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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 01, 1908, Last Edition, Image 5

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T > ji r Wi J1m i r Ii t < j <
IJ iiiif
t JOSEEPk 1i nlijO11
HawaiiaiviHeacJquarterSiJin Skulj
Valley Tooele County Scene
OffNotable Gathering
Cnnuis Inspcctcil by Prcsl
ileiit10hepl CclcbfatloniOfi E Snillli niul I tr
last tin co dnys have been eventful
ful Headquarters ones In the of history 1 1m Hawaiian of Joacpa colony tho
in lt itato Nineloen ycais ago tho
O1 flY w as founded and on the nnnl
LI of 4ho dato Aus 28 tile day
mnrUedbytw < > oyonts which show
to the world tWjprogies made by tho
colony both In a spiritual and a tom
MllfsiJI1S9IPnIj of theb events was
tho completion bf i a hub tiow mcotlng
hoiibc WHlt by and for > the Hawaiian
i IJjUioCJJon and others who
ijio to attend and the other qvcnl was
tho practically i8ca system
I of J ilgoflon by vflich not Quly tho bot
tie 111011 t of losopa and surrouiullne land
jul lit bo hupplle witb water for IN
rluaHon power ana mtinlolpal purpose1
but bv which mnrty hundreds of acios
1111 be reclaimed frpin tho desert con
ditions now sunoundlnp It
The now meetinghouse was dedicated
on Sunday with appropriate sbrvlccB
the dedicatory prayer being utterod by
Prcildcnt sopllI1lt lifter whom
tho toloiiy was riamed and Under
whoso vfitchcarb the village has grown
and prosiiered Services ically lasted
two clays boKlnnlns Saturday morning
jOg 2S jUat in years after the colony
0 was established > >
Tho irrigation syHtem which lias been
under construction for a number ot
a rs has been JaroughU to that htago
of con l1lctI9t tIIIIIX oV seven inouni
lain streams besides the waters of
nuniorous springs Imvq been united as
It were In nIJYITUJIlIIBiof cement
boltiimd canals cut through almost Im
Kiswible mountain bairlers and center
ed at a point vlioro tho Titer can bc
d tiIbutc for inltratlng munhjlpal
and power purposes and in celebration
of this cont Iho board of dliectois of
the iupan > controlling tho system as
tenibUd at losopa lo inspect lhqcorne
ylotlon pf that parP O ftllC work <
The name of tho company IH tho lo
fciai Agiicultural Stock company
nncl Us dlteqtors arai I comprised I tli i
icllnvvlncf list Honry P lUchincls
lhldcnl Will G Farrell secrctaiy
aidticasurcr and AVm V Oluff John
Tiaine Albeit W Davis II II Cluir
ord T A AVaddoups directors Thli
i company of man accompanied by
President and Mrs loseph F Smith
Kngiiieer tE Culclwoll under whoso
dfrtctlon tho feat of crosHing the nioiln
taln ranges has boon ijiadn posKtl u
Curt r Davis C poison Smith AIixi
Iucy Smith Mr and Mrs Thos AVad
louiis or Bountiful ifr mid Mrs Sid
Jicy Christie 31r and Mrs Ilonry lj
Bird and others madp tho trip of in
pcction on Friday and icir more
thuu ploastd find surprised at what
ttcr fiaw Tim waters of tho vat Ibus
Mi cam 4 and spilngs had boon brought
together and the possibilities of luir
Eatfofi and powfxr were shown Tho
icmcnt canals hayo yx ttOhceOlI
Uructcd i dlstancoof Hiiro and a half
rillcis whenthf1Wlttcru1inbir avail
abte for all purposes The feat of 01
gintcrms accomplished si > oms remark
nblc of pns5hifr thrnngh tho mountaliiK
Kith Ihe canal by which the waters of
the different streams woio Intercepted
anil brought together bit the work has
Iwcn < IOolniJUil colony of loscpa
will accive tho benefit Doth In water
and 11 Increased acreago of rcelaim
Mt lands Thc party was taken > as
far ati Tlmpio on Jim AVoslern Ia
fllUc ralhoad for tlfi > tour of Inspec
tion on special train by courtesy of
T > J Wychc division engineer of the
Stern dlvlHion of the rOfll Theli
mllos fiom Tinipio was madn per vo
