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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, June 21, 1907, Last Edition, Image 9

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J JI j to
r 7 r J 1i
3 TT IiS l lJ4 Ii
1 <
Five Mile Tandem Paced Race I
> Between MoFarlanti and I
Clarke <
ciiir l 1nro Follower Urncliri = ct
york niul St > rls Soon for Siilt
Jjakij lo Ultlo Jhr
Mt escellenl cvd of hlcycl raceji ill
been provided for the ccla ft tills nvn
liter snd 1C tho Nvcathei K ou l a vvconl
brenkliiB crowil may hO expected at tlm
saucer Two of the worlds fihlcnt itprln
toOl IIro mstfhofl for n flvernlln Inndeni
paced raro nnrt Ihln Vvoni nriould lw tlift
feHture Thornce U to li < > between Jaekln
Chirke the yntini speedfiler from Aus
trnlla nnd Iloytl Mcliirlund the i iqnirnt >
id racer from Cnllfornln Hoth rldira iro
uinonK tho inpnqtchcrs an pace follfnvcni
nnd when tlm blK cprlnt romen at tho lin
ts h It if likely that tho hoards will bn
< orched
Tho full rrRrtini of events will he
NUow I
Flvcmllp match rncp JlrFwrlanrt vs
LUrHCt tn lni rcd Irlrci IM i nd HI
Onn 1111111 ornui prnfefloni iiiiiMvd
Prlzff W 11 W 510 W
Thr c guiiriernille hanillcnp profession
nprlzQS a HJ UO s 3 ami U
Qmrttrmlli open amitrur rrltcB 112
IS 55 and II In merchandise
Twoirnlle handicap timntrur prl c HAn >
II S 1
An oldilmr favoill tunoni local fan
W n Hamnnlson will IHuin bo fen on
tlm uICr this pvenlntr rtiimuclnon rntn
pletcti rrnn emfnl with the ianiiBcmoiil
met nvnlnK nnil will he rino ut 1hc pros IM
Hi thn raw mwtn from now on
Iait evenlni r > SI Dorian rchn rortn
with Kddle Koot In thi slrdny race nt
ladlfon Riimr < Oarrtm nrrlved In town
tlnl annouuced his Intention of spending
the season hero In u chate nllw lollnr
UaM night Slaunijer rhnpmnn ret lvrrl
it telegram from Hobble Wnltbour con
sidered thr Kcnte paco follower In IhIJ
world atnumncInK his nrrlvnl lit New
York from a trip across the MR liotul
Willi haul AIl he oxpocted to reach Salt
jkf ahoiit Itl1 mhlflln of ncxC month and
would Hjunrt tlm lialsfiro or the season
here Tlm upponrnnii or Waltlmuv hnio
will no ilnubt provo II urc t drnwlnc ard
BS thn rider lIar parllrlpatfl In miiRl flt
thn Brcal rudcs In tho cast during tlio
jiasl flv yesr
Fill Towns In SuaUc Vullry lctmtic
1IWQl nml Tpnitis
rite notional game Is thrlvtnc In Idaho
thefo days Tho Snake Valley league seu
foi ItbN stnrtiit nnd thn Kturtdtps oC tho
teams to date Is is follows
St Anthony 2 I W
Alttrvvllle 1 I 111
ItcxUirR 1 j JW
Sugsr tlly 0 l m
Th egumo iiluyid nt St Anthony be
twtien the tenni rcprwntlnff that placn
IIIHI tho IlexbilrR nne resulted In victory
for the former tiy a worn of 11 to J U
llott the Hcxbiirp pitcher hid un oft day
nnd was touehcJ up fot it safe hits
Whaler for SI Anthony had tho oppos
IIIB bailor puitil and allowed only six
CJIeugo 4 1 701
Now Yor1 1 IS IIT
PhiIadphta 1 2 616
PJtlflmrl j 2L 5
I1oICln 1 31 U i
Clndnnlll t 417
Boo In J9 w I I
tHo Louttt 15 t 1
Clnclmutl June Cincinnati won out
In the twelfth Inning by scorlnc u vim on
Morry < filifile an out Welmors safe
lilt and Huggln prtrl working of the
equeczo play with Howry New york
tl M the score in the aevftntli cunslnr tlio
ictlrcm nt of Kwne Seymour stinlneil
a l non In liln IeI In the i > xti Inning
forcins lilra out pf the sum
fore It II K
I ncnnill G 13
Xcw Yurt S 10 I 1
Hnttirlfs Kvilnp Wnlmftl and Schlel
McGlpnlty nod tlizsQruM TiMjuano hits
Uanrcl Z Stninp TorfCtiara hue Ioli rl
Seymour Home run Hrwnc Strurlc
nut by Kwlng d by Wrhnlr I by Me
