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An off tho uniiwil owner before liofo n believes buyer tuny Is In found rnt mlVorllshif Ills Unless hcnil DESERET EVE N I N G NE W S 1 Almost rend city brlngi the ccry board trnln people nnd tlml who room comei will lilI Into cngcrly tho I
jury Declared Him Innocent of
Participation in Murder of
Gov Steunenborg
Jurors Took TwentyOne Hours In
l Which to Arrive at a
3fojer nnd Pcttlbone Adams nl1
Slmpkliis lie Declares Aro to lie
Vigorously Prosecuted
Boise Ida July 28Into the brlgh
sunlight of a beautiful Sabbath morn
Ing Into the stillness of a city draws
with tho lazy slumber of I summe
Sunday William D Haywood defend
tint nonl of the most noted trials In
volvlng conspiracy and murder thlt
tho country his ever known wnlkec
today a free lan acquitted of the mur
dcr of former aov Frank Steunenberg
The probability of 1 verdict o ac
quittal In the case ot the secretary
treasurer and acknowledged cd leader oC
the Western Federation of Miners hue
been freely predicted since yesterda
when Judge Fremonu Wood read his
charge which was regarded as strongly
favoilng the defense In Its Interpreta
tion of tho law of conspiracy cir
cumstantial evidence and the corrobor
ntlcm of an accomplice who confesses
I was also freely predicted that In
the event of Huywoods acquittal the
Mate would abandon tho prosecution ol
his associates Charles I Moycr the
president of the federation and George
A Pettlbono of Denver Statements
from counsel and from Gov Goading
Issued today dispel this view of th
situation Toy Goodlng said
situaton <
The verdict Is a great surprise to
me and I believe to all citizens ol
Idaho whahave1hcard or read the evidence
dence In the
I have done my duty I have nor
1 have taken
any action
r regret as to uctan
and my conscience la clear As long
aa God gives me strength I shall con
tinue my efforts for government
law and for organized society
Tho state will continue a vigorous
ItOto wi
prosecution ot Moycr and Pettlbone and
Adams and Slmpklns when appre
hended There will be neither hesita
tion nor retreat
ton made to Judge
Application will be JUdg
Wood tomorrow morning to admit Moy
cr and Pettlbono to ball and it was
said tonight that hi the case ot Moyer
against whom the state Is admitted
Igln weakest case a tavorblo
to have Its
consideration would not be unexpected
Interesting of the com
Not the least Interestng
tle today was
ments made upon the verdict wa
tho selfcon
that of Harry Orellrd
fessed murderer of Gay
< whom the stata
witness upon
and the
of a
Us claim
relied to prove
chlcily reled against the Yesl
SInIster conspiracy Miners When told
i era Federation of Uuywood
state penitentiary that llywOd
at the
penientary said
> had bean acquitted Olchurd
Well tn I have done my duty I have
I told tho truth I could do no more
I ready to take any punishment
am my
out to mo
bo meted 10
crime tlml may and the sooner It comes the bet
ter 21 hours
terI was after being out for
that WOI jury which at first had been
S divided 8 to 4 and then seemed
I 2 finally canio to an
l locked nt 10 to
agreement shortly after the first fulnt
I stieuks of tho coming day showed gray
t above tho giant hills which wall Boise
I10nl his
ti to the north and east The weary
snowbearded old bailiff who had kept
I tin allnight vigil before the door ot tho
I Juryronm was startled Into action by
from within
an Imperative knock wlhln
Events moved rapidly enough after
f i this nOd when ut last the principal
actor In the trial hud been gathered
into tho courtroom at a few momentd
before 8 oclock tho white envelope
handed by the foreman to the judge
was torn open nnd tho verdict read
1 cumc ns an electric thrill to the
prisoner to his conned to thu uttoi
nays for the Htutp and to tho small
group of heavyeyed newspaper men
nnd court otllclala who had been sum
moned from beds but lately nought or
from nllices where nleuplesa waiting
had marked the night carl welled to
tho eyes of the man who during the 80
diiys of his trial had nut with stolid In
alfferencu written upon his every feature
tore at last the Icy armor ho had
thrown about himself with the Hint lay
of Jury elccton had been pierced and
whatever of pentup feeling had been
loosed Hoy
I contained within was 10
I woodl attorneys were fairly lifted
from their peats and Judge Wood madu
no effort to restrain them us they uur
rounded him to shake his hands and
shout aloud their congratulations
Jninea 1 hawley leading counsel for
tho state and 0 M Vnnduyn the
I prosofutlng attorney of the county In
which former Qov Btouncnherg wan
ni aimiiiaio < l stit ulpoiny and unnnenk
big in their plncos Reno tor Iiaruli
who made the closing plea for convlc
ton was not preHeat Of tho prison
