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LAST EDITION J DES ERE T r Ef V EN I N G N I1WSTlo Th rlalll rxntle JCiHn by of Mr gnfllltv Henrlir AilrtTtteer the a IVrt llonira Apprr of
THDTII AND iiinuimr v
Provides for Speolal Election on
Prohibition Question
Next June
Commissioners Empowered to
License Dealers in Incorporat
ed Cities or Towns
1r at Alcohol for Oilier Titan llour
pRep U Permitted Under Safe
guards lYovlilliiK ivnallle
senator Hulo ilili ntlirnoon Intro
Joint Ilesoltitloii Xo o
< lii < v l Sonnto o
iHnie Utahs delegation In Coneroes
t ark uir unirnilnicut to tho Inter
Mate commerce net which nm prevent
railroads shlpplnc Into any lnle ulilch
iirohllilts Ho tis1 alcohol In our form
iliat may lio UMH ns a boierngf
I e fight tor statewide prohibition
l ih was put on a new footing In
I legislature of Utah thli afternoon
Flu Cannon bill thought to be dead
n U President Gardner of the Senate
i Senator Kuchl of ttt committee
nanufaoturea and commerce pav It
eir finishing touch In Bubetaatially
It call for
ve In the new measure
lection of tho people to decide
< vth r they want ttatewld prfhlNI
In this election to be Mid In Juna
i r > and the bill to become effective
panned Jan 1 18W
Tin presence of thl new Mil Jn the
the aotlrltjr of the
Mature Is due to
I publican Prohibition league wbj e
r inure committee held a long n et
f this morning At the close of that
sang Joseph J Cannon loft for the
ne of representatives carrying with
IIII the new bill whloh It to now pro
ved will become the base of aecoed
glslatlve battle for temperance re
The bill 18 entitled an at to pro
bit the manufacture sale barter pour
g away or otherwise fumtahlag of
1 cobollc liquor An Important chance
it om the plan of the Cannon Wll to in
me Insertion of a abuM aJtowtoK
uUntle to Mtubtlsh county fntpea
area where It la deemed by the com
1I1wnEra to be dedruble This dwne
n part ac follow
ounty commissioner may at tbnlr
in ration create or license In any
orporatod city or town one dl pen
n y to sell alcoholic liquor for med
ral purposes only upon the precerlp
u of any regular praetlnlnc pbyrt
ITI of this state which prescription
l name tho ailment for which the
lwll Uquc ia to be UMd provld
d that not more than one quart shall
prescribed that no prescription thai
filled except upon the day upon
irb It U dated and iMUed or upon
following day that no prescription
iijll be refilled and that all preecrtp
> ia Khali be filed In a separata ro
1 and be ut all times open U pub
inapactlon Any willful error In
i monthly statement provided for I
11 be eaure for revocation of the I
iwnsiirs license Any pemm wlu
ill obtain alcoholic liquor from etch I
tiencary and shall convert the MUM I
any other ue titan that for which
it wan prescribed shall ba guilty of a
i demeanor
It x > uw of alcohol is Mtfeguardeil by
close preveatiup the InterpretaUon
i mg laood upon them by unacrupu
nu persons to the effect that the bUl
nuVloal to these degree of ex
rilon 4 provide that nothing In the
I shall prohibit the manufacture and
e of wood alcohol for art Mlmttflc
II hanlcal or medicinal purposes or
rain aloohol for baoUwtolOfrtiitH Tta
tiiufaetur and sal of vtnxger under
i h proceM and condition as are per
u d without special tax by tfc Unit
States Interval rovenu law Is per
I Id In thU new bill
J ne club room for voctal purpow
i n each social purpow ooaatat at
i unotluc Inebrlty Ia brouekt miler
ban Section t on tM subject de
I err
rv ry paean who shall keep any cI b
in In which any alcoholic liquor Ia
> ted or kept for 1M pwrpoe at sal
4 bettering giving away or oUtr
v s furnlihlne or for dUtrilwtuir or
i 1 Ion among the member of any
illw or aiwociatlvn by any mean
soever and every person who shall
barter give away or otherwise fur
i tlsLrbut or divide any such aj
> ltc liquor so revived or kept shall
runty of a mtodmeanor
ton six provldM that a m itrau
