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Western Union and Postal Tele
graph Companies Assert
Their Gcd Condition
Telegraph Wires Idle Throughout
Country in the Meantime Ex
cept ma Few Localities
Might Be Forced to Suspend
I pend Publication nnd Many En
tcrprlics Mndcv Idle
Chicago Aug 12Doth tho Western
Union and Postal telegraph companies
claimed today to bo In better condition
than at any time slnco
ment of tho strike of the operators
The Western Union announced early
than 200
In tho day that It had moro
men ot work and was able to caro for
business In fair shape The Postal
claimed to hnvo nl > outlOO men and also
asserted that thu delay In handling
messages was not great Both how
ever had posted In conspicuous places
that messageso would bo only accepted
subject to delay In transmission
A number of men wore reported I
the Western Union and
last night by I
nil of them went to work today
ofllccrs of the Union claimed that tho
companies had about onethird of tho
number of men at work that they
claimed to have and declared that
worn telegraph students
many of them
who ore not capable cC doing good
The decision ot the operators at New
York Washington and Boston not to
strike did not disconcert tho officers of
the union Secy Wocloy Russell said
no difference what
today It niakeso
cast vote to dp When tho
the men will bo ordered out
tlmo cornea they p
and that will bo nil thoro Is to it They
vlll como out when wo want
SuptCooCoUheWcsternUrilo 111
Supt Cook of the
statement that
city today Issued a
this I will re
there will bo no arbitration
deputation of the strikers
cclvc no
e communication
sold Mr Cook and will hold no
In n
with them excepting
munication which I will send out to
circular This letter will lie brief and will read
diiy Having left the employ ot tho company
Ou will apply at onco for your
pany you work
220 men at woE
Wo now
riy to choose our
und we are wo have turned away a
men Today because wo did
number ot applicants
not consider them competent men
Prest Samuel Oompera of tho American
of Labor arrived In
erl nn Federation
strikers In an
aid the
tho city today to
advisory capacity Prcst Gompera
said As to the merits of tho teleg
strike I know nothing Tho
action raphers has had tim sanction of their
cKecutlvo committee and national of
ficers and that removes from tho
scope of tho Inquiry any investigation
as to Its merits
We assume that an affiliated or
ganization which has legalized a strlko
hL4 n Just grievance and according to
union principles wo are determined to
give the operators our best support
Before any plan of action can be
n 1optcdtho local heads of union and
the ntlonal olllcers must confer Wo
wit j that fomo tlmo today
The otllclals of tho Chicago local
union today declined that they have
no more desire to arbitrate the issues
of tl > strike than hns the Western
Vnlon They moo this declaration to
day n n soon as they learned or the of
torts of the otllclals of tho national
rivli federation to secure Intervention
train by Commissioner of Labor Nolll
and of a reported promise by Prost
Small to p > nd tho men back to work If
the government will promise to hccuio
Gen Sec Rubsol received answers
today from many of tho 135 local un
ions tnrouBhotu this country uml Can
ada to whom he sent requests for a
vote on the proposition to cull a gen
cEnt Btrlke All the ropllcH HO fnr uc
cornliK to Kcey HuiiHCl are in favor
of the general utrllio
Joivp Is 1 ravine Ki > j > OMenMlily Ho
IIH Oixrntur WIIR Dlcliiirtrn
10 AnsrloR Aug 1ractlcolly the
entire force nt the Postal Telegraph
company In thin city joined the West
OrB Inlon ipcrntom In their strike nt
10 clock tulay Klghuen men lot
fur keys MarntTer Lowlg stated that
the rompany would havo six men left
iniiuiiin tho dny und night chief oper
ators Tho night force ot six men will
also so out this livening Tho walkout
las caused by tho refusal ofa unlol
operator to rncolvA n rncHsugo nddrcsped
to Chicago from a hrnnch ofllco Upon
holim advised of 1111 nctlon Manager
Lmvls dlschnrnrfl the
1l0lnlClyllsehnltO op
erator The walkout followed
New York Aug 11le WcHtcrn
Union operators struck ntl p m
c OIUIII Al 1 oi unIon opcr
fltor at the Postal wtillied out fit 1
° I I J fI lnlilnB heir tIowrlerl with
opniivrrm PAHJWIPrR
t ton ng1es Aug 1flu firstImll
I cutton that tin member o the Nation
ul Order of Railway Tolcgrnplioru won
ibovit Itl beecwio net holy lntcrrnt In
lbs tiilcurnplieiH ntrlko wan Hfen lion
