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Tlo VfrtlMT Hence Ilcucrrt Its D In News ItEADlNO tllte FurnMirn Cllcntch If All l E SE R u T E V E N I N G N E 7T S 11 ISAO Tluro ill IntereM THK Jtny lo lie WANT You Koincllilnc ADS or TO ΒΌ rPofll
jcronio Will Call No Export Wit
ness to Rebut Testimony
Of Defenses Alienists
Defendants Counsel Cannot Call
States Experts of Last
Year in Surrebuttal I
Witnesses Testified Tlint Thaw
Sounil WlneBSC Tcstfed
Seemed Perfectly national tho
Night of the Tragedy
jsott York Jon 28Tho Thaw caao
progressed today to wlthlu a few hours
r Its close When the noon recess was
lt Is cose
tcken tlio state hal practically con
cluded its case In rebuttal and the de
fense had only 0 few witnesses to call
In Burrebuttal The summing up of
the attorneys will begin tomorrow
Mr Jerome caused distinct surprise
by announcing thnt ho would call no
expert witnesses to rebut the testimony
of the alienists Introduced by tho de
He Mid hi would rely on arguing
that I competent caso at Insanity had
not been made out Ills move also pro
ents the defense from calling the
dutos experts ot lat year in surrcbut
tnl to question them as to their declar
ation before tho lunacy commission
that Thaw was an Incurable paranoiac
and likely to do violence It allowed to
go freo
The proceedings were materially
speeded by an agreement of counsel to
the Judge to read to the Jury the testi
mony of Abraham Hummel concerning
10n to
the nllldavlt Evelyn Ncsblt is said
have singed in 1903 charging cruelty
against Harry Thaw as given at the
last trial This obviated holding court
on lllackwcllB Island where Hummel
Is serving a sentence In return for
concession by the defense Mr Jer
ome allowed tho will of tho defendant
to go In evidence Tho testament Inul
eel held up for want of proof a to
Us custody
The will sets apart n sum of 60000
for tho purpose of Investigation In case
the maker die I violent or suspicious
The prosecution brought several wit
nesses forward to say Thaw seemed ra
tlohnl the night of tho tragedy
Before the opening of the states case
in rebuttal In tho Thaw casp t cay
counsel having
there was a conference
ing nsls I conercl arrangement of
9 conliiromiBo iw to admitting certain
Hvliience principally the copy of the
Evelyn Nesblt affidavit supposed to
have been made in A H Hummel of
fice DIst Atty Jerome offered to let
tet Dst Thaws will by consent It
Mr Littleton would admit tho afHda
l This arrangement would do away
with the necessity of taking HummolH
testimony on Blackwolls island and
would also hasten the conclusion of the
case No agreement had been announc
ed however when the morning pro
ceeding wero taken up
The state began by calling several
eve witnesses to the tragedy who de
clared Thaws conduct impressed them
as rational
Ole of the witnesses was Warner
Paxton engineer of Madison Square
Hi wild that Just before tho killing
of Stanford Whlto one cit the perform
ers on the stage IMO 0 remark about
challenging somebody to a duel
Vus the performer who passed tim
remark Harry udsol asked Asst
Dint Atty Gurvan
I dont know Harry Thaws shots
followed the remark so quickly I
thought play at Ural they wero D part of the
D Francis McGuire tho Tombs
prison physician was called by Mr
Jerome to testify as to Thaws con
duct In Jail but his testimony was
tarred out when Mr Littleton raised
this bjrctlon rus to professional privi
lege between physician and patient
Abraham Snydocker a former em
plo if Howe Hummel who tee
Ifi last year that ho witnessed
Er vn Nesbits signature to tho afll
tint which charged Harry Thaw with
ermines nuxt was called to the stand
The illldavlt was signed by Evelyn
Xfstiit II the Madison Square tower
whin = ho was In company with Stan
ford White
Eiiyicckers testimony wan objected
to ly Mr Littleton an Immaterial hut
iis Ulmvcd to go In by Justice Dow
Inj When shown tho photographic
eipv rthu signature however the
urn Hold ho could not positively
Idem it although ho recognized hln
mn fuatura underneath that of tho
Ll ftlrl
Bn ii ikur swore that tho girl
v I ii through hit document and tie
lem i its contcntH wero trim After
the I ipvr was Binned It was turned
w i Mr Jacobson anqthor ilummul
< 111 vhlo went to the tower with the
< iti
Sn ikcr was confronted with hln
1 J my of last year and explained
s Ii discrepancies hy saying ho ro
tlm ll 11 < the events moro clearly this
ill Ji romo h rt sprung a mirprlbe l > y
rii2 HOKLT OMeiira former chief of
t mil ut IltUbure to the Htnnd
M M hal been 1 prominent figure In
th i iiitw dofonso work Mr Jerome
11 I h1 If ho hud been connected
1 lii lit 1ituburi detective force and
t I i IIA mi iifilrmatlvo reply wild
11 Littleton caused n Hinllo liy say
in muld not think of any qucatlona
b i ho witness
t Itli the exception of tho tOHtlmony