Leas a warrant to a county sheriff
any showing road to him that al
inr liquor Ia being sold or inanu
I > urfd In the county contrary to
> and that Uw sherl shall sese all
oj n IKuor found and arrest these In
se poMcwkra It Ia found Replevin
dlnM are especially forbidden for
recovery of article seined in thin
> nro of real estate used for sa
u iurpew are outlawed by the bill
Linn II WOvUe that It shall bj
awful tar the ownr of any era l
> ti building Hructur or roum ti
rent lose Mr permit the into 11
need for the purpose of vlulatnr
rrovlslo ut tkU act Any p rsln
> > shall wilfully violate lha pH I
II of his section shall be gull f
oinulAnlr and upon oonvltti
ixr shall be punished ty a flm in
1 y sum not Iw than flM > and nut
it than Ill
U Hide outlawing the buolnom the
1 > dtolarM In action 1t HIHI Nil
es are to M publi uuliwi ece whh t
> hill a aiSjtltft or niiiiiufu tin i
ni i my to the Uu
1 iilri dii are made thubh t l
I Jilt Ut tulUlKK U shill
Mill rll lh mlllllill ithr
rtu i n uy Ill I Hi I
slut niv tram rl i
il i Ir lit rl UIO J I I l I
Ii ll ul wlllllk I I I Jlilblt I
h h
r 4
With the advent oC Ktm hlnn building
operations all over Salt Like City
are again In full swing Prominent
among the monuments of enter
prise now being erected on tIM
northern fringe of Ute bovine district I
are three bla lMUdlnffn undertaken by
the Church On South Temple and
Richard streets the Vermont building
III assuming proportions which Indi
cate to the paaaer by that a splendid
OInce building us under way A large
force of bricklayer and a steel gang
Ia today energetically at work
On College avenue running sat
through tIM Tithing bosue block oppo
site the Temple the handsome copper
cornice Is being placed on the four
story administration building while
Immediately east of ltd block of buff
briek and stone the steel liaise of the
Deeeret gymnasium la fast being pat
into place and within a few months
Salt Lake will posss one of the Itt
structure of its kind wet of Chica
go There h nothing In the Windy
City superior to what the local build
tag hi Inteaded to be and there Is noth
by this act from one point to another
within thl state
Wlvot and ehHdrsn are mad the cub
t fft
or mean of support by any Intoxicat
ed person ball haft a right of action
for damages against anyone furnishing
the alcoholic liquor contrary to law
Drug store are hit la this clause
Upon conviction of any physician
apothecary druggist or pharmacist tor
violating any of the provisions of this
aot It shall bot a part pf the judgment
of conviction that the hoes > U prae
tie medicine or pharmacy hi revoked
and the court before whom such per
son shall be tried and convicted shoil
caue a certlfled copy of SUM judgment
of conviction to be oertifted to the stem
board having authority to issue such a
The clause submitting the question
to the people provMe that It shall bo
Mibmltted to the qualified elector at
t special election to be held June 1
W A majority vote tor the bill
will put It Into effect Jan 1 1tlt while
If It receives less than a majority than
tINt bill Is to tell to take effect and no
further proceedings shall be had here
The governor U to be furnished a
certified copy of the canvass a II mon
as H Is made and Immediately there
after the governor shall Issue provided
the bill paves his proclamation de
claring that the people of this state
have determined that the manufacture
and sale of alcoholic liquor shall be
prohibited within the state and declar
ing therein that thl act shall take ef
fect on the first day of January A D
Murinii hie IIr OoieM County Fells
Of Oomllthms In the Sotttlxira
Wales New
Marion King of OarOeld county who
has been laboring in the south re
turned bom rroat a mission yesterday
Mr King tor a number of months was
engaged In the Alabama mission Uu
Inn nv month of which were spent in
the city of Montgomery In speaking of
Alabama which Vs a prohibition state
