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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 02, 1908, Last Edition, Image 1

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i f f i jiVit 1 i 1 > ff J hr j 1iJ j
4T 1 rfAIII fiiJ I 1 > Mii f 1il
iIzvW jJ IW T 1 p M ow w = 11 i 1J J
ji i T r
S T 4 ict t 0 1
j lti OOl 6 I HO NiIII < r C i i1 j 1 i i 1 G E ix 0 hlsal rgcrciclIntlouJHini tOl ccd i Jj t
f 1 Notifies Signatories ofAirjesiras
i Treaty Situation Demands
i Mulai Hafids Recognition
ti Akin to Consternation
Feeling p
2 f
I V Manifested in French V
Official Circles <
lrntwe c i t kin li fl 7 I I
itt of GouTmmntto
Sec IoHUw I JL JIowco
w V rt rvpt 2 The action of cier
fly in IJ oHn Hi Iho cynccnpf t10
E ttIi Vvgt1r1 to I rwqp bY
< rnS Hi iatjrleH of thcAlBpci
1 t4 irt tat she ciinjiajljiPil tho aeli
nlion demanding the Ipimcdiato
1IU 1Gn
JiIllfp or niljrihd119l IJi
V V 1 rorOWi sjtir ciitis > ccnitttnation ll nf In Morocco JJilS has VAV i5 fallen manlf 4 < like np ted
I wueial tirtlcs TJY0 notillcatinn
l VeVi fly 1 n < it nc
nude vcibiljy
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t f > anil i 1r litrtrl lwttllfJ1 ti Ger t
111 j 6 biutil < Ian of front1 VU It
s3 14 trtfi ItIVc nlld In Koveinmeiu ch <
1r lv itllon tit Germany and the
di icj 11 Fz of 13r Vajscl the
g V roiiMd at Tasiglor can no Ion
ki rnat1 1
r tr b jiilf V V
Trance an ice in Gcrninnys t
h her Intention Ao dlsiegard tiic Al
pri ict and t JF1i special position
1 lir Mnriteo fin hpihClf V Tin1 ennsc
hot In tho international and
r 1t IC f jbth nfWIl Pp
the Fifncn s taiulpnint aio expected
h lIlcj jljntiHtYcj
It dcploMblt
Vt3 plorhtc 4 >
k1i In nnsi Ir to Glpwaywti for re
Kjition ot JInlil Vlnlld before he has
J 1 r Ililall engagements with
Miopr rinii t Ion I Arabs 11JI hud been
Wy gthfrh s on tlu Atieilan frontier at
1l oKofl yteiday the French post at
l The Associated Pies is In position
present the following ofliclal French
jjvlcw Vf the situation <
riemianys notification came asn
Icompleto surprise to Franco and Hpaln
j Jvho are engaged in elaborating a lip
gratib of Iho demands to be presented
1 IIiiIci Ilaid for lie safeguarding thii
r Icominon Imprests of Europe and i Ameri
3ca In p Morocco These demands arc J1
Ibc sutmltlcil to signatories oftho
I h sAlseciias act as IwtHP1O com
r THert and the powers wore notified sev
t eral days ago Germany took no ex S
J jicptlon lo this iomso and < Pie
lH d that she was entirely satisfied
I 1t1 suddenly then came this crash
i JilLofa 1Jhi sky
1 Both Franco and Spain < recognized
that he had disappeared definitely from
jilic horizon What wo poposOI todo
M was to force Mulai Ilafld to rail y thc
i engagements of his brother Abrtel
Azlz toward Europu before recognizing
Mm NOW Germany comese forward
l wIUn proposition to recognize JCulai
V HafW before he lias given any guaian
tee It amounts to undoing the work of
the Algcctrus conforcnco and reverting
1 tqthe status quo ante The powers
iniift decide between tho position of
Bciniany and that of Franco the
f nch position OCOI1Sll rtobQ most
oyal to the spirit and letter of the Al
eclras act
The French press is
unanimous in
I nnsldcting Germanys action provoca
Ie ana possibly productive of an act
ual crisis protlctyeofim ick
New orISepl At auction
abes which will take place today and
V OR Friday in United States Marshal I
j Icnkels tad and ftice 1 number of pst
opera coatsand prin
V ts sowns made Worth Laferiare
tovordot I >
milin and other well
wn French dressmakers llbe
lOlci ls1
V od
S ThcsoartJdes we l ° smusrsle into
he eouiiti by A F Montug eontho
lner OIralne and La Provence
ontaBuc WUrccentl convi
recently convicted in
the the I te States court for violating
criminal low ttbi1 iO
T lawahlrSellfiJc to a
hor term Pf imprisonment In the
V The Smuggle1 I Blackwells Island
10 th goods wore forfeited
ac result ol
The COIlct I
