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I = P
Immense Battleship Squadron to
Visit Waters of Orient on
Mission of Peace
lot WrnUncfi III Army uml
11ill Gunnery ItaeUo lbolliim
In Tlio < To HrniiOhos
CM i a
ngton D C Sept JlOrdew
iied this week by the navy
i l1t to commandants of gov
df1 rvI1 i hip > ards and > 1v It 1 training
p1flT i I prepare all available
lormn to join Ul < Atlantic IlIW
I hI j ilg In December for the Ic
r 11 m the Intention of the naval
Vrrt s well as Secretary Melcnlf to
ni I fighting monnters on their
JTlIMlj > f peace Into foreign waters
with fd mnplements and nil men who
haH one year of nervtce nd lees
Jr xeani with fncie Saniit navy
IhMIl wiH i xpedpd to Join the fleet that
Tl IIlly commenced mobilisation
IaK 1 i u Illi const to Mil away Into
on which la
ihf f > 1 The squadron
TEH tlx people of China Japan
108 to
nJ > itrnlalla an opportunity
look i in the most formidable Heel of
Nil illll ever assembled In that
WI of the world foea ostensibly
1 1 Hi and toteat their efficiency
M I hind the determination to send
uh t tremendous force Into foreign
re in understood to be a deep laid
tan i the hlgherup naval official
I the
f 11 i renewed rtilp building on
ilia Odt the ttlaten bordering on
thof u mere and adjacent thereto a
dv how Ing the liveliest poaalblo In
UTMI HI the unprotected tlluaqon
whkh U will leave them after the
radii aiiuatlron Mil
Ut the Pacific squadron sail by
ill mn wild a chief of on of the
Iv1 bureaua yesterday In discussing
UK niivement that was on foot Mine
link time ago to have the president
noil his order mobilising the fleet In
lilt Pacific There Is not a man con
awM1 with the navy who has any
douM m to the wood report which the
tttt will make he continued It
will not only be a plendld school for
Hie > oun cer officers but It will brush
up ihf older officer and It we are
to have any trouble In the Immediate
I future the trip across the Paclllc and
Into eastern waters will bring out de
i feet and permit of their being
t remedied It will have the further
advantage of demonstrating to the
I tountry that we need more fighting
machine and that there should be two
great nquadrons one on the Pacific
cud one on the Atlantic The United
Vtatea will only he mcure when It
has the most formidable navy In the
world Security rest In tone of metal
and tons of guns with men oulllclent to
Beer and man them There Is no
Ittlltlrs In he moblllaatlon of a great
fleet In the Pacific as bee bean inti
mated In some circles antagonistic to
te iiraaMent How could it be If
tttare la aoy pollllw In the awembUiiK
oinKr KtSSteet flKlilurs on the PacIfic
It fci the polities of preparedness and
a rat lea I Uemonntrtttlon that we are
lEratlCllll take advantage of condl
iw and net the bust results from I
them possible Now Im not a poli
tician nothing more than a sailorman
but even a sailorman can see that If
pnlitlo W c to be played so far as
MvurliiR delegate to a national con
M > mlo > Is roncemed It would pick the
went HKln the east and that in my
mind would be extremely bud politic
Thf transfer or the Atlantic llewt to
the Paclfh taken away from our At
I Untli ioMit cities not only the skips
but i hi men who man them Atlantic
coast towns are benefited by visits of
tilt Atlantic Heel to these plac s hav
ing safe harbors and the butcher the
taker and the candlestick maker to
y nothing of the places of entertain
ment benefit from the visit of the
Aevt To make It a political question
ihf rtoi e would be the height of folly
sad J rsld ell t Iloosevell has never
bein aiiUMd of being a bad politician
II H > judgment Is that the heat which
II oiilered to assemble on the Pacific
Mrnxlbly on a visit to California and
Washington will be ordered to the far
wit for we all recognize that the vol
cano is there and there the eruption
will take place and not on the Atlantic
While I am not In the confidence of
thote who are directing the movements
of the Pacific fleet I know enough of
condition throughout the world by
n ion of bavins been with the navy
for nearly 40 years to know that there
tn nreedlnffly delkate matter to be
IjJ tid in the far east and It Japan
houU Insist upon the arnMxation of
torn it would be wise to have a
jrtiHl > squadron near by to protect
tIperuon and property of American
cifctrn in the orient I ey there
t ht the fleet sat and God speed It
I CIj lu iiiisiion of i eacu
I leritiue V Powderiy oiilttT of the
A Nurses
i Story
I If you arc a sufforor
