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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 27, 1907, Last Edition, Image 1

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P e 1Ir lnrt r iTrrt ilicce nrc llio lull 111IOft1U1 fnet or uiinilslnknlily rinrtll llio III Monv Hi DBSERET EVEN I NINJTSY S Sonio OWNISUS llww or rolHmin Om Kmwrrmv IfIIt tmlny rn will mUfrthwl hate new In
u r
Exciling Episode in Wyoming
Life Told by One of the
Wilh Jess Peterson He Fills Up
Or Whisky and Starts to
Tear Things
I 11111111 1ull T1 rr liinkii 1 wit tor
Open HIP tintl VIe Shots Ttako
I ffi < Dwktr In Iloipllul
V ill isult of tampering with lad
tiik I Ink Decker a WywnlnR
hP > r Is lying at the U n H
on ith two pistol shot wounds
In MS > Iy while Jen Peterson a
nnira n 11 about town nursing a
i dlr 11 nnn from the asme cause
Indr lake the man who wrought
Hit In1 orcupet a cell in an Evans
Ion Th r us related by Decker Is
j ui and makes a hero of the
1Ig III boy whose good markman
r I I nigh ended the exlsttnco of
n v 111 joiingatcn who Imagined
iht vi ie to the manor born Five
11utt i ut of tlu six in lilake re
OT Iund thlr mark Decker re
crumn ino Peterson getting one and
Hill u > tiivr ploughing HH way across
la Han A < h cutting the skin the width
of tli Uicly One bullet lodged In lilt
mk ot Decker hone
Deck r mnlll frequently as he told
Ihr i to the News today freely
idmii ng that hlmiielf and chum ROI
oil th t wan coming to them while be
ha > inthliiK but praise and good teal
Ini f t oung Blake pecker storY
e ai t4 In the vfinacular of the sheep
brIr v ith Its we goeii we runs
w i inrr tit He doesnt blame
th M n who shot him a bit and will
It h < nn r c that he If oe scott free
iy folk live ai Lwt ton Ida said
111 but fur ome time I have town
iu lojcd In thi region of tho La Baixe
iii Fontiiirlli rivers In western Wy
ming in lit I have been herding
of Salt l aka
111 toi H union brother
rniiit > miI on the day of the shooting
is 041 tor a Urk with my chum Jess
which le
w t i ides from our camp
Ham Pork about mile from
Ketnmcrer fn to ib oerrala at Mr make
tS Irta mn away We had been cinnk
tt4 otn und felt pretty Bay Arrlvlni
M nukes camp we finds his men
I rVtuK out sad counting sheep for
Miiirn His son was calling out the
I ir hr tally meaning 100 which
i rdid by a nwus some distance
S v K11 Him Blake Mya tally
S 11 tully making it impossible to
kr i rid ai count We only wanted
t hi fun but our foellalinea an
flOl Klake and he told us repeatedly
I mi it OUt ll said Boys If you
alll Minitlilnir to drink wait till we
irt though with thla bunch and Ill
J1 vou ill the whisky you want
hti up cnlllnir out tally and
all i iikcylng around Blukes place
back our own camp
w i i sflt to
but I inhered about the promised
1 Aluvit 4 p in we again start for
bent on
Blak still feeling good und
uim a time We banters each other
tm i < and ore w It go losing our
tit Lut not stopping to get them Ve
t hooping and yelling like all
rii 0 it when we approached the place
standing alone
he r Utin Klake WaS
rH ug an rat aa our horses could
lodir tly for him lie was a tender
loot j t out of nchool and I guess he
triiiuic1 WI were about to do him up
Ht I i K il ncarsd but I guise he
naint lh first thinK I knew there
iia i h Hiil I feels a piercing pain
ii thi per part of the right chest
I Itoll d my horse just as a shot
IIH Imugh the animals wethers
an I limped off und started to run
in th < ploKltl direction Deforo I
i lii 4 lump of quaking asp a
bulk h IK me III the thigh and down
I ou I dont remember anything
rfthi happened until I found my
fcir i itinp with my brother and
oibu Iund me
I unt on to say that he did
I I v Just when Peterson was
h i 11111 before or after hlm
II i wits told that Immediately
r hoitlng Blake trtd for
hn to give himself up a mes
I > nt to llennlons camp to ap
I > i ktrs brother of what had
11d a warcli was Instituted
i r i isxing man It was an hour
I if before he was found and
0 t iieved from his condition
Ild i > futully wounded
1 m cared for during the
i till next morning warn
L < 1 Mil n mile distant
i 111 an O 8 L train and
r > Sail Luke vIA MeCammon
Tit i dungeriu wound ta too
hlsh penotruted the lung and
to oj Mr > It exuictad The
I U IK out below the shoulder
1 Id ulhir bull jlUMod clear
I u rtcnlij part of the thigh
L 1 niuMod the bone
1 I > > A husky frlliw ti years
lj I x < Hd bike UttK the topei
f r ft leal lie is UH Htng through
in In Denver but has re
Wio c yjrf In idiiiu and W > u
t1 i n N NOT OAlJlY HURT
tIIt1 Ietreon m u Ml Pleat
