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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 11, 1907, Last Edition, Image 2

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Exports at Morgan Conference
Dootarc Awats Equal
Ilfln fir npnrliMt Hi if r lltm l If
dn llnc Imnlnd CoiMlllloii ami
111 ItrMore CI1ftH4Cft4M
wIt rrr r < iic tO ondltlona pre
vailing In NVw Tork Ine thr flnantla
trouble of th luI fnl I erk i the Me W
Tork Herald hti thr following to tar
Certain ron > lltl < un hae to M mot bY
the Trn t Com > any of America blori
the unlimited afulatanio of the Trtm1
ContHin > AMOiitittnii In extended Till
onr ni tloii a i net aa Mr MotgUl
mid hit ajiNoclaiir are now fully con
vhw d of the ooUancy of tlw Trw i
Compo of America U hen a capita
lock of StM4Mw and Had a Mrf > lu el
ntM M At the MOICTH ceDlefence
perU mad a rigid u reMICHtktn ol
Ita aoeU 11M going prlcoi U Wall
found that I hi nmetfl nt vrfent WOK
HUfTMtnt to nhy uH Ute depositor and
iow a wrplu nf Jlft90000 Thta aar
plua tndtcaud ol tour that the cap
flat tork of Uew WI unlmpalrou
HHd thftt tIe gieat gurptux of SI 6M O
WM reduced about 8IWItIII at the ex
tromtly low valuatkxm at which m
oaHUM are now Mlltng A imllAt
lnvwtlg tton > t the Vtnroln Trust com
JAtI r MMtwod that the urplu of that
Institution had been wiped out but
that the capital was Intact
It w found alto that the Truat
Company of AmeHca In IU rnij nUt
twnt 8m to rm h the run of lUpMl
torn and tem the tide of ftdverally tad
114 out In the IMS two weoka nllRhtly
mwre tlMn 41000000 AordllK to tie
IBM BttlomMit the total depeelt of the
eempny wore JI7tUtM DO that then
an now left about U7oootou due to
dypriton In order to provide caen
mc the future nw eitie of the com
Mmr the Trust Comptinj anaot la linn
M now making term with he board of
4r rioni It wa Mid laet nIght that
UK executive rommlttee of tbe Truel
ee panY Of America uonalderod the
1w eoinewlial onorou but wai will
klg I do vwythlni to v M fair
Mime of the romnii
It ta und rtood In this connection
thM u Jilinkere and Trun Company
dsjoohttfot beaten It la neceemrj that
w Html lie a nultcal chanR III tin
r4 gf Hfector and that ea ir utw
eq I J1 i4iIl uo 111 bfrHt to put thy
cNlulRy fti iuiiIi In other words tin
aiI4uu I followlns precisely lh
llIhe gtijJTI ii thy Cl nrJnfr Harl M
Mttt iDok In the otuie of Ute iar
etUI JIk Hlieii After the 1eStIut
E Bfgftclatlon had advnnertcj die
bI4Uk tolBclent cub to meet It It bel
l dlrertore were told to pay
a UIiQII MUll and pUee the bank In
sulk au the MIIIO tin the 4lroctor
of tba Mwrantll ptaood their reslgna
listi BTtJie hand of the president of
lb CiHfif houi to AMUt In rflfflrlns
thi aUBojpiiere
I UI flAying eT of loans which com
l and other large borrower of
4 littrl ill Company of America had
tLt P Iittlltutlon many Intercitlnjr
uI1 wnu to IlKht Ii Ie found
Iltril ltJUf fmnoUM Tenivesfee Coal aol
1 iW which held the amitrol of
IX jffItLcrty thero wrc nwny lame
JIh 9110 IHre unabl to take up
Itf t wv havlnit become widely ox
tbkd M tho recent rah In prices
Iitkui 1IihJ the Tunneiwee IVI A Iron
1 ai tiWa a illvtlni menace to the ce
rrlla tnltrket and that the removal
t utrsBB luartprn la one of Ihf beat
flc that J P Morgan MM accoin
4 IIloil Mhce be anaumed control of the
I flniieejiil IIUultlon
B II Harriman IiI xnmethlna IU re
lifVr the iltiMtloti In tho Trout ComiM
njr of America tvhh < inr to light yea
terday aid the liiiOent at the aaniH
time nerved to dipetoce hnie lien the
ronlrol of the < vnirnl of IforKla rail
road On the day uhfit troublta wore
idlhiB up thlckl > r I thr Trun com
pany of America II nun uiiKntrd IbM
Mr iirrim mlRhi uk up M luuii hi
had in that insniuium > h hlr or ihi
1 toltotoial of whlih was 20flofl iharva
of Onlral of UIla ptk
e Th raplUI nf thai unpan Is only
t6MOMt consist Iii if so oon shait nt
