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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 11, 1907, Last Edition, Image 3

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I 1
Todays Ogden News
jnspor W Leavitt Moets Instant
Fate in Depot Yards Sun
day Morning
uiiprtih1 Ohtqu In llrM Vnnl
Me tllllHHrM Knrofllltmw Oil II
Well Spent Ufo
Ogden Nov ItTha Ofden Union
Depot yard WtJ the Beetle yaiBrtay
morning of the accidental JtUWng at An
thw your wHohman Jasper W
ILnarltt who e life waa CCUIhI1 out
Inltantl Itwtefl 10 OX OL
A near IK can bn learned young
IxartU WBK engaged with the witch
ing crew lei putting a tratn of o II on
different track The coupling of one
of the cam was out of ortfcsr ana it
warn uttmhed to another car by a
Mflavv hlnMr Leavltt went be
twttii th i r to ec If the chain w
All right when In ome manner the chain
brok ajid truck him a heavy blow on
the hk of the neck breaking titi neck
and killing him tnatantly
The clnumtnnce aurrouadlng tile
demlm nr < ttremely md Lea than
two month ago he WtC called upon to
jwrt with hill wife through death a
month igo tile little Infant babe paiwul
from mortality and now the fathtr II
called making thn e death In tht lie
family In teN than two month The
driaed waa the aon of Mr and Mr
Japer Ltiavllt He wan born In Og
len about 30 year ago and ha lived
hf re all hi life He told tile fellow
woikmun yeatorday he dreaded to go to
ok yeiterday morning and had only
hen at work an hour when he wan
killed He wee a member of the AVood
mli lodge under whone auplce the
fun i il will ltItlyIehdd Tunaday
I III I lIO < Nh I OhIJI 1I Jt1 SlIIlIlo In
I Flr1 nnl hltlnjllIlII c
OgII Vov 11Ttl First wart
n i < tliiKhouMM win Inadequate to ac
c < immoilit the large gatherln ot ret
IRs iHI frlendx yesterday afternoon
HI ih fuiural nwvce over the re
niMin of oiiHixl W Vllllanm tin
VIIIMIK < it > hnii 111 who wits killed liut
Stanajrcr C A l rWn
t Mb 8k Tcltphon 19k
AdvrrtlHniMiti for the DMlr
turdar IllS BmtWerkly Ne wt
i > ccpt d on the panic mm IU at
the ftllt Laic Otntt
Clreltor John J SlcOrejfor
JiM Svaeh Av
Telephone Dell CM Ind 110
Payment fOr the Unity BaturUay
And SemlVtekly Newe ihould be
made in the circulator Delivery
nude by earner on the same term
a In Salt Lake
ThunxJay A wealth of beautiful low
er rtUentl told of the love Anti e s
teem In which he wee hd
The funersJ service ware proidtd
orw lit IllMieii I > It Knitftn Thov
w re comiitenoed at oclock The war <
chotr rendered eventl MIII rtlon W
8 Wright MtHir hock of Age and
Mrs Mary Frttly miner Sometime
Wail UbtfAnIMtI The noble ra
nt charneter und upright life of th
4ooeReetl were euloglMd h nihop
Stlftlgll ISMer W O ltldRei X J
Itanar H U Oo4d rd anl J A
BolillMll and the narrowing family
ntis comforted In the hope of u glori
ous resurrection
rhe Woodmen of the Woild wIth
bayid attended the funeral In H bod
and led the cortene to the I IKIn ehtv
cetneterj where the Joejpe ritual wis
conducted at the grave The dedica
tory prayer wee orrered by Kldei Net
ort or Iluntevhlle
11111 AttcmliiiKT AlliMx liitrrmt of
JtIItIOIlii In Tholr Work
OWdfn Nov 11 Th lutercm being
manlfentcd by the W b er counts w hool
teacher In their work td evldemed by
the one hundred per cnt of aittnflinco
and pnncttMllty Saturday at the
nvantbl teacbern liuitltnte xI1nl
tafka were made by rlntendunt
THuOiaa B McKay and Primary fluper
vlaor Tlllle r e eron
At the December meeting IIlalfo
t4uperIntelt4lwt A f Nelson will bt
preeent to dMlter a lecture
The report of Supt McKay ahowort an
enMllmeiit of J07 percent of punc
tuality and attendance W During