i from headache neuralgia
f or pain from any cause
l loll should read tho fol
I low ing letter from a nurse
fot sometime I have felt It my
del to writ you I was having
IIIr dtllr twins svry weak far bead
Iih All he did for ma was to give
OUlhiflC to ease the pain Hems
iimiii n pain wao so severe that I
foul not speak and members of my
win tooa over me and gave HM
pKflKinr every flftn minute until
11 w u rtivtd A Minplo of Dr JJuV
onllI in Pffls tt Into my let u I
II Pe4 n circular very carefully and
tend IllY cess Asacrlbed amctly TIM
II i 111 mr heed b gan to itoh I
teet II lalH Plus aoeordlng to ill
rr r i felt I was getting
tl r 110 I aoHt to the drusrtot for a
i nd took them until I was ao
t better that I ww about the
i aU the afternoon I hay net
i dwtor for hs4Uebe nine
hi ast me IIOjI tfm altar he
l bi5 td Hi know Lew I wsj and I loLl
If > HI t bad ioo and Li replied
2 > hava reunTanythlag thaTwUl
1 > u stick to It aoTso I h w
i a e nurse If hive rc mmaa4mi
I to Il many ifratuful paepl
j I tIIl mentiun I aaw a dov
I a neighbor every week for
I SoOth 10 oii ohs hud nut awful
Iv but for a long time I dared
I ron SKt a n v ibis r to Jir Un 1 fAT
I Ier and I eav hr a half A
SZU f ti rv and ntis ucoJ
t la el he had no doctor ulnoe
1 uik Hiy am a gpet bIfln to
i t I f di why didnt you tfaM
t w uI I rrn IotOfO f oouW tI ii
I Iiaii
> imllar oaa
Mllli luaapiiiNB BOHN
m w ues Bt JWJlNy
see Dr 111 AntlPaln Pllli It oM by
r h t IlUlllkWhCl will ouarantM that
hn I fr g will bnII If It
U A 00111 return your monv
ii U Ml a Gent Nsvsr ljn bulk
IItl Medical Co 1art hid
A Shin ei i n
Doauty Jny aprover
DR T Foillt Oeurauda Oriental
Cream or Magloal Doeutlflor
ir E1 C 10100 J1I ha t
rt1i wkiid Btl
lIS 9 r
II L n tr1
lil or T
tt It hI w
11 =
T r Uo Met
t C 1
n1IInIo Cream tie t t MtoNi I ucui
wtaai F iUir it ttI4 1
ttHby t 111 < Mer
kmiUMCiiH7Mw 7SluM1 K
EBB TIIPIIRS Ptep 37 fiHst JCM llniL JtwUl
h d
information division of th depart
ment of commerce and labor a bu
reau recently created by act of Con
ZrSa under the new Immlgrntlon law
and one of the beet known labor lead
er In the country does not take any
stock In the tory emanating from
Ilttsburg to tM effect that the foreign
born employe In the mines are to be
discharged because they persist In ob
serving their church and national holi
day peculiar to the countries from
whence they come
Mr Powderiy who Is a resident of
Pennsylvania and was brought up In
the coal mining districts of that tat >
starting life aj a dump boy uny
that the foreigners who work In the
mInes and the mills are entirely from
Hunintry Poland and Italy that their
religious or national holidays rarely
fall upon the same date so It would
be Impossible In reality for any con
sldemale ntimbtr to lay off In or
der to celebrate a rellaMous or other
holiday generally obwrved In their own
country Hr Povvlt considers the
paragraph to which reference Is made
In the nature of a warning to alien
that In accepting positions In tho
mines or mills in the vicinity of Iltts
burg or elsewhere they must work
on all day of the week being Allowed
holidays only itpon such dates it < the
American born workmen arc permitted
to rent from their dally toll In other
word the tmplo > rs of alien workmen
Intend that such employes shall cele
brate only on such day an me recos
tUned by state statute an it holiday
Army and nay circle are consIder
ably wrought up over the reports of
Cpl Judon an army engineer of
ficer who war sent to the far east
as a military observer during the Ru
soJapanese war and Commander Sims
the principal lIaval expert In target
f hoot Ing who had been sent to Fort
Monroe to watch acme of the practise
with I big coast defense guns Capt
Judson Is said to have reported that
the Japanese navy wax far superior
to our own In personnel and material
white Commander Hints who looked
with a critical eye upon the army
shooting Is said to have made a report
to Acting Secy Newberry to the ef
fect Dial the coast defense men wet
far behhid the naval gunners In ef
Since these report were made mom
her of the Army and Navy club have
been badgering one another and as a
renult considerable feeling has been
engendered whlcl gives promise of re
sulting In a board made up of army
and navy officers to report upon the
r fficlency or gunners In the two
branched of the erloe A feeling of
ivulry would not be harmful to either
iranrh of the service provided that
It does not go too far but these re