that H was lmmidlatel < > ii ihat the
hr ale in Mowra Thurne and IVrr > wan In
i raIl a Ml s Mi Harrlman with
thoai > eti attlni us agents
Mi fan UKIII to JP Morgan
A 10 aad ihri > iiUid II Hddltlunat
< ollair to the in uno shrea of ivntral
of 11etrp tt4JM share r the Ixlaware
itodaa 41W hr of th Union Pa
flfb prvtorrrd BMI 7000 abates ui
t Inton Pacltlr common Muck The < xin
trol of tlw Ct rill of an r l la now
I held fey tile loan in IMF Morgan uMcv
hut It M Mlavrd li s lll sooner or later
rewrt to Mr Hairlman and that tale
Kill Tur when thr loan la paid
Mr lUrrlniaii > ttrdy refuaed to
t commont on In > Hiral of ourllll
i matter He niiil h < nun going to teao
I Charity ball
t tomorrow v
JE night
t How does the old
t 1 dress suit look
j Some dandies here
30 to 45
All the accessories
I 1 t too globes 1 ties
Vests etc
ml I etce
i What Catarrh
A Dangerous Disease Affecting
Thousands of People
It Is on Inflimmatlmi of Ihf mneou
membrane and mar effect Ihe note
I throat rtoraacli bowel or bladder
XAUL CATAUIIH roostcoramen
oli n coming on to gradually that li
IIM n Ann hokl before II in suihected
Catarrh k itegr ral l by oeM but
depends nn mipiuft blood When
obroofc It li liable to Ucvflop Into oon
MtD lon It ii there fore wry terimi
The true remedy for ctarrh U Hood
Sars ianllft becauH it puriflci UK
blood and remotes the came effecting
radical an < l N > rmnMit rnrM
Hegin treatment at once with
Hoods Sarsaparilla
In nsutl liquid form or ih < xol ied UvleU
ko at Sarsatnba ldnmi
Antlseplotn or Catnrrlets promptly
nllere Acid eturrh < M < vl rTi mteatrg
sweeten breath Cnee W ntfclit or
ptompuy by melt C 1 Hood Co lnwellMsii
the city and would not be 111 until
Thurdii He Is gdng to Qrolon
Mass to s e the fctotnsll match there
Uidclllolil Chamber or Cimiwmi1 roll
dim IVntuHry l > rHirliiiciit
Tin benbr of wnwerie last night
took stepg to Iodine the troafUiT 4e
IMrttnerit 10 etablish i bmncb mint
In Oolu field to rtlillat the MIll ut
bullion Tbi msitei naa 1feMtd te it
committee onsltlns of W B T
Ralta ttenstoi Moretmu e and P U
Topttta with lntrt ttans to draft reso
lutions for submission te the next
meeting of thr chamber Those resolu
tions Mill then hf distribute to lie
coiigreslonst iVlegatlon wlllt a ieq ost
that thv lit presented for dill cWieWfr
tton of the next ingrexe oc an to In
clude thr estlmsle in the Appropriation
bill The member are very hopeful as
thy feel that ihe nw innvonMnt tI HW
not mil for thr i > utley of any special
fund In the In > of lInt H building
an the work can JIMI ac well bo carried
on In xiij of the bunding ihsl ore noi
In oiiite of coiwtructtnn lloldfleld
ifii luinc t Drain Jtc Skill In
ShiNilliig li llcroiiilng lcn Viniimii
Jen Jumes A ixlii president or the
Nations imfr Rlalon In a recent
talk nn rIfle pr tic MM
1 in uf ihr iiiai ImportHnt llama of
kn < df < < r ldle Ie that which al
low him to iisk the fullest ire of the
Meaiion null vltMi lie la rMMd 8kll
with the title i licomlnK low common
aih yea i In thin country among th
general btd > nf our cllsena An th
supply of Ran glows Ice o and lot
The purpowf ih X lh > hml Hlftf AMO
dallas of Amvrtta In to encmlfoge ride
prart f amon i ui rltue with every
form of rifle hut to portlrtilurly all
11 In the liutuillon of men In the u >
or the mllHarv rill It ceeks to ai
rompliah this I iirM p hirgely through
Kirillated ocgii iKMtlona namely dOte
itaiHii atlonR irRlmental iwiHwIutkin
chllUn rifle lube college rule clubs
Mfl41 xhoolbu > nut club Mut of the
atatea alroajlf hat > Ulr aeeooluUuni
Rifle iiraiN he taken a very Ue
tlditt etep foruurd In thin country dur
ing the pan tat in two Tile groat
national rid nut he of he fnllea
tt < rc IiM thin year at Camp
IVrrj oht i > ci IJM runtestanU
wer iraent H learns of II m n each
rimenMnst i < Kiretlvelv ilm Infantry
of tin Mrmy ihi cavalry nf the army
the flaY niaiir i < > rpe naval oni1 iny
