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w u iJ 1
r T
Pfonrtwd by Amtrton Inntf
Qit They May Rttn SMt
Doors Open Su yL
1p trI Of VOTWW C ponrtl a Ol
it Mill Xmtlapwt cut a
I S WhT IIhnaM eoeMbite
Ae atoonhep ii arc In 1 Pu d
ry The Inner circle of the Am
< Ortoan party hud quietly wrtlftod tile
Masru in rdent spirit that thoy en
bi their place of buslnomi ooon m
The saloonkeepers te via to tllelr
fMoratlon ttnrt in ordor to make
dobly sure they IntorrMWOf Oklef of
JoIe McKen by proty Tke chief
Mgwer wss lerao and to tko point
Ck hlef IMIld No Hence the
A was the CM prior to iMt toellon
MM purveyor of the osductlve cock
UH whlrty straight and other diver
form ef illusive beverage rc now
being whetted to throw out the Ills
Hit They we asksd to contribute to
the cam lllll1 fund of the BigMitt
< rwd which bee borrowed Uw Star
am Mtrlpvs and call ItMlf the Am
I orfcan party In brief about I1M aor
solemn in what iu ak d a a roe trl
luMon towHrda the emancipation of
Bv way of cup the promloe a held
ow by the uniicitoni that aide doors
wttl prevail and the llqoor tra4k ro i
main undisturbed on unday provid
ing the American tlettt goo
Id Uw meantime the saloonkeepers
let know Just what to make of It
ay remember how they were asia
NI two yean ago and how they have
to ue their tin n trite expression been
daaMiuBsasd rtnce They alao recall
n toetdem of the proprietor of the
WMto House bar who ncorned the ad
vaaea of the agent of the American
Ifb and absolutely refu ed to ad
e Ma campaign assessment What
teiMtwd to him later and how bU
HOinee warn revoked through the In
Kntootallty of Oeorire Sheet who
tlMa chief of police la among
tko areklve of the maladmlnlatra
MBMW 1M preaent political puritan In
Wtkthis and other cases In view
tko moon otameni which controls two
tkros tkouaand votes la la a
ls17 It la on the aside that
1 tilt ealeonkeopore will try the
tit hooping their aide doora
Puad1 neat If they do they
ha d by the agents of the
5 pSrt campaign fund If
Is cat wW be ma for
ntand n ha
ready gone on record that he la
iioaod to the liquor tmlflc on tartay
Chief MrKeuilfl S Te Xotlce un
HHliI tlIlD DrlMir
r r lJfltat or Police McXenife propoMs
1Igptjt a Mop to recMoos automobile
ilrWg about the strata and baa notl
kd owner and chaulTour that they
will 1M Punlbed If they perslt In
vielg the speed ordinance
Ilusisceus complaint have been
w V 8tl1Ilte regarding tire ejEcesslve
t d recklusi driving on the part
iIJ i si aSalsta sapeclslly while go
tW1 cVnj The chief lia a
j Ipiervtion to his men to arrest
411 who are caught vtolat
< C tbeia
> 1tl M I llmrreit 11111111I in IMII
Ill ltlle JHiii Un
U T Heldle the ulliuad man who was
skit by Gunplay Maiwell In a plelol
at in Helper last
BuntUy night
U re
MrtM U he nMIng < an > at 8l Marks
tal H enjoyed u ai night UI
N Mgl sad eemi much mol t moi table
V tat
WoMsy Maxwell
we a UMVUI 1
Jkto awning Melon rf the local mln
stok change With 101 P Urn < 1
Inlnl for thi riah rul eo
sfrt and Ui f or Itiiiwii htnf1I
It Irled 4 a duppod hit
ltllant line wsttuI iui Ialkri
sthsrd around the pitrIi
1 N bad hi sria la M Mn nnl i rlmt
wore III iku ii bat tlPIMd toward
tl hi
uf bI head
fMbod > > on Ih < > Itni i
is44 luI ntf tnt wri That K I
= hail ai d sround the
o kh A h atid hi bundonmii om be I
Ih obJ I r l 1t lret Mn well I
Id bet dn str his ye > rJ
few minute 11114 Ifl the roum I
wril wu n tfgl f III o1dllld if
vs ih
wn > ho
L IOU nrid NirHh Man in He w
n M Jim Bits and bcune milnl I
Ii osversi Mly cfVtru HT It wit I
In the IrrvtonBnillh trial
a wltoes whtn Vli ot Ht Johii Tia
ers are hind on H cbr uf onlrd
in tbu swot lilt c
1tH mire tpi s MoAIII atrt
In Onlttrtelil hVu ore was dlxuv
veser nt workiaen dK ii a elTTr
1 sili Wb n IV Dial fuel umlY
The Flavor
That come only nf the tfe of
pure and highgrade material
The joaalt s m notursl one the
most oopolar of all popular