L t Laying for Hie preaent
t IiII if j nid pays n daily vIsit
7 k in Iwtkir One bullet M
1 II I I IHttraon In lli < left arm
r i i I ivn the ts rid and the
> IIs well unikon ami
Ir > uiil U painful he will
i ill hi ugiln From the
T hi had a nanow escape
mi L > niUonv u slId Or
kb k hi been ii i in hovpltal
J I Itr und la vny smry for
< Iliougli n i lourae he
J i Maine his K n tot what
1 d i illy cc tin too of the
J J x elm > aiin find K In
T iviiurr lilin J Hlake
I i Hale nlJ 1nkr any
I I nmdfcf ililinn upon
t m IIo 1 tIu1w 111411Iii
i J tn his patlvni but not
I II < has not be en ad
< PI II u mlitvvil that
> i < 10 A < the laitur IN
il II Hall itMirilloH
I liln U lId jUi > lllg
N tn1 liollr could
Ujl 1111 i i IllllllllttlUll
i h lh Ikl
Jose Frias Late Secretary of
Cuban Senate in Palma Con
gress Gives Opinion
llHUI Oflllll TIltflll 11111 l luWll It
UItIIIUIiI X Ot Oniilkil Vltli
ehiIici Party IhllOutllJlp
New York Sept UJoae Frhut who
u a senator rpUefientd the province
of TrtoMMl In the but Palma eon r a
In CUba and waa ecretary or OM CU
ban senate during the session of that
body la now staying at a hotel here
Speaking or the Intended revolt In
Cuba which has been Squelched by GoY
Alagoon Mr Priaa aald that the stock
market was peculiarly xueceptlbte to
reixirta concerning the poantMllty of a
termination of the American rule In
Cuba Any unreal which might nec
essitate the rolongatlon of the Ameri
can occupation had In the pant been a
strong bull argument oti Cuban stocks
and the dlasemlnatlon of rumors con
nrnlne a revolution would advance
prlccs Immediately
This disturbance now may be only
the work of some makonent negro gen
erala and follower who hare not bemi
provided with place by Oov Magoon
contlnBed Mr Prtaa It Is a well
known policy of such patriots to boast
openly that It they do not get sum
and suck Job from the Americana they
will stir up trouble 1 have known
such men to go boldly Into the palaci
and threaten uprisings It they did not
get what they wanted
I am very sure that neither of the
political irtl a II directly responsi
ble for the reported trouble In IMnar
del RIo If Indeed there la trouble
henry T Sfolt SHJH They Aro ibid
And Ormlii Worx
New York Sept rlfenry T oct
who was president of the Union lr jn
works of San Francisco when that con
cern built the battleship Oregon said In
an Interview here as to the aipraehtn
cruise of the United states battleshln fleet
to the PactBc coast that the navy of te
future will bay to be almoat entirely
tST KSiKL lit esatere abprfUd tea l2
hoi condition on the western coast make
pSSatiSt0 conMructWn of battleships 1m
CondHtoqa ate netting WOCM lajHead
of better In the hvbor rkel lathe weat
a4 Mr SCOtt monfir added emit of
freight on the materials i cSe yf r
batueeblp construction and the fact that
With H shorter workday our mechanic
txieivr V per cent higher cay than In
the rest It In Impossible for western
KhlulHjhders to compete with those of the
Atlantic coaat
All the battleship the Vnlted State
will ever have on the Pactik omen will
have to be built on the Atlantic seaboard
and the T11 of the cost are iliad that
the Beet Is to be sent around there
KIIVIH Ins ut 1111111 CUIIIItIlull
Kur Sllxrlun lnil
Nw York Sept 17J Hamilton
LewIs of Chicago who went to Russia
to Investigate a project to tunnel the I
Bering straits and build a railroad
connecting Hlberla with AJaaka report
thaI he found that the Russian Roveiu
ment nan not granted a cotireealon fur
the Siberian end of the tunnel lie said
that the Russian govermnnnt would not
make such a vtnslon and that It la
regarded by the Hunnlans as undesir
able for military reatmim i
New York Hept 2Tlioue pera
throughout this city are complaining
over an Incieaae in the price of beet
and beef products There hu been an
Increase In the colt to the retailer of
one cent a pound It ta understood
among the retail dealers that the price
will go up within the next month halt
a rent If not a cent more
The wholesaler give reasons for the
Increase In prices One of the princi
pal ones la that the farmers have had
to fatten their cattle on grain Instead
of graaa aa usual at this time of year
owing to ills long drouth laat sum
mer On the other hand It is contended
In iota quarter that the price of beef
has been raised by the big western
packers because of the renewed agita
tion of the question of the governments
prosevutlena of big corpoiatlona The
price of lamb veal and mutton are sta
tionery and are no higher than usual I
at thla season of the year
Uumr Ida Sept TAlui having pent
