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iSCJKHBlSs 1 vC i
Association t <
Busiaess Wens
Further Their Cause s
Formed in Chicago
llsAimed at Securing Bryan
Consent to Go on Stump
Through October
It Is Vlinnul tf
flic AUH He1
OlTct the Effect of 1ifts
Hetun ijiicaMi Join
Sfe cii3iyani nil
iKtrftBuiiSh5 SPt l fMl9 M V ttI
X lfiffiilijy JiSw 9 Wsgresi
Hrtnilfe < t fjtS vLouSaaE
IvltetHiffSiiicnt Vii orjnaiauncfc
fe iion U p jlticf se atn Inicc
national iconi
Imiticei f hev fKibjyiiocraUC ayj wpilcf iofeoiv
igapjzJHg itlicsp fciiibsj vyiiluh jya Jji
efciirlo tijiijiliilsirpiiBly tO ItjiQIbusi
Eii tliev KbinitryKiSvill bc
jfgiin i siJiitcrijStslVof r lminedlutcjlyi1
i ttoiliivs rnieellnjt tlipv followin
SM rAlBoM n d CKa i r jiian M Eilt
sjIahlclsVNoiiiV tCarolinaf Gfirbcr
BOliid JllllciTuQreEpiiV Tfip
Bliam SSslulsbVu > VfDelStvarYjiH6vvelJ
ffl liffBulllvan Illinois Wade
f > tJYo6T Kansas J Yooilson
aiina Wilbott
pllchigiin JXebekcr Utah11 JSljtgoii
lrginla uSbbrhcr AVypmlngi
Xewrnan plsCrict e7f Cpjunibiay
btlicrswhf taiiicd vylth the leaders
irKSinaigr3 gulherspmicJuirniani
irid G Jplihsipn scretiaryOfithe
advisory cpmmiltcie Cluilrninn Moses
CWctliiciriV hiul Rlcliiirel FijifettL
WrSoutlf Dakofift uHtalvMiirvel
uslavrareyyanil Eft Valliiof Vlscon
ffiiiof thetliiaiice qejmmlttge AVhUe
Hievhnt1onii cpimiiitUemeii vyerp
ieSslqhV there wcreieiifcrcnceSof the
lilvjEinv aiiel liiiaiice cpmniittee land
ateiPelaytllthree committees jpined
nTt gciicnU eoiifcrencp in lwhlch Mr
Bryan ipok a Icaeling part ln thejMle
I AVliile no eicRnTte announcbnipnt has
cn maapjt iij genuraUi jhelleyiod 1y
utlbiidl icphihiUtopniciV that the ef
to liaSp JJr Bryantake the 13tuhip
vMnMnR tlict eiitfroiTiphthTyf Octphei
UiiOTW8WP > sf VUhcriSii
oWuiicc > jientitlitttV ijrVrJuft0ivlIIirnu e7a
spcalcTiievtrlpVthitiuiifplfr > hillcllernv
innitliewest thaDiiiiioenitlC lefielera
yp Ihut the flglitisiiiiulel bs fprcecl
along the Hup uiitil feleciloivtlay
ami thatto that eiid MrBBryanVshould
fcontlnuc his spcaklpg trlpsuiitllthe
cimiaign ends National cpfrimittec
incnfrom jlic far vycst aroitryingjtte
jiiwiiil uijuri Chairman Miick tpseriel
n caiielleirttetoithPPiiclnfficoastCstatos
Irat wlicthei JlrBryan willmakprtho
westward swing wilfdependiln
incasiirepii niadej fpr MrJ
rarfsstiiiiiplhgtbuiv ICliairmaiijMaclt
inlptlicr members ot thpj comniittce
jSiiot a little concerned over the
lucstion whether Jlr BryansstreijgUi
enable lilin to duplicate thpar
itampalgn of V1SMthcnigli Mr
liryanjlias jalel that ho Is vylilinirtpd
jintever the cohimUteje feels ls re
teimikp an cffectlvpfflghti
tiOnul Chairman Mnck SldVtoday
tliatvth6 icbnferchces today would be
< onflneil priiicipally to aiitntcrcliangp
Rif opinions of thp vririiius comiiilttee
FWfii thp plahsdraWiv foi the cain
that Mr Brytin Avpulel offer
I1 aelylce and counsel hefcirb tliclr
iptlpii Tho conimittecs1 will try tb
Jf 1111 furtlioi Increase publiciritcrcst in
fprinntloiiof dubs asthciiipstpbtcnt
< pr in brhiRlns about llitiieleeUph of
nryaii Ulwi the chibs and the
npcratlis press the national com
inUtwj3clependlngifor campaigivfunds
RW ftejrespuiises to the cal 1 tor money
Tas < Vpr3lng to Col AVetmdrejvbead
Stnnance bureau been verygrStl
tho Uny ln
S lllffc = nt national com
inittccmcn and tonight he will address
COnfC te Of 00 precinct
fommltocmcn of Chicago
Kn u Coiilainina < > 5000 Is So
fined AVhilc In Jtonto Iroiu
Silcm to Kulliiml
package cn
ua ° of th WellbFaigo
t Sxlem Oi bj J
rcl1cnt or thc CaPtnl Na
nf tlljt dn addiessed
oyc lt the Portla id hotel
C0nl llnlllB notcs ld otol
rcPpontlnSovei 530
Mika mlssllS That tho
th l Polflind from Salem
< lcltlq traln Kto
riclock on llle Sin of
1 establl < l hejond
bccll c of Itaftc that
noivs to tho
P lenoic
t01 > l 5 ilotectlves
Put to i veio
HV1 tlielt eftort to
a cl
I Ul2 Petuators of
bren cnthely un
< icatel In the foll6 lng
Sup Bcc ith of the
catch h n let
T4 n °
ot to
to the cTx
ds ls th5 ldent
S 21 al 30 P
fft thV u Aug 23
ll s
tnelfl ° > of the offica was
tl file iffv cuts and that
n took f Pack
at over 32000
His Remarks Are Being Scrj4tin
izedbyExperts on Cam
igns Future Plaiv
In Jlcmljilswiii AIooil Ho Conniare
Tliclf HctowlHo Iluit of French
Soldiers Under Xapolcnn
Sandusky Ohio Sept S William H
i To ft as the icacljr campalgnei ti
> IIQ Bhcn hlsisceond tiyout today
110 Islto speak f i om heie lotdlnclnniCl