Iday when n railroad operator at o o
nt the MID tICIIIM 1111 ol Angele r
lufrl to bundle VrMnrn lnoii bli I
n RS The mutt r wts at Ofire report
eci to ihi Wur r Union oftlro hero
unj I I nw under consideration No
iliiiuiiu were ohlulnnhlo nor onlil any
forecast bo rnsdo us 10 wlioio the
Iudubq youlil luud to
Builds Fire at Edge of Bridge
Which Had Washed
Signals Just In Tlmo to Keep Santa Fo
Passenger From Plunging
Into Ithcr
Kansas City Aug 12Mrs Minnie
Jloudesholl wlfo ofn trackman liv
ing in n tent bcald0 tho tranks thrco
miles west of ISthcl MO12i miles cnsf
of Kansas CJty saved the castbound
California limited passenger train on
tho Santa Fo railway from going
through a wrecked bridge
As a result of very heavy rains tho
abutment had crumbled and fallen Into
the river It was almost time for thc
limited to arrive and Mrs Houdeshell
realizing the fact hurriedly gathered
somo dry sticks and going to the west
approach of tho bridge kindled a nre
Then she awakened her husband and
sent him further up the track with n
lantern The train was stopped nta
safe distance from the bridge and fln
ally rerouted
Saranao Lake N Y Aug 12Dr L
J Lemloux of Montreal a specialist
in nervous diseases has again been at
tending Richard Mansfield tho actor
While the family declares that there IB
no change in tho condition of the pu
tlenA tho Indications nro that Mr
Mansfield is not as well as when hu
first came to the Adirondacks two
weeks ago lie no longer goes on his
dally walks
Trial Now On In San Francisco to Dc
cldo Important Question
San Francisco Aug nChlef Justice
Bcatty and five of th associate Justices
of the supremo court Justice Henshaw
being out ot town sat this morning
to hear the arguments In the applica
G McKannay
ion of H
Edward R Taylor for a writ of man
Auditor Horton
damHis requiring
Oms his salary claim for the month
Involved Is
The real Issue I
of July
determination of whether Schmlta
the whethr
legally the mayor of San
or legtly llo
Francisco McKannay was appointed
i secretary by Dr Charles Doxton upon
election of tho latter by tho board
tho luter
rlectQn of
under tho domination o
of supervisors tler domlnaton
the briberygraft proseotlon to flll tho
vacancy In tho office ot Mayor declared
conviction of
of the
toes by virtue thoconvlcton
Schmitz in the Superior court on 3
charge of extortion
Charles H Kollmyer Mayor Taylors
law partner appeared for Mc
Kanriny Mayor Sohmitz who resists
the mandams application was represented
Charles H Falrall Present
sented by r
In behalf ot Adltor Horton were
W II H Hart
Western Union Official Says Half tho
Day Force Only Quit Work
Now York Aug 12t one oclock
In the
this afternoon many operators
of the Western Union hero
main office Wester Unlol
went out Them had been rumnra
was In contemplation
such a moO
few minutes before the mon
to a
ouit up work thero were no blgns of th
Intended action At exactly oclock
shrill whistle was sounded through
a the operating room and a largo part
of the force at work left the keys
As the men left the building they
other operators who
wore chlered In tho street The cheers
gathered Itleet
Iathcrld on Broad street and
attracted nasscrsby stree
crowd had
minutes a largo
In a fQwpllnutes how
was no disorder
itliered There dl50rer
gathered the police of the tralllc squad
One man
In motion
put the crowl moton
vlt to
disputed tho right of the policemen
compel him to movo on and he was ar
stated by n general officer 0
It was
that out of 400 on the day
thp company 101 refused to go out The men
force rerlPcd at their keys and tho
arc now
he nldnre said that by
of the company
officers this afternoon they would havo a full
force nt work short time the strikers dispersed
Within a th
to their homes and by half past
persed there was no sign of any
one oclock the
unusual In the vicinity of th
thing unulual
IhlnE Shortly after
building afer
Western Union blldnl Short
Weftern Union
most of the Western
on the produce
mon working leaving only a few non
strike lelwlnl onla
went on
The cm
work operators
union men at
n branch office
belonclng by the to the union also let
fice hlonrlnJ
thrlr knvs Mclnerney of
SecrMaryTrfisurer union said that
tilfgraphera nle
tho local had walked out without
the local men tho union officers and
order from ofcers
nny In their own
had tnltnn the maleI officers of tile
hands the
would stand by
though Itand
union tholih action
strikers Molnornov paid that he rent
