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Began Yetertiay at I1mpton
Road Some Warships LIn
ing for Various NavyYank
1k1aiue Mgtit flud w
Aitoirral JiWftpt 011II1
The Us 4 msd 1
Fort Monroe Vt b H The dis
integration of tho powerful naval force
which has besn aehors4 In Hampton
Itond since Monday last begsn toda
The Minnesota and Vh lnla of the fleet
nhtch circled the globe steniMd awny
to the Norfolk Ivy jraBl lo recl
jivparKtlms for tile summsr nmnra
vrs The Mt white ships will be
< < 1iR ed In the sombre hues of nervine
The three scOMt cruiser CheoUr
Ulngham and BalOsB sailed laUrr for
Newport Afbsr BlUmsl there they will
bo sent out on aractks cralM which
ix expected to demonstrate tile relative
efficiency or the three different types of
fpglnes with which the fleet little ves
sels are fitted
3he battleships New Jersey and tho
Tthode Island are under orders to leave
tomorrow the former going to Boston
end the latter to Now York Consdouo
of the fart that they will be the lint
of tM homecoming fleet to enter New
York harbor the men and officer of
tie Rhode Island are preparing to cele
brate accordingly
Other shins aro to leave shortly It
having been determined that admi
rals Inspection shall he delayed until
Inter In the year The ships have been
under such rinse supervision on the
II > around the world and report
have been matte so frequently that fur
ther Inspection was deemed unnoess
r > l
lJu f what III tn bo done with the ships
of the bIrd squadron has not been de
termined The men have had hard
work Attlng out and shaking down the
lien vemwl and are anxious to make
ome sort of a cruise rather than to re
main at Huantanmnn drill ground un
til the ship of the returned fleet are
trAil for summer maneuver It Is
mid that the squadron undoubtedly
nlll be given a West Indian cruise
one of the most picturesque Right
Hampton Road ever has known was
presented today when Admiral Fir
ragufs old flagship the Hartford of
the Hanin the torpedoes fane came
In from Anna OlI and cast anchor near
the Connecticut With Mr wooden
hull and bark rig the Hartford pre
vented a ntriklng contrast to the mod
i rn ftaur She will be used In helping
tran ort hlueackets to Washing
i rI the Inaugural parade
h 11 report spread today that
1 i JT Admiral Richard Walnwrtght I
i < i < exfutlve officer of the battle
Min under iapt Hlgabee when
t it Yon1 Wk It < le trovd In Havana
h MI M and wh afterward commanded
IN little illiucetitnr at the battle of
t i I 10 President Roosevelt
< h > ri lo n rend Admiral Bperry and
tit UK nrerldent Intends also to ct
Ftlito hi ryfnre March 4
Admlrn Walnwrlght Is one of the
mnt r rritlv promoted flag oflleers
tm Mi relectlon would moan the send
ing nxhore to bureau work and board
work Admiral Arnold and ohrosdar
a e well aa Admiral Bparry who retire
III Optember
Admiral Arnold dol the abssnos
or Admiral Sperry I In command of
the fleet
I hIeam Feb Cnvarnished char
IIy fall and pseudocharity move
ment whlrh in pat years have drawn
ili < > unmli < of dollars from the pock
or icenexiuii but careless Chicago
i rw tn the detriment of reputable
Hiiro have a new enemy In Mrs
i d y Field who at a conference
Sherman Kingley bane H
k r Ur Henry franklin McVeagh
1 hem has broached a project for
ii cKtubllMhment of a central endorse
ii nt committee drawn fpim commer
1011 nnil professional avsoilatloni to In
xtjfrnie and pass on the moral and
t ii nirlal ulatu of the varlnu eharlty
Krifiinlzntltnii of the city Much bull
IM sn men committee nre maintained
with Miccoss In IJverptHil Han Fran
< lco iMvveland mid othn large cities
Love of Religion and Love of
Country Burn Together
In Thtk Hearts
Ther lrfftr TJ S AInH at Onvarn
ascot 1w441 llHrskw In the 8eIIRm U CIfl
Of Oil IIfOJ anti tnte
ithnoTeFub KAa article will ap
pear ta the March anasbar of the North
MrioM Review by OarsUnal Gibbons