era counsel those In the courtioom
wore Clnrnnco Darrow of Chicago Ii
J Klchnrdnon of Denver and John V
NUgfit of llolso The ubsentctH from
the foniJnnlH table Includeil HJdifiir
WIlMoii the former law partner of
Judgo Wood whit nnxlried nt the trial
No member of tho prlriiiorn fum
JlViiior any of his friends among the
Koniniiat writers nnd tho sacnlloij la
bor Jury who hud boon ultendln thu
trial was In the courtroom at tho early
thrlli 0111001
l hour the verdict win returned Th
Micctfltorii homilies were omity but In
the doorway stood Oov Frank flooding
wlip IIIIH tnkuf an active nurt In pro
ng the prosecution of llnywood and
Ills naPOclntpf There we no demon
ttrutlnn nher ihim that mado by the
attoiiicyn for tho defense and Ito court
procrtlt were over tho prisoner
tiai been illaclmigefl ond jlm Jury dlt
Continued on paijo sovenJ
Did Not Board Columbia on Fate
Trip Owing to Misunder
Miss Ilcttld White aunt Mhs lUynold
Of Proto Brine Further Details
From San Francisco
That tho Illfated Columbia whIch
was wrecked oft the Paclllc coast a
week ago did not carry at least ai
additional hal dozen Utah passenger
was wholly due to a mlsundcrstandlm
between applicants for trtuisportatlot
and the railroad company The tour
ists in questlpn had been led to bailey
that their tickets could be changed 10
that they could go from Sin Franclsc <
to Portland but they had been raisin
Informed and when niplinntion was
made for berths on the Columbia the
request was denied The six person
were the Misses Anna and Mamlo O
lerton of Parownn Alice and Viola
Redd of Harmony Hettle White at
BoaM and another Ih i name Iml
not been learned hero
The young ladles were much disap
pointed at the turn of affairs that pre
vented them from going up the coast
to the Oregon city but now they fee i
that Providence held I guiding ham
over them for had the Journey beer
taken it might have been their last
Miss Blanche Musser and her cousin
Miss Wlnona White made such ar
rangements when they purchased theIr
tickets at Milford that a trip to Port
land wan made possible When they
applied for places on the Columbln
unly iwo bertiln ruiniin I mill thcsi
were in opposite ends of tho boat from
each other I was only > by strenuous
effort that tho staterooms were ob I
tained nnd the boat was reached by
the girls not a minute before tho gang
plank was drawn
Miss Whlto had the stateroom nt the
front of the vessel nnd Miss Mussel
secured the one at tho rear Next to
Miss Whites room was a lady very
seasick and the two Utah girls were
with her much of the time during tho
evening of the terrible fatality When
bedtime came there was an unclaimed
brrlh icarby and H wS suggosrod to
Miss Musser that she take possession
of it About that time the owner of
the room awoman put in an appear I
ance and she was politely asked It aho
would not exchange apartments so that I
the cousins might bo close together
She peevishly and spitefully refused to
consider tho proposition and Miss
Musser went to her own room To
that fact she hr her life for the
bow of the boat was submerged a mo
ment after the Columbia had been
Miss llcttlo White who bought for n
place upon the Columbia and who met
with refusal is n cousin to Miss Wln
I ona AVIilUv lit also to Miss Muu8t slbe
spent anxious days and nights after
the nows came that the < v < iimiMi had
srne tn the bottom Early and late
Afll t EorI
she was In quest of news concerning
her cousin Miss Hattlo White ar
rived In Salt Lake yesterday accom
panied by Miss Alice L Reynolds of
Both Miss White nnd Miss Reynolds
saw nnd conversed several limes with
Miss Mussor after the tatters arrival
In San Francisco The young gills
presence of mind resoluto will and
nctcipin were upon thu lips of surviv
ors of the wreck and their friends but
she would say but lltlo concerning her
own < pvrlenct From otiiers who
passed through the terrible ordeal Miss
V hlti and Mlts Reynold cleaned
mam Interesting Hems thnt had > ito
never been told
The iiian who hij charge of the life
lioct vhleh plc111 up the parly of
Which Miss Muster wan r immbir aft
er they had drifted < n the frail raft
Wil lie quartermaster of the Colum
bia uro to his ox erlcnvt WIR Uio the
fact that those survivors wore fo
riulekly placed upon land When day
light came and the officer gazed upon
the wet and cold men and woman hud
dling In the boat he rcmirXi1 In u
way Intended to bring I lay of good
cheer No wonder we are so lucky
there are three of you with red hair
Miss Mussels hair happens to be of
that color and she said In reply Oh
but I thought U would be White by
Ibis time
Miss MusfcrH foot was terribly cut
in soma way and bled profusely but
she did not notice It until her attention
unt nten