all of yesterday In biliiKli out the tmtl
Sony of U pursues wno tulmltUd they
had taken uut claims 10 Umber land for
lh < < express purpose 01 Celling them to
members of an allegiJ land dabbing oit
nplrarY the mrnm iit Hltrurw In he
1 1 tat of United Stats fhnitii HorHh tu
tlay turned the line 01 rvldmic Into m w
clunnel which thfy lain Hl timl 10
iffect the defendant > < uuuls Tim trpti
many adduced up I i lo lii I fn m i
nn < d lu the aotlvltl > f Jnlm J MH
ami Ixul M IVltdiini tu ul tli in i
niidir ln < U tonHi N I rtln liiiiin V
ucamltied 1 a i
< ntrym u
a i mlfluI anti thin lenlni u > Unit ih >
ieclv from WelU th mun > lth whkli
tu IIIOAC tlilr < lalnu und frnin 111111 1
lli ttSO bonn > for mirnndi HM II dr
tulsa wont n I iuIi rid JUKI i > rlor
ti udjouililx11 tin iron iiiinic Nil MI <
Identlflvd the slgnuluii < i > itm > i Us
Kiuk ateuuwiber unl vlliuii Hwi t
i il > ument alild ti > li iv I sU 1
II IK mlHtd Ihal Hlun 1111 iiil HKII
H tiillv finntohul II in > 5 110 wfith
lli Uiai jUMeI tiI 1 u i i II
wIIi calikd on
The gusveniuNit iua umiJ iti 5 Ii
Into thee section Tli tlri dI wit h
th < claims whit Ii ar turned or 11 AI
ben K Palm uf 8i ksnr wh 10 Nkj i >
Imt Avled as iliimini iinn isu h1
Barber uinlHi inii i Wl HI lslI
BMliy bwilliis I I h 11111 ni afil I IK
I I i > ll
vli 10 fOil llh in it s M
viiiid ai sl i liunm u I I P w
ihiouKli Hri H Itni t H
liun < lld I
Huston III Tin HiiKl 4111 lu t set
hiadUd bv OCOFIN N toWt who the
governavnt irelase will evmiuiilli
usk > tan < l as Hi must Imporunl wltur
r l I lie PI Uri III lill
h R HI ui nm iiu in HII cc
iunl ls 11I1I > 5tI 1 Silo tie
ie 5 1 I I I u I r a siul J Illud 1
h1 ii ci B SIIIM
1111111 N 01 II
il > du sslai t hI It isli
I il ioniiil 1
I i 1111 1 Hi HI
Greeks Crnzod by Daoth of Cam
radM In Collision Chase
Them Into the Hills
IflrilttM llsMsmml IlrttMlilMS null
rmiil Men Itaiclicil Teutt 9HMTti
ilercil JItMIIItd tot > lr9ctctt
flakers1leIdqal Sept IJCreed at
the eight or the blood of their com
reds the w Oreeks who escaped un
injured In the common between louth
ern Paolftc work and freight tralna at
Cable last night completely wracked
the freight train engine with rocks and
clubs and then started In pursuit of the
engine and freight crews of the train
that brought death to their comtwn
Ions An bur later after a haae over
th three miles of rugged mountain ter
ritory lying between Cable and T ha
chapl the small group ot wbitefacetf
breathleee rallntad men arrived at the
latter town and giving themselves up
to Conet bl Williamson appealed for
the protection of the law Below other
official of the law were attempting to
calm the enraged foreigners which was
only done after assuring them that the I
railroaders had been arrested mid I
would receive severe punishment The
armed guards sent out on the relief
train prevented further outbreak on the
part of the threatening Greeks
Congestion of traffic over the moun
tain was relieved at I oclock this morn
ing Train No IK after delay of five
hours continued on Its way with the
eight Injured track layers to b placed
In the ralroad hospital at Los Angeles
The frightfully mutilated remains of
the six section hand weru placed
aboard Train Nn 107 and brought to
Bakersfield where an inquest will be
8 an Francisco Kept J7The cruiser
squadron from the Asiatic station com
prising the armored cruisers West Vir
ginia flagship Maryland 1ensyl
vanla und Colorado under command
of tear Admiral Dayton arrived here
this morning several hours ahead of
the expected time Arrangements had
been made to give the veaeela an elabo
rate reception and a wireless message
was nent to Rear Admiral Dayton last
night asking hIm to defer entering the
port until after noon This meeewge
I however either was not received or
was disregarded for at 710 a m the
We Four am thseo cruIsers have
come to be known primed through the
Golden O te They maved slowly In
tine about an eight of a mile apart
the West Virginia In the lead and
dropped anchor oft Goat Island near
the cruiser at Ixmls which has been
In port for several week Am the
cruisers passed Black point a salute
wn fired from the big guns at Ft
The big ship were a beautiful sight
aa they steamed slowly through the
Golden Gate and up the bay The
weather Has clear uJTrom house on
the hills overlooking the water flags
were waved and signals of welcome
given Stouin whistle In the factories
along the waterfront greeted the ships
and ferryboats went out ot their
courses to rive their paae igers a closer
er vl of tbe orulsor
v te