M > I tutu niel thll U ni tho ivlileniii
IO will liuvo to offnr sttlil I
I iii been rumored for BOITIO time
I d I ito iiutrlot
111101 attorney would not
I y InsanIty fcxpcrtB In rebuttal
I I MIR utut debut tonnrmid I
I MIS nopoitoii that Mr Jerome
t hi iontoml In hlH Huminlnt up to thja
iWI hut mi romptitimi cano of mental
t i Ilinnlblllty tiiideiilm law hail been
iijii ma hythe dofcnao
Aimiher uunfuruncu of attorneys foj
I ft t 1 JermnoH unnoiincoment
It I 11 flimsily agreod that Hmnmela
simony nthl jiiHt trlul should b e
a 10 tIme Jury nml thnt the Tlmw
ll ui i > Nhnulii liu mail Hummel In
I mifliioil In thu prlnon mi Jlluck
I H hltill l wrvlnn I entFiice for
111 1111 nt perjury Ilu wn JO ill
to iippcur In rourt anil I nnn nt firm
proponed that tho court should go will
the ilofetidunt to the Inland to take hit
testimony The agreement of rnunso
did iiwuy with tho necessity of makliu
nuclt A trip
rite reading of Hiiiiiinclo testimony
wni mtili In profrrcnM when time lunclv
eon ndjduinnicnt was ordered
llollj proiiflcutlon and clcfrnro In tin
Thaw case finally rested at 310 oclock
thin afternoon
UC t MiXIiiTln of HI AtlitcUs Tliclr
CilMoni ur MiirrjIiiK Kuropeini
Washington Jan 28In tho house
torn llcprosentatlvo AUoGnvln 111
attacked the custom ot American heir
USKCS marrying European noblemen
Declaring that he had no particular
person In view ho assorted that O
men urn sacrificing tholr souls anti
their honor on tho altar ot snobbery
nnd vice Ho asserted that almost
every day Is n bargain day in New
York where you can buy anything
Ion a yard of ribbon t 0 pouhd ot
New York Jan 2Dlrecjors of tho
Now York Chicago St Louis Rail
road company today declared annual
divide of 5 per cent on both tho
first preferred and the second profoned
stocks Tho dividend on tho second
preferred linn IncrcaRo of 1 per vent
over that of tho previous year The
first preferred dividend Is unchanged
An Army of lie Unemployed Marched
Douii Upon II
Tarrjtown X J Jan 28 Follow
ing tho announcement that John 1
Ilocikefaller had directed the superb
tendent of his estate nt Pocnntlco hills
to give work on the estnto to the
Tarrytown man who are out of em
ployment an army of the unemployed
tho largest over neon In this part of
tho state marched down on the <
tate yesterday The superintendent
declined to furnish work for any or
the applicants except those who live
In rrytown or In the Immediate vi
cinity of the estate
Newark N J Jan 28The com
mittee of thcNevark common comnll
charged with tho task or censoring
theatrical POt ts under ordlnnmn
recently passad held its first mooting
yesterday and refused to permit tho
posting of 15 poster qf various mlzt s
A delegation of ministers assisted tht
committee The theatrical men de
clared that the committee exceeded its
authority and threatened to carry the
light to the courts
New York Jan 28It Is reported that
George C Haven president of the Met
ropolitan Oper House and Real Estat
company tho corporation that controls
the Metropolitan Opera Houro and un
til the opening of the Manhattan Opera
Houso controlled grand opera In Now
York Is very ill of pneumonia at his
New York home Mr Haven is past 70
years of ao and Is el known In so
ciety and financial circles He Is II di
rector of half a dozen big banks and is
president of the Plttsburg Fort Wayne
Chicago railroad and n director of
tIm Atchison Topeka Banta Fi rail
Wlro JCecelvcil by Chief Pitt Indicates
Dlnmond Thief Is in Jail
In Chicago
That J Felnberg the young pawn
brokers clerk who on the morning ot
Jan 1 stole from S Samuelson about
2000 worth of diamonds has been
captured In Chicago Is time belief of
Chief of Police PItt This morning the
latter received the following telegram
from Captain qf Detectives P D 0
Send namo of complainant an3
amount taken in Folnberg case For
fugitive warrant
It Is Improbable that the last three
words In the message can mean any
thing else than that Felnbcrg Is under
arrest in Chicago HIBorest9 tho
result of quick work by the local au
thorities Chief Pitt Immediately fol
lowing tho bold robbery sent out clr
culars with a full description of tho
young thief Ho was traced from Sal
Lake to Ulngham Junction thence to
Sprlnarvllle and then to Denver but
each time he managed to elude the of
ficers He was next located on a Bur
lington train headed from Denver to
Chicago where his mother reside ThS
olllccni there nearchcd for soveral days
without results and It was feared that
Fclnbrrg had again escaped Hut the
telegram this morning sets at rest all
doubts In tho minds of the local police
Chief Pitt nt onco wired tho desired
Information to Detective OHrhn of
With 1lahllItltH Amounting to 10010
1orgoitMim Brothers Clovo Doors
Cuught with 0 heavy stock of goods
when thc Mump In trade activity made
It Impossible to move them tho Sandy
