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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 27, 1907, Last Edition, Image 5

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to be Shown at Fair from
AlllclcBlg state Institution
Have Arrived
lyuln IIIIIR 111111111 3026 Apple
11 Meltl of OnoTiw He
icM for SHIM
rnim the ARrteultursl ol
SI atnte fair havn arrived
f the
ki n 01 is a full ear load Most
i aft nrtmeiits Of the school ron
I el i h collection TM manu
trlt u
1 1110 are the handiwork of
tutu con
t the Institution
1 ItuI I > 11 fhnlrs a china cabinet
hrlft stand writing desk
ells a buckbonrd grasshopper
mIl Ian I
I rir S etc
an I
h agricultural
Fo v ape iniens of various groin
raw frill and the dry twin
Id hv It college will add ma
OTr th onsinm nt sent from
tlla M domestic science depart
1C I no menn behind In the
IrI l ii by Its iitudents The
eh k snd the displays from the
neI excellent haw
11 make An
1nJ I 1111 ArlLJI TIIHR
tuit rxhlblt from Ihl olle
I rown on one tiws
i 6 apples IJrown
nIL The
hlrh were wormy
1rj1 I r the pest Will due to only
tv II
n L
Richards and JT 1
I 0 I 1ne iRU apllOhUeci Amts
Tod II I11IlIft of the arts eparl
wr c I hr stole tlllr Ira PleC111a
Hltl IS IIUIlItenCenl
lYa rtment and notice III given
1 hthUs must 1M III Pleas tsg
a aun4ay and U peOlble
n n II houmV tended to by
FtleV night
n I quolIl fo space atjbejah
llhllll hmut IInd every
uu etdte
pparent to tlte
dre I e
hal Ihl exhIbItion will
111I lit anyUlhtgao the klnddlnthe hll
I n Ptah
Ir k mr the signature of B w cUlvr
t i th World over to Cur a Cold In
SAiiitlc rmiii Tn mid Hub IInlrll
omul llclim Ilic Standard
Th > sty Illmist Is busy teetlHK an
othi i t ot Milk samples which In
spe tn Fiislei picked up nl random
tstrday while driving around In a
hll gv The loop tor ftiUlill two Mlft
Ik from the Troy da fry considerably
u I hi standard and will brlliK the
S tin into null us he says he has
sa I ih limn before Milk from
I Hon dany wan round short of the
s i td but miniiles from nil the olh
0 lairlen were found above the
tut I nl Th < hleIetgr cejrii that pas
ininz d milk will not yield cream
Hi iuli II IN new nl In the milk
iiiiiiirtfiv 1ptCO11JlBhlfB
0 r HiKb 11111 lit wrtM
I 1101 Alioui tau years ego I ww
111 t f a four months with rhennmtlsm
I i d Huilurd Snuw Unlment ono
b nieil mo
I i hen fully rrcnmmend it to all
m k from like aid otlon Me Je and
ii r id b > Z C M I DniK Dept I
12 I Ml South Vain St B I
khln Tux Collector Hello ill in Iliito
Mel With Foul 1lny
h liiiii r part of hwtt year a man
i II Judge Whit a came
i n llictor of Jackwms Hole
i Wi liiiMtireil from his uauaJ
< ii sad with him It Ia believed
i s < i of states funds that bad
i 11 till for huBting permit
i > hlu nnd unannounced Robyn
< r Ulltl naturally caused sus
il kii iv n id moivy His friends
n > + rI believed that he had met
roll nl pluy
> i ii sue heunl of the missing
null a short time ago when
N r it man was found in a car
1 liooths Ferry at the north
mi Hiar vnlley with a bul
thi hack of the skull The
I > oc lilentlDed as those of
J t kite The Identification wan
npiete li > a Juckaon HteroliHiit
I hnie eloney who readily
I i i hi suit of clothe worn by
11nuu Ho long a time had
j I l seen tin disappearance of
v i Rte fliiillni of his Meached
i u i pus < ltilc the slayer will
The smart dressers
are delighted with the
howing of Money
Back Shoes for fall
styles lasts and patterns
that are individual and
only to be seen here
Price and quality in
keeping with f Money
Back dealings
a ystnvIva cN
t k Make
Granula nAaa ed Good
I 1
1 Soap 5 1
To make good swap soap that will pivc best
satisfaction that wi not turn ram d use
Red Seal lye
the very best on the market By its use far
better soap can be made than with old style lye
Nothing bettor for softening water Put up
in a convenient sifting top can for household
purposes such as disinfecting cleaning etc
P C TOMSON CO Manufacturers