da e goods logUed to lar riUCtlOned off to
Rilp1 s VOrtli a35 iii
V fOreign vUluca ddJitfh
n c
t exhlhltel
rnh exhibied > the ll
of the
OUrt UnlcdStPtes circuit
SurprlsU i Detent of Congress
1 Uiljcnl s by Irvno r Lcmot
rs1II en t eSCljt 2b ° q of Ie gret
5b q lIfe MJ10r t1i prlmnrj < i lcctln
< Jag of defeat thi Eleventh oron idslnl nJ J nj
L T district by lr
I I lu elrotl9 J1Ii k of the
V 1 < 111Olocr tj l strong La 101
h1 that latest Ctiiin rcce1etj toda IbdI
i United lst tcSe isi
i hi5fl515 nle V l <
fll 91lrrj ll lis iITIeiri ho
> ii nave IninV r I estimated he i
A r nni plurality
I ras VV 111 coy ij wiio III NO 11IJnlho
P hid amHI1i1thiriOflCJOIII
eo 1rICOfMiFi
i IA 1101 tll < rJ 1 rab tr lhlrlf
11 > tho 1J14grI IICOror
flltedt Hc ni
J Pd 1enLf
tatej r
hVits Ii 1 c1 enatoreal nrovn of
I t a1 U Rfepl HiVtfiof MtI
1 W 1I11aICtl uralltJ cQJiR U In
0 tnf United tatestna
fr be bQtIrtl Den1nqiats
et flrlesO theiRePllhHcanhaY9
eSi DR
ainI I eOl1 i
crt to Ti resell tt 111
Vt tho
flroVVclI1 acti taclirnocr1tsVyin
did li Ji A e
h1 Jr11H
E rhtIttonistsVilhd
trl rRJli Ji1UJ ogiq D lig j
i A UD E m iU i j j AN 0
3V r
> SI
MeMor V Fjrst Time SinceChicago
Cpnvcntipli atG AVR Encamp
ment andShook Hands
> V j >
J < h L l t E > L I
CJcuicrnlly Cuiifi < lo < Tliat Ulnli Will
Kiuortiilii Next J > ciiniou if
Old Solilicrs
Toledo 0 fcrit t1 Wllilinii II Tart
and Sjmilor Ifordkcr nifutinjforl the
flrst jtiniu since the Republican convon
tlqncicat6ii ti liurrlcanc of clieers to
iiiy vn > n thcjjTchnolc bauds with each
othutt in tIn oinclnl rovlcwin sUuul
as t h i Ui A iljiunule vas p J 1i
ThqsC5iie of the meeting between
VtnCV stunuu pojuiral 1illsIE a
iliiiriifoie Jn a I iOn 1J IJli t t piacu in
ilhpIJIlgtlj I HI stood the Keptib
llcun nomiiico tit ilked on cither sidu
by r prominent mon of Toledo whllobu
tiirhful tlieru nutrcheJ tbu veterans
cr thi JLln1 lflltt lnguil J inlijgl
incrtheir t chocrw wIth the music of many
band Mr Uatt bowed again and
riganV as the carriages pahScn Ii one
uctbosc hlmsolf acknowledging carriasis wa Senator cheurs Jorakpj trotn
tliOFO who riicoglilxcd him
> At this stand Senator Koiaker ltri
Eurintor Dick and Gov Harris nllgntcu
IIIiIl joined tho lulL of men pas jllgho
flie 1tilfft on ih 1 iaYlgsqalri
As lhtVnlor Ohio senator ap
pioaiihejl Iililltll crowd reoognlxud
liini there i vasa seconds hush and
fncn a mighty cheer which was taken
up 1 i1 bo street and echoed far away
Ip the distance as the senator and the
former scyruiary of war shook hands
Hello There said JJr Taft oxtcntl
Injr his hand as ho saw his fellow
statesman approaching B l1jnen
Mrliod and tlie crowdf fully cognizant
that the anticipated reconciliation bo
twoen tiiu1 former political foes was
now Oil ofliclal fact Increased the
vnlunia of their cheers to an extent
that made it almost impossible for the
two j piinclpals in the scene tu tell what
one was sit tllgtQthp other
B htaI lllisoweAjF litPIO
SIflliiKS commented the senator J
Yes anil IiI1N lHlg111Y > 5
yiien did > YOVU get here 1 V
V GOtVjlOVC this morning by water had
a nice trip by water LJtyai a little
rough however tm a fine sailor
hglctpfWht they said was lost
In tho din of many voices < raised in one
iJvfjJ11cmdoussllOllL V
Long after the two had taken seats
and thc parade had gone on the cheer
ing continued freshening continually
by tIle demonstrators
V The meeting of the two leader oc
V unedpremuturely Jpor twp jhiys the
c It VJfm1 d bee excl ledl b liepol tMLhac
they would be bLou6ht together at a
J CiHJlpntl1Je held at the Lincoln
club after lie parade The meeting
was to have occurred at the club rooms
but within a few hours after pubilca
tion of tho n wslt became apparent
hitttV no club room ithe eitycould
care for the crowd that desired tjhQ
prcfent Accordingly arrangements
were made yesterday to > diliZ re
ception at the Lyceum theater The
whole city asufj on tiptoe of ex
pectancy when it became known the
