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c S
4I ign RHi oiscuss
Hffiullil HJ AUEH
Schorn Denounced as Pernicious
L In a Resolution Passed
Last Night
> x C S 3Iattln Only Member of JJoud
I > Of rducillon Who Did
lf S Xot Vole
1 Shall tlio women of the undcnvoild
V tie lomoved to the West Side The pros
and cons of this question were discus
4 > ed almost until midnight Tuesday at
< Ii 1 th2 regular monthly meeting ° C the
i l > TJoardof education After heals of din
k V 1 cussion the following evolution was
4 V ndoptcd bya vote of eight C S Mar
Vj V V V tin passing his ote V
4 V VVV V Whereas definite pi ins hao been
V devised by certain individuals for the
VV removal to tho West side of tho V omcn
V V V V IV of tho underworld and
V AVhereas ceitaln buildings special
V ly adapted to the immoral purposes
4 t contemplated by these plans uo near
V V V V ins completion and
Whoieas this rendezvous of Immor
V ally drunkenness and dime Is bought
iV V to bo planted In j residence district
V V and between two public highways lead
V Ingdliectly east and weat to and Horn
4 V certain sShools and in thn midst of
tho honiCH of hundtccls of > school child
icn whose lives und morals cnnnot
V but bo endangered and soilously at
M V jectedi by the contaminating Influence
Vi1 V V flint mould emanate fiom fiuqh a place
i now therofor6 bo It
V f VV Kesolved by the boaid of education
V ° f Salt Lako City That Mo denounce
V ahlfpfecheniP ns pnrnlclom and subver
V V slvoitoUhointdrcijlt of the school chlld
9 V ron living wcht on Beyond West and
j V V a ° now commend the effoi ts of the pat
V cnts Indolng jvhit lies In their power
tVV ck the Progipsg or this sememe
V VVtl1iSfflICflIH that the entire hoard ec
ii copt one IsslrJctlv oppo d to tine 10
V > ° Lioftho red light district ana that
VV V tne samo will be pposcd with all their
j After tho current buslncHS of the
rF inonth u motion was made that the
jefiOUtlonconcerning tho red light dH
I > tri t be referred to the commute of
V V tha whelp which wa < i cairlcd andan
V open discussion followed CS Martin
In V vras the fiust rupoti the floor and the
only iinonibor for thorboard to oppose
the pausing of tho resolution
1 V AGAINST flrsortjTjo
i V w Several months
experience and toony
44 tV 4 venIrnrstt1L1con1enilIng tine red light
u VV district have convinced mo declared
lt lL at rtt that it 1 s very dinlcult
n tOjldcato tho bounds of tho same Tho
traveling 13dbfltO continually being
V accosted I ask you what kind of a
i 4 V city havo wo ihoie It seems to bo
iVJ moiailyibadwndtt am told that it tray
ij elei cannot wullcfioin the Knutsford
nt i to Secbnd South streot but ho will bo
V i approached1 by from 1 to 12 women 1
c am KUio that geritlomcn are baling ac
V V fio ted by these Women and had you
tlmolto investigate proyo It and
i show you V that any other section of the
city willtbo moio agiecablo than the
V pipscnt location where they would be
l away as much as posslblo from the
publlel Then ifitho lulfa li Vstabllshed V
VjV V that thy wlllVnotbo allowed to carry
V V onTbtislnosii1huhjJother part of tine
k cltyMt will bo po slhlo to wmy out at
ei V Jiouso olcttnlns in general Tile lall1
ipaas n ojtojtako thoUerrltory between
1jt VVJoUrt1I1uIcl Sixth West ttrncts nid
il1 ItnncletrlnIfonnL to tInat dis
4 trICtI1V iI be only coal yards arid
arohouses V V
Perhaps youtftlUari not awaio that
i i V Ih hat vicinity noyr there exists o lit
I tin Ita1yand1ao < far as tlio schools go
1 thero will be very few school chlld
rqn from thatsdlstrlct and the nearest
V school Wil1V not bo c1oscrVthaIn two and
aihaltiblocka vClllldion who pass thoro
now ill not pass thoro then And
i when > thoy jdp pass tho red light dis
trict will boftatnestt
4At present youngbois are contln
tlimllv Balking through the dlstilet and
it lgntriK aiouna while iho parents have
tcD inojldeo in what sort of a locality their
n children are miming around
i C 4ouci
v And I can say that in the last four
OTOnths I have novor soon a policeman
1y V fin that district If the district is moved
4v it vvill be got out of the way and clill
V Jdien will riot t > o brought in contact
Ii yith it Will It bo as bad If these wom
en are placed behind a barrier and not
V pcimlttcd outside tho wall
Itt I Saloons Mill bo established but it