priced MfthttlaM
Sweet Candy Co
CON F Po TION 10 Its
had labor trouble on IU imtide it t
In Mnxwell 110 n stiRrtl end noted
as Bniffettii hor1ru r < l II In nut of po
preclmlon of this service thai Rraffrtt In
askt ti > he befriending Maiwell tn his
prevent trnuM
ll r irttn i h llrM at ITnK Mrlli
rnlM CliHrvil Ttmlajht
The following program will be ob
served st the First Methodist chwoh
tbla evening At the rcceptk In honor
of Rev and Mr ncnjnmm Young who
leave shortly for Portland whvro Mr
Young la to he pastor of the Ftrot
church there
Piano ° Vie MlgnnnneLeoncavallo
JOlii A Adam
Reading Helected
Mr Richard
Vocal floodBye ToMI
Mls Claudia Holt
Reading ° Uttle Billy Hood
Miss Vera Wright popil Bailor
rbonl of Oratory
Vocal Ctuld ongaaley White
Miw Bdna haM I
Hooding Leeks
Win Dot Home pupil Baker I
Hchcoi of Oratory
Violin ObertaiWienasid I
Quartet a Im Pilgrim Manton
ebl Chrlstlsn the Morn Brook
Sweetly Ocr Thee Shelley
Mire Evans Miss Holt Mr Hugh I
W Dottgali and Mrs H M Wet
5vlew Judge Gsa F Ooodwln
Orchestra Belectod
Nettleten Oft hNtra lIla Ethel
Nettle conductor
Reopon Rev P A llmpkM
tilt Stilt llftlrtlMR OMt IH IVlt I 41
irOHt XMV IxWitr
The Baot lid Bapttsts re out In
full force last night at tli < reception
Siren the new pasta ftv Loul B
uwemMM and wife and the new locm
mhMtonanr Bv Oeorge L White and
Wife Tn chKrek auditorium was
handsonmhr d orOt d with Hnwein and
there was Meojatat program I
Prof W OtMUeh aC the university
xns vlmtrmillBRtholimajtlng Rev
D A Brown of the Klret church mad
an address Of Welcome In behalf of the
denomination Den con J J Coram
spoke for the member of the East Bid
church and Revs Howerman und White
W de suitable replies Mr V H Cut I
ler Mp IlTMOe and Raymond Acker I
man MHK as did also a men quar
tet composed of Meears Buchanan
Morn Winiams And Verity There
were refreshment
Ttirnlcr Ulga Xethenoles previ
ous ftsll tn Hull Luke built up a follow
ing rOIl her thai was emphatically In
evidence lust night The audience which
cnmo to welcome her bark to the scene
of her former triumphs and to wltnem
her presentation of tkU latest new play
from the French The Awakening
wa even larger aNt more brilliant
than any which the distinguished ac
tress faced during hor notable engage
ment here last Febrvarr Bhe ant tUt
u away a ah has sent so many
oUMr vibrating with the Inlsnsity of
tb emotions her acting aroused and
keyed up to the highest pitch of cathy
slams over the player and the produc
tion aa a whole
Our stage owe a distinct debt to
artist like Mia Nethereole who in
sist on keeping their comio nles up to
the highest standard and who preeent
to audience thousands of mile from
the great art center tb same cast of
pleyir with which they challenge the
opinion of theater goer ta London or
New Yrk Mia Metherooles company I
Iii H riielutlon Bvery part itands out
with a iilmlnctiKM that tells of talent
keenly trained of methods entirely leg
Itlmut and throughoutthe pref ntatlon
recalls tin best day of the Inlon I
Square und Auguatln Daly stock com
pantes it In um much a deHaht to tha
car to hear th Kings Bncuok spoken
as It should be ii It Is to the eye
U see the beauty and sumptuotuneee of
the sceqery mounting and the gon
eriil appointment
As foi the > AV 11 a Impossible not to
eipertence a ftellng of repulsion for a
story built on such a theme and tea
Absence of sympathy with the central
figure o woosaa of middle age with a
grown daughter a fond husband and a
perilt home yet who allow horooif
us listen to the tomptlng of a man
much her Junior and who all but
make the tcp into te cbaam of dla
r 6n
lfIT Were pulling out some clothes thai
Jj will make you sit up and take notice
IT Stylish tatty and made lo fit you no
U matter whftl your frailties of form
1Tf Hart Shaffner Marx clothai are
Jj without equals in the readytowefir
clothing line Selling 20 to 50
Lu r
iTa 01J1U MJJ urituur