In which the cardinal reelew r re
futes MtaftOTtoally the chargae made by
ministers of certain other 4emM tlna
then attesting UM loyalty of calc
CardtsAl Gibbon begins by saying
that flrssen million Catholics live their
live In our land with undisturbed be
lief la the perteet harmony sxlstlng be
t their ratlglon tied their duties
as American elUsans Love of relig
ion and love of country burn together
In their hearts They love their church
as the divine spiritual society set up
by Jesus Chrtflt through which they
are brought Into a closer communion
with Ood They love their country with
the spontaneous and ardent love of
all patriots because It Ie their coun
try and the Bourse to toem of untold
They prefer lie form of government
before any other They aespt the Con
stitution without reeerre with no de
sire as Cathoiks to see It changed In
any feature They can with a clear
consctonm swear to uphold K
American CaUtolte rejoice In our
separation of church and state and I
can conceive no combination of dr um
ntance likely to arise whlrh would
make a union desirable either to church
or to state We leave It to church and
state In other land tn solve their prob
lem for their own bet Interest FV r
ourselves we thank Ood wn live In
America In thin happy nuntry of
our and quote Mr Roosevelt where
religion and lIberty are natural ai
l f
Hulchlnson Nan Feb M Orvlle
rod aged It this afternoon ptended
guilty to murder In the lIt dears for
slaying Jesse Haymaker WI friend the
expres clerk hers Wednesday morn
Ins He WM Immediately sentenced
to life ImpriKfMtntent and was taken to
the Lansing penitentiary late today
lutM < SubOommlttoo on Interstate
Ct > uuM r a Agrvaf on HeK > rt
Washington Feb 1781111 unable to
agree with the president In his recom
mendation for charging for the water
power of navigable atreaaa the sub
committee on Interstate and foreign
commerce baa agreed upon a final r eort
A lengthy eorreepondnoe has bean ear
ned on with the department of Justice
The constitutional question propounded
by the member were net answered In
a way to convince them of the error of
their opposition to the proposal of tile
The subcommittee will present the
draft of a proposed bill for the better
regulation of water power on these
Springfield III Feb HWvangnlist
W A Billy Sunday a former
baseball player was horsewhipped to
night b > a man at the Sunday taber
nacle where In the presence of 8MO
persons he was conducting a revival
While the evanswllst was leaatnK
against the pulpit during the sinKlng
of a hymn his noeallant who said hIP
name was Sherman Pott sprang for
ward with a buggy whip and struck
Mr Sunday several terrible blow
The evangeUst leapt from the pIM
form and knocked his powerful foe
down The audience was on the verge
of a panic with women weeping and
children screaming while Pott and
Sunday rolled and tumbled In the
The chorister directed the choir and
the audIence to sing and In a few
moments calm was restored Several
men held Potts until policemen arrived
Potts Mid he was once declared In
sane and committed to Jacksonville
insane asylum He made the attack
he said In defense of women whom ho
declared had been criticised by the
evangellit i
Use it or not as your doctor says
You could not please us better than to ask your doctor about
Ayers Cherry Pectoral for coughs colds croup bronchitis
Thousands of families always keep it in the house The approval
of their physician and the experience of many years have given
them great confidence in this cough medicine f VM
Between Season
Winter Summer
TI iwwr ii
Mill furnish lifil uhenwvn ridioI MUHI iiuiofcly and nun haplv
hull any other di > lx Nen ml lIt tuUei Abiolulel sat gni odorlAsT
Vt r the licit feu iiutntlm It iMIl tM tixi Hurio foi H furor < r slid too
III to be without N > mie heal iiiiming mid i enlng
4 Our u Heaters n WIll JFlll the Bill
