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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 14, 1907, Last Edition, Image 8

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r 1
HKN Mi ICthel Roosevelt
WltFN presidents daughter
inikea lirr Kt4 II debut In
JiiuiHty w < in is cxi t
to heir her exploited ItM tin tvpi al
American girl jut us hei half uliin
Alice w a before hir Hud a 11 young wo
men of the White Home have been
whenever there waa an attractive I
young waeaan In the executive man
eton HIM Elh l differ much In ap
pearance manner and character from
her half alater The Rooaevelt an
Knickerbocker o t the Katckerbaokef
and he Reeniii ti have Inherited a lare
strain of their Dutch blood Seen on
the Mreet of The Hague or muter
dam or Lev den she might leadllv be
n Ipkn for u loyal aubjei of the
hv < Ut onnsrNassau
Ih lIu h i nl In ne of the most d >
lIght ri Mealnreii III the vvjill IF v m
do nut believe It gUn < e ai the IK on
panylng put me which Itntll I en
young women of the Netherlands ar
rayed In their ben caps and kerchief
on the way to burch of a Sunday
morning A more delight method of
securing conlotion la to embark In
tnwnnrrmnanJJwu wnnrwww
11 111 y LII I i i t if thee girt yiung women miry A
III 111 J1 llUU e i I i M > ij I i I > In on ununiuU degree Ski
I t i I ni i ncl IK Kinit In 111 ill al d Ii oilliiu winlil aa HIM Coed of
11 II i I i I nn M the nut nor uf The f tiuIe and otkaT sosij
L Mil 11 ll I I I nlv n i i I Ut bill a i Ii t M i i i w lirr
I il anil liult a tii j
i nl I M i Miv Iy IIEIIk
I ub II m Hi it
I i u i In n liol i i
ul i >
II iifo if Hiuin In u tn > i >
Io I h mil llllHll h1t < tn r1 HI I
i l v l i I l II i1 K 1 I int
e I I H d I r
I g I t 1 I Ih j
tine of the great Atinitu t nmhl < N
that land one at Roll mi and linen
tlgate the Dutch girl if < < lio ID ut hom
Restful and plrHUliiR 11 > iich > ou may
And her In the Inrgp Kim like The
Hague Amsterdam KniTilim Haar
tern tltrecht L > yden innnlnmn and
Arnbm but If you would pow her m
all her charm you niut mure oat
Into untrodden way hri < the plump
any maiden are atlll clad In the aame
pIcturesque oapa gay abort nklru aBd
bodice that were the fanhlon when
Ilendrlk Hudaon piloted the Hair
> Iaen out of the port at Amnterdam or
when authority represented by the
Peraon who wa with me grabbed hold
of me and aent me flying upataln ae
fat aa the elevator would go
After all It wmmt bad In that room
I anuggled down under the rod illk
quilt and took In Its magnificence of
courae I would not 10 to IMp I Im
ply gave In for the Hake of peace
Why Net In America
Kvei ihlng waM red and white from
the mahogany font ixmter of mediaeval
A nth n
lir t < iln i i iu < tHtonl under my
drcsIii K > > ibli flu Uiifi lIull nor
IIIOU wllh t Hniik und It three pry
mirror My ip nf Hitter well
quite Ion 111 It lhi vas a tIny
rirraalng ihulr ui > h < > Uui < l In ted silk
In front uf II The wuidn < b wa Wg
enough fur All Babe and the forty
thlevee to hide In It had three full
leagth mirror There were unning
aide llgnt every when and near the
bed a huge r iae c ulored affair The
paper wan a tonI hlllOUIII acvaorr pat
tern of bird fluuer and huge t rips
ao that II gave eae the effett of betag
In a garden After all L0ndoa wa a
lovely place Why couldnt they have
that Jungle style of decorathw In Kow
York That red bird over there tor
In lance
Bang Bang Hang
Merciful baavea Could I have
been aaloap Yea aMi breakfaat wa i
at the door I
mo In1
The bug olive tray wa put down
at my b dlda Thl was real Buoinlag
at btal ahout II oclock
Tbei were marmalade and loffve
Being Mioag mlMded I drank the cof
fee The Pereaif who to with m < ate
the niHiuulade
A vry good dlvlirten I cant bear
alan marmalade
Th Tower f feur
A tub lilt 7 Yea sir Ye maam
Where hull HI take you air
Kr ti the Tower1 I ventured Mat