hick PHI nnlvlng at tho place tho
mountain sides Iho length of tho canals
was traversed on imt The ontiro
party txci much pleased at the condi
lon of the works and Iho possibilities
hI the people opened up by the pro
After inspecting the system tlio patty
returned to loscpa to take part In the
nnlversiry eelobration and tho dell
Mtory sprvlpcs of the > mootlngbouse
losepa colony was organized on Aug
ES 1SSD and set apart for tho Hawaii
lixi by AVilllam AV Cluft F A
jlitclKll iiarvoy II a1utfr AV Kan
IcInarrioUal and others assisted by
resident Cowans of Tooelo stake but
not until Saturday ljal 1008 was
m tdwnslto plat tiled Accompanying
W tlneo men named wore f0 Tlnwall
ItO and four childion and although
l is colony has grown and Increased
DUly K ot the oilgltiill colony lomuin
Jn today The colony numborH now
probably 100 Jlawailans besides inim
Wni oC Samoans > tuorls and Other ua
VPs O the South Sea l lnnrs The
Presiding older at Tosepa Is J A
HajWoups and ho In president of the
s HH Ird and manager of tile Inyepa rumli
tiO pa
t tllkirn jj AVnddoups Is assistant
manager and eveiy organization of tho
said Is complete1 and flout tshlng with
OII y native officers and inemhers
om < > tliinff uharacloiiatlu of the island
P epIc was the gteoting accorded the
tlxxgulscJ visiting patty i Tho
rpwd uas n most cosmopolitan one
5ixiprxslixg 10 Ilawallans Ji Atnorl
an Indians 13 Pamoans G Maoris i
OliuiC e r iiiifl cast I > 0 UtK1HPi 1
j tixnhII nr Scotvlminn several fapillles
M I3tBllsh tCjlii Inteiostcrl in the
pmerCS of thu colony and the oxer
csc lakiHB place
Tor > vero regular oxerclses appoint
r 0 flic occasion Including feast hi
10 bwry at which over MO people
ijirt i i IIi fcnst conslblcil of poi
r caJ nokod porknntl other delicacies
kilt 1ly uxow1 to the peoplu of tho Island
ii iaicl to bo lit for the most epicurean
u i ta tes Tlt ixiuxilca I jiumbers cns
tI M nvti v chaiauteiistlc and possessed
J i ffthontablQ qhurni which hris
I nrMIIllwaH n music celebrated the
jIli t over Tho choir and orchestra
Er4 l hider thc direction and lead
erhPJI Lewal Hanakaoa n young
mho II 1Iborn M ho colony whoso
Plc1 selllus and talent were dls
r om ed by nls illllty IR a leader and
deiii ofer several of the setectlons ron
veu Having been composed fcy him
nVrtUl ° Fati tin President Joseph F t
xrvfi 1 u1c an lildiess tolling of his >
II lceo whoil lic first vtiutO tha
M nnai islallds In lsi and againin
ftent OiL there wereprobably only
or t
sl n u ° ° f tnosc prcsont on this bc s
il < I IandhnS l f Whe h ° W ° nt l9
Iftir 1 hy th ° Hawaiian trO ubac
ordi n Jie cPony was next given the
iOd nd must ° r wnlch woreiorlglnal
K tu eadei The r o w rc races and
CnsiiKi r xftar botween Hawallans and
fil hI ihrn fronl Yejn YllIUJ worlw
IS von bS of tHe natives A u base
t J4
terthe excrcls < sa concert was glv
n11 tho Hawaiian Kelicf oiCt
ennne i + + f ii ff
l > UU u fj
hl Your U
i I 1
h I I I
i leoi ff
ShouIU wear l1 NEYBXCi
X SHOES made on our own
rY iE d P
I 1
1 Nattre Q I
I 1 l US
fi J
i G
Every pair absolutely guaranteed
1 VVlll outwear i two pairs of the
oher kind SI
V f Wo arc sho lug fall footwear 0
for men women aixd children
i 7 = r
i k 238 M ilSt
H + + H + j
which netted about 100 for tho now
Relief society hougo l bo elected
On Sunday tho dedicatory exerclhus
look place two sessions being hold
ono at 10 a m and tho second at 2 p m
At tho morning services four of tim
oilglnul mih loiuilles who went to the
Islands In IS54 were pre = ont Including
President Jpsoph F Smith Jqhnl
Ciilno Henry P Richards and AV AV
Cluff Tha three last named were
among those who addressed tho people
tlidlr remarks being In the Hawaiian