the MUll month the 1K1100 receded 2S
vtalm from member of the board i9
vhidtp from patron and citizens 11
xlaltH of teacher to parent were made
Only two caae of corporeal punlhm
were necessary
T K Blark wRe laid peacefully to
reat yetnrdav afternoon In the Moun
tain View cemetery ImpreMtve fu
neral ervlce were conducted at the
Hplcopal church by Itev Alfred Drown
who jmachtKi a comforting aermon on
the resurrection The church choir
turnlfthml the music Many beautiful
tlower were laid on his bier by norrow
log friends
The Newa Ii delivered by UTlerevery night Sunday except at S cent
per menth All payment and ooniplalnt ihould be mad to R J Dvirdalr
cent for Dally Saturday and Semi Weekly New Order taken for Church
Work neeldonee tit Fourth North itt > Phone Ind 6M
ruM Valnf Miblo Sleuns lIinIeet
Jnrilen Ill XPHI llrlcfs
dpeclal < orreponddnce
Provo ttah Co Nov nTb cane
galnrt Abblc Steven for poalnK bo
fitia cjieckK upon two local merchanu
was dli > iitaiud by Judge Noon Saturday
jpemnnn HIM broth ame to her
< HM u > arid paid the mrrxltant the
mount due them who In return would
not pron i ule the young lady When
abr ippcand heron th judjp he
bowed lgnK of a complete mildew
On iCII Wplne day night Hit thali
Inca of th different committee will
mf1 at lh < i ommeiflMl club room to
perfei the plans and tier the n ntH
for the Stan Teucher amiwIalliHi con
V cut Ion Ihut will bt held here
Thr npldenil of ineumleri amoiiftt th
w booli hlldren IH eat dlappoarlng and
uiwuinlng normal tondltlunc
The eighth guide hldI have for
nome time written letter all ovsi the
ilvlllzed world They ai > now begin
nlng to receive answer from them
One of the reoent brlns from Nome
Alaska In which the writer days that
she doe not export ui alien er before
Fdbrtiant a II cold woalhoi prevent
Older r W Tayhir who for the tact
96 month ha been laboring aim a mole
4onary In the northern mlMlon re
turned home Satunlu Elder Taylor Is
juat rwoverlnn from a ev re cawe of
typhoid pnnuitHinla
At the service at tin tabernacle yee
tvitlay Afternoon Blit r A1lltam C
Orbby a returned mlaaionary ftom
Great Britain gave hla xr rl noM
while In the Held of labor Elder libby
met with an Hdent that cauted him
to > released before completing hlit
allotted Him The other npeaker were
renldent J H Heeler and HIder Heed
8 moot
J > rof R K HlnrWey of the B V
university bI again attending to hi tlu
tie having tunnel ivcovere from a
churl mx 11 of lckneH
Th News If Delivered by carrIer In Irftnn Every Night Sunday exc pte < l
at IS Cta Pr Month Alf payment and oompltlnt regarding delivery
ahotlld be wad tw F A Mllcliell Agent for Dally Saturdiy end Semi
Weekly New tII6 Ii Center Street lhon t7d Indepondnl
ibttjIItra nf IHniieci Oilpi illI1
tHilic to liuiluTK I Itch I I tile
IIltMhl Coiri l ndi m
IIUII Nov 11 Thi trfih1 Ktake or
guiUitlon of tie dmgbteiH of the ttah
iPlontom IJII > itdav aflerit > Jiiii and
eomplitfl Iii orgaiiliailun 1111 chit
era are an follow Preildtnt < a
inlllu Knilgn Smith hlrei counxvlor
rah FIIII eutid ioun < lor Alary
fjHUi4i lwii it < iinlliig aeciitary
JUiHIe 1ngc HHIIIMII > orro oiidln uw
lit tlUMIt W 0 COIJJ NOT
1olJtlUt IIQfC
3rfng 1I Itol1Y SU1HCA
retary Ruth Hill Moenoh aaalatan I
cirre onilliiK eeeretry Lorena Nab
Her Mocnch historian Owen Hubttard
Llojd iranurii Julia Flligerald stew
nit ihaulln Ruth HaNh leglalei
l > om Wright Thi organisation will
hold regular t mimonthly meetings
heittuftti Oil the Ural and Ihlid Tue
the Cache count htacherit lnlltuti >
w mu held at taw Brlgham Young college
yiterday Prof William M tewait of
the normal department at the mate