Most of hlsspeechcs Will bemadefron
Uhdiear platfoimiot lsitialn and wii
tpiesent all shades otcondltions In ora
itoTkal ork N
tils list political cecli will be It
a thcatcHheie allhough he xvlll get hi
Solco arincd up bj un addioss to tin
lold boldlcis of the Dilt countj soldiers
Kct iihtspof Mi TaftN perform
unco todixj will bo sciullnlred mos
closely bj thu politicians uhose duty I
is to pass llnallv cm his future assjlfin
merits JiutheIicampaleii and In this fac
ls saldi to llo the leal Impoitance ol
HhqWaj i woikf Mi Tuft has prepaid
nono of tho Epeeehcs lie will delhri to
daj hib plan being to talk extempoi
ancoustyof the Issues
Besides the speeches his Itlnernij
calls foi uddi esses at Tiffany Caru >
Vhaiton Foiest Belltontaln Urban i
fopilnslleld Davlon and sit such othei
stops on his lino of tiael on the Bis
rout jioad from heie to his home cltj
at > maj lie iwaiianted by ithe crowd
presenting theniseles
Tn a icnilnlsccnt and hibtorlc mood
Jli Taft spoko foi 0 minutes thl <
moinlnff to mxn > of the 1504 Inmates
of tli > boldieisvHomailicioN poll
tlcsiwas mentldnijd by the caiidtdatehe
took occasion to Si9 cteclltto fcenatoc
roiak < i nndci hose administration as
soeinoi the home was elected
Thu notable fcituie oti Mi Taft
speech fas hh comparison of the sac
illlcotot the etqrins oC thls countiye
wars foi tho pilnciple of freedom with
the1 CtiHans of FiancP quartcied at
tlioAHotoJDo Inalldcs In Pails who
ihe said had been the iiisti umnnts ol
the nmbUloni of one man and hud not
fought foi laHvlnsrprlnclplf
Mr Taft was heceHed by the sol
dlejsjittei ho had becnMntroduccd by
CommanduiitJ J W Cline Ho spoke
the front steps of the home sui
rounded by lil3 lUdlenco which stood
Mis Tart ictalnPd hei scat in the
automobile which tool the party to thc
home1 Gen Kelfer and Gen Cotbln
lbotlf spoke Nto ithe soldleis following
Jli TaftUodav ycctlxecl affelegrifni
from Flank H Hitchcock stutlnjtithat
Wjlght hadi withdrawn hisi igubeina
toilal icandldacy In Tennessee ihlch
hod cle ircd up the Republicanteltuatlon
in that state
to Select State Ticket1
And Noininntc a
Tuoblo Colo Sept S The Demo
eiatic st ito comentlon called foi tlu
put pose of nominating t full stati
ticket and declaring the partys choice
foi United States senatoi to succeed
Senatoi Hemj Mi Tellei was called to
Older In the Gtand Opera House t
btatc Chaliman Milton Smith at II
oclock today The session was mark
eU as usual with a contest from Dcn
voi county between tho followers oi
CMajoi Robert W Speer and those ol
foi mer United St ites Senatoi Thoma
JI Paterson Chairman Smith an
nounced that theSpeei delegation fiom
Denver had been placed on the tempoi
aiy loll Othei contests lied were from
Las Animas El Paso and Conejo
State enatoi W H Adams of Cone
os countj as unanimously chosen to
be tempoiaij chad man
Alter selecting committees the con
ventloi took i icccss until 7 30 p m
Theio Is little likelihood that the war
ring Deiuoi Demociatb will be able to
lea ch an amicable settlement and the
mattoi will be fought out in the cre
dentials committee and on the floor of
the coiisention
There arc numerous candidates for
eeii office on the state ticket and
those as well as the choice foi United
States senatot will laigely If not en
tirely depend online outcome of the
Dem ei contest
San Traneisco Sept S Following a
IslW made > esteiday by John D
Spieckels to the offices of E II Har
iiniun It Is repoited this morning that
tho Oceanlc Steamshlp company rep
icsented bv Mi Sprcckles has arrang
ed to hell to thc Pacific Mall Steam
ship company connected with tho Har
rlman enterprises rthe bteamers Ven
tura Siena and Sonoma which weio
taken oft the run to Honolulu and Aus
tralia Geial months ago and which
hue1slnce been Idle It Is said to be
tho Intention of Mi Hxirlman to In
btltute with these Lbsels an express
bcrvlce to Anton and It Is pointed out
tint this arrangement will enable coast
biddeis to compete In the mattet of
supplies for the Panama canal
London Sept S The London news
papers continue to dibcussthe question
of 4 white Australia The TIITIPS In
an edltoiial thls nioijilng regftids Im
mlgiatlon t indr omlgiatlon present
ing between them the crucial
ptoblems confronting British statfs
mcn in the rwonlipth yccntuij
is f6r as coriceins Australia
The Timesprgues that there aic no In
dustiies n north Australia uhich Cf4
be conducted profitablyIby Thlte men