and English tongues1 the address o f
Elder W AV ClufC being especially Im
pressive with remlniseenccand prophe
tic hiiggestlon
In the afternoon President Joseph F
Smith occupied the cjitlro time In a
HawaiianEnglish address in which In
quoted extensively from tao Hawaihii
edition of lie Hook of Mormon Ho
c by dedicating the moetlng
IIOUHO in an English prayer
Among lax musical numbiis io xi do red
in the afternoon iverii tho anthems I
Lit the Mountains Rejoice am
Grant UM Peace 0 Lord by Steph
ens The house was well filled and thc
sCIIIscfwm Interesting and long to 1
be remembered by the people Present
Upon the departure the visitors Who
were 32 in number tho Hawnilans gath
ered In their costunws of white and
sashes with glilhus ni an dol ills violins
Und banjos and tendered beautiful vo
cal and instrumental soslcctions much
lo tim pleasure and gratification of the
entire party
Tlio return trip to Salt Luke Was
I ii tin without IncldeIHIH111 lie mem
ory ot losepa and the celebration of Its
founding became a flxtuio In the minds
lf those present
Daughter In reply to your noto will
say Glvo your children Hollistcrs
Rocky Mountain Tea > each week pro
tects them from discuses keeps and
mukcs them well Signed Mother
Drug xi > centw Co Tea or Tablets GodboPlttH
Wed cldaY Sept 2nd Saltnlr
Articles of Incorporation of the
Daynes Optical havo been met
htllt county cplkJhO capital
stock Is Ilw ddt 25000 In dollar
shares The officers are Royal W
Daynes president Ray C Klngsley
vice president Joseph W McMurrin
Jr secretarytreasurer The business
lit 5J south Main street Is taken over
at a valuation of 7fiOO
The Frultland AVater company al
so filed afllrjcs of Incorporation with
the county clerk The headquarters of
the company Is at Salt Italic although
the reservoir uito applications for
water taken over by the company are
situated Jil tbe Duchesno river The
capital is 300000 In shares of tho par
value of 15 each of which 10000 shares
arc treasury stock The officers aro
Wilt < c English president Win F
necdcr vied president Francis R
Haruio secretary AVm R AVIlllntns
treasurer and AV 0 English is also to
be general manager t
AVcdnesday Sopt end
Wlllard Hanson candidate for re
nomination for the position of county
attorney on the Republican ticket is ti
contest < with Job Lyon for tbo conven
tion plum Both Mr Hanson and Mr
Lyon arc well known and Sir Lyon
hill already been Inn political scrlm
ngc this year having been a candi
date for tho district nttorneysblp until
the day of the convention
Tlo American put anxiety to
get Bryan and Tafl electors on its bal
lot thus allowing Its voters to name
men for their national choice with
local candidates of tbo plrtriISc
sultlng In a movement to form n Dryan
I 1Itgahin Taft club They figure to
get electors for each wlthn common
ticket below for the county
Tho Republican county commlttro
met yesterday afternoon in Judge
Ritchies court rudm and passed a
resolution calling upon Republican
electors to refuse to go upon tilt Am
erican ticket
The riftntnlttcc ajso issued a call for
i county convention tohohCld cpt
29 with primaries on Kept IHnd for
primaries for the state convention
which meets Sept 15 to convene Sept
10 The distribution of delegates for
nil htato convention was announced as
Districts Nosl to 54 Inclusive 56
60 < n 72 nS 73 SE SS and 36
two delegates each
Districts Nos 57 62 and SO throe
District No 97 four delegates
Districts Nos 55 J8fD 60 61 C3
64 6C > G8G 77 73 i4i5G
SO l S2 S3 846 S7 JO 91 93
94 45 arid J Son ItgatcHh
+ H H + H
7sn7ISF y y 1
h toquit coffee if it
hrs you
r the change easy t
y j Theres a Reason I
+ ii
jIcQ i FIRMS j
t JJ trJLcJ
FOft RONU3 j
Five Tendervs for the Entire lssue