and U tate nI territories competed
tlfll the oncludon of thli match the
Katlonnl Itlfle uMOrlntlnv to Olla
vm Canada i lemn of American rifle
men 10 comp t agalnnt team from
Canada Auxtmlla end England for the
colnhraied llaitw longlange rifle tro
phy The Aniulrun team flnlihej fIrst
In the rontenl breaking every worlds
record fnr ilmilar condition The reo
Bull wan especially gratifying to all
American Iniuimurh on the wenpont
uied were Iht military arm of the
respective eouttrleft and aiM that thn
American team finished firing nt every
range from tl in 31 minute before the
other Fonte < tHtit An nddltlonal raune
for gifitlllcntlon wan the fact that the
team from thr other rountrle were ae
knowldgt to Ix the heit which hud
er been cent out from them
Ilipacl1 to the New
Waahlugton D < Nov llJoeeph
Roakelly ban bore ptMltntlld regular
sled Francla II llf krtly nubattUte
rural fees delivery o rrtor route 1 at
Mary vlll Ida
llicnlrr Tonight roe the flu pre
entatlon in Suit txke of the viidei
known play ftrongtwait with
Kilph Mtuart In the central ral
Orpluinu oont tle change of
bill pee cm at tide lnn > tonight and
the various act announoiMl In the Sat
UidMN News wnl III b on hand
UINIJI don of the wk
ai this hoiiM Ml A DMHMrale Chance
Th iMtoKMry dnday and Sfltur
dtiv matlmMo wW te Mtven
IiTh t a new bill on at tAe
lvrtc this wk conahHIng of several
niidmlll feature with the Interna
iinai Htork company In a pclal
tn I act
The Touiif omonc Clan aao I
Utlon or this thy la atout tt start a
travelers aid turvUe at u dopota to
look attei oinen who may be UUn
III who wie to iuet friend that tall
la a psar girls who hat ben Ioduo
to c4ine In from cirtwitr > dlatricU la I
answer to misleading H4veitlnns
and Others who nut 5004 utliiitlou anl
mlnMrallon of their own sea Tb
I l ral rstwo r niunsgemenls are In
sympathy wish I his movement Mis
Wary LMsourd of Taroma will be in
thl city CMC 1 m take up 1M work
An KI ellem irogiaio Iws been sr
rund b > tin n HiidgeiHtiit of ih
Audit lOin link ihls tmk Th inalN
stlriKtlon will br the mm iiperanr
to Mali Ilk of Mis Maj JJ Ha r
< ourt 100 11 Ing queen or tee
roiiih 10 high Ieee novaitv skalarlal
HM Hhe pirfurms the eMateull l s
uul liiel iituvenieul aad shale
I hiougli s forest of blmlur candle
Mli > sis eie < utes a l > it and manv
tiKi lntmesiliig VialS MlM I ifall
i tii1 Is 4 iiifinhei of the profk
ellilliilliin tasters of America and
rank us M tsIr in thai organisation
Her Irst > erforiuaiu tatw pb 1 at
t M this eM sng
This morning Chief of iohr Jitt
ret eive 4 a letter from Mr Vera Hey
iiolns of 114 Meatmlnsiei ntii Van
I iouvtr n f Asking that tw authort
ties here locale her sitter Edna Cot
fey who is supposed to hal dome her
recently from Hly Net Miss Coftey
father Is dying and wants to lee liii
daughter before croislng the greet II
Tide dIs Curry was going to Ore
gun City but her sinter bsllevei ahe IJI
still In Salt Lake
Cllaricnl Vllli Holihlne Neuronf 120
lieu In 3 M > n llmitls
Trn Pinker rharged with blghwav
reitery and gnuid larcen wa a ar
ralgtMd In Judge Dlehl < ourt thU
morning and pleaded not guilt to boil
count H was placed unilei ISOi
bonds arid Ihe i lilt tit for the 6th for
Parker Is nuCd nf holding up end
robbing a negro named Daniel Websiei
of 1110 on the night of < U 26 After
the holdup Webster followed Turku
and pal to Cominerlal siteet Webster
notWcd an srfnoer who attested Park
en Th kittens pal esaped Parker
pleaded not ffullty to the harget
Tlie Standar1 Meal and Piodui om
ftleil amended articles
petty of Hlthlt ld
ticles of Incorporation In the offle of
Bocy of Htate Tlngey today The dtp
Italtantlott of th conceni Is lioooo IW
shares of IIW each Charles Skouguird
Ii named as president M i Nelson
rIcO vrce4det Hannah S koUKrd
secretary an1 trf Mirr Kleanor Net
jxn dlrttrtor
A ester was revolved today ai the