ports admittedly have a tendency to
brine the rivalry to tlte atrainlBic point
and create condition that existed very
shortly after the close of the Civil war
when the officers of toe army and navy
were hardly on speaking lermn with
one another while the enlisted men in
tim two arm of the servIce carried
their IHfeellnR towr one another to
frequent encounters reeultln in broken
note and broken head Deprecating
UK they do the criticism of the of
ficers above named the officials of the
two departments have not seen Ht to
make the reports of Capt Judmn and
Command Sims public but Mirttoteat
han leaked out to warrant the heads
of the army and navy to minimise the
reports and If Possible to restore the
cordial relations between the two arms
80 PM ntlally necessary to success In
the event of tiouble
Lot botwoet 930 p m yesterday
and noon today a bilious attack with
naueea and nick headaehe This lois
was occasioned by finding at Z C 31
I Drug Store 11Z1H So Main Street a
box of Dr Kings New Life Pills Guar
anteed for bllliousneis malaria and
Jaundice Sic
Muskogee I T Kept IIIThe Cana
dian Valley Trust company which
closed Un doors Tuesday morning post
ing notice on Us windows to the effect
that Its banking burlneas had beh
transferred to the other banks In this
city and that depositors would be paid
today failed to open Its doors Tho
associated hunks upon investigation
found ion < lltl < > ns different from what
they expected and have not taken hold
of U It was agreed that the other
tanks of the city would assume the
rfeaponslbllkiy of tht ompany It a
bond of UOOOOO could bu raised The
bond was to ha ve been Deoured at I
oclock teat night but the Canadian
Valley people were unable to raise the
For the past week It has been known
In financial circles that the crash was
near At hand On both Friday and Sat
urday of last week it was necessary for
other Iianks in the city to come to the
a4 ef the trust company On Saturday
the company paper wa protested in
St Louis On Friday P B Hopkins
tireeldtnt of Ute bank gave the other
bank satisfactory bond for their loan
OB Saturday however his security was
not oonaldemd firstclass and on the
following day tbfc banks began an In
v UgM < m of the companY affair It
was round that the trust company hud
loaned IUNO 4L OM In excess of the
amount itated by Mr HupklnH
The bank to oattltalUr fi ilOOOO
and has deposlU of tSMOOO
further < XBtnlnatlon of the bunks as
Mts toitlnht Mhowed that ihy arc mure
valuable than at HrM puposed The
overdrafts amount to I42MN A Mt
barrel oil rusher was brought In on
the companys land today It I al4
tonight that depositors and lockhold
ers will be paid dollar for dollar The
bask la known as a Inboring ruins
hulk and most of the < lw > ltri ars
fet small ajnuuuts
Dresden Haxony aVpt ZSAI the
meeting today of tile cougreas of 01
wail MlenttsU a remarkable ntatement
WM made by fiof Hcrgemli > f Siian
burg unlvr > that the utuioipher
Ht high altitude in the coldest over the
equator and the warnictt alj ve Iha
poles TItle surprising fart he explain
ed was determined II balloon anan
alonamad Jurln the in iuh of July
of the various hlllud under the aui
> loes of the liurnaticiiil minntteo
which las betII InvlIaUII the at
mosphere al high attitudes The ob
servatlrns whuh were tII1I with
automatic lintrimni ailii huj to un
manned balliHinii have uoi yet bean
v1i Med nut in i > tail by Imf lUrgeeell
bis conclusions l > Ing abundnntlr prov I
ed tluuuvh the data titus MII4
llalluoits wht h msehe4 altitudes of
Li to It miles Ir Ih tropics were found I
H have regIstered about IU d grr I
bliw gero fahilioU ul > ll < II the
110w iilil Hie loin I
latItude of tenllU Burdixi
eratur was 01 > 1 tu 1 below 11 I
iidlotO4i A not her 4t
il Ih hetgnK ldlII I
4 liv the bsifluvn nk
ostaWlthi4 IV L lUwn
la that the ffro tiit cid or the upper
ntmoflpherp in rrnehed al helffhta from
BlX to eta ind threenuarlem tnllea
varying somewhst in different parts
of the world Above that height e on
trary to the asaumptlon > < f gclentlsti
hitherto the air mdinlly grow warm
er Thin Wa flier Rtratuin of air ill
duced to tx hlgi et ut th > < < uiitor and
liO e t Kt the piled wtiori II i FStlmat
ed 10 Hgln ut ati < HI four and one
third mllrs
Itt llergewll concludve that the
atmonpherie endlllonn affecting the
weather do not reach higher than seven
WanhltiKton Kpii s ny Moot to
day i < cj
< a iHbligram from Minis
ter Hixklilll at Prkln notifying him of