Coo store owned by Jorgensen Uros
today axelBMud Id the Utah Associa
tion of Crcdlt Men and Manager H
VItO Dam Jr of that awimclatloii wont
out to take charge I Is undersloid
that the liabilities amount to about
J1DOOU and that n good sIzed stock of
goods is on hand to cover the situa
tionMr Vain Damn was neon by I News
reporter Bluntly bufoio leaving for
Handy and ho said that while ho did
not euro to dleousa the particular cane
It was Htlll I fact that tho only vIsa
livulo policy for the coming year Is for
the retailers to wutch their stocks very
carefully to he under rather than
overstocked mil to push their good
oft their Coulter buying In smaller
quantities and oftener mthir than
loading up 1 big line that la dllllcult
to manager
rut phut of small pronto amid quick
return Is what is needed for lliono
timus said Mr Van Dam nnd IrA
urvdltH with big stocks tire decidedly
Hot dufclnible
Congrewloiml Coinmlltco to nook Into
Conditions In Territory
Special to tho Newsi
Washington D C Jim 27N laws
rcapvclliig statehood for Nf < w Mexico
will ha enacted during the prevent HOIT
lion of ConKr i s Commlttocii from both
hoiiHia huvo reached an iiKie ment ID thin
effect and I la nrolmblo lust a joint
runinilttfc will vilit the tarrltory miftuir
Cniicroiv clones for thu purpose of mak
ing nojillKutlcmi uf cnnilllloim their
Ten lull rs will ilQulillvu conntltuto
limo coimnlttiie If tho miftfuntlon nf tlio
ulelesate from Nfw Moilco In tIQItd
< 1
Have Been Completely Upset by
Granting Architect JM His
ton a Separate Trial
Attorneys on Ikith Sides llcruso to
Dl icii 1 time lute Common
wealth Outlines Cnse
harrisburg Pn Jnn 23he plan of
Iho defense liutho capttol pronecutlons i
has been changed completely by tho ac I
tion of Architect Joseph M Huston of
Philadelphia In securing 0 separate
trial witli the consent ot tho common
wealth Hustons action would scorn to
Indicate that ho has an agroement with
tho commonwealth and will btonc ot
Is principal wltnecsoa
Tho attorneys on both sides decline
to discuss this phase of tho cEO except
to nay that Huston has ben HUb
poenacd as a witness for his codefend
ants Contractor John H Sandersonf
mor Auditor General William P Sny
dcr former Treasurer William L Ma
thuea and Janus M ghumnker former
superintendent of accounts and build
ings Huston has not appeared In court
and Shumakcr owing to his physical
condition has been excused from at
tending for tho present The other three
defendants nero in court again today
Should Huston bo called as I witness
for the commonwealth the defense will
try lo break down his testimony by
attempting to show that hA certified to
the quality and quantity of the furnish
ings supplied by Sanderson and that the
bills wero approved by Shumakcr nnd
Snydnr and paid by Mathues on tho
Strength ot tho architects certificates
and that It there was anything wrong
he Is responsible Hustons action has
Intensified publIc Interest In the trial
James Scarlet In opening for tho
pioHccutlon today outlined the com
monwealths case and what It expected
to prove
Atty Scarlet said tho commonwealth
expected to prove that the defendants
hid conspired to cheat and defraud
the mutate He said there was qvldcncb
at hand to show that this fraud had
been deliberate and that the plea of
mistake on tho part of the defendants
could not be sustained
ShumakiT came Into court with a ne
gro attendant and took his scat at the
defendants counsel table while Mr
Scarlet was speaking
George D Thorn chief clerk of tho
staV dopjjrtmont tho first witness
called by tho commonwealth produced
Ihe records of the department showing
the election by tho people of Mathues
as state treasurer and Snyder as audl
torsenoral He also produced tho cer
tificates of election of formor > State
Treasurer 10 Harris and former Au
dIr General E B Harflenborg mem
bers of the board when the contract for
the metallic furniture for the capitol
was awarded to the Pennsylvania Con
struction company They retired from
the board one month boofre the contract
was awarded to Sanderson for the fur
The commissions of thrt commIssion
jr under whose supervision the state
house was constructed were also put
In evidence
Records wore produced to show that
Architect Huston was selected by tho
board of grounds and buildings to de
sign the furnlshhjgs his compensa
tion was fixed at 4 per cent on tho con
tract prlco of these furnishings
Extracts from tho minutes of tho
board showing the adoption of a resolu
tion virtually giving tho contract for
furnishings to Sanderson without com
petition wore then read
Hep Houell Introduces Bill to Give
I Part of Proceeds of Sales
Spclal to tho News
Washington 1 C Jan 25Mr
Howell has intrrfduced a bill granting
to tho school of mine of the Univer
sity of Utah 25 per cent of all pro