ed Socy that the faollng of the mon wan
led thlt the company but that
utinnfj ngnlnst thl all
11lnst dono
tlonl had
union officers 010 ni
the local prevent the men golnf
they could to Tile officers regret
out Ilrt rold orleorl out at
ttto men
thin action of did all wo could to
Eli time We 11 they were Mtnply
rcBtraln them lASt
re5trln out The lt
noadod broke tho camel hack today
straw that men who had been
day when thrco 11on for declining nark
wek dtclnln
discharged lat wtet trlkebredkpr <
worlt wIra on to tho mnln of
wcro employed Union to ret their
flee of tho WMUrn told by ono of tho
tlmo Thoy were to get out of the of
hlef operator the
leo and the men accompanied J ho
with Iuolr tnllua
Jrctmont company for wo hove
null la with the to prevent this trou
1fno all we couH 11eclt stand by
Hie Tho local UUlol wi
tho mem tile local
lhBwlVicJn nld Wit thl
InSory tlc1nirIlOy ll
StY lcTIIIUO with fund
union wan well provided railway tote
iml that the nomiioU the local
hail utlittly
iraiher 1111 11IY thont In a
min that they would aid tholl II I
llnnnclal way
ii it HOIMKS nmw
Aug UJ R llolirJS
KnnsuH City Al 1 tobacco grower of
iiitft 11 inlUlomilro of his forttma
I who lost moH folulo
Kentucky ChlcnKO nrc of U71 dlid
In tile Rroat hoipHal eged 60 years
today ut ii local
1 iit I H lOIIIII
No VA A cunru ot the ceitsl
JVjWtmt cmniilfleJ K > OWN insrhiP SOCM
ahaliftuntp of ihu tour About 20 Ilr cent
ot the tout ufO w4t
C x XW < K X < < X > X MXMX > Mt
1 Western Union office continues to operate with Son Francisco Chicago Denver and BoUo with thrco X
4 men manning keys
x Postal operators in Salt Lake went out at 1016 this morning on account of company ndvortioemcnt
Biking for nonunion telegraphers and assuring them permanent employment j
Tolograph connections out of Salt Lake practically abandoned the volume of messngca falling from > <
r 15000 to less than a hundred i
Aitocinted Press ditpatcltca may ceaso srrivinn in Snit Lake after tonight Associated Press teleg J
1 rnphors have formulated a demand for readjustment of pay and working hours >
+ Strikers today sent a committee to Ogden to coil out telegraphers located there
1 Mcssnnoc of confidence assuring moral support have been received by officials of Local No 30 from 1
1 officials of the Order of Railroad telegraphers They mo expected to go on strike at once if efforts are made Y
x to force them to handle Western Union messages
Local telegraphers are preparing for a long and hard conflict Th ey oxpcct it to become national and
to bo stubbornly contorted with all corporation influences helping tho company and labor asserting its
1 strength with the operators Board and rooming places aro being arranged for other employment sought 1
and plans made for a benefit to secure funds with which to maintain a long soige The Federation of Labor
x in Utah has not yet been appealed to x
l > j M
1 M T
Butte Now Only Place On Bel
System Left Without
Montana Judges Malco fittings Tliat
Have Grcat Effect on Situation
Boycott Tolerated Xo More
Reports received the Uocky
Mountain Del Telephone company
this morning showad that service Is
now being maintained at every point
of tho companys system except Butt
which Is still tied up In a sympathetic
strike At Hclana where the service
was suspended two days last week
things nro going along to tho satis
faction of tho company and It pat
rons with a full force of nonunion
operators I Is not yet known just
what will be donp at Butte but Gen
eral Manager D S Murray is still In
Montana and It Is possible somo move
toward relieving the situation at tho
big mining camp will bo mado this I
Tho decisions of Federal Judge
Hunt and District Judge Bach nt He
lena last week havo had a great
effect on the situation In Montana and
aro likely to prove Important pre
cedents In all future Iabo troubles
In that state which has had Incro
than its share of Industrial disturb
Judge Hunts decision which was
referred to briefly In tho press dis
patches gave tho telephone compan
an injunction against the Montana
Federation of Labor and other union
organizations and union leaders The
case Slew out of a boycott Initiated
by tho unions at Livingston nnd af
fecting not only tho telephone com
pany but tho business men of that
town Tho labor people got out cir
culars advising people to refuse to
work for the company or to patron
ize it and singling out by name local
firms that shouU bo patronized To
protect Itself and It patrons tho tele