honor this abnny of sympathy must
do Mtteh to imveiit II taking rank
among laotin tii ui < eRas But as
a picture of l i h 1 111 unfurtua
atOly of life IM I H t iiHta of Bntf
llsTi and Amr u l Ita truth
tan not boo l nni I Intenxt Ii ab
oolutrly abnorlili ml no 11nr second
act has been sn fur v > am than thai
In this plat vniMi ih > oung prlne
ta dvroyed fnvii tin el I I the woman
Into HII JoinIK 10n bY hi own
father who m u > tennin < vl to win kMl
away froin hi w h < i f In < Hound of a
terrible iiHiirrl rtIn < nf the W o
man III nmi i < It M iMit her lacer
has b en tiqe4ioOIe1 The stonr II
renov Intu f lot Knulmh tMNBt
American cull ii o Mill pi bly NV
huts thin HIT 11 an rAatnba1
biuntiiB in II i iulf i spade
that mlglu I niitnul don n to pal
pable mlMIIHK
Miss N ih > i inllvlluil wk
wa chaimctcrit Lv dw lIolua tw
artistic eft 111 nni tniiiing rlImage
that mad her fnmu in the second
art already rvfen J In HIC moved Ute
audience to a pit h of inn nalty the
15 almott painful i 1 L the third
act Where the HUMItt nlinr occur
the wife sees Ih follj L the cooroo
She bus been pursum and PtrugglOo
to regain her old position her art waft
Just as Wrongly man Ift She WM
Mccorded some tempentuous curtatt
culls throughout the evening and evo
In the long flrst act which is almocT
entirely convoraattonal she held tk
audlenci with a grip that demonetratot
fully her marnetlc power The goW
be wore throughout the evening
dreams of beauty
Mr Frank MIIIII la the part of lbs
young prince Mabllhod the hold I
he already ha on out audience There
was occasionally an effect a If he wore
not thoroughly grounded In the Bart
but on the whole his delineation waa
masterly Hardly second to Mat was
the role of the elder prince portrayed
by Mr Oeorge Ingleton PCIIti
who was formerly leading man to L
ten Terry had a part of tremendous
dimcaltle to portray but he did It with
superb power aad soared the recall
> corded the star end Mr Mill
A third part not lees artistic was
thr Keff of Mr Belinore who wa for
years associated with Sir Henry Ir
ving and uhoe work stumped him i
as an artist of etiellent rank The
husband of Mr irint Was also acted
with quiet and careful taste The part
of the grandmother aumed by Mies
Catherine elf nfl wa unother piece
Of moot effective work of the dignified
and legitimate school and the part of
the young girl Rose ws touchingly
rendered by Miss Molly Pearson
Tonight the bill will be Bapbo and
Ute engagement end tomorrow after
noon and evening with presentation
of Carmen and another new playby
the gifted Hervieu author of TIM
Awakening entitled The labyrinth
Next weeks attraction at the Thus
tt will be The Vanderbilt Cui com
mencing Montey evening and running
the entire fair and conference week
the sale of seat open today
Zriinnme which opened a three
ovonlag and one matinee performance
at the Grand tat night I a comedy
of the moat mulching character and
an audience that Ailed tho house was
kept la an uproar during the two and a
half hour of rendition The story a
of the unaophlstlcated farmer tho
mortgage the Bhylock the villain ant
the girl And His Ia tiuly a won
leiful creature wonderful in looks and
In the funny tllllIlI hat one doe and
say In her im rij making she IK fully
quailed by John Henry u emlnRly
iilfuitten fcllotv but who Is not half
C > gieen as hi 1k8 The antics of the
I o compilm nbrni nil there Ii to th4
how but It I uorlh seeing Vina
DaiS aKtumen the role of RIM > Ill
Pnank K ItooL I take the pitrt r Ihn
Hnr Loot 1 4ua l > reiiit i and
was c44qttt frr > mkj4lff jult bauo i
h uganlsfd H dramatic club In lil
tow Ills fathei and gindfith
were nilniKteii before hint and lun
he flnillv drlfle to the stage for good
he fait had to lie kept aay rom the
grandslre for he never would have fur
riven the nina one The father
however wits more tolerant aad goew
10 II hi Bon play u h nevr he ap
pears anywhei ntur the old home
