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I i > i Il1IIq
11cI1I 11 er4 18 B PrclttC ttBAIHNC hC Clientele DESBRET EV1N I N NEWS ngu Tlicro nl Interest THE Mny to lie WANT You Something ADS ot TODAY MO
= =
Reduction of Working Hours to be
Followed by Reduction of Work
ing Days from Six to Five
Vice Frost Mohler Quoted as Say
ing is Caused by Prest Roose
velts Mania for Reform
Prosperity That
J is This lrsllCrly
jlaUcs This Step Necessary
Iulillo cot TncomeiUcnccU
Omaha Neb Jan 25The reduc
tion of worklns hourH ot Union Pacific
shopmen which began last Monday Ito
to bo followed after today with I re
duction of working flnys from six to
Iuelon week At the headquarters of
fire i > er
the Union Pacific it Is stated that
Omaha will not be tho only place af
fected nnd that there soon wltl bo
a pfHTal reduction of tho mechanical
force ot the rood along It entire line
This reduction probably will affect ev
criti thousand men cither by reduc
erl final dlstnts
tinii of worklnff hours or fnnl
ulille World Herald today quotes
Vice President Mohlor as charging
the reduction to President Rosa
ults reducton for reform and indicating
nis would work with
eating that Ills roadwould
a reduced force so long as the presi
dents activity against corporations
cntnue say that tho Union Pa
cific l 1 only cutting down became It
las to he said and not because It
M any pleasure to tho company to
throw thousansof len out of their
worltThe public will be In no way
effected bjtho reduction In force and
all comfort8 to travel will Jie pre
fcrvfJ Just as regularly as before
fCol this Roosevelt prosperity that
makes this step necessary and I ills
rusts me to think that his mania for
reform should make the working class
thus suffer
This retrenchment and economy
roiiltl be necessary Jest 1 long as this
idmlnlstralion keeps up Its reform
activIty and BO I am unable to say
how long I will be before the old
forking time and th9 rest of the work
ins force will bo relnstatcd
The motor shops will not be affect
id by the new rule but other shops
will Sypt of Motive Power McKsun
admitted that tho cut should bo
made but further than that he re
fused lotolt
Mr Afohler admitted t the Asso
ciated Press that beginning Monday
tte would bo a general reduction In
hours of employes In tho mechanical
departments ot this Union Pacific Ho
sid thCtvol no political significance
to this reduction declaring iwaa
the result only reduced traffic Ho
tated that Mr Harrlnmn had never
given him arly political instructions
but admitted It was his personal belief
that President Iloosevclt and no
person was the cause of tho present
reduction In railroad traffic
He dictated a statement regarding
the report of the reduction printed In
a local paper aB follows
1 was called up by telephone at a
late hour In tho evening relative to n
rumored reduction in the force of men
employed in the mechanical depart
ment of our road and Inquiries were
made which to mo appeared rather In
traelve I was distinctly understood
that the conversation was of an in
dividual and not official character
Tho reduction in force is only made
t meet tho same percentage of reduc
tion In traffic and dealing directly as
ice are with this largo body of men
nod realizing the suffering that ensues
and having been through similar ox
rerlencns In previous years It Is not n
Iteant task t perform nor pleasant
lurroundlngs to view
I have received no political Instruc
tions from Mr Hurriman either direct
IF or Indirectly sInce my connection
with the Union Pacific railroad
Mr Mohler stated that there are
abut 300 men employed In the me
danlcal department at present but ad
mitted that the past four months had
witnessed a reduction in force of about
8000 men which Is greatly In excesS
of the number usually discharged at
t 1 season No further reduction of
force nlii bo made but hours of em
ployment Stated will be made as above In
iia > c Kndetl Wnr Over Itlvnl InlercH
Of s 1 and Western 1iiclllu
San Francisco > Jan 5hc EX11
nr lays today that 15 IL Harriman
I4 George J Gould have ended their
if over tho rival Interests of the
wmtlicrn Pacific and Western Paetllo
llrwlF I In said that under the
titare agreement tho two roads will
reae fighting each other and that
Ildln g lawsuits will bo settled
This arrangement It Is said was
made ilils week In New York at a
fleeting f between Mcsurs Could and
iea York Jim 2rho reported
p ac UK cement won neither conflrn
j ii IKJI ticnlod at the olllce of fleorge
1 wia and E H harriman In this
l II y today
At Mr Hiirrlrrmns olllce I was stat
lce WJlt
td Urn nglnccrB of tint Southern nnd
Wfsien Pacific have been working In
winoru fur some time A representu
the of Mr oould rioomrod that there
nsii in > no war between tho two In
terM II uq there was nothing to be
litij IIUI the IS
reported agrccmonU
a irh Jan 2rt1Ie Imperial thitlc