Olnnlly i Hiits on balls oft Bwlne 3
off Vclmcr 3
tml > B nigler > nd Idem
St lycvilf lui M Huclir siivcil tody fl
fame for Droolilyn by bUnUliiR Bt Ixiuls
In tlit throe < > xtra UmliiKB ftor u flnsloi
11 > HoxlsUii a nIl I double by Ivtli hd
ilffl the tcorc In tlio ninth thn KOinn cml
Int I to l Ilnmhiclo slnslf lrovi In 1111s
jvlnninr run In the twclttli Innlnp far
SU Louis l 10 3
Hrookirn 3 s 0
RaU rle McQlynii unfl M n > Iiu l Hell
Kucher onij JUtler Twa bpft lilt Lusi
rhrofbiJiiis hit lwih llusf on balls oir
McGlynn t off Uuchrr 1 Struck out by
MoOlynu L
VIuplro O ty
l tt iiurij June Qllt burl vgij thn
Jut sitin of the serlen with IlillnUolphla
liy inskliis lite most uf the error of the
opposjt on three tlirfobaf lilts were
made but only one counted
Jeore I n 11 li
intUbutr I 1 s
Philadelphia 2 7 3
Uallerlel Plilllippi ami llbfon Sparks
During that trying period in
which women so often suffct1
from nervousness backache
sick headache or other pains
there is nothinp that can equal
Dr Miles AntiPain Pills
They stop the pains soothe the
nerves and give to
the relief so much desired If
taken on first indication of
pain or misery they will allay
the irritable condition of the
nerves and save you further
suffering Those who use them
at regular intervals have ceas
ed to dread these periods They
contain no harmful drugs and
leave no effect upon the heart
I or stomach if takon as directed
They give prompt relief
I 1vC been art Invalid for >
Jfa111l J novA nellra lie rheiiro tlm
antI IIln lfotJl1C 11 1et1rt IN
UIIJr Jr lllIr Anti PaIn 111111 J am
rellsv4 or ltle IIID 11101 LCt Iul
ant ret thInk I 11 1 knnn t
thl PAin r11I8 when I Will Ilrt tkO
a lek they would hits cllrta fliC
rcnmnfn tllen fop lr1041a plnN
IUl JIJNR Tlfli 1 AkrollO
Dr1 141g l1tlPIlV III arc old by
t hOUr druglt whQ ttarflv4 that
th flrt pc aQ iircflt lilt
tn ho will return JI r mottO
110 21 ttlf j r aol r 1xI Ik
I4Ue McdlcalCf Ikhart Inti I
MftHcs thf > luxuriant ncftillle
or ntry men ever dny
Kspcclally it innker of Hood
Richly nnd Ijovln Thiv baf < hlttt Vmr
IIM Neplnn nilraon Hare un hulls off
Phlllllll 1 oft sparkn 3 Struck oyt hy
PIt liii PIll 2 i 1SpIIlts 3
rmpirc tufl >
rhlrjco Jumr ChleaRu lilankfd I3o >
lon toda > In I hi Insl cmno of Ih rlei
hy hlttlnp at th < ilulit tlmo Onllkldir
Ifijwarrt of JtONton Jt > iid Iho loculH and
Jlanddll idaytU left field for no toll
Score H II I <
Cltliigo 4 JO 0
lJtOIl i 5 1
HCIlrrll Qervall ami Kllnij iKirner
and llruwn Twohano hlln Strlnfldl
Hr lln TluBhiifi lilt KliiKlc Iloltnion
llune on Imllii off Ovcrill ii off Uoruir 4
Htrtlvk out by Overall li hy Ocittirr U
Uinplrts > lln10nlt unit Carptnur
Wlll n t1
Pilcago 31 U 551
Dotrolt i n 21 811
PhllddClphlll M 3 I Si
Now Yprk M S7 liM
fit boots tl 11 13
WiishlnRton 17 II > 31 jj
lJo lon 18 K > K
Sew Tork June so Rt foul won
naln today Tho local r > iadp hits cnoush
tn win nut hut they failed tu got them
Score > l ti r
RI Louis 9 13 2
New york 5 n >
Ita rlePowllI nnd tluelow IJoytn
ChPNblo nrorkrtt unil KIclnow
VH8hlnRtpii Juilff aiClevehind bunch
tIi n fliiRli si flouhln and II triple n Fat
kenlrtrir tortav and scored cmiuch ruim In
defeat Washlnuion t to 3 lhbliaidt was
a puzzle to > Va liniclun after lh first
tCr I H I
Vuphlnslnn z < t
Cleveland 1 7 I
Ilatlerles rnikonlwri and Ileydon
Mchlmrdt nnd Bernl
Philadelphia June W rhlliinhla Miut
out nctrolt today throiiRh the cffectlvi
Pllnhlnic nt Ilaiilt Umplro KVHIIS rtroovil
Hartzol from tlm gamn In the nftli Inn
ing for disputing a decision