phono company applied to the United
States court for an Injunction and a
temporary restraining order was Is
ued last Wednesday In granting th
Injunction Judgo Hunt said tho facts
clearly disclosed a combination to In
jure tho company and constituted un
lawful Interference with its affairs
Judgo Bach granted a writ of man
date to tho Helena Cab company tho
next day requiring tho company to
resume telephone service atonco The
company met tho situation by estab
lishing service Wnmodlatoly using
nonunion girls and tho exchange Is
now In good working condition In
granting tho writ Judgo Bach 5ahl It
dldt make any difference how many
employes left tho service of the com
pany the company had n duty to
perform and must perform It I
thero are any efforts mado by anybody
to prevent tho operation of the com
panys business I will follow Mr Jus
Ice Hunts decision and restrain and
punish anybody who may Interfere
with your llncD ho said
These decisions establish that tho
courts of Montana will not tolerate
boycotts coercion or violence In labor
troubles and that they will protect
nonunion as well as union people en
gaged in lawful occupations I Is
thus evident that the decisions tire
of the utmost importance to both cm
ploycrH and cmpluyeu In that state and
Will probably do much to restore pence
In Montana and bring that state boot
to n normal Industrial condition
Our troubles In Montana arc due al
most entirely to sympathetic strikes
Raid A Q < McKonzlo of the Bell com
pany thin morning Wo had agree
ments with avery union ot operators In
the utato and they hud no actual griev
ance The same was true ot the line
men at Butte but tho agreements lao
lel that striking
eon violated on the pita
linemen In Utah and other places need
nympulhy I worku n hardship on the
iris and thn company regrets thin es
pecially bewudo wo believe mnny of
the gjrlE were ordered on iitrlko
agalnxt their will Wo gave tho Htrlk
Ing girls nt helena I chnnco to return
to work and have gtvnn preference to
Helena girls In making up our present
lolonl the
fnteo little Wo wore forced by
nionI Into our present attitude In Mon
recourse othor
tana They left us no ICCOII1
than the mciitm wt have employed Wo
thn rotiulrpd to give service and io In
tend to do I
DlticunMm tlm situation nt Helena
the Independent of Aug 0 ayB cdl
trinlly A fow guts who have J contract with
have been
tho telephone company hlo
tolophno work II order to forward
tho ItitorotH ot 1 tow linemen who ore
on strike The glrln who thus struck In
alleged sympathy havo been replaced
Tho strike prompted n uubscrlbor to
bring and effect ft mandamus OKaltiBt
the company tiecuunp his Inialnciis VIIH
bclnu iirluvously injuiol by luck of tola
Phono Dorvlpe
° Telephone service yesterday was
clohoIO H will get better Tlio
I wi
IItly who MrucU ID nynipntlty
girl piwrotorrt wht sllc II Illlthy
ur e out of work pro losing
money Nobody Is mad fxreiu 1 tow
urplot wh era working pluim for
tliflr ow poiconal advancement Tlio
publlo ispw to JpQOO people Wcr In
c ommodoj nod endangered for two
Ias II order to satisfy the rancor of
three men
I Now everything Is nil right again
The telephone Is working We knol
tho origin and motive of tho strike
Theres no hard feeling on tho part of
any sane or decent person
Let us now resume tho real business
of the day Let us admit that our trou
bles aro as nothing Lot us promote
Give us our parks our HbraUes and
boulevards Let us Induct new fac
tories and Induce tho rathoada to real
ize the advantage of our city as a ren
ter of commerce and as a throughline
shipping point
Wo have no labor troubles They
arc settled We have occasion to bo
proud of the speed and justice which
mark our dealings with all Industrial
controversy Politics prejudice class
bigotry and selfishness have all l >
obliterated from our new score card
Everybody In Helena Is ready to go to
bat for tho town Its tnt
The venomous clamor of a fpw un
dcrllngB and scared bootlicking of a
few Uriah Heeps serve only to glvo
accent to tho unified and progressive
spirit which possesses Helena There
Is no labor trouble Everybody who Is
worth while works Fairness freedom
and good will characterize tho situation
I you see or hear anything to tho
contrary consider the source and dis
count It
FiveYearOld Lad Thrown from
Cart Driven by His Brother
With Fatal Results
Alma the fiveyearold son ot Mr and
Mrs Joseph M Thomas was almost
Instantly killed Saturday evening about