presidential candidate > had arrived at
tlfo stand and Senator Foraker had
appeared at tho head of the lino of
march Those who saw the senator re
alized that the meeting might take
place ahead of time left their posi
tions on balconies chairs and the like
li clset forth at top speed for the oft
Isthifd The result was U tthls
neighborhood was paqked for blocks
with crowd HO closely wedged against
the ropes i that no pedestrian could make
his way along the street save by dart
Ing under the ropes and eluding the po
lice and militiamen Many could not
ECO what occurred on the stand but
they took their cue from the shout
which arose from that locality and
se1 llth9 lunlenf noise until
echoes ilt co Ilbi heard half a mile
above the music of tho bands
Aeterahs of the IlAiInSoWe
Republic for the fortysecond time
marched through the streets of an en
campniont pity today ov rarnute
two miles long guarded by a younger
generation of soldiers the Seventh
regiment Ohio national guard who
restrained the throngs of sightseers at
the ropes the old campaigners or
Grant and Sherman moved to tho blare
of bands and the pipe and ll1Hci
and drum At the opposite reviewing
stand V where stood William HTaCt
Republican candidnte for i resident
Gov Harris Senator Foraker Mayor
Brand AVhltlock and many other nota
bles the colors wore dipped and each
d department commander joined Com
rim lid cr hI Gh If Burton In the stand
The day has been proclaimed a hol
iday by thcm oraiidthiJ majority
of business places as cIlasrilJ pub
lic offices were closed The weather
was line It was well toward H oclock
yl111l eyul1thQJarade marched
past tlie reviewing lwlllirir they
were saluted v lthil bombardment of
llouers for which surprise the women
of Toledo had been preparing for some
days They emerged from the Moral
shower Ui be greeted by an immense
human Hag made up of nearly 3000
children who in their dresses oted
white and blueswayed their bodies so
that the emblem seemed to sway as in
a brcfise The old soldiers saluted the
picture with mapy V wave of h tor
hand and hummed as they marched
to patrlotio songs the children sang
First came a squad of mounted po
lice followed by the marshal Iothc
parade W V McMaken and his staff
Next was a brass band followed
ComnianderlnChlcf Burton under es
cort of tho Toledo post and past com
irjanderlnchlef and invited guests in
carriages Then amnqtho posts of the
various states including California lid
Novado AVashington Alaska Utah
Montana Idaho and Arizona They
were followed by the Association of Ex
Prisoners VOIV War and the battle flag
division Ohio carried the old war
flags carefully furled brought from
the relic room at thej capltol V for the
purpose V
tiXr the rendezvous coffee and r sand
Wielies were served VtVoV tho waiting YfJk
erans and those who desired to do so
Avere allowed to V carry away their cups
as souvenirs V >
Long1 before the pnradtfstarted l ihe
strcts wore X packed with humanity to a
degree > thai mad 4t almost impossible
to move along thu sidewalks Local
jiiewspapersjestlmale that Including thn
veterans and their women folk thera
r wore 150000 visitors in the l City d t V j
With the smalPdeleeation from Art
Photos iby Cusworth V
With ft beauty ot horizon for one
consideration and a handsome revenue
from a bill board cdmpahy as the oth
Ler tho rdeBre7to me1nmpkeTSaltiIak9 IL
bf utf1 tlt hapri ell tselr1no1me
instance stronger than the desire for
the income and 12 Salt Lako bill
boards have been condemned
This Ii the first Instance In Salt
Lake that takes into consideration the
growing public sentiment against the
ugliness of bill boards These parti
cular ones lined the old Indian wall
running east on South Temple > streot
from Main There were afulldozeri of
them there this mornlng and at noon
hardly one remained By evening it
is pertain the last one 1rUn be taken
kansas marched Michael IlWI1O