Ih il iinlntniftit o Wu Ting nn a
mlulHlpr ID Washington Whllr moat
natiOn mkr aom < < step to ascertain
the acci > ittMlltt of H mlnlater there
ii no u < uml rgutrcinnt on the sub
ji > it and China cuntom has been to
name Ita ttresytatIca and allow a
tuition to uhjci if I cared to
Thr In r i n to believe that unof
ficially Bonn I 1 mentations have bus
mad at th mate department within
Ihe last 24 hou iinp < a < hlng the char
iirtrr of th I mad new minister I
not only on th > ground of his conduct
whet fonnrrU It WahhKIOI but It is
stated Mr Wu Ting rung took advantage
vantage of an abnormal ntat of af
fairs In IVkii I aerur < his reevppolnt
ment to this < n Acrordlng to thin
account irln Ihlnl who Is alT
the titular priml of the Flowery
l n8dol la axn rapidly and has lot
Interest In publl nffnlrs He doe not
wen attend th mijlnet meetings reg
ularly and in c nse < iuence his Influence
with the thron 11 fcrratly diminish
ed Yuan Shih Kill it promises to
succeed LI Hms lhMnl an the direct
Intr force In China la practically dom
inating the kingdoms foreign rota
tions Sir ih run LJang Chang
the retiring minister to Washington
upon returning to China welt first to
visit his reatiek In Canton In the
nouth Instead of to the Chinese capital
I II averted that had he been in Pekln
he would have cant his powerful Influ
ence with Tuin Hhlh Kal against Wu
Ting Pangs appointment having always
ways expressed himself M opposed
lila methods
Mlwourl Ititllro < ul Declare Cnusti
Them 1isw ot 00000
St Lull sept According to com
piled statements made by officials of
the various railroads in the male the
o of the trnt passenger law
has caused the railroads of Mtssour
to lose Jl500000 during he past three
months The law became effective In
Missouri on June I and by agreement
with Attytan Hartley the railroads
decided to reduce their fares and tee
the law until Oct 1
I was announced today that the
trunk line han joined to right the
further encroachment of Wf law
rolumbus 0 Sept HA I Vorels
inimuger for Secy Tuft gave out the
following statement today
The endor vm nt of 8ecy Taft by
the Nebraska Republican state conven
tion I extremely gratifying I Is re
epiiiHlve to the overwhelming aentl
mitt prevailing not oqly In that Mat
bu everywhe While Kansas has
endt iced Taft through It Republican
state iommltt3 Nebraska la the first
state to endorse through a state convention
vention and Its Nebraska onenUn
ta the first of any elate outside o
the favorite presidency son Mutes to take action o
Wlmlc Struck llnck nnd Sunk Inund
San Kranclsco Sept 25The launch
Warrior wan struck by a whale yes
terday afternoon oft the end of How
ard street wart and so badly damaged
that is sank a few minutes after reach
Ing the boat landing at the Howard
strt bulkhead I Is thought the pro
pallor of the launch struck the whale
for after It dropped the whale struck
back with Ills tall The blow nearly
jarred the engine from Us bed and
started several planks of th boat
San Krancleco Sept 1 Two mil
ore belonging to the Ignited Statwi
cruiser at LouUt feU overboard and
were drowned yesterday in the presence
ence of Admiral Swinburne who was
taskIng the regular admirals inspec
tion at the time
Boats from tb cruiser Charleston
and the destroyer Prable Joined In the
search for the men which wan kept up
until late at night but without avail
Lincoln Neb Sept 2 5ood Commissioner
missioner Johnson today ordered proceedings
ceding begun against the South
Omaha packing houses for alleged vio
lation of the pure food law I I assoiled
soiled that short weight U given in
package of ham and bacon I
Lincoln Neb Hept 2Ths trial
of the Rev Wl Inert p Ferguson fo
er pastor of InU emlty place Oi
charges nf immorality began at St
Paul Methodist church this afternoon
eforu 1 jury of 1 Nebraska ministers
i 1 T Itoberts of Table Hock
Krigiison Is charged with 1m two ner
conduct with > r E A Cross of University
versity mace who la the principal
witness for the prosecution
Mrs Cross J la lei returned from
Orani Colo where her parent r
side She stated today that she will
testify In the trial willingly
The counsel for the prosecution are
Chancellor Hunllngton of Wesleyan
university W W Isham and A A
tUn 1all of Lin oln and J R Smith of
Unmhu Th Iounsel fur the defence
are John OallaghHr of Fairmont Neh
I I Johnson of Unoln I W Couch
ur New York City Mall 8 Hugh of
Kansas City and John C Kergusou of
Boston G
The flrst charges were Rled with the