and bow Ute adoption of statewide
prohibition tfetd the people and the
bustntf of the sun Mr King talked
AUbiunA went dry on January 1
aid Mr King and the peopl of the
citv and stale ar more than delighted
with the results of the prohibitory
law There were anon than 100 saloons
In the city of Montgomery and those
who opposod prohibition plaid b
bean SHier before the people to the
effect that binlw would be crushed
when the liquor Interests wtr drives
out Ho such result ha furrowed how
ever and the place vacated by tile M
loon are quietly being fllid uu
restaurants grocry and c nth h
utorrs and othr business est pie
and the Moon are not miss d at all
The on ar su > cefui in to Plnf
dvOi illicit traflU in liquor
Mr King Thy ar bacntd bi the en
tlniKiit of the Pollili and Me w
IU II lint r4 lent yet t Y are
rrgnngir prnerIIITtl wht f d
u of tlx I wry r1 I f PfD
hltalloll In Alabama M lbs 1 fir ea a
Limed In the actions of Ihr coln PIP
11111111I Betorr pro hibltiun s nl In 0
r fl r 1 the derbies used I 001110
tic Mulunly III Muntp c nn1
hr Noull 11111 curry ntlo I hi I k
dnh II o1
the ntreis x thin 11 es l
erls ul
mnn plu r o I lut alil
t I t d L salon SI II I I alt
I II I I r rl
peq rnlrJ II ui1 I
I nod nIt hr o I
cod Ih I pr
01 h 1 I old
I I II 1 x r It silly
I m I hiuu I
l I I I I
It II i1 I ° I L i
I1 aIA l J
Ins belwimn thorn and the Faclnr roust
to nquai It
The building will tx owned Jointly
by the Latterday Batata university
and the Young Mens mutual Improve
ment Aasoelmtion It will cost com
pleted S1a101 and will contain all the
feature of the moat uptodate gym
nasium In the country The designer
are A P Merrill engineer Lewis T
Cannon and Ramm Hansen architects
Measrs Merrill and Hansen went eaat
one month ago and inspected some
of the best Institutions of the kind In
tba country a to paraphernalia and
equipment The plan drawn were of
their own conception The frame as
stated Is if steel the foundation
ton Me w41 feMC brick the dimea
ions to by tit feet Although nf but
t o stories and a baaemem the buttd
tog will be as high as an ordinary
The gymnasium is In the middle of
the tlthiiic attire block and t seat
On that silo will be three entrance
with i not In r on the west and an exit
on fur south The went entrance
He Has Selected Franklin Mac
Veagh of Chicago for Sec
retary of the Treasury
Italians lo WaeitlHr < ii to Aualt lilt
ihasgursIkHI tee Preetdemt
Mareh J
New York Feb Returning to i
Washington to await his Inauguration
a II president on March t President
elect Taft left New Yak today He
wall acoampanled by Mr Taft and
boarded a train leaving the Pennsyl
vania railroad station In Jersey City at
1011 a m
Mr and Mm Taft left the home of
Henry W Taft In west Fortyeighth
street In an automobile MoompMied
by Timothy L Woodruff chairman of
the New York State Republican com
mittee who Joined them a few min
ute before their departure from the
Taft home
On their way to the ferry the Talt
party stopped for a few minutes at tIM
studio of Oeorge Burroughs Torrey
who ha nearly completed a portrait of
the presidentelect The painting U
made at the order of Mr Woodruff And
Is a threequarter length portrait sim
ilar to that of Mr Hooeavelt whkh
Mr Terry painted for Paul Morton
Mr Taft pronounced the portrait eat
tofaetory However Mr Torrey to
whom Mr Taft bee already given two
silting when In this city in January
last will go to Washington after the
Inauguration ta complete the portrait
While In Now Tout where he baa
been since Tuesday Mr Taft ha com
pleted his cabinet by the selection or
Franklin MacVeagh for the treasury
tKtrtfoUo he addred a large m el
lag In Carnegie hall In encouragement
of negro education and In particular
aid of Hampton Institute and be laat
night attended the Pence aoclety dinner
irHen In honor of enatorelect K Ihu
ltnit Heside the engagement Mr Taft
has devoted eon time to literary work I