I 1 i
Received In Response to
Council Tillies a t l < lop iijthl Qnusdoi >
Of Pir 1 South Street Drum
sIImi Jrotesl
Five bids for tho entire 1ucai1d out
bid for t hit sower bonds alone weie 1 1
celv cl by Urn city In respons to It
adveititument tor tendbts for tlie 000 e
000 In bonds recently authored Tin
bids were mostly fiom Chicago lij foi
the sewer bond Issue fO1 123000 being
from a Cincinnati llrm Thv tenders
were opened at lust evenings councl
session and after the lot had been open >
ed and toad uu executive session was
taken In order iletermlno the merits
of the icspectlvo bids
Tho bids iccelvcd for thc bonds are
as follows
From AVoodln MoNoar Moore Chi
cago Offered take entile Issue o f
COO000 at par interest 1atol per
cent Moans premium of 30000 if bonds
run 20 years minus accrued Interest
amounting to 51250 Net bid 20yen
basis 623750
From De Val Trimble Co Chica
go Not bid G03S2G
From N W Hulsi > y Co Chicago
Two bids Bonds delivered its pcraile
veitltomont t603iI bonds delivered ot
01t <
demand 6037iO Accrued InteieiSt al
low city
From E II Kollins Sons and Harris
ris Trust Savings CChlagoict
bid 004920
From A JJUnchCu and First
Trust Savings Co Chicago Net hid
From Seasongood Mayer Cincinna
bonds ti Net hid of 128360 for 123000 sowci
In the executive session only two were
considered those being from Dovltl
Trimblo Co and AAoodln McNear
Moore That of tbn Vioodln people was
I untie by telegraph but fulllll cih ul ro
iiuiivmonts This firm offered lo take
the Issue for par and Hi poi cent Intel
cat and the claim was mailn that the
lesser rate of interest would save the
city something hike 2300l In tim 20
years the bonds an to run This belied
pretty good to the couneilmcn until it
was shown that tho 92G premium of
fered by thu Devltt people at 4v per
cent compounded twice a year would
be pel hails as good IrnotabcHcl
proposition for thin city In the event
that the city should decide u refund
tho bond issue In 10 years which it bus
a right to do the bid of Devltt Trimblo
Co Was considered tIme l1elt wbh
To iletoi mine the matter precisely a
ieccts wnt taken on tho bond question
until I oclock tonight and the city
recorder authorized to employ an ex
peit to figure thc matter down lothJ
cent and icport to tbo council this
Tim council took a Hop on the ques
tion of granting the petition of Henry
M Dlnwortdoy other business m n
Un First o ihslrcct protestlng
again1 tho 1ILntlIgOflslLloOllll
ccnso for 23 west First South street
A week ago the council voted to grant
tho petttlonbut Councilman Black gave
notice of a motion for reconsideration
and last night ho Insisted on the mo
tion mid the cLonof the council
grlLnt Ing the petition was rescinded
The matter mis not finally passed on
however as no request for a li I
cense Imlrtt boon placed with the
council The former occupants of 23
oast First South street however were
ousted it is understood In order to
mako way for a saloon in the piCrnisos
and all arrangements ale being made In
fitting the place up for a saloon
Tim final l hn aloo 11 paving exten
sion 3JIJ West Temple strcQtanu > unt >
lug to 237043 in favor of P J Ito
mini was finally passed The mailer
has IKJCII holdup for a long time on
account of the work having been dh
Inyeil 224 days beyond the date fixed In
time contract for the completion of the
job It was shown to the council that
the delay had beou no fault of tho
ontiactor when tho amount was or
dered paid
A report was submitted by City En
gineer ICelfey showlngtho cost oC pav
ing extension 21 on First avonur re
cently completed to be Jn549ri27 of
WllchrjtJ1thc Utah IJgbt Railway
company paid 751661 making the
net cost 4797866 Of this the citys