presiding elder of this district on lk
I and the oWclal Investigation took
place July II Th Rev sir Ferguson
was suspended from tb ministry
pending th action o this conference
Me formerly was pastor of fashionable
hulbl In L Angel and Newark
+ + H < <
It cheers with r
out enervating I
well mndo
f I i
x There n Reason
A4 4
New York Sept 1 The New York
local ef the Commercial Tlegrphern
cabS voted tonight to all oat I
leaned wile operators employed b the
ss In brokers olllce in thin city
11 action shall b aanrtlo d by
the imtlwiAl officers Action by Ihe
nalltHtal lOers will b awaited before
anytblntr further Is done I wa
voted aW to ask the national officer
isis call for the
to N H r tr brokers and
press tehUfsphers throughout the
country to quit work The demand
tho men who are
upon th 11 wl now working
under tontrt la made in Ih Inter
ests a CIo w have struck against
tl Western Union and Postal Tele
graph contpanlos
Chlcafo BoBt 35The nation of
fliers o tb Totacraphers nlo de
clined tonlgtat t express an opinion
al to whether they would I
whther sanction the
sink voted by the New YO local I
A special convention may be called
0 mlv b le
to lake up U matter when It comes
I Cne
before unotMclally lId National Secy
Wesley RusselL He added thai
similar action had been tiikrn by about
1 locals In different pert of abut
country o I
Is the touch of lluckten Arntoa
louc ea Salve
Il the happiest cowblns i Ion of Arnica I
flowers and Anl
tower heating balsams ever pom
poumled No matter how old the sore
or souMfi his 8 aIve will cur I Kcr
Ir etMs wounds or pile it
has no equal QtiHranteed by pl I
I Drug Store 111114 80 Main Strict
1114 B
druggist l e Wan
TlilrtyTltlril Annual Coiiteiillun OIMIH
In Atlantic ell N 1
Atlantic City JT J Sept 1 With
many Important question to be din
cussed among them the
thll present cur
rency system the American Bankers
issoclatlon today opened Its thirty
third animal convention More ilinn
lWO members have arrived The chief
feature undoubtedly will be the dis
cueslon of tb currency question 1
The report at the executive commit
said tee discussing the currency question
Some relf through financial legisla
tion Is neasetry if we would continue
the prosperity with which we have b en
blessed The prosperity of
blel Iroeprtty our country
Is w > great that demands fO money
are ro large that we are at this mo
ment suffering from a stringency In
money and with no mean under the
law by which I is possible for the
banks to relieve the situation
The hague Sept IR Jojeph H
hot head of the American d lega >
tion to the
peace conference I > ready
to acknowledge the defeat of his pet
scheme for the ntabllnhm nt here of
a permanent court of arbitration but
he and James H Scott Solicitor of the
department of state at Washington and
a member of the delegation are doinn
everything poertble to induce the dol1
jority of the delegates
jrly deftte to adopt Mr
Choateft last proposal namely the el <
tlon or IS judges af the court lv 1
direct vote of the government li th >
gvrment J
forthcoming plenary silting of the onm
ralttee on arbitration
ir 1t Fry < Oreat Britain or
POed the American plan and siifrtrifej
that the project be submitted to th
governments for study The Brazilian
Austrian and Gorman delegations maJn
taln that It Is impossIble to auree n I
the election or the Judges I
Portland Or Sept Bpraklns be
fore the Columbia rhM branch of the
WomanH Home Missionary sxlety or
the Alethodlst curb and In oppoal
lon to the wishes of ane physician
the aged missionary bishop Dr Jam a
41 Thoburn today declared that Amer
Ie will he wwarmlnp with Hindus
Chlneee Japanese and Koreans within i
a few years Dr Thoburn who is
probably the beat known nilssloi ry f
in the world and who has spent mnr
than half a century in the orient timid i
India declared he regards this to be a
Worldwide movement of nations of j
tremendous magnitude Dr Thoburn
declared he was convinced those who I
have already come Rn but forerunners
of tens of thousand that are to follow
not only from India but from Ihlna
Japan and Korea
We may as well try to sweep back
the tides of tho ocean aa to keep them
out No matter what the rowdy ci < j
mat dO they are coming he said
A humane citizen of Richmond Iml
Mr U D William 10 West Main Bt
says t appeal to all pomona with
weak lungs to tskc Dr Kings Nw I
DiscoVery the only remedy that hitS
helped me to fully come up to the
proprietors recommendation I saos
ppeto than ull other throat ant
