von Klein
liiy the KermK With note of
lie wires applied to tho oulnlclo of tin
yfuspl tlie ulber reatlue hi the llukl It
contains lie clajm swIft anti Sill tenth
liy cloctroetitlon IK meld out to the un
welcome llfo therein
Sterlllaitlon by my new method siM
lir von JJl eln not only kill all the
dlnary germs nnrl bacilli but It likewise
kills the formcnllve germ stool Itfelf b
eomeH a most womiorful pienervatlM I
tried it on a howl of milk last Thum
day Jlere It Is Monday and that milk
In ns sweet and purl on possible
Having RstlKflpn lilmself of Ihl effects
of olectrlPllv on milk uml sitter Ill von
ICIfin pmixifees trying lion fruit find
voKotablen lie aloo hOles to ovolve a plan
by wlilib a roll bIer mesh could bo Inserted
In the chief Yaterinahm II nil thAn by
meaiiK of hili pnnlilvo cola negative electric
current ntfrlltite eij drop of nator
that passes through
Itarliadoei Juno Twentyfight pan
tenitei Includlnir 12 women and children
were druwnrit by the Kinking nf tin
French schooner la delouse from O y ino
for St Ludat The nchooiier sank off
Hirbnia last Friday night Her cnnUIn
and 31 men reached llarbuilua yesterday
pnisinivr ix vsiunox
Va hlngtoti June II Irontfloiit arit
Mm Jtoo ov lt and p ily who atloii < lil
the Oeorsla day oeremonlM HI tin
Jainfuinwii xpo ftlon airlvtd In Waiib
lu lolL thIs morning
riiAJtmsn WITH itKitvnxn
hirafro June ihhaiges nf rebalmit
rnnile agnhiBt tlie Banta F > and the Ink
shore and Mluhltlitn Southern ruilromU nu
In I luvotlfrattil by a fed ial grand jun
urnni ne < l 10 unpoar before JUINB K M
l andl tOdSy The dooUlon to probe these
char was reHcliel at H onfuroiK lnll
tuvernl day ego In Washington bftwo
DlntAlty Slm IInd Atiyaen Lions
1tIi exact nlllur8 of hiS charg mart
will nol lid dUctixeJ by government of
flclali It Is limlwutond IwwM Hire
here tire three aim only on of which
Involve tb Santa 11 On of these i <
which the Mkwilinro U 11I11 hu I
Ill with the uhlpinont of olelO for A
Until Co at lea than tariff rates I
ponver Jnnn IIAll the out offlrn
mid a MKW xeiillv fnmtnll toe elect < j
at the annual incollnc of lit < dlrettiiri
lie National Jewish lieiplUl for eoniump
tivn yiMiterday prilO ut Hnmufl Irali
skier tit Phlladfllphla In liii annual r Ibf1
ronmmin1 the mtablldhment of nn en
dominant fund for the bo plial and I
irKil Hi mloiiil M > i nina 1I18n tn car
for the natloiitu jitter hot lss the l >
1 1111 One ortliri IIftW IDni ovenicntK di < ld
od upon U the rutabllrJUHOiH ot a bicUr
oboglcat opllrtlAont
Pi 4tt J r 4
Bell Officials Meet Delegation of
Striking Electrical Workers
Representing District
Hut lonls lmi Dcclnrrs It Will UnD
To bo for Unilrc KNtrlct niul Not
ln Suit ljil > c Mom1
Another Utah strike seems destined
to coma to a peaceful end ThU time
It Is that of the decrllcal cookers
Powoiful with skill In the science of
Ilectilclty those men could have re
duced Salt Lakes telephone servIce to
a chaos and could have escaped un
detected and unPuniShed
Poserful In cupllal and resources the
telephone companies could have nisheil
In strike broalcertr to Salt Lake and
prtclpltated Q labor IOW Unit would
have rough on bloodshed and riot But
following tho general sentiment uRalnm
scndlne forth a leputatlon for Indus
trial warfare Instead nf peace in Utah
the eleetllenl wtirker held back from
Any kind of violence and the telephone
companies held back from Importing
strIke breaking
Today there Is rehnid for the policy
In the form of n meeting between Bell
company ollleluls and their former em I
ploye who have maintained a poiue
lul deadlock for over a month
Neither parlj In the < dnffi nn > Is I
lllled with bltterneHK or the memory of