Orplniiin Tonight is society
night and th nrual full house la look
ed for Next wek bill will be spiel
ally attractive being headed by Jull
feme and her company In the play
el entitled Between the Act
S 6
1rI1Tolftnrruw afternoon see
an entire change In the Lyric bill to
night being the last presentation of thla
weeks offering
Aiiiprkeia Orgatt rr Xow H tlHHlH
IV Set Tlihtgk
More bothcrsoM than all It away
troubia and worries right now la tho
American fear of fusion Thla
soft Bounding little word of as lottor
SIMUS nigfctmare and other
thIng for the misnamed aggregation
Democrats and KepubUcaim have bean
Interview by the afterruvjn spasm of
the morning IU on Ibis topic Every
man woman or child whoa name ha
er bert me nt lun d III the political
rolumn ha been asked What about
this fusion wa hear ao much about r1
III some Instiince those Interviewed
took the question seriously and aaa
wered In the same manner In the ma
jority of esses noncommUtal answers
were given As one aamliMnt political
leader sold It too much fun watching
hem worry to take the trouble to taU
them how you atand
The American party hi itself noth
ing more npr loo than a fiulon of
deserter from Uta IWo old parties
line X ot MHdti Ip Mlnil Haganllug
I il lIulIrhl Ct etjrmauj4l
Late this afumoon Libby Snow who
has been asked to take Its city chair
inannhlp by the Demociatlc party to
perform the duties performed by M
Cunningham In the past bad not mad
up hi mind whether he could accept or
not Me conferees a deed ii accept
the honor but owing to the prmu of
business and penonsl affair did not
MO hi way clear to Hike the rein
without some preparation Mr Bnow
WM jW4Mate for county attorney on
hi Democrat 11 0et during the last
Jtatfnlatrailon and has a host of
MoiMl Dmoi rat and other His ac
csataiM la more than dare by the
Democratic leader and If he can get
bfa private Inlerta In suet shop as
would permit him be will flll th posl
lots made vaiant by Mr runnlngnam
who a oandlduti for city treasurer m
the Ormoiratlc ticket this yeai
coiiR wru 11II
lsis Qaawu Kkkjatfri IMMM QIIIIM
Tu isis tajw
Vesivrday Wivrnuon word was HK
shed al police headQuarter that a
large quantity of copper wire had bssi
stolen trop hr Oqdeui it rti rIw
corns and ikat it llll bit u
ky the thtove U Silt iu II
reported that 1M air ass
faOIII t e Ogdvn Jnak cutuaMr o
Vtela Junk company In this elty
C Taylor and Ol ling wtr de
toiled on the kitsr end > u Ird In lo
allWd r Hi
nn bua un
This liund um ui 10 j > iun uhUli bas
1iII ldinn nc ih 1IIlJ of thi
1Ij n i uinpait
Th poll hiii ji vDiking In c tutu
11mIll t ih Hi JKII it i iii ii > llr
jn H tad tin Oh III j H Ii b i
long Tin J mliii haw u du < u hi > li
III iiTlouli n > Ia m the aiicjl of 1
tu tuUit JMtsuiw
L1 r
Huibnml of InraM WIfe Tells of
Martdl Wow in Dfvoroe
SIre OIlMMtt Itaca Not IhIIdI WOSN
I ft lrtf Bfoanog of Wpr
The maritaj anreat of Jteror Pot
well and his hat Annie elwell was
unraveled before Jttdf Hone this
morning sad th more ravetlng pro
seeded tko more complicated the tab
no seemed to become Percy Folwoll
was the drat wHites called by Ally
Moffat and his story was one which
eeemed deeply to affect Mr Folwell
Just before the corut 1IfIon was call
ed by the bailKT Mr Folwell was
carried from the room in a falotlo
condition but WM able to enter later
and took a seat Boor nor counsel Mr
According to irolwolli story a told
In co rut and when Was aubotanttate
ed la an ardent manner by Mr Mar
tha Olbaon Mr Folwell ho triad to
make hi life mlaorabl Ada laalon
b > the plalntlK on erooaaxamlnatlon
however ohowod that Mr Folwell
had some hard aut to craok at times
The seven wltaeon who flied Ito
curt behind Folwell oat near Mm m
he tettnd One particularly food
cklnc auburn haired woman graced
her face continually with a mali a 1
he procrflJd with his story The
Folwell child Lila 14 year of age
had a smile occasionally for her fath