4 eannot ho orso than it li now There
ii arc houses on Flist South stieotat this
1 very moment of a nature where boys
1 V V nnd girls may go In at any hour of the
q night It wo acknowledge it wo can
i V rKuard tigalnU it A plucvj could not bo
1 Bflocted that It would hurt lesa than
i tho district now proposed
PAVOU nnsox UTioN
V Mr A G Giauoue took the floor and
VHic V Bpoke with some for < H upon Impiaoll
l callty of the arguments of his compa
i 4 < i it possible s ild ho to confine
lii theso women In a limit Ftom my own
peilenco I doubt it and am certain
zVl V that1 it cannot be done To say that all
ot tho P women can bo confined vlthin
yi V the I tin itn of a single block is almost
an absurd tile Do you mean to nay
V that tho better class of tho o i0men
1p If thero Is a better clibb will be Jn tded
Into a ooiuil Why Is It allowed to ex
V 14 ist ut all if the law can n > ach tlicm
IVh CCho moro pinsperous nil applj tlieir
trfide as they apply It today If tho
V police opccl to mdlfst tlioiu whj not
V enforce tine laU There Is no aigument
n V V
Quality in
V Candy
1 s nlore important than
w v quality in things we do
nol eat Thats why
so much quality is put
WI Sweet s
j hV Society V
V 54 pound 30c Full pound 60c
For the
Sick Room
Hospital or
Household V
That you would expect to
fi dinan uptoflaSe drug
store Prices always rea
V sonable V
Prescription1 >
And Carefully S
Promptly Filled g
V The Pure Dm Dupensary
V 112114 So Mam Street
In favoKof moving that district the
west side The pcoplo on the vest side
have homes theyfliQ established there
and If this district is moved there who
will buy thom uutf Never impose upon
any neighbor the UcBratlatliln of hav
ing such a class for neighbors Ido
not belJovo that school boyo congregate
V there > V
thereWhat V V
What will he Urn effect upon the
young people Of that Incalityi Ills a
shame to cust a vote to destroy tbc
honest children of hdnest people
° Who will reniovi UIOHC people
The city council has not the author
ity Huro Mr Murtln IntrjTUtited
City qfflclnlH haVo salj Control
this olement rdi r them out of the
J idileiii district that thfey may con
trol thorn V V
At this Juncture Mr Martin was
asltcd If ho agreed with HIP Ilcv IJr
Short that ihli vu a Sodom and
Oonimorah Mr Martin replied that
tii Rov Dn Short 1idllif Wlros
crossed to an extent
JIJ Newman expressed Ils
opinion in the following terms
Not ono but the poor wish to Ilv6
Ihi this district 1 iiidoratand rcfipect
nblci workman wish VtiV live noar their
work IH not this tho case Then
the more wo should protect tho poor
Jt the gintlh rUmjol on tho wofct
Hide ho would probably hot advocate
JtliO measure Th < 5 police can take care
of thorn hotter now than they over
can I ii stockade andwhat Is month
tlfo city haH no authority to force
them lo go Should tho board ho ten
flerlootcd ashanipd to stop this It we
can r 1eepjt hdiiJtJs IfIt must
bo kept under police supervision
tifl J T Hammond took the floor
Thoboard should onlytconsIddKlhls
question i as it1 effect tho ptibllu
schools r If Wo could by a resolution
wipe out the district from thocity t
would only bo top luippy tl cast u
votp In that direction but as ttls tho
point for lis tbdisduss Is Us effoqt on
the schpolV The establishment of I
this dlstrlct will acUasTa1sanction nnd
11 mark md lh i attentionof the chil
dren will bo callod to1 I tW
Judgejn < fiHolnlorson president of
V HLPt1 sld nl
Vt hobgnldellfrlkI1I ldif V
Thero JsjnoL I 11 single I ietL mjrj r 1
gumont mfavor of not adopting this
resolution ho dpclarcd < 0 dedl
cato a block to tine pOssibility of tak
Ing1 tho overlqw of the citys slums
wllUnot rtocrcnso red light district
but inillflply It It is bettor in tho
city thah wlioro young men can sneak
ln through a railroad yard Tho qiies 1
Hlon has been put as If th6 pooplo
must liavo this thing and aro looking
for property for the mtmo c1L1
tbottor concoalnd In tho vicinity of tine
poltcoltatlcm it Is an outrage on tho
board that ltt should bo put near a
school building and ahoutrago on tho
west sldo people that their property
shouldbo rUlned without giving hem
proper componaatlon The block on
whlch it stands will sell well I tiiv r
io passing of thb losolvp
Oberndorfcr expressed himself
shortly as being In favor of thq adbp
thin of tho resolution and was fol