Philadelphia Pa
How to Avoid Death
By the Usual Route
Driving In an eld fashioned vehicle
on nrlghttm trt In these days of the
fast and furloun motor car la fraught
with more real danger than walking
a imrrow railroad grade with the
lightning exproM train behind you If
your haurlnu and seeing are unim
paired you san dodge the train by
IMIne down the embankment because
It Is reasonably certain that the train
will at laaal remain on the track but
with an Infuriated automobile coming
up behind four one hone hay on
UrlgtMuu street you are more or I M
at a loss to know which way to turn
to make death plMBantent
But AVllllan Henry Hoeklnn who re
side on Hast Brigham Raya he Iras
useetl Itl great length with a num
ber Af dlMbtfrd cltlittM who have been
carded Into his home during the pnat
summer and he finds that almost In
variably their Injuries have resulted
from turnliijr to the right or to the
left In a deanHlrlnK and hopeless at
tempt to eludo the machine Mr HOB
kill hlle an several occasions driven
out CHI IlrlBham street of a Sunday
blimwlf and he points with some de 1
gree of pride aa well he may to the I
fact that he is still the nosseasor of
all hid limbs and also a majority of
his faculllea IU attributes his de
liverance to the fact that lie keeps
straight on without swerving In either
direction and though many times the
Hide of his couvv once have had the
palm scraped oft them neither he nor
his faintly hate an yet been killed
though some of his neighbors who
have given up driving say It In only
a matter of time
Mr Iloskln Is a very careful driver
and his horse IB gentle and kind and
neither his wit nor the little ones
are of a very nervous temperament
ao lie says that when he hears nn auto
coming In the rear he exhorts his
family to he very quiet and prayerful
to tuck their limbs In carfully and
place themselves In the hands of Pro
vidence and by keeping a tight rein
rnrounu liilniH Ilio Proud DlMlno
llun of TiirnlUK It Out
To the Kdltor From live columns ot
Ute News I He there la an endeavor
being made to obtain data of the ef
fort put forth by the early settlers
nf Utah to supply themselves with un
d iteeaaswiry article whkk were ob
tainable only by the genius of mechan
ics who mlhrated hither from densely
populated dMrloU at this country and
from foreign samba Th following In
cident may not be uninteresting to
intntlon at this Urn
In tbe early bbitoiy of Parowan
along to the flniea It wets deemed
advisable to organize a band In the
Iron oounty miUUry omnpany A few
lnatrum l of nn inferior quality were
In the town but a Mull drum wag
tacking The writer who had been u
roach mah r In his native country determined
termine supply uoh an Instrument
and I set about tin undertaking In the
shop of JClUah Elmer The Wit ot
mountain pine was uM In the con
struction and the itakes were made a
thin aa pOMlble without ln > Mtrlng
the lUcetfaarr strength and they went I
KtlKd tiisTitlier on the edges and cov
ered Inside and outald with thin calico I
cu which In turn WM tued on in the I
iMimcr that I und to iilue the car
rlaK > panels The Instrument was pal
toned utter the style of the tong drum
of th British army
In Jh Ij u reorganUuitloii of the l > iiii
wan Uind was eR eWJ under hiKtrui
tloiis or Ciilunel W H nann with
ThniiH Durham as bundiiiitiit und I
the old favorite honxmttd druid uf
tr buying supplied with tuv hiods and
conic wa again brought tutu tiqtilal
tlon In tbe early nlxtln II new
earn nf Instrument ft 110 aauned arid
10 drum was spin i ntirl und 1f1l1I11I
iniili musli fur the nilliilw mid tba
H1 < This Urn lieu Thnmas Dur
I ln Ix11 u cnn
uviu wi > a leader he haItlf
inj lnrd chief of rniiM f the Iron
mjliui district by 1olnOl lhr
Te Mr Durham I am lnMid fif
evidme of tbcr itnw
her noted all having taken phut fIr
the year 111I1
lleavei Mitt Utah
lluiK li 1111 tswh sal r ages InnnluiH
11 lilllltf 1IIr
As a Ilinulu 10 tM awtrtl hietder