er and now and then One for her
mother The child appear M a wit
flees for the father
Folwell declared ttxat white Mr Fot
well woo In the Hurray hospital under
going an op at lor a man named ban
ly wa a constant visitor lie la nam
ed aa the caw of their trouble In
Folwells tale of woe Soon after Mr
Folwell came tome from the hospital
ah e demande1 soon new clothes sad
old Folwell that If he wouldnt ret
horn tor her IIh < would get someone
who would Thifi trouble and many
which follow seemed to have been
founded In LiindyK attentions to the
wife of his friend In reply to Fol
well obJfTtlmis to lnndys devotion
for Mrs Win II Mi Fol well accord
Ing to I In hurbanJ told him that as
tilt hLM i In which thy were living
IxloiiRid III hr lundy might come to
N lid as often us he wished A cur
pilx party at which lundy manifested
t i ffcctlon In a klm on Mr Fol
wllt lips gave Folwell additional
Kiound for complaint Another kls
ftlvu when Mr Folwell left on A
mm for IHohc to see her brothar
tnoI matters no more pleasant tor
I loll More than that when she wa
liavlng h i toll FHtwell that she was
flvPt romttt back
she did come baek however und the
meeting she trOll from Folwell on ap
l > curlng at their home wa an expres
sion of Burprli3 on Folwell part that
she should return No affection was
shown w the Oceanian or their meeting
At that time ho t > aj her hNOband to
move out of their hoUse M she had
rented It to eomeooe else Percy roovwl
with alacrity for everything In the
houflv was moved out by him Not
even a bed for his wife to sleep on re
mained after his departure Bhe was
Un alone In the house with no pro
visions and no furniture
She la a woman of mean temper
and the only Urn we get along well
was when I said nothing Percy explained
plained In answer to a question
Folwell Is an engineer and was away
from home much of the time he Mid
In answer to preliminary questions
Lundy d once a friend of his and
he had Introduced her to his wife
Mrs Gibson a neighbor who took
the stand for lb plaintiff when Pot
well left appeared much animated and
considerably Interested In FolwelP
side of the case She told of vtotto
made by Lundy t the Folwell horns
and UK she wa leaving the stand she
I dont think one wa much of a
lady to net as she did
D Odell who performed the op
erations on Mrs FoweJl lestlfled that
her condition baa been a serious one
for several Throe
f year Tr operations
have been noreoomry and a the prss >
ent time Dr Qq believes Mr p
well is an invalid and in a delicate con
dition as the result 0 her several ill
At the noon adjournment of h
court the case had not been completed
D was Continued until this afternoon
al I oclock for tko boating of further
Vancouver I c Kept KTbe featunt
o the petting or trial uf the British
O t
Columbia nid dub yeeterday r tb
excelknt wok of Policy Boy by ViHon
out of Polk i Uirl om d liy J W Con
adios of utO tM Was the derby tor
Wit pIr of Palo to owned by
C Gardner Jutiaaon of own
wa much tier had better action and
worked nlctr Uo a
Ltidi ruiiulne owned by 1 C Ford
< trI i was outclassed by Jack owned
by I flnlncr Vancouver Gum 01
not ii plentiful as list year II being
ii CUM 1 > in work Vfr OekU but th
uiwnliig < it th trial was auspicious
The trlil will coiitlniw for four day
and ihet > ur iiwnm pivsmit from c
KraiKlwo ens wv raf pulnts In Callfurnia
Mad fruin cItITairu and Chicago
A man giving he luune of Patrick
ocoaoi taj a trntad shortly htll
In 11i > tm tite chore of petit lar
nay IHtiik look a fancy JUI coat
an < tmin > of
i 101 froM o a Cummerolo
etr < Ht 1 a 1 and without saying a
word I t > i P iuillOr of tko store p
eedd to t n ve the ooat from the
duniin H put un tb coot and walk
ed UU the tri
4e k 1 1 i UM theft was discovered
ike pll < > a T ItO and Deteotlv
Hurt plc tt ofuoaor under arrest
U f T I IQ
Tics irt it 54 Mass taai
1110 bII1 Cunditlune
Judgo UWHI In lit Juvvnll iiuil