unlvemlly gave an lntreinlng IK lure
to th teacher pratrnt hi mbjeit br
ing The Teacher and the Child
The caae agalnat tfelh U Vf > II hu
h been practlalnc In Halt hake the
I al Hummer a tile tiny Ph nommial
and luwlitlnt the Oraal Iei Don wa
tonluded hurt nljfht by tin Jury bring
ing In a verdict of guilt > of commit
ting x criminal Deration uirn The
Chrtatenltt Gsrr4Iof Hyium III the fall
qf IMt tH Octetar of It Ur Well
wan given a prettmlnai imimitlig and
tumid ovvnr to tile llatrlit < > n i by fur
nlKhlng satIsfactory bull on ifter
hI Jumped hi bog an I irti te oun
I and wa not Utteiterl niull In Au
gual of the preaeut yeai w k i he wa
iranealed and aMln riliivl hy fur
nlehlng II MM ciah bon He wax
brought Into court and It 11M nhown b >
the jvUlence thai be not nlv iHifoimvd
the ortmlnal opaitUtao but thai be wa
also the author at the gin ruin and
trotlUtf The gMttejeMtv wi not given
and will probably be ulihhvld until
IIw ofMUM da pevjipaietl i I i uoklnii
for a new trial Thin 10 1 ill hi
toupIted ahMU the wth If the de
tihas la nut grit iI u i fr the
new tlUI II will Ilk > Iv i I il to ih
lupitme IOU r I Th t 1 0 1u1 of
ntw4Ual diitioie MIII Ik MI pit to
iivofce the llmiue nf I vVtliH ml he
will be lirohlbllvd fun i > i tie In IH
prufaaaion until lh < W i iliull > aet
tlnd Pemelmig all u i > i I WII
hag bmw muteaeliil n k > lng fin
the people uf Hull I 11 ul jl Jf
dollain IVpU had ft K ked to him
ammO nil part of the II ihlnklig In
IIIni rould Iw found itll for their dlf
feuni iiilin nin II C C llnl > known
iI t h alum glilil > of mih Illicit ion
dud i liars been ehu > fr lIt lotni
at tin 114 < tlurn g II idt C Ik
tlnlill K Von Trtinii SiiWMntlw Till
mniHirv II r IIIIW1 lilt
Oden Nov 11 Jnhn K Vt1 Trump
Who relntti I It thi Krot 5n hotel
about III I3IC iii under the name of
1C H iinharn wn found tnl In hla
room in 8itiirilR night HI death
wall din lo pulmiiniirv hetnoriiiae lit
wa trliken with Illness Satunli pr
O W learn wa tailed to iittind him
Litter ohio the doctor went to hi
m m the man wan dead
Papem fotuid in the man ron Indl
cat thai he waa a member ut Detroit
At i u No2 of the Fraternal fMler ot
Kagle While lit re Von Trump Mated
thin he had a mm who wee attwidlnv
Vale unH entity
Von Trump arrived In Malt Lake on
Dot 11 and was a jfUt gt the Knutv
ford He registered from New Ym k
but later HaM that hla hnmr wan In
nYlon 0 WhHe here he nolliltrl
Mdvertlittment for tM Railroad Tim
Bonk of New York He mnnlfteil n
penchant for amumlng name HIHI
tailing hlnmelf flwlft and Inter endn <
urine to have It underwood that he wa
Almond ThIMndear died ttavHjr till
morning at hlA rld > nce 1W9 WnehliiR
ton avenue of general debtlHy aged 6 II
He lii mirvlved by tits wU and alKht
children lit bee been R floldetlt Of
Wcbei unity to year L Pun nl an
nouncrmeiit later
Claude c lark the uolortvt niaji who
murdered Ix > itl Jonea alt > colored IX
month ago at the Aanemhly club room
I now on trial In the dlitrkt cowrf for
murdei In the first degree The jury
I now being wleeteil
Itoclniililihoi ami oXtm < l KniMl Inr
nlliire Store Knterojl
ogden Nov ItTo place war
horglarlmed here 9turdajr night The
hlackmlth hop of Vnderwm I ar
lIOn on Twentyfourth Mtrnet wall en >
tered and the cafe blown open Aa the
oaf vvaH emptv the marauder got
nothing The eweond hand futnltuie
tore of Nlel Stirentrn wa alan brok
en Into evidently b > the came partlen
as chlcelii taken from the blacksmith
hop were left In Ih furniture tor >
Mr Son en hall not so far mined aim
A milt tit recuvn tMSM alleged to hi
due for the destruction of a rig beloim
big lo the Everett livery ntahle ha