lion John It Winder wuwum
for le register1
unolher pr roliiii
Jersey lies at Ike Slate full 11I1
inside uf II
talc two cash cWAajjwa
Y Lk Maadlea to My this lua bled
utie ud with ihantai by the fair maa
agemetut TM thin It Bums III lbe
form of Iii rash to lee apportioned sr
l utluc a
foUFha dollars each for the beet > eai
bull rSl trd in Ihu Je ey cia
the best bull alf beet hlf > lf b
yearlluh heifer and liwl I yearn
I Jr r twlfer offered
lrevleu 10 UU I Mr WI4
on the horse and not dev latin a hairsbreadth
breadth to either side and holding bill
breath he baa pusmd the summer In
comparative good Wraith
In relating his cperlence yesterday
Mr Ifoeklns distinctly disavowed that
he bore a charmed life and was par
ticular In dlnclalmlng any swRKesllon
of boastfnlneee over his good fortune
because lie couldnt say of courne how
soon he would be numbered with the
lain but for the benefit of his fellows
who are forced through untoward clr
eunwtances to drive u horw ho wanted
the facts made known
I have noticed also he continued
hat those who drive as lose to this
curb aa possible leaving the wide
street for the automobiles to ra arc
seldom maimed much Of course I do
not contend It would not be safer to
drlvo In an adjoining county or to
awing In ones hammock at hums but
If your dear ones need the air and your
horse needs the exercise and you nee
a man of nerve coupled with uniiPiul
sagacity for my part I see no reason
why one may not use at least four
feet of the street crowding of nurse
clone to the sidewalk with compara
tive immunity from mutilation
Another thing I have observed he
went onand that Is that rupann
of motor para are as a rule rarefree
and on pleasure bent and they dlslik
extremely to be annoveil or delajed
by crashing Into a wavon load or to
tal strangers and nometlmes halnir to
Inquire their name It Is tn uy the
leant decidedly uiu leasm and nuto
nioblllsta will avoid such a dlmiRn
able contingency If they rviiwiiMv
can and seeing you huddled HLIIKI
the sidewalk the nlll ginoralh lake
the other K feet of the street und
whizz gall by with light host rt < > d
laughter and oft I men not so much as
a recriminating word
William Henry Hosklns Is an old
and highly respected citizen and his
views on this Important subje nn
entitled to respectful consideration It
la hoped his suggestion will sink
deep Into the hearts of all those who
own a horse and part and who have
a laudable ambition to drive on ling
ham street of an afternoon and lit
the same time preserve thP111et e
nd their rtimllles In reasonable
halth and happlneM
ft special Inducement in the form of
a premium of K for the exhibition of
the beat ten registered Jersey cattle at
the coming state fair Following arc
the requirements of the entry
One bull of any age one bull calf one
I lielfor calf one yearling heifer line
twoyearold heifer and live cows three
years old AT over
Sorvleo Will Occur Sunday Intend of
Tnday nt IMonccr Sake lion l I
The funeral of the late PaiiiinMi
William Thorn will be hii
on Sun
day at 1 oclock Instead
IlId of tnday M I
had been previously announced The
services will be held at the JMonier
stake how between West Temple
and Wrt Nest on Fifth Mouth u 1
oclock and the remains of tin vet
eran pioneer and l
rhurch worki cats
be viewed by friend at the rldlllI >
10 Wet Sixth South between 11 amt I
13 oclock Sunday morning
Uv It From Selected Total
It Is good to know the kind of food
those with weak stomachs and hearts II
can net along with for when a man or
oman In a little below par an easily
digested looil IH ihr
thing hut goer
right to the snot I
A man In Klrkat Isle Mi I < lie how he
got nut Hi rouble by uilnjf Orapi Niii I
food He setsMy trouble sems In I
i npe uiTerlnjr in the stomach it anti
1 railed gsetralgie but I
ga 110 medicine gave
int ermaneni relief
In June of last jettr I begun to raw I
much wore III every rerwct I Stu
terribly constipated and the slmnuih