S oclock while riding with his brother
in a cart The accident occurred atA
i npd South Tfemplo street and wns
caused by the hors running away In
tho cart were tho two Thomas boys
and a boy named McCune and the ani
mal became unmanageable near A and
Third street becoming frightened the
boys say at a passing street car Tho
how plunged pouthward toward South
Temple Upon reaching the thorough
fare the cart turned completely over
the horse and Alma was thrown vio
lently to the payment allgthlng upon
his had
Dr William T Cannon was driving
eastward In 1 buggy at the time and
tho runaway horse and cart misled his
vehicle by ices than six feel He saw
little Alma fall and lumped from his
own buggy anl picked the little fellow
up There was only a gasp or two a
fluttering of the pulse and all was over
The doctor says the boys head at thu
bncot the brain grater like I bug or
Col 0 E Val happened along In his
autimobllc and proffered to take tho
child to the hospital but Dr Cannon
Informed him that the little fellow WILl
dead The body was then taken by Dr
Cannon and mother person to the
parents honip carried upon pillows to
tire the nwthcr the Impression that
the wont had not happened Her grief
when she learned of her childs death
was pathetic to behold The father
was absent In Idaho with I company
of Alta club campers and efforts wcro
nt once made to locale him The re
mains of little Alma were taken to Jos
eph E Taylors undertaking establish
Mr Thomas father of Alma arrived
homo at noon today the wont of his
HOIIH death having reached him WhOre
ho wnti sojourning In Yellowstone Park
Tho funeral will bo held tomorrow
commencing at 1 oclock In the Righ
tvcnth ward chapel Tho remains may
a viewed from 3 to 1030 oclock at
tlio residence of Hamilton G Park
grandfather of tho child 111 Third
SeventeenYear Old Lad Brought
Home From Reno With Bul
let in His Head
Tho body of James Walter Mnckcy
tho 17ycnroM lon of Joseph and 811
fan Taylor Mackuy of Cjranuer this
county NMIN ought In lout Reno yes
tcnlny afternoon und taken to th un
dei taking parlors ot Joseph K Taylor
The doctors rertlllcate accompanying
young MuckoyH remains contained tho
Information that the boy hail Crime to
his loath from I gunshot wound In
hl s head nmj had expired at lluno on
tho but last No particular nil to tho
cause ot death are forthcoming its yet
iilUmufih ovary effort lias been made
lo locate partial who may know tomo
thinK of tlij lads trajlc end nnd
whether tile minun were uuvitlontnl or
nlhIII I
ihe body tills taken tn tlio bUYs for
mei1 homo at Granccr yuneturday nflor
noon Kiinornt unrvlcex wuiu held at
1 oclock this morning anil Interment
will lake Pluto ut Taylomrlllo ut tlio
family burying in omul
The boy hud heun invuy from hOI
about live Silt wruko
only lve or flx wlukl according
to the host Inforiniitlon obtalnuMo and
itho family atr ut a IOSH to know the
came of lilu ili iti An InVLbtlKatlon
wtl lio commenceI at onto 10 leurn
I possible just how the boy received
tho wound that ended his lite I
Members of Hague Deputation
Must Die or Snend Life
In Prison
I He lloturn to Ills Home Country
Ho Will Ho Thrown lichlml liars
So lies Staying Hero
Seoul Aug 12The Korean supremo
court has passed sentence upon tho
members of the Hague deputation
Sang Sol has been condemned to bo
hanged and YI Wi Chow and Yl Chun
have been sentenced to Imprisonment
for life
New York Aug 12News that he
had been sentenced to death and that
his associates In the Illfated mission
to The Hague had been condemned to
life Imprisonment was conveyed to
Prince Yl nephew of the new emperor
of Korea at the Broadway central ho
tel hero early today The Japanese
of course are responsible for the up
rising he commented I do not
blame them so much however as I
blame the traitorous Koreans who
havo sold themselves to the Japanese
The only effect of this action Against
me will be to add energy nnd enthusi
asm to the work of patriotic Koreans
tor their country
This order for my execution will
certainly be carried out If I get within
Korean or Jnpanesa Jurisdiction It
would be mere suicide for mo to re
turn to Korea
If I could pain anything for my
country for putting mv head In tho
countr puttnr
Japanese noose I would bo very glad
to cln BO nOOR I cannot see that I
should servo anv good purpose by do
ng so now and It Is not my purpose
to return to Korea I shall keep up
my work for Korea here nnd look for
greater energy and determination In