lowed by Mathonlhnh V ThqinaH who
also expressed himself for the passing
of the resolution
Mr QIauque showed that there wcrn
S4T children of tho bchool ago besides
other children who lived in blocks B2
1361 48 and 51ln the vicinity of the
proposed district
A voto was taken and tho resolution
wits adopted
All bids received for tho erection o f
the 18room fireproof school building
the Walker site wero rejected by tho
hoard and now bids wIlt ho receIved up
to Sept 25 rue reason for the rejec
tion nC the bids IS that pome changes
have been nuule in the plans There
w cio two ilrms bidding IJI1lhS work
who failed to enclose certified checks
with their bids and It Is understood
thc action wns taken partly for tho
purpose of permitting thc Q paitles to
bid on tho work properly V
V l committee on buildings and
grounds made a report which was
adopted containing recommendations as
Janitors Thomas Leslie transferred
from IjIniOln to Soleneo C P Glatiriue
from Waterloo qtQLlncoli1W W Phil
llp appointed engineer at ixmoll A
Potorson transferred from Ixnvell to
IHorsldoJ A Williamson from
Riverside toHnnuierl ft Price ap
pointed to Waterloo CL W lodgers
appointed engineer at high school Rob
ert Stoker transferred from Poplar
Grove to Monroe
Tho hoard accepted the plans forth
V Rlverfldo school and bids for tho work
on the structure will ho received un
til noon of Oct 6
1 The report of the committee on
teachers and school work wns adopted
The report rpcommopded the appoint
ment of Marie Horkhdfil to succeed Ger
trude Holly resigned in tho commer
cial department thr high school that
Sarah I Martin be released from her
contract as a tcticher the appointment
a < II teacher of Amelia Thompson
awarding a scholarship Kmma ludd
and ordering two new plnnon ono for
the Waterloo and the other for the
Lowell ktndergttrtoii departments
Two Permit Usnctl for HuHdlngs to
Citizens Investment Co
Two building permits wero Issued
to the Citizens Investment company
byt Building Inspector Illrth this
morning for structures In the now
red 1IghldlsUlctthe total < ost
otwI I hwHtbcSSQOOP Tho first
permit was for iv fivoroom brick ter
race two stories high to contain 100
rooms InJhcreal Of 535537 west
First South street to cost 50000
V The second permit was for the erec
tion of a brick thn > ostory store and
hotel at 542 541 and 5Vtii west First
South street to cost 30000
J H Horsloy of Brigham City re
ports that the peach crop is ripening
rapidly and advises purchasers
place their orders at once Brigham
City is shipping 25 t030 cars of
peaches every day
Peach day will be celebrated as us
ual and all visitors will have a chance
to test the quality and quantity of the
ctty s peaches
Ii oYs j i lN1L HAVE
Forest Wilson and OswalcJ Ferris
i Change Pleas Before
Judge Armstrong Q
< 1
c J
Ciocs to be Conic Over j ii i JCIck
1CfrCd Drnwl Tlinc Months for
tinekVIng Mail With Scissors
Os old Ferris and Forest Wilson
two lads who wore clrtvicted of burgl
ary In this city and fapntenced to terms
r J ii
don In the ira sink before industrial Jtfdije Armstrong school ut 6g this
morning on hit fJrderto show Cause
why they should tio sent to tho
state penitentiary 1 At their trials
Which resulted In their commitment
V to the Industrial school Wilson plead
ed guilty to the charge of burglary
In the second degree and Ferris plead
ed gulltj to the chargo of burglary In
the llrst degree At the hearing this
morning In behalf of tho prisoners
their attorneys withdrew the former I
pleas of guilty and the cases ors t
for trial anew Wilsons case was set
for September IB ahd that of Ferris on
September 24
V Nick Pesce pleaded guilty to the
Charge of battery and Judge Arnl
81rung Kentciibedhlmto three months
III the county Jail Pfisco was orgln
ally charged with assault with n dead
ly weapon the assault having bfcon
i1de wilh u pair isclssots ona poi
son named Glacamo on June 22
Pcler Zlslch Before lustlco Iiimtlbcrg
This Afternoon
Judge Anton Lundberg Is busy
hearing tile case < of Peter Zlglcn ono
of the Austrjuns charged with dis
turbing the peace at tho time of1 tho
icllglous vynrs at diirtleld Petor JR
a brother of Dan Xlglchi hoWIIIJ
Liven 60 days In the county jail bj
Justice Lundberg thVOthP day for
the name offense
1llIgi lUterhorin the Justice viII bo
occupied with tho cnscs of Roy Perry