V rrituy fiiieuccU liui Pfiiin unit
Msi arot Karl 11 th r form Mthuol I
Thai girls LaitNl lit < uurt and af
ter r mlt < 1 i tin nine levvaled u try
uf I i AII 1 icavltj and that f other
Kh I 11k uinoiu thilr rrtunds
in I hii i i i VUIIK I Hi story
i ri < i i i > tMi loiiit ofltiiH have
I ui i I r i M > m > oi I that bid
fair to U HIIU limn any huh have
i in Uf1 I he ituit liriiifirr A
S tI 111 Illn II I uied a
i v AH Anlwarp U ifkniK duouc
from luis will MurU mi Uw groiunU pt
tleoertion They wrr marrtetl In New
York In im and he claims she left him
In 11
n A ffmlth ha filod n ttttson In the
Third district court asking lo be ftp
pointed 4lmlnl tmtnr of the oitat of
Joninh H errym who 4ieti May 22
IMT in Michigan The estate Is valued
at ItOOO
Inul Dunn has tiled null against the
fIr A Rk arattde Itslluay emn
luiny to recurs I2HM al damage al
leging that spark from one of Chit
itifindnnt eflrunrat Ions nglne caused
fire to destroy MR barn
I I H Dnbhs was found guilty of aa
I lault nlth u deadly pI In Judge
Arniitrongs cmirt yesterday Iblle
I a dmrirerl with ylray b Wllft
wilh I raZor on At g C Hurry I liar
I Ir we b tppolntefl b the court to de
fend the vrloner
The case of the Ban Pedro Bolt Lake
di Ln Angolcn Hallway company
against the board of education Is on
tilul again before Judge Lewis Thin
cause was remanded for trial b the
Hupreme court < > n an appeal taken by
thl plalntlffn the Jury having awarded
the dcfrndunt damages o W500 T
suit waa brought to condemn l right
of way through the grounds of the
rintah wheat
I With the Politicians
Mayor Dr C O Hummer
Heoorder P P Jensen
TrcsunrJoetah Barnett
Attorney A Pmtth
With a mitli nnmed for auditor 1 ad
dition to the above ulnti l ime Rumor
otters this a 1 I likely UM or Itniuhllcen
candidate The city convention wilt do
held Monday evening ra the wantto
knows will not have long tn wait W
P Vlgus IK mentioned as a randldnte I
for the audltorshlp II
AH predicted in yesterday News I
J D Murdoch will accept the Republi
can nomination for councilman from
the First precinct
Toolon against the American party
Is 1 wrong within It all right py
the W the official squealer of that
orgoataotton are whining with their
usual disregard for common sense
RepMMtcan ward contention to
night Remember This S the on
being psssed up and down the line b
workers for that p rty The following
Schedule of places in republlihed for
tb convenience of the wsnt to knows
First Precinct Judge Ritchies court
room city and county building IK
Rend Precinct Blxth wa met
Inghouse Third West between Fourth
and Fifth South 1X2 delegates
Third Precinct Sixteenth word
amusement hall rear of 123 north Fifth
West 118 delegates
Fourth Precinct Twentieth ward
amusement hall Second avenue be
tween D and I streets 17 delegates
Fifth Precinct Judge IMehr court
room city hall 5 delegates
The city convention of the Republi
can Monday will soft Senator Oeorge
Sutherland as temporary chairman and
uConnty Clerk John James as secre
While things were lively and spirited
In the Republican ward primaries t
una last e nln no hitch Occurred
In the selection of councilmanlc natal
n1 or delegates to the city conven
tion The councilmen nominee are
First ward Warren Lyon eVacond wanl
L B Powell Third ward John Wood
Br Fourth n Jon Tripp Fifth
ward A J Wahlqutit
The delegate to the city convention
from the varIous wards are
vaoU war
FIrctL Brown Thomas Powel J
Bullock John Wood David Dick
Second Charles BroW Joan Birch
Warn U B Powell Richard Johnson William
Third Louise Berger M Vlmee Wll
Him smith John WOOd 8r John Berger
Fourth O launders U O Inn C
CromwelL John Trlpp M Mausn
Fifth George Watts J A Richard
J J Proctor L Gerber M Christensen
Cbs Malatrom antiC Merger
The Sal are beginning to get In
the cam The campaign committee
with Philip Huhre as chairman and J
I Lund aa secretary ha Issued a call