tIorll II II I
DtvIt o 4
Philadelphia 4 7 I
ttrllfEuhank and Schmlclt Jlank
and Hchrnck
novlnn June Chlcaxo defeatifl Boy
ton today 3 lo o ChlcasoB run Tie
dun tu rrulltM rftlrcmenl in UN clshth
for Die jiurposfe of nnabllnp tirlmshaw a
sTon bailer 10 enler the game
Scmij n U n
Ohlc ffo S t 0
Itotoi o i ci
IliitferlMHinlth Ant Sullivan Iruitt
tla v and Ci1ner
Portland Or June fcKVortland won
Its ifvnth stralKhl victory today In nn
levenlnnlnc Bame with Oakland The
contest ospiclfilly toward the QIlI1S
highly exciting the banH bolus filled at
limes In each it the three Jam Innings
Jortliind llptillj won on four successive
cort n II h
Onklnnd 3 j a
PdttlAiid 3 u i
BatlerlesVlghl and ll1lu Groom and
Umpire Porrlne
Situ Francisco Junfl nBRn Francisco
won tho game In the last Innlnc by lucky
play and u bunching of two tilts
Score Ho 11 13
Los Aselis i j
Ban Krancltco 6 3
BatteilesiDjiper and Burnt Quick and
Umpire Derrick
Tacoma XAnali JUice M Todi Jril010
was played In n hard windstorm makliiir
It Jlfrtcult tor luttcrs and fleMers
Seoio 4t I T E
Tucoma 4 5 2
Vancouvci i < 3
naUercDwlll and Hhco Tranklln and
Spokane June tIIII scenes of wild
excitement the Indium lIed the gcoro if
todays pame with Abordpen In time eighth
mimi saved it In the ninth by somo murvel
tic tI ltllnl by Suer
Scores n II n
Aberdeen j t
Spokane 3 5 j
Uqtterlcs Tonneson find llaeltlger J era
en und tiwindcllit
Hutle June ZOThe locals Mttcri Allen
till ovur the Held tutlay ont won from
Seattle 8 to 6
Krnre n II l <
Bull S 13 1
Beatlli 610 y
Bal rei < Roa4vclt and 3Ieyer und
WilkIns Allfn and Arbosmt
Umpire I lowlett
Vo > lnp p
Omahn S 3 >
Des Muinu M SI 5S
Denver 23 M XK
Tlncoln 20i ji
Hloux City S K 1iI
Pueblo 17 37 313
Donvtir Juno YThe feature of todnyii
Biime wall three home ruiw by lh INnvor
Rjorc IU 1 1 g
Denver 1ft
Lincoln H r 2
lJuttlfJnClh und MeDctrmougim
JClIlOI unll rlllrltli
Pueblo June W In n trriMUlonil 11I lilt
Puoblo won from Onialm hy n wore o
6 tu J In It thlrUriilnnlpH fatnl
corer n M K
Pueblo H i
Oinnha i a 3
Buttfrlc Jlnsan nnd onJliig Jnck oti
and prill
Bloux City June 9 nxMni gor Wll
lIam WAN In til box for Sioux City far
the sixth lImit thin nennon and nan his
llxth cnma todty hnldlnir the cluniplon
down to lv icniiered bite
Hrlfr II I I
hloux City 6 I 0
Den Molnoo 1 B 1
UaKorlrif Wllllumn ainl Slicdmn Miller
and Ymicr
At Iouluvlllp Ixmliivllle j Columhu 3
twelve Inlllnr
t Toledo Tolsdo IniHnnapolls 1
M Milwaukee Ilrit lIam Milwaukee
It Minneapolis 7 SMOtid grime Mllwau
kee tI1I1IIIIOII 3
Will lluto In HlKiol Out Crnifil Annl
tciin lliuullrap
ChlcuiS0 JUUP MWlhrca unmlaur sheol
cis lied tOdd far the Oniiid Amcrlcfm
haprtlcup atil It will b < > lIe n urY till
I he in in mM lomorrfiw under the enmu
iondlllon thst prfiynllcii today to IJt < ldf
tIme ownsrfhlp of the rlmniploiiMilp
tropjij C M tow trl of JnlSIIII lilt
Jeff J fllmikH of Trffftvunt Trnn and
JM J Msryolt of Flirt ColIn tvolo
CHIU bvokn M clay iIeoims
lowri Ilhut torn the twunlyynnl
inarlvi nianK tonI nov iilnnn yuiiln antI
Mnryott Itl elalitefn rardL Ntmo of Ihll
flvft rrntch nnn who wrro ItIlIJn lonlf
got Jji5Ido lIlt IIOM
Two oth r 31011 81111 have t chanre for
1111 1lurp Mail WtlJard or ChIcago rsi
j11 I 11111111111 of itijitrilde III JIll nut
complete theIr iC roundli of twenty lair
HfOl today VMv hive a scora of vcpty
plx runh ror the flrM tMilv ItlI
Til lonllnB nroffsiilonul wan J R Tar
tar of Scwurlf O who mNilf K and
who If IKI with N fj Uollln or Oil
ciiriit ui anr urn wuwwpr or r 0