J Miiany today rcidticoil IU mt3
i f 1llt fnm ai POI cent h 6
iijgo jan 21Lr riimicH w I
1 it Irlilit of the Harvard unl
clil uuvoeatixl lout nislit In I pnli
gtrI r 1KN tlmt AIQIlclll hoyw and
Ilrl1 orLl out by jiBonlH of rui
Iy I lcherl perlmpB and forced
tt t study told tliidan Jlllo
a II II > nr EloII lolu tucI
qQ jtln ttt Iho ItcI11IbtOt Of the Nft
Hl ciiiftj foj HID Promotion of In
lto o
duMHal Education hold at the Auditorium
Educton 11011
torium hero 1 that tho doctor said
I assort that It IB perfectly proper
10 enact laws which will give tho
lenchcrs tho authority to sort out tho
boys nail girls assign ouch to tho trade
nt whirl ho or she scoots best adapted
and the law should then compel these
children to bo trained for these trades
This sentiment I sea has already
Impressed some of you HB being un
democratic I think that Is not s
Democracy In based on a theory that
all mon are equal I men are lot
equal and cannot bo Men
nll II of prac
tical minds have long ngo SEt naldo
thla Idea
Stuns n Hundred Thousand l > ollnr
1lrc In Madison Ill
MadIson Wli Jan 2iAn esplo
clon In a heating stove started 1 llro
that destroyed the greater part of two
city blocks In the luftrt of the business
section of Madison this morning Flu
lo < i will Oxeel mornlnl I
Forty perions left homeless with
out breakfast and some In night
clothes suffered Intensely from 1 ore
cold In trying to nave contents of
ntores and reslrlencos A drove ot pan
Icntrlckcri horses rushed through the
fro fighters
lllo iTnncIro Police Pick Uji Six lie
longing to American Fleet
Ulo Janeiro Jan 25 Thi police of
this city have gathered us six sailors
from the American battleships who
had either deserted or failed to return
on board before their vosselri sailed
from there threo days ago They will
be sent after the fleet on a collier
J dispatch from Valparaiso ways that
tho Chilean squadron which will wel
come the American battleships to Chi
ean waters has arrived at Valdlvla
The British cruiser Sapho which has
been on the west coast IB now on her
way down to Punta Arenas
A large parly of Chileans has char
tered I special steamer and will go out
from Valparaiso to greet the Am
erican warships as they pass up the
Take Possession of nnd Shoot Up Ar
cadia Hotel Dauson Springs
Dawson Springs Ky Jan 2 A
band o 50 masked nightriders late
last night took possession of the Ar
cadia hot 1 hare and after terrifying
the guests by shooting up the place
took John Heath an Independent to
bacco buyer who was n guest to a
river nearby and upon thronta of
ducking made him promise not to
sell any moro tobacco
Chicago Jan 25 Reasoning that the
public trade school will attract and
hold thl child that It will keep him
from the successive stages of reluct
ance truan < y and delinquency and
that its flnal product will be a work
Ing class contented selfconfident and
honestly ambitious Dr Emll G Hirsch
addressing the convention of tho Na
tional Society for the Promotion of
Industrial Education predicted that the
Installation of such a system nationally
will mean the moral salvation of the
American people
The speaker bewailed tho fact that In
the present Bchool system the Idea of
imparting and acquiring Information is
always In the foreground that the ap
peal Is to tho head and only Inciden
tally to the heart
Mrs Anna Carlln Spencer of the New
York City Society for Ethical Culture
attacked what sho called fallacies
relative to the Industrial education of
girls She asserted that while the num
ber of girls at any ono time employed
In Industrial pursuit Is comparatively
small tho actual number entering such
occupation In a given number of years
Is large the apparent discrepancy ly
ing In tho fact that few continue In
their vocation moro than four years
rite speaker argued that the fact that
their work merely Is temporary was
the strongest reason for seeing that
they wore placed In the best situations
possible for their development She
Inlsted that the first aim of tho trade
school should bo the giving of cultural
education with boys knowledge of
agriculture and of girls the knowledge
of houso arts
In speaking of tho Industrial school
IU a part of time public school Hystem
Charles P Perry director of tho pub
lic school of trades of Milwaukee sug
gested that tho use of tobacco should
be forbidden absolutely to the students
of such an Institution
The general criticism of trade tichoolu
offered by Milton Higgins president of
tho Norton companies Worcester
Moss was that they are rchools with
a hop attachment when tlioy should
bo shops with 0 school attachment
Tacoma Wash Jan 2Jrotl Shifter
nrtd 8 years was arrested today
elmrgcd with burglarizing two ttarcv
Time pollen say ho IIIIH confecncd that
ho Is ono of the flmootlifitt lone work
ers they have Aver noon Is parents
had no Idea that ho vnt stealing navur
having missed him from Imma at night