for s mooH convention to be held Sp
29 at I oclock In Federation of Labor
ball I Is announced a full city ticket
from mayor down II to b put up with
the other three Several more parties
In BIt Lake would b enough
The Eureka Meat Produce com
pany filed article of incorporation with
the secretary of state this morning The
company is orjfniaed to do business In
Eureka Jub county with a capital
stock o JW009 in share O 10 cent
CII ch The omcer of the company are
Joseph Wlrthlln president Kmma
Wlnhlln vice president Paul MMrthlln
secretary awl treasurer n these
crt 1w form the board of
With election over a month away and
Ye ticket no yt complete else
lion bet are betaff pooled already A
too bt r ba p 1r
Second Month cigar Ito has a bUt
tin with these bet peeled on It today
110 to 4 th Republican do not elect
their mayor UM UM American elect
their mayor S
SMMkl Ohl Toun In Merry Kimluml
hikes Ono ot Our Systems
The plaid 0 town of Manchester
England like tho way thl city ba
d U ce of children who rl
brought to aooount fo their wrongful
act A marked copy of the Manchester
New ha boon received by Uov Cut
ter from the friend of his youth Mr
A J Hilton a business m of Ye
Manchester tn The paper contains
III Its columns a story regarding a let
tvr received In Kr lund from Ouv Cut
ler regarding the operation of the ju
venile court After explaining the
purposes of tho court the operation or
the curfew law and other matters con
nected whit tb operation of the court
the writer III lh Mews columns asks
Why should Manchester not have a
curfew law and I juvenile court
urw moulder of public opinion nit
erred to cites the good that such In
novations would accomplish and I
U to 1 public tr make answer to UN
queryWa p
lhoiimstl Iii In4UHM Hovonil MuMuwl
QintuIkas Now lJlHter WH >
O t I
rite BHoclatlun of student of the
I n U fruity of Ttah held Its first mel
11 of the Minciii ecadmh year
Stud ICOn tutu Ilunldent Richard
S mung in ih nulr In isis tntrodue
tory riniurk ii sleW of tho cowing
lH ni rIIJII giuiiu which I to b
hIt 1 th urttrntxjn f tmet 1 and
llui li HillM to be glvii In the Nen
lug at the gymnasium Miss William
orchofttiu tin ii lila yed tuo eel > i UOMK I
and Ulwi KUIIIM Ieiirtli ton and Mark
Hrnwii Hiuiltnls MIIK noloi lr I
Khaugh lli un Kililrmm on liege I
spijIi ami UN lrMIUi I J vcl intnt
5H4 i IMI > K < I inn n it1 all wi I Iii
iinlO I Ho last rtvf ttui lit
tlallg fl lri i 5psi i iiiinuut 1
H Viaj ptipue4 ta ufiwiiw i oat
Every month finds the Sales
of McDonalds Dutch Choco
r lates larger not only in Salt
i J j Lake but East North South
Iflc and inn halt and nund
I verslty brasiband an orchestra std
Vft1t I
glee clan ma the muslcnlytatu of tho
i Institution is very gratifying and U U
lleved that such organisation edt be
nHJIIy and permanent 1 > i stBbllshd
l Mi Hnvonor was unanimously ro
chimed nlttor of the Xilrr Chron
The follouln have been elvtcd
tn i > lay with I Ogden High school to
I a1 HllSSr < onIll Moore Itirti
anlson dram 1iiiuon Ialni oHon
Bnow Uran Menu Hnldrlh JI
ton Anderson Mi Nanghtm KCKU
thrsietisen own
lriipilt llniiiunii unrest 1reslllfiit
K C Twlor II lrriiitnt
In an enthintontlc meeting heIst thin
morning the senior clan of the Unlvor
city of Utah elected Its tovrs They
are its follow Iresldnt Ernest Bow
man vice prhlCnt 1 I fowler sec
retary 1 V rieghorn treasurer Chas
l eger executive committee Sam Wx
ton < Iu Ijittlmrr Ocorirle Young
Ray Hatch and Ic President Taylor
chairman football manager V 10
Hurst track manager R Y Bryant
baseball manairtr J M Brighton
basketball 1 < Hunter keepnrof
trophies H R Wool Icy choir leader O
A Peterson and debuting manager
Joeeph Jensen mngr
President Bowman Is a graduate of
the Ogden high school and has been at
the university lo t past four ream
He was treasurer of his class for two
year and assistant manager of the
year book He Is a hard worker and
very popular with pupils p S and faculty