max JH for iwccnd inoiier
jiBur hUJISr nnrt Utywvtn huh
faced I lie tr P thlm11 of the IMpat
II vlnl forftiied
u I L
Jockey Dugan on Ncalon a West
ern Horse Wins the
Great Rice
t tnt I ZcthI3aa jr foiling II Srnniil Txui
ICIIR 11 > Hihliitl nnil Itciuon llRlit
lllllJllrl J I
> York Itinn III H n tern
hnr l ovviuU b5 r U JluriiMI ridden by
Jockoy W Dugll and ijunlcd nt 3 In 1
won the greet Buhiirlimi handicap nt
Sh < Mhcnil H Ih
Ittay Niday ilontfioinory WIB
cond two team gt lie chi 11 the winner
with noacon Ujjlit third The tlmr wna
3oss KI itiwcr the Mrnrlto and the
vllypji KHCIIP nnlry Superman
itiuci V 111 ilverl1 badly oaten Ncalon II
ft Jjiv l > old hy flnln nm of lMer Jose
i nHMnrliiWis hl rd in 1nurl l > y lIar
i y hrfjlr He WAR omipltnl ivltli
JIIUM In the butt hll and bin vietorv sus
H hiilpllf lo liurneniftil I was with n
rr burn of upppd In the it tot rlm that
Neulun ilanrwl mil uj a llylnu Jleld nf
elxlinn how and IPII ttfnu lf nnlH
Ins hlp aiMMU pruplQ clwiH Inllr
tIme winner or th JI 0 prize and the
jiiKhit turf honors Jr 1Id
v Ihimnn on Jsnlon rode rlevev niro
lowln ihe iilBhl main r u Ce will K
IIUIAn up to tnaku nil toe running for a
01 Ito iijirt then brlnplns Ncalini eatily to
ll fiont In Ihf In s 1 furliinp
Aiigunt n lmnnt > hyeiroiil Illiiuly wai
Ihl only entry withdrawn Irom the WI
< 1
tiili > i > n homos curdnd tl
Thuro wa < i n I IIK delay at tIme pout
N < < 111 nrtid badly nd could 10
Iadl IIld 10lrllol be kspt
ill I Mk I nwldy llnally got them
In i time the barrier via a 111111 tIn and the
Suburban handicap i WHS on Out from In
Iron came FIUBI liK II cnniJt and K
Dilitnii took him Ofinfn I alto rail < I
I bit with 4 iiHiiin ii rnimlPK f > c < md alid
I lie vvtrrnn Cahiigorm llilru Kenloii ijut
tIll Indifferent htwit An thy fwvpt pait
Hie Riaiid tAtiU In ih nr l furiuiiK there
wre elM for Superman the nlniiei of
Ito llrnoklMi handirip who wa running
naif a Knijili behind I oust attn Just ulKaU
of rank mil Nealon had nmvpil up to
fouilh diiil ai the hois p wit mug Into the
liMrk strh th err went up IhaL tilei
Homer Ihe fnvurltc hud iiult Ncarlm
ino halfmill1 iii tier itiii I I Kuvn up irni1
itfartijreit hI mig 111I n ami fH I back In the
1ultlielauft1 rtuU
The nvurlub ar bvHlvii loured the
crowd iruuat lield the had with Frank
ulil frcvpi und the oiirushknt Neahm
Hiiril at tIt thieequiiiten un they
iMtni and us tOy ltit5P1I U its lull tul 1
rniiKl fell bil iinilVV Uugan nnl Nou
Inn out with H whirlwind uatatI and toox
ihQ Ivud I rank tllll fell nay bun teat
WJille Munlgumery who had bet holding
A steady mriae closed In on Sed Ion foi
M Dual stretch Bprlot
Neulon tan WHH gitut easy RwliiKlim
lrl Jed utah Montgomery whipped to a last
wiroit ch llenceu him for tno teal W
UURUII touched MK Nenlun with hid whip
ana tint lloro shot out running lira Him
nil onsy winner by two lengths Morit
KOtnery was picuinl amid Uuucuri LiglH
which had clOt cd ttrong In tlie nrviuli
took third monvy by n tics lit head roan
Iuiiat thv other Duuicll entry
Superman wait clKih and Electioneer
the favorlto who hail shown no pced
In the race finished tlfteenti next tg
First race Introductory btfcplvchai
hon coutso Kernel won t uiiKiow Me
und 1hantom third Timc l13 I
SocuiiJ race sIx lurloiiys Umehcn won
Prince Hamburg second Gold Lady
llilra Timt 11S 45
Tnlid race the doublu event Ihe and
11 half furlongs Milestone won Chupul
crier second JJauue thlid Tlmc liOJ
fourth luce tile huoiuban handicap of
JfJWw mile nnd d qUArier IjNealon 113
W U u gan 2 o tn 1 won Montgomery 101