clashes and the root fOetite botween
thorn has lasted continuously since
1030 oclock tItle morning At pr s
lime it wan announced that It was
still in session anil that while negotia
tions were reopened und a eUI men
sceniid In Might there was not yet any
dcQnlte news to tlve out I
Tho conference III not on behalf of
the union located In Salt hake and if
u aettleinunt Is arrived at it will not
affect this vlty alone but the entlii
district comprised of Uliih IdahoMon
LUna and Wyoming1 whose headquar
ters are here Those representing the
men arc C A Klmoie delegated by
Prwldent AtcNulty to represent the
national organization In Kittling the
Palt Lake sttlki 11 J Cmiy It Ulei
fon M T Itouortn Sam lierkluniHe
and It Ct Whltehead They Ixdcll
their authority to treat with the iom
puny frt ni n meeting of th eleetilcal
woikers in Salt Luke held last ought
What powurs hay been lesiited
to thin committee was ncked uf DIs
triet President Louis Lynn this morn
Well they have power to n ltle un
der certain conditions wan the tot
What conditions
Iliat ill cojrtnunleH Kiinnt the de
maiula of the men thiouRhout en
tire dlstilct was the ieply In taplil
thc order und Its manning is that the
committee has gone ocr tu accept
the companys mnrender and only that
Mr Klniort camp here hint night to
take charge ns Vice Picsldent L J
Sulllnn of San Krnnclsco was unable
to come III person on account of a strike
III sympathy with the hello girls or
dered there He formerly worked In
Suit Lake and knows conditions here
us well HH the detail of the woik In
which the men who blunt on strike is
engaged The stilkc was ordered by
Louts Lynn and spiead from Salt Lake
until It included almost every town In
the four slates of the district Butte
coming out in spit of a con tract which
has some months yet to run on a
clausfo allowing sympathetic strikes
About liii men were affected locally
but moKt oC them secured position
elsewhfn scion after tho stilliu van
San Kinmiscii June 11r1lD attor
noyn for Mayor Kugeno K Schmliz
opened the ilefonw III his extortion
trial today bv calling to the stum
M P Scott who was biihlness ncent
of the local Conks and Walters union
ut the time the French rcstaurfttits
WtIC having their Heonsn troubles
Tlio entire exainlimtlon of Hcott was
for the purjiono by the defenne of
showlnjr that Scott and Hoagan put up
a Job to bait the license of Torlonls
revoked bceauoe that restaurant had
refused to unionize
ll nut lOft a in when Mr Cnmpbell
Take I bf Kin tool Ma > H Schmltz
A buzz of excitement inn through tho
pucked gynngoguc und therr wan a
Hlilftlns of pntiltloiifi anil H stretching of
nerlm uu the mayor mounted to the wlt
lies chair at thn altar < VII
The mayor tinder time guiding ftie
tion of his counsel told In effect thti
following brief story
iVjiiniilBfionor idugan clime to me
and mild thai Oommliwlonei Ilutton
was very much oppoHod to Ihe French
roBtaiiiams und wanted him HoflBan
to stand witli him nsflliiat them I
told Jteagan that the French rontnii
rants hitd bn allowed to run for y urn
before my admlnlntiiillcn anil I saw
nothing wrong al LIt thorn 1 told him
however to hivcHtlgniv and line out
about thrni before taking any notion In
Uie police Jill Ott lots Iooi 1 nevei told him
they wore nil bad places or hat 1
wanted him lo logo them up
He did mike ai InveitlKutlon am
reported back to inc TIll wild he In
VdKllgaiod the Nw Poodle Dog at t
oclock in hit owning and found there
nothlnjr wrong that therefore hf wan
not going to eland with OommUalonar
Hutton IKfrllllM It
u u
t Milwaukee tVI June 11
f Seeyof W u Taft In on Interview
X last Ifhl aia there will ba no X
4 wu wIth Japan JIlt him fulth f