ceeds of mineral land sales In tho
Btato of Utah
In FIrst DUIsIon Wero M0191 Arrests
In time Year 1007
Now York Jan 2S During 1907 tho
lollcu of the first division ot tho city
of Now York comprising tho bo
roughs of Manhattan and the Bronx
irrested moro people than live In cities
of tho class of Denver Now Haven and
Syracuse The total number of arrests
In the district was 110491 an IncrcnbO
of 8202 over 19WJ Of the total number
arrested 126627 wero males and 22867
females an Increase In tho number ot
males of 11170
Taking tho districts population as
S5410S4 the number nrrrsted repre
sents 59 per cent of tho whole The
total number arraigned for felonies
luring the year wns 13913 an increase
ot 2260 over 190 nnd of 5880 over 1837
rho figures show I Increase of 44 per
cent In arrests for rod larceny 18
icr cont for burglar and 319 per cent
for robbery h figures are inildu
mbllc In the annual report of the board
of city magistrates
Chlcaco Jan 28The InterOcean lo
liiy says Loss of I largo diamond
studdnd tortoise shell hair ornament
valued nt nearby 10000 hiltS caused
commotion In the most exclusive social
circles o Chicago
TIme ornament was tho property oj
Mrs W W Ktmball She missed It
after having returned to her homo
tromn time reception which Mrs Manhnll
Flelul gave to 40 of her frlondx In thiv
FIeld homo on lundy night
Not Hlnco tIle loss of Uio jewel waa
discovered by Sirs Klmbnll him the
birnroh for It been abandoned and tho
large Field homo has been overhauled
from nUll to cellar All of the norvunu
flt the houHohold iao been carefully
qucEtloneid by Mrs Field hut their an
y ora have Ixuni imch it IH said no to
place tinin above Hiiaplclon
In view of the ponslblllty that tho
pin may havo been lost from hor hair
whllo sho was on the street MIH Klin
hall has advertised Q larjfo rowan fat
UM return
CliloaK Jan 28Dr UonJnmln
llultmann who led thu mmcli qf Din
lllieiiiplwort lust Tljurdduy yfn 11
ly ncnlllttiil iif thg tiargy of dlj
Miulllll CIHUKllt t1
orderly eonduet 7 JTT
s u Jl 1 <
r >
< b Id
Anticipates a Gradual Improve
ment in Metal Market
lteameui With 1rogrs Made nt Park
City JOuidIllnl of
Ontarios Tunnel
Jacob K Bamborgor president ot tho
Daly West Mining company I > confi
dant that tho next few mouths will
bring forth Bomo important clmngts In
the metal markets Ho bollovcs price
are going higher that copper will soon
settle around ir or 16 cents 1 pound
nnd Uiat load as well as silver will
make material advances within tho
next 60 days
I feel very optlmlstlo declared Mr
Bamberger to a News representative
today over the outlook for tho future
In tho east conditions have Improved
wonderfully within the past few weeks
money Is moro plentiful and the wheels
of Industry which were slowed down
during tho latter part of last year are
getting into motion again Of course
it is going to take u little time to gut
things to running along us they ougimt
to after such a shaking up us wo have
had but tho condition of the country
Is good and It Is possible to get money
to llnunce business enterprises where
as a few weeks ago It could not be ob
tained at any price
This simply means that employment
will ho found for the thousands who
have been loft without anything to do
Invo Inthllg
nnd that there will be general restor
ation of confidence everywhere
In tho Iron regions of tho cast the
bIg Iron and steel plants ate gettIng
rack Into commission again and this
Is the bet Indication In the world of
returnlff confidence 1 think the min
ing Industry of tho country will be
among tho tlrst to ole forward
Mr Uainberger Is greatly pleased < l
with the advancement made at Pare
City during the past week towards thu
restoration of the Ontario drain tunnel
to Its former usefulness It looks
now paid Mr Bambercar as If we
were getilng1 about to the end of our
trouble up there and thut the avenue
will soon bo opened The best ovl
dcnce of this is the fact that the
water in tho shaft lowered 6fc feat
yesterday and by this Is indicated that
tho hole driven in from the parallil
drift has entered 1 point back of tha
last obstruction Other holes are be
Ing driven and I think that In a lIttle
vhllo wo will have tho mlno drained
The water has bcen > up abovq tho 1103
evfcl oftholncoi t40 feet
above the tunnel
Tlognrdlng tho icsumptlon of opera
ton at tho Daly West and other
nines operated under his direction Mr
Jambergor stated that In all probu
lllty no attempt would bo made to
resume production of ore to any great
extent until after the Ontario tunnel
Is opened when it Is tho intention tr
carry out tho plans laid out moro than
three years ago for the development
and operation of the Daly Vest mine
nt depth that of driving In from the
Ontario tunnel level At the present
line tim Daly West company has
about 21 men working on development
