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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 26, 1907, Last Edition, Image 5

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pespitc Warm Weather Old San
to Claus Was in Evidence
All Day
lit Ink t TJUle Onm nw tho AilttllM
f Fr Hint MiUfcr One tutil
t 111 lied II OtXMl TIIIIP
r iitmli It was Christmas every
JIll f the time Anil no one In flslv
1 Lc I i allowed to remain In lirnor
I tho fact The rich resident
111 liar utemrtla not no better
flr i Ihnn the poor man with pewter
I ks inl spoon
l f UP the Maywalklng weatliet
+ SL Take enjoyed CnrtMmaa In the
I lg ° plrlt There wan something
1 n i him feasting There was an
iking of wlshe of the day and
p there watt an exchanging of
gn ind there was the flinging of
I irrt uttering of prayer if
I 1c 1 iilniKH to Him whose birthday
f the Tircttlett features of the
d IM the thoughtf displayed
I 0 1J111He fm the unfortunate It
Ii nil In Salt Lake was an aching
j d night It wiii Ifauae no erne
led iti locating KH Owner FrI
a i uk charitable Institution
p h n llcttlnR contribution
I II I mlt Rifts tIthing and ill
1 i ktt fir the ttltutr In tlil +
II poor permanently located In
I t T v rr clothed nnd fad prlvrtt
I i n distribute basket InII
ilth fairly fat purpeii and big
k I d In tho wnlfs and urchins
n ti 44well irr > nodv with
1 xtin httP Linked fir mm one with
II c hut W appetite
r M u rk ago onshlerable talk
in ml about flninrlal trlnlfn
A i hiMmaa oar drew cloae talk
i rrltorv y tin in d to hopeful
I v M Just at Ji elvenlh hour
11 ltlnias ff linn rent open pocket
h nl nerr t btlt cleared the
iVirlpH of holUay ntuff filled
HI hrlitrnas eve andthe > e
i ery hill w ors a Kmlle thin
I every man a new tic And
rrsl dv folii bettft than they did
d b n yrtMay
Tt 1k saw the employe or ate
t I I nan an tltutlon get to
1 end rr vnt the old man 01
t s with a cone or ay chair And
Ia M fellow who hHII been calling
I r n i grouch find Blavedrlver and
hr thing equally us ugly made the
r Mtlnn tpeech The old man
11 d ipjih and made a neat re
I i and everybody hook hand
I Hi ivfijbody else and went homo
Innitng Thats the ChrlMmas way
h 11 man arranged little doings
t r hi hi IP he cleared a big room
redreai a feast hlr01 an orchestra
I ml Milhuttd ore ent i matter
I h thr inn look at It nt one nd
ih other the thing spells
rhrl 4 i n aB
the day stands for the coming Into
he of line who came to deliver men
f1I the dom Ulertt1 by their tine
rhd n tn thin commnrclal age th
i y breaks the chiln of nlgirardllneiw I
mils anger and other tralta It eU
i nitrt on trlendller term If only I
fr a few dove Good la worked In
tempted to give and
M u h OB nj Is tempt
tr r1 IIII learns the Joy of Klvlnr
In Theta homes many a family
tot h ling paw 20 or more wondering
ilinn sitting brtathlenaly around
unn With a Innfjle of bells
11l wrid enter and such a silence
I w ould be until a Bert of familiar
ive aid Thlllretu have you been
i i d jfltls and hays Therujvlth ono
ilte all would shout together
0 oh vex maanilr Tee hee
Ill ter hoe algnlflt wonder surer
r irisIwP amazement delight JOY
Than alta with a queer little twitch
hit r llv polly wit would turn on
I h ilRht Oooh1 For the tree
iiuli I oerp < I with tarre of multi
f 1 1 1 nghta and loaded down with
i Ills red dii nations ISarh child sot
nIhlig JRl got a pair of some
r lilng u i ether rind baby not a pad
r rt It i Ihate wha mother call
ed it iiiliitiKh Pad aald It was hardly
i 1 1 t him the kiddle a nature
x nIlter where a person went lout
I I h would rind PhrUtmas Joy
i reed clubn the
r dlip i i n Th
i h < ttii hotel orwHilaHtlon head I
i Irllate bHIWIIwhy even
it lalls wen no ex ejitlon1
ri oinetul dull eel up nu uii
II iu ill i < hitdtmuM dinner > eater