W C Ijym Is having Architect Ip
par prepare plans fn I l5zM4 It brick
and Mono warehouse to be erected
north of the Short Line depot The
primary design provides for two stories
but an the apace ha all been spoken
for the chance are that the building
will bo four stories high Contractors
say that such a warehouse ought to
cost all of JMOOO
South on lkitlnese41arry Sheer
man ias gone into the southern part
of the state on a bualnem trip
7 > > tlayH Hank Clanrlnttw Tndaya
local bank clearings amounted to
unnl aa against uun for
the same day last year
I O Jittiul in TintttJ C Lund
formerly of this city and a graduato
of the University of California In
1101 ii in town on a short vlelt lie
ha boon at Ooldflelil whither he will
return In two or throe day
SotUttl Out of Oiurt The differ
ences heretofore existing between the
member of the Ann of Hobtwton
Itros have been amicably adjusted
and the court actions will not be
Steam Shimtl nt WOIITh great
steam shovel that Is being operates
In tile Short IAn yard U making
rapid work lowering the grade up to
the Third Wet street fence Paatien
by stand and watch the machine that
act U though It waa endowed with
lull In llldor Local hide and pelt
dealer say that the stringency in the
eastern money market hi making It
hard for them here their good find
a market in the eItIt and tanner
there are finding It difficult to plaoo
their paper Bo hide lutv fallen off
It Ie reported 10 per cant from lbs
highest point trough wool Is holdlnff
Its own but with very little trading
IlmiMiiif Kncliil Tho choir of the
Twentyeighth ward and a few friend
under the direction of Horace O Bar
bet rave a pleasant surprise to lilah
ops Counselor Harry T Cohorts on
Wednesday evening A very sociable
time was spout In singing and speech
es Bishop Wflliam McMillan WAIt
also present with the choir The
ladle served rfrohment during tile
evening and a very enjoyable time
was had
The Model Thaatar ill K 2nd 80
Bt la now under new mMiMnunont
bowing the latest moving pictures and
Illustrated aonga Matinees every af
ternoon from I to 6 JDvery night front
TM to 11 The largest and alreat mov
ing picture theater In the city Chang
of pragram every Saturday afternoon
Offer i Cohen MITTS
It IX HTBIIS Floriat 30 S LaIn St
Plural Designs a Specialty lhon 9tl
Kber W Hall 111 South Writ Tem
rile M Funeral Dlrsctor Licensed
kmbalmer Private Ambulance
The Latest 1
About Daniels i
I j
These crisp mornings
i suggest a new fall suit i
I And that suggests that
I might suggest what it
should be where to get itl
something of the style it
should possess and partic
ularly the saving in price
FIRSTYou want good
woolens thats the I
quality basis of a suit
good workmanshipmy
strong point then style
that means a suit de
signed for you nice
graceful lines the proper
hang to the coat the fJ
fashionable drop to the
trousers no bagging at
the knees a snappy
stylish suit
SECONDThe difference
between such a suit and
a handmedown is that
one of my suits will hold
its shape and be dressy
as long as you wear it
Store clothes are ground
out to fit anybody and
everybody theres not
the quality to them
they get out of shape
soon theyre shoddy
THIRDPrice My prices
are 20 25 and 30
just about the same as
store prices
FOURTHMy suits are
fine suitsdont be held
up for fancy prices
dont pay for a tailors I
name pay just for the I
suit 0 I
FIFTHCome in and lets
ta Ik it over
57 West Second South
218 South Mla
rainless Extraction of relh or No P T
All Work 1ualtlvelv Quarsnucd Ihunn
Dell UHz hid 113G
We will give a Salt Lake City Souvenir FREE with each
purchase of one dollar and upwards i
On watches diamonds jewelry silverware cut glass cut
lory leather goods and musical Instruments
Every article guaranteed as represented or money re
Salt Lake Citys most popular price jeweler
1 <
w 1

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