liiUim were severe I raji down until I
I weighed only UO pound M I had to
glvr up bualneiw I
my for my moves
were completely unatruns and I omlil I
not sleep more than two 01 three hours
dmln the night and thai cult iy
xnaUhes JuilllsT a lull III the eels I
I tried almost every kind of r d
but filially wsa put uo arapeNuin art
In a llltlt while It began U niuk It
north known I blrn to sitar IMMIO
ultfbts my alienslh gradually m
hick and I gained In
weight rapldlt
until it lltll while ago t Kelgbeil In
tunic and hay been a well miii ri
iiionthn with newi a touch of the old
M > boe els are iwrfeot the iwrvoun
linublt has cone You ran leullxt I
iiupieilaUJ ihw valu nl liupeNuis
Thbi In uoolJiM lAldelice ol the 1 > rAC
IliHl worth of ilntpvNutH ftul In ii > t
of weak slomai and bad digestion It
IN ih Ilwil HI Ii tultlcally iiuiili foml In
ulsleiui Mini i oiiialna aksioluul loih
Ill but sekilil pulls of Uu II M
xniliiii so iNik d Mild prepared UK ii
4iiiU tlf iliitust inmHMiial iliKinil < i
und aasunllUun mrryliuj with n i n
Unwnti furnlahwi by Mollivr Nauu
ioi rvbulldlnv the mrvuus avMlem he
gray mailer IIf the brain and tbe siar
Wile on gnus from foot wiui In
Lnla merle 11 I easy Iu gel well I
k n well Tiwrea a Heavon K j
Ib lUxid to WelUVIlIu In Jklr J
II nl i OJ + hnw = M K Cur II i
tilmiMi a11n Ohiilh I ini M mil
rigs lt won III hanks III Slllltl
MnIn HI AI f J oii Him can It
nullified In hu 1 at Banks They sell
Ih furs and make hats match when
ern n l red
ltl lMIII llllc for Acltlll lBl M HIHl
llrnltr TltroHtilHmt the Ifcmllj
Api < 1r < from being the nennon of hop
nrtbllU and fall milt this In HI
xea t > n nr bump and bruises Arnl n
and nil other tried and true lotions
Halved and pftlnklltor are non lur
Inx their boa days The ahc stud
ihrnhK are not being monopolized by
any one member of the family run and
ill stand equal Grandma and grunt
jet limp slowly to the breakr t tnhlt
Rheumatism la their brlir explanit
It in usual and rum mar > with than
I n fie the singes of rheuimttlum nhen
iilrl raw evenings night and morn
Inge bejln
Mother look worn and wan too
Bargain salve la her unHncr to
aaslova question After bring crushed
In the crowd which dally crowd Malt
lakes Me store in search of bargain
tionr mother ach and throb In every
Ann nn one would ever expect lllg
Ulster to be feellag tired and arhey
but abe ran hardly mow her anna and
according to her own confCKalona she
hurts all over
Badetball she any
For sister Is back to high el hool BIII
for two weeks han been training to
make the Aral glrW team Rhe an
nounces proudly she has triumphed
but at the roes of bruised elhmvs and
Hope muscle
I In li < liter usually hu some kind
f i Hun of cuts or bruise Inn
I > t lMt not Mnro last full has
irnrd III sKlt a delaiililuti
n as he tfftMI tbav Chilly morn
rice scratched and nt
I I ca blnrkened and Ilvr
1 1 I more or lee iinrlnui
iitifd iiver his aiialoin
I IC the way he pxplah
n llltlf Urnther In pro
1 un Ihi lluslN IMwn team
iifta and bruises are any In
r MWtt and prow ijttie
C 104S toimake that tram
illrl JpK two y nis old has
on tar HlsM < the wee up
en HMrtfcat waa g tang nut the
nollstl and flirt the other day
I1mMu1R round the attic fell
I hint
in whole family from grandma
Baby GMrl knows fall the
nr other thlnT b 1des pump
s find boniMt Nlto la here
KaJAP Ubeeeesbtwieerhed panel
ban hair tta MM ot lay brand of nslir
aoereneieogl Druawlsts and grooert
lot4IHm MMMita 1p KnMlsfnnl lint
And te ItHatlMl North
Th Ki uslfnrd bar sane the en I
n irrenl deal of iX Itement last ilfflii
the sum being a dreMken man uhi
n anted to be real bad He w n nun i
with H gun and began shooting thugs i
up betauee a bell boy refused to dilnk
with him The man who caused tlv I
fuss was Harry mislead said tn It
u wealthy Montana man
He was standing br the counter In
the lobby when a bellboy passed and
Armstead invited the youth to hey
n drink The latter declined and Arm I
Mead became enraged He rushed to