ing dlivctfam of stairs It might
rula the Bit day and It would he M
jok weing the dMTereM Mwera IB the
inMat uf aa BMTll drlMla
Very well muuin1
Mam wou the door Wi w r ill
Jtaa jlg
C r you are sli TsL viol
defeat at the lefil
Me had to repeat the raMaf three
wtth dlaataadii wii ii ur < mi Ii > i 19
1 form t i i hit dntt i i
I in i 11 1 I I n of III nili
I 1 tne lulu I i i
i i II i
I d I Itt dJcc Idl
hit Ni > 4til NtrniliU t lit til ilu >
Ihll t li i M > K i tty wear telt i
in in g ini i i i
I S I ill eel vvl
i I r l
I < Ut L1 I
when the pilgrim mo them spent theIr
peaceful exile In the Low Countries
Where te Find the Type
Yet even In slow going Holland tbe
leavening force of faahlon la at work
and now It la only In ountry lane and
bypath that on may hope to lieu
the clang of the suoden hoot ll
you take boat for wonie of the quaint
and unexploIted Island that hug the
bore of the North ia or penetrate
Into tile remote fantneaaea of 2eeland
or Prteriand then you may pse life an
It woe lived by the feremother of
wwWnrww nt
time for we WOT both aaleep So
much for night traveling
At lam we came to ami descended
I am howlng the Parson the town
having been here before and ao I re
marked very unmcuoeartly This to
the Tower
Well for Iteaven aake came the
unexpected reply and I heard him
I turned arowvd to and the cauee tot
all thin It worn a beefeater guard of
the Tower H waant hi red and black
Ellaabethan uniform that canoed mer
riment but t Mt fact that he naa
ElIzabethan to the wulm und twentieth
century from there down Ah well I
uppove slashed trunk and silk hUH
are too ally for the preeent day Bng
llahmaa but llll black cloth trou
Kora with a petticoat ellect above them
are Ihdd
We were truck with the number of
American In fact there were no Kng
flab evldcnly who had the cuiliwii ti I
nee the Tower la aummer time Von
heard your colintryniiin itmaili > h
with theIr usual ebrowdne th mine j
of the 11 own Jewel They etood open I
mouthed In front of IrhI gate and I
would have liked to carry awn ih
tii5tC of arm and Inscription In th
Reauihamp tower Perhapa thy
might appropriate the MtU of urum I
I have heard of ardent republican do
Ing atranger thugs them taat
Cu ht In the Apt
Fortunately lynx eyed gualwteHH an
alwayi on hand to prevent Just nu < h
ntoi iithuln m and a tout lady with
Iwo daughter aufbied the mortlHi
thin of having to co Uh up a I i >
of IlInIIICi uoAroarlMed from
ban at h Lady Jake OKO ograph
Iho looked ax If nothing woliUl ever
cm iu nnute her for lu kma
Viu ian ay what you will the Tower
Ie a peat ttiI
Plato with all
It weneii of
I murder huahed
and gone aJ
the tunllghl
T Id gilding It wlee
4 old gray tow
I IrA and given
KI i ftohe of
I 1 111f11 lawa
I S aled
i t ads lie taM
I > m tbe ery
I tune where
I the scat
Insit Ta
n i muu rouSe
5 hv sAm iiimWr hulLer lay gina
4 I e y play Is
of the sin
lou er I i i u t hr li tie iliiraej 4to4
A regimni It ToiuialM aMN ba <
of be WakefJaid oYor
We have araBrenasd B ye > rl cruelly
at least if wa nave not doi v irn war
What do you ui > iw we found unr
cabby ttitiC Lip ii riling a let
I =
l h h i in ulr UI Ii i i j > il p ilu I
I IIIK Ii > i tj i
0 I l o i 01 i I ii f il
f I i I h l ih
1 I < 1 1
jdldwlli lit llu u iu >
a II
tH u > N r jit < if u i IM < lii
I l 1111 v luleri it i1
II i r > llf I
I roo I I
America for It 1 a well to remember
that those who came over to New Eng
Und In the Mayflower and Speedwell
lied 110 long In the land of itUce all < l
windmill thai they mud have acquir
ed ionic of Its tuiblta and point of
view Fir member too that from lUch
raided lodge or fannhouae came
i orlntnilU iht sturdy inceetreeee of
our Knlckerboc atock
The Ideal Dairymaid
Keen at close quarters one la Im
priMed with the admirable poIse the
whoteaomeneoa of the Dutckwoman
w wsruww wwrnnw ww