In rutjbersoltd shoes bo slipped In end
out of his home He Is very small for
his age
Former Senator nnd Owner of Paper
Kmplmtlcnlly IHnle Ho > rtcil
Sit of Salt lulio llcrnld
Rumors of reported changes In local
newspaper circle have ben flying
thick and fast the last tow days BO
fant In fact that It has been almost Im
1 61110 to keep track of them
Ono of these rumor was to tho uf
ted that tho ownership ot time Malt
Luke Herald had changed hands Sam
uel Nftwhoimn of Halt Ialto City ac
quiring the paper by purchase from
Kvnator Clark An effort to seanru ver
ification or denial or tho story local
ly was without result nnd the New
took the trouble to wlro MaiHifjiir Wl
limn iKlclieurt of tIme herald who is
nt present In Coronatlo IKnch Callfoi1
niu Tlla inurnlng the following1 torso
tolifjnim was received from Mr Iglo
heart rfltttlvo to tho reported milts I
Nothlnir to It
A telegram win 11180 tent to time
Nevis rapirgentntlvo In Now York
Instructing him to ask Himutor Jliirlt
for confirmation or denial of thn rumor
Tho following clincher dune this merit
Ilitf In WpoiiBQ to the wires
Now York Jan G Doaeiot New
Salt Luke City Untn When I Ioprl
MfjiHntlvo of tlm Dcqurol Newl IHkf1
cxHomitnr Cleric lt I Vnll street 1
to the truth f the ktatemont that ho
hud wold the Hal Ialto Horald tn Slim
uel Nutvhouse he said very cmphnllriiN
ly fuUe1 runt stiilnneiit It ub oiit Iy
Resolutions Adopted By The Dry Farmers
Government Commended for the Aid Rendered to Arid Land Cultivation Through Its
Various Departments and Asked to Further AssistState
Legislation Also Urged
Whereas wo rcallro tha necessity ot a
thorough Brloiillfle Investigation of dry
farming conditions to determine the
best systems of cultivation and crop
rotations tho Influence of conditions
of soil and climate on crop yields tho
best methods of conserving the sell soil
bacteria to crop production the boat
variety of grain and forage crops amid
tho development ot the most hardy va
rieties through seed selection Individ
i ual plant selection and oed Introduc
tion and
Whereas we recognize the growing
of livestock Is fundamental to 1 ret
mun nt agriculture for the dry lands
and that tho selection of types of cat
tle particularly adapted to dry farming
conditions the raising of trees and
shrubs nnd tho growing or fruits are
of fundamental importance In the build
ing of permanent homcse In the semi
arid west
Thpreforo be It resolved that tho
Tiansmlssourl Dry Farming congress
fexpfesses Its hearty appreciation and
approval of tho action of tho bureau of
plant Industry o time United Slates de
partment of agriculture In establishing
stations In tho semiarid west for thxS
scientific investigation of dry fanning
And be It further resolved that the
United States pweathcr bureau bo com
mended 0 tho valuablo assistance It
Is rendering to the Interests of agri
culture In general in cooperation with
the several state experiment stations
And bo It further resolved that tho
bureau tit animal Industry and forest
service be earnestly requested to lend
their support to tho development of the
dairy and livestock Interests and to
the planting of trees and shrubs In the
semiarid region
And be it further resolved that tho
Congress of tho United States be re
spectfully urged to provide adequate
means to establish stations for the
above purposes In each representative
part of the semiarid west
And bo It further resolved that a
copy of these resolutions b sent to
the honorable secretary of agriculture
Claimants Solicitor Asks Public
Prosecutor for Aid in Secur
ing Patterson Letters
Very Necessary for Her Defense She
Iteimig Cluirgecl Will tho
Crime of > crjur
London Jan 25Tho Dntce case
which has been so prolific of ECnsatlons
today offered still another
The solicitor for George Hollamby
Druce who claimed to bo tIme son ot
the Unite of Portland In tho latters
dual personality o Thomas Charles
Druce and as such to be heir to the
title and estate today made public tho
correspondence ho hal had with the
public prosecutor In which he asks that
ofllclal to assist him In locating lottem
offered him by Miss Mary Patterson
of New York but which have fallen In
to the hands of a man purporting to
bo his representative In n letter to
Druce Miss Patter
George Hollamby Druc Pater
son said she had several letters written
in which
by T C Druco to hor mother
TJrucc referred to himself as the DUke
of Portland George Holliimby Druco
sent Miss Paterson money to como to
England but according to her later
letters I man reprcuontlng himself na
an agent of George Hollamby Drucen
solicitor called on her und got tho Ibt
tors The solicitor Is anxious now to
find the letters as ho fays they are
necessary In the defense of Miss Ito
Miss Mary Ttoblnson said tl bo an
American tho daughter of n southern
planter testified during the progress