Snndy S to I second Deacon Ught W
uarncir S tu 1 third TImelM 15
launt Tokalon CalinLurm uandcllon
tiliperman VHI Kunnlug Water Cotton
liuvn Hip hap liodonln frank Kill
Ivlectloneci1 and Wexforil run Coupled
Adobit tech Miixnai cpoiul Danker
third Tlme3C2
Sixth race lIve furloiign Kalcada non
H olitatet second Moellck thid Dmu
113 34
fltn Frandfco June Su Thero was 8
fast track and line weather at Kmeryvlllfi
today Iho uixmlng ftveiil nt rtvc fur
iungn seas von wltn II rush by Import
all three leaders IllilHilns hard driven
Jclm V hhCiUhan broU well III tliv MT
und ram ovr the futurity course gnd
won In n line xtruuKlc Benaior Wufil
tsats luillnii to liany purtt run a gumfi
mi in inllo nnu a quarlr wan won
hy Mttnilv Aleoli all out al time Illicit Ill
lIr1 race live furlonss t UiR Import
112 11He i to 1 wOn Knrodii 111
Aurlght 10 1 third Time JWlS Hand
paper Uronk 1ewf Saucy 31 Ulciuia and
ot ClisrtcB nine ran
riccoiul race futurity touito veiling
John II Shefhon ws A WrIght 1 to
won Senator Warn 13 hotel 6 to 1
second Kuizf 101 Klrcchbauni 9 to i
third Tlmolsll ti ilcciiaiit Uluo 110t
tIt Tea Tray II Chrlbtmas Tide Uusi
JIlwi iurtlf Kamtack onij CostaOo also
ran Third race futurity cotirti holllnir Jl81v
Ilcnnctt 110 Moore i to 1 won dilla Hit
Aliiil S to 1 Kcond Ulmilale lOS > ti
Cluln > to I third llror 111 TaknlOHu
Indy Kitty fillver Uine Old n hotitl
tncnt fiain Harbor I ule lljxBllbon
UniMimnldcn Office l l ClaIr and janUca
Jim also ran
IVurth race tulle nd u quarter puts
MmnlC Algol Hi HIIHII 9 tu > 1011 31
Mulvancy 107 Idtit 0 10 1 Kefond
Kdlth JnmM 1W A UTIsht 3 tu I third
Tlmi > 2OS 1S JSoyjil Itfd MU l II lit
UcMlc Vnwiy Nnl onaiar and Illincsi
iuulKe jilso run
VICtIm iutt tulle alld a IKtlnlh elll1
H loation lft t WrJhl 3 toi won
riorrlKnii 111 rulrna S 10 1 non Ji 8ila
bio 100 McRno 18 lo S third Tliiu
10 S IlHuiit ihrlstlnfa Iluunt uallie
und Jack Full nlno mi
Sixth race nillo I lId fifty ardn pulse
Amlrow 11 Cook lit KlrHhUuiim i lo I
von IIUrlnll 19 A Wnluli rvtn iw
rand Maiklo Jluynr Itfi MvltHf f to I
thlid TttnelslH 4 Sahara Johnny I
1IIn i Nunlc Luclllo and llnzolln alsO
ctinlniull Jnii Lulonla r nultn j
jlnt raw four unit A hul furloiiRi
jMily Keeri watt harrow AtnrlUiK Cl I
undo Orailouit Uiifti third IllIIrO 0
second race six furloiiBdJIrriionl I
von KurrlRlier ecun < li Uimu third I
Tliniv lili 15 j
Thllil race little nnd a BixtPfiilhJoc
Shkld von henry 0 second Imqln i
Ihllll rtnmc147
tul I
mirth raer ivvfn furlouga IjamllfftP
Iallna won alilegnim second Old
1onI third 1mnll11 I
PUIII race mil ILI1I1 It aittttemthPriti
ceU Ornu won Biillry MIond Snlrladl
Ihllll tltne1i1 I
sixih atari 011 ° mlloMlw KHIy WIII
ClatJulI octonil MluM UUjlit thud
firrntut Collciltnii laclil nyc lr
IIII Al fhifoaIieilll Ji11
I vow Vorlt Juno 1l1Cteptll1 only nt
lIla Vnnderblll cup rare the KBthnrliif of
aiiiomohllM 4t IIIIt phKopslicart nay tfourtg
nn burlmii dill tulle the luulUI cer
iTon thIs bills of ilia Atlantic An all
SutSoSr show or motor vrhlelw It wtii Hit
11st Oil record I if 110111I11 count 411 calM
wri n rkMl lit lila fn back nf thai
i Aiidttandc jUSt lIJnuL douu lie the last
6rfvloiw rorl III II mntropollun raco
lrik II lIthe outdoor liw were Zto titowo
For Infkuts oad OUlMr n
The Kind You han Always Bought
Ilaar tbl
aSWtU1Q Qf u
BAGANS MAGNOLIA BAI4 XI Was MIIon lh fOm unlit ate titck tnctltlnerriomem nrmiAnd Itnd
< t h v of arts Jsntl u clean rehtshl
2h Z aIlllratcJiIOrrI1 r 8n l4
Goes quickly t
to the very M Cures every