x tlulll in M until K tiluik It lii
ui i n > ut turkey mid other daln
jn ii K II iiuh attracted many means
i m r Um i tub and their friends dur
K tin urteniiKHi and evening Man
MI IIIrle we omnipresent to see
Ir u Ui i ran Hal events isceed oft
i i Ily mill the Mut was up
Hi tiiuHi lilsrh standard of the club
i IU IlllMIt
i i in if Ihf Slul Prison were
i a ihi tnum treat yesterday In
h n intuit Ihrlatlan Kndwavoiers
111 t wn In good tune with pack
f en nd > for every prUmn aji
li I and REV In K B Short of
i KtiKt Methodist church u the
No offer you could make
Would please her more then
a pair of Money Buck
Shoes Slipper or oxfords
You can get a Money Back
certificate now and she can
select what she wants after
Xmasor you can make
your selection and they can
be exchanged Extra special
on mens Slippers 115
145 SI 95 Values to 350
IteaaliM the ajet
pa Htopj sain The
M Z i11 pSIh K >
11 an edy Put up l v
I mbes wllli l ii l
panne SO tuii
1SlIQ ay j I 11 A e c LrI U t M I
iou dont really
know whats good
until you use 0
Ul1 fd I1 dS
The mibultnilon nf Ohlrardellt
Orounil hocli at a beverage In
plate of offer or wlshvwnahy cofffe
substitute Is no mere passing fat y or
fad It may undoubtedly be attrllntttd
to Increased knowledge of the hit nh
WTotuhl bv tolTeti on the nervt and
general health of persons addicted to
Its use The frequent heart heK and
Irritability from which coffee drinkers
suffer and which are only temporarily
hel came more frequent rec ure tn
the same are entirely unknown to per
coop who drink Qhlrardelll Oioinl
Chocolate habitually Instead of pro
du < Ins nurvoueneea a cup of this hot
t hot olate will allay it The purest
mt convenient and most delirious
chocolate on the market today it Ohlr
srdellls Ground Chocolate It Is the
original genuine ground chocolate and
It la prepared by the apechll chlrardelll
process which e ff rte a thorough blend
Ing of the t hollIh and sugar and
produces a most exquisite flavor It
may be prepnr lntanth by the addt
lIon of bolllnir milk unlike the more
troublesome in ihod of preparing ake
chocolntr For pie cake pudding
In fact wherever t hof olate is ue < l
Ohlrardelll Oround Choi elate will be
ound superior to any other
ttpiMk MlH IxiuNe Hem conduct
Hi lit tins with Mini I > na Re vas OH
ih Organist Ih orchestra included
Mi < J N til ton 1101 MISR lithe
Nf ttlt ton violin qld1I lIOn und I
I Ndtleton ttutittH and R J Jemtup
Trench horn Other vlnltors were H
I and Mrs I E Mark L H Page and
I coih Plmpklna The orcheftira ltd
I the Pinging and played two nplrtlinp
while the prlsom took part In thn
l glng Mi C J Nettleton wng a
Icvrlttnt told with violin obllkmo by
Mist Kthel Nt ftlt ton Dr Short ad
dreet waa well Illustnited b > humorous
remark which made him a favorite
At nnnn the convltt snt down to a
tine Christmas spread which Included
tract pork with iltrcinn mashed po
tatoes with brown gravy bread and
butter pickles tofrtr oranges ban
ana candy nut 1 ton rookie and
mince pie Then woe plenty of every
thing with one quarter of mince pi
n each man and what the men could
not eat they were allowed to take to
their cells Japanese fashion Nobody
worked and the day na spent aa
pleasantly as It could nt In an Institu
tion of that character
Halt Lakes Illlle once to whom a
mother or father or ilun warm home
are things you lead about only were
cared for by the SaKntlon Army last
night Several hundred bye and girls
had assembled In the Army hall early
In the evening There they found a
Christmas tree all bright and beautiful
In Its slitamem nf gaud paper rib
bon and string of popcorn A short
literary program In which Jennie and
Maud Plumstead daughters of Adjt
IluniMlead recited and Viola and
Klra McCoy contributed to the pro
gram and then Santa appeared Ha
distributed mittens ape toy and doll