Victoria H I Sept 87 Advices of
x terrible dUwter due to tb great
Hoods prevailing In Japan have been
received The overflow of the liver
Otonaahlgawa running through th
town of Pukucbijrana near Kyoto
caused lh loss of more than MO liven
In this river the water rose more than
SO feet 1 shaku and swept over the
I whole of the town of Fukuchlyama
drowtnlnff over MO Inhabitants and
weeping away a large number of d
frail bamboo and thatch houses a U
Japanese townspeople
Jaan tOWple
The barracks ot the Twentieth regi
ment and Tenth engineers battallton
situated n heights near the town es
caped damage when the town was over
whelmed and the troops were hurried
out to render what assistance could be
given t the survivors and to rosen
drowning people The population of
he town was over UMO people Hur
riedly 1 or more sailing junks were
secured and despatched to the scene
and sailed over ha was formerly M
thickly settled town soldiers manning
the Junk saving Ire numbers The
police have recovered < 00 bodies and
other are believed to have been Jo
The water subaldeo next morning Aug
17 and great damage was revealed
One half ot the town was entirely
It o
swept sway and the remainder hat
largo number of collapsed bulldlm
The whole town waa practically de
stroyed the scene being terrible beyond
yond comparison Gin Kurokl and
Oov Oroorf of Kyoto Pu were In the
city tb former bP engaged In In
specting the troops and li said to have
narrowly escaped the danger
Xlndlay oh > Sept I Another suit
against the Standard Oil company
brought by ni Independent producer
saa begUn hie today by Oeorge II
riillllim who iHege that the Standard
nil ompaiiy uiul Its subsidiary O
nliiH John D Rockefeller and seven
ntliT urTliiTH ot the corporation art
oprsUng In r tat of trade aavt
ugalnut the Independent 0 producem
In nuiiuular The complaint prays
that tin rhurtr of the companies nam
ed < SlePt tbsipe it the Ohio company
itsl the Hlanlutii Oil company bead
judgfl to > > e lllal fraudulent ant
MI tsl und that each of the defendant
b pi n itii ill > enjoined from doing any
I i in Kili < > iporate name nr lornl
ui i ii iJ I a n 5 her bn appolnled with
ri I tn tviul Ut the alleged Illegal
i oi Miration
I H William recently ire t J
on In rhilg sit attempting to bribe
I u juror In a Ktendard O lAM IIOH
luun ilufl urder MM ball
harrisburg Pa all n The lonl
jseenger mm on the Pennayltanu
Iroul list I n l n lit 1641 i i
i S into 1 IM t lii H4ii < < > ne flu II i
t PhI lnil 11 uutip wlt of HUM III
liJ II I I i I ttil Iliuf 10 i 1 I
II kthsJ IJ ill MM > i4l ullur liijuirl
V 0 r
h u
Clmmbormaid and Love Aootwid
Of Stealing from KmtteS
for Hotol
Dliiimmiln Mrta IIHI4e mgi Qoli
a G
Vntrfi nnil amlii Sinleii Poiu
Orl sPud
For Home time tore la been a
t deal of pilfering and petty
stealing going o at the KMtrford
hotel and recently thefts o connlrt
erable Importance have been report
ed For several days dectertlves
have been at work on the cases but
were unable t traoe t crimes to the
guilty one t last Maturdsy when
Detotlvejs Frank trheeHas of the p
lice department arrested a chamber
maid named Celia cartoon
The arrest o the Caning woman
w the result of the then of about
S7M worth f Jewelry belonging tn I
guest of the house T B Purves Mr
rurves reftorted that five stick pins
diamonds rubles and pearl and a
gold watch and chain had bern stolen
from his The detctlvus
fm hl room sus
pected Miss Carlson and last Saturday
placed HOT under arrest
At first the adsanted that she had
taken the valuables and said they were
in a pawn shop on Second south street
The officer started with her to locate
the articles bat th woman went back
on her first staUMvant und said she
knew nothing about the case whatever I
Wheeling then took Mia Carlson
to the station aa placed her In the
detectives room pending further In
vestlcratlon The dev left the
room for a few moments and when
h returned was surprised to And the
wrman missing
During the absence of the ofriir
Miss CarUon slipped out of the room
ran through the alleyway back of th
jail and made her escape DeteotiM
Wheeling began a search Immediately
but failed to lot her He kept at
work o thc caso and Anally discover
ed a clue that let him to believe that
a man named Charles Chamber wan
an accomplice o the woman I is
said that Chamber baa been the wo
man lover for aboat two years
lat night Detective Wheeling saw
the woman on Third Mouth street lie
InmtdtM placed her under ar
rest sad took her t headquarter
This time she leaked
< UI w lO In a cell
Chamber was fthw anst 4 The