ton was called to It by a fellow pas
conger All were so cold that seem
Ingly no sense of feeling was left Ill
their bodies This state of affairs
however did not appear to their souls
for It Is said that the spirit of un
selfishness that pervaded that little
mnd especially those who belonged to
ho ships crew was most admirable
I Is stated that Miss Mnsser wilt
lot lenvo San Frnnclico for hOle un
U her cousin Miss Wlnona White Is
found or at leant until it Is deemed
irobnhln that she may not be living
Two lifeboats and ono raft arc still
inuccountad for and the hope Is hcM
out that Miss White may yet ho res
uctl thoukh ns the days pass the
> robabtlty lessens In the minds of her
inxlous relatives rind riepa
EIUerl J1uleK 8icml Interesting
3tiy In Halt JnlH
Sumo SO members Of the MIf Qurl Ar
lucas awl Kunrag delegations 101M
IhrUllan Kndeavor convention at Scat
to slopped over In this city yesterday
ll route cast riimident C U Marks of
he Utah nUto union und ofllcluU of tlio
Cal sOcieties met tuft vlHlturu and
Btorttd them about thu city They nt
nnOed vervlcu at tliu tabernacle and n
irwaidu held a union mmlng ut 4 3 In
ho Hist JUtliuilldt church over which
< tr Marltu piesldcd und made an address
11 wflcoina for tbo siute 1rculdont liar I
ry Jacobs at tho Suit I iko Young Poe
lo ChrUllun union alto dgltrviud an I
idress of wilcAinu rihort speeches were
iadn by dolsgatcK noticeably by Mi
utters of KaiikUH city Mo who mate
a strong plea for hell In lisa irtctlon of
Im propound C 1 liUlWIni ut llonton
nd for ibm mulntennnro of u C n SOCP
nry In China the seine tui In India liu
Ilso miulo n strolls point of how In Kan
IntvrcutB had
lists tho liquor
au ion driven OUt entirely after I six
itinthu campulKii mid over Iho river In
1M Mb urlJall City site fixlounu
WIII all thut up over Huiiday
Amstcnluni N Y July ZLVin H
fonypn twice mayor of Jlutto Mont
ml cliulrinun of I he Dcniorrutlc tuto
cntril commltlrii uf thut olutc la ilAnd
t lila country homo ncur HUN city of
cute indigestion flUfil 61 Mr Kenyou
feUto lOftily ycam WON a wjiicr of
or I
after W A ClerIc He wuid u natlvo uf
weiQ l V l <
Utah Man First of Guests to
Awake and Warn
Ho AroiiMxl Man Sleeping In liurnlni
Room Guests Pitched Trunks Out
Of Windows Too Late
Special to the News
tf Sccol
Loifg Island City NY July 29
Among tho guests at the Long Boacl
hotel L which was completely do
itroycd by fire between 4 and 5 oclocl
this morning was R C Easton tho
well known Utah tenor
The fire started two doors from Mr
Eastons room and he was among th
first of the 800 guests to awake 10
noticed smoke coming through tht
transom and rushed to the door of the
room where tho trouble was located
The door was locked and all effort
failed to awaken those Inside Hushing
back Mr Easton seized I water pitcher
and hurled I through the panel Tin
jug struck the occupant of the room on
tho head nnd he staggered out just In
Nothing was saved from tho fire Tin
guests frantically threw their belong
ings and trunks out ot the windows
but they were consumed by the miens
Long Beach July 2gEight hundred
guests at the Long Beach hotel one ot
tho largest seashore hotels upon thi
Atlantic coast had to flee early todaj
for their lives when tho hotel wns
burned to the ands There was nc
loss of life and so far as can bo learned
noone was Injured
Thd guests lost almost all their cloth
Ing find personal effects Tho lire wa
discoyeredUpgfl the first floor shortlj
after oclock Hall boys and clerk
hurried through the smoky corridor
and aroused tho guests The dante
spread so rapidly that tho guests had
barely time to seize somo scanty cloth
Ing and escape They tied to the boacl
and were taken care of by the cottagers
The hotel burned like tinder and with
in a short time was I smouldering mlll
of ruins I wax three stories high
and when fllled to Us capacity housed
1100 COO persons The loss Is about J200
Ixmls Sbcrwln Former Suit Lithe lie
porter Husband 0 of Actress
From Dfnvpr comes thosu den an I
nouncement of the marriage ot Maud
Fealy the Denver actress and Louis
Sherwin dramatic crltlcfltthe Peitvei
Rajmblican and an oldSalt Lnkor The
ceremony took place July 1Ghut tbc
couple said nothing about It until a dnj
ar so ago Sherwin Is 0 bright young
Englishman and while In this city made
many friends by his light hearted Jo
vial manners Miss Fealy was Sir
tleny Trvlrigs leading woman In a tour
through Great Britain and Is an accom
plished young actress Mrs Cavallo
ivlfc of a Denver orchestra leader and
now Shlrwins motherinlaw Is In a
state of frenzy according to the press
Louts Sherwin when he first came to
Salt Lake worked for the Deseret
Mews end later went to tho Los Ange
IC3 Times to subsequently take the
oad as advance press agent for a