of the Druce cano that she knew Druco
ns the Duke ot Portland that Charles
Dickens told hor that Druco was tho
Duko ot Portland nnd that Druco him
self afterward confirmed the state
ment Miss Robinson was arrested
Jan 17 on n warrant churRlni her
with perjury and she came up for trial
today liar attorney declared that ho
had been unable to get uny coherent
story that ho believed her to be of
unsound mind and that the cave was
one for medical export The judge
however decided there wan no ovldenco
to hoar out this contention and ho or
dered the trial to proceed
Will Cort Hundrcil und 1lfty Won
nuid DollarH to Clean Streets
New York Jan 2Ghat It will coat
DO000 to clean tho streets of New
York o the snow which tel In thu
florin of Thursday night and yesterday
In tho ostlmato of the Know removal
bureau In addition to this direct nut
lay by tIme municipality 1 In figured
that In Injuries to hoaics and vehicles
delays In trniiHiiortatton uf goods nnd
the increased COlt of coal which
jtnnpoil 50 rents I ton yesterday on
necount of tho Increased cost of hand
ling the loon to citizens through thin
alorm will bo at trust ns munh moro
TlmniKliwit yesterday COO teams and
3COO men waru kept busy cleaning tho
htieota of snow whIle nil nlcht In HIM
lower piirt ot the city 1100 ICI uml
Thu twniH wero oucuplcd with tho wont
IVdiiy tho elbow itinoviil huruau hopon
to have at iGiut MOO Hhaveleiit and
dllvevH mnployvd With all thin force
however Snow Inspector Worth rx
pressiii hlniMilf ice fenrfu tlmt barring
time speedy ndvent of a thaw or a warm
lain New Vorkorn wH have to en
Ce bum ten uMiHlOfralile S Iii immimmi mi or tni w
an city alitutH tam the or six days to
> l
to the chairman of the agricultural
committees of tile snato nnd house
of representatives and to the clilofs ot
the bureau of plant Industry the bu
reau of animal Industry and forest
Whereas Tho successful develop
ment of farming without Irrigation de
ponds primarily upon the establishment
of Bcltnutiflo principles on which tho
farmer may rest his practise anti
Whereas Such scientific Investiga
tions cannot bp carried on properly by
private enterprise and
Whereas Time different localities In
the Transmlssouri states differ in their
climatic nnd soil conditions and there
fore require that Special attention be
len to the conditions in each lo
cality therefore be It
Resolved That the Transmlmourl
Dry Farming congress favor the es
tablishment of state legislative action
of experimental farms for the scientific
tide study of farming without irriga
tion such stations fo be under the dl
loctlon of tho respective stale experi
ment stations and wherever practic
able to be In cooperation with tho
United States department o agricul
ture agcul
Hesolvcd That thin executive com
mittee of the TransmlBsourl Dry Kartn
ing congress lie requested to give care
ful consideration to tho question ot
enlargement ot homestead ara and
also to tho question of some practicable
plans looking towards the final dis
position o tho purely grazing public
lands and report the result of their
deliberations to the nest meeting of
this congress
Hesolved Hint we urge tho United
States Congress to pass legislation providing
viding for 320 acre homesteads as pro
vided for by Senator Smoots bill In
the lioiito or other legislation which
will bring our public Innds Into pri
vate ownership in I manner which will
Increase our number of homes and area
of cultivated farms
Hpsnlvcd That whereas In certain
localities In tho western states there
yet remains ttnsurvnycd large areas of
lands which are arid nnd scmlnrlil
which are doslrablo for homestead
purposes wo therefore recommend
that such lands be promptly surveyed
In order that nettlement may be ef
fected thereon and uncertainty of
title be thus removed from the minds
of those desiring occupancy of said
Such Is the Importance of home
building upon the arid farms to more
fully Insure the permanency nIl
Barrett Wendell of Harvard Says
Former Absolutely Sti
J tl p riors of the Latter
Asserts Arc Prying to Drag Country
Into Wnr Wllli Japan for Their
Own Selllbli Interest
Chicago Jan 25rho upper clause
are absolute the superiors of the poo
pie they have HUI passed and one Is dis
posed to say that God made the rta
This was but ono of many startling
statements made by Barrett Wendell
professor of English at Harvard uni
versity to tho members of the Twen 1
tieth Century cub last night In 1 lec i
ture on Time Privileged Classes
The professor declared that the ty I
rant privileged classes of this coun
try are not tho upper classes as they
were under the old regime but the
despotic laboring clasiws
As wealth and fashion have grown
during tho last 30 years In this coun
try he said theme has grown also a
feeling ot resentment and criticism
which has found Its expression In the
utterances of public men In tho public