and 6311 lqli agalnnttwhpm com
plaints wero iisUecl from th ill otflco oC
the county attorney this mornliig
I charging thpni with1 fishing In the Sur
plus canal vlthout a license
The Salt Lako Brewing company
seeks by the Institution of a htilt In tho
Thltrt district court this morning wto
have ousted from curtain promises de
scribed In the complaint at lot 35 of <
block 8 In tliONowhpuso Copper plant
Jl ticldltlon survey Gus Triantou and
John AmirgyroH Who have been con
ducting an establishment for the sale
of liquor at tho place i < on the ground
ofiviolation of contract The com
plahit sets forth that defendants agreed
loVppy3pRei inontikrpnt for two years
unlltllIlllheyarCiirlt arrears two
months thpy also agreed lo hell only
certain bo6r dining their ocoupancy of
Iho place but tho complaint says they
Havo been s l Ingph r beers and that
therefore tho contract Is void The
plaintiff nsks Judgment for the pos
session of tho promises J170S20 al
eged to be owing for beer and rt200
attorneys fees VVV
V Henry Haynes has Plod < suit In tlio
third district court In the IiuITlf 250
rol damages alleged 16 have boon suf
COred by tlio plaintiff by the trespassing
of sheep on hls property belonging to
Paul Drouby and Allen WaiV The
trespass IK alleged to havo occurred
between the 26th and the 30th day of
June jU98lnlhq county of Salt Lako
Tn tin order Issuedby G W1 Morse
judge of the Third district court Jj
N Butler is directed to appear beforo
ho judge September riO to show cause
Wh1ie sliouicl not be > adjudged guilty
of contempt of court Tho trouble is
over the apportionment of water ac
cording to tho adjudication rendered
some time ago by Judge Morse in the
case of the Progress company against
Salt Lake City and others and dlstrlb
itlng thrf waters of UJg Cottonwood
ureqk Tho commissioner appointed to
airy out the division plan Peter Van
Valkenburtr complains that Butler per
sists in taking water from the stream
mt apportioned to him
ilst of IMncrs Wliorc Party Members
Arc to teciuhlc Tomorrow Xl ht
County hn I Inn IIT U Eldrrdge of
ho Republican party hits announced
the placed shOne the Republi
can priniaiipft ylll bu held Thurs
day night ut S p in to select
ielegatps to the state convention which
npets Sept 10 A few of the districts
whore district chairmen have not been
heard from are not included in the list
but places for holding such s
Ill bo announced tomorrow The list
us far as prepared foilovys V
District 1806 east Tenth South
2 Greenhouse 1150 Kensing
ton avc V
3920 Lincoln ave V
4S05 cast Eighth South
5658 east Sixth South V
Second ward meetinghouse
7852 Fourth East
sEd Stiomncss ihop74i south
State i
McDonald stare3S oast Fourth
South 1054 Third East 1
11 Basement county building I
12515 nrtclgport street I
13 722 cast Fifth South I
lVi925 cast Fifth South
15V5211 Eleventh East I
V ll CottrcllM store 76 Mead street
171205 south Kighth West i
IS Ulntah school Eighth and Ninth
South Eleventh and Twelfth West
19 Hear Fifth ward amusement hall
2O6l5 touth West Temple PrIces
21 Annex Seventh ward meeting
hoUse V
2235 vt st Fifth South
23514 south Eighth West
Residence IlAlmaHclser 111
west Fourth South
253 south West Temple
2G50I Dooly block V
27 Young Mens Ilopublican club At
las blbdk V
2516S west Sccohdl South
21820 west Second South
3lS south Tenth West
3ltS5O basement Miller flats
5256 north Second West
3364 north Fifth West
1402 north First West
36 Irvine School
3V619 west Fourth North
339 Rosella slreeti VV V
Residence JC Sandberg Su
perior addition
41705 north First West
1117 Canyon road
Twentieth ward Amusement hall
43 51S Sixth avenue
44414 Second avenue
456 Sixth avenue
4663 Third avenue j
V k V
i Residence 3f A DoValley 113
I First street
4S04 TWelfth East
4 > 94G oasiU Socohd South
52 50210 Drug Seventh Stoic Btst corner Second South
and Third Eat w
53 Dlehr8tcourtroom Glty hall
South 54i JC L Fuinlturo J slob Third
56 AYIn < Jer vard house
37 Scotts < schoojhbuse lo lit ijitl
S andTlhhXast T I c
59 South Cottony ood ward house
Residence dl John rdson
iMurray 62 Big CottonvvoocUward t house f1 i
64 Half Way House Paz leys can
C5 Butler vaid lioybe
66 Residence of Charles Denncy j
Union 6t 1
67CIty 1IaliSnntl i
68 Residence flfiSumicl I ortySandy
C9 Granite waid houso V
71 Crescent ward hotiie L 1