among the excited little one and then
bade them goodhyf As the children
passed out a bag of candy wan given
to each one The muff dlstrlbuttd wax
all contributed bv thoughtful folks of
Salt Lake
H B Cole broker entertained 1M
newsboys yesterday afternoon at din
nail The spread was served In the
main corridor of the Atlas block and
was a dandy Red the Rat when
seen afterward spoke thus Oh
Cole is a lavish gent and the layout
we fronted was all smooth and morelb
Hes a whaleno bettern that hes a
prince of whales Do you get that
Hes sure old King Cole what wan a
merry old soul
Silver wag In evidence at tho water
works department chrUtmas eve when
Bunt Frank Illiies was preienttd with
a sixpiece tea eel by the employ
of the department K H Kneaas chief
dork received a handsome sliver hav
IIIR set while J M ohen chief store
keeper retelved u pretty smoking net
done In sliver
Two Chrlitniuv liven were provide
for thlldren at the dilate street or
phanage yesterday Fir and Individ
imU donated clothe foods and loin
lId the fathcrleH and motherless III
tli tots were all mud happy In a fair
distribution of all i nntrtbutlons
James onahu New HrltaJn Ana
write I trIed several kidney remedies
and was treated b > our hot physicians
for diabetes but did not imprint until I
nk Foley Kidney Cuie After the sec
ond bottle I showed impr niicnt and live
bottle lured BK eornj I ttl > thane since
pus n rigid xsmlniiii for life In
surance FOtPI Kltl p tnre rules
backache and all form t Kidney and
bladder trouble For isle h > K J Hill
Drug Co Th Never nubitltiiturs
Oixon and Chan W Huld were mar
i It il Utsbop ikhntII iicrfurmlug lAu
i demon In tin pn cnit of thu rela
tives and lnintllit friends The
rooms were pus nII > iinialud In red
und ftnen und ooh tin Christmas
lthn18 and a dialer followed tho
i en mini Th tat tic aura u dainty
gown nt while und c mil I brll H ro
d hr orldesmnld MI Clam Ulion
wits 11 In whit tlbe I W tludd act
ed UK bust man Mi and 51rs Budd
will b at hums after Jan 1 ut jU
Klmbull iikviiiM
rilinund Hti n mid Tbtiini Kearns
will KUt ii thllilitiit pat at the
h Hie of their pateite Mi iml Mis
Jlioiiiun Ktuins on Nrw Itti x ve
Nt mil Mrs 1 A iitiiiiin hive IL
turned from Iknvn
Ur ihiiy Hoffman ghs a Moll
Qay platy oil tllt i luv tr hr little
girl Num11 about 4n lulilni bong I
Mr tot MIH It I t mil h II t f I i I
gal a piling vvlili Mi t i lIrJI I
Mrs i i 1 1a Is nit ua JI lim
retuiiiI frul Itiiver
III Ho l VI t H Itonti IIIM gone
to CttlM rr a snort eta >
lAal nu MI Jititiii M Tlniinlni
and Jowp i i l weir HiHi 1 < 1111
the honit a i III in H mothr Mrs
J R Davit l I t Hliiiikin of
II lalll 111 III d thr nlauvep
and friend l wedding lUnimr follow
ed and aftelard n leeepllon UM
i > OIHII helm I ittiu Iti irititl for the
v lit Mi aid yin Iah l rld
it M r ur
111111 HITtltI n I > ITIIIlI rICh
PIdl k H I IlllllUpl
eIjI clot
d I I I
I r wee
h n I v J 11 Jolda
le SHHt I uiaS tugh red volda1
I I 7 in 1 nuino ls and iiaump loo
hl I In
I oui 111 i rnui
T n I Vr 1 1 f J Hili
lliug U 11 IIC > u wIetul a
Elder Nophi L Morris Prosohos
On The Man of Sorrow
At Tabernnolo
IoniMt IIrew1I le tho OW 11111111111
fir I w K Ufiw ic Hi
swl JllN itt IMtmvea
In moat of the charchM of the city
servkes were held yesterday in com
niorattoa of the day of all dftIICIIi
reptlng the gathering In the taberna
I cle the programs for the most part
w nt In the fbreniKin and In the case of
the Catholic and Jjple opal churches
oinmeiicfd soon after midnight The
musical programs announced In
last Saturdays New were rendered
and sermons were delivered approprt
ate to the occasion
Tbe Christmas services held In he
tuliernacle yesterday want very larn
ly attended President John R Winder
inoslded and the exercises commenced
II J oclock A discourse on Tb