a portion of whom mo engaged In
drifting a drift towards the Little Soil
I workings
Mm Is to lmjirni Hnmini Knee anti
Plant and Animal Life
Washington Jan 28A large num
bee of delegates assembled hero to
day in attendance upon tim fourth an
nual convention of tIm American l
Breeders association Tho association
will bo in session three days The
object of tho association whose memo
rtershlp embraces scientific nnd prac
tical breeders co the number a nhjut
1100 is improvement of tho humnn
raco as well as animal and plant life
The animal breeders are endeavoring
to breed a better class of horses cows
that will yield mora milk and butter
meat animals that will yield Btcakos
nnd chops moro tender and betel fla
vored while
whlo the plant breeders arc
working for wheat that will yield flour
nnd moro of It corn that will contain
moro protein plants that will resist
blight and tho attacks of rust nnd
smut cereals thnt will flourish In spIte 1
of drought fruits that will grow far
north and flowers that will bloom all 1
What probably will prove to ho
wi lrotG ono I
of the most Interesting reports will ho
that by Dr David Starr Jordan on
Eugenics or thin ScIence of Improv
jog Stock whether human
mal 111 or aol
Secy Itoot nml Ainlm Hiilor lItseflflml
Signed It To < liiy
Washlneton Jan 8Seo Hoot
and Ambassador JutBornnd today sign
od tho FrancoAmerican reciprocity
arrangement drawn tinder cectlnn 1
of tho Dlngley net
The agreement concedes to Kianoo
nn abatement of 20 per celt In tho
duties on champagne and sparkling
wlnts Importe Into America For IIH
part the Kijnrh itovernment oondnnn
the minimum tariff ruto nol accorded
to American products Provision In
also made for the uppnlnimnnt n n
commhvilon of thro members on eahm
ulda to consider and report upon i > u
blblu umnnilmenti to the existIng tralo
regulations In both France nail Am
erica to facilitate exchange
Juts Slnli Snnroino Conrl lloliln Tluit
I l is IVrfwlly Vnllil
Columbus 0 Jan 28lhe nu
promo court today affirmed the deci
sions nf the coinniiui pleas apurt of
VrinilUlii and Allen countlcin lii the
tWOC SO brought to text the validity
of the Ilronwm primary eUutloii law
The tib tanco nf thin IH that the court
holOH the law tn h ulld
The iloolKlon inuki6 the call Cur state
nilmarles nn 1nb U lexiilar
PrnneciUqr Welly of Allen rniinty
mid lifter lie ilucUIJil will iidoril
I hut hi prijio d to parr Ihl aI to
th unreino eciwi r Ilk tTmtuul
HIBJW Ht ones und had apiml I rUil
tliu cqiicto the right tu pifimre Um
tlil cQI Uiu tutu with that iul II
v cA
I 4M
ii I 1J
Unless the Opposition to Him Can
Show Reasonable Grounds
For Such Action
Wllli Milltin and I > nk Uuocrllui the
Clime on tlio QucMlon I lit Cal
Afford o IIHgh
At tho present writing It can bo au
thoritatively staled that CapUiln John
B Burbldgo of Iho Salt Lalco poltco
force illl not resign his position un
less the opposition to him can show
reasonable grounds for such actIon
Captain Burbldgo was asked for I
Statement this morning concerning1 tha
fight that Is being waged against him
by certain members of thu Inner cir
cle Ho declined to mako t statement
beyond saying J see no reason why I
should resign
In this It Is understood ho Is backed
up by several councllmon Including
members of the American party
Last night tho opening wedge cal
culated to widen the bleach so as to
give Ihe Inner circle a chance to caT
zy out Its desires was Inserted In tha
city council but tho wcdgo sllppiu
ami there was nothing lining
I came In the form of a communica
tion from Chief of Police Tom D Pitt
removing Mounted Patrolman Jim Tay
lor The sumo reason that caused fi
removal of scores of efllcltnt amid faith
ful officers two years ago was glvua
of tho service
namely For the good ICvlco
The News called attention las
evening to the fact that Taylor was on
the black list because ho was reputed
to bo a Mormon as In tho case of Bur
lildgu His qualifications as an olllcer
were counted loss than 1 cipher wltn
tho rim removed The bosses demand
ed his head hence Inc communlcatlo i
from Chief Pitt This was the wedg
intended to open tho breach wldo
enough to permit the exit of Captalii
Burhldge but the breach refused to
widen and the wedge slipped
I happened when Councilman L D
lartln moved Unit action In the matter
lx postponed one week Councilman
Stewart opposed the motion but Mr
Martin had plenty f backing and Pres
dent Davis granted the motion made
jy Martin With the communication
ntcnded to remove Taylor Chief Pit
Belt In the name of ono James C
Conyers as TaylorH successor
The action of the council must have
been a severe shock to the gang who
want to make a political machine out of
the pollco department and thoy aro
perhaps wondering why President Da
vis and Councilman Martin refused to
cringe under the lash They evidently