office of fey cutler stating that a
rertlnVate had brett filed In the trees
un at WaaMncton 1 > t hat Utah
WtH or 4
is ntlthM to tht cOrn of
per ct of the proceeds of the leof
public land m this state for the fhec l
> eer eMlB June M JW7 A warrant
ill be forwarded toi the amount
ne tate will soon be In receIpt or
from the IncoMe
quit n liIt >
ram the lort iwervea of tah 10
P er cant of wllih reverie to It Under
the provisions ot th torT acts
I Miniwilt pSert lev InINtiiitlflli A lu1
flmpcl In Trllnito In lii1nrlnl
The funeral of 4ru Rhoda M Owen
was held yeslenlav In the Twentieth
ward chapel The ser Ira were attend
of friends who
ell bv a large numb
hd grown to love lrandm Dvven In
acqualn4anwhU of many years The
pivlei were Impressive and the music
was beautifully rendeid by the ward
choir and by Mr Lllll savage niter
and deortte D P > Pr In accordance
with a iequet msA before the bek > v d
speakers wr
woman died The
Ne hi Sohoftolrt Chariw Rogers
Ueure fUunne > 1IMam BrA
ci W H Tot I R 8 Ik and
Thomas Blmon ah paid a tribute
fNIII the hurl to the memory of ta
Imwesed and tried 10 comfort the be
rouvttl family with 1M assurances of
her riCh reward In th hraftei AnIon
the many beautiful florwl tributes were
set pit and cut dowers nun the
ward Relief society and hu lnes untie
of the city The pallbearer were six
of Mrs Owens children The grave at
the city cemetery was dedicated b >
George Glbbs bishops counselor
Ofxi lo Nen Vork John A Ilagley
Iota gone to New York to join Judge
llartrh his law xtrtner who has a
number of deals on hand there
TtxInjM ricarhiBf Todays local
bntik el arlng < i amounted to nil
5Jli87 as against 111133019 for the
fame day lift year
Kunoral of SIM leThe funeml
of Mrs Hge the music teacher who
was found lUfTtwdted from smoke In
her room was held at 1 p m today
From ObinneHs undertaking parlors
with Interment it Mr Ollvot Mru
Schrlver daughter of the ilwueasetl
and her husband were present from
Kureka Oilier nonrMlrtent rolallves
were unable to attend I
AVnnlH Slurp Teailipm aui t of
Pubic Instruct A 1 Nelson hoe
received word from the sup rlntnJ
ent of the Morgan schools that two
aclier are badly nad Nl thare One
Is wanted to teach the fifth and nlgth
grade and the other the primary
ctajee Onod aalarUs are promised
and Sipt Nelwm Is desirous ot hear
ing from applicants at once
Ilnc Uowllier YIA moderately
string high barometric rMure cover
the entire fnlt d 8ta1M with nothing
more threatening than an Umlgnlfl
cant low along the gulf of California
Bo tin wKUhor la to oouUnu for a
ia > or two toagvr at all events with
S riving t Bipfr turo itt moury
fell to A thb ittaralng so that ice one
fiHrth of nn Inch thick form Alt and
the atmophre was quit sharp
TniHiit OfTlctT IhIrlThe report I
of Truant Officer A F Clayton was
flIed with Supl D H Christensen of
the city schools today The report
tko w that In the your so far 144 can
havooamo to his attention He tiMid
H stores where children of school aue
wet niHlay4 and of auch plauad IT
In school To the officer oC juvon
III court he ha reported tft case
and ot thOM 41 are on probation to
ri > wt lo the court regularly
i F Curtis for many yew tele
graph editor of th Chicago Record
I Herald Is halUiig for a thai In this
illy i nd vorinir to tsallate ho man
Uncling th rtsnple lUe Mr Cutlu
11 depOd M poattlon with th
Clv bjn4 Lvadtfr cad will take up M
duUo there I n about a week
Th high primus iiuorum of Uraule
slake will meet on Monday Not 17
at 10 oclock a m at the Granite
Make tabernacle All mumbers uf he
quorum ar egpet ted to be prewinl If
I iKeiblv Matters of Importance will
b presented at iht mHtlii
A converdUn of 1M Xnnlgn stake
primary work mill he hld In he
Twentieth ward m Hnghoust un Fri
I day Nov 15 lenT at I oclock p m
Th members of the general board 4 III
DM present and M full atundanct of lo
ial offhei and teacher Is duslied All