prints and abovo all In the comic pa
r and tho street cars
Time cry which once roused this
country was Taxation with represen
tation Time privileged laboring class
of today demands representation with
out taxation
They are now trying to drag us In
to 1 war with Japan In order to safe
guard their own selfish Interests I It
wore not for tire behavior o the labor
iinlonH on the Pacific const in oxclud
Jng AnUllo laborers the fleet would
never havu had to be sent around Cape
10n1ho difference between tho upper
and lower clatsen In that the upper
olansos urn those who have exhibited
tho hlghoit degrco of ability worth
and character Anywhere In the world
the tipper classes are tho arcam o so
ciety Thosu who by teiuiou of abut
degeneracy drnnkeniiAia or Incompe
tence do not deserve to maintain them
selves in the unprivileged upper classes
sink to the privileged lovvur clnscea
whore they belong
Washington Jnn 4An attack on Hi
mower of tho speaker vctn made In the
IKIUSO of rupremnilullVM toclny Iy Mr
Hhacliloford of JlUtourl during time con
sideration of tIme urgent dKltclvncy uppin
prlutlon bill Ho pHld Speaker Cannon
wee the ablest boldest alminplon of illi
teracy thli IIKB hi prudutd and tie
elm cil that the opimlicr exercised n
greater ilmi > nil in han cxlitii In tiny
moimroliy In fturnpt
Speaker Uiinonn ut Hilt Junclnip an
tuned tbo chamber nnil amid untilauco
tnqk A seat III frail of Mr HclmcKleford
who atscrlfrt thn lieurn uny bill voiilil
ritu you mutt bend your noble liwllo
forward In prorn IIUID fold your hainU
IUd nay On 1nrJ rnclu JOt thy will
lio done nntl not mln
10 challenged dpi mmka fiiinian to rise
tn his ohalcUjl u f IPSkiI but u iiitm
lIe I of Hiu IllltHii iMccalli n ami Ul us
how mid when II won h hhouUleiOil t lie
rtHMii lliIllt for time legislatoum Dial miss
to be here cnai tfl liy lniil > hoeomllH
modlIjtr of thus th lluaiuthe tisasapjhii
Sprnlttr ClllUI Ii ullrd
SlMr Shuellltor < 1 iintentrd Hljullist the
1Ollry of nn nun I nwoi nnd II violation
of thn Inw Kiul it ifd ilip mtniboifl lu
liroitk UgvMii tilL ui 11 lui f uml this iiilutf
In citler limit Hiu jM iiiln s 1Ire J IIlvl
may do HiltlgR Hif wim m 0iie
hlghlt dpvs5opmenl of this form of
agriculture nnd
Realizing that water for domestic
purposes and a limited supply for tho
ngntol of 1 small orchard and gar
den Is l prime essentialityto success
ful homn building therefore
lie It Ilcsolvod by this the orcond
Mtlon of hme Tranemlscoiirl Dry
Farming congros In open session that
we endorse tho work of the irrigation
livfi tlgntlonj of tho office of experi
ment stations of tho U S department
of osrlcultura In collecting and mak
ing public practical Information for
the tiUllznUin o p limited water sup
ply by moms of 1 winter Irrigation
small storage reservoirs wind mills
and pumping plants
Whereas Tie preservation of Chit
national forests I A matter of vast
and vital Importance to tho people of
the west und
Whereas rime forestry service of the
deaprtnicnt of agriculture has adopted
vigorous and definite methods In pro
tecting from destruction the forests of
tho west both through dishonest
methods and through tho avaricious
methods of the commercially inclin
ed be It hereby
Resolved That the Transmlsnourl
Dry Harming congress expres endorse
ment of the efforts of tho forestry
fcrvlee to conserve tho waters of this
estern states through forst preser
Whereaa H Is I proper function of
the TransmlHsourl Dry Farming con
gieas to disseminate oil possible infor
mation relative to the actual operation
of Scientific fanning methods In arid
district and
Whetcas A campaign of education
In behalf of the untlllzatlon of focallod
dry farming methods should be bQth
theoretical and practical bo It hereby
Hesolved That tho Tranamlsslouri
Dry farming congress shall authorize
Its executive committee to establish
execulo cummltee toestublsh
un organized and systematic bureau of
Information which hal assemble all
possible data altlng to experimenta
tion or operative fanning under dry
farming methods accurate Informa
tion relative to the districts where sci
entific soil culture can be utilized and
tho climatic and sOl conditions In each
district comparative statements rela
tive to agriculture in tho wet nnd
which may bo considered of educational
importance and that such Information
shall be published a stated times In
bulletin form this bulletin to tnko the
form of a magazine or pamphlet ac
cording ns the experience of the com
mittee may suggest
Alleged Occult Power Displayed
By Anna Eva Fay is Puzzling
Salt La e Public t
Clever Work by Talented Lady and Six
Accomplices Succeeds In Mystify
In hue Audience
During tho week now closing 1U
000 residents of Salt Lake have visit
cd lYle Orpheum to Inter leavo that
theater with the stereotyped question
How does she do It 7 on their lips
The week hns been a recordbreak