support of that work as a result of the
sentence of death pronounced upon
Prince Yl recently sent to President
Roosevelt a reouest for a private un
otnclal audience Tho prince has re
ceived n reply in which tho president
stated that ho would havo no time nt
present to grant such an audience
Prince Yl said that he accepted this as
1 declination from the president t
H > P him and would make no effort In
direction at present
St Louis Aug II Business was
practically suspended In the St Louis
Merchants Exchange today because of
tho telegraphors strlkc Vlion tho mar
kets opened this morning there was not
an operator present After much delay
a tow nonunion men wore found to receive
dye the market quotations from Chi
cago and tho stock market quotations
from Now York Ordinarily about SO
operators are employed to man the
wlrcso of the exchange Little trading
was done
Supt Jludse of tho Postal company
said he had more operators than ho
could use under present conditions hut
would retnln them nil Manager Bohlco
of tho Western Union said tho ester
Union business was moving along In a
tmtlsfactory manner
Los Angeles Aug 12Tue Western
Union officials toduy declared they had
more opcratota than liEn neadcU In the
local otllco here and three of tho men
woro sent bad to Oakland from
whence they worn brought govern days
working the
ago About 10 men were worklnl
keY No communication had been es
tablished with New York today doubt
ICSH duo to tho strike o tho companys
operators there Tho wire were work
Ing to Chicago without dlftlciilty
Ionr of Her Crew Aro Drowned In
CoIIUIon With Stcnmrr
Now York Aug ITiio three mailed
schooner Myrnnc bound from Hoaklatul
Me for New York with I oarso of gran
ite Wild sunk In the middle of Long Inland
land pound early voday In unlllnlon with
the Nepluno lino ieamsr Tcnnmne
NIpllnO 1M
bound from Fall lllvcr to Now York
Iour mrmbor of tho JlyromVn crow worn
1wld hut On it Unlatty UUK rasQUM
l > y jaengeU on th T egiiiorison and one
II rHlnrel tylis SPit unveil by wlm
mine to tlm steamer
Tim pAHMiiKorii of Ihn T unatH w as
Tif rller Nol Hedfurd Hue menmcr
Main und brought lu N iw Yiirk Th
TenneftKe anchored In the couml und
did not appear to be much iLuiMjnd
There wax it heavy fog over the oumi at
the time of tlio collision
WimhlMiitnii Aug ltnrititry ut Dm tin
WlhI11101 Ul
partmcnt of justice elicited the niilhail
tatlvn Infotimitlrn Hint there VIII l > a n
proceeding to1 ronipol n I harrison to
oruitytr certain quakllnnit refused to an
PIIWLr wliiji Ijcfurn the Interstate cstnm
iniico njjnmunioii nt No w York lust iIn
ael nUa Hint no ether proceeding
njalmt him and no prorr < Mllneu ego inst
thv Union 1aclfto huve either bean deter
mined upon or f now untier vonoidera
Salt Lake Operator Recalls the
Strenuous Times of 24
Years Ago
It Jin nh til All Hands rncluillUK Jlcn
Kmployed liy the Wettcrn Assort
tied Press Hero und IHwhcro
The epochmaking period In the an
nals of tolcgnphers strikes was In 1SS3
and a familiar method of giving com
parative da tea among manipulators
of tho key Is to say At the time of
the strike ot S3 or Just before or
just after the strike ot 83
And people not or tho fraternity
whoso recollection goes back 24 cnrl
ago remember distinctly that it was a
strenuous time An old tlmo telegraph
er who took part In the walkout tolil
tho News today many Incidents ot
the notable event The strike com
m < In July and lasted 30 days It
was general throughout the USiltPd
States Ogden was then the repeating
point for Utah just as Salt Lake Is
now and In tho former city nt tha
time were at least 100 operators All
went out although every one of thorn
was entirely satisfied with tho condi
tions surrounding him Each man was
receiving JDO a month and 50 centl
nn hour for overtime a wage that was
considered a princely one at that time
Dissatisfaction existed elsewhere how
ever In New York principally and tho
boys went out In sympathy
Not only did tho operators of the
Wcntorn Union and other concerns join
in tho strike but also the men employ
ed by the Western Associated Press
an orgalzatlon similar to tho present
Associated Press But the walkout was
n failure for the strikers and at the
end of f month the men went back to
work unconditionally
What arc known In strlko parlance
ns scabs were plentiful In those days
nnd operators who were willing to take
tho chairs vacated by the strikers end
ed tho struggle within 30 days Ac