lniMrot lu primary work tile iur
dlally Invited
4 h
TI < auKhtis of the Mm mon lUi
tallon will aneel Tuesday Nov I eq
i oYInk I the borne of Mrs MMIII
I licked I SI Fourth vnu
OwlUlIM e lhIeIMlt UIIIry
II tl It 10 ltlt nI Own 4jSs
lllt tl I 4 New Ytiaoii fa OIHl
ilM i ZO ftuovesMon IH the PrtsU
hlleY SI Ito 15 ltIe and Fall of
NuY S I I UU Mlulfl 1sse
rttieaL 811 nh PD 00
nine it nII Uq n n 04 n
Dessrkt New Hook for Salt Lake
I City Uath
All printing specially allsnAcd to at
I the Dert News omc Udlmats
promptly furnished
I 4 i
I Speaking of Tasting the Bitter
to appreciate the sweet
In Sweets Italian Ohoco I
laws you taste both the
Bitter Chocolate and tho
Sweet Whippad Cream and
combination is delightful
30e and 60e at all firstclass dealers
7 C
lkL S I ji t
The cane nf Nil I tV Roderberg
against the lagoon KPSOU comimny
h been transferred from th ThlrJ
Itatrlrt court to th Cnlte1 States
c ourt The action II brought to recover
It5t0 claimed HH damage for IH
jurtoa raatalned by the plaintiff while
In the employ of UI defendant by
reason of th fact that while employed
on the dance hall > 1t8 at th place
he wits not provided with a sat place
In which to work according to the si
le > atlona of the complaint
Alleglnc that her bund Emmett
oNelll deaerrd her Jan 1 IN Mr
Emily ONeill tiled suit for divorce In
the district court today They wore
iwrrltd In thla city Aug 10 1H4 T
defendant I detcrtbed t iMtap an
blobodled m capable of e rnlBK 7C
per month and cl elated that the
wife In not able to do hard ok and
Ii dependent upon the ihHrlty of her
friend fO support tihe u k 1 for hr
maiden name Emit Hotvvot lilt pei
month filltnoiiv and atloinesn fees
A petition for a writ of prohibition
was flied today b > Mr and Mr James
CamplHU ulrwted acatnat C 1 I > n
rand jualkM of the Mtuc at Murray
restrainIng the Utter ifQjn taWng ny
further Ito In the eleet J O
Iteavli asulnot the CnmphfrlVs Irr gvi
larltlea In the proweiUlU of Purand
are allcRed and sKpWttl wan taken
to the district court Thid appeal wile
dlsmlsRid In the district court and It
coming to the nttentloii of th Camp
bell that Durand hnd applied to the
clerk of the district court for the
money deposited by appellants 1230 In
lieu of a bond a writ ot prohibition
li finked for and that Durand be cited
13 why
to chow cause otvNov
ShoUld not be abPOlutely restrained
lould the
from taking any further action tn
Job 1 Iyon who resigned recently
cc chief deputy In the county nttor
neyii office wia admit UN t practise
before orlc fnlted SUIte court thin
K i Roarlob A fined JtP for as
unit and buttery today hy justice of
HI 1eace UundBtwn of SftBnft Itear
lob wan found guilty of atrfKlHK Fred
Mouwm with a revolver during a fight
which occurred In th 51000 M Alta
conducted by Hearich Monaon I ap
heavily and
had bee drlnkluff
HMr hd bt orlnklu hI
In hht attompt to incur more liquor
tried to net behind tlw l when
tro atrack by Rnrieli jv lh a pIstol
Frederick Smith today i ted null
agaInst the A a W IUII y ompany
for damage of 10000 for Injuries al
Uced to have been reoolved by plaintiff
lce hn pll
tiff Oct I 1M7 while walking alone
the track o defendant oMnnany
N ltloc 0 the part of tb railroad
company Is set forth In the complaint
tn that the train wan not slackened In
speed tv lthr was the hell Bounded to
warn plaintiff of Its app h
The sail of rd McOurrlB agatnat
the Daly Judge Mining company wan
dlMfllaaod without prejudIce U1 morn
In In the 1nltwl StaK eouN upon
motion of pMtntllTa attorney The suit
cask the vnytMflt H llTM on a
claim unpaid
i ciHrem M Toodlltfo 9t Of n woe
I dlscterved < n bankruptcy today In thy
fulled Htatas court
Mont U Pivkell baa ntard a pit
lion In bankrupt In the UnMttf 111cc
dlfleiit court In which fc I du
I llabllltloa ds L204U S a3 his AD
sale as fin 1 uf whlcli W dalma U
swept rd h > the act
The i as or Huaan YUX WaliMi th