although be has not don M much as
he hoped tu toward tIN production of
magaliw article he Ma agreed to
llolMgnrtnl PeP Onrtk gpv inn Iff
Iratw 11ma Criminal 9Jap1e
You i Jay Pearl rurtto a rtwg wo
man well knows to UM palsp inter
bred with Deputy BhrMC Cartoon M
the latter wag escorting Mr friend
Frank HuuhiMoa clalWllC with bur
glory tl fir xHtnty Jail
Tuda In M tuh1 c 4 cell1u ihu pris
on and face two criminal trbnpgy no
of disturbing tIN per and the other
nf inlifTlng with KII ofBior while In
it d > i mrge of Inn Jut Y
I nrl n f Id tin illiif Woman I0
i I frnl hiul and ble pl l r r
I II Inclined to Iking iilmiK h
i n I all 1tdIIIlO i i
1N1 I I ujlll II IIIL
i un h 11
i 111N t I < o uiur IhII II
i p i 1 Ik II t MI
r I 11 WI hi
La > ni i
1 III I 111 4
I I ooI l
will he outside < 110 null lino and l1y
mean of It ingress and egress inn
he obtained tw and from any of the
levels in the north end of the bate
mem will be located the swimming
pool M ky M feet with a promenade
all argd It five feet wide tn the
center of the basemen are a nnmber of
lockera flanked on either side with
M room one sit entirely sep
6i ttnm the other and each pro
vtdad Hh a rubbing mom bower
bathev imlet etc in the south end
will b eix bowling alleys with Kent
tog rjjg rtty for from 130 to 100 pH
Thi uud floor commence one and
a hsWMteet above the earth level and
to at < het In height In the center le
the mata locker room containing LISP
locker besides private dressing rooms
private hath looms and general toilet
To the north of the lockers are the
bower hath and it is lompulsory
that all rnll entering the swimming
pool shall first have taken a shower
hath A hanging gallery is provided for
person wishing view the pool helot
The Son and Not the Father of
The Same Name Is the
Thou Tfcvnttfcil Jhuney Order Cur
IO8M lleipvd the NswtIttrylia
ilhstttfgttvr H Ttttt
Qua 8 Holme Jr one of this city
but now of Lo Attlgloe to now a ben
edict and the tory hMWttnc tin to the
consummation border on the romantic
The bride WM a Mir Bvelya I
SmIth whom young Holm met three
months ago at Viaalla It was a case
of love at drat light and ere long
the couple found thentMlvea engaged
Then the groomtobe discovered that
the condition of his xche uer would
not meet with the regalia of get
ting married
It was at this stage < MM proceed
ing that the son appxUd to hls di
ther Landlord Qua Holm of tile
Knutsford It hi eaM that the sir
not only said Hay amyl bat drew
tightly his pun string and refused
to part with a cwt Vecvrlng the
young ladY consent to remain faith
ful to him while he mad a aiakT
Holm Jr went to Maalco In the
employ of a mining company Boon
he began to look around with the pur
pose of taking a plunga himself In
delving for the Preston metal Hn
took an option on a property for 10
000 for ten month and stem sold out
with a gain to himself of IMOM
Holm communicated with his fiance
and had her meet him In Loa Angeles
He then sent a meaag to his fattier
that ha was going to he married Back
came an answer to lha effect that Mi
Holmes fir was on his way from Mali
Lake to the r > ity of the Angels the
telegram containing UM farther new
that Los A lip IN banker held IKMMM
to the credit of GUI HeHp Jr per
nstruttloni of all CMgiar who wa
hastening to bv pi ent M UM nuptials
ACTON A1nt4nu lD
JlMttbrr of NeMMHllm lvltHHaay I
4mteed w lA Oleic
Alan Fan formerly a member of the
Wlllaid Mark stock company playing
at the Pungelow appeared before
Jude J M Bowman In the criminal
division of the city court this morning
on thf charge of forgery shire being
two counts In the cum plaint
The young man looked tired and d
jeeud after his sniatlona arrest on
a train In Wyoming and hi speedy
rHurn from that tate He Is ax
IIHII of forging In name of Wlllard
MII K tin star er tin oinpn to
id i is on III Nullmill rUrik nf
Hi U I IId1e ah iHlllliK fin S and
i a II d ii h H F iMiiuml tr