cording to the News Informant men
who defeated the alms and purposes ot
tho walkout nre first anl foremost In
tho present tieup Tho reward for
standing by the companies In 1SS3 has
jiot been forthcoming argues this vet
eran telegrapher and they aro now
head and front of 1 movement to bet
their fel
ter their own condition as did
low operators of 21 years ago
The men who went to work and thus
broke the strike above mentioned wore
principally railroad telegraphers That
prlncpal operators was not unionized
then but at the present time they aro
united In this regard far moro strictly
unied nro commercial telegraphers
Therefore It Is believed by the man In
terviewed by tho News that tho strik
ers will this time win all or most of
their demands
It Is true he stated that In 1883 tel
egraphy knew nothing of what Is called
the Whcatstone system That Is I
plain terms the tapo method and b
It the telegraph companies may get
along with less experienced operators
Thn results are not nearly so perfect
or satisfactory but the place of strik
ers could for a tli e bo very well tak
en by girls who have homo little train
ing along the lines Indicated At the
me of the former big strike the du
plex quadrnplex and Morse wires on
ly were known to tho profession
AH stated tho Rtrjkcrs of 1883 went
back to work unconditionally There
were a tow stubborn men among
who resumed their places at tho keys
Tho Inlluence of these however was
broken by shrewd methods on the part
of the various managements the agi
tators being separated and sent to re
late stations where opportunity for
st tons
continuing tho strike was a a minimum
Boon conditions became normal and uro
ory long tho great struggle was but a mem
Christopher Wlnborg filed suit for
divorce In tho district coiirt todny
against Christina Wlnborg on tho
ground of desertion Thoy woro mar
ried In Norway In 186S and It in al
leged that defendant deserted plaintiff i
In September 1002
S p
Judge Armstrong today granted Myr
tlo Noyns a dlvorcq from Fred Noyes on
the grounds ot desertion and nonsup
port Thoy were married In this city
on Aug 2t 1901 and since March 29
11100 dafenilnnt hag not lived with
plaintiff and has failed to support her
hey have ono chili tie custody of
which WIIH granted to plaintiff
City Food Inhjieelnr to Slunr Out
Complaint Agiilnd Hull Co
City Kooi Inspector Krazlor will to
day Street out I complaint against the
manager of the Hell lao cornpuny
charging him with nrlllng re > in thin
city which In below the standard purity
an let forth In the city ordinances The
In tin had analysis matte of
Inspector lUl an 1110 <
tha Ice aid by tins Hell company and
thu report of City CTiamlht Harm has
the following remarks In rtwud to the
quality of thu MIIIP The Ice Iw high
ly contninlnuttxl by organic matter In
vnrlotiH Hliuiin deoompoiiltlMi I doe
not meat time lorjulremenlB of the city
Tie tee In mud from artesian well
wottr which in < uii ldtrod Impute by
the imtlmrHIo Mr Iruzlur proiiujet to
auuto the Icci company a to the limit
Kan win City Aug 12Tiso striking
Wtiitorn Union and Jontal operator
litre tills afternoon twimled thr evo
lution prevlnuBly adapted permitting
telegrapher 10 work at the board of
trade providing that organization and
not the telaKiaph compiuilen pay tho
KAlarlcu on condition that the men han
dle nothing but quotations lhie Htrllt
OI ntHortiul that time board of tiiulo
Jmtl violated thli iturocment Tlio
htrlkorg iilbo tleI lilrd to poulpuiie Ihl
fornml presentation of heir grievances
nomine to tho local munaueru until tomorrow
Innocent Little Advertisement in
Morning Paper Precipitates
The Walkout
Telegraphic Communication is
Practically Tied Up With Only
Managers to Man Wires
There Is n Probability That tho Asso
ciated Press Operators U Join
Moicincnt This Belll
Telegraphic communication out of
Salt Lake Is more completely tied up
today than It his been for many years
At 101E 0 clock the Postal employes
left their desks and joined their follow
workmen nt the strike headquarters
in Federation ot Labor hall The As
sociated Press men will go out tonight
unless speedy adjustment Is made with
the company
Last night shortly after midnight
Chief Operator McDonald who with
Manager Long has made a desperate
effort to keep the Salt Lake exchange
open closed the place and went to
sleep This II tho first tlmo since
tho strike that the exchange has not
been open to receive messages subject
to delay i
Today the only men working aro