itrnvci A ittu cirantfe lUUwfty cam
1 < i > has i > rn iramptorrMl 1 u Unit
iij Hlaii ourl from u Third dia
irlit i OUI The cult aooltf HT60 lorI
ornuuial uturtoi UKlalntxl iMjt rae
flliic < > n on of the dfen4nt atralnu
Vliii ihr roll of tffliVItO wu 11
< l in ih > > lnlt d tlt Ullrl this
04I b fo J4e kIlls A Mar
hMii D H W11J 04 lra i was
not present In IJStJp mtfiNlo to a
iiuniona MrvoU liBWMfn at hIs hum
ii > Orpuly IT 8 JwwfcaJ Juluui ttll >
A iMnuh wartmat wa leiud from th
ourt and WIkirw ase will rmelv
lh > altenlkin of iln HotMunieuls
Th case of 1 < Birato against Iie
IKwhlwrn CaiuMlidalfd > iiSjflif 8 Hill
hil cowimay was v aiWihI without
prjudue In the UlWa 1 Suite > < curt
this morning ulsili motion of plalnlltr
Rii < nit the suit la one in which the
IIAlnlr is seeking damages for pet
onul InjurIes Hustatn In this ITilncs
i > perat I by th dtfrndan
U illlrtt Will Cull nn Kitrn ieItiui
Vory Soon
8nramnto Cal Xov UM Be
will stale tonight that It has private
iMid ik IUve lofornivtlon that GUY
Olllett ban decided to call I extra see
lion of the legislature The governor
has refUKxl to make any statemnt
here concerning the subject for publica
tion Member of his offlce force P
fess IgnotHftc of his intention as to
calling the lotrlwhttur together
The governor wont to flan Frnnclco
this morning
Fremont NI JJov flIkoausc
scientists have re ort d that peanut con
tan 1 he r ranu necee an td fU
tan life Archie Vnuto a Fremont men
attisptp1 to llvr by eating nothing but
pnuU with the remit that h died tm
morning after three weeks of the diet
At the end of four lays Venuto went
iuTfltitCIV riasv and was placed In a
tispttiii Me ihiIOiUt13 refused tn eat
1lhtnl but peanut thereafter und lo
id Ilk nothing but I
TO 1101l > CM IMTV fOMKltlCVfi
> w York Nn llOn the o < csslon of
the Twetitynrth annlversarv of the
charity organisation soetetv of this city
a conference of natloal slgnlHcance will
lie held In Carnegie Hall on Nov 19 2
end I which Is expected to bring to
gether charity and soclsl workers from
all psrts of the country Th general
pr the seven rneetlngs to be held
will he The Welfure of th Poor
OUT hughes will be the chief speaker
at the opening meeting n other per
sons of nttrnatlonHl reputation will bl
present Tho su4ejts t be discussed
will b the gret Mice In population
the tenement house problem the Increase
dltlonn In the gist o llrlnB n ehangeil con
Tliooc Hclongliig lo tnlvcr ltj Mu t
He Vu < iiiil
Chicago Nov 11 imlMloner of
Health Evans lods > 00 an order that
I members of the football team of
Chlisgo uBlvorsUy b vaccinated The
members of the team declare they will
not be vareln4ed cud CVmnrfmJoner
Kvans hat assvrled that If thev refuse
to ovy his onUn he will muse the ar
rest of somebody The Chicago men
have a game scheduled with Carlisle
Nov 2 and they fsor tb efect of vac
cination o the teams condition
Two studeBls of the university were
today taken to the lolatlon hospItal
suffering with smallpox on of them
being a member of the freshman toot
bal team
Phi latter said that Hugo Headek as
sistant coach of the tram refused to al
low him lo b vaccinated even after he
had been In contact with a student who
had the disease
Coninls lonr Evans 4clrd later that
this afternoon he will rend pbyalclans to
the unlvoratty to mcclnat 1h monitors
of the football team and that If object
ions ar made ha 1 stop all football
names for the resMin I will not allow
men who have been exposed to smallpox
to mlnffl with other people b said
1ielncorporiitintflIed ltinn 1Yd
iccw Kloetetl Pnllun In Crop
apvclal orrepoudntr
Jlandolph Rich Co Nov 7 Ran
dolph will continue t be a town There
was some agitation n oon4Uerabl
talk about dliln arporatlng NO legal
lp were tel and o the Uh mat
wee brought to a vote of tM people
whlob reeultad In a twothird vote In
favor o the town The following ortl