er In the history of box office receipts
for that vaudeville house the stimulus
bclnf Anna Hva Pay the myxterlttiil
woman who 1n been puzzling most
of the people who have paid their
money to bo mystified
In a number of cases Miss Flay has
aecoinpllrihed tIme aeemlngly Impossible
until during tho past feW days tho
mall addrensed to her at the theater
mal been to quote tho office boy
bomcthlng flrco
All classes have importuned her fr
polntoru that run tho gamut froin lovo
nffalis to mining and stock speouU I
Not only has Salt ako genii nn I
this little woman
parciUly daft over I
parelJh other ton It ha been the
Franolsco for nr
saran story In Son
stance ltlr Is a mittter of court reconl
that some officials of California bafJ
thlt H
Deposit Trust company which clos
ed its doors some weeks ago called
In the scrvl a of IHS Fay to throw
sonic llbht on contemplated specula
How does Miss lcy do the seeming
ly IniposMlble
Doming tho week tho VOWH his
been quietly Invcwtlcatlng nnd tho o
Cul ty Inveltrllnl
suit shows that as Burnum Nays the
don old pebble lovos to bo fooled
From Investigation and sources that
leave no doubt Miss Fay Is a clover
little lady who dowt tho lmpla thlnss
ltte wmootli manner that would de
ceive the most level headed
For SO mlnutoa work at emmett per
formniicr Mica Fay gets 1000 U
flrmlicr 1 uy Jetl
week 1 Hum which Is divided up between
and U ftccompllcn
tween herself nJ1 11 > ICOIIlcll
the uthor
Then of eouwo there are uHherl
water boyc anil u few stage UnnilH to
ho remonibercd at tho cud of tho w e K
It inlKlit be libelous to luieute tho
pros iiKcntn Messrs Miles Paokhani
multi Howard In the box office aw
HuBldent AliuiBKer W I Jennlnw and
htii charming young wife o being nth
Ihe conspiracy y to fool the dear old
public but time evidence II oviirwliolin
Oiin thine In cnrtflln Toko avny
from livt iily the tttiw Chub ura IHiM
the hoard
ed urnunil tlid fludlencf
with llm ring In It to wllll > ii or hit mmdii
ure tied at oaoh pnrfonnanio the hilT
Hhttut whloh envelops her anrt her
six tuilstnnw thwe would bo no
how ni ilornon tr tlon of tho omult
Minn Kiiy la honwt nnd tlmt is ll
the follQivfiw Ph1ClI nit on the Orphourn
program bonsuth her numa and 10
ii l It ibis uct
t ijrolir lilCxijmriiitl in In Ihl Putillo
1Lfolnl IIIIlt
fn order thai no crpduloiw or tool
bali r oni maY he Inlluanuml In ftuiY
degree whaUvsr by Miw F5i nlever
i irf inuripw dill note n wurninij w
Alice Vy l = < i nklliud und aclet1
tw liwi spared no co
hnutptimtuhmmtr Sho mUt 10 1
holism or tlmt I1i phI Imrorn the
IIlhll II omlurful paifurmiim whloli
trJ art udiult i < kN nul demerltv II
Jii U
second II nou porfmmanci li
infiWHiriij in > Miiii She U lot ti
ilrnl 4lr IIIIUI
irllunll tlc niixlluin and ac eomllllho
en her work by scientific means only
Thcro IM nothing cither supernatural
or mtrnouloiu about her performance
nod ono may draw Ills own conclusions
HS to the exact method employed
In answer to questions idontlflca
elurton hlonUtca
tlon dexcrlptlans etc not all of Miss
Fay answers are correct nor Is It ex
peeled they should bo Silo Is not In
fallible but the proportion of trite
rind correct answers given Is suol that
no more mystifying remarkable per
formance Is now being given ter
Miss Pays porformanco Is of ne
cessity a difficult one both mentally
nail physically and there ore times
when slio becomes ovcrfntlgued tmas
answers at uch tints frequently go
Tlin purpose of Miss Fay Is to Io
n brIght amusing picturesque anti
mysterious entertainment nnd with
out fraud
raut deceit or Impropriety and
the above explanation is therefore
Given to the public
Those people who have worked
peplo hovo orIIO them
selves up Into something bordering on
hysteria over Miss Fays work may
tost nsurcd that simo Is no spiritualist
Hlmply a clever llttlo woman who has
been making barrels of money for 20
years ormoro with tho same old net
How It I dona
First Miss Pays hands are looso
as socn as sho Is InsIde tho cabinet
Tile committee which Is a bona fldo
committee all right nays they are not
The committee Is mistaken
With her hands loose the ret Is easy
The bolls are rung and things thrown
around In 1 most spooky manner
Thoso who have witnessed the per
formance will remember how tho com
mittee selected from the audience
stitched bunds of linen around each
wrist and then stud strips of sticking
plaster over the banda to i
lnltel inndl BO as seciim
them doubly In place Tho loose ends
are then tied securely to a ring In a
board that Is nailed to the floor by the
imavo Mr Plngreo who nails tho board
tothl floor bringing tho ring on a line
with Miss Fays wrists A strip of lilt
aim IH then tel around time neck and
throat of tho medium and the ends
also secured to tho upright board with
nails driven home To mnke doubly
secure I rope Is tied around the unites
of Miss Fay and the end of It I i held