X that tile railed StateH nnd Japan
+ will lontlnuc their way nlong f
f moat peueofully togetlior Tho f
4 ir laiy solid x
I War with i ian Uont you 4
j l iiev It N r mind the news V
1 that kepi ironing You can 4
1 iuot Inc on ulleully IU aoylng X
4 That I have abiding faith thut 4
e the United Bttitefl anti Japan will r
i cOntinue their tony alniiff most 4
I jiaiictffully toRttlitfr Von ran rut K
Allurer thai N I Or mind the e
i M < lIrhIJ uUjiat > liN X
< H1O 4 Cr H > >
J io iAI i t
h J I
Ambassador Bryce on the Intel
lectual Pleasure It Provides
For Later Life
tach Mnn Should Have an Inner Life
As Well iis tlio One lie Iirnil4 n i Ills
AuMallou lie It Wliit It May
Chicago June 11 Ambiasador
James U Bryce delivered the convo
cation oration ut the cxeiolsea of tho
University of Chicago totUy Tho
subject of the address was What
University Instruction May do to
Provide intellectual Pleasures for
Later llfe
The ambassador opened his ad
dress by commenting upon thp fact
that production and tiansportatlon
all over the world have beon trans
formed by science and ho usierted the
effect or science In nl o strongly felt
in education
Sixty yenta ago he said science waa
not given II prominent part In the cur
riculum of schools and universities
and now It is trying to relegate tho
study of language and Hlcruturu to a
secondary plact In some paits of
tin ± world he said I t is becoming lie
ccswuj to Insist upon the Importance
of the hili 1111 II at < ipop biLd to the nat
hurl or tclciitllic subjects
I ask you to Join with me in con
sidering said the speaker the
vnliiR all hell fiohootiio to the Individ
tint man of silentille BtudleB and of
literary studies respectively not for
success In any occupation or motes
slon nor for uny other gainful pur
pose but for what may bo enllod the
enjoyment of life aftr imlvcrnlty ed
ucation hAS ended
All education has two nidus It la
meant to Impiiit tho knowledge the
skill the habits of diligence and con
centration which bOO needed to Insure
practical RiiccrsH l is also moans 1o
form the character lo Implant tasKs
to cultivate the UnuelnitUm and the
emotions t < > 1 iepare a man I ii enjoy
those delights which belong to hours
nf Iclsuie and to the inner life which
goes on or ought to go on nil the timo
wlthlu lilt own heart
Every one of us ought to have a
second or Inner life over and above
that life which he lends among other
for the purposes of bis avocation be n
to gain momy or rumor or fame or ne
It to serve his country or hs neighbor
lie ought to liavo somo pnisult or
Ulsle to which he can turn from Limo
dally loutlno AVhatevor the tnsle or
imrsult may be whether Orll higher
or common type it is good fur him
but of course the more wholflsomo md
elevating the taste OJ pursuit Is so
much the bettor for him
The speaker then asked bh lies rcr
to consider the rfuwtlon ot what can
he done by Inflruatlan in natural
selcnce ninl what Instnirtlnu In ha
human or literary pursuits enn do to
Instil HiUli ti > tCK or suggest pursuits
The human subjects lio rieeliired iro
best fitted to nourish flood Illumine he
Inner or personal life Poetry anil he
Imaginative treatment of human
themes he said wore potent In this
ditect loot
Tilt prnctleal lt > non I would de
duce paid Mr Uryco In cloning Ills
aCdress are that the ardor with
which the study of Otto phyMrn tel
COdes 104 now pursued for praclical
purposes must not mnko us forget that
education has to do a great deal moiv
than turn nit a man to succeed In
b111Ine < In iho seond plaoo sIn
dents must remember that In the
study of Iringiin eH atnl history they
muht bowaic of giving excliislvo nt
tentlon to the technical philological