ter a love letter too judging by hIs
xpreaalon and by the fart tbat we
had to say Pcat three Umo lie
used tile top of the liaaaom aa a writ
ing desk
Where ahaU we go SOW r I aaked
Ief do VMtochapel I want to
p ae what the WONt POrte at London
look like In the day time I the Ptraon
Slumming In a Cab
It wa rather original to gn slum
ming In a cab but we were neither of
us Inclined to go walking
We drove over old London bridge
and then back again over To ter
brIdge with lie wonderful turrets The
draw wan up The people however
dd not have to wult us they do In
America whlih ahow that Imdonm
an not ei t sow after all Tliej w mt
Ui i > lit top of thu twin tower and
1 1 OMNI il Ii man of a vitmll siwpen
Ion bridge 110
leveled ax to
he out of I h
on tin nth i
Hide Ihe hoi ivi
becalm meunei
I an we vt nt
r long Bonn
I treetK thin
I died Into all vr
I hardl wIt
I t enough tot our
I hun om
I Ifeie b iy > nd
It gren d jr
I one of the i
the Ripper
Hnrnl a ror < Iu tor HlUrtl l i o
r rtind curved Tti i it >
anetbei JJKU
conic tragedy Mled the pat fin u
couple of week
A Pameu LoeaHty
We Croseod Petticoat lane > lilt its
tll > tllr pushcart It looked UK Ht <
ler treet New York only thi a oiu n
were of a dlOarent type bra ty n id
I red fated with Intteraly di s md
tousled hair ala mill toodn v w >
tniiM We were In the hean IIr ihi
wiuiua But my era adx the kin H or
great Ueadua uf Loadon the II ckd
01 Alaaa la Uandoa lairie i i I
puiadjae wMMrad to ttu m >
trkUen MIl ad it little 0101 Ni i
There what dM I tall you I 1
Wii vvle 10 dc UU Taejvr whik
1i1ennl I i ntalme an I ill i
ef rain
Unun It taw Bat In tcrr nlK uni
In n ieMatsat rga1a so tltaiuti i
He that you wtMtM kaow yuu a i II I
London by thjM aaa The tmbb > II
down the wIndow and te drove i
III the hotel It waa mitch luloi la
f 11 noon than we thought Ui
I twinkled a ahoo vteduMi had pAt
tbiMrap ruahed JMdor the h >
hixtfii aacaplag hy a muscle i j 1
ucsrIsd protuica hear roi i n
ii I aid this later u ii 1
I I t to PT
11 in u i III
i It i i ui I
i i i i i
0 I fc > PIUIill to i n 1 I
1 11 r N I l 11 IMI k tie 1 i I v i
t I
i r i in ii i i ii i 1
I 10 I I
it IH Tg it
I S r
Nerves she but none Len into t I
green old age after R life of i icsso
toll she preserves th > rnT h i mi1 i
and body that maker her IM nn aput I
among womankind Tie uihvorrKn
marriea ls enrU 111 > h nonm ut
many mtlir but ihi innke a devoted
mother snil Is no ndvotde of race sot
ride When one i o inn the toMi
about every Dutch cottage don it ia
obvloua whence our Knirklrbr
prealdent derive his preladlce in thle
r opeet Her house IB generally small
but It to scoured and scrubbed and pot
lobed te an awe Inspiring MLioIS I
nww nfl rtwwn
log meal for the moat part bloater
and plrtilM with Indigestible ham and
meet ban
It waa good to be In the broad street
again OUr hotel with Ita apadoua
balroaiee facing the river seemed a
palace I
The Brighter SUe
That etetilng ns I eat In the great
white dining room where every wo
man wore a d illete gown and no
man waa allowed to enter without aa
evening sell the vIsit to the iluuu
that afternoon seemed a bad dream
An Atnoilcan woman beautifully
tae In a pale chiffon gown and a
new Tltf rrnllii rt n l
house nnd ths ITM i t I
funilv make outdoor 111 M
Thc original 8poc i
to be a tiny vllnge oi iln I
uhere even h oehhletii
sieet are wiu tiI up b > t i
gable houn hold > i < The IMI h
tn 1 not u hi urn Per ol i
keekr higI n rein
dainty chau i ds l i e
sort and de n tl > 11II1f h
Rhe to 1ftI i rf o n ih > K i i
tain to the f r fc t 1
moat even fuii i ith >
aa big aa u wucLi hllltlo i
n cow and rePvii It ill I I
metlc ro ftrre n II ri
family This Ann rot ID n i
Dutch art ui U ttiii
their netohv 1 I
the Neth ilmi in CII In
uoated to i r II t 1
personal < ln s <
credit to lI1a < c r r e
Irun nIP IMV i I ii
which In daily i t aud