lung remedies put together Used a a
couch and cold cure the world iv > r
Cures asthma bronchitis croupwho
ing cuu h quinsy hoarseness and
phthisic stops hemorrhages of the
lunge and builds them up Guaranteed
at 2 C M I Drug Store 111114 So
Main Street We and JlW Trial bot I
tle free
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publishers list J rlcea Oenoral school
stationery at correspondingly low fig
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lad aside by mal a business man
when he top work for the W Ire
might sweep < aay the work o years
but If be hid such aaeeU he could
tart fresh with nn lo out of <
hal goods usually covered hy Insur
ance JI sufrt > deposit boga are
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patrons a chaise II protect their valu
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I The Home of Pure Drup
112 114 South Main St
rex vows ci Riot
Rings I
Liillo Liver Pills
Solil 7CMIInic I > cptlt2 Mala
to Go East
And Eastern Cities
flee how muh the Burlington ran
do for you In th way of help nx
curslon rates with diverge route
and stopover uMlegeii for New
York Boston eel in fact the entire
eastern country Jamestown Etc
position ticket offer very liberal
Grande and Burlington Route have
dally through standard and tourist
sleepers to Chicago Ma Denver nn
many days of the week personally
conducted excursion to Chicago
and St Louis
RIO GRANDE Ne I from run Con
nects with Burlington Electric
lighted Chicago Flyer No 6 leaving
Denver at isSO P M also
from Denver at 11S P u
RIO GRANDE Ne 2 from rtah has
through standard Kleepen dally
for Chicago leaving Denver on
IlurllnRtono No 2 the next night
Let me plan your eastern trip
and shrv r u whit thr Burling
ton tun lft 0 moluJ
ton run 1u for n > i
G A Burllngtoa
79 West 2nd So St
irii Sajt Lake City
How to Buy I
Paint 11
Its easy now be IF
cuse the best kinds of I
pRiDI enamels stain IVc
varnishes are lold
under the name of
a mark that lIigniflu
tire Tcrlect 1aint
for tery Purpose
If your nearest
dealer cannot pply
youwrltthe Acme I
Quality kind we wilt I
Asic fur a copy of
the new textbook
The Selection and Use
ol Paints and IVktw
Iree on rcqusit
ccumn IM NT ft i
JU Kai FIn tAre 5 tIt
Hilt Lake I1t
Are you Lruk cl aIi imml I
utftt Morn out auoj with I
tiie dully grliii
lr < i vro again Pt I lie pouillilllty I
of dls aiM9S so i > ielimit ilna time
of the year the between seaport f
ilinumaku tea blood build new I
tissues get rid of accumulated
poisons by buying a bottle of
A D S Compound
Syrup of
The price U II W UM bent
I I Schramms
Vhr the cars stop All De
pot Care Stop K e Vow
lint IlWHie hid JluiH
lclwul4i 7 HO
That Good Co li
Iril Melghn Street J
= tI
NotIt H tereby1vn that seated bMa
will be received by tilt undvnrtBnrrt nu
t la P in Sept 3D 1W fr the nun
t rtaJ cnn labor nMiulrw In rxii > n4iii
lawns ami ciitln 1 < wn sri r raW h t
itrlvtwnj ur i Ik ipiij ite fi Iho I
versjU of IIh ami mnorutnn t > pluu
Sieclflentli aji < 1 luIt a whIch ai
open fi inaiwctliHi f the Militnti ut LIt
ulH f iMiina A lleilges Arhltct
In in leer Natli aJ Batik HII1I411I
at the iinr of Main line Jiln Hontl
StOpt in Salt 111 Lily Utah and all
Miin ann propuiUii at the above tin 111
U renefl publicly and read In the
rn f the L > eernt Nallona Hank 11
SJO illy
All btdn moot be HUrew i < Inlver
ally f Utah 51t lk tf
and Miked In tl tio I left Mud one
ner tiiita or auch bid can be do
1It to 1M Rsaid 01 Jeellllta at tile
sail rim end III
hide not orniuin conditions
nia proposals or
any other Udts
thai those mentions m tIme plan spiel
II 5 Tidn w contracts ur boiids
t d 11 Jder muM two the form of bids
wl nut change hleh will bT fund at
IIH Hc rf the aald archnerta and no
tiwi form of bid will br reSlvSr
A < entitled or eaahlera ehMk nn am
IIUK In entl tAke oty Utah for at
lllM S per wet of tae amount ot
ih bid must he Mioiaotd Kaon hvck
Ii to l > e made payee i to Uo Mads
iRiied and is to bOO forfeited In eaoetlM
111 In H < ceptf > d and the bide does lint
nif > r int > the cnntract and bond within
UHM days after Its accoptance for the
rniihfui execution and bund hereinafter
The proposed rontraet and bond iw
TIM at the oHIoc of caJd arahtteota and
au oNt be lami
A bond must tie furnished for one
halt < or the bid wljh good and sufflolenc
nuretlea all oatlsfactory and aoaeptahle
in th undfjlawM
The undrabtned reserve the rtrttt to
ijirt any and all bid
irKIVgJRatTY or UlAH
Hcaled tiioposaJa trill he rswiysd for the