latter araposes Is Aght the ease and
advised las Cartoon to ko p her
mouth shut
The youag woman stated tu the de
tictlve that she knew where the Jew
dry WH and doctored that It had heist
pawned by a man Later she said
she had pawned the articles and ten
declared she knew nothing about I I
The officer la itllt a work on th
ru e but baa been unabl to locale
the property
Walton Ilellcmt In HHC Sininglvtl
Ilzzlo Scluowlcr to Dentil I
Chicago Sept 7ih police are ID
veatlgating a report t1 Klchurd Wal I
ton the supposed murderer of r I
Lillian Q Grant i ho vas ariested yes
terday In Springfield i s responsible tor
te death ot Llasle Schroeder who was
strangled to death n Gary Ind
some week ago I In known that
Walton wall working In Clary shortly
before the murdei aad left there about
tb time it wan committed
The girl was attacked and murdered
Th Irt I mrrt
In the woods near Ury while she was
returning to her home after taking his
dinner to her father who was working
Just outside of the town
Iatty of American 1utlUi Uuu Dunn
And Kilt l > encli Ivukunt
Purl sept 27An eutootobtle coatala
lat Xh wllllaai Oraluun of Santa Bar
bara c h daughter 10 governeea
knocked down and killed I passant yea
teM near Auxerr bout a hswdred
miles from h T ahauffavr fTYry
tar to avoid the accident ditched IM machine
chin and its occupants were hwiVB out
ra Graham W hurt about U bend
and the governess hoJ an afM broken
but th Oraham and the cheuBsar re
nO hurt Th parts wo < brought t Purl
today In an ambuluim
CumlltluH of View IVrUtlont itt Shied
ned O41 Said to be es4eg
New York Hpt 27 Jfenry M
Flafflar vicn preil mitt of tho Standard
OH company II a > Inusly 111 In the
Mount Wa riiiiitu > n hotel Litton
Wood V 1 M cuiidltloa la understood
stood to be tt in Ills personal phy
uhlan Dr Diniii CIJ nurses are Inconstant
constant attemiance Kyntptosas of a
general hiHkiinwn d
ntr1 nervous tapgarifl
mid about a mouth ago he uras taken
to the White nv > untiln <
Every pawilbl Tort III blag ma >
to keep his mini fisii his nlnlnsas
fairs and I In i < tonxldured prob
abl that h > lal lfy In the gov
inni ntn cult AH t the Standard
j I lpan n I irsgreal hr
iF hlN VIN UIlfR
II Fraud ipi 1LICUt
iin My Ho tlhon Yn If thu mtdlrul
uparlm iit of I h > nui itol Chlnex
un ha aiiinl Inn > n hU way in
id n < the Intel iiit > nil medical con
vtlHl at JunnM n He will lslt
I nillir IIJI 1 the ran ansi
liiori Miuiiiliig Ji ii > 1 iimK 1
nni it Europe I I a year alit
jin I I graduate of Hi Tien Tstai mill
I allege
flollgh S 1 Hpi iTTh oraml
jiirv hat Ii I united jn Indict meal for
HH amfhtti igalii riisln < W Hli >
I v Ionduitoi l M Ukli > liter
1 1 tin Dltpaihn H I leI 0
i i in l > Uii In i Vn i i lall of id
1 I 1 ilMNlHI f II 1111 141
l n thU ili 5I flC > f i tiC Ihe < inn
I i ii Ir 1 ul i n i lla i in til
I S 1 5 11 rHiiKj ii S A i Inn ii 14yt 1
Gathering of City and County
Suporliitandnts Wfll be
Held Dot 3 and 4
DIM ° JIf AgrieeI
tart m PuSNe B 1 l IA
ll > lMt iivJhH A AVWtso
City and sMsUr superintendents ot
schools will Mist ta convention Thurs
day and PrMsjP > Oct S and 4 At the
gathering o T Usday P William
M Stewart wW apeeJc on the subject
How May TeMbera Institutes b
Made BltectlT and an address on
the importance of Art in Education
will b delivered by i Leo Felrband
In the afternoon the question of Ele
mentary Agriculture in Public
Schools will bo discussed under the
leadership of President John A
Wldtson nf the Agrkmltural college
Superintendent of Jordan school J
K Smith will speak O County Con
solidation of Schools a the morning
session on Friday and Prof Joshua
H Paul will lecture on Nature Study
In Public Schools The afternoon
meeting will b given over to the con
sideration of business matters
Pblladela ept2Whst Is pr
ably the mot important aeries of baseball
ball games In the American league this
> ear will begin this afternoon when the
Philadelphia and Detroit teams which
ar e fo first place In the great
race for the pennant will meet for
their Anal clash of the ya Inter
est In the race which ba been grow
ing warmer as the season draws tl
a close Is now at fever heat In the
city Everywhere the talk la baseball
Ever since the local team popularly
known aa the Athletics returned
i fiom their last western trip great
I crowda have witnessed the game 1d
it is expected that Columbia park will
hi > taxed to Its utmost capacity during
I the present Ire
While in round figures the teams r
I tied the Philadelphia club la really In
I the ea The percentages a the team
curried out t thotost decimal are
Itiltadeipble mt7