garnlh In ft ii r I
tiny wndo iml o I i 1
miiis J < a h < < TII I 1
generally diintll < it I
tope down thr M i r
leek coit is utuii I
tombed The o liii > i
of III nii VII ii n
tt how iiniifi n m fI li I 0
to their on bn n
imly Ir > i iiwl r v I
Tiwlou 11111 > U MI
sumptlo t iJI > i i
< an and JHod u i i to f
Hrlll diuv t bv dc < i
the IMMe I to t fn r
among nitotners n ii II
good vtnuw III a han r f
butter in iker nil i 1
en MNII IM W roln i i i
the nM market 0 to
merchi who git mr
fhlppln to Frim k
Amerli i for rlalhin j
place of the r 4ole tt 1
the arritlslis Edt
predated Octtda < ir
Won ft5 uftje I I I
In Vt2and but nt
Dut li romn U rur t
In It h ahe hal df i
> I influence bat hM I
Thus through H
UatebwMnwn proper t
urtottc aanmnr in
ceeding generation t in
heir force of wilt u
hrrltagaa aoond mi1 r
There arc man i
American deatenJoii
cru have teat m1 i
their anceatry It I t
ilce In the tiara
achered dame who h
expensive boxes t
horse show or epc a the
of tIM whit cap c l u
VMNfwa Out aatUr IlanhUoI
I How They Spent Their First Day In L o do ii
I Kate Clyde and a Person Do Some Sightseeing
UK trala nrrtvad In I
O at I la Ike numHajr
It was < wIHIIt w tus
our hotel a large aae oa the
S embankment
For practical purpose It atlll might
have been midnight
A sleepy portei was yawning his
bead oft la the voice while the gor
geous Persian caipet In the entrance
1 lay oiled up like a huge snake In the
dlstumo one tould hear Ute Inhos
pitable sounds uf tiweopUkV
We legliUeied unil began to yawn
ounulveM In nyinpalhy with the por
i terCuuld w e have breakfast
tilt dent IIO Not for a couple of
bum yet Wii there snrtWng ese
could get to etit Tbls froai me
Absolutely nolhiiih
The men uf the ply asked It they
could have u drink
V > I ir L 11 ii UK u ui i f 1
I I S II I f I I l
I t I I
I 1 > III
t IK ea I i ixran uf Hi i r itlirio M i >
u nil I i OC I Ir II III Mill
i I
I A ly chii i i Iri inut
I HliI i I i v ml o
i h 11 IK
< I I J nJ
VIty earialaly
IB thor anyhour when a man cant
get a drink T If there Is I wish some
one would tall mo
He they bad what they wanted and
mat around and smoked
I watched thorn
Im not temperance but at that hour
of the moraine and on an empty
stomach ugh1
la a few minute I forgot my hun
ger and the fait that Iliad been up
all night far the sun vva beginning
to ahlne In the street uiiuiual good
look for London wejther
An Bnalleh Hetel coVeem
It suddenly occurred in me how foot
leh and unnecemwiy IIhp IN If yon
Just got ever being IIley as I hI
Mh you were all rlgtn HIU finhi
hour to the good I tnvi maid
the door with the Intenil til taking
aa InstructIve and plri mu tioti
I ll 01 Illl I WII 1
i arlnl oe ii 111o11OtJ t
llll I Ul I I I it t I York ntiun L n uIrii II
Tho l > uih mlr has I I r r u lUtMul i III I 11lt lll s
reionftllni ilh liti I Ii us uiutj tii IM l < j 1 1 it 111
th baa klme hi i ttn1 i I III I
pm iii u Lull it n itt ur
I 1 M Ui > mi
A gkjd hi i I hn I I 1IIt Indian
I u ug I u I ilk ll n t t i
I II ii I 1 I nI I IoI > M ii
bJtu ni u ink Y to f ti uTI0 und r u C
kll lin It I en i iuiii luiu i I I
I 11 i i r i m i i u
Al I ii 1 r to iinv i
a Ii I i Im I il nl i i
1 I i I ii I l iln Ih
a i k i in i III P I ii i
beplumed pvturr hit ti pi I
htad waller for II 11 p
That pompou I Id il whi o I 1
word to her hurbi 1 1
went to the drf < iii
moved her taborai i
No hate nllone
She leiin In IIKFI iln o
appf ii in r Ii i IV nl
urer4rJJ3 fi
I ftUL awL C
london V
IH riot lnJiiK I I i tnt m I
yieh a In i ti iMwmnr I I
utt hung o I ullul In bPUli n
1 I n o 0 D 111 lie < n u K f
I urU The buauileii ur II ulll1
1 lit italntad In iii ufl 4511 Itt i II I
lirll i luiltrlllll I I
liunn d > A n i wi u < t t
II i li ndei < i HI il IH UN IJ > >
1 llu II h d it uirlil t r > ulltllUI
M onl ii j1 ID If

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