eXlan ailment of
core of the
Man or Beast
that a good
and stops the M honest
1 mostd ep set i4Ista1rIg Liniment
can cure I
pains almost j 181 0
rins None better
Instantly 1511Ik1Ix1elt None so good
t A 1Bm
HAGANS ler the < n he detated 1lon
MAGNOLIA BALM Itk sad nlle or 11 druggats PnifM t1I
t > c H moiomg noon sail night Surorocr or Wlnttr
bile of AmTlran on tni iilr > ii ut 1 Kr s
IIIJJ xtlinitf llluI of tl S7M Y Mcirf than
Si Tniik or Anirlmn niu hint ii WOK rp
I CM nicil the total lrlnc MO of n sroy
ntipriixlmatn valilr of morn tliin li Vii i
Til grit amil totnl In mat of nil ihi i 111 on
HIP xr fn viis In vcus nt HS7r i > j i
1 11111 llIonllhlll Kviipctnl ui Im
IIel11ltll In Hiiro In n Ioiag lit ii
The nutomolilto lilll climbing coral St
on HllturIR nutmoon prnniUrs tn lJ >
moH Hitcnstlng anil rxcliliiK pvpnt and
It it exicctiil Hint a great ninny ilrlvin
will hove tlmlr machlnen In IIIIQ when t Ill
wtatt In SIM lie Frank Gardner linn In PII
nfcluiJ to tart the contestant and tnvn
ho KTrtfl them oft with tlir crack or n fin
sPecial torn nlons South Tcmiilc mtvct vill
lee sumo wo sport
ArrntiBfiintnUi nave been iniile In sunnt
the Intiwvllonft rf Inn directs all wloin
lit ionic from Stnlo ttrivt to Fort LKMIS
IIISN Mounted pollriinon mill roWlcr frnjn
1 1 ic fort will lit on linuc tu GIIrcl ullIl11
time ball garnet jMtrtiiny afternoon tIC
tat cuim the Mrcet rill mrii and the pnllcr
men > vn > won Vy jlie former the scare be
ing S to L
KIM mar ChICk Iarrxin Mdatlnnd
tmnlng fye Uollhonr Dorian anti II
ilyjitn other world Ivatrrs lit this lorjl
hike took Can any city in the world Uat
Il t
Th Occidentals of thin city illl pn 10
Ogilen for a gHtno there wIll Dad Olm
luvn < T W on Hundny tnornlnc In tlio lIt
IlaiiIiiIl the I > blirn will luke on tha Kol
iItirr lVfl3 ort pouglaH
Jim Coibrtt Is still dnlnR hIll ml1nOlolllII
III the rjint triiI rcpmt has It OInt huh
hnn a srmit story to tell of his Hslit wHh
John u Hnlllvan In his tale talk 11 in
cnn jcmeniher only one fight It sevnm
Htrnnnf that hi liafc romplri forgotli
It little Incident which oeruirel sonic
pjrn HBO it cjirson CHsi e r with one
It Uzslmmol1
Tell liuilHKo oT tat clean IJlIebal1 wet e
rprlmIlreiI teter < i Ilarvurd won the llret of
the annual erlt ot gaines from Yul1
on Holdlern ilfld ycstrda by the gvont
of 2 tr 1 Nol until the seventh inntnc
rime n ilMKli man on tlthcr all ihlf to
loS tho home plate
Hoy Lake Knf June 0itm time lilt
fpiTlonul sole nIPloI18hIJl came today
lrt round Alrr Smith the American
champion turned In a core of SY
Arnatid JlHssny the IVencli ehnmpon
and Walter Toogood led with 7G each
tn Ihn seci nd round Smith handed In
SL maklllA his Qtnl 10 Massey leads Ulthl
San Imnclsco Hpht export reports
that Tommy llqrn cliei < bone stand
uut sharply und Uiat hits ililn Is AH smooth
np tho uutsldo ot a leather tultMbg So
far as wa knQw Tommy has never been
troubled with either a receding checK oi
thinness of HU < n
Arifjiiilnc to stories from Hostel
Ulll Honey Mclloily champion wol
UMilRlit puKlltat han retired Melody
in only l i years old That he should quit
Jut us lie lit lighting at ill best la aur
pricing Mellody st won a championshIp
and cdncldcrablr money besides nnil
among other things has been afloat 10
his folks U Is bald lift will embark In
Iho lewelry However lke Pattl
Mellody protyibly will appear juat once
more an the flRhtln mime I n more re
munerntlvc than handling Jewelry
AdrUn Joss leadIng twirler pro trIll
of the American league bcllvves fd
Walsh the Whlto Sox fllnefr Is 1lio