37 Bluffdalo ward house V
71 Harrlman ward house
77 B Ish rip storo house V j I
79 Tayloisvlllp assembly room J
86 Brighton i vard hoube > i
87 Residence of 1giw Madson White
man nVenuc V
SS Central hChoolhouso Twelfth East
V and Twelfth U VVV V O
S9 Old Farm House Forest Dale
qLaik schoolhouse Blnghant
9B Bath house Garfleld < i
97 Burton Bchoolasoo south State
Railroad JInqrnntp Dueto Go Through
ol IJlnJJIIH HvClilng on
V i Way East
K H Harriman accoullng to leports
fiom Intending Short to Line visit hcddquurtcrs Salt Lake this Is trip lit
but on arriving at Ogden at 530 p m
today will contlnufc east on his special
after a short stop at tlio Junction city
General Manager Bancroft Is with Mr
V p
Harrlman i Tho Utah Light Rail
way pooplo would be glad to have the
gicat mafniato stop < over and take i
look I ltryi Tenth ward sqtiaie plant
which IK lois tar enough along In con
struction to jivo it1 good idea of what
It will bo whoiKcompietcd The con
creto foundations for titohmtnsuo be
ing put in the water and rower pipes
are JaldiUiC1IJL1rO done and the
tmcklalrl tl1oolllml oloi bet e ex
cept a I1PQiLYtlN 1iJiit11 i IiNo
lime Is being lost in pushing the work
almond V c
UIIII ns JtNioprlu of TlilrlyFlrst
Ward Proentcd With Signet Itlnss 1
Pile ILlrt4 first ward mfcetlnghousa
was t ihi IM nlglit on the occasion
Vt W fl ijiWII
of a reception aiul entertainment in hon
or of the retiring bishopric During the
intermission in tIn pr grarn refresh
ments were served by a bevV of Indies
and nil spent a most enjoyable even
IngTlie feature V of the gathering was the
presentation by David A Smith of the
treaUiing bishopric of n gold signet ring
to each of llio members of the old bish
opric Appropriate responses were made
lY former Bishop Kdvvln S Sheets and
his two counselors Lewis A Merrill
now bishop of time wnrd land Jolm Nll
soii PtcHlclont Hush J Cannon untl K1
dor Joseph K Taylor also made short
UllhtlfSOb V
Among lliose wio ecjiitrlbuteil to the
program w re the ward choIr Indies
ohortls AIlsu VIdtt 3oy Sir Johnson
Mrs Jensen fIIlVan Savage Mrs
Brown Jlimles Illto and thoSe hul hes
orcllOHtrn V
Prho1to returning 1 tOe thplr f homes
nisliop Slieets presented every head of
IL fntnllyj with a portrait of himself as
IL HOitvenlr crime Ixcalt durInG Which
le was Wtlier uf jhut wt dBlshop
Sheets and family leave for Chicago Uit
theY cnrlartho week where howill enter
lni Chicago university ami take a law
Ii V V
Matter of Wlllliun IlcrMfn Charged
With Forscry Ij IsniifScl
In Indue 0 B DlehlsJ court this
nornliiR tile case of the state William
Plerson cliarBCrt In n complnlnt of Iwo
i Counts with forging the numo orij A
Willlumo to chock for J20 and pasiili
tim BaUl uwns Ilsmisacd upon nOtJotl of
A sj s hint County Attorney Carlson on
tHe grounds thnt the evidence vfnS not
bUfflolent nKiiIiliit tlii Uqfendantf Pier
lIOn was arrt terl and brought back from
sevuda upon complaInt ot Vlllliuns inul
It was ahown that at the time the al
OKCU ofteiiHu was committed Jldrsoii
VHS In Nevada and could not possibly
hiivo committed tho offense
Sir Carlson moved that nil state cases
sut lllCl S cpL 13 bfl continued without
dale The order was made Jt was stat
ed Ity Justice oflhc Pence Dana T
Smith Ibis morning that ho had received
a similar motion from tile county attorney
orney lwoVctisums were apt for yoator
diXy but IB there was no one there to
prosecute Justice Smith followed the
exam pIe of judge Dlelilyoslerdny morii
InJllnd dismissed the cases upon the
courts own motion
Edwin Gallacihcr lS0I1PfA W Cal
acher of tho Utah Light Railway
company i mourning the loss of a
valuable bicycle which was stolen from
In front of th t Descrot News huildlns
The young man vh6 Is n carrier Cor
hn N shar Just purchased a new
set uf tires and had otherwise repaired
lhc bike the day it was stolen tIe vent
for his papers and Upon returning to
the point whcrd he loft th6 bicycle
was surprised r dpahiedto ilnd it
gone c The theft was reported to the
police and Policeman Dan Grundvlg la
working on tlio case and hopes to re
cover the property III a short time
The lino fall weather continues not
wily here but all o rthc United
States The nights are cool while the
days are warm add the sun is rising
ater and later each day
llltjhj pressure accompanied by fair