by ono of tho committee seated on
tho stage The screen Is then placed
around Miss Faa
Tho Instant she is concealed In the
cabinet by leaning back she releases
a spring which In turn releases I small
knIfe concealed In the ring Vlth this
blade she severs the linen bands at
the point of contact of her wrists and
she I free With her free hands she
unties the cord around her ankles and
keeps ono foot on It e that It will not
become slack With her free hands
she then plays tho guitar and other
Instruments and throws them on to the
tinge Getting her hands together be
hind her quickly the curtain li then
thrown hack by Mr Plngreo nnd tho
credulous gasp
Of course her assistant Mr Plngree
hue to pass 111 knife at tho end or the
act so the spirits can cut her loose
When the committee releases tho
subject the bands aro cut ul
tho sides of tho wrists I li
all In the tlelne I is tin old trick
much In voguo among fake Iph 1tua1
Istlo mediums
But after all it Is the questions and
answers that stir up the enthusiastic
und bring 1 chorus of howl ltdoncs
In this act Miss Fay baa accomplices
It goes without uaylng The press
agent works hard as he should and
the other attaches work equally strenu
ously but It is the two men down
stairs the two In tho balcony rind the
on beneath tho stage who do most
of time real work
Prominent pcoplo arc teo
Those wMb writo questions
write them on the tabs specially pro
vided In order to get results
A few questions written at homo arc
occasionally But these writ
answered oCclonllh Jut wrt
ers arc usually betrayed by friends
I is a1act nnd Miss Fay might tell
you 5 In a burst of confidence wore
she s disposed
I will bo noticed that Miss FLY
gives you a chance to ask questions
and then there is I long interval b
An Interval
fore tho answers como
of nearly an hour
During that time thor are busy times
behind tlio scenes Before taking 1
peep however It might bwel to
remember that when you wrote that
question uhdsltned your name to It
you wrote It with a yur pencil You
might write It with n soft ono but
then you stand a thence of pot getting
nn answer You wrote that question
on a tab furnished by an usher or at
tendant You then tore off tho too
layer of paper carrlng the question
nnd kept It returning the tab to tho
obliging accomplice
No titers WAS no tracing paper un
derneath It You IN at liberty to
examine the tab before returning It
It Is hot ono o those tabs which you
can buy in Chlcujro for 12 cents at
n supply houso patronized by medi
ums It Is plain honest
unul I plLI paper
If you followed those tabs behind
the SIC you would see the boys
take off their coats and got busy
Jiueh top sheet of blank paper is vig
orously popperrd with a salt shaker
conlllnlnl powdered charcoal The Im
pression left by the hard pencil stands
out OB bold as though It had been
written In crayon Just try It TIm
ret Is easy Tho quosfiont and lf > <
grogntnd and a conmillutlrm held A
Ill posted on Die prominent people
makes his selection anti than Author
ities and the dally papers tire consulted
on irilnlng quotations etc
Everything Is listed And tie answers
written out In order
Does Miss Fiiycowmll them to mem
ory Well hardly
An accomplice Mirrleir the list down
Into tint bnnfttnont bonnalh tho stage
cluilr and makes himself comfortable In a
chllr1Of IN FIOOU
I you observe this stage at tho point
where Miss Piiy sib when sho goes
Into a trancfl you will wee that thorn
him bcun a mnall hole bored through
tIme floor
Mini Fay collies on In Part 2 Somno
lency and ns noon as the r tit U
placed uniund her the man bnncnth the
stage set Inuy Ha puaha up a pipe
or apiuiklliK tub Avhloh MU Hwy
griuipH wIth her left tnuid and places
to lien fur
It + t test U enayf Sho repeats just
trust la dlctutuil her from below
Whereas Motno PeoPle have gonn on rice
and nil Htiitlng they bnllevo that lion
ooinmunlcAtliii4 coinn from itri entire
ly dlffurtmt direction
A iplendld system of covering the
city and Rutting poatml on current
lopluH U imrt of time act Tlion Miss
Fey ilrtuxnot giiumnloe to annncr all
questions UCTOiltly
lOIlUijOI ANSViil8
Jisi follow lust Hit Iliiltflit und you
wIll unto Unit nuyono could arm iven t he
htmtsI lniiii am Tilt Uuin right flvu tlnKi
nut uf 10 IJut what ilia II all lifcc no pop
lur U that hero U ahvtiyu n note
uf ujitlinlim In her answer If poopi <
do nut uk enough iiiottlonn It la eaiy
in fftk und Miss Ill > nlivayn hat HI
hw uininiaiid the lody with the rhcu
Transmissouri Dry Farming Con
gress Spends Time Today
Outlining Policy
Gets Called Down for Interjecting
Cattle Business Into Arid
Land Topics I
ltcsnlullons Approving limo Govern
ments Course Is lmtSt1 WIUi limit
One Dliscntlii Vote Today
To make Itself a fighting Cameo with
in tho nation and to compel from tha
general government the attention
thought to be duo arid farming the
second session of the Transmissouri