ctcatest pitcher In the business Ill
not often that one twirler culoglnca HIli
work of another tn the sam leaeuc but
Addle Is frank In Ills praise of tUtu Chi
cago spHljall artltl
Waljh Is the KrcatRit spitball pitch
er In the world said Joss Ho works
as > end at the fame time he workb hard
all the time If I owned u ball team
and was 10 hate my chojen of pitchers
Walsh would be my first eolectlon
Tlii first reliable odds on the SauliRs
Durns lifhl which l < schediilfil la take
place In colma Julv 4 make the Anstra
llsn 10 In 7 over Tommy Burn Several
wagers hove been recorded at thIs mice
A week nsfi the fluurcH wr just till
reveiie few hell v 1 I i > al thf innn from I
the foiclBti shore wag the real thine but
II rairftii ntuoj or Hiulrfs has worked
C ndrful t itunKr
Hoiim IlGro linn ulimidv turn wiiKercil
C ii I he iiuttl Thl mitn liicliules til
inonpv ivnKrrril by both tIghten Knits
who nt srun tfiilrr in linn me hold
IIIR Mir In thf hoi ir gI I tug the IJurns
follciwors to rnls the WInl
henry D lUldivln RIII1 TUv Vater
tVonhts Slnillibiirp VK wrIte
I havn rlil IIHln kinds of llnlmfnt
hilt I liavif unvr rrrclvfid much brncflt I
until I iifcl tlullardn Snow llnlmrnt
for iliriimntlfni Mid iinlno I think It tin
hrtt llnltnint nn rorlli Sir f o and HOO
Sold hy 7 f M I Drill Dept 113 slid JU
South haIti Street 11
Ask > our grocer lo scntl you JSoynl
llri > ad It In tnadn In u CIl1 bakery
and till erouii labol In on over loaf
Afli any opgpn Short Mil 01 Union
raplflr agent iihout rntm Hast anti
ttt during Jini July anal Ausiist
Speil Ijxrurrlon Hah i in effort from
lime to tlino to prliiiipil raffle oat
nnd eastern points tHy Ticket fllco
501 Main Ht
tT w
DEPOT Second South be
tween Third and Fourth West
1esviI Arrtva
iOU a in 100 p in
to p m S15 P m
343 p m 400 p m
330 p m 44S p tn
415 p in R0 p m
400 pm 615 P < in
145 p in 700 p m
030 p ni 745 p m
7 IS p m sM p m
S0 p in 315 p rn
I4J n m JOW p m
00 p in 1045 p m
IDIS p m iM p m
Salt Inhu nnd Ofiilon ItniUvay
Leave CIty 181 Lagoon
njid rurmliicton
SM am 710 nm
S SW am 10 < c am
100 am Local 1200 am
11 < 0 am X < 0 pm
aM pm Boo pm
4oQ pm ZOO pm
600 pm Sft pm
IM pm 18SO pm
8W pm
Hun 10 Kavivlll sn4 Layton
Sunday at 010 B m
Sundaj nnd Holiday specials tor La
goon ot 3 nnd 5 p m
Vrcslilcnt nnil Gcnernl JnnllJfr
1907 Reo Runabout 8650
Winner or economr contest
eTcrjivlierc Rhaniuiu Auto Co
100 W So Temple
siir Tn I r
How much cleaner and cooler your kitchen will be after
you start to cook with a Gas Range
And how much quicker you can make that start if you
before tho gas Is turned on which will ho in loss than ten
days Have us make all the connections before that time
so you will he ready
6165 MAIN 8T PHONES 4321 L
ir P n
TbrceQunrterMlle Jlnndlcap Professional
One Mile Open Professional
OneQimrlefMilc Open Amateur
TwoMile Handicap Amateur
Tickets on sale at Stickneys Cigar Store 229 So Main
Grand Stand SOc Reserved Seats 75c
Races Start 81 S P M
L l IlTIR JJ 4
1 L
OSBORNE 69 E 4th South
Thonwi limit JCJC Ilplt 7 > 3
r WftIo
Salt Lake DIrect Win
T I Fcr all SporUlIg
AUTt Kyenti
i CallfcrnU acl
E xc h angel EAtern RJlCfe
I 48 EASr > tnd SOUTH jf
e 41 la
i Jtto n ii os
3000 Round Trip I
Tickets on Sale
June 23rd to July 6th
Good Returning Sept 15th Stopover Privileges
Personally conducted Special Train Leaves Salt Lake
City 1150 p m June 29th
Make your berth reservations arly
Genl Pass Agt Dist Pass Agt
1 W r iIj1Err n I
FRIDAY and SATURDAY June 21 22
Special train accompanied by the Ft Douglas Military band will