lo cert company Ho is a son ot Hugo
3orlltz former manager of Pnderewskl
ind ot Amy SherwIn who sang in
jpera here years ag
Careless Chauffeur Endangers
The Lives of Two Ladies
This Afternoon
What threatened to bo a serious nu
mobile accident happened at 121
I i in today at Third West und South
femplo streets A largo cur from the
iVhltcSavugc Auto company on State
teat came hurrying down South Tcm
1110 street driven by a chauffeur from
thl companys garage with two ladles
lie of whom was u Miss Sanders whlio
ho mime ot tho othur Is unknown
There Is IL wlro rope stretched across
thl street at that point to keep vehicles
rom crossing the tracks which are
tor UII beyond and whoro the street
Ia Impassable by reason of the inn
rovemcnts being made Tho chauf
eur In making u turn hero evidently
ias going at too rapid A gait for his
heels eklddud ns ho turned and tho
car ran straight against tho wire rope
wlthureat force rho car had a glass
hleld which was Immediately sisal
blew In
trcil rite Hying gluss right
lhe faces of the occupantH of the car
uttlng tho driver badly In the face
nnd making I long gash in his forchoal
loth ladle were also cut In the face
and about tho arms The blood wan
owing pretty freely when the car was
rought to I stop Hut the driver
ccmed to Imvo presence ot mind
tough to sccuru I hack II whl hlhc
tiles ware quickly conveyed to their
homel The WhltcSavngo Auto com
pany was phoned from the News
Mice later for their version of the nc
dent but the party In charge them
urtly Informed thg Noun that the
curt did not desire any account o
ia accident to appear In print and
efUHCd to give any Information what
J Iflifllvo August 1 tlio Short Lion Will
Install Additional Her Ice
Jltfcctlvo A 11 1 I tho Oregon Short Lino
ini attls will Introduce an Innovation in
t hl wi opuratinir I dally local train
rvlr from Iocateflo to Huntlnglon
millclinic with Yullinvstono Iuik tralnu
NOl 15 and IGTho train will bo known
n thai all 0 ll irvM wytlv > undi No 3j
iitlicniml No 4 The approximate chrd
lo will bv a follow Ixava Halt Lake
iia wil
tt 1 p mt arrived 1iicotfllo 194 H in
hcuhonu iW a mI Nninpa 02i 1 in
omi 03il u m Idjettu lliW I in
clser 11M I m und Iluiitlngtou 12O
I in Returning train No 4 coniiixjtlnu
1 Ytihlowstnt NWlnl No HI Nt odd >
10 Ih wilt iestvo HuntlnKtnn 1120 i I m
Vvlktr Wi II intIaymi Ut p
nolJt coniiuctlmi will leave lull at I f
n in comiiCtlni at Niunpa IwvliiK
Binpii 226 p HI BliQBlioiio 733 1Im
ornUllo ttVt p m > tthoihoiM 7SJ p m
t7SDAro 4 I
t I
His Party Leaders Find Publii
Sentiment Set Too Hard
Against Him
Enough American Members An
h Act to Illuminate the
llnndvrltlns On the Wall
The statement was mole this morn
inc semlofflclally vltli I degree of
posithcncKS that amounts to n prnctlc
ill certainty that Chief of Vole
Sheets Mill not semi his reslgnliloi
to the city council tonight Alto he
w I11 lot bo removed toulght Thai
the plan wnq early last week to re
mote Sheets tonight there Is < w
doubt but It did not originate wltli the
American mombcrs ot lisa council
but wars I political play stic ctctl lij
certain of tlC city committee ot the
sOcallctl reform imrty lucy 1m
Chief Sheet
nglno that by removing
nil ulll be smooth Hulling for tlu
Americans but to says the XuvR
Infonnnnt they ure liable to run uj
against I films I fact fcxcnil snag
before they gut through Tlicru pro
mises to be Wino sensational revela
tions ere long nnd when they conn
ccrtuin lenders ot tho reform crow
ulll receive I jolt that will make
their back Kctli riittlc
Tho mills that grind exceedlnglj
slow but also exceedingly fine arc
about to grind Salt Lakes chlefot
police out ot his office while the fel
ony charge under which ho Is awaiting
ing trial has I chance to go onlb
way to the Jury
Once beforo Sheets nearly reached
the end of his rope It was when the
M ware first telling theIr I
story to Judge Armstrong and It camt
out with a directness force anti vivid
ness of detail which threw consfania
tlon Into tho ranks of oven the at
torneys for Sheets nnd Mr VaUnt
time after time stopped lines of cross
examination with I Hushed face lI the
telling blows came back from tho
men whom tho Tribune wan vllllfylng
ns suckers from Scotland
During that trial there was 0 period
when American party leiidois llock
ee1tothelrlnl with Honest George
Sheets and listened to tho evidence
Then there was n Friday when no
one came with him no one sat with
him and n6 one shook his hand at
tho close of the days hearing On
the next Sunday there was a meeting
ot American1 party chiefs In the
Trlbuno office and the ctC
ditching Sheets was all that was
discussed This was two days before
the verdict falling to hold him for
trial a verdict for which those who