Man of Morrow waa delivered by Elder
Ntphl L Morris president or the Halt
Lake stake and a musical program
aa rendered bj Prof John J Mc
Elder Morris told the story of the
blameless life of the worlds Redeem
er how that throughout His earthly
existence He suffered till and more than
mankind are wont y > undergo and In
the end was put to death In a manner
than which none could be more pain
ful The Bavlor nut only pointed out
the war of life but Himself walked
strictly therein and the Individual sal
vation made poi < llili h > Him belongs
to man only In Hit mtilllUIf that the
latter lays hold upon the same and fol
lows In the footsteps of the Lord The
life of the MtHxluh WAIl an example
to all and as UP subject to all the
Ills of mortality kept Inviolate the
commandments of His bather It In
clear that nothing Is required of man
that he cannot perform
The discourse of Elder Norris was
replete with beautiful thoughts con
cerning the life death and redemptive
work of the Bon of God In closing he
aid In part
Life Is a school of compel
wiry experience but It to aUo a com
pulsory benefit to mall Had Adam
und Eve been left In the Garden of
Eaten without the element of ad
versity they would have remained
childlike and undeveloped IB their In
notence Ae a rule the worlds raat
st men have been children of advers
Ity The negative haa taught them how
life Fifteen
tn meet the great moment In
teen years of adversity taught Colum
bus how In that urgent moment of
need to quell the mutiny at sea the
8uneas of whlth would have meant
death to Columbus and quite another
arrangement of the map
vr niTCuisTic cuuuriiics
Christmas services of the local rltu
allsll < hurchea Wgan Tuesday mid
night in Bt Marks cathedral where
there was a special eucharistic cere
mony with song service from the vest
ed choir Dean Brevrster conducted
the holy communion during which the
following musical program waa ren
dered by the choir
Frocenslonal It Came Upon the
Midnight Clear Kyrle Klelson Hat
tlson Haynes Gloria Tlbl < 1 lay lies
Creed Haynes anthem The Star of
Peace Hchnecker solo by MIN I a
bel Onborne gftnctuK Gounod
Agnua Del Haynos Gloria In fcx
celala Haynes soUn by Mrs ler
trude Murray Nun Dlmlttls reces
atonal AnKela From the Realm of
The church was crowded As the
processional entered the lights which
had been extinguished were gradu
ally turned on to typify the light that
broke over the world at Use birth of
the bavi The chancel WAtt hand
somely decorated with evergreens
On Christmas morning there wen
Impressive service at both the Epis
copal and Catholic churl with
crowded sudlences At 8t Mark
cathedral Olin nrewster In his ser
mon urged his hearers to turn their
attention lo spiritual thing especIally
at Christina tide to do rood and n
give He held forth the < hrlstmaft
Ideals of charity humility And help
fulness The program printed In Saturday
urdny News wan crriel out success
fully mid greatly enjoyed by the large
At Hi Paul s church Rector Irk
kln inendiet from the text Bnhol
I bring you glad tiding of un nt joy
The protih r dlscusud the sptrtt of
Christmas Uu effect on mankind mil
Its Influent for the betterment uf
mankind The choir staled out the
One prngrnni already tuhlUhtd
The servlie at Ht Mary cathedral
were quite elaborate loititl < lal hltjll
mass was celebrated by HUiiop Bean
Ian and the Hue musliil program pre
pared h > Miss Nora Ol ism w > is giv
en aucci imfully bv the choir Thl
waa of pedal interest us being th
at to be given In the nM thurth
Darhanei Mean HolemnelU HUH sling
by she Mlr with violin and cello ac
o oompanliK The remalndri of th
music ns tin follows
Voluntary iM lln Kdwurd KHapat
I Offertory Adtste Kldells Novella
oloMs MlNMM Kt > semar > Holland
AliceKarrell A J Du qumne und J
W Curtis