IIIIHU n and setting III place of eight
si I ene with rots eti complete In
c Moray City tell a < < > rrllng to plaiMi
uinlKhrtl h > if Bdw UlJnlxtrg arehl
eum ComnwrclaJ club ButMlnr
rtnlt 1uk CIty Ltah Hlda for th boY <
mink will be opens by the city Council
tt Murray OtoOer 14 1W7 at I ooluck
i i m Km h Ijld must be acoomnanled
with a irtirie4 che k or r per cent of
the ajnount of bid made payaM to H
tttsiop City Treasurer
AH WJ roust be addressed to W J
WareiiaU City Clerk Murray A bond
for onehalf the amount of orntraet
prtrx will 1 required of th aucoaaHrui
Fkii lUirhu reserved to reject n
or ill bIb
By crdr of the City Council of Mur
ray tUiW
W J WArUSNWCI nu lurk
Watohri Diamond and
Jewelry Fine Watch and
Jewelry Rupnlrino SOU
Manufacturing Jeweler
riri have a full de
I 0I licious flavor are
pure and uncol
L ored and brew
I strong andclear
fl Sj I We know youll
like them
Buy Irom your grocer today
r WI
Areyour childrens
shoes and stock
ings giving you
IA satisfaction not
Y4q try the kinds the
IJpiw Childrens Shoe
and Stocking store
sell We are
t agents for the Fay
j stockings
60 South Main St
I = =
going to
We wish you
Would come and
the matter over
and see
and hear our
New York
Piano Co
46 Mar hat Street
One half block want of
Post Office I
PirisaIvof j
iow U ZOMjDtut Lept112i Main
Consult Count clerk
Clerkur reepecUYfl rim
I g i lutihei t
J Ill 1
I i VO lfsl1 i I i oi HT PRO
I Hii 1II MII Ir Sa1 lauwin
eI r 1 tami La tl tflItj O t Ibi
Ie 1 i t I esd Ku >
iruni i 11 I 1oIt hum Cox
s i i 1 Ihv wot 5 J > Ea
sLI 1 x r 01 11 o Msei tv i eonArmatiou of
lIwIiig 4fl5 111
3Mo r 01 d last
II < khil IIUIUIUM IoIlh I II and 11 1
tICtlmi n fklnit a mb
r I
jI 1 hI It 17 nYsasre PIa 1 t
bng I 1 1 J ada Inte In
Salt LaJ r t c Mo1 Iowty of I
um of i I I II I r hu
teni towit 1 t rIIWlOC
un n ritj marln
a 11
In a hIm t I t ei nlt 11
CnuL tt
haa uri tJI
on tIirda lOu ig
A D nT ath day 0 Ifopttomber I
II 10
lock 1 IlL at th
Olunl I
of eejj l url lIu In the colA aoa
Jo aura In It Lake au Sell I I
iZ COWltJ Utah
imss LiIe CIrk H
the seal theieo 1 I f ea44 toqutwht
= ot aPcI thill17tfa M
septomber A D 2p
ISeal J I IJMDoI r
0 tv H JoarlUlwurth a tierL
I T DepUty Clerk
tlonor hnlawortb Jr AUorlet fur PICa I
1 3nc1 DrftdRIlT klI AAaa P IoWlty ft II lit J
or Utah In the atte II U
reist a nt Ndon A Zmpiy dscie
JloU1It I
petItion or Emina A Li
5secutr ot ts eta of NIson S j
mInt fill d praying for the eattie r
OJtrrt Seal setuocut of said easeaRix l
dltltrtbQtJoQ lit lbs rs4t
his Mtat to the eatiu4
Ute aun lilt Jor tMlarthc lilt I
IG otrkIeIt October A D 1301 et I i I
hoc i A X at the oucaig man
la the court I
ronea o r d MdTt
In MIt
Lake =
Wlthe CItlaJt lAIr O5t7 Ui5 J
tll4 Clerk of ad
the pj ur stab r
811Dt uf8A affixed Uw W liar ot
mbr t
klr A 1 JIOl I
I t
BT W n suuwoafr i
Young and Snow Allorn
era It
IN THJi l11TRlCT JOVIft iiittij il
bate Division In and air filMS SSZ fl j
ty Slat of Itah In the rustler ot Ute
iatte of John SIddoay IMceaeeoT Ko 1
tkenIoo pillion > f RulMTt H IM4o a t11
adnuntatrMor of the estate of John sM
doway deceased prajrUig fur the settte
uent of dial acvouni of said admlsastra Ii
tr and foe the dlsuilxiuon of the real I
tue of saM eatat to the parsons entitled
liaa beea set for hearing < > n atvreViv j
tho 5th day of October A D INT at M 1
oclnek a m at the County CVxsrt Macaw
In the court Room of wild Court h Salt f
LaIt city Edit lake COUIKJ Utah I
Wit nm tie clerk i > f mid Court with
the eal thereof affixed this ttth day of flJ I
KptvmiMr A D 1WI II
8e l J u BIDKKOOC JR Clark
nv W H rarnvworth Deputy CMt l 4
Adam A Duncan Attorney too Fsti j
Notice I hereby given that niirruani > <
to an order of the Third JU4i osal Di j i
tilrt court of the But or Utah County l
of Holt Lake made Beviembr 2 W 1
in the matter of the estate of UuahUa I
Marie Olsen an Incompetent person the i
unlerslgnad toe guardian of the laid ea I I
date will will at private aale to the Mch IS r
eat bidder subject to maftrmetlon by Ib t I
aId Court on Monday tbe IDth Of ot f
September 1WT at 11 oclock oooe aTti I
storehouse of Bmrud and Cocaamay I Ii
Hroexiway aaJt Lake City en j j
right title Interest and ate of th J
aid Incompetent person In and to the
following described premisea situated In
lot one block forty plat D H Salt Laloo
city Survey Halt Lake County Utah to 1
wit Beginning four and onehalf 4 K rods I
wst of the authaat corner of the said
hit and running thence north sevea T