portion was lliS > 3S
A request for refund of1666 for the
Imo his liquor license was held up by
Ira council was received ftomK L
AVIllc Thlitjsth restaurant keeper
who said ho didnt care a cuss for
he council and in consequence his
Icense was hold up 14 days
arATlKET mlD D
In response lo a petition from J11
Towlur tile chief of police was In
structed to see that no more teams
blockade the htrcet in front of Fowlers
pInch oL business on AVost Temple
A petition was received from Mi n
AVallter mid nlluTs asking that Sixth
Cast street from Urlglium street to
Third South bo lepaved jWith asphalt
Thin petitioners assured tim city that
expense should attach to tile muni
cipality in the work 1I8t110 combings
Hitters and Intersections were all In
Iho petition wan granted and tin Tee
cordor authorized to advertise for bills
fr time work
A rccitioat was received fiom the Fed
eration ol l ilHjr tsklng that the
streets bo placed In condition to pei
nit tho passage of jx parade on I ibor
lay i fin motion ito rcciucst was
Cbifj T Vail nskcd to bo allowed to
oxcefd the speed limit with hIs auto
noblloj wbn iittswfTinfj burglar calls
1 1lJl1lchants ropoitor servke no
erred to streets committee
At It oclock a motion HI lake a 10
oss until tills evening wns Carried
tnd a lot of business was loft over
to finish up tonight
pbyOn1 know anybody tho Would
Ike to have a hair snake served with
aglassf water They arc brown
snakes the diameter of a raUil a
oot or sr long Should you wish such
a specimen they are to be found In the
Itys water mains J
ADHoihllldIpsIdlri at 55 Ninth
AVosit street discovered u hair spake
this morping dangling from his klicjien
rater faucet Jt was only a foot long
hat IsuIIII captured of the snako
vast a foot It length lie rolltreI1llnCII
lit tlie mains >
That the HHerinpr WOCPJS Ue1 at the
Ity water ivoritsdClicicIitls only too
vdent Qne might not object to > a
tinahl0r T c tf lti1 tadpole but when wo
ire in Inmomentary danger ot BUlpliife
l1 oWn hair snakes lf Is time that that
vision oftlfo water department uit
tiicstg tctli
AVcdrfesday Sept nii
Utahs Commissioners j Return
From Attending Convention
lr AVSeattle Last Week
iiL i
St iiJ1i ltlJJglllll rhniloK It Hol
lliiKSuqrtli Jii Kcport lit CoinhiK
Si Ion iiIOpthcI Measures
The next session of the Utali legis
lature Is to have somo of Us work cut
out for It In advatiqe prepared at iv
sc stbtitJrthl Uniform eplHlnUon
league which has Just closed Its eigh
teenth annual session at Seattle
Stephen Hi Love piosldent the last
Donate and Charles It HolllngsAVotth
of AVebej1 county a molnber of the lIe
U t were Utahs commissioners tl1tho
session which Is thel1lstl1t Which
Utah bas been leprosented The dlioct
primary law th6 Ttri mil land tiiloi
system uniform divorce law mlL
uniform ncuotlablo instrument law ala
all products of thclel conferences
SOIJ1Hof thcho bills have been up be
fore tho legislature of Utah and most
of them arc in vogue in nearly all tho
states The Toirens system eamo up
at the last session was passed with a
provision allowing counties to vote It in
at pleasute and Was vetoed by Gov
1 was greatly Imptessed said Sen
ator LoVo this imitnlng ° with the euro
given to each measure befoio the con
feronc recommends to a state Vhen
tho president called this session to ot
dpi there were many tllClluf distin
guished national stundlng as jurists
and citlxens In the audience and they
had studied extensively the ptoblems
brought up
Thcic were three subjects up this
time antI each bad been submitted in
nn original draft to the commissioners
from lachstalihllhcCIIIcdl111l
after lie criticisms of each bud been
expressed had In this new form been
revised by the executive < committee and