I i i n > 1 una Farr w
II 1 I I ll III llllllllllg N
I mi I iin I in i > i 01
i u t i lu
i i n i n ill n
a H 11r I i dl IIk j
I 1 I i
IJIM of the pool OMtiiin air lull > v
dressing roomy and hail doing room
and at Mated time the pool will be
lined exclusively by ladle without their
having to enter any other pan of the
building Left from the entrance cor
Idor loads to a handball court M by
M feet and next to It Is a private
exercise room of the came dimension
In the southeast corner are the direc
tor apartments consisting of a wait
Ing room an omre and a teat room
The railing of the ground floor is 11
feet high for the main portion while In
place are what art known u meailne
floors in which are situated the ventil
ating apparatus on a very elaborate
wale In the southeast is the athletic
associations room and in the north I
art corner to a rowing room where
persons fond of boating can row to
their hearts content
THe upper floor U tne general gymn
sltini ou large room 1KO test long
TO feet wide and 40 feet to the root
without u column or pillar In sight The
stool gram VH the support In
dp > enl < nt nf the walls The floor will I
ho lild with extra heavy maple
Gathered in Force Outside Hollo
way Jail to Welcome Com
rades Just Reteasod
Cllrboabel l iukkutrt bps 5htr I
ll d Isutw of Itlvttl itadela
11sI iMHloWtI l tuna
London Feb nTbe women auf
frigid ere losing no opportMtty to
dvertiee their cause They gathered
In tonne this morning outside of Hollow
way Jail to welcome three of their num
btr who bad Jut completed om
month Imprisonment for trying to in
terview Premier Asquith
In spite of the fact that snow wan
falling thy formed In a proouaslon and
marched to HnlWrn when a break
fast of welcome was given for tIN
Him rhrietabel Pankhursl in ad
dressing the gathering complaintI
that while Mts Lawrence and the oth
er lender of their nrganlaatluo bad
beta sentenced to two months Imprls
ferment for their raid on the house of
cunmiuns Mrs Oecpard the leador of
a rival society had got off with one
month The spanker promised another
raid on UM house of commons March
to when the London women will be
Jonol by delegate from Lancashire
hliagu feb t 7Instead of prow
mtlng Henry Vaaey the man who hat
at him lo burch last October the flv
James K Kleldlng will send th rio
> nee hack to his parent In Bmland I
Thi pester reached this determination
i after visiting Vaay at the police l i
Thr man may be a church th r
Id Kather n ldtng but It 110 Hi was
di h en to robbery by bunker Wh n h <
shot at ms he was in such a 10 id turn
11I not to be reshla sight
t hate made arrang iniqt f > r
VuMy pasaag fI home and on Monday
will appear In cuurt and ask his die
PiaK UI cuujaor
Toklo fb 17 pe4al rablegVnma
MI xmg that the American navy WM
romrlbuUttf toward a loving cup tor
tin Japegese navy were received here
wills much pe tau Imultm ounly
it ll utr dispatch stating that time IM
Ifnrnlu atmatc hud dtllIdtd almost
uiuiiimously to exclude all Asiatlvc
cauw d griMrnl chagrin
I lea4 line Trained IMfw aMMfNla
Mule Mv PNgaa
Manila feb f1 The AM ties of
I iitlnn physIcldns tialned under tin
LunuII ral I k 1 J Ihelr dean
i ni 11 inliii n IIIii al hr 01 II
Il t li > I > l < i 11 l in < I Hi i
Tits r lire rh I li I a I
I IIIVll Of till Innsii > I Mehlr
KTiioothl polished uml the loom U PO
large that fin gamt s of basket ball
may go on at the same time By the
use nf screens base ball may aleo
be played A gallery with a Beating
capacity of IjMt runs around the entire
room Tile gallery Is 10 feet above the
floor and ts supported on the cantilever
plan Nine feet above the gallery h a
running track seven feet wide and ex
tending around the immense room U
laps to the mile Thl track a cov
ered with cork onehalf Inch thick
The racers may be seen by viewers In
the gallery am readily a may the bas
ketball player below the gallery Two
circular stairway lead from the Boor