bean commenced In the dlntrlct court
r galnrt Oeorge Knpey
Why Gina Lava llonit will b
pla > ed tonight < n the opera hIp
The high Kchool alumni will mn t tn
morrow night with Prof Squirt Coop
to try out Yeieai for the romk mpera
to be given In January
A complete line af hardware sport
ing mod tents at State St Hardware
at So State
If Well hall his ll < eno revoked in
ttah It will Ioon be revoked In etery
ntale In the 1nlon Ills attornt m will
tine every effoit to get a new trial
Tanner Tanner Attorney ntL w
Have moved from the Templeton to the
Security h Trust Bulldlne Room SO
510 OpiHMlle Z C M I
Program llnnqurl and Dance Knjojtxl
By Poxtcrll or Pioneer
Special Correspondence
Granite gaIt Lake 10 Nov S A r
union of the Depdn family wa hma
Nov t 1947 at the Orenlti wrt
lemon Then were 119 member of Ie
family pratrant feeskiu relative MM
frienii The feMllltlwt coiumeixe with
a abort program which Included the
matting of a hlntoHeul sketch of Sol
men J I > w iialn the father uf the fain
thy by WIlliam Joseph Deapaln the 11
eat lIOn KefienluneulH were next In
order Table extandliitr lUll and wet
thence north and anuth of tin basement
room uf the ward IIOUM were laden t i
their capacity with the good thlnm of
earth Toati war > Klvn and all en
joyed the feaat Home HUM was Ihtn
given to general noclablllty clad thi
program waa continued et Home length
the happy day clueing with dun < lng
Solomon J Depaln nan born Drt I
1824 at Latulerdale count Ala joined
the Church In IE and cam to Ttab
10 year later Ho lixuUed at the irioutb
of Little Col ton wood canyon and In
I1TT when the Oranlln ward was organ
lied wa appointed ewel set apajt an
bishop He acted In this capacity tin
Ill IItG when JH tnovexl to Thatcher
Aril where be died In P bruai > 15
HI posterIty aumisiri M children us
grandcblMrtn and W RreatRrajidchli
dren total MI
A pertntuvenl organization of the fam
ily wa trfect d and It Ii tinderMtuod
time reunion are to be bald annually
OUT 2000 rofterestrtl rticinr > Km
lilnjw to IK Iolil < o nuIIt
neclal I orrenpowlence
Lebl Utah To Nov ItTh nazi to
the tareaal beet pay day In the hUtoiv
of the UtahIdaho sugar company will
occur Nov U when over IKOfKM III
be paid to tb bent grower for l > eei
dllvr during thr month of m tnbrr
for the lAb factory Over 110 i ° r
ten of the Wet are now haiveated
and the farmer are more ihan salt
fied with the Mcetllt wtuther Ihy
have had In getting In the beet crop
however the alowntaw of the rMllrwl
compAiil In furnlahlng tai haa iniid
HUlte a lot nf delay anti oxpeutew to thi
farnler The lojuiag of ike beet
trop la fully up to the expeciatlot K
and the HUfctar content and purity am
mui h totter than tact yea Today
between J I00O tenth 110000 will b aid
lo employe ai Ixhl and the cutting
mull inn at Provt Hprlngvllle tint
Hpunlali Fork ben We a large am tint
tu agent and faint iiploye OMI
Zuoii beet grower and favtui tin
ploia will receive muni y from ih
sugar mpany at ttoa > two pay dab
whit mean much Air U e Kroapvrity < f
flight IlMxl lilt ClUIK
A Wl woman aayc
I wa run down and weak imubl
with nervuuaMM and hexUohe f > i II 1
heat six yuan The Itnut excltemen
0 oul4 make me nervous MM cause a
re heoadouhf
I Thi mummer I bay bent mting
ilCiteNuti nguiarlr and furl belt
than itt II nix war nt4
1 um i < iiimbutd wlUi Uaaitm hi t >
mrvou nt and welsh lecrc 1141 I i
stir have IHtura In jr life I nUnt < l
t lbs III mi 0 wk
Name giv i by Povluni IV Jiatn
i iwek MlI n4 the book In
ItJIIl to sv tiiin In pkg i
Them a Iv i n
5 flats
The Assortment will be all
good values Your choice
this week for500
116 So Main St