then came before the grmeral confer
e ccWo took up tllHltlJt1 mutter
of a uniform stock certificate and spent
t entire time of tim session discuss
ing It Finally it WUK icfericd back
to beer mo tho leading issue next year
The members have nearly Served
for many years and are caiefttl stu
dents of thin legislation they handle
Senator llolllngsworth and myself shall
report to tIle coming legislative session
our views of tile measures ought up
and shall loconimcnd to the attention
of tIm legislature such as havo te
cclvcd the approval of the commission
My wife arose from her bed one morn
She arose With aching head
How well Id been she said to me
If Id taken Kolllsters Rocky Mountain
Tea Godhe Pltt Drug Co
At Odeon Saturday Sept 5
AVill 31n Ito Favorable Ttcporl on Utah
Elilbit at Irrigation Con lcss
Tliomif Judil prcsirtant ofH tlc stat
board of horticulture returned from
AlbiHiuorjui Now Mexico yostcntny to
IDttka Ills rep tt iJIUIC Harrah clllcn If
of tbe Utiih exhibit at the Sixteenth
National Irrigation convention A8J1C
clnl nicotine of the1 state board will be
held today If all the members can bo
Tim pooplu of Albuquerque are rushing
f > rei > nations for tile Congrebs with nl
speed a sIlr Judd un < l all oCthe
L ii I I di tugs for tlio Intortitato industrial
exposition which is to to lift held In con
junction with tho irrigation congress
will bo finished before tim opening of
the rongiesK
Concerning the report Mr Judd will
say nothing except Hint it will be fav
Hollistcrs eI Mountain Tea acts
directly on the liver and kidneys giv
ing them strength to throw off all poi
sons from tho system Protects you
from disease 35 cents Tea or Tablets
GodbeIltts Drug Co
Phone 251 for reservations for last
excursion September 3id Ir 25 for
round trip fiom Salt I nke Including
hotels and stages for complete Jive day
Former Itoldiiits or hue llnukijc
State Picnic at Liberty Park
Former rr Monts of Iowa propose to
ttiko their wives bablus lunch imMcots
ami nppitltiS to liberty patk about 2
jVIolc Sitturiliiy af let noon lo hUoa
picnic Those who plannod the affair say
tlicv will be Bind if every man woman
and hlldlnUtahll1 over lived In the
llukoyo state will go similarly cqulp
cd and join them
O Tlierixnj probably hundreds of former
lowans here not one of whom knows
halt of the others Let us meet at JAI
crt 1ark Saturday aftetnon and wall
stoi ley about Ill sweet coin loastliiR
cars wiiloimolons mealy Sweet
loUUoes cool winter nays and warm
summer nights we used to enjoy and get
acquainted We may like each other if
st > wo can icpcat the close next Mminior
I s tbe seeting sent out by the boostois
for tlit outing among whom aro J 12
Prick Andruw Ilonut Lewis H llllls
AVacle Loofbourow Chatlcs Baldwin aunt
lius Iv Shaw
t icti 1
The flower of the State
bas been immortalized in
the delicious confection
that bears its name
3Qc and 60c Boxes I
I rour Operas For The Festival
Tho cast of lie several operatic
sketches which are to ho rendered nt
the IR festival or music to hii iven
by the Mutual Improvement vVu > M > o1a
tions br ittt1 mlddUj of the iiumlh arc
now otitnndavlll UlJrl cia good many
people not only on c ol l tltliii nm
bltlous vbrkx bolecled hint that the cn
oiKctle coinnmtcj should HuVo been
able to secure quell a wholetulla icprti
sentatlon our leading itmiitrmr art
Ists This Is duo lo the fact that tho
funds will ETO to such a very deserving
cntorptlso i as tim > Miituul Id pro 11 1311 t
emus and that tho Cnn on CiostHomo
will also be remembered
A list of tho opcrns and the people
engaged was given out a fOIl days asti
but contained n number of serious er
rors Tho lr ctedIlstl prcuntcil
herewith <