sustained himself with the lim o1OC
carrying the department flag leaving
his cane at the hotel Mitchells right
foot was froVen while campaigning
against the Ute Indians and his other
one was cutupba riflebtHJn thu
Ordinarily he walks with the assist
ance of ft heavy cane
West Virginia with 200 in the col
umn made her presence particularly
felt by the activities of Joe TraxTut
with the assistance of Ills comrades
dragged Ills unique muster cannon
through the parade firing It repeated
ly Trax was Gen Custers orderly
in AVest Virginia and collected a vast
amount tofntelcsol1bn ttIofelds which
he afterwards nioulded Into his can
non TIll men of Custers command
In the parade were easily distinguish
able by thy streaming red ties which I
they wore It is related by Mr Trax
that when marching up Pennsylvania
avenue after the war Mrs Elizabeth
Custer wife of the general throw a
long piece tiE red flannel at her hus
bands command tho snmo being caught
by lrraje1t was torn up on the
spot and made Into neckties by the
men and has since been their distin
guishing mark at encampments and
reunions Some nrt eni1f thc ctIes
wero visible in todays parade I
The flag of the department of Washington
ington was carried by Joseph Dicker
son after four men had been shot from
under the Hag at Antietam seized it
himself and was rJ not dbntheflcIti
to a captaincy for 1ir elyHI S
shoulder straps Were sewtd on by
President Lincoln G H I3eardman
commander of the department ot S
AVashington and Alaska explained the
iprldo of his being at the head of his
command by stating that the Maine
reunion originally set tor ej11li had
been postponed until the tenth that ho
might be present among his old com I
New York had well over 1000 veterans
In lino Department Commander VIL 1
Daniels rode at thehJ nllias did all
other department Ol limi 1erfIlthj
their staffs at the heads of their re
Hpectlve conimaiids V I
Utah which will in all probability
entertain the next encampment dls
playqd on their breasts keys inscribed
Come to Salt Lake in 1909 where the
sego lily grows V 1
Probably no detachment of t11l1
maraWng body attracted more attention
than the 700 members of the National
Association of exPrisoners of War
Their thrilling stories of prison life
and daring escapes had been well cir
culated about the city and added inter
est in their appearance They came In
for an especial bombardment ot flow
ers IV
V Providence if I Sept 2Thd fa
mous oldAmerican cup defender Purl
tan i I111liI 1S83 defeated ibe ling
lUli challenger Genesta has passed
from the fleet of JleaJ JIeerI1Ctti1the
squadron of cape Verde packets
Henceforth the Pus tu1 will be engaged
Iri thetransportationotf passenggra and
fruit between this city and the Cape
Verde islands ofd the west coast of
Africa V
awayr and the rubbish acctunulatod
behind JlIIlfld the wall will have
been removed
Within a very short time another
flin plrtnntr ch lllgettJI iOCCU 1 11i the
wall which has long ben hidden behind
its covering of boards It will be kai
somln 1dnfl brown tint so that what
for a long time has been an ugly arid
unsightly object will become li thing
iof beauty and byVrecalllng the days
when it was feared that Indian Vtth
kar a famous freebooterof the south
west tr UiiyopId swoop down upon
Salt V Lake as he was doing upon
the outlying settlements will gather
keen historic interest V
The decision against the bill boards
Boise the Scene of Heated Po
litical Speeches Bearing
V UponThis Theme
Question Tnrnisliis One Hun of Spit
< <
ilcil AiKiuncnt for Slate I Kciiii
i Ilcan Convention
i >
S jecl lltOpi i Xows
BosC1Iu V IIi in The bug debate
ontlwpatlJiU1i which consumed tim Iii
entire iiiornliims session was finally
completed in the routing of lie direct
Sirlmnry plank from tlio KcimblUnn
platform at 10neIIII < the pan
V aeornUileJCslnr tlie platform as
hlood AIcIS > vnt > decliired nt
lIJor lunch after uliicli Hie nom