weather prevails over nearly all par
ions of the country this morning Pre
ipltation has occurred during the past
21 hours over eastern Montana the Da
kotas Utah Arizona Colorado and the
Gulf and south Atlantic coasts Tem
Hiratiires have risen throughout the
Mississippi and Ohio valleys lake ic
glcm and south Pacific coast and have
alien elsewhere Owing to the prevail
log luau pressure fair weather with
811ghtl temperature changes will prevail
n this locality tonight and Thursday
Record at the local office United
States weather bureau for 21 hours
ending nt G a m today
Teniiierature GII m54mailmum
il minimum 2 mean c whlchls6
degrees above normal Total excess slncn
the IIr > lof the month 4 degrees total
excess deficiency sInco Tan 1 M2 de
Precipitation at 6n UZ11nch total
precipitation since first of the month
mlnchwhlchls inch above normal
Total excess deficiency since Jan 1 ZK
Relative humidity 67 per cent
Forecast Utah Fair tonight and
Thursday V Y
7 ti x t i 54
7 am V 67
Sam 3i
13 10 11 9 1 am am am m Pm i V j < n ii irg iimil1
l tt V t ci 7S
lr J j sym thJ the Jghtsiih
cludings Tabernacle Organ
rifii Noon Today i >
i 6ji AlSO i BAtH 1 AT SAlTAIR
i c
i JBlR Cross AUrndh Wild Vfjt Show
All the Fair Grounds This Attrr
rCi noonrS < fl O Sign Tuiiislit >
JA troop of Buffalo Bills Indian
< bravea made a scouting cxpedltlonj this
f i1 I t w J1
morning to the Various J points of in
teies in the city And it uvui tinder
stood from officials ot the show that
a number Intended piLl mr ttwtnt this
afternoon which will likely recall
echoes fof the culls days ii rec
ord of history that ut a certain quite
Muiopoan tit some sixty of Ihp bravcs
i cntcrcd into their characteristic mode
of celebrating a holiday ami put the f
police at cmplota defiance the police
Wlio turned tail In this Instance were
soon tilt laughing stock of1 the com
munity and afforded much humorous
material for tho pen ot the cartoonist
1 i tJJl i
fat rite police In question had ic
cohi eli them Imiitcslons of the savage
nature1 Hirtll Jndlan from itho Show
and sort consequently dubious about
ipproachliiff nearer than u vary safo
distance They evidently did not take
tho ftct into consideration that tim In
dians with Col Cody1 are far better
tiavcled than tho J average gentleman
ofmeans V V V V U
Tho Indium V made jf ft amusing Pie
lure this morning as they prepared
to enter the water at Saltulr with
tliolr hhlnlnp blown skin and long
black hair mil wearing upon their
faoea JlElJ Inane smile tho exclusive
propelty of those who ate pieparing
foran absolute now aetisttion Not
that the Indians have MOVIM bikmi fi
bath before but the Idea of floating
upon the water without self < assist
ance charmed them into grunts and
whoops of merriment Another party
rpdsklns visited the tabernacle and
sat through a recital with all the stole
looks o characteristic of their race
The organ was the object which most
absmbed their attention They < did not
understand what V i1i1 > organ was for
whether u It was to frighten ono or Just
to make sufficient noise to drown the
conversation a religious house They
sat through JhepIOgramih9w vertI
perfect quiet > and stared to the front
accepting like a child what was he
falling them
V Np14n4u1 < n
It has been asked vhYCoLcody
does not glv a parade In this city
and JhjiiniiVer1 isth8tnC late I ihlfI
r C tii td so many requats from cities
Whore Jhe1 intended to show not to give
a parade because it was contended that
better business resulted to the mer
chants when thero was no pageant
Ahalt Is also certain that the actor
having no parade Will make the per
formance Just that more strenuous
Thorp are too persons with tho Wild
West hovy and BEO sAlltli old
features which have made the show
jjl tJttS 19 hSHtti stIll with thc
shynnd UiQ program with Its many
rCcent Interpolations Is said by those
who hLviseen It do better than ever
before A big dowel witnessed this af
ternoons performance dlIL tho Fair
grounds and Indications aro ttho
S TIO sign will be hiaig Out tonight
Oiienliift of Football Season Occurs
Tomorrow With 1lrM Practise
Tho opening of tho fOiJtblse Son
at All Hallows will lake place to
morrow when the football team will
get together for Its first practise John
Tobin the coach says that the quality
of the team for the cdming season