lad their reasons andgood ones and
wIth the support > f the six minority
iombers It will be Impossible for the
Mjssose to oust Capt Burbldgc
Friends of tho latter In and out of
the council take this position to quote
ono of them
Lot thorn give some reason why Bur
ldge should bn icmovcd That he Is
reputed to be 0 Mormon will not do
hat he has not boon I worker for the
American party will not do Ho ha >
served in the polIo department for 17
years under Liberal party rule under a
CItizens administration under Demo
cratic rule under Republican rule and
noW under an American party adralnls
iTitlon In all that time there has nev
er been a single charge against him
Ho lino never been called on the car
pet ho has never taken an active part
for or against any political party and
hero his never been anything to Indl
cito that ho has done other than his
whole duty as a police ofllcor Why
than should he bo removed 1
AH the only roller measure that Is
politically possible and for the
much needed elasticity It Is expected to
supply It adopted Senator Aldrlnhs
currency bill now In tho hands of the
Inance commlttcn of the United States
BinatCj was commended ycltcrduy by
men of Ultimo In New York accord
log to the Non York Herald
Mnny hankjrs of prominence while
praising tim mensuro in private de
clined to Indorse It publicly owing
tl what they termed tho business In
advisability of going on record nsfav
orlns or opposing any ono of the many
rurriwy reform bills now being cx
liSultiul Every days mal I bringing
tj NeW York bankara copies of hills
each nf which the author U prepar
ed to pledge his reputation will if tn
noted Into law euro all the financial
Ills the country In heir to Most of
the copies are finding their way Into
UK waxto basket
Hy tIm hinkflrs Interviewed the Al
ilrlclt hill vas almoit without excep
tion spokou of ns the onlv meoduro for
currency relief that has boon euggeat
ed which has anything lk a xiocl
chance of being passed at tills sosm
of Conprmig Mnny of the bunker
would favor comllrohunalvo
saul they WIUIII flvor n > va
rovUlon of the currmicy system of the
country prnvHed such revision eould
he brought about hut that In the nb
scuico of any sueli chance the AUIrlci
bill mciltnd aunport on tho theoi > lot
Imlf a lour IB bettor than none
I I man In running away from a
longer said Henry Clown und butts
HQduiuly Into I ton wall around or
over which ho SUBS no chance to escape
cape ho Is going to become paulo
stricken I he seei 1 way through ho
continue to run until he considers
himself safe but h < > due not hecoma
panicky That Illuntrates tho currency
altnutlon In the Unie Statoa enl the
pennon why time Aldrich bill or ojiio
mouauru very much like I vhouH bo
The Inihutlclty of our pronent cir
rency ayatem u u stuns wall that pro
3uoox panIc the InalBiit people n
counter I In running away from tho
dftngera of financial ttrlnganry Thfl
Aldrich bill Inlnclll way through ind
the livdl means of averting panlca In
the future
The uhjoollon l urged agoliut lhs
bIll thwt U 18 nom comprehun >
iIIOU tlt that It duea not go tn thmm fun
Iluh Ilu I 10
laiuenlaU of th currtnoy qiumlun In
anwor to that I urge that our present
oUITflllcy II the Itt In the world ua
far its I goe I run originated hy
OJlBW In JJueolna lime wid no iiiiu
Jllloln tme
Vtr lu lost i lollur by I aUwiy
M1iL more Cal t asHfd Hut tbt 1
M h V np atdrl tQ fUI ror the
honom thnt lay fall to maine one else
In this ooniioctton but I proposed til
mutt tdenttonlly ttili nomo plan a yen
nnd n half ago
ladle nnpoll8 Jan 28The oonvontlor
> f the United MImic Workers of mol
lea today unanlmouily voted President
Mitchell six months pay with nil ox
pcnses Inoludlng mudlcnl attondunco
ProposlUons coat to the resolutions
Ciiinmllteo to employ Mr Mitchell af
ter his retirement na president April
1 UN counsel tit 1 nalary of 5000 to
jiliici him nt thu head of u natloim
educational cx cutlvo 10111 and to
levy n pur capita tax of 10 rents Ic
W cents worn reported unfavorably af
ter Mr Mitchell luul been consulted
and hal refused to accept any of them
Mr Mitchell has announrtrl that II
Intend to toko u long vacation to en
deavor to recover his health
KcHOlutlonu Irs ltud by Uho Su
clallsts wero promptly voted down to
day They were similar to those pre
sented to tho convention each Ir
A remiliitlon to give tho Western
Federation of Mlnciu jurisdiction over
nil iiictiUllroroua moines and the United
Mlno Workers Jurisdiction over all coal
mlnorfl was favorably commented upon
and referred to 0 commission to be
named later to bring the matter bcfon
time national convention of the West
ern Federation
A resolution opposing irovornmenl
by Injunction was dIscussed by Sec
rotary AVllon mid several Socltllsl
Tow York Jim 28A oomiannua
dividend of 1 PAl eon t on the comnvn