ination of thssII111tlcutwUl be tak
V en up The light on tlio dIrect primary
planlc wastlio only oni Miicosrnlly
made the local opjlon planlc winning
IHluiun1leraI lengthy tie
by a fair margin after a
Bolso Sept 2Loal option was the
subject of one of the warmest debates
In the history of Idaho politics in this
mornings session ofVthe Republican
convention After an Hours vlgorouj
debate the yueniori was forced to a
vote and local option was finally adopt
ed V
Tlie matter came llhOItl1olcpqrt
of the resolutions committee which
evidently had considered the question
without coming to a definite result
within the committee roams for It was
half an hour late in appearing bofore
the convention with itc recommenda
tion A motion to adopt as 1la failed i
utterly umld a storm of noes and
thla opened the way for a motion to
consider the report section by section
Eight sections endorsed the national
platform nd thu congressional work
of the Idaho delegation All of these
passed without opposition Section 0
declaring forn county local option law
brought out many speeches ol opposi
tipnbut finally carried
Section was still under debate at
the time of filing this message 1 it
calls for direct primaries for nominat
ing all officers including songressmen
and senators andHhrbushout the heat
In behalf of civic beauty was made Ji
month ago by the presiding bishopric
V of tho Church who control tlie wall
und the promises enclosed by ItThe
bill rdI expiredSept Jglttl
when a proposition was submitted for
lenowlng them Its vas decided that no
better lime would bo offered to Im
prove the sightliness of the street on
which they faced Thu renewal was
accordingly rejected A proposition to
rebuild tho boards artistically was
then n lcnllllas likewise rejected
and the company was notified to re
move the boards on Sept l It was in
accordance with this plan that the
work of taking them away was com
menced this morning
oc time debate i created calls for a re
cess are unheeded vti
The platform as read declares for an
employers liability law an amipass
law for iota to nuld county officials an
anUlrus law for tIijoponlngofa
waterway into Idaho through the Snaku
and Columbia rlv rs for an investiga
lieu > of the claims of homesteaders to
state lands for highway improvement
and for the support of stato schools
It is oirglitllatastte reading
progresses Jhele1II liotloa serious
11ghtirtFtliedlrcef primary measure
Is disposed of V
So arduous became the dcbato this
morning that < all hope reaching tho
V nomination of candidates ban bien
alr 1Clo odaplit Will probably be Into
this afternoon when this matter Is tak
en up Senator Hoyburn started serious
discussion of the platform yesterday by
declaring against pledging the legisla
tnro to the direct primary IIunOIthe
local option plan The general subject
of his address which was matlu upon
his accepting the renomlnatlon was the
responsibility of logislatori uc de
dared that a convention had no power V
l1rlghtlo pledge the legislature to
line of action 1
Tlio nomination of Hcyburn was a
thrilling affair each mention of his
name being greeted with deafening
cheers His speech was frank and was
opposed to all party methods not car
ried on openly ° The theory of the
caucus ho urgedfsnollgAI
V matters of politics should bo dismis
sed in the open and not behind Clod
doors HK IQIiInlt Out of order
waj made by acclamation after he ban
been called upon to speak and had
deelincd on the grpunds that he did
not WI hlOdoso until after lift iiau
been nominated
This mornlngsjensiim ho resulting In
the breaking of many booms and tho
straining of others Bragshaw for
V auditor Gibson for aocrejary or state
> and Morrison for attorney general ar
now practically ellminjed as are al
V soSnow for V attorney general and
French for Congress
Tlie slate now appears to be Brady
V for g ivoJliolLnnsdonf secretary
Vof state Hastings for treasurer Tuck