cads V him to feel more encouraged
c cOncernIng Its prospects than over
before Tom D oHttliiadPIftz
Tiaurice the two best players of tine
All Star loam hust carwllltJeback
igrtln Tho former IH captain of this
TtanS toamni ana Will Ia > fullback
Vhlle FUznniUrlce evIqpla guard
Other last years pluyprs who aro with
them arc William nodln JI1I1 sHIc
garth and Hen McNeil The new men
are Ieo Boyle left halfback Walter
Fltzmanclcc and Joe JIoKay llnp
nVln Richard fCricJter Paul King
right halfback Laurence Binecn
William Grant
Unuk aciirln Todays local hajilc
clearings amounted toA790 IlQ3ni
against SI Ifif 63Cil for iho corresl
pending day last year
Occlon Director Tho Ocden cIty
dIrectOry for 1908fl wJll 1P isSued next
week from t1nmRs < snrthcNJa
by n TJ Polk company
Mormon Haltallon nntKlitcr < Thq
Dau ltcrsotlla Vorl1101 Battalion
will hold their next rnQeting Sit r
daySeptpnl3 pI1 ilt thc homo
ot 1I Claire Felt 67 P imreCt
Ivlttlu Wool J1CIIUIIIliD
Local rail
road men say practically aM
r alltItIJWiJol
cm for time present year has been
Hipped out of the state oflly a little
remaining around Holier niic1ltlthC
southern section of tile stato
Chicken Kinclpr to feetA nn ot
Ing of thc Utah State PouItr
If pquIlIY sfiocl
atlon lUI b0 itCiti ThVrsday oyerilriS
a t S clock at the Commercial club
fhe pUblic Is cordially invited to ilt
Summoned to Tlock Sirins Arr
lnimonl CL Buckle son and ulster
and Mrs Gulnnlc Barrett loft for
Rode Springs AJO last night hay
lug received a telogram from that
place convoying the news that their
mother Is dangerously III
ForiniiliitluR Course of Sinai
State Supt of Schools A C Nelson
neetlng today with the High sOitOol
Committee for the purjioso of orni1O
ating aCOUr5OOfSUy to bPVurued
m theIi igh schools ot the state outside °
of the cities jf th ° first un cI second
Two Motorincn Same Xnnio As
hero are two motormen by the titirno
of T 9Unnln5hnm ln tlit omplov of the
Utah Light nalhvar company T
Cunningham desires to i state that he
was not on the car when the fatal
night iccident occurred j on MaIn Tilonday
c Enmui Ijitey Ontcs to SInt mla
slonary testimonial will bo given at
he Twentyfourth ward chapel
Thursday in honor Charlps H Sor
eileen prior to his departure to Den
nark An excellent program has been
arranged and among other J numbers
V Allss Emma Lucy Gates has consented
to sirig
Hoy Brcpks rlit rThe f j a l if
s n of W H Hutcliinson n91lnl
v Ii you VV i are a lover of choice chocolates V Just
try some of the Bothers How you > ij
appreciate JflfcEtenalcfs Merry Widow
i BBr l 9D i Choco i
tolates McDonalds i Wi Lake Cocoa c i forvbreakfast i
l Third street broke his V wrist Monday
while cranking a neighbor e autpmo
Dllft Although the lad is something
of a chauffeur the crank was too
oillck for him and < n B i tho engine look
the motion the crank was wrenched
from hK hnml antlntruoU Mm on tnoj
wrlst breaking H 1
i lIro i at t1 iilnorobeC 1Thomna
Calllster ot the state hand board has i1
returned from Fillmoro Mr Calllstcr
says the1 f Infill ere Sunci night burn
i del up tho nostblTlce a harness shop t
atidi some machinery storing sheds
owned by the Stevens Mercantile
company The origin of the > flro wq
j unknown and the loss will toot up
between 1000 and J51500 With
some little iniiiraticer V uJ
More Poles Arzlsclltrco cars Of
tubular Iron poles wore received i yes i
today evening for the > UtOh1Ligilt i
i and work began <
Railway company n ygIkilegllIi
yesterday setting them up 7on east
First South street from Main to Thlr 1
tconthEastetreetsT one block on north ri
Main street and two blocks Oi1 Fifth
South street As thofnew poles arelset
up on the curbing the wlr6s itraiis
Ccrr d from the wooden poles tn the i
center ftho sti ttho latter arc
b6lng removcd
ff ie j
j Begin Digging BeetsSiipL Ocorgo
Austin of the Utah duho jSugar com
pany states that orders havo been
given to 350 of the farmers who will
supply Beets for tho Lehl factories to
commence Monday morning next and il
to continue for 1pdaYS This will
enable the Ijohl factors to commence
TitlprFthi following Thursday or ji
Friday Tho Garland and Nampa
plants wilt begin tho following week
and the factories Sugar City Idaho
Falls and Blackfoot will begin V aboUt U
Oct 1
Scvicr County Toner Company
The Monroe JLlglitoer d Milling