alone without support ft ora the state
and that is it is a political necessity
that this and similar territoiles bo
followed t would bt advisable foi
Australia to set aside national jealous
ies whichonly serve tochcck the need
ed stream of immigration5
3 he Times contends that the thm
has not ypt arrlv e l when tho colonies
can dispense with the piotectlon of
the Bijtish nay thpiefore Australia
must iccognize her lesponslbillty and
fnxirro her policy with qvery possible
consideration of the difficulties it cre
At ° s elsewhcie for the mother coun
Detectives Are at Work at Oyster
> Bay Probing Incidentof
It yviis llvuitl by Picslileiit mid h >
H 1orlc Banker Wdo
Ovster Bay Sept S Sensational
roporls that aiii attempt lind been
made to shoot PiPsldent Roosevplt
apparently lnye their origin In thc
fact that lh hunting beacon has
fOpeupd on Long Island and theio h
consldeiable shooting dally In thu
g dlstilcts Close investigation
falls to show that there liils jueen any
ovqit act dliectcd against tho piest
ilfflt It is ifls custom to ride out
pveiy clay co > erlng vailous loutcs Irl
the countryhlde and it is not unusual
for him to encounter paitics of hunt
el H Also there is a shooting club
Which engages In taiget piactlse not
far from Sagamore hill
Mr Loeb secretaiy to the president
said today It was not believed for a
moment that anyone had stried to do
liaim to Mr Roosevelt No attention
whatever was belnc paid to the matter
officially ho tbaid
Oyster Bay N Tf SoplS A scareh
1 ing investlgAtlon is being made today
to determine tho eheumatancps giving
lifo to tho rcpoit that a shot wag flied
fiom ambush upon Piesldent Roosevelt
last Satuiday Evciy foot of ground In
Mho vicinity whcic the attempt Is al
leged to have been made is being gone
over and the closest quest Is prosecuted
to ascertain jvhether or notany poison
to whom suspicion attaches was seen
In the viclnltysoC Oyster Bay about the
Hlme the shot Is said to have been fired
Actoidlnir to the btory In clirulatlon
h < ro a shot was filed from a clump of
1 bushes near the roadside while tho
i president and a friend weio retaining
from a horseback ilde last Satuiday
Tho ippoit of the shot came from eloso
at hand It Is said and aftei the first
shock of surprise which caused the
president to urge hlshoise foi ard Mr
Roosevelt tuined abiuplly about and
Kpicpaiedto dismount and insh on foot
Into tho thicket He was dlssuaded by
his friend howevoi and they galloped
iUway to Sagumoie Hllli
No infoimatlon at all rcgaidlng thc
i incident came from the piesldents
home or the executive offices here but
it appeals Inlthe htory as later told that
CamlllenVeldenfeld a New Yorlribank
er was dilng < wlthMis Wcldenfeld In
the YiefnltyiiiiidpVvasa WitneSjS to the
occurrence Thc JVYeldenfplds w ere in
aprivatecarilagetiand Jhcy are also
said to haVe hcaid theirepoittof tho
shot and to have > wltnessed the pxcited
actions of theiiprosident1 and Jils com
panion which Immediately followed NO
ono has been found yet however who
saw tho man who Is said to havc flieil
the shot The general opinion seems to
be that if a shot was fired It was by
some hunter who was totally unaware
of the presence of the oprostdent In the
lclnlty Even If theMiiamlatcr leained
of the conateinatlon whlclnhls actions
caused It Is maintained there Is lltle
likelihood that bo would come fot waul
with his version of the story at this
time because of the notoriety which
would follow tho disclosuie of his iden
Maj Wadsworth a cousin of tho
spcakpr of the New York assembly was
riding with tho president Saturday
when the shooting was heaid The ma
jor said today that the president and
he were loturning fiom a brisk ilde
to Cold Springs Haibor and were about
to tuin from the cove load Into the
load leading through thc W Emlen
Roosevelt estate to Sagamore Hill when
they heard a shot It seemed to come
from a point neaiby and the president
lemaikcd that someone must be at tar
get practise JIaj Wadsworth said
nothinc more was thought of the shoot
Ing until the picsldent and he Avent in
bathing in Cold Spring Haibor when
both the president and he again heard
shots The major added that it was his
lmpi bblon that someone was Miooting
at a target Ho expressed the opinion
that the president started an Investiga
tion for the major learned that Jack
Roosevelt a son of W Emlen Ttoose
velt had l > en shooting at a target back