er for auditor McDougal for attorney
general Cl Chamberlain for superintend
ent of schools Hammer for Congress
Allsht for the suprenie bench with
tho lieutenant governorship and state
coal mino inspectorship still open
Piesldentlai clcctois scheduled ac
cording to the state are Krane of Ivoo
tenai Lamb of Ow hoc Wilson of Ada
with Ileitman be Kootenal for state
chairman It will probably be late this
evening before the full ticket is nom
Deer Jlei Maine Sept 2VTht2 in
habitants of this little 1 I r tlJth tIme
remaining residents of the summer col
ony mustering every craft In the vicin
ity tqday searched the waters of Pon
obscot bay and the shores of its many
islands for the bodies of the sftven vic
tims yesterdays drowning accident I
Tho heavy sea which was responsi S
ble for yesterdays accident continued
today forcing many of the smaller 1
craft to put back rOt th lr own M1
I 1
Their Plurality Was srna
Presidential Year
Since 1882
Independence League > Tolled Xcarly
1000 Vote 1rolilblllon and Social
I ist Vote About a Usiiiil
< White Itlvur Junction VI Sept j
OompKtt leturns from yesterday slate <
eliction in Vermont received this jai t
ernoon show thu following liEH V
rNt tli itIWJgH ili MIWfj
George H Prmity Republican for
governor r Vt 528f 3 Lu ties Ti Burke Dem
ocrat 1 fiOS Qulmby SJJackus Inde
Campbell pendence league prohibitionist 1252 KUSOIIP 828 JIf Al I
Dutibar Socialist IiI
The total vole of all parties z Was of >
i IT and Proutys plurality over Hurko
WHs 2Ht 1
Although comparisons this years
vole with the volo of four yours ago
cannot bu made until the complete vote
is received It is estimated the falling
off of tin Republican volo V was somu
I whut In csetsj of tho t reduction the1
Democratic vote j
The iniSmlfuv legislature will hnvo
at 1ist ono Democratic leuaturl about
30 Democrat ruprosentattvos and at
l < ast six mcinburf the Independence
league In the lower house Four years
ago Uu house flood Republicans
and IM Democrats so that the to
P ii b I icn mi majority the coming year
will be practically unchanged and
wHllnsnroJI1Ii ulelipnoLIL Republi
can successor to the late Senator Rod
Held Proctor probably In thC person
of his son Gov D F Proctor
Tins election in Democratic mem
ber of the state senate gives the party
a representation In that branch of tho
ItglHlature for the first time In several
yearn V
The plurality > was the smallest
In a presidential year since
1M2 WhCiIf > was only VTOM
and was fallowed by a Democratic ha
iloiuil victory hlllullas largf < than
tn1SSSanllOnty > slightly less than in
IlliOThe Independence I ta iie appeared for I
tilt first time and polled about 1000 i
votes while tin Prohibition and Social
> ist votu rOil ii i mied about the same
An unusually large number of local
contists for members of the legislature
II IlIH1Jg bringing ciutlt heavy vote and
resulting in Democratic gains in the
lower branch of the legislature appar
iolly had no bearing on the guberna
torial tight
As Vermont Is tho first state to vote
during tin presidential IIHilg there
was much interest throughout the
country in hcslzoof the1 Republican
The Republicans retain complete
control ofthe < legislative and the ex
PcutivB branchcsot tbegov0rrnvient of
Vermont They elected to Congress
from the First district David Jones ot
Burlington for another term ana from
the Second district Frank Plumley of
Norllifleld for the first time
The state ticket elected was as fol
Jlows >
V Governor George II Prouty of New
i port < i
I LieutGov John AlIeld of Rut
land J
Secy ot State Guy Bailey of Es
Treasurer Edward II Deavitt of
Auditor Horace F Graham of
Craflsbury >
Jtl GenJOhnG Sargent of Lud
The voters wore urged tosnpport the
ticket by speakers of national import
ance who stumped the state during tho
past two weeks On the other hand
the Democrats fought the battle alone
James 15 Burke of Rurllngion former