stock of tha Clovcland CincinnatI
Jlttsburg St Louis Hallway com
pany wni declared by tho director
today This In a reduction ot 1 per
cent jui compared with tho last prev
lous six month
New York Jan SNotro have
been sent out to tho effect that tho
school of grand opera established by
Hclnrlch Conried In connection with
tho Metropolitan Opera House will be
discontinued after this season Plans
nro under way for tho formation of an
other school to take its place
Tho school has been 0 particular hob
by of Director Conned and its suspen
sion Is taken ns confirmation of the
oftrcpoatod report that ho Is to give
up the directorship of tho opera house
at tho end of tho present season
Semite Orders IrLrllcgcs of the rioor
Kxtcnded to Them
Washington Jan 28ho senate to
day ordered that tho privileges of tho
floor bo extended to Benlto Lcgnrda
and Pablo Ocambo resilient commis
sioners appointed by the Philippine as
Hlclmrd Tyner Formerly n Miner nt
Jlntlc Incarcerated In Netr
York Insane Asjlunu
A strange tale of n hermit comes from
Syracuse N Y It setms that 0 man
y the name of Richard Tynor who
formerly worked In tho Tlntio mining
district In Utah has been incarcerated
in an insane asylum In New York by a
woman claiming to b his sister The
Information Is contained in I letter re
ceived by time News from Charles E
cIIr editor of tho Syracuse e Journal
who Is socking some relative or friend
of tho man In Utah Tho letter follows
I am looking for some relative or
frlond of Richard Tynon or Tyner who
on the request of an alleged ulster WI
sent to an Insane asylum near hero
last week The man came here from
Utah about Sept 1 and had In his
possession a bank book on that McCor
nIck bank riiowlns I deposit of about
I3COO Ho had dono buslnoss with tho
bank both In Salt Lake City and Eureka
ka and was from tho Tlntlc mining regions
gloats I think I understood him to say
that ho had been married timist was
before them was any talk of his being
demented and had children and for
that reason I am seoklivK information
about him He claimed to toe to have
been 1 mlno blacksmith and prospec
tor His alleged sister admits that she
has not heard from him in 16 years
She heard of him at lbs time ho was
arrested for intoxication after bfltig
robbed at least BO he claims
Inquiry at the banking houso of W
S McCornlck Co dovelopos that
illcharil Tyiwr a Tlntio miner dupes
lIed the HII mentioned last July since
which time nothing has been heard
rom him U was also stated that n
communication had bon received rela
lIve to tins deposit from a Syracuse
attorney representing tho slstor hut
10 attontlqn would bo paid to any coin
inunlcutloin other than those from
ho guardian of TYler regularly an
Glass of Syracuse
lolnted by Surrogate OJrs Sreull
In care a guardian wan necessary Of
course any demand from him In the
process of law would he acceded to
Very Ito U known of the man here I
further than that he wua I hormlt
mil had ajs little to do us possible with I
other miner In Tlntlc
Mniost Knliil Shooting in Bur Bottom
On Vvbt Tcinplo Street
There wax n uhootlnK crap In ins Cor
IonIan bar 108 Wet Bouth Tumyla
street latt yesterday uft rm > un whIch
cme lUjrly resulting fatally I won the
result uf I low b IWCI Albert Dunntl
I y a biu tender and Da > Ul Qruani u
cook Oiahum lrd tliiou thola ut Don
nelly aid woiimlMl lUm twice In tho leg
Kmnelh wits taken to lt Murku hu
ilul where this vouwU were drvMed
The two man had been drInking to
author und uera Intozleatil when 1
wrangle fciurteil about Ireland Hot word
iud to l > lowi and Iraliam tsns knocked
10 the ncoi by Donnelly Oroham Ii about
u > eum of ago Dunutlly bent over Urn
old Ill to irtke him RKHln when
Oratiam eudrianly whipped out a rovolvtr
und tie three unotn at Donnelly
Ofham warn arreatad and IM now locked
iiitlou In the of clti the jail Il lJK 1 full luv ttl
nl Iapltul case i
FrIday will be pay day for tho tOll
ens of Ito city school and tIme iiuwt
5 oim > of all that have been lime last
1a > diiy for the teachera wan O 20
mind Ihn uftar buylnir iThrUtmaii prri
emitS with their pay cheeks and the I
orchil ilDdlnf i > t school for uu xlia
mu ttl 11 i io teaclKi1 In I pOMtttoti I >
1 roviui t fully llu < itrlimoiioy II I lie
iptene nullkit Ihn pay rlitiik to h <
J r lrll4Y wilt itp far hutiC hiiuth
Replying to Interpellations in
Lower House Viscount
Hayashi Speaks on It
r J
They Are Continuing and a Satis
factory Settlement is Al
ready in Sight
Canadian Question lehlimit ly Settled
ilnpnn lltis Not Conceded Any
lllglits or Lost Prestige
Toklo Jan 28 ncplyinfc to Inter
pellatlons In tho lower houso of the
diet this evening Foreign Minister Vis 1
count Haynflhl spoke at Icrigth on the
foreign policy ot the government in
cluding tho negotiations with America
and Canada
He announced that the Canadian