of the house
Maj Wadsworth bald they did not
connect tho arrest of John Coughlin
with the shooting He does not believe
an attempt was mode to shoo tho pres
New York Sept S Camlllo Welden
feld the Wall street broker said to
day that IIP heard the shot which was
alleged to have been intended for the
Iipaid no attention to It however
ho added The president and his
friend both on horseback passed ut >
ahd doubtless wore a bundled yaids
away when wo heard thc shot Had
we feared it wasineant for him we
would hae turned back but WP did
not It is incorrect to btate that Mi >
Weidenfeld made u remark to tho effect
that It was an attempt to kill the presi
Inline Detective Vtho Called on Presi
dent Is Known to Police
Boston Sept R The police of this
city believe that John Coughlin who
was ai rested bv seciet yeivlce agents
atOyster Bay yesterday while attempt
ing to secure an Inteivlew with Presi
dent Roosevelt Is John Coughlin of
Walpole Mass who has been missing
from ihl home In that town for about
10 days Ills home heie Is near the
WalpoleFox borough line and not fur
front tho Fox borough home of Inebil
utes Theman arrested at OystepBay
said that he hadsbeenan inmate of an
insane asylum In Walpole but there la
no such Institution in the town Of
ficials ot the Foxi borough hospital said
todaV that no person reamed John
Coughlin had evcr boen an inmate of
their institution
Mineola L I Sept S Coughlin was
examined by Dr Frederick A Wright
of iGlcncove tand Tr H G iYVuhllg ot
Seacllff who scle appointed for that
purpose by thc overseer of th < f picsii
dent Coughlin TV asdisinclined to talk
today butjesteiday wheivarrestedde
clared he wa s trying to see the presi
dent to tdellvcf a message about the
cilminalH who weie shot In the battle
with the Bostonupolice force at Forest i
Hillcemetery tome time ago Coughlin
said fce vas 35 yearsiold He wearsa
AmidLoWeringClouds and Fall
Jng Raln Children Wade
Through1 the Mud
Attendance at High School Beats
Last v YearsfRecord by
51 Students
Iii ftijej Gradc Sclieiols liovvevciy u
To iBiicUiYVcailVer
An1d lenvMjrIiig eipiidS arid falling
TalnVnearlyi iJpOOpupjls with > eluctant
step5presentViltiicmselyes atthcdpbrs
or the yarlgusidlstrTctr
city at 9 oclcick jtliisjnieirnirig tbentor
agajnv uppn the elrearif rpilna of dally
study All toosoon the months Lpt va
cation baVp piisscel fprtiie ittieones
and ihe lleetlngfrsummer days have
brpught Iiitlielr iWiikb the autuniri
vviien tlie leaves l36ginio fall and the
J6y romthqsvrjnniVnB hole aiid jtho
The xipenjhe of the selibois1 Was
marked by rt less attehdaiice than the
opening eff liistyjiaiy Tlil swasiidpiibt
Jcssifeliie to thestprniy SYeatlier as ai
drizzling raiii whleh begaiifalling
about JQ 6clpbklastiilglit rcontinucclito
jnpl3teh thpatnipsphere with Its wbtr
iiess Last yearsrcgistratlpnfoptcd lip
12867 oirthp first elaysjopohlnjj sbs
slon wlille tlib figuresctlilsnioriilrig
exclusiyeprthb ililgli schooli whlclVis
cxcepted iii both pasesii 8liowed a tolol
bflIi542rovrS25 feweritiahtlibicglatra
tioi > jjiif jast year ipuntliig the high
schpolrpgstratipiilast yiuiiv the total
rjuijiber pf piipllsj begnrihgJvjlth theJ
yearwas 13385 At Wtbjjlibiir tlils
afternppn the rcglsjtratioffntthe IilKli
jjclibpl was givenaS5li9inal > ing aitp
tal of l2611VpiipilSresisteiied in7tlie
Echp6lsmiincd v
VrFpllpvyiiigarcitnb flguFes pft
istrfitlbn pfipupilsrfthisjiipriilng ylth
a mparativ HtateinentHpf itlip regls
tratlph of last yearr >
Sciicipi f yvvi908p isbf
Bphlipyiliei Wiivv 8 S
Bvytuil w 2SS
Einersbn Vi 55I 650
FranlilhY v vviviftiGOS illi
jFfcmbnt vi > 3T2
GrantVviivV ifX i iaS iJW6
JHamllion < f + Avw 720 X 700
acli oiivVVS K1iKvyiviv J TISV i7 6
LaKc Breeze s 20 J7
Unctflu M5t 000
JvOiigfellpw 201 Ite
Lowell S01 S03
Oncciua 3SS 340
Jordan k 44 57
lOqulrrh 73u 779
Poplar Grove 279 30S
Riverside 432 i43
Sumner 655 622
Twelfth 6S as
Union 175 251
Wawitcli 539 6SS
Washington C06 74
Waterloo 241 207
Webster 690 776
Training school 2SG 295
Total 11512 12367
High school 1609 1018
Grand total 12611 13385
Corridors Filled < o OverfUminp With
Prospective Students This Morning
The Latterday Saints univeiMty
opened for legistration thls morning
and tomorrow the college term of stud
ies xyill begin During the morning the
corridors of the university weio crowd
ed to overilovvlng with prospective stu
dents and their parents Tho authori
ties of the institution state that never