ly known an the blacksmith mayor
of that city who headed lIHJticket had
only local talent In his support
The Democrats were anxious regard
ing ihe strength of the Independence
league movement L now factor Instate
politics The returns from a majority
of the cities and towns showed that a
comparatively small number of voters
supported Qulmby S Backus Bran
don whole the new J ldrtlcIet
The Inhibition party ran a closo
fIght with tho Independence league
while the Socialists were a poor fifth In
the contest among the leaders
Although Burlington went Republi
can on the state ticket It was strongly
Democratic when Jteol1lQto the rei
roseiitatlvo fight M GLary the Dem
ocratic candidate for representative
defeating Lawrence JJartley Republi
can by a majority of SS5
Omaha Xob Sept 2br Freder
jell THi lhloneQtthemust famous
surgeons in the west was shot and
Killed as he was on the point of ent
ering his homo this morning at ia
oclock Jherelsnot a single clow to
the murderer
Dr Rnstln Jm remained out late
011 heooctonlltmns
ll returns His wife was
awakened by a pistol shot and rushed
down stairs and out on thy porch
Dr Itustln was sIttIng In a chair
1 have been shot ho said und
then lapsed into unconsciousness He
died half an hour later without
covering consciousness A single pistol
ball had entered the abdomen
Tha first theory of the police was
that Pustin had committed suicide but
as no pistol has Je nJoundLlld
from the fact that a surgeon would
have shot himself through the heart
hathohelc1 tho murder theory Is
now accepted
The police are working Inthe dark
and have no clews
New York Sept 2ilotierLF Uuds
poth chairman the New Jersey con
tral C 0 n1I1It announced today that
he has been appointed and accepfed tile
Ii position of vice chairman of the nation
al committee amid that hcWill be east
ern manager for W r J Bryan
Yesterday afternoon ljltnal1rlnr
the iiuino of George Smith was scum
feneocl by JudgeD I 0 hIli servo ff1 days
on tint rock pile for battery upon rT j
Mahonty This morning Miiy1 Join
S Uransford signed a sort of pardon
for Smith In other words Smith U
pardoned 15 days The balance 35 was
paid by it friend early this afternoon f
and when Smith returns with the chain
gang this evening he will bo given hM
libort J tIS claimed 11 that Bmith did i
Il wilfully batter Mahony iwi that I
the two < u > j S0cA lJlia tiitit
J <
u I
Locomotive on Westbound No 5 J
This Morning Blows Up
At Thompsons V V
V V 5
V r
Fireman Reclwell and Lund V att V
Throttle Are Badly Scalded
In Peculiar Accident
Train IlunniiiK Vlicn tiraMi COiii
Hut Cars Kciuahi on Track 1ieis ti
Holler Joes In Ditch
5 Ono of the moat peculiar yoi for jj
tnnato accidents In tho history ot ino V Vaa V
Rio OtluImdGOCCutuillJ this ntornlnir when
the boiler of tho ensino pulling tills
Ural section of Xo 5i westbound pas
Eorigei blow entirely off the truuchth mind I V
IlIloLIIhOlilhQshleC the track
The accident happened when the train
Was approaching Thompsons a sta S
tion near tins UtahColorado state limy j
Tho engineer and llremon were badly I
scalded lIreman Redwell ana Kn > J
glneer Lund of Grand Junction wen jm
the accidents only two victims A
special train was made upat Thomp S
sons upon receipt tlfth1l news ther
and the Injured mon were senl
back to Grand aun JtJlro l
treatment Just how serious thoii
injuries may beis riot known here yet
Another engine was attached to No 1
and the train is cxpuqted to arrive here
tills afternoon The rcg 11tlhourijt V V
arrival for this train la I2d0 and It was S 5
expected the main hull would be clear J
ed by noon The tracks themselves
wore not torn up by the explosion tJt i
From thu few details received here It s V 4
feemu the boiler simply blew oft the
trucks Lucidly tho high pressure which V
must have beun inside did not cause
tlie boiler to ily to pieces as is usually
the caw Hud tills occurred the list I
of injured toiUtl have Been long anil