Aii abut 4rsIa1 i nansctiun offer
hoth Phouss OH 1 > 1 M Mn Btr et
i IIDa
1jitI c
1 In mull
I Sanator Tenor Led the Attack
And EmptoittotHy Condomnod
GIfford Ptaoliots Policy
Clerk Bf WyftintH Iliok 1swe 4It
lllin on M 4lHM of IGIothMIiC
IVr I MMW In ffitrss4e
Wrahlafin fob MAft aD MI
tiro sfejr devoted to dIMMMlnir Ute Mr
strr provision of the agricultural aIl
trriatUm bill the sonata toftltfht
PflNeott the measure
TW senate rejet d the Increase or
JIHtO In the approfsrlwUon for thc
forestry service as rooommonded bv
the oommlttee and thoa a curious 11
llametitary situation arose Mr ny
bum had offered an amendment direct
ing the secretary of sKrtoaltar to
eliminate from all forest reoenrs the
public land not timbered and to re
ctor such public land to locution and
purchase under Ibo land law of the
United Stale and the amendment hart
been accepted by Senator Warra In
charge of the bill
When the amendment was laid be
fore the senate Mr Flint of California
mad a point of order against It which
was sustained by the vice president
If I had known that the amend
ment would not be voted on I would
have never concurred to toe unanimous
consent agreement declared Mr hey
Tb vice president then pot the qo
tlen to the senate which declared the
amendment out or order
Senator Cutters amendment to re
duce the forestry appropriation from
WmOOO a 11 passed by the boa to
I31WOW was laid lIn the table by a
lt of 12 to
Ihirlntr the discussion of the bill Ncn
iitor Teller colled attention tn the de
nunciation made against men who
har cut timber on the public land in
mining districts He declared the Um
ber had been cut legally and had yield
ed the government In precious mineral
man tunes the value of the timber
Ho said he had drafted and procured
the IUIOIIff8 of the act of iSiS which
allowed the people of the went to do
what they had been doing without any
law In the cutting of timber on public
lund for mining camp
The men who wept these hills bare
or timber he said were not publl <
rubber but they acted In accordant
with statutes and they returned ti
tin government much more than the
timber was worth There hu been no
wilful destruction of timber In Colo
rado The people of that elate are
more Interested In the conservation of
their timber than any people outside
of the state could possibly be
Condemning the forestry bureau sys
tem Mr Teller sold If Plnchots plan
bad been applied to Colorado during
the days of its development that etate
would still be the home of the coyote
the twnther and the bear The sys
tem be said was destroying the pros
pert for settlement In the future
Reforestation he said has been a
failure In Colorado The farmers raise
more timber In that Kate than Is raised
by the forest bureau
T would rather he declared have
an American home and an American
family than to have a forest 11ft big as
all out of doors I do not believe there
ii a moral or any other claim upon me
to postpone the use of what nature has
given me
Mr Teller Insisted that the predic
tions concerning the exhaustion of the
coal supply are very far from carreot
Colorado Alone he said could supply
the world with coal for ISO or 24 years
Mr Bmoot defended the service de
claring the cost of all lectures before
various societies last year had been
only J60JI The lectures he regarded
u entirely Justified
Every Urns he said Information
Is given about lengthening of life of
a railroad tie the American people the
Mi Bmoot took up cases cited In the
senate to show injustice to settlers who
had disposed of their land within forest
reserves and In so doing became In
volved In a controversy with Senators
Clark Carter aad others
Mr Bmoot said the forestry Nervlce
he patrol system had saved WOWOW
worth of timber
Senator Clark Wyoming declared
that Mr Smoof system of estimating
lire losses was fallacious aa It was