before have the building been so crowd
ed at the first registration and that they
fully expect to have a larger registra
tion roll this year than lust especially
in the business college
During the summer vacation the li
brary facilities have been improved
to thp extent of 1000 and repairs huvo
been made upon tho buildings and
grounds to the extent of 10000 The
large memorial room in t tho Young
building has been subdivided into four
smaller rooms which will Jbo used for
The force of Instructors hjis been ma
terially increased and te uirangoment
of tho course in physical frainlng and
physiology has been changed In the
fntuio that course will bp Conducted in
two sections one for inufes and tho
othor for femalps Special instructors
ot the latter sex have been added to
the university staff The fallowing
list of Instrueteors f identified with
the Institution last year me this year
qngaged otherwise L J Home now
superintendent oC the Lund Home for
Boys G K Anderson who Instiucted
In geology the last term Is employed
liy tho U S government in China R
Bircl who instructed in book keep
ing has gone into business J II Smith
ivho Instructed in the science depart
ment Is in Germany onm mission
sThe following have been added to the
faculty ot Instruction for the coming
term1 Frank K Seegmiller Gorman
T Leo Marshall physical training
Ana Ncheker physical trafhtng
Mona Wilcox English idam Bennlon
English AlfQtZO iZ Tanner zoology
and physiography George R Hill
Vgrjcultun Anna Grant assistant In
Jomostlc fclence
Thc incoming students arc making
ill preparations forOie coming scmes
pd snfl the inquiries after accommo
lations how that many stu
lonts from outside Salt Lake will rcg
ster this year
Cincinnati O Sept S ConRressmnrx
Nicholas Longworths twoSlory brick
itabla nt his Grandlu inoad jlioriie was
ompletely destroyed byjfire oarly today
uislnir a loss estimated tu SOOOO With
lie Htiblcf wore burned nve earrla os
mt the lor > es and sqrvants who slept
n the stable got out pafolv
Hr andltrs Lontrivorth had Hiht re
urned fioni a party wncn the flre was
andykeibeard and makes a rather dis
Ingulshed appearance
Mineqla Ti I Sept S JolirT Cough
Iff the armcd man who wras arrested
vhile attempting to reach the presi
lent at SagaTnore Hill yesterday wi >
xamined bi two physicians today and t
ironouriced Insane He wlllbosentlo I
jTasylumiatKInjrsParlviLjong1 Island J
Miss Anna Littlefair Passes
Away at Dr Grooves L D S
Hospital This Morning
Jlail Just J5ctiirncd from u Trip to
Jo an and Jumped from
Vlovlnj Street Cur
Miss Anna Llttlufalr of Lognn
sister to Mrs Joseph William Taylor
Who fell beneath a street car at 1130
oclock Monday night with tho result
that tho amputation of both feet was
necessary died this morning at 9lo
oclock at the Groves L D S hospltalC
The accident ijappcncd diieeUy in
front of the Bridge drug store IS south
Main street and the Injured woman
was taken immediately into tho drug
stoic1 where tiimpoiury aid was ren
dered In the courfc ot 20 minutes sho
was taken to the hospilal where Dr
Landonberger performed the operation
Miss Llttlefah had just returned from
Logan to Salt Lake and was accom
panied by Joseph William Taylor her
brotherinJaWi who earlier in tho day
had gone to Logan that he might make
the return trip wlthhor and she and
LMr Taylor came from tho Oregon
Short Lino depot on a special car sent
by th < company to handle the depot
crovvd5 in charge of Conductor A
E Blumberg and Motorman T Cun
ningham The car was crowded so that
Mr Taylor remained on the platform
and Miss Littlefair took a seat Inside
Mr Taylor alighted from the car at
Main and South Temple streets but his
sisterinlaw did not know that they
had readied their destination and con
sequently remained on the car until she
became aware that llr Taylor was
motioning to her from the outside Sho
Immediately rote from her scatj and
started for tho front rif the car which
by thisHlme had started down Main
streqt T Cunninghamrthe molormain
says he warned her not to step off but
that she refused tolisten tohim and
despite the effortfiotGeorge Baxter of
1027 Seventh East street who took hold
ot her arin she stepped down to the
platform and owing to the wet slip
pery1 condition ot the powment she
slipped and fell rolling toward the car
sto that before It could be brought to a
standstill the rear trucks had passed
overibbth legs