Manager Long and Chief Operator Mc
Donald In the Western Union olllces
and a force of the saino size In the
Postal office Tho Postal for a time
01ee tmo
received the Westuin Union business
which was urgent In character but now
rival It finds itself Ii badly crippled us HH
The strike of Postal telegraphers was
picclpltatcd this morning by an aMver
tlscmcnt Inserted In the morning pa
pers I read Operators employed
by this company In several cities of tho
south and west having without notice
nnd without good reasons left their
posts to indulge In a wympntliotlc strike
tho Postal Tclogmph Cable company
offers permanent positions with good
wages and full protection to compij
tent operators who apply at once Ap
ly to W S Hawk superintendent Post
al Telegraph Cable company Bait Lake
City Utah
As soon as this advertisement was no
ticed by tho Western Union men at J
their strike meeting which was called
at 10 oclock today 1 committee was fi
sent to call out the Postal men and de
clare the Postal educe to be unfair The Ir
comtnltteo called nnd siccoedied In
bringing the Postal operators back to
the meeting with them They were j
greeted with cheers and applause on 1
entering A few mlnutesc later a com <
mittee consisting of J TZ Gietinc J I
W Both and M S Riley was formed
to visit tho newspaper ofllces which
printed the advertisement and make a 1
report I Is possible that the Federa M
tion of Labor may be appealed toto f
handle tho case through Intluenco on
the typographical union
Mr Relloy stated to the News
that an aunt of his who just arrived
from the east told him that she had
been absolutely unable to reach him by
wire because every railroad operator
along the line had refused to take a
slor Union message Mr Riley
also said that the railroad operators
had thrown their support with an offer
to ralso Jl000000 behind tho Western
Union strikers and would themselves
go out before they would bo coerced
with threats Into pending ester
Union messages
Wo have assurances declared A
W Smith who presided at tho meeting
this morning In the absence of Presi
dent Palm who was asleep at home
that A I May formerly Western
Union manager hero and now assist
ant superintendent at Oakland of tie
llarrlmun telegraphers haM wired Supt
Forbes of tho O S L otncen to dis
charge every man who refuses to han tf
dle Western Union business
Wo also have assurances from tho
order of railroad telegraphers that all
operators have Instructions to rufuse to
handlo Western Union business so you
see that the field here opened Is
can tUI nel1 opnell
one of Indefinitely largo possibilities I f
at confident In saying that tho first
railroad telegrapher discharged wllll bo
followed out of the atTica by all his as
sociates on striko
Prhuto Wire Is Still Utinfffclctl by the
E Q Woolley Jr In tho office of vf
JunuMO A Pollock Co stated to but il
Now today that there had been no v >
Interruption on their wire and market
reports are being received regularly Ho
wait not in a po ltuii to SAY what was
likely to happen
Mr Pollocks head operator made tha
statement that all private wlrus
throughout the xmnry uro working and u
he did no anticipate that any trouble l
would occur lit said however that 1
It wnH poSSible that private wire men
would be culled out but ho hud re i
no Intimation In that direction J
i ii
MnniiKCr Hods View On tho Irolmbll 1i
Ity of I Tlu Up fW
Ankad I to tb i > ro HcU of 1 ttrika
of the opsretots employed by the Awn > W
clutid Piuta UnJUfcluut the ouuntiy Man
auvr Dad of the 8It Laita oftlui of tha f
Awtaulutvil Irtaa soul u > 1 r pr it ntjtlvu
ut tutu New
As you know thv operators emplojvil
U > itUi AmocUttid Press huvo presented i
tu the cenurul nittnaevr Aklvlll U 11
Hlono In Nw York a patlllon for t Ji
rttudjiiittmimt of unstu und wmluns laiurn ti
and huvti gIven until 1M thin ivmlni
rlilonuo 10 for 111 Mtono to reply Thu
limn Ilk ful tliu fullmvtiitf Diy woik
to connlit at nU ilayn pel neck ulylit
IIOUIH ifttittltul u iiuyH work salary
f i1 With i iy at III rate of 0 tonU PIT
hour for txtiu und orurtlnus Night work
Blx nliibtu Hr uvl vignt hourtf to 1111U
l iights work huh I JW IWI w tek with
pay ut tlio ll tt r onus nor hour up
I I Ii anil ui > illinu Tvo wfiku luu
linn tiitti iniy tu icmiiln as at provum
AM tu wfuu ivpl y Mill 1 10 made to tlua
xJiltlfill I tm llimbln lj my ui 1 miinot
tit counts tuUclt > atu wliut ton Mr

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