to the track and there are also two
brass sliding pole Next to the big
room are a boxing room an emergency
room a directors room and a pri
vate exerel room
The committee having the entire
project In charge consists of the fol
lowing President Francis M Lyman
chairman lleber J Orant George
Albert ginith David O McKay Col
Willmd Young Nephl L Morris John
K Bennett and Tom Hull the last
foul forming the building committee
call Young being the chairman
I KIII presided over the commence
I nient and adreeam were delivered by
I Commissioners Dean C Worcheater rill
I Now ton XV Gilbert and Rafael Palma
I u member of the Philippine assembly
I Fatty Filipino women who are RId
leg Is become trained aurr alttntid
the ceremonv
Wpokant Wash Feb ZJThf Alamo
Cooperative colony organised here five
years ago by Dr l anId N Mclnturif
mainly among the member of the Peo
ples United church which he had
founded ha Hared to oust The col
ony puri haead MO acre of land near
Bnnner Ferry Idaho and was to have
been operated along cooperative lines
wIth division of labor and community
onnemhlp It Is now announced that
Di McInturCt ha sold the big farm
tihcn up the colony project and will
devote his time to revival work
rIIItfto WIMI 94ekbed ihtunhler Uai nil i
Tw 1wrt14ioI1 31911 hall
Edward typhus who a few night
ago htabbed his daughter Mr he
Taylor on the left breast while m a
drunken rage was arraigned before
Judge Bow mun this morning on the
charge of asnaut with a deadly weapon
with intent to do bodily harm Hyphii
pleaded not guilty and the cage wa
set for March 11 He was unable to
furnish bail in the sum of 1101 and
was taken to the county Jail
Byphus returned to hi borne In a
drunken condition and while his daugh
ter was getting her nwontriso baby
to sleep the man sprang upon his
daughter and stabbed her In the left
breast with A pocketknlf He still
declares that he doe not remember the
art but says he was angry at his
daughter for marrying Taylor b i is
an exconvict Tb couple have been
married for only about one month Ac
cording to Byphu
Architects Young k Man are planning
for a ISOM remodelling of Claude
Kiuvd ivsldem eight miles soulll of
the city
Tiie syndicate building at the car
n or lOr First West and Becond South
efrwlr haMlts Meal column up to the
filth story and the briokwork up to
Ih Ktcond story
Thi Bovemors of tIN iommerohtl club
urn bMwtmg this afternoon to oon dr
thi dual Plans for the new building
ana If there art no changws to be made
win tak UM flint BUM to awarding
tAiilrirts for contructloo
l < Mtt contractors say UM u bound
to ha a record breaker in building eon
stiuctlon pirtteMlariy as price of to
bar and material are not beyond the
reach of the ftveag Investor
Th followllig sales urge made the
past week thMugh the afflt of hurt i
H uiliuUt A IiiiIf trirl of tine
niilh + t bunch lots to Halt I tk < tfa
cattily lit Trust iumi my Thl trait 1
cnlnNres 10 loci fir uh frantny teed
Kill b > < built III hS tL Hllh n ill l
roc of tin IIU1I1 > t r < 0 i tether I
was 111 il < Hi l f < 11 >
other narthMl bench tact tau i
NId to tile rnoHratv tnvtui nt i I
socl4tk They report n wiry eonvun t
Imiulry for homes
r JOOt 4 i
I OJ I 0 II J It I
Iii I t
I lily J
J I tl 1 01
r Ii
° i h
Gfrrtrations Resulted In Sarteus
Rioting and Ensounttts dl
With the Potto I
f I
I Anniversary of King Gartoc and I
I Crown Prlrwst Matte Oeoasftin < i
For DcmtMttratlM
< U 1 I
ii it ly Iltltn l eg semt Jh J a r ii
reto hr PteneMie Ie Ilttpfi t
I xriu Kmitl VI < llHMMri 1tOl Shlesf f j t
I U 4
i liItUII FIt 6 f rNdlL i tia tlte I i
11I1r Feb tiThe rurnrvaj see j 1 ft
bratlnni held In UabOU this wee 4i ga f
suited In serious Noting and a JiNh e r I
of encounters with the popes dom t i
which numeroun peopte woro jafe i
and about Sol arreet wore mp4s l
The precsutloiH taken by th as J
thorltlra were siwcesafal In pnvetklq is
shy demonstration early In UM nth lI I