drug storei4li front ofwhlcbr the acci
dent happened Miss Anna Anderson
a slsterinilaw of O II Hewlett a
mirse at StMarks hospital was aboard
thecar arid was the first to try to re
lieve the suffering woman It was pome
time before Drs J S and Ralph Rich
ards arrlved with the ambulance In
ther meantime Jlr Carston had taken
off his suspenders and manufactured
a crude tourniquet with which to
stanch the flowof blood
AS soon as the accident occurred the
police were notified and tho patrol wag
on was hurried to the scone but It was
Impossible to remove the Injured worn
an in an open conveyance in a down
pour of rain
Miss Littlefair was 53 years old and
was born in StoektononToas Durham
England She is survived by three sis
ters Mrs J W Taylor Miss Jennie
Littlefair and another married sister
who live In Cache valley a on Wil
liam Quaylc a brother John Littlefair
The deceased was divorced some yeais
aso from a Mr Quaylc and afterward
took her maiden name
The body will be sent to Logan for
Race Riots Are Feared By the Police
In Kansas
Kansas City Sept S Since the
killing of a white man by a negro hero
ast Saturday there has been a grow
ing alarm of a racu war among tho
olored population and the police have
earned that many of them are pur
chasing firearms A pawn broker on
East Eighteenth street reported that
he negroes had purchased all the
shotguns rifles and revolvers in his
store besides a large amount ot am
Robert Thomas a negro was arre
> d afa circus yesterday for carrying
i revolver to protect his colo Robert
vldupln another negro probably fat
illy wounded himself while cleaning a
evolver which It Is believed ho intcnd
d to cairy for his own protection
Excited groups of colored men have
> ecn dispersed by rollcij but no violence
ias occurred
to Cure It by Drinking WliMcy
And SimiMiliis Furniture
Suffering fiom a cold J W Wilson
salesman aged 25 years started In
ust evening to uura the affliction by
rlnklnga largo quantity of whisky in
its room at tho Orplieum roomliighotifco
n Stato street Ho was assisted In Ills
ftorts by a companion named R S
VriRht ari engineer ngfd 24 years
ytiether tlie man succeeded or not cah
iqt be determined but after drinking
lie whisky lie concluded that tho next
Ourso of treatment consisted ot sinash
n > un tho furniture and was milking
rent hcudwav In carrying out his befud
led ideas when the police wcru rallcd
olicfMiien Itlpley ami liroWn hurried
o the house and jilaccil botli young men
mdcr arrest They were locked up for
runkenncsK and destroying property
ml were rcleiibo this nionilnir on 53
iaii each
The executive committee ot the Salt
aki fall carnival announces that iu
Itations to participate In the parade
ave been ent to the following Salt
< al > Automobile club Utah Stato Au
onioblle clubSalt Lakc > rivers club
net inany private owners of autonib
llcs and vehicles The stipulations for
nterlng the parade are that vehicles
liistbojdecoratcd with lowers natural
r artificial and that no pnijited sign
f advertisement of any character be
sed AJ1 plgns aneT advertisement
lust i > e done In lowers Tho mer
hahts through whleji streets the par
do willTpass vvill be requested to dec
rate1 thc front ot their stores witn
owora <
Conflagration Caused by Explo
sipn of a Coal Oil
Car Pulled Onto Sidius Where It
Jiiirned to tiroiim Mail and
Bnpgagc Lost
1 Special to tho
Brlghani City Sept 8 Shortly
after 8 ocloelc this morning a com
binationmall and baggage car on the
Maine branch of the O S L was
burned at Fielding An oil lamp in
thc mall department of the coach
exploded and In an instant the In
terior of the car was a mass of
The mull clerk made his way
through blinding smokes to the boll
cord and brought the train to a stand
htill It was at once seen that tho
flro wa beyond UH control and the
car was hastily switched onto a side
track In a short time nothing that
would burn remained All the mail
and baggage wore completely de
Tho hair of the cleric was badly
singed and ho lost ils cap and valise
Xo one was hurt
Fielding Is about 20 miles north of
BHgham City
San Francisco Sept S Tho pugilis
tic carnival of this week vyhercin pos
session of two worlds championships
were yesterday at stake will have its
climax tomorrow afternoon at Colma
where Battling Nelson will defend his
right to the lightweight championship
and Joe Galls will endeavor to regain
the laurels lost to the Dane in their last