ners wen elected Robnrt MoKlmmon
for urMMit for trututee H J lUus
tir J R South Hyrum J Morris Hi
and Lo flay hlby
Mr A B Konnody ha bought In
with Joshua Ktdrldv In the mercMitll
bu1n Th Blob County Furnltujv
ompany has movd Into Us new building
T potatoes and wheat In this piuw
are a oani4t failure this season Jack
s ot eoinlnv to attic
conetderable work U being t1 Of
tl want roads of hat
There has ln more water her this
season than for year putt
motile B R Brough t very low with paluu
BIN are running In first ilaa order
IJHANI Ai Urnl Salt take C4ouiii >
ftsh Nov I Bn of typhoid fever
Wllllem Ursnl lMni > p I M tito eon
of William A and Cues Smith Ural
interment took ilu < und > Not Ii
at Orangei mI >
JKNMI6N Ai M l ncwlii Avenue 11
li Nov n II of twiner Jvbaaiiiih
U Jensen In her sljtlyslith yet
N lVf of liun rk lf of James I
JTIIWII Hiid nioihir of Mrs i A Doi 1
runerHl m ine rui < du > a I i > in
truui the funrixi hMl ut Jatrpti M in
TN l I Moull WMM TMa l sterl
Frlena Sr lnvlu1 to sltead Inlerwfnt
I n Illy eflr
a a
It 1C UUII lionel a H Jialn 8L
Floral Dlgns a Hpel lty Thon 1
Old Books Mutate and MagazInes
Put them In strong new covers for
preservation Many ncr of value
can berated by having them bound
The Iewe bindery tan do lbs work
In any frm 01 any prig
Speaking ot McDonalds new I
Rainbow chocolates a lady who
had just tried the confection
remarked McDonald never
disappoints the public
Thy > will Mi < tl > < irul i Hghi uu
it J i t
3 I I flift
ttT I
Ii ta
r IJI i i
q9 S
The H il from a pnotnjnai ti lak n doil1 lIe vc < f ni 1 mrt m southern
France I chow s how the ntreei of thr cm f Mnnipelllrr were lhsn nn
trIed Into ranalii by the Intindatlun vr I reirtl das cit tiafflr v M < rn < l
on by means of boats Tremendouy nUnttorm his p Hooded the French ant
Italian Riviera thin fall
All The World
Loves An Oyster
11Rlfld to a passage In Mr White 1
TIRII No I John Mroet which
h for lon fascinated m e It
Toils titus
Do know what you ought to
I bet TOM ought to b flunkey to a
barrel of orator Do you know what
thee tT Ill tell you I knowed I
rich man once as made a god of his
Htutmnlok like they all do li used
to emfitoy a teller to amuse hla
oysters on their way up to town so
a II to keep > m In good spirits II
fancied they lost flavor when they
were dull The < hap had to whistle
tunes Ii cm all tM way from Whit
stablr Thnf the sort of berth for
you Maw there are cflral Interesting
polpts about these few line The
I tory shows that the s I > aker haM
picked UI remembered or learned
Krvciai odd plecoa of ojraioi lore and
Jumbled them Into hi delightful little
anecdote An old Korean refers to
much makliiR oyte placid and keep
tog them In gins l cajHllttoe egain
In our grtunlp rent8 time all
London flocket tn H hall In IMcMlllly
to hoar the wonderful whlMIInc oys
Irr which was suppoest l to emit a
sibilant noise thin It Is julte true
that the Kent oyster fishermen lire
celebrated for their whIMIlBK com
bine all these anti you arrive at the I
fable uf the oysters Hunker says a
writer In the London Hxpreaa
Musstngers Justine Qrcvdy begins
his day with a barrel of olohetr
oysters and his oomtnenlatoi goes
on to explain that they are taken In
the Coin and fattened on laying to
the illmnn4on of a standard liver
nynt r borne by the water bailiff and
pieMrvad timonir the < urporaUvn
> oc ulla with H nlhii mii waR1I
bowl and gold rhuJn The exclusive
right to in rtfhi r > If hltl by the
town of Coluhvstcr undci 11 harltr ol
Richard I
It appear more vtr frint the too ii
records that caimul horse loads of
oysters wore nRhlrd no unaccept
able present by Walntnghain I < el
copter and other courtiers of Queen
An to the best else for oyster there
Is not much dlvorgonc of opinion now
adays allhouBh formerly folk were not
so fastidious Alexander with his
friends and phyfttolaiui writes Dr Muf
fet In hIs Healths IratirovMnviit