Veni cifHtu inioisa J V cur
tls MTH C < Blade Mm Corlnn
Hammer MrWitlt Haan Mlsnes Ml
lie Whvlan l > eliha Surer Mae ON < il
Ka4Me Fllaputlck and Matilda I r
Ralne alUis MIs C W MiAI er
Misses Rosemarv II illund Allc Far
rell and Kmlly kadfe p iors Meiur
Oswald Veil A J uQietie read Ous
allot bassos MnNirn J W mils < t
oW 0 NauleraIsr I 1IlIh in W
J Harkett and A J HkMni vio
lins > 1werd Yllap rid ml Mil
Sylvia Hannah i vlln < II h i tiler
organlkt and director Minn N a i Ole
IMK KM Tar 011 < HI IMII I
A formal tamiaIi MUM iilv i UM oil
illtlng by ltuv W K Riau sl o am I
I Illrtloil III resume of II dill dwellii
on II xrrlai liltlad l dtarils tli
Mine to Ih study now < Hi wI
HllKl4li sit Rv lost Irru ht
ujo Itw UUth of Christ 11 11 I
It with the tally fuiiilluiii ni IrA
with the birth of kiu1 nil
Mlshup MfftaUu prroan1 n i j i
IlollttllI and A hlli I i 4 rr
1 rat in leaving lilt rid thin i ni ut I
lUI I llf It IIRIIIII br I 1 III 1
ra niol tin In 111111 1ti HI Id i in
Hi l alvdil linn t Hi till
ill il Al Ih < hilt n K i In nt I
llli t l It i < ilobfc ye tasuy v i hll li if
1r ihiidiwn same the aervlc T in I
b > inns ears Adeale PtdelU i N
all Itlii Reply Mall t J il
iIda III 1 IetIs ty UuII pid j
Wwwt Jesus mess ls 1l u 01
Th last hymn was sung I n
JIhlr na apropos of leuvli k o 1
nt hud rat
IlliMiis cOSOitica iniNi
lirlstmax servkes WI h I
ds morning also In th Il n
gi nitlonsl hurch hI up
kin preached on And tli no
KHIIII for thi m In the inn k
on the rhangfs that have i i i
In u spiritual nay In the 1 n
th birth of Christ and lit desn
of His life on the wend In i va
nlng there was a Chrt tm j
ot the Cumin nthmil v n m
tree waa than hut the h Iro
brought hy the i hiMrrn fu Iv
and consisted uf n wide J1 u
bias and other netmslllep Hit
linn today among the nor I 1 and
of volunteers from the Hi drool
delivered baskets of Mtlhl I Mrday
HACK TO Oil n Y8
The Nat CongifKHilonnl sundae
school cektirsted nlio heel nlEht whetj
an adnilsslon fw of tnt apples or two
potatoes was charg thE rwelpta
going to the worthy ix > or The First
KaptUt Sunday m MKO will hold its
Chilfttmaa services thlevrnlng when a
cantata will be given tij the choir un
der the direction of Mrs Fred H Jones
and Mrs F J LUCAS
Jxnenin IiMtritelor Make Its At > n tr
AIJolt lii UMiMrUylmnrovnl IVwglt
With the lasue nf Jan 1 which has
already made HH appearance the Ju
venue iMtroctor will hereafter be a
monthly periodical Instead of n
arml mont ly as heretoforo instead
of 28 paces the magaalnc will contain
14 pages and general Improvement
all around la notlc able In the chll
drens favorite magazine
The heat number under the change
contains a double page frontispiece
with halfton of the presidency ol
the Church and of the quorum nf the
Twelve A poet lea and the volume Is
filled with well < rrtttfn stories In frolll
and In verse The purpose of the
Juvenile are set forth In an editorial
from the pen of President Joseph f
Smith The magazine la devoted to
the Interest of the child the progress I
o the Sunday school and th enllinr
etiment of the home The luvtnlle
was established In nil and fir 4J
years has been a facort fir good in
thousands of home A It lumen the
volume haa been nearly tliHInl In
size the price has been ledu d to tl
a year
Including such renowned muck isis
aa K Pege violin virtuoso nnd M
Molnar cemballnt of Chicago will upn
a several months engagement at the
Cullen Hotel Cafe on Now Year Eve
The mere mention of this wonderful
Hungarian Band fills any theater In
the eastern cities A special niftiii
Including choice refreshments after
dinner specialties etc has been prepar
ed and a thoroughly enjoyable evening
will be spent A great man neat
have already been engaged Six p m
till the wee hours of morning
Knoxvllle T nn Dec AlaChrlentu