question had been definitely settled and
read tho correspondence with Rodolphe t
Lemleux the Canadian minister of la
bor wherein Japan his agreed to re
strict emigration to Canada within
leasonable limits Ho sold that a
memorandum attached thcielo dcmicd
what was considered reasonable limits
hut Insisted that Japan hunt not con
ceded any of her treaty rights nor had
her prestige suffered
Ho said that the negotiations with
America wcro continuing and ho a
unable to give any dell Lia but was
able to announce that a satistactory
settlement was within sight
Viscount Hayashi said further that
certain negotiations with China were
unsettled pertaining to the Slnmtntun
Kujiuoln railroad regarding which 0
protest had been presented by China
Regarding the Kantao boundary dis
pute tn Korea he said that Japan oc
cnpled the position of arbitrator ala
would decide according lo tho merits
of tho evidence
Viscount Hayishl continuing said
I was tho duty of the central govern
ment to conserve the interests of Ja
pan subjects resident In other coun
tries by preventing 0 further exodus ot i
their countryman which might he pro
Judicial to those already residing
abroad and the restrictions therefore
would be extrimely rigid
woull speaker in reply said that I
China reCus d to listen to reason Ja
pan should send 0 military force and
compel her to dO so
laughingly turn
Viscount Hayashi tur
ed the tables upon tim speaker by ask
ing him I ho would volunteer
Good hnmond throughout Viscount
Hayashi raised considerable lauBhtw
by his ready responses to the oppo
sition which did not develop any spe
cial nntnonlsi to the governments
policy coneernlnff emigration
Chicago Jail Announcement was
Clcaco yesterday by the Olympic
committed to all athliJUo clubs and col
leges In tho west ot record breaking
wrestling tournaments to ho held In
wreatng New York and BOn FrancIsCo
next June for the purpose of picking I
representative American team to com
pete In the Olympic games in London
Cooperation of athletic
next summer CooIJrnton nthlelc
well as their
organizations Is Isled ns wel
vlwes In regard to Americas represen
tation In fencing golf tennis cycling
archery and aulomoblllng Timers will
bo five weights as follows
110 133
liantam to 119 pounds feather to
pounds light to 147 pounds middle to
101 pounds amid heavy over 1C1 pounds
Tlio American committee according i
to the notice has decided not to dold
Marathon run A 15
a prellmtnaiy MIathon rUI
prllmlnuJ be held at the track and
field tryouts at Marshal FIeld In
Juno and also In New York and San
Francisco and the committee will pick
Marathon contenders from the contestants J
testants In this event Every athletic 5
organization of any Importance In the i
west will bo represented It Is stated at IJI
wCst Marshal Field track and field try Louts
BOn at Nantes March 1 1810 und
Into I Cardinal In 188U
Paris Jan 2S Francois Mario Ben
jamin ntchnrd cardinal und archbUn
op ot Paris die here today ot conges
tion of tho lungs after I short Illness
Cardinal Richard was born at Nan
tes March 1 1810 and was moo I car
dinal In 1S80
Homo Jan 38 Although he had
been Informed that the end was com
ing the news of the death In Paris or
Cardinal lllchard deuply affected Pope
Pius Ho knelt In prayer for u few mo
iranis and whan he arose ho exclaim
Ho wns not oven allowed to close hU
eyes In his own hoiuu
Tills wits an alluvion to the fact that
in 1900 at the height of time church
separation trouble In France Cardinal
Illohnrd wan oideiod by the French
autharltloa to vacate the archepiscopal
palace In Pari
rite body of the late cardinal will
IH exposed to publlo view tomorrow
A moasugn nt condolence from Fresh
dent InllleroH has been received ut the
Now York Mny Hcqutru Coinpuhory F
lteglstrmutIoii of All Coiiniiinpthoei
Albany N Y Jan 28Dr Eugene
H toiter suite oommlulontr of health
and his advisory board immed lecont
ly to aid the clsjxirtiiiwit In dealing
with the ravages ot tuberculosis havo
urued upon n plan ot oonipalxu The
advisory hoard la mode up of expert
nil tuhenculonlg New plans wax inu
niHrlzeci by Dr Porter liter night In Ills
address before a mcotlni huro under
the atiiploe of the ntutu chitrltUii old
In cooperation with tilt ntulo depart
inent of health In Its tutu cumpulirii
for the prevention of tubmxiulotil
Ur Pond announoed thnt n hill will
In Introduced In tho legislature ionic
Inir mandatory iYttrHtriitluii ami jictlrt
ailon or all cases at tubemuuIostmI
tliroiiBhout the fctate The state da
iwrlmant of health Dr jorior said
mUSt tualal upon the 1Cru2Iil1 U
11 cuesi of ubcrttmh ll If ahmiso
lately eaaentlal ttmt time Lotion uml V
lit known
dUtrfliUllon of thee cit1
In order that piuper niouaur iimmy
amid hIef
tlwlr hiutrutitloii
tkht fpr

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