had attended the hearing were hard
ly and the new hope that
dawned with that verdict led to the
second lease on life which the chllf
Hut tho MoWhlrtcr case would not
down and the chiefs defenders woro
kept busy hopping from pillar to post
Ir order to hind new grounds on
which to support him The original
McWhlrtcr story was told In slmplo
homespun Scotch and while tho TrI
juno was originating Mormon de
tective stories and Scotland Yard
tales and turning the full force O Its
mud machine onto tho sheriffs office
the prosecuting officials and all who
had to do with an attempt to got the
accused police officers before 12 plain
citizens to bo Judged of their Inno
cence and guilt tho McWhlrtor broth
ers were taking tho 1000 returned to
bent and opening a little bake hnp
whoro their hope had been to use their
10000 to open a large ono
Then came the capture of Parrent
itul his confession which supported
ni tho storys details und added
much new light Including tho fact
that It was Raleigh who came to tho
hong and notified them that they must
iot out of town because tho sheriff
rot be after them The mystery
if the gangs nudden disappearance
knowing they had police protection
ivns thus explained for the McWhlr
tlrlon their return from Los Angeles
ind mado another call on Chief
beets and acquainted him of their
rirescnco In town to locate some of
their stolen money
And while the chief was able to fight
his way on trained technicalities for
a time and has still evaded facing tho
1 plain men American sentiment do
antis shall settle such iiucstlons us
his guilt or Innocence Hell was cap
trod and came back to confess as had
arrant adding morn corroborating
vldence but In no way breaking down
Iho original McWhlrtcr tentlmnny or
itcrlng la fundamental declarations
lien Jim Donaldson who had proudly
wor his American party badge in
nnvontlon was the recipient of a
Ightcous verdict nl tho hands of the
Jury and this ought him rapidly to
o front with u confession and helped
to break down tho last straws of the
heels defense The stalwart back
Ing died away the friends have do
cried Ild > Tribune has c6nscd I laud
ttory defence Sheets wilt now bo sue
rendered to his peel who number uneven
even dozen In plain clothes and the
artY will try to wage Its campaign
liownlng miler than defending him
Tile question now Is what will
wets do Sheets Is reputed to OWl
1 Yearns in that he knows more than
nny other person about tho tnnldo life
f tIme man whose mOle hn has ink
o for mimy years Iii private dotoc
vc In this capacity Sheets shad
wed Atty Wnrthlngton o Washing
f I
I Oyster Hay N Y July 20
Without comimnt Irmt Hoone
vclt mnde public the following
teKgram received by him today t
referring to the verdict In thus
I Hayiyoinl murder trial at lIaise
ln1ahiNosy 1
New York July 2811rst
llooiuvelt Vndeslrablo cltlzuiw
victorious nfJolreJ Kmnm Gold y
man Alpxapdrr llerkman Hip i
j polyto Havel yt
r t
Black Hand Agents Believed to
Have Started it by Explod
ing Bomb in Store
Flro Escapes Soon Clogged 5Ian
Killed by Flames Just ns They Were
About to bo Itouuod
Now York July 29 Bhocklng los
of human life and destruction of pro
party estimated at more than 1000
000 were caused by fires In New Yorl
nnd its Immediate vicinity In tho H
hcurs ending at S oclock this morn
lag Twenty persons are dead and 15
suffering from Injuries as I result ot
tho burning of n sixstory double tone
mont In Chrystlo street nnd flnancla
loss resulted from tie destruction or
the Long Beach note1 at Long nae1
today nnd the Steeplechase park an
other property at Coney Island yostei
day In addition tho steamship han
llton ot the Old Dominion line cam
Into port yesterday with part of her
hold ablaze The Hamilton was nt her
dock before any of the passenger
knew there nY fire on board Thi
llamus woro extinguished after about
J1COOO damages had been done
Tho explosion of u bomb placed
tho police bollovo by agents of the
black hand In an Italian grocer
store on Chrystle street started LIt
flro which swept through the Itallai
tenement nnd destroyed tho lives tt
a score of people and Injured 16
others Tho noise of the cxpluslot
caused n panic In tho densely popu
eausol district The police lay tim
many porUhad In the lames fear
ing to escape to the streets where they I
believed dOth awaited them troll I
tho dreaded black hand A second ex
plosion from < i kerosene tank foi
lowed and tho whole lower floor wai
a mass of ilamus Tho fire shot uj
the stairways cutting off nil Rcapi
coin thosu In the bedrooms abort
Many rushed to tho flee escapes
which became clogged with frlghtenct
people Tho house was led wltlj
denso smoke and tho thames rushlnjj
upBtnlrs drove the halfcrazed people
toward tho roof The Hornet killed