wrrk and to purely critical inquiries
Xowhero In tlio world doe there senm
to be so largo a proportion of the
people that receives a university edu
cation us here In Ameilra Tin1 of
fects of this will doubtloss lie felt In
the next generation It us hopo
that they will bp felt not only In trm
complet equipment nf your eltlzoim
fol imblln life foul In their warmer
zenl for civil progress but nlno In a
true perception of the essential on
nicnts of happiness a larger capacity
for enjoying those simple plnarureft
which Ihe cultivation of taste and
Imagination opens lo us nil
After the awarding of degrees lo
the graduates President 1 oil 00100 eon
forrcd upon the Hrltlsh ombnvwidnr
the honorary degree of doctor of
Tlii > o of San 1 ooio Iii go ftobboil of over
A Quo trIer of II Million 1 ollnr <
Havana June 11The frlnru of
tJanto Domingo who Invoted large
sums of ubull IinulH and bondK tiro
sold to be the hid owner fir the
SSOutio In American money thud Yu
hot it nccurltlfn found on the two men
and nnn tomuii uiremcd ut Naples
Sunday on the arrival Iheie uf the
Btcainur Lnzlo from Now York Tho
prlvoner krt > con under the namn nf
Adet IM belIeved to lJot n renngiide
friar hotly In May a merchant by
the nn HIM of Hodrlgtier announced
that IS per cent gad boiirln to the
amount of MS000 were inlx lng from
hlH safe lie usp cted a young nittn
Perfect SanlhiI of knowing nome
thlng about their rllvuppcarnnce Sun
clueS and hla tutor Murli It was
Imrned Milled for Now York after
JBOnO worth of the liomln worn old
In tho market here Jtodrlgue und a
detectIve named lllvaH iirrived Iri New
York lato In Mar and learned that a
party of three who wore rujtUtoreO at
thou Hotel InglflKmt as Knrliiuo Lo
pez MM Oilirlol Adoll nnd fa
brlal A del upon money tliHlr lyvUli
ly It wtu nUo lnarn d that Lopea
und Mrs Ailoll had sailed nn the
I4zlo for Italy Intending in KU from
there to Argentina Itodrlnritoz ar
ringad tlimuyh the fubun itala tie
pnrtment for the arrest of ho UI
peotH In Italy arid then ho and tRse
Itt for Itftly III pursuit The 1111
mi to arrive at Henna nbout tItle
time Itodrgtiz In mid u > tiC this
itr etlatve In HiivHiitt of thou friar
of Wunlo Uoinlnio
Clfaululfng Ilcturi Vnllcry to he bent
To 1Eiuspltat
Chtrfl June Itrhe dtnlllui SIck and
tilnpoini patlvnui IlluMe la ftfronl the
iuxurlm of life ate to become the belie
nclnrleu of fi unlquo rhaflty nnnnUtlns of
A cIrculating art 1 allerv which In ta M
Mitiibllitbl tlil Week by ilra fihollon
Imvlt an nttlct of note and wits of Q
phi lcliin fts Ieuvltt will Inlo pctson
Bl chnrffs nj the work
It h intend that the pnlntlnuil lit
chinui from tlm to lima hi Ihe dtttreImb
welt tootat 11 tag t Uoj that LnWreit thug
I < c h II 1 1
crentol will bo tiineticlnl to convalescent
and ovn to liOilcti nlpplct
JU teiivltt IIIYII She baa become weary
or th nlmfBH round of loilety and cloth
nctlvltte and Bbo propones 10 withdraw
nlnuiot entlielv from them and devote her
ulcnti iiul the iaole tinier of her life to
ehurltftblo loll utnutift tho ulclt of Chic
ijieli of I lie P0 iii I lola Will bo the vork
or Mrs Tuoivltt hermtlf ami oaeh visit
of IL iilctuie will be followed by u visit
from tin1 painter
Narlxiulu1 France June BTl1e dis
content caused among the mrn of tht
One llunOcdth refitment of Infantry by
their cnnHnemcnt In barracks for the
last Hf muliiy owlns to tint xvlnn
Browcm inanlteMtHtlons was brought
10 a head last ntfiht Kv a dispute tie
tw ell tho prlvntcH and nonconmils
Uutioil omeN iho tnid to pull down
men from a wall where they w > ro
ctuerliiB passliiR trains loaded with
wine growers goliiR to Monlpeller
The soldiers Informed their colonel