Detroit 11611
The Detroit player accompanied by
t large contingent of rooters from their
home city arrlred here today from
Boston full of ginger and nimaMsnt o <
Dn wr Ot 0
taking the series Up t toy the
te 1
two teams have played U nasaes o
which Detroit has won U Ffew sjuaeej
will be played In the present sisal one
today and one tomorrow awl two on
Monday Plank probably will pitch
lo Pr ptcb
fo Philadelphia thl afternoon and
Donovan whose home Is I this city
DYA to d the pitching for the
ate ya will IM start
The weather is dear
ed at J p m er
but cold
Comlnl In October to Pay Her Mother
New York Sept 71t Is understood
that Cow Duchet of Marlborough
tht farlbroq
ha informed her friend in New York
that she will all for this country from
Kngland on ttot K for a long visit
with her mother Mrs Oliver H P I el
mont She did not say whether she
would bring with her her two sons
the Marquis of Blandford and Lord
Ivor Churchill but I Is thought only
the younger will come
Jnder the terms of her separation
from the duke she has the exclusive
charge of them The duchess last visited
ed America II IMS when she paid a
brief visit to her mother at Newport
and HentDstead L I
Mobil Ala Kept 7Wild rumors
to which little credence was given
caused one ompaiiy of mllltla to be
ul Plateau a negro settlement
three mites from Mobile this morning
tree families employed at a factory
near Plateau came to this city saying
tear Ju rSIe I ayn
that the negro were holding eecret
meetings and vere going to avenge the
death of a negro 0 Baaaett who
was lynched O Sunday morning for
lc u mm
auesnpUap to assault an aged white
Wet p1 S oclock Plateau was
Hongkong Sept 27Huidrede of
111 Spt
houses and Many boats were destroyed
today uc Are at Wu Chew I Is fear
ed that tb loss of lIfe was heavy
The conflagration I said t have hess
due to incendiarism growing out O tb
me < > nt establishment In new interior
1 11100 aladoa st Wu Chow
r inbabRunU ef till ptaee a tr
opposed to an extra taxation
Pp a Sra taO
N yrk Sept 17james Cop
14 r James Rolllr and Richard Smith
vric killed Instantly early today by
I h > explosion ot an oil tank from
liich they wero drawing crude pe
iHileum Into a sprinkling cart IO is
Is the Morris park race trash whir
l hour automobile race U 1 begin
> M evening
U Is suppossd that a lantern carried
i ssC of the men Ignited some loose
5 i undor In tank The explosion
h I > followed tr off the top of the
i i i arid hurled I Into th yard of
I i aihoiic protectory near by shst
SIC ui < iii of the windows in the
5 5 or
I n York Sept 7Wholesale paa
< npvile annuunie that the price
r i 1 other pastry will be raised
i Si I owing ti > the Increased
S i niUrlul A ipeolsl meeting of
the llise giphauer inill lamin Hill
h 5 id tdl II decide deAnlUly on the
i u t opoaed to Increase th prices
t > il anij Itcent pies by opts
S 1 1h U rnt 4oa will nut l
o Iet I i KUIMIII given i ihai fliui i
I fl I ort aims thai they did
I s tn50 I
Former Chief Cr With R
eeMng Bribe Sayt He
it Not
Istpoesaat M14u 11e40r the Coaf
lay t w Off ItoKitas of KT
steam for Two Months
Not gwilty was the plea entered II >
former Chief of Potteo Oeorge A Shunts
In Judsj Morses oourt this MOTMBi
when he was dlreeted to stand IP and
plead t6 Do chart of bribery brought
I against him In connection with tile rb
I bevy of the McWhlrter brothers M DM I
Antler rooming house a year us I
Honest George appeared In COurt
this morning just before the regulai
grind of the divorce mill boon Ht
II WAS accompanied by his attorneys S
It Thurman B A Wedgwood and
aoren X Christensen Wst Atty Fred
C Loofbourow and Countjr Atty Wit
lard Hanson were present In court ai
the peoples counsel When ordered to
stand before the bar Defendant Sheet
entered and stood near the table pro
vided for attorneys pleading their
names before the court When he announced
of not guttty IH
nounced his plea
struck the table a blow with bli
knuckle and upon the direction ol
loran X Christensen withdrew
Mr Loofbourow asked the court
set the bribery case down for trial
the Pro
to follow the case wherein
glees company is plaintiff and the City
of Salt Lake aa a municipal corpora
tion is defendant the action being on
of considerable Importance The hear
ing will probably consume the great
er part of two month U present In
dication may be rolled upon It isSn
oitys water
em action Involving the
right in Big cottonwood canyon and
a decision adverse to the city will
mean either the abandonment of the
Big Cottonwood conduit or the pay
ment of large sums for the water used