Ihl and AYaxatiti Hull l ikc n
and eMot iiiuntlin The futorx haa
been maklHg aplrridld rynn and la
UnklilR 1 txitlleni grail of NUgur
PYtlux th < laiictyl iiumlHT of bags > if
Hfrar were prciduted In one day In the
hlMory of thi unmpany
Ilepwrattoni are being made to enter
tain the touchers of 1iah county who
will hold thetr Ininltnte hate fiSt Sat
urday In the tnornlti n nvetlng will
be held In the new Tab i na < l < At noun
a luncheon will be mtt v1 tlmn In I h
Second ward conunltte iiml during
the aftrrnoon they a ill In uliown
through the lUKai fintniA
F II oillon and I > r W T HnMhr
hey e bn vuHlaliud an aeslsttTitts i
Hupl ChtuliK I Frlel of the Sottd
ward Slltlda ahiol
Rev M < Merritt of Suit Ik ity
wa lecturing on Kiinn Frldav and Sat
urday evening of lttl nek In the
N mm i h < i 1 hllllllMK
I h IB liren 0 blrthrnt r 1 nnd
i i i ii f tu during II month
ii i in n
M u in nighn who wax iterated
ii lAke fur an ndh ltl is ik
he st >
vM JI MM Wnlpple ha iltet > lv1
ii i IN it on n mouf trap In h In
S ftli lent I
Mi lfred FOK had a alnnlilt hnrw
pit i the other dey by a tat rt > w Ini
imiaoi kit ing a cnyt1
IV W M stooltof hay ret turned from
I xii tv here be hIuI been pfclaUlng
mil ear aM tlimt tremblea K
lf in Unit Utka
M M rmvhl wm ha twen very
I1I1h lmnvI I
i trtiianoiv of Wuieka while
k h i inntlwr Mf MoOmlf lItu
wn with tb tyhoM liver but
irlc4 r nrln faptAly
mini wait fUtttf SonMty will
i Iwcaa mmownealf ei MM llth
I i MupervMe Ken ViirMT M havtnc
i Ii put to ajxreUcnt ekiil te f
i haiti le nntM for baYing s
i unamctf rw a m the MM
M nthflssewne heW to a
I I a with fAnStnonla
in AnireW rjertd haa Jut c60
1 I I II n laWHtnf ia4denoe Vu the
ea i M uart OT low
til ih KtoNa it havtair oil meek
tie 5
Vh > Uhl Mill SkY ¼ tfli ooan > nv
Is t i king tml1t and day to take tare
r tin large atfcoejni Of wheat brougat
Monday event all the al ere of the
tot i ward and the etaM iflUl4eney
and H Jh 410unell wu ffiet lit Ute
new Tabernacle to ciMMMtr MvMtl < < one
nr two ciMomma of the four want
Mail Ci5i DNuilsMfil Tlirotiili lloro
Itch Itmul of iiIii limit t I tag MiiKlMrnli
Hiwctal Correspondence
Nepbt Juab To Nan 1I Judge
Greenwood haa been busy thi week
with a Jury In trying to dlpmu of crim
inal cia I which as will be m > en from
I the following haa reaulted In a dle
i mhjal of the majority of the camel
through the cardiac work of the Juatloa
of the peace In not properlv binding
hum over to the district court or In
falling to haw a proper illmlnary
heating Judge Orwenwood has repea
t odly called attention to thin tareleii
work and reckle expenditure of tho
publl > money and ban counncled the
loiinty attorney here an In other coon
tlii to look after then matter mort
carefullv and to be ptenent at all Ire
llmlmtiv hearing and ew that a proper
jinn ttdlmt is had in all < axtn brought
before the committing magistrate for
tommltmcnt to the dtalrli iiirt
In the ace of the state against F
Mltkelatn and John AnderKon on a
i barge of burglary In th t mod d
ar the Information wa illHiiil < t > ied on
count of the reit > rd frotn thi JustIes
i onrt not nhowlng that n iroi > r pre
llmlintv hearing was had
In th > cam of the Mate v Arthur
Rowlev for grand larcenv tbt oawi
wn dtmlei on the ground that no
preliminary etuui raMton hail been
hudHtat YC MtAtttlf r Tat chnNM tvttli I
Involuntary manlaiierhler dhnntaaed
on ibm ground that the defenOant was
uncle jr and A ihject tom < i n lIt < lpr
ntluii bt the juvenllt min Th > iiH
inlnaitl of thi cae wan aler the Jury
Iiml been puitlally UnpanHml
In the i e nf the Ill at M A I I but
Wtlth for bunrhyy m the setul