Unit they absolutely refuHrd to mircli
nRahiBl their ftlends and relntlons The
colonel succeeded In temporarily cotton
Ing hue men by promising to investigate
the charges of brutality brought
against the serEetuits but the inllltln
Huthorltlcs consider that the spirit at
the troops in had all thin noldlers bolus
In sympathy vlth the movenunt of the
wino growers
OCjN AlNOILiiljiY COla
Now York June Observations of
Atlantic steamers arriving recently at
New York aro very IntereatliiK as show
Injr that the waters of hit ocean ore
other eastern cousin are now abnor
niallv cold
This Hteiinifi Murncalbo repoits that
when four miles off Long Drimh yes
terday the sent tPinperature was 51
degree On Saturday when the steam
oCl Baltic WHS 100 miles oast of Sandy
Hook her olllcers foiled a sea tempera
ture of Kt degrees Obtcivntioots inado
all late as Thursday last upon tInt
steamer Caledonia chow that tho sea 150
mills cast of St Johns N X1 Wll well
nigh Ice cold with a temperature of 3J
The prcHeni cool oceui conditions arc
due to the unusually frequent possaijc
of oniBlnoi < al Uaionmtrlr piunsurci
from OntarIo raiitvrnfd to Mew Fouud
loud the barometric cfTfct upon the
ocean being to crowd the cold water
off X < w lent oudin old toward tho region
of lower pressure off our Atlantic
Special to the News
Washington D Coo Juno 1I1ot
mtintern appolnlcii tlnh Orovr
AVnyno county John V Cairoll viui
Moron l izenby reidgiied
Idaho Ulyhso Lemhl coimij iris
cilia I Morrlll vice Win J Keust re
UUHhliiglon lu lolllt Wor
1 hingt coo lepieaenliug Kdnln A
Holmef Ji In hoc total of the latter
upon the charge of being a SrI to
the leukiige ol the cotton crop report of
the dopaitmont of agriculture tried to
day to compel Hpeclul Agent Whlto to
admit thin ho had niuhoilzeU Stitl <
tlclan Hyde to change ihs ilguie in his
I Whites repouu which Mr While
had yesterday tflillih1 loud been done
but did not succeed rite wltncus u
first declare that hn wns poxltivo he
had not Riven any such authority but
later modified ih e statement lo the ex
tent of Haying that ho was iiulto sure
Miss Kmmi Thompson it clerIc in he
ofllre of tho Mtatlsllcliiu said that in
1OI nnd the first pan of 1503 hit re
ports from tho Held were generally
hundtd to her by Mr Holmes with
whom she had frequent conversation
eoncernlng the woik TelORiaphlc crop
deports always camu In ° code
Jlnt iiifiirin to TCIIIH nf Illik Act
Tu riei ApproprliKlon
WnrlllliKlon Jimn II Acting Sey of
AYai Oliver lout uililreM n letter noti
fying governors of stale and terrtlorlen
that on Jim 21 next tmOcr 1111 trnru ot
the Dick militia art the mlllllt organlin
lien mutt conform to that of HIP rrKiilsr
volunteer armies IIf tile tulteil Rtnten Hn
Hugie trtliut the HiivrnuiN tithe thn nor
ociiary steps to secure such confornill
< jen Oliver snys
Failure lo meit hIs plntutnry requlir
mcnt will result In rlcbnrrlng a date from
thin axe of the nllntmen nt the nimnaj
HPliroprlnllon of JZrt > a for lie support
of the militia
Th net r uure > < that the nnmlior nf
r < gulflrly enlisted organizer urI itch form
ed nrtlvi militia xluill bv at Irani li < M
mn for eaih senauir mid Tcproronntlve
of notch ilate
rico OlhT KUKKiHtn In Ihe JIIIVM nori
nrovlflons for nn outlet 0nuomt b > the Irgls
Inturec In brief as follnwr
The definition of Hi 1 iii Ira of I lie nil
JltnlHKrlil mill liU resist ant illll tlio
iuaiterinaj > tcrK < niial inn III asalpt it rots
rroll for lb iiooi nrv cxtiorHl of
flpor ind fl Htdff nia < lc up nf HfljnUint
BonernlH In j > eetrirBtier ls Imlco mlvo
cities getters < iiariorniH l era Riilxtst
onc1 inillrnl hiIail toil corms ilitl OIIK
floor ordnanee and xlxnnl corps Th