In the city from the Bit Cottonwood
sources For this reason It is be
lieved the Sheen case will not some to
trial for at least two Months It mar
be delayed even further than that as
there la a suit set to fellow the Pro
gress companys It Is the suit of Salt
Lake City against the Pleasant View
Irrigation company This action may
not come to trial at this time how
ever an arrangement between counsel
for both sides being now under way
IHI4IM1t liilot ii In Series of 23e
Utrlotw Violent Qfcttirenee
Chicago Sept 27 Another explos
ion the ninth was added Jut night
to the mysterious series of violent oc
currences credited to the feuds be
tween factions of Chicago yamblsrs
This time the explosion occurred In
the down town district A concus
sion as mysterious In nature as its
predecessors shattered the roar win
dove and doorway of the Morrison
building at US and 12t South dark
street the greater part of the ground
dear of which la occupied by Ute Cash
Register business of Mont Tenses
The explosion took place In a blind
court running to the rear of this and
adjoining building and opening out
of an alley
The ourt wa littered with splint
ered wood torn by the force of the con
cussion from the doorway and window
casements A rickety stairway lead
Ing up to the rear entrance of the
premises apparently was the spot at
which the explosion was aimed and
this structure was partly demolished
The police who reached the scene a
few minutes after the explosion were
unabl to secure any clue of value and
are completely ut sea as ever M to
the Idonutv of the guilty persons
This is the third attack on Mount
Tennis since the beginning of the
campaign of bombs there have boon
eight other atiucka aimed at gamblers
New Tcit Sept JJ Oeurge Ctaeeee
brough controller of many subsidiary
pipe HIM companies of the Btaaaard Oil
nompany took the stand today In the
govenuaaat > ult against the Standard Oil
company of New Jersey to give testi
mony regardlpg the operatlag oosu and
profits or the pip Uo ooapaalKi
Mr K UogK aassUoaed the witness re
aardinz tb BBjofcMye HK Une eosaaaar
I rmtio tM fallowing htana asia by
the Duolieji MM Uoe oasapaay to the
National TraaMl turns ny aa b wsi br
tie bslaaos ghsata oTths aXMlc Moaa
pany In Uss S4B74I jn IHIi j MLJn
In I a
W In la
hl were these loans asked Mr Kei
uy presented fund on deposit with
Ultt NUOOllI Transit company replied
Mi Cheebrough
you farried those loan ss an asset
y55 sh
Why lid you dtKwlt these funds with
the National Transit company
We used the National Transit oosa
pan S a bank and we could sad far
Cy fuels whenever we wanted lIMIIf
replied lINt witness
I notice that In I 561 the east of the
Buckeye plAin Is carried at PH6JII and
the tin earnings were ftsJMN for thai
year III that correct
Yea sir5
I notice that tiilsXasI U oarrleej ou Ch
books ss an oil purchase contlnient
fund Wt > Is such a fund aa that car
ried T
To never the loss br ohriskag In the
carrying of ail said Mr Cbeesobrough
lelmga4Se trutH VajtiMH Stale GItdww
To iiariiwisiae
New York > pt DeUfates from
kitrlouk sutun irr bet for the confer
slice celled tiy tli N < i York lade
tndtnirt league looking to the barmon
laotian of th sciions of branohoa of
ibo league in viuioua statas and the In
tuguratlon of t national movement for
the advancement of the league prla
ciphs Tb 4 lvgate uie quartered
it the iilty Ifousr lUlnoli Califor
nia TXJ Inca nnsyl4nlu Mis
lIOull Indlunfl Kansas Massachusetts
M 1 Virginia 1IIIIcUeuI NeW Jei
a > Mldilgan iij New York ae rep
rientl thus far Th conference sill
nglu today at iarnegle Hall Prior
n tho meeting thus Ielsgsts will hold
1 u Infoiina iifitlng at lie llr >
IInI Tlu v m III IM MIIOIII 1 li > Wll
urn Rnulolih Hearst of th Indepen
delie leagu stats olllphl otsJ
J coo
It TI1II BMte Which Art Said to
Embrace Hundred Ind i
Forty Counts
Understood Their Names Are
Mentioned but N Y OffWalt
Have No In rmthn
Chsiged With Volssi 0 i on
11tipisitia from 0ifteIK ThmnI
itsa rrnnrtoro t Chktss
Baa Frandaco Cay Sept 7Ac
cording to a report In circulation here
11t indlotmeut were round yecterday
by the Metal grand jury against the
PacMo Mall Steamship company A4
the Bouthern fadflo ewnpitny In
these indictment the naue t Ed
ward H Harriman John C StvMM
and K p echwetti it u understood
are mentioned The indictment
eatd embrace If counts and retat
particularly to violation of the law J
on shipment from the orient through
the port of San Francisco to Chicago
Th particular Instances in which the i
law Is said to have been violated re
late to thlpmenta of matting from Kobe