his room securing s revolver and re
turned to the bar ordered drinks and
begnii firing Severn men rushed up
on him and secured the gun Armstead
then struck a man several blow In the
fin e He was anally overpowered and
hurtled to the dent where he took a
rain for the north No arrests were
Rich or poor alike arc habit
ually constipated It ulay its
victims by thousands although dj
somr nthrr name po > into tTu i i
death crtiti ate Drugs will not
cure Fat daily
which it of a laxative nature a s
10 cents a package t
Per grN tey nil drtiuw 1
I 1
You can get whatever you need in the Latest Styles by t i
On our easy payments of 1 a week or 4 per month lri
Hr rallhg flt our hi on inn will romin conrsrl that > have i larger asearlmenl of nntortite loth
than my oth < r Credit or rush store In iun SS hnve I Iced another largo quantity ofLadi Suit Coat
ad Skirts We place on sal tallies Suits all shades latest style value 121 sad S30 eel for 117 Lediei ti
Coats all sited assorted length value 130 to 135 sell for 30 and 22M
We have a burg variety of handsoin skills MI join hooelnir In Voiles Panamas and ffllks
Also latest styles Ldie Millinery reads towear Hat specialty for eohoel girls
We nets show you a full line of Mens handmade SuMs overvoats Hate and TroaeeM and at prices
mush Cheaper than you IHII inn at auv ash More
We gladly sutend credit te evrybed I
We require no eiurlt rind dont ark year nelKhbors nlmtit you
mm I fj1
4 I
w j
For the past week we have been going over the stocks for
the purpose of selecting the most desirable articles for Con r
ference and Fair week Many of the articles will be I
I placed on sale for the first time Saturday Not old unde
1 sirable stock but fresh new merchandise The reduced
prices are much lower than usual Already many i
visitors are in the city and a rousing business is expected
Concert in the evening
Complete showing of beautiful new plaids The new and popular colorings for fall New
I ideas in Block Checks in Leather Browns and the always popular Saotoh N
1 19
I I effects Values up to 150 yard Saturday special f ia
r 1 + p
Muny x > ptlonsj value for I
Halnrclny In new tall waists
Candy Section
AIll dinner Mint tjrrelh today iffca poimd
ertd P9anvt emeihing new Titty jfn0
lie a pound
Pyrojjfrapmc Wood
Hew shipment of flue buss wood on which are taagyeji JH Mst lit
SMWet pieces new cad attractive designs
Vosnt panels at It twills
Mocnt nets al Jr cents
tarae 41oent clove and htndkeroWef beaus 1st M OsBte
man stamped bows 10 cent
IIDaII panels at 1 cent
A vpleadki 4 W polar pyrographlc outflt lag HM
New poll card w newttt dtttgw Sc
Florence Slietlancl Silk Flow i
In blue pink red white aM Mafk 111YMNI doss lor atochot
Ind and knitting Itaffutar M OWU far II onta II
Table Covers and Sofn CulftQU
1tld nihrolder4 and vtty yndsomrbelt price Art eetlem
Embroifjeracl Skirt Front
J MIUI < IIN wllll be th taut day of tin sal of Imnlsasa Kmbrei
deAdtfhiit Plants OM IN tilt unit teenptlnf 1I ICtMI > 1ir > it DIa
two aliki The patunw are low ty Thvse front sell f 1111
readily tit 15d peohM 9l90
Soap Sale for Saturday
Ionic nl them Mil at S rents
onie IIr hem MU at 10 01 <
some d them sU at is ivm
Tour ImlcM Wurtla11 for > mils
RoY Hults apuelal MIU
v dues to piiO for > ti Iaet
day uf Sale
Them New Fall B k I
ft New him tor this fall la Elastic ml teel gtif1de U all
= f4l silt fWM MM Blue dray Blaok M4 t ldta M cents
lM name 0las la leather with large Dui asa4 verycteeilve
< ii
Lines Ctmttr slid
1tMMilt white linen stamped in oMaJtant 4alrs far c
011sti d = My ebshuy Wibtd Half price
Rdu do 2 i 1 Ctsr P a a I
uUfId Whit handaa s satins Iitge41 tsr Ju
Art lct
Too Coal in correct std ItykL oolorrd tin lbws vault from 1975 to 1475
Spooiai CM Umlzr 5595
Black mode tkirtv Attman voile lull plaited trimmed wife taJfeUi lauds 1475 r
1K50 nldrt tot
r ti o 1 LC ace t rr r7rtiar ortlfllll

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