guiirii must be 11111 111 Into 1I1Jloo lirl
crtdett r < ndm < > iil fir lo conform lo lh
regular aim orKDiilrallnn rfxirvlnc tn
thfj oOrnmut Ole jv > wr or rw rnnlxa
ion In hineaie Iho iffloloivj nml to ninko
III rnnipaiili anrl nmnb m of offlccra its
ICnd to nrRiiil7ntlniiK c < irr putid lo Iho
oezooliti cr001
Tito now law will halp n fdmnrhfnc
erfiit iiiinii tin nallonul Kimrd of the
country for lit veiv fw itutra do thu
orgnnlwitlonii at pr ienl oorr wi > n < 1 with
those of lh regular s ervkt fIji rnirt
Irnportnnt rlianw roqulreil will ivrolwbly
be In hoc grefli liiiremu In the number f
men in rompaulo and KRlnientH f1t U
n tact Hint In many slatea fonMi > il m
infiitli oC 111111111 mutiad nf I > r Y
liong 11M llioj nhniild he to me
fetvlef louwnil hiivo ncnrroly i
it bnttnlliii or ICO nin ii out Bkol
jinntrn ni ii everywhere In evidvc
oiTAWA mviuir nntlm
Ottawa Ont June 111hf Catholle
Church of tho Siiorwl Heart one of the
fittest rdlllr In Ihl city burned last
nlgltl The church n > at 800000
I1JGlmS irroitfi sncNT iinr
Albany X 7 June 1111 Hnuhei
today I eto d tilt hill Inilltullng a flat
puMcntor rotE or 2 cents s mile on
tvny railroad iyniom in the ntate more
than ItO mllca long
NIl YOfl June II TIle consul gen
rrul for Ouattiinala i ci < lv < > d a alllla Uh
from rIl14nt Cabrera today mating
that the rlllrSPIII is all rlihl The
ktalwnont that pio < 10111 I uhrrJl hail
bwn killed Wall made In I dispatch re
r lved hi the City of Mexico Sunday
Sidney A OnrlU Id MIoivr In Ocnipy
A Portion nf li
CSpuullI to tIle News
WaiThlnKton II P June 1lihw
A Cm tin of Noium Uuh hue licci
Kruuteri parml4lun In wuup ibVi actUN
ot hind fur HI tOn imn oini In Ihu I
A 4u0Lri04 UtOlIC tQffliL lQtiftV
I iI t = t
= 0 t 1
He is Said to be Sullen and May
Refuse to Testify in Hay I
wood Case
In Many of His Desperate Under
takings According to Story of
SelfConfessed Murderer ° 6
Ills Wife Who N In Boise Has Great
TnMuenro CHer Him and ilny
Direct IlLs Course
Boise June llStoe Attaint was out
In the jalljard tor several hoots thIs
morning He played quoits for an hour
Utli one IIr the deputlfcH
There ls much speculation IS to what r
Stove Adams olll siiy when placed on
the Bttmd as it witness for the state
against Wlllintn D Jlujwood Orchard
has said that Adams suta his partner In
muny oC his most desperate undcrtaJ
Inga such as the blotting up of thou
Independence depot Adnms who came
to Itolsn yesterday front Shoshnne county
ty ixheto ho to awaiting trial for mur
der Is said lo bo III a milieu mood and t
not likely to answer any of the quiet t
llons It is known that hlH repudiated I
oonfcBalon IK in tht hands of counsel
for the prosecution of JIa wood but It
IH doubtful If this confession can be
brought within the cognizance of the
Jury nnloHM Ailam himself consents
Mr Annie Adams lui hut bean in
Uolso uliice the trial began and who Is
In dally Hltcnduncn at the courtroom
saw her husband nt tho county jail
last night Mrs Adams in credited with t i
much influence over her husband It I
was at her solicitatIon It Is said that N
he lepudlatod the uonfesslon he made j
lust year He viit HO fur after making
the confession an to tntvel to Colorado I
with CSen Bulkeley AVoUc and report r
has It that under the direction of
AdaniK evidences were discovered that tI 4
eleiired up the mysteries of several ills ft o
nppeaianee Skeletons of nonunion 1
miners who were believed to have boon I I
hilled but tics pioof of their death hood
never boon found were discovered Pi I
The mnvt staftlliiR hurt bf Adum
alleged confeaslon IH the rnurd < r of f r
Arthur Collins manager of the BIIIIIK
Blerlnlon mIn local Tclltirldn In