many as they were about to bo rescue
II while others were over
from the roof whloothers
come by smoke There were many
heroic rescues by firemen
The bodies ot the dead were found
all manner or places Four women
discovered dead In a closet whore
had rushed to hide from tlw
they rshed 11de
flame which found them out hl
lame was lying over o
body of one woman
Child as though she bin tried to pro
tectlt fromtheflamvs Flvcbodlos
tound crowded around ono
thu floor showing that
upon top shoWll1
way they had been struck down while try
Ing to escape
xt OSCI0
The fire waves fire struck Coney
fre and before It subsided
yesterday a score of hotels
Steeplechase attractions were
md many otrnctns
In ruins Tho next fire was tho steam
n frewas
fire Then came the Christie
Ihlplro ThncCma next tho Long
destroyed The 800
hotel wan
leach all In heir beds when the
uests were discovered but all left tho
lames were ni
lameS innately
Former Salt Lnkp Reporter Itcturns to
Old Stumping Grounds
ISugene Traughber of tho Qoldflcld
Mbune and for many years a reporter
on the Salt Lake dallies arrived In Salt
Juko Saturday evening to spend
and is slink
two weeks vacation bore Rllk
ng hands with old time friends
hanl wih
fraughber distinguished himself recent
aptly by accompanying the famous
cent through Death Valley In
Scotty Dentl Valey
Scot of tho much talked of mineral
SI Dorado For same occult reason
bite declines to converse on this par
Icular subject but Is voluble on others
Including the growth of Ooldfleld which
he considers ono of thn greatest camps
earth Ho reports Harry McMillan
on lo lcMlan
ormerly a Salt Lako reporter as rap
torerly n
Idly coining wealth being tho owner
wenlh and tho
ot the MohawkJumbo lease Ind
nine Is a great wenlh producer
Soldier nf TuoiUyNlnth Infmilry to
Depart for IIsliippliiefl
The Twentyninth infantry hcadquar
crs band and 10 companies strong
wi march down South Temple Direct
next Wednesday morning to the Short
vino depot to depart for the Philippines
ho other two companies will JIHS I
trough tho city over the Itlo Orajids
bout tho salon tlmo and the entire
nml tmo
eglmentnl command marched aboard
transport Logan
ha lAgn Ilmedlltel
rival at San Franclncn The regi
i lfclsco
ollval duo to reach Manila the first
ant Is rCleh 1unll th frst
of Beptember and the expectation Is
will bo ntatloncd at Fort
hilt It lnloncd
leKlnley Colonel Lockwood will load
tho Fort Douglas command to the do
tiiko his farawell prep
pot nnd there o farowel
onl which
ratory to removal to Detroit
hero In con
ho castle ro
Ion octlon D C len defense of lion Heed
moot and a report was published In
oven the number ot
mutes tho Tribune ho remained In thin varIous
hu called WIlt other places
aces nltd 1 for Kearnn
Sheets enli
nd people Sheet shllwe
I record nt this writing hit
1M not on I lii
bo should the Mlcmlor onu pay
It might In his own favorite brand
ht employer
hiI him or allowing
for dnmitlng 110lnl
ot coin 11081ltJlg
enough of hU administration counci
men to turn on him to make his res
nation imperative clears tho
proapcctUe I
The reshnntol
1110 peet0 that
nlltlcal atmosphere nf un Isiua thl1
I > olicul U nl
looming up BB I
55 prominently loomlnr
Arocrlian party to auk for
vs the Amerh1In
101 on what U Is with Hhccts re
wed ItCH whlt 1 what I In with him
In power More Until that 1 makes an
teiculliiK HHKtlon of what Hon Thol
IntucHlhljelulllttn his innn and what
the man will do for lilt employer
Thin weoUH Truth In commenting up
i the BheoU CUBO saygi
01 It IH sold hut seine of the big gum
or the party wnitt Rhcntu to step down
from bin olllro dutlng UIA ptndoncy
of the case I is gnnerally thought
however that Mr BheatB wont Oo
lythlni nf hiss kind The chief coma
etty near b lng the muster nt
holh nxHonator KeuniK and the Trlh
if He KHOWB to mufh nt their 1
Iny In the yMrs utah hiive paeioJ
int sift ear force turnlo stay by Istt
I to the nI They luiv got to defend
neeta whether boy 1IHB it or lat
Agreement Reached Between
Counsel for the State and
For the Defense
AttoriicjH for tho Commonwealth l
Oppofo Doll for Vcttlhono in
Any Sum Miatocr
nol o Idaho July 2D Charloii I
Moyor president of tho Wo tarn Fed
oration of Miners and codofondan
with William D Haywood who on yes
terday was acquitted oC the murdo
of formor Coy Btounenbers will 10
admitted to ball in tho sum ot 25OQi
and released this afternoon An agree
ment to this end was reached this
morning between counsel for the slat
and defense but the making of tho for
mal application and entry was post
poned from 10 a in at which hour
court reconvened today until 2 p m
Pita delay was asked for to allow fur
ther conferences between counsel as to
what action shall be taken In the cam
of the