himed on the Idea that a are once
started would burn uatll extinguished
by a forester whereas many of the
fires even ID the reserves are stopped
by settler
Ifenator Mint California asserted
that In hi state atone the losses hi the
I past year from forest Urea would have
amounted to IMsMOOO If It had nut
loon for the exertions of the foresters
Hutte Mont Feb IIA special
i the Miner from Glasgow Mont
gad the jury In the second trial of
tlit John Bhsriy murder case alter I
tnK out twentysis hour returned
u terdlct of guilty of manslaughter
nail Hxed the penalty at IIDa year
Hlnrry hot and killed Harry Black at
Imadale In October nOT its elalm
oJ i r I defense
New Turk feb IT Farm jobs In the
e t mid the crying demand lor agri
cultural labor Ui a myth and a delusion
and a snare according to John < V
Bar financial aeretary of the BUM
try mission
Ms declares that while he jweIvc
countless newspaper clippings and oth
er communications purporting hi show
that farmers are badly In used of help
and ready to employ the idle fleD of
th city las mission Is uaabk to locals
the address or get any definite Infor
DtsruBStnc hU Interesting bit of
new bearing on the labor probUm and
the unoisployed Mr Kuilt said
Thl la u trouble we nit onisiiily
having VVrtni n < Hpapr pilnl
stories that hell is badly headed In
i ertulii m lion f Hie euuntry W
offer tn fuililh honefct Induilrlous
sober men hll me tiling in take any
kind < > r Mnik Hi n i f they hat been out
of eniiu ni fii nuintlm uiul then
a > tiinl list I hi work I n > i I lIter
fnirlnt ivo I MTxtr the goternor
nf eiM 1 in the Inloti nlfrrlng la
KiiriU i II r i lIhl 111 ne uti
dress i > r fnrniTi uh Htuiled hands
rrirn Ihene letn rs I did not gel u slngl
reU to hvi that these nap gsy
gr iii 1 < maml fin farm hand
11 g1
rat OIH rMJMT I yMM a to
Cu ny MS af Wkfng BlTaT sUesT
Ing or Pretrudlac FllM lu I ta U ssyi
ur noi y irruaottf IDc
In Devotopmont of Countrys Re
sowoas Strip of Wood Plays
Important Purl
JktIt Mbkwfctl rT tie Is lille tak
AiHl Tltft Hi Ikeninliig Verj wtr11C
ltiamI l Vinl IIgure
pedal onaspnss
Washington rh tt Thm tin lunn
ble railroad tie hi a mot inipoititnt
factor In the material development of
the country is a great truth timi I I it
tie understood by people utile of
railroad circles The puffing eiglie
that speed at the rate of r mil 01
more a minute over the oinntit K a
lave to the two steel mil that In
un a mouth ned safe road and the
rails in turn depend on the 1IrNh
toned wooden crosstie nhlih hold
them In place
Yankee Invention ha not jet found
a substitute which hue Indin ed th
railroads Ui give up wood although
experts ay that the da > nill urI
come when the country forest will
no longer be called upon to supply
the demand for tie fp to the prevent
time it seems that no other material
has been found which his the resi
liency of wood and which at the cam
time cause less wear and tear on the
rail fastenings and roadbed
The country railroad during the
lat two or three year ue 110 000000
to IMWOWa of sawed and hewn tie n
year The ideal tie timber Is white
oak which combine the quslltlc of
durability hardness strength and clone
grain It Is not only excellent for lie
but Is widely used in hlp building foi
general construction In c < perage In
the manufacture < > f carriage for agri
cultural Implement Interior finish of
houses and for fturnllure On oocount
at till wide use the supply has been
greatly reduced and some of the rail
road have been forced to jay almost
prohibitive price tot tie < ir to sub
stitute other and cheaper wood to te
placn the white oak tie rapidly dlap
pearln from their linen
over 40 per cent of the tie re ently
purchased b > the iailxada or the
country are oak according I latent
statistics of United Mate forest fr
vice Proastie of Southern pine
formed somowhat lea than 2 < > per cent
Douglas ar tie ranked third with ap