to Chicago the shipments being vVry
heavy and numerous during a consider
able number of month of the year A
special agent of the Interntate commerce
commission Duncan has been on the
Pacific coast for several month and
1110 In Japan Investigating these ship
ment and bow the PacIfic Mail and
Southern Pacific have been making
rates lower than the published tariff
on them at various time It Is the
making of lower rate than the pub
llalKd tariff on which the Indictments
have been baaed
boulhern Pacific official are said to
have admitted last night that prior to
the enforcement of the new rate law
they bad not been strictly living fa to
the II day notice prlvlalun of the law
because of the Impoeelblllty of doing so
and retain their share of the oriental
shipment to thla country in competi
tion with foreign linen They insisted
however that since the new law has
gone into effeCt they have not made
any lower rate than the published one
and have nut violated the law for two
reasons one Is that the rates have been
very steady In the orient and there ha
bevn no necessity fur making rates
other than those in the patl
linked tariff The aeoond reason la
that IIIIJ the canWiillsiiB now haa the
power to dispense with the M rays no
tice where in emengeoey rate to neces
ary ail the carrier baa to do noi
la 10 lay the matter before the oom
a l < Bti and get It to authorise the
lower rate because of its dteneuMne
power It ii expected that the Indict
ments will be filed In open court when
the federal grand jury meets today
This it la claimed la the Bret time in
the history of trausPaclAc traffic
through this port that a federal grand
Jury baa cyst made IndlctmenU far vio
lation of the Interstate law
Nw York Sept IT UicaJ officials
of the Union Pacific and PactMc MU
Steaaashlp company said today that
they had no information as to the re
ported Hading of Indictments agnlwt
Mr Harriman and other officials of
the corporation for alleged rat viola
One of the legal representative of
the Southern Pacific company express
ed the opinion that the trouble 18 pos
sibly a revival of the old controversy
with the interstate comrnercs commis
sion irgardlrig foreign or Import rates
The law governing the publication of
such rates wan amended Aug M 1M
subject to modldcaUona by the corn
mission There have been no viotattew
of the law according to the Southern
Pacific officials since the amendment
became effective
ton Irasioleco Sept X7No littoral
atitin could be obtained today at the
United lutes district attorneys elnce
ooanmtaUry ot the report that B H
Harriman and other Southern Pasids
oaBotate had been Indicted for visistism
of the Interstate oommere act IM
grand jurr will make Its report at t
oclock and U la expected that the
news will then be given out
Puudam Prussia 54p1 KJtlaee
Charles Qutav < > von Thurn and Was
youngest son of tlu tote PriMa S5a
aaillan of Thorn und TajUa and a Ueutoa
ant In tho first rtglroent of Prussian foot
miMe Upped on Ibo stair of the of
Soars mesa uf hIs regiment here tebv
fractured his skull and died alaamt ha
SMdtotely Time prince was born In list
Chicago Kept 2 10 dispatch to
the Tribune front Seattle Wash says
Congresamaa William Sillier of Now
York last night told of his experi
ence while cruising for thrs days In
a gasoline boat among the Icle lose
off the cst of Siberia in dattgtr of
being crushed st almost any minute
He say he and his three compan
ions owe their live to the sagacity of
an Eskimo whom they took alone as
a guide Incidentally he say he
learned a good deal of Arctic lore lit
thou three days Whn Sanity a
tli If t In the grinding uf the Polar
pack showed thorn the way to clear
water ho felt muoh better
We crossed Ute Runny atrniln In
u gaaollne boat owned by two tur
siler saId Mr Mulser and visIted
a number of Eskimo village above
last Cap Aside from the two trad
er a friend of mine sad an K klaw
gulilo aninHi HigutM were In the
Itt We uiut iiuiy sailing stupsing
at Interval to we the tribal vlilug
until we reach Cape ft die V
nuchured off H windward shore un
Sept 1 and prepared tu und the
nifht lying perhaps ii nillr to sea
ward Tbt night the is came in
and for thria day w 11 hail to ChI our
ua > thr mgh the park
Hun nnclu HH rAbl Seams
ii B Vpr nd Thorn Ollinrtln In
imd horn riop tut Jiulr Marytsad
i I I IT < 145 c I
a ol l lie Ilii i pUnli 1I > > jeIII >
i i > i i re 04 t 5 l
S I 11K I j er V Ill J v5 > 4illl
1 ik Ia i > k l I5 I l t 5 i tSi5 of tb
naval hospItal at 1 UIIII

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