on the first anniversary of the aa i i
asetnatlon of King Carlo and the
crown prince but the population took
advantage of tho carnival time to In
dulge In the tnanlf tatlofia they wait
to to hold three weeka age TIM a
swinations of Feb 1 1001 n he 1
peatedly enacted at various psIsa
throughout Lisbon by person ma + up
to represent the tat King Carlo and Ir
the crown prince Queen A51sUe i
Prince Manuel and the rgtejMs i
Cost and Babes as they were attired
on the day of the tragedy while MIler i i
groups carryIng coffins oentaptIMr
skeleton to represent Klstg Cask y
and the crown prince gave repre en i
tatlona of the funeral preotatluit1 to a
an accompaniment of blasphemous a i
The police were comotetely taken by
Hurprtae and when they attempted to wa
stop the scandalous proceeding the
lower class sided with the mwHB
I Traders and received thou rri
toys of itone Women Riled the i
rioters by throwing missiles I rm i
window The police finally had to
mako free use of their revelvet4 sad
swords fhey charged right east kit
and a panic followed The stpoatisa
Ws uch that the polio o0ukl not
control It and troop had te IHt sent i
monrd The streets finally wr mar i
Pd b > the military who mad whone
sal arrests yv
Uw AMgeI Neb J7ttWtIf111 WttIIDJ t
her tile aUnrvments of tmocas In hlh
fenleneJ lute sad ae and NmfIKU
of wealth hiss PhilaMthKi HtHa lllH
rlsoa a young woman of this city wile
ha gained some reputation M IUI M
torneyatUw ftiiil who HI podtIC
much means bait become a clatil
with William R George the million
alre pllhanthropUit In the tafeli4i
meal of George Junior RenobUeci in <
very part of the country Mice Mtefc
vlson will go shortly to PrwvIHe X J t
to study the work there and will then +
proceed from state to state Aietellig J
IM organising the republic and eetob
Inhlng the courts maintained In tIU h + 1
of them
tt t l
Indianapolis Feb 17 Kuah cown In I
holding a local option election achy
and the temperance force declare It
will go dry
During the week eleven rovotle hats M I
voted against tb sal of Honor or
0 10 counties one has voted to the
sloop Three hundred and eighty sa
loons will b abolished as a remit at
these flivtlons 6
Six more ountlr nlll vote n t
Washington Fb TTbre win > I
no statehood Ugtolatlon for Nw MBJC
too and Arlaona A the present M4bw
of Coagreas At a meeting of the com
mlttoe on territories loony 1 member
regardless at party In a enMttowl i
0 Prt
scene abandoned consideration o Ib
house bill
T member of th commute left
the room without any one vttptepU
further meetings for Ita cnnpldsralMn
This remarkable action occnrreil
at U conclusion 0 the r d
Ing of statements preeented by
gaatora Ntoon and Reverldg easVB
mg that corruption JuryhHbmc l
various other uirn s arilMt oirtnln
officials and leaders of what wag term
Mi the gang which is In control o
political affair In New Mexico
plkal Jlr
Washington Iib 17 IVemdent
elect Tan who recently WM mad a
Mesas at sight wilt probably bav
new honors heaped upon him upon bto i
arrival In this city horn New JM j
The National firmer union fc pm l
pacing to elect hh a member O UMli
organlnttlun 0 sight The organ 1 I
Mtlon which U to make the prolftnt It
cirri an honorary farmer ha pre i
pitted a memorial to be pr e nt d to
Mr Taft asking lilni l < uw hurl la
iluxopi In bringing aimut legldajlitu t
ii do away with imdlng In future I
iii rape a
Mi Taft H not kuvl the altuo5j
ispltal until s i hr ha aslrs4 L u i
idiot nf rfu rllltUl I I
Tat ull Ic Ut Ii u I JII
W J 1 i tin M i tn Li n L i
u i li iva I r I I II 1 M u i 1 l
T it 4I 1 Ij
I j
I J 11 l1
I ii > 1 uhi bins aN J
I 111 1 si t
d u t4M u C
Homalulu Peb T J < H J s
ntanv yf ff I 11 mb eat t g i e n 1 i
tUU nTe al d is I r 11 Ifi > if h t
i ilu I i I diet lelay i < P
a I t ulvlx to MU j
I iti i 1 l fi linn th nuflsrehv
I u t
I I l Hit iralld 9

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