proximately 10 per cant nf the total
Naturally the proportion of then two
limbers will Inrreasn as the supiiy 0 t I
oak dwindles Thi III also true of r
dar chestnut cypre uentein pine i
tamarack hemlock and other trno
which are coming into the tnaiki a >
le timbers
Cedar which III very dtirahle hc <
been extensively used to take the plate
of white oak for tie but It is so soft
that It to readily cut by the rails This
necessitates the use of tie plate and
other protective device when oedai
tIes are used As the supply or cedni
11II also running short It is neessry
for the railroads to seek further tot
new tie timber One of the wood
which has all the requisites of a
good tie with the exception of durabil
Ity Is the beech
A beech tie generally consists laiif
I y of apwood which partly account
for Ita lack of durability but < m the
other hand allows a thorough aol
easy preservative treatment In < lei
many and Franc beech ties have
been successfully pieasrved from de
cay and are used very extenelel
Beech III found widely distributed
throughout the eastern part of the
Inlted State and at the present time
Ia comparatively iheap and abundant
If therefore the railroad whose linen
are located In the region where beei
Ie abundant can make use of this wood
rested with some suitable preservative
another source of supply of tie timber
will be opened up
Stumpage value have been Increa
leg 110 rapidly during the laat few
rears that many railroads have found
It necessary to modify their timber pul
ley and they yearly apply preterva
live to a greater number of tls till
to more kinds of woods Hubmltut
wood naturall vary with different se i
tlonll of the country but In mom cspe
hy lack the two essential qualities
found in whit oak namely reltanc >
to mechanical wear and to decay Ex
perience prove that wear can be
luccesefully retarded by the use of
tie plait and other mechanical de
vices and decay can be postponed
ay the application of proper prsserva
tlven The new condition have mad
It necessary for many raUroad companies
lee to meet the problem of preserv
tlon by establishing treating plants at
central point of distribution along
their linos
Of CttHMrrvttlfoti Cowfmwiitj Sent to
COWMM by TniMt Itistenvailt
Washington Feb iSThe le Iain
thin of principle adopted 1 > > th I
North American conservation coot < i
ene which has just concluded Its
work here in which certain lecom
mendatlons are made for the conserva
tion of the natuial resource < > t the
United State Canada and Mexlr was
today transmitted by the president tu
Congress The president acknowl
edge ° with sincere grstflcttlloii the
prompt anil murtfou response of the
govmm ntn invited to participate in
the eunfeienci
Musaoge okla Feb idIn Hi
Ian Bol mountain hlaglehanded and
In the darK Junta Beck a farmer n
Ming Mar Htlglei Okla early lode
captured live robben who had InitIal
him of 11000 leiovered part of the
money and then made an menVctUi m
tempt to land his game In Jail Ivu
were wounded by all cached
Jsw York rh 7Wtlbr ll > I
17yearold boy < > f HloomfteM s i
nested lulently yesterday IIJIII n I
gained MiiiMUiusiies ls aftei IUIIIK m
a Isdsyn trance He eat Injuiel in
a basket ball gajne 10 da > n s < i < in > l
after returning home loci niUe
hess and cam kept alive only l > > the
use if liquid food tiled between hi
15W bed teeth
It Is the bvllef of phyiulsii ihu
hiii BlUM slag loosened a blood Hot mi
the brain and thai he ciii recover
He was conscious today cad apparently
Improving rapldl huM from a cots
euahl > ii nldorstly musMl hIm to
anessV silhough he ass uutiunsekiu
at lh > lime
f 1 TAIT HI V II 1lliW11
Na Viirk rb 27 < haH s P Taft
a brother of the inesMsiitolMt hM
purchased for S t y fg ip
mie liii the hlgheiit prlivd pttum I
ltfj 1 I it II Ilir Mill if
1 4
aQm nmllT A AI
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