encounter The prompters of the match
confidently expect that the receipts will
exceed the 13300 ttaken in yesterday
at the AttcUMorun gate Roth con
testants wcre present at yesterdays
light and received more attention
foraifcvv moments than was shown tiro
Nelson lant night weighed a frac
tion ovor 133 pounds and expects to re
duce that figure without dieting Thti
light road work of yesterday Is to be
repeated today Gans is exactly at
weight and will confine his tralnliiR
work today to a short run and light
gymnasium work Betting Is brisk at
10 to G with Nelson the favorite
Opinion as to the relative inoits ol
tho flBhters jappearsjns evenly divided
as when they lnatnjctvSuppprtdrsOl
iGanstjcblitciidlhg thtitL he wasfjiot in
proper condltlohnvhenhelnst the title
expect him tokeep Nelson at a great
er distance while the Danes admirers
count confidently on his aggressive
rushing and ability to absorb punish
ment to gain him the victory
Over SuflcriiiKi Tliey
Jump from AVindows of
Their Homes
Xew York Sept S Two women one
grieving over tho death of her favorite
son the other despondont because of
illness leapeel to death today from
windows In their homes Mrs Mary
Ann Rolsch Jumped from the dining
room window of the second floor of her
home ii Seventh street imd suffered
internal injuries from which sho died
shortly afterward Her son Joseph
aged 2 was drowned while on his va
cation about two weeks ago and since
that the mother had been Inconsolable
over her loss Although sho was con
staittly watched sho finally eluded the
vigilance of her family and ended her
life The other suicide was Miss Lillian
Reynolds aged 50 for many years
assistant matron at tho Messiah Home
inWest Chester
She hurled herself from a fourth
story window of an apartment In Kast
Seventeenth street and was Instantly
killed For years Miss Reynolds had
suffered from nervous troubles
IV > Get It Hollander BroughtIlls 13
Children to America to Grow Up
Now York Sept S President Roose
clt would have been delighted had
lie been on the HollandAmerican line
pier when the steamship Rotterdam
ilocked and welcomed William M
Branderhorst his laughlntr wife and 13
lappy robust children Branderhorst
vho is only 3S left his native town ot
SoordbrabantHolland besalel to come
o America where he woulel have room
noush to raise a really big family and
iVhere there would be opportunity for
ils children to grow up and expand
Lhe 13 he asserted are only a begln
ilng Holland is a fine country he said
and I love it but for a man who
vants o ralso a big family It Is too
ramped 1 am a firm believer in tho
iritlracc suicide eloctrino advanced by
President Roosevelt and hearing that
here was plenty of farm land here I
nlked it over witli my wife anel wo
ame The country offers opportunity
o my children they could no t get in
lolland AVe are lioth young and hope
he family will Increase in the future
us it has In the past
The Holland farmer brought his fam
ly over as cabin passengers having
hiring his 20 years of married life
unasseel something beside a record
jreaking family He will go as far
vest as Belle Iowa whero he will eith
er take up farming or Center some
ither business TOf the 13 children nine
ire girls and the rest boys The oldest
s 19 the youngest three months
It Jcvcloj s in LcRllaliiro Over Hie
Scimtii > lilp JIglit
De Moliies la Sept S A deadlock
n the Ipwa lejlslnturc over tho United
States senatorshlp was made certain
vhen the house voted ut noon Cum
iilns received 11 votes Thirtyone
Democrats voted for Porter Twcnty
ight stand patters scattered tholr
otes The senate this afternoon will
lo the same Tbq standpattnrs each
rmouiiecd astlie reason for heir ac
loii thati they thought the selection
hould be delayed until after the peo
> le expross a choicd at the November
Mpf if
I ll
BelmonUlotel Where 100 Guests
iWere Asleep Is Scene of
Terrible Conflagration
They Were Shut Off fromAII Es
cape Through theBurningof
Stairways and s
ircroie Fireman Visiting In
Saves Many Iues by Inelucing
diesis to irump Iroin WJnrtovT1
Denver Colo Sept S Four men
lost their lives and a scoie of persons
weie injured sovral of them seriously
in a file that gutted the Bclmqnc
hotel A tin eo story building at ifio
Stout street this inoining
Edvvardjipprbfc igpd SE real tstat
aiseht Philadelphia Jellied by jumping
John D Kane CplonunV Springs
George Bpdle MlddlbtpvynN Y idica