day at tbe eastern section ol Ten
nessee has been an unusually bloly
one At Newport Tenn today Robert
Know a pedAl oli < nian tried to
arrest William Allen for druiikpiiii
Kmmlv shot Allen through th body
Allen lived two hour
Near Del Rio TVnn Isaac Murray
i iui1 Ink NT hrIh 1 In law hot
I v1h H i I ltd mlnr pllnIs nut
huigins Naln It t x salt Ihllr
trunk VM ii to Alurtape hush iintl
crtatd n dl turhanit
Nea Srihl At ind T Vr1h1 who
nli InL 4 Ikon MM n i U lid
wilt I I h i II i K 0IP h I
to t H n I i octal het tlnn
hui li 1f1l1 rnptlrl hlx ptrlul in 14 i
IK I 111 < iiinnii Ili Iruluy wai
iht i nii < Wrlllht IN HIIII at huge
AI ItiiMlUt Jlk i MIIIU John Hall
II IH hxiffit shut and klllo1 Us broth
Inlnw William Ciondtr A woman
is inlxtxl up In the case
I mil i 1Ynlln IK l ° o shot and
km i i rplrl I imminent Man
of TolFioii vail V lining a shotgun
Wall t hit i hken into the r
at Rarrl tits morning A warrasjl who
placed in nbc hand of Deputy MMriff
White win deputised BldredM to
assist In making the arrest Wallace
a it > ried the two men and after Mil
lag ldredg made his ape
AHl 1Wtott aktmrni Ifectom tt tot a
Sartori xke
8t Louis Dee IS Archbishop
John J Qlennon In a sermon today
deckuwd that It waa a serious mlstakp
from many viewpoints to mend the
American fleet on Its tour half around
the world Me deprecated the pasta
cte he auld because It la a season of
peace on earth and food will towed
men and then Intimated that the ad
vent 1 Uu Qajhtlns fleet into the na
tew of the Pacific savored of tbe hypo
critical since with a Croat blare or
trumpets u waa announced to the
world that its mINIon war one of peace
but In reality there was a secret rite
of menace in Its willing The policy to
be d < por cj he said was carrying tie
palm of peace in one hand while the
other held the ke > to the bald wherein
IB the 880MOOO pounds of ammunition
tar fight or troll
crient Ky pre XAs a result of a
Christmas cnroiital In the Pound Gap ser
lion MorKttn Hughes seed N shot today
and fHtHlU woiiiil > il IS iihlnrton Polli
upd J It is u1 till both f flip mm s
fmllii are urmliiK thfmKiU In con
M iiiit > n i
I To Heat
c ijIu a Cold Corner
Dont sit in rile colds touch
el malclta stead y Hold ol
genial vnrmih and m he cot
ncr dints hard to heat youll
have real solid comfort with a
Oil Heater
TtHpPf4 with SatekrleK Btefec f
Just what you need to help ml in
a cold snap or between arise
No smokeno dJno MMT
its the tmokcleac device that dots it As easy to
operate and dean as a lamp Brass Ion hoUt
4 qUlllirgiva intense heal for 9 hours FinaJW
in nickel and japan every healer warranted
The RaTI Lamp II the beat aB
round lamp made
Equipped with
latest improved central draft burner Made ol bran I
throughout nickel plated Just the light to read
rbrillhl and steady Every lamp warranted i
II your dealer doetnl carry the Perfection Oil
Healer and Rayo Lamp write our neaiat agency
for deacnplive circular +
Her father is a laborer at the Ashton Fire
I Brick and Tile Co and the family lives I I 1
in the rear of 438 W Seventh South St
I j
i j
1 PreInventory Sweeping ReductionsComplete 1
Clearance of Entire Stock of Shoes Excelling
in Beauty Quality St > leEach Pair Care 1
rIi fully fitted j
t In the six days we want to sell thousands of pairs of I +
r shoe
Priceconcession benefits such as we havent offered I
for a year I
Iii hgrade footwear and every pair guaranteed to be t
satisfactory every pair fitted by experienced fitters I
SliDES i
395 Warn Shoe 1 95Womc 0 SILT 50c Women Jsres r I
jit1 14 is500400 C Lc ins 14iaca
About 900 paid
and 700 The iaold Jersey Lina Children a
L of tlla R cat 3M611
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ay pair 0 Wnrfk ar t Jersey Lcigiaa Evitry pair 1
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