legion the defendant warn found TilH
and will Ix writ 10 the form whnol
Tkna H will be ein that a large Still
her if wltneMeii have been brought
here at the xt > enne f the tatt an < l
nnthtng ttTi mp1lih nil of 0 hi Ii
oiill I iv IMIII av l < IV n littl I
i Hrr oti the part < l ib nomt nilii I
ofltt m H t J I
111 thi ta of K I kit It > V W
naretui HoMl ipf il I flm the IIIH
U8 xirl u S ei ll < I f nut IIUII S5 It
5 did UftK1 iBAJOHfJWD
TiM Mlifll VnttH at 11 M Tei 11 ui
furtJwt iltHXHil lt 4t MnrM t
tlJIII fobrrondplw
Ml Plwaaant hOI > t < K
Ur V M O ley whim hex i u a lop
hag the artftiiuU waD Ii I Ml
PtoMMt oU rtUtrlot or 10111 IVk ltIMt
bM found It tiseesiasry to iil 4lnln fu
VIII work at thin point n < auw of liii
dt eMlvv flow of water The > l > IHIOII
was rmcbrd luring tk week o < ln then
the time ha bwn apant In tiLkinc m >
tbe taming anl making further arrarn
moot tm u I mnvlnfC the nn cbjn > r > to
a tnorw fa o rumble phio where arvotliet
welt will h < > mink lmWAltel
The piiwnt oiMTHtora oontlnueil drill
IIIIr I tlio tpth of 1740 fret althouch
M fliW of oilier had been reached he
fore Ihlo whlth bad Men tamtd off hut
on Ticount rliiK It avaln at the point
mt > ntlon < l it a found to h Imiuw
nib tu untlnu oMtratlnn wit ii mi >
nK rm b rauM of the larK nuintlii
of natir to contend with Th VIIH
sure wa wi great that the wat > i wim
forced almont tu the aurtarc
Mr MrKraiey and his amtnial Mr
Barlry have been much moiiK > d hy
what they found aa the wirk pto
rOMMM They were much MUI primal
at the WO toot level to find puniftne oil
In larg < quantities From nil app ii
slices this oil mum have been found
by the original opnrMora when A J
ftcott waN in charge Till find la the
principal reason for the optlmlirttc feel
ing of the promoter who ate making
preparation tn drive a second well
hut hoTt In not definitely dectdI
However It will be tower In the valley
and perhapx on the rlvtr level Alilloon
an the outfit In rtinovei to the new mia
lion aII oira4kna will be tI
It IH Mr lCraleTs Idea that If a
nhort tunimmel warm made a gnod inlaid
Mtream of MIUT would be obtainil
which miiM h taken to th riei twhs
or t4rmtl lino UK i nival which follo
nround tin hllMif and unedfor Irrt
gitlol ltrlinPa
10110 I AW
Av young win of Hyrum Bramctend
while riding horeb wk north of town
had an experience which he will not
Stain fort In ittitmptln to cYcleS I
a cattle guard on tin railroad hie hnrga
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There is something of interest H
est here for everyone who
contemplates the famishing
of a Aome complete or in
au part
M II i
iv The array of new Fall Furniture Fashionsare complete Jn every
department of The Store Beautiful Beauty of finish and reliabil t JI
Pci ity of construction are combined with reasonable prices in all lines
of Furniture Stoves Carpets Draperies and home ornamentations U
ji H
I I f a 1 a J f 1 A 1 A I f t
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A The Value of a Box Couch
I 1k Can better be appreciated after you have seen this beauty which
I is as useful as it is sightly Beneath is a spacious red cedar chest
6 feet long 24 inches wide and 10 12 inches deepabsolutely
dustproof and verminproof upon which is built an ideal couch
with steel constructed springs upholstered in Canadian moss with
felt top and covered with serviceable green denim The
couch top can be raised by means of selflifting spring
I without being pulled away from the wall malting opera I
I tion easy and convenient We will be pleased to dam f
r u i in = onstrate it for
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