of George A Pettlbone the third
noted defendants brought from Colora
do to Idaho 18 months ago It Is under
stood that tho attorneys for the state
will oppose bal for Pettibone In any
sum whatever Judge Wood announced
that ho would not adjourn court for tin
term until tomorrow night and any or
der ogreed POll by the attorneys mlghl I
be entered up lo that time
The big courtroom today presented a
far different picture from the closing
days of tho Haywood trial Tho jury
box and all the spectators benches were
empty and only I handful of attorney
oat within tha rail None of the defend
ants wan In court
liaise continues quietly to discuss the
verdict and apparently the people are
taking but little Interest as to tho fu
ture course of the prosecution
Gunda Almost Killed Ills Keeper Otic
Now York July 29 Gundu an ele
phant In tho Bronx park zoological gar
dens which amuses crowds by pick
Ing up cents which are thrown to him
and carefully hoarding them all but
Itledo man ho believed was trying
to rob him
The man Is Otto Hoffman a keep
er Hoffman has had J5 years cxper
lencft wltli wlUl anlmnlfl but had been
Gundas keenter for hlyC week nut
was evidently Ignorant ot the beasts
Idlosyncrnlcs Ho was in tho act of
picking up I cent which had rolled out
ot tho reach ot Gundan trunk when
the animal new Into I rage grabbed
him and dragged him Into tho cage
By clinging to the elephants tusks I
the keeper managed to keep himself
from being trodden to death Other
keepers prodded the animal with pitch
forks until Hoffman could get out of
ho cage When he did so ho tainted
A doctor found tho man was badly
llrlso and had a crushed rib anti I
bruised liver He is In I serious way
Eastbound No 10 Which Left
Here This Morning Piled
Up in Heap
Special to tho News
Kvanston Wyo July 2DPlsencl
rain No 10 on the Oregon Short Line
which left Salt Lako this morning cost
jound was badly wrecked bore today
hough fortunately no Ole was seriously
njurad I Is almost a intrude that
hero were no fatalities mi tho engine
cnder rind first car left the track nnd
voro badly demolished The trouble Is
saId to have been due to an Imperfect
iwltch All trolllc will bo blocked for
ho next six or eight hour
Io Avoid Itunnlng Down Two ruts
Owner Niuily Killed Family
Now York July 29 Walter Tod Wit
COl mllllonalro member qf tho real
state firm ot Ovgood Pall G Company
In an effort yesterday to prevent his
utomobtle from running down two
tile children ditched his car and
Ito caused the death of blH wife
hl8 moms the chauffeur and three other
non at Buydldo L I The quicK ac
tol of Mr Wilcox saved the children
bul vveiythtng In the automobile ex
opting the chauffeur who had leaped
Cptlg ground wus thrown Into 1 ditch
Mr Wilcox and throe of tho men
lf Wicox such
era Injured the woman receiving
were that she undoubtedly will bo dls
Ilgur for life
Now York Jusly 29Jacob H Schlff
thl Now York banker in an address at
tho cloMnir m9 tlc of tho Jewish
ihautauqun ut Atlnntlo City N J
cola rod that thin hnpa of the ruttora
Ion ot tho Jewish nation In Palestine
Wil not the guldln gstar of Israels
iopo but that the pioinlucJ land of
the JeWs In America
There was mutant nrplauno when the
Qntnncnt wan uttered which braise out
fresh when Mr Bdilff lolterated tha
intlment ami sAid thut In tho tree
mil nf the IlilliJ Slates was to h
Hind tho miiliation of lisa Jaw for
Igher cltUennldp
Mr Hcbllt told of the hopes the M
ration and tho longing of tho Jew
10 mwmJed t nato of warning to the
cm I nil people and doolnrcd thnt them
noultl bo u lessening of the oviu of
ov vtrcravnlml tenant life In Now York
hlMelphln and Bnltlmoro rind lip
apportion of JOWl tlitouyhout tue
julU and Wtt4t J
i I
Bryan Does Not See How Any
Other Could Possibly Havo
Been Reached
Editor ur tho Yolks Kvltung Says That
It if lrcst lloosovpll London News
Thinks Fiimous Ihruso Indirect
4 ir
Chicago July 9In C special to tM
Tribune from Peorln Ill William J
Bryan Is quoted on the verdict nt
Bolso Ida no follows
11m glad to learn Ot tho verdict
and that It was not guilty watched the
trial anti did not see how nny ono j
could be found guilty on Orchards tes I
timony Every crime he charged was
one ho himself suggested and I was
shown he was In communication with
the mine owners and attempting to I
Induce the defendants to engage In
The manner In vhloh the prisoners
were taken from Colorado was hardly I
In keeping with D fair prosecution J
New York July 29 President
noosevflt not William D Harwood
Is now the undesirable citizen said
Alexander Jopes Socialist leader nnd
editor ot the VoJkH
VrlkR Hejtung when
asked how he regarded the acqulral
of Haywood
Ills reply was perhaps the mpst pro
flounced of many opinions by local So
cialists and organized labor leaders