Dry Farming congress spent much
time today drawing up a platform for
future guidance
In this Important work time resolu
tions and executive committees were
the bodies most involved and they
worked while tho convention large
listened to tho regular program ol
speeches on various phases of dry land
tillage Onco this morning a real dis
cussion almost but not quite broke
away from control on the floor of the
house It was while Mr ChllcOtt chair
man of the resolutions committee was
rending a series of resolutions of a
complimentary nature
In the fourth or fifth page of thosj
read anti adopted us read was One
complimenting tho forest service t
its protection of tile range
I want that resolution read again
said Daniel Harrington the Invincible
debater from Bait Uake who today
displaced Alma Eldredgo and Tolton il
Hoover ns Interrogator
H was rood again Then Mr Har
rington said I own a little property
down couth and wo find the forest
service Interfering with our grazing
cattle on the public domain Wo want
as little mitKrvlslon ns we absolutely
are compelled to have to protect out
Mr Morfltt the veteran delegate m
Oregon heard familiar phrases when
the Mrt > Joct of the federal government
and tho forests was mentioned
I want to say he declared that
I am In tho cattlo business myself as
well as the man from Utih but hen
I come ton Dry Farm congress I am ndt
dry farmer and not a cattle man It V
mention of the relationship of the foi i
oat preservation 1 toonttle luride only
to Its work in preserving the moisture
I think tho cattle business should b
kept out ot thin Dry Farm convention
Much applause greeted this speech
Mllner of Utah wanted the resolution
to go back to the committee ao thai
Harrington might offer an amendment
Cries of No no greeted this sugges
tion and on a vote tho resolution ap
proving the governments course was
pntraed with but ono dlssntlng vote
The resolution was one ota series
boosting everything done by the gov
ernment in its Investigations into the
matter of soil bulture all beaded by
the following Resolved that time
Trahsmlssouri Dry Farming congress in
convention asnembldd do extend to tho
Hon James Wilson secretary of agri
culture time thanks of the congress for r
the great Inlenst bo has shown In the
eubjcct of dry land agriculture i
A lively session opened thin after
noon at 2 Iclock ltill expectfd td
wax vigorous In Its debates it grwrt
In length as no mission is planned for
tonight and an excursIon to Logan
for Sunday Is also thought to be mitt
of the question on account of the de
sIre of no many delegates to lotum
home The questions to be nettled
will bn tho next meeting place Uje na
ture of the future plans and the genX
eral policy to lx pursued towards tha
national government >
The papers delivered this tnomine
were Dairying Under Dry Farm Con
ditions by Prof E H Webster of the
department agriculture Time Ilcla
tlonKhlp of Dry Farming to lbf Live
Stock Industry by Will C Barnca
Inspector of grazing deportment of
agriculture Experiences ofa Ibry
Fanner In eastern Colorado hrWra
Parish of lxmari CololInll My Bx
pericnces M a Dry Furmcr by qeu
L Fnrrcll ofSrolthlliila T
J a McCabe ot Arizona prceldod
over the ovfiston nnd ho accepted th9
chair with a neat fcpccch expressing
his gratitude at being allowed thlahoh
or fur his section of tho country li
modlutuly following his appointment to
the chiUr rosetta comb forward with J
a boom for tho next mooting placV It
received little enUitislmitlc suppoft
however us Clioyennti lLl Um peal
tlori pretty well staked out according
to Uic general opinion
Title afternoons sc 8ion will lie fed
lowed by 011 cxocutlvo ECfilon In > hlch
the business of the congress will II
nally bo wound up and adjournment
hud for a year J F Tolton of Beaver
left for home last night and was not
proa nt today
mutism In the bajcony Who Is good for
a laugh
Had to relate thpre are donnna of peo
ple In this city who art having fun with
their serious anti howlldfirod frlafulH to
and giving Miami Fay all kinds of tips
Kanllny theIr prtvuto atlulrs
If you write tQ Miss Fay your hand I
wrIting IH scrutinized and If well known
Is InJentlllcd
Thin U not an odvertlnonient for hit
Orphoum hocaHDo It wont bring thai
house u cant more of buvlnei Imply
bocauwi the lust seal for both perform
uiicu tnday csus sold before 1030 tills
inny lwiv tltp dYed howovor of
mukliig Mist Voy Ihangq her niethodi
title ovanliiK hocauso Miss rny can
ivork lair cabinet tniekwHh two boimr4s
Ono imuss a ring irttacMrt tIme olhor toe
u hole In H for iir wrJutf UEtim maYo
MinrMlwl knives for inttlnK her Jlnen
hOt Hiliig Is sure Miss Jy it a riv
IT little vornan but she h no hieiIi
with suparialuial panr
Wllttt Ii more Iii time point ibmi 6
llOti ft cccek and site ii wrt ill
nwnty to any houie

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