Carmonciln a UCJIrl
Alls liinnw Ham soy Morris
Don loso brigadier ot dragoons
0 i Yed Gitihum
Micacha Miss Udmv JJvani
Escztuulhbho1 it toreador xi
IugIUougl1l1 1L iymooil
iislitd d by 22 ladles and gentlemen
W Nili Ii
JlJildl1ullfii J Lo cri Jell I oI6f
f tliJIJrine
DovllHhonf chief oC the Kynsliis
ti J D Hppnccr
Count Arnhelm Ilnnico ibnsltjn
Arlllie iliuightcir of Uio counl
Queen of tllo Ciyphlerf1 rMls Hazel Taylor
Href Halllo Sutherland
Atitlsted hiya icleelod chorus iofJ
Ioonotu IMIXH > Soia ICllason
Jlanrico i George 15 Pypi
A < iconii > Mri ICinma liautspy Morris
Assisted by a chorus of 4i > voices
jMlkado emperor of JapanWlnslow
Wlnslow Smith
Nee Ban court jester 1 ji1 med Graham f i
Poo Bah Thomas AshwortU rn
Tbrca little maids r and other parts V ifj
Jf cltid by 100 iftcn vorncnauid chil f J
4Iplt m
t j
ImSf tUb i
1 e offer < OliO Hundrra lVlirs llcvntnl
f lI1IW taao of Cntnirli that cannot l
lio cured by Halls Catarrh CU dJ n
c K JUfINhL It coalci1tJO lii
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vnIi Stylish wcllwearinfj School Shoos tor Bois and Girls
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I One of the unusual swiles characteristic of this storo 11 without a precedent In this city bo 4 f3
cause of thin fact that wp uro going to do NOAY right at the BEGINNING of the season just what lWE
j every other Boys Clothing Department does at tbo END ot tho season just what theyll all do again
1vr1 next January AVo are going to dispose of a surplus stock at a reduction of from if
lIf 0
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1 rLA I < These are not Spring or Sum t1
Ic T mer garments tnt deeirablc Fall 3t
v1It a and Utter suita I A surplus vnr 1
11jD 1tti1 t d < itoct because carried over from It1 V V YF
w1I l last winter owing to financial y id r
g conaitiono wnicn restricted pur t
it chases and made it impossible ci
dispose of them in the usual
winter clearance sale
M These snits are in all essential f < ilutt just ns desirable as our now purchases but the Ii
Ittv fact that they are not this season goods is sufficient cause for this store in deciding cU
that they must be sold now this weekin adAronco of our Pall opening With this sin m
0th gle object in view f
lW1J We Have Figured leigner Profit Nor CostJust Low Price i
Q rri cc r i i t i r i o q i c hIflli
vffu Prices That Vv ill Purchases s By Economical parcntsuits Ij
JWQ Sold Last WInter for
7 50 to 1000 your choice 425
IUp 600to 700 your choice > 325 i
I 400 to 500 your choice 225
rI 11
1 1II JI
vl j As an additional attraction wo place on talc at tho same time a very suj > orlor lino of cliamlna L 43
1D and madras blouses at 50c each lJ W
e + e ID r 0 te 1 S S
l 1 = 4
The lime i Nearly iiere
A That is at all times a troublesome one is How can r best
= clothe my boy We believe that we can answer the ques
tion to your absolute satisfaction if you will come in and
U JabnD TO let us tell you about our boys clothes Why theyre differ
ent from other clothes why they last longer and look bet
> ter why they are better in every way but dont cost more
10 m UJf Tt1Q
ll i a 31
Our New Fall Line I
ABOUT Is now being unpacked In it will be found all the newest and
best ideas in boys clothes and we are sure that we can
please both you and the boy
CLOTH TD Weve some spelndiri boys suits left over from our sum fl
iUUilll fJ mer Ijne that are selling real cheap They would do nicely It
for a few weeks now and then could be put t90
l4M1 irmv away until next year They sellaL v tx
itj tlffiY ii L1 Another line a little better and more 2025 I ti
variety at V
1l i
Holeproof SoxInsured 111113 MAIN ST
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