but Jubilation was tho keynoto of them
all Moses Oppcnhelmer tho organ
izer of the MoyerHaywood conference f
in speaking of tho meeting of tho Cen
tral Federated union In which Sod
alist and nonSocialist unions are rep
resented said
I Imvo been I great many years f
In the labor movement and In all my
memory this Is the flit time thl work 1
Ing class has exerted itself In the sami r
way ns it has done in behalf of theati
men meaning Haywodd Moyer and r
Pettlbone Efforts will be mode to
persuade Haywood to como hero next I
week to attend I Socialist parade and
mass meeting in his honor to hi held
In Madison Square Gardens I in I
expected that BOOOO persons will be In
the parade Tho Now York socialists
claim to have beep tho frt te como 1
to tho Inanely 1 aid of Haywood Moyer 1
nnrt Psttlbnne
They contributed 25000 of the fund
ot 100000 raised for the defense
Chicago July 29 National secretary
of tho Socialist party J oecretnr
last night sent the following telegram
to William D Haywood who was yes
tetduy set free ut liaise Idaho
Greetings and congratulations Your
Indication brings Inexpressible Joy to
your comrades and fellow workers ev
erywhere The verdict Is a complete
routo fur the conspirators und a signal
rtctory for the working class flreet
ngs to your companions tho undesira
ble citizens Moyer ind faliimu
I was reported during the day that
aywood would go to Duluth
finn for the purpose o tab
Ing charge of tho strike of tho Iron
oro milers many of whom are mel
MIners bors ot tho Western Federation of II
London July Commenting upon
lie result of tho trial of Win D Hay
wood at Boise the Chronicle Bay to
layThe SI3S
The state of society revealed by the
trlllis more terrible than any civil war
iccause It is more treacherous nnA is
Ikely to be more lasting From bcgln
lug to end It mveals a condition of
irutal repacltjr confronted with soy
ige despalrhyr violence I condition
hut gives Americas boasted civiltza
Jmerca cvlza
ton f very dubious look
From the outest thu question baa
been complicated by the fierce proju
UCfs of n klid of Binoldcrlng class
vni Tit Whole movement both In the
relations of the trial and HR accom 5
mnlmonts in publlo oxcltiinent hll II
ustrated the Insecurity of authority In
Unerlca and the profound skepticism
onccrnlng the Identity ot law und Jus
Both articled refer to President
Roosevelts undesirable citizen State
tent The Newts calls It ono of his
fr quen public Indiscretions ond tho
iironkle predicts that It will ri
him dinr
Ho Will do lo Ills Oruvo JVclitilcally n
Military Irlfconcr
NVorcoetcr Mass July tJen JosIah
Ickott 85 yenrs of age and I veteran
of the Civil war In siI0 to lx aylny
herl technically amllluiry prfoonor Ho
ha beets under afreit I pronor over
Ineo the battle of Cold Harbor and hart t
loclared tlmt ho will die unitor arrest
bolt was colonel of tho Twentyllftli
ilftssochusottH during ihs tWitting ixt CoW
arbor und In ft lit of minor In the heat
of tin lr replied roughly to Ooii Stun j
nand hU Biiporlor The latter placed him
under arrest nnd took his nwunU Lator I
Jckett was cUmlondrt by fitnnnird fur
rullantry In tho Cold Harbor hattie While
iwidlng a charge but tho record of at
ert was never clianB and cr Plokctt
hU been offlclallj under arrest ever +
UonV 1 July 2ttWo will hire from the
nlon 1aclllv rollroud lIsa Imo Rpoclal
Ilall la which Hill Huywoud wan talon
II UolMt altar balng kidnaped and In thtj
rain YU will bring him buck to D < n
er dealnrK JIUTU Klivsan aetlnn
uciotaiy and truiuiuror nf the Moutinr
clrrulfun of Muncie 1011 Tills t 1
Jd ass la rl tortuy Krnt
Ivlorr fot tho icood nasa of the feilorn
lon will L followed by the Immodlato nn
uijemciit of fcnouuli ortcAiilzem tu iloiioia I
tho memberolilp of fits Vos tern lvdom
1101 of Mlnejft In tlio nnxt tlir < > month j
haVe secret rnot
Wo will not lavt any snore tcret n >
iKti of I Ilot vuIout locul iintom bocuuiM
Imre U nothing to hid Tlun teN will
he no work for the dctsetivs who haven
len getting mon y from thu mine own
rti tu Mi > y upon uur 1 lug
Inrlc July M Kurlno the Japnnoae
ilntirter to Irunixi Ic thu authority fm <
Iho following Infoinintlnn conoernlntr thin
uum > J tpaiiM treaty un conunorcu anil
avlKUtlon wlilrh was sigitod yenterdny
t 131 1otorubtirn rise trinity umbrae
va mibjociivcomnuTclnl rela tier ildi
v rlKlitu tho junction of the Munchurtan
illrouiU tint Hllmltatloti of frontlem Csh
olltlrnl relations Tlio clause ileidlim
ith IUI last name In ihu subject
let mil is iimetlcilly a duplicate or
iu iTammJniuniuo arrongcmant for lisa
uilntennnci ut tiltS utatua nuu M Kurl
o d nlM lbs report luau Japan bites or
area two Oirlcililo IxUloomi la Uernvxuy

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