at hospital ofInjuries isiuatairiecl jliii
jumping v
Gcorga Ott Dodgti Cltjv Kah dicu
at hospital pf injuries sustained > hv >
jumping V ii
TI113 iNJURIEm > j
Williarii ljvyis brakenian iiudly
burned abbutvfacoarid breastjDyvilliellpi
Mrs AVi A I > anhuin badlyvbiiri od
about tjie Ilice and ehtlrb bpdyJ
V A liariliani haiidS aiVel fiieeV
PI Bavydenr city clerk of Silvcrtpjii
Colo tVvo scalp vyounds jumncd frbhi
second story v y
O KKlingcr printer and fprmcrly
properletbi pfthejSilycrton Slandiirdiv
back vvrciiched in Jumping freiiif sec
ond story
Xlharlcs F Stewartcandyniaker Jcft
wrist bipkeri anerbriiisesrbsiilthigfrohi
jump from third story window T gf
Melyin Pa rka Illllsdfiie Wlchv Iser fa
Ions burnsT on race farins iindOlegoK
Mrs liydirt Parker badly buriiediaiit
bruised <
Eelvyard Kelsoe hands and faca
burned <
Thomas Taylor ptpe inanviE
JCo C brnkeiiankiis
Tnaflreijrjpke out nt 3rlGahi > roiiV
thethlel fibbr aiiel aprcad iwitlij
arnazlng rapidity Nearly 100lgue tiV
> ybrbrsleeplnglri > thehpiiseand > many
i qtithein tbunelall meansJptjegressfcUt S
irer YlJQnarpuSidkjr tl
tbtpereoM jumjJeelnfrptn wrndpvvHVb fjr
iforeilip flre idepartmSht siifrlVeep
Atahy1 others werbScarrleiai dbvnicxten
slpn ladders by flemeh and pblleemeifi
working In trplaysiv Tlip whole jiear
pbrtlbnjot thbTbiilldtrig Ori wlilbli weref
two fire escapbs riaiVjveil as the stair
way was eiulckly burned aWa > v SeyJ
eral herpic rescues were observed ibyifii
acrovVd pf mprp than 1000spebtators
who stood In thestreet watching the
Moore jumped from a third story
window and his braJns werpd aSljcU
oiit vyhoii ho strucki the paycmerit
Ho cainp to Deiiver for hishealtlv
about slici months ago from Phlladbr
pliiii where hehnel been engagedrfn
the real lestutebuslhess
Patrick Treaciwpll a fireman pt1
Cripple Creek Coio who vaasleep
Ing in tlip hotet when the firb started1
Is crodlted With having saybel at least
JO lives by ihduclng entrapped gucsiJs
to jump from the upper story winy
elows acrpss a fiyp foot alley to tho
roof of an adjoliiirig bullllner and
catching them hi his iiirmsr Moray
than a score pf persons jumpejd frpni
Windows before the Wre clppartmehtj
In the opinion of bfificlals of thqj
1ro department the hotel was setyatlrpv
ind a rigid Inyestigatiph Is beliipj1
niade Arlthln the last vvpek hall
it doxen fires believed to have beriii
of Inceridlaiy origin have occurred at
rooming liouses in thisiplty
Tho damage to the building is os
timaied at JUOOOO
riiej Galher in Xcw Vork to Discuss
Intricate Problems o
Tho Palate
Xew York Sept S How best to ap
> > asp tho palatewlll be the allabsorb
ng topic at Terrace Garden today
vhen the eighth annualconvention pt
he International Stewards association
ivlll meet for a three days session
Several hunelred elolegates represohtrps
Itles In the Tinted States Canada and
Mpxico arrived In New York yesterday
md last night
Probably the most jinportant question
0 be considered by the convention is
he feasibilityot establishing a school
f commercial cooking In connection
vlljv the AVlnbnh Technical school at
ndlanapolis If the recommendation of
1 spcelnl committed meets with ap
iroval a fund of 50000 will bo raised
Acting Mayor McGowan will deliver
in address rof welcome to the delegates
his morning which will be responded
o by AV H Morris of Chicago presl
lent of the association The rest of the
lay will be taken up in the appbiiit
nent of committees
It Starts AVIicn Stpam3onrs i
FexjtliKlitsasStufcq Effect
New York Sept S An audience of
abor Day tlieatbr goers the majority
f whom vvere women trembled on tlip
eiRe of a panic at the Lyric theater
esterelay when steam used as a stagq
ffect poured across the footlights givi
is every one fin impression It hat a firp KMS
ad sttirted behind tlip scenes
AH persons in the densely packed bali Jirjlj
ony leapeel to their feet A few jvon ert iM1
i ilie front rows started for the elbbrs
rlshtenliig the people in the orchestr v S
ho house vas dark and some of tho jrtj
lore tlnild women in the orchestrh jw0
iislictl for the aisle Ainan with gbbel 4s
snse iShouted froin tlio back rpws that yj
he supposed smoke was only steam
hd sternly conimanded tlie wombn to
p seated A fevv made their way put ff K
t the theater but after that the audi T
ncc settleel down and the pla > proceed
H vltUbutfuvthbr scares i i

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