company of MOnroc Sovier county
V this morning filed articles of incor
poration with the L secretary of state
The capital stock Is placed at > 2G000
divided Into shares pt the value bfVi
each Thoi company takes yerb
purchase 150 acres of real estate In
S vICf county and properly consisting
of a grist mill and electric lighting
plant Tho officers are Tohn Manson
I l sIrIcnlITi H Erickson Vice presl <
dent and jens N JeppSon secretary
and treasurer V
TJtali Kxhinlt for IjOdOiGOi
John C Cutler has received Lt int
riiunication from John W Ilyckman
commissioner In America for tho j
Golden West and American Industries j
e exhibition iiJol iiiilll at Earls court i
in London 1 > 6ginnlng May 0 190fl 1
urging the Utah executive to look Into
Ith Out llht fo Ol1ly appointing a committee
In Utah to investigate advlsabllity
ot making an exhibit Mr Kyekman I
states that the exhibition will bo the
strongest in years and encloses a j
prospectus contnlnlnsmtn names of
tho British peerage 1 and membeia of
parliament who aro back of the pro
position Ho also states that ho ex
pects to visit Utah boon in the interest
of the exhibition V
H1 t
Elmer B Jones leaves for Bolso
Thursday on a business trip
G P Hohnan lumber merchant who
has been absent for about tno months u
JS airain at his desk < r
VV13ish9p C H Phillips of tho X M
Kchurch who has been visiting jln
this city left yesterday for his homo
Nashville Tenn > if
AiniHirJI tile real cstnto man 4I
has gonoto Denver when howUlre
tuin with Mrs Blrroll who has boon
visiting there V
Manager G1 T O mcjfJlo Consoli
dated leaves for Pried and surrounding
country tomonoW morning on a busi
ness trip and to study local crop con
ditions Ho will bo absent three days
Mr and Mrs August Wejatmnn re
turned last night from their wedding
trip through Yellowstone Park This
evening reception will bo given them
by a number ot relatives and friends
I Slll = 9proQSi frOmbunn Ltit d 1ent
tor of Rnbato and RsICY1lu Ugh
I V late of Pueblo Colo nmf ttCahu10 V
i montlisiandK days Y jI1
1 FunerataoryIOesrrhuirMiay iiIl 1
from tho funeral cliapil of jSLl ° r Pn
Tailor 21 jiouth West Temnilph vi
iFrl end s aro invited to attend V iSt1tre i
tin Calvary cemetery nnesj
kKZ i =
iNKLSONIn thin citj Sept S i
V C Nelson the ISj tarold pnn m Oltl < l
and Antono N Nelson ten ot QtotV I
V Eunoraliwiliho itClcJFrida rit1
HfromiJho utorloomcClltlShotls P 111
remwUlfmnYbeloweInt resldcn 1
Fau 111 j fS tfl um or 10 i2 lv c Jock I t t f
of funeral Interment ociu ltrYt V
OLSOKT + n1111sj its ett q y 1
AargnrOlSOJ1 itteUr14 yet C2i
nn 1JdayB V V 1
lul1crotrwIlhib h lrr rhursi5 i
oClociCfronl rCaldcyCo 210 Pato 1 Ji1 1
TheJJIJd WJJlbeshIppol tOBrlgh 1
EEVEvmulsIorist Jn
rioral i leslRii a specialty PhoneYcil
l of the readers j tiJho f cmiWcel
Tews Jnro Ifarmcrs Stockmen rl i
Ranchers > Advertisrs deslrlne i 1
reach Hhls class of bujcrs
I Cll n1tndn i
paper In the West that will servo ll ell
well V
needs so IJl
Fresh Churned Batter IJ
Churned Today Sold 1k
Tomorrow g 1lJ
Sweet MilkSweet Cream II
I Buttermilk r
Ranch Eggs i
isj First Sonlti Phonej 45f i
V UniqnDenta < 111
arenow permanently I Q g
located in their new L J
andhandsomely it
j equipped rooms ill >
Remember r us We
treat you right t p
> < m E
V i
We have just tm I
variety f Amer I
ican J import
You will find 1
your favorite
I among them r
Prescription Druggists 1
Phones Ind i i < SC Boll 1520 Ji
u 7
22 WeV8a 4
Splendidhueof II
School V
Suits JI
Made from durable materials i II
tQrd rk patterns S ZCS8tQ5These n I
m suits were bought to selUas high as 11
B ors 500 and they certainly are worth i
V the original price but IiI
We want to make our boys department still stronger
and one way we haVe of doing it is to offer a rousing special at II
t very convenient r time This is pneiof our big < j o Ofj
leaders any suit in this line goes at < c t
Meprtioi Sox wear jix months I
111113 MainSt
1D If a farmer concluded
ome usiness
ed not to plant seed
en Are Too but to conserve
fcb 1 S R it because crops
C Onservative sometimes fail he
woulH be as wise as the merchant vho conserves11
the money vhich should be invested in publicity
because he has it In bank vd Because ihe fears
thatpublicity mayinot be > Completely pYofitable V I

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