mobt likely preceded by allstotUeud it
It was insinuated by several persons t
that tho accident to the engine light V
not hav been caused by earclewsilesss V
of tIll engine crow in letting a tre Ih
mendous pressure creep up but by de
fective repairing I the part of tho
bhopmon at the point where the en V V
gine was last overhauled lllthlsIH 1
hidden a jab at the forces employed
at present JuthuHlo Grande shop f
Kver since the unionized boiler makers tIV ii
and machinists walked out In March S I
nonunion men l1bsI1 they nll1 V t
called by union men hehei1eIlH h
ploytd Tho local phope arc Lp i d I
nonunion men guards aro still on duty
around tl1ecompr l sshoJlBad V
ii high fence surrounds the VEl
plant But as this mornings I i Ii
accident is the first bad 0111 43
tho Rio Grande has experienced during
all th months which have rolled
around since the strike was called out
the company doa not believe tile acci
dent can be blamed on to inferior work
manship onfhc part or its nonunion
employe k
When asked for details tho wire de
partment ot the RIO Grande said it
know nothing about the accident and
maintained this attitude throughout V
the forenoon Tile passenger offices 4
and superintendents offices wero hon i1j
est and furnished the Xows with
what facts they had received
Generally Conceded That Dr Ttracllpy
Has Defeated Coy Warner
Detroit Mich Sept 2Witii re
turns In from a large majority of elec
tion districts of the state Dr 1 L
Bradley of Katon Hapids stato
auditorgeneral has it is conceded de
feated Gov Fred M AVarner by about
2000 votes for the Republican nomi V
nation for governor Returns com
piled today from all but 3S7 of the It
LOlii election districts of tho state
give this following totals for the three
candidates Bradley 72012 AVarner V
70363 Earle 20011 V V
Gov AVarner carried tho upper pen
Isnla by a large majority and also re sl
ceived a heavy majority in tIle C4
ThunV section of iie state Dr ft
Bradley carried the two heaviest pop
ulated counties of the state AVayim t
and Kent In which Detroit and Grand
Rapids are located
Chief Interest Democratic Guber
natorial Contest
Omaha Xob Sept TLeturns from
yesterdays primary election through
out the state are still far from com
plete The chief Interest entered in
the throecornered race for the Demo
cratic nomination for governor and thud
indications are now that A C Slial
lenborger ot Alma wins by a safe plu t
rality with Mayor James G Dahlman i
of Omaha hccoml and George AV
llergo of Lincoln third Dalilman car Ft
ried Douglas county by 2000 and also km
secured a good load in several counties
in the northwest part of the state
Lincoln and ancaster county gave a IO V
plurality to Bcrge the precinct in tVI
which Mr Bryan liven showing C5
votes for Barge and throe each fur
Slmllenberger and Dnhlman
On tile Republican side Goorpce F
Sheldon present incumbent was un
opposed for the nomination for gover
nor On the legislative ticket the tcm 8
pernnro p oplc wagoc a hard campaign J
In support of a county option law antI j
the ftntlprobibitinnistH selected a Matson ii t V
an each ticket of candidates who had V
committed ihemselves to oppose such
a bill Returns to hand this mormng
give little indication of flu result pn
the legislative ticket V
A AV Jeffries secured Ihe Republican ttI
nomination for Pongress in the Second
district and will opposo Gilbert M qk
Hitchcock the PreSent eongj aman
Oo the Republican ticket it seems t1 Vt
probable that 1 A AVilllama has been Vh
nominated for railway Conunlssiouer
Flue fight made on him by the Bali
wiv Employes association has not do
foatMl him
Winnipeg Sept iAil night train
wero delays ° bj washouts from 1QO to
rOe miles east of here on the Canadian
Pacific railway Five passenger train
were wrecked but no one was seriousv
injured Tho losi to the compajay 1jq
4 Irt3n to ifc ¼ L V

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