Colorado After making the confes t
sion Adams was tulcen to ColtlJi
himne and pointed out where hI stood t
In lIce the shot that lulled ColllnB An i
lucnmuluion of corroborative ovt tv
Jil10t la aiUd tu have boen scouted
CollliiH wan shot thruURh the win ti g
flow of ha library wucro ho was pla
Inir cards with snmo Indies Adarni
Hpenl a nljtlit at the houfe on iho
occasion of his visit In charge of On j
AVellf A cartrlit o wan found ut the
piaen Adnms pointed out und a wIt
ncfN met u man wulltlni away from
tho place earring a gun just after Ii
the shot toots heard Another man u
nays that he met tho same man liitor I 4
but Hint he had no Run The notipim t
nutt found between the two plucj It
IH Hnlil Unit sliinild AduiiH be ncqulitrU
of the murder for which he jt vot to
stand trial the toloradn uuthnritios
will requisition the governor of Tdtibo
and will try him < m the charge > If Hi
nurdor of Oolllns There Is somo be
lief that Ailnin may yet repeat hH
alliRod confwilin Counsel for liio
piopecutlon rav that they III imr
depending npun AtliniH to conllrm
Orchard hut that they have a uf
flcVncy of corrboratlvo testlmoiu
Shoot fllo t S Soldier i Near Dcinrr
rclilny Night I
Demvi June 11 L F Lambert the
HJlnonkeiipor who shot two United
SuiteS soldiers oC the Twentyflirt In
fanny last FrIday night Itt the target
range at Parker wan nrrostod yester
day and IN bled nt Oastlo Hock hy the
sheriff nf TJouglan county
Col Williams of the Twentyfirst In
fantry cent word to the judge advocate
of the department of the Colorado to go
to Cattle Flock and take charge ot the
prosecution for the government t
The tooling among the soldiers who
are at target praotluo at Parker IH still
NO high that Lambort has been placed
under nn armed guard and one him also
bran placed In charge of Lambert na
loon to prevent Its dMtructlon by lire
Private Peter J Salmon and Muvlclnn
John Jennanda Urn two men who wens
hot are seriously Injured
New York June 11 GURMV A Gee
and who was formerly emeloyid In thn
cHHhlerB depanmiint o < tim rtrm of Ci
M Mlnioshelmer Co of 29 BixUJ
trout watt arrostod Inst night on ii
bench warrant charglnR him with
grand larceny K IH nllugiMl that Got
Erd Atobi ISOOO worth of bondH bnlonv
log to tho firm ierard It U rhiirn I
hypothei iteil the bonds with u flrm f
brokers as eeeuilty in stock spo <
tlOIIF l
hIXlltS llflLtT1O
Denver Jun 11The convention et
lbs Western Vocleratlon nt Mlnore to
day iidopiLid thou teport uf the commit
tee on riTduiitlnlH end the rlaleKutiri
wore seated There were m eontentu
N > other bualiinini wan trAnguctOfi nt
Hid morning session nxvapt this nlup
tlnn of a rule
Uanvei June UZieek Bhlio linn t
burly inpudliitud the ionfention nf i K I
murder nf M auric CupUn who trios
klllod hy n robber In his hnran 111
Feb 10 UCJ madh llrat by him In Bulls
and Inter repesteib In this city
My confca lnn to the awful rl i 1
uhlch 1 iiiHile in Butte unlit sh
yesterday wsc nwtiitwl out f
wlilla 1 tess In u doititttitt condli A1
anti frlgltlnneil by Oui Hccnuuloin tn r
qusetiutis ito no1 at 0 nut by the lliitn
pellet My i onfisxiiii In IisomVr 1114
Ohtalnod by KUkf I on 1 aigooct II
hfoi J kiiww nlui I wiMdplng
Hhlre IH btfltijt lioll lot uu IIIHUIIU vto 1
At tho lounty hiinpiui swatting tria
on liii ehoirgi ot Inanity plelulrrtotl In
lJst Atty Stidlier
Plillttdalphlft Juna 2Aetiiig ui 2
IlKIIUCtlOllU Millll VUdlllllUlOM 1 i
tuiieN iJlit Ally Tliumi > oii wll
OO1i0JW prescott I I tfornla I Ian to tln <
Eta I grand jury und u > k tlnit lull
Ills hIM be oiiud ii iaiuust mottInleie f < <
ioctIitl iimbrrlliv trust ColiailtdC
tot lIXItl uiIce i LI1ytfuil I

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