leavi Salt Lake via D 4 R 0 at 800 a m Friday June 2Ut
On sill a Juno 21st and 22nd good until June 25th
Plenty of other sports and atnusorncnti 1
Rrnular trains leave Salt Lake 7i50 a m 810 p ni 310 p m
510 p am 650 p m Returning leave Provo 629 a nv 1110 a in
17 p rpi 408 p m 9i54 pm
r 1
5a Month Medicine Included5 t
1 tNrn lITJIlt NOTICE Dre Shores will treat
all calarrhal rhronlc douell ot Ihl jeat1 Nosft
I Throat LUllS fltomncli LIven Kidneys owb etc i
i for the low tIM of Jo a inotift Ml nfl ljJJ1KlPclllleJ
Dont Invjto consumption or menliiffltls by fi
resIstance ana wtha
I Ins catarrh to ito weakMi your
yon in enfv Uctlm ror Lllolo deadly diseases lie
fured nowwhtla the ell < on iS rlBht and the prices
Rhors KHBB for Any
lire low You can consult J > rr
dIsease Do It NOW
Dra 8bClree Alw Irojll ud cnn 0111 ellrAblo Ncr
I vou Chronic and Prtvito Plitajoa of MQfl Women
I and Chlldrtn ot cviry nwne and nlllure Summer hi
caturrh and chronic dlllfjlts One
tIme tlmo to QUit c
Sonthe treatment now art MMIUJ la Ihrelf months NIJ
the tIr CON UL1TlON
DU A J IiHuIUa I tiny other pell8ft11 ot year
ADVICE ImiThE call > write
trcQhut In1 1
tor the
firs Shore live a Bpc cIl OCr artl1lnt excllialvely cllllsed or who need the coulla1
cure ot ll Dj iiseij ot Mell no mdter hOW rordlaly In1Hed to cortuIt
and ItysICIns are
wd old of cxperlincfil Wndl
HUH dcj rtment and he advIsed FilE OF CUAJWE
So sure II 1hq euro under DIU1 SJIOUE8 MOD j
ERN MUTHQDS In All private diseases that you
may arrange to pey the free for a Cures In small week I
ly or monthly Installments as 1M cure progre 8c or
JOTI may PAY WJIKN CURK1J Nn inciter what
your trouble Is or whit baa tillftJ to euro you con
null then Master HprHallatii fiM ot char o and
learn how you can jct bn cured CALI Oil WHITE
Home Cures by Mail
Writo for Fren Symptom LIst If you cannot call DR 0 W SHORES
Coneultatlon Free
OF1IC1 HOIJRH Da m to 5 p rn Kwnlnc 7 tA I 0 fiundiya and HolU
days 10 m to 13
I Or Shores Shores Expert Specialists 249 alIZnkeCtty otIthlnlnrrtt Vtah
Lost Vigor Restored
t = = =
Viei treat MKIf onlr and our eximr
Irnco in the 11501 Htaurei our putlcnii
tralghtfonianl ami MtUfnclorV treat
ment for the failure Munv n MAN hits
lout hIs grip through fowling oicr hIs
conilllloii lf CHUCK ho IninKtiu ho can
not bo cured Tw ouch w tm III y Imestl
glib our nictlioils of Inniincnt mid
iilncfl younclf untlrp our care 111111
your tvcnlcncw will iMwu > iw r nil con
fliliiiro will bo rcfetorcd for thn future
Our trrninifnl IIl1a 111111 to II o thin
hr t yet ilntlMMl for rcotorlne UOfil
lOon nml that iihjflnil that nicntjil
Incapacity whlcli hue mnAi IL ivrwk nt
wi many Our irrutnieut for NUl
DUB IlKHHilTV does not tlinululn
leinpornrllj hunt vcrinunewly It toim
n > rrx ilruln ot VKiOIt anil liulliU till
ho nufcciilar iiml ncnnim bstlill HH non
ruvlvcH the uplrllh lirlnhlrns Ilio In Founder Cook Mofllral Co
tellect and nhunJ tIll rwiorffc than 4
llinlc ICrnUnwJ and LOSS OJ V1TMITV nrlH from VAUICOCI I
141111 flTIlICTUUK III SaudI cum MO limn to net rid of that remote befOre
le cnn olMnln good rffrctc Too nfhn 1I1lN titiseO nr vrrlooUnl
In inllfl iiir 111111 irAiinciu ilio rnno ilov not proBiiM
and wi 01111 uf All till rvery
Sml lita wTA often KIW IntollUcal 111111 menml tied I no UiruuRli
wmit of ucxps In curliie Ills TiOST VHrOH
Vet luUa no mac wo cannot benefit or euro w > you run un rblld 1
T 1
1 jM
I icmtu mil IiAIIItnorm lIIhO 11 IT 7 MiHiMafl JT

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