rod thence west three 31 rode theoos
south seven a > rode thence east three a >
rvd to the place of beginning
Term and condition of sale Cash or I
on a credit not exceeding one y eat pay
able In itCa or In lnat lTin nts providW
ttvat In 1b event if a pale upon crcsnt j
II laant twentjflvc pei out ut the pur J 1
i ha money shall hi paid Ht the IBM of ij
Hal and the balance thereof be atiruiss 1
n > the not or net en if toe ourcheaar ti I
secured by fnfirlt gH on I he property sold
Written bida mill be received by the aa
dee at thf above address ti any to
turnS prior to the hour and date moe
Tounc Snow Attorneys for car fj
In the Dtlrlrt Court of the Third M01
da I Putrid In and for the Oouafar ef 1 J
slt lJtLt and State of rtab In the moo
ter of the dissolution of Daynee Mnetc
Company la c n > o < atlon Notice s here
in givvn that Daynea Music Company a
Utah corporation hae tiled by per l
of one of the Judge or the above
court its vliirlary application to p
solve and dlaimnrporata and that I
hearing of the said upplloatlon hM beea
eat by said court for Maturate the Mh
day of October A D 107 at the hour
of 10 oclock a at or aald day or aa pa
thereafter as counsel ran 1M heaKl at
the court mom of said court Joint Build
ing gerft etvfltIi
A Corporation
Jamea Ingebretsen Attorns
Nolle If hereby given that a poi4a 1 111
stockholders meiUng or the Moek 9
of the Revenue Mining Cosspany is h I 1
ed and will be held at the we1 OIloeli I
of the said oosapaar at the State tank
of Utah at Ma 1 South Mam at Salt fe
Luke City Salt Lake County Utah an
Wednesday the Mid day uf October A D
JW7 at the hour of It oclock II n fr i > j
the pure of considering and votug up i
on the proiMMltlon of amending article
VI and XII of the articles of meoriMrsr 1 I
Uea ef aald company ao ait to aSkS the
ispltal atck of the said company Iis t
Mbl to Uw extent and In 11181 jo
permitted by tawL
PraaMeot KeveniM tllalng eopea
H siSTT McEWAN tsereUry
Dated Sept a IfOI
The unaaralgMd will netl at prlrate it
HUS the real property hrtnaft dM
orlb 4 or any part thereof stt at4 111
fUlt Lake CeuiitrT Kau of Uta7 > er
after the Ilk day of October XNX u li
oclock a av and written bids will he to
calved at the office f HrtgiMm Ctoflg Ill
Auerbaoh Block gUt Lake Clly TJUa
Tsinis of MJe are 11 on connrmatltMi j
of aato
RiM property to b sold aaenrltsa as
MlewH tewlt I
Oomtaisnelng at a point aye flu reds il
M of the northwest owner of tot Ibis I
D block ulDfttaen U plat TJ Mt
lAU City Hrrey MIS ruMtsf Mites Ij
t rentytww and onehalf tflbu feet j
these south fertyUiree sod oneiourth A
tIPi > test thence west seventytwo aad i
0 nAeJf dm Seat thence north tasty 1
tr aa < i ooefourth < Mi > test to heua 11
nJna situated la 3aat Lake County Mate
I clab 1
CXxaBtenctng at a point tww rate assOW
or tim aoutlellat oemnot at Jot I
block ttthT s p1I id
lAU City fcurvay amid ruoolng thoooe j t
north two and onehalf J rode tIIeaee t
wcet niP t ro thence south two she l
onehalf hiS n > 4si therio eea4 atac 0 I 4
reds to the buglnnlng itustd ua lknsta >
port Street Sail 1aItI City and Cowaly
stat of Utah
Oomnoncliig at the southwest oaraer of
lot six 11 blHk sixteen flvore plat
A lig Void sjurvy and running fhonr
iorih n Inll rot UMIM east Dis bus i
died and fiftyes fet theBo north one I
hundred and nlu filii thane wort on
hiiidn and ttflysla net tbeno nueth C
nlntynv and Unatenth < stlb > > feet e i
auth a dg M mill earn USeT Usat Misth
I I K det m aala at sM tt foul aertH n
leg M mla east M 11I Vest 00010 N i qg
it min eat 0 n ft > uh r
mln east 171 46 feet > uti 10 tag U I
est Sli fl smith M test west T1
In bflnnlng < iii trt In Ian Lob y
trot rnnnty ITtati
All at lot seven In block suven IIa
dat A Big ruid survey opatalujng
Rye a mss of land s4 the half of the
tr uet adju tnluf said land oo th wet ail
sHuMed ir JI lk tounfr Utah
AlTof lot eight block eleiaa iaUea
IktSMI ttllr III iOlt esusge on
east Sail 10 Mei4diait MIUI1P4 lit lt
Lake OowIv taS List moeamftsp arr
Iam iupii i l lr < n terelva thirteen I
ftianu sheen siit halest Salt lAke
dvnnir T ih nun In Wok numbsr i a i >
In tNiionga Miond 1dUlon being a Mh 4
vtairtti of IM H n In tack slgtsso tw
save Iolat A htg Fi l4 aurray aensra
iiuf u > lIre lw frrtert 110 now 01 lie W
thiil reorn r a utlkw ur Ht LsJte OwMty
cASotjwr alt I
Adnidtiwtoru or he sjstate e
Jilfft fleeeaad
n r V UH 1
Isrtrtwil oaa Attamsr tor 4ae

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