I IMS wonder to find oyster In the
Indian sea a toot long And In Plinys
lime thy marveled at an oyster which
might be divided Into three niorrts
calling It therefore Tridacnon
Hut I dare and do truly alarm that at
my eldest brothers marriage at Aid
haul all In Kssen I did swc a IKldun
oyster divided Into eight good itreis
wImee shell wa nothing boa than
that of Alexander
We know of course thai In Ameri
ca oyaiora are Produced uf enormous
bra but by general c uio > nau 0 f opin
Ion their flavor cannot compare with
that of their smaller brethren During
hIs visit to the United Stales Thiu keray
wa Udivtcd to try an oyster und he
proaMd hIs disgust In no unmeasured
tents comparing It to an attempt to
swallow a mall baby
Hut Thackeray was notoriously nn
oyster lover In the Pttibnodlr Papers
he Mis I never wan much of an
oystf eater nor can I relish thorn In
naturull u aa some do but require
n quantity of ueN lemons layenne
4 ppr br i1 und butter and so
forth to render them palatable A
man who couid so disguise an oy
would appreciate Dr John > ns < m
tuFt of plum fuddlnR and lotiatrr
sauce but can have no claim t n
JIIIIlp to a fw year ago ih Fr < > > m n
of WAHatable inch with his dill a
lotted share dredged on a certain tn
mile patch outside the town and sup
plied the markI aa a traditional < iod
community Thin for commerclnl i >
vewlence thai tnrnett themselves nto
I the AVhltitable r > ynPr Fishery i m
Pony which is managed and dlrei
by practlcul dredKers and nondu
on a strictly commercial IMUII
Bvsry morning durlne the s < i nn
over 100 11IO4I yawl Ht out from
hltatable not only for the fan > n
twomile patch but further away along
the coast past Horn bay ami
Rlrchlngton lIt Weetinite dredaliiK
oyster one ml two ynnra old vaolne
In Kilo from II thumbnail to a leapo
cover They ir relald In the wonder
ful twomlK patch and given Mix
yearn In which tn attain a murkctaablr
growth The perfect royal native i <
II a rule 7 years old
The oboe < onn lion btwe vsuCp
shells and blc XlMilllns at a Huh ft
not Immediately apparent but n tuu
titer ncvortboless and Is anally treed
If site baara if mind that nn oyster I
oatrnc a shell optraoon anil nm
isis th result of Mackmalllnr or
ovater shelii rltsthne gay lie
poeple of Attica the power of removing
from the stAto without making a rt
finite charfve any la < lr of the tri
ple likely to subvert the K tvernmi > rr
Roth citizen wrote his vote nn on
earthfnwtre tablet or a shell ostro
con hence the name
Milton oyster liave bern famous fur
conturl The fisheries wore pranlfl1
by King John to the abbot of Fnver
Rham In whoee hand they remained
until the dlseolutlon They hare been
dredged from the earliest times by a
company of fishermen ruled like thr > 1 < I
of Favanhaxn by certain ancient cue
torn and bylawn An old writer says
Milton natlvs bear the Veil or men
properly are ths pcwvrls among DrltNh
oynters and since the discovery or tIle
great twalxnlR off Khnrelmm their vito
ha K materially Increased owing to the
comparative coarranea and mor < 01
tlful ruuply of the latter Th Irelc
em work under farmer of tits nht
the principal of whom until recently
Wits the late Ml Alston of < >
Hockhouse aheppey the possessor nt
very e ten lve hw > etwe > i
and AVhllstable and no doubt the
greatest oynUM furtuer In the II
Hesldrs the CnIII e and Area bun
1 ortI XcOlent French ojster
I from Etretat Plepiie Iourwnll
Oranvllle and fealntWnst The nOrth
rwason given rot the notorious deterior
ation of Meittterranvan oysters In r >
rent time Is that Marlllc and Toulon
have such minb better flavored shell
fish than ovstrr that the Utfi urn
quite nnftlected In particular IliC
prarloa are blphly spoken of an1 M
Phl rs one reid of them If > huui
have ever eaten urarlrs you wW
henceforth despis oysters
JIB South Mais
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