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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, February 27, 1909, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 13

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t Sd is ion palchP ° rt + wr kite l IhtlllPl Wrtllr an the Hie IatMr Valils Tint nf DESERET EVENING NEWS 0 In by V Th Ktcrvhnrit w ArtmllMiiutit 111II Ulttstratro Hi Wcrttly Tnt Jsswr Ihwd
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i V ilIffi C 1 tillfcill1y M W W 99 p C C fi1n W Qf fip C lfvfiC C o i
Prince of Vales Lives on Income From Worst Slums
M = = = = = =
I 1 1t lIrXiNllldr 0e
LNIoN KIJ 17JlhI royal
LONDON the Prince of Wale
hen tu tt < > Hrltlih throne and
future rukr In name at toast
p f th urea nt empire the world ever
hui M < tn11I owner of the worst alum
in lotion which In equivalent to say
Int the worst in Ah world Vermin In
f to L disease ridden and a
il in rate In axooss of the net of the
t city tuft houses of thin quarter
ijnitt for human habitation Their
mm rparta would not In counlu
IIKJ for a moment In any American
e and anything approaching them
iill he the slRiiiii for a public outcry
11 < II mid endanger the life of the goY
in i it In l > ewer llenta exoasstve
and m riVi to obtain them eight ten
od t + elve people nrn crowded Into I
tun nnmiH Men woman and children
4 > In rded promiscuously together at
c rota impelling a lemlltlen of affair
to I h kh only the pen of a iVola could
Ud Iustle
Iui nf these Rink of human misery
ft1 k K1 adatlon the prince through tho
IIid c of Cornwall recelYiw a yearly
II + + ii approaching JHOWO The
I1 i nit wn less In former years when
m nctrii was a faror ploco and more
r nt i t > human habitation but aon
ntirl ww worse buildings older and
i re ilihtphlatnil and sunvhln Drones
the MemaohlnK
d IH the romUt of
ini n n fwjtorlf melts Increased
aHI ii amount of Wood money
viII < front the Inmate ot tW hell
h grew LY leap and bound Today
tt us biN Its recipient to Its In un
Lmr d luxury without a oare In the
rl i with a hundred mnnunt to
III < attendance upon him and with
< it th MMplclon of duUs SAGOI to
MI 10 < tu Milmr nlrtII11 by social
nn Iw who have reached the
bin MI royal elM or the W Ur
numi r who are on the way and hav
th + iterowlthAl to paw tie way with
Hi Rroiw revenue from UM duchy
= c C7 =
amtUt to th t flIIOII ant s + r 18nr
000 a year half n vhl h it x Into tits
prUat jJOk + I and ihiusti all of thl
does not tome from l > ndi > u alums It
help nnattHally to swell th exrh iwr
His Duchy of Cornwall revenue In quite
outaldo the coerninrnt grant from the
civil lIt of JSMooo per uimum which his
royal kUhnean receivM limply for belnc
prince or of the J18090C a year which
bin children receive for having him aa
their father or of the SMkOOO a year
whkh the Princess of Wales gut for
being hta wife The total annual reve
nue et the PrInce of Wale and his
family Including the Duchy of Corn
wall gross taking cexne to the neat
little sum of Jl115 00 a year
The alums of the Prince of Wale are
just iicroiw Waterloo Brtdptbe fern
out BriURe of 8lh liomortallied by
itood and cmiy about ten minutes
walk from the atrand It la OWUK to
111 nnameu tn the center of London
throbbing activity that tide p > > pcrty
bring oom < amtlv ly high renUthouirh
there are peculiar reason attached to
the estate lUalf which make it even a
greater money maker than meat other
London real states Xo t of the Lon
don property beloiMrina to the Duchy of
rirwLll is what 18 known in Bnfland
as unrestricted That Is It can be let
to anyone quite rrdl of charac
ter Ilounen are let at exorbitant rent
tnr the raowm that no reference are
required no iutlon asked Rent I
mostly paid In advance and there U
considerable cvora tltion for the houses
Though police grids do occasionally JVl
iat rates court thy
ure In the local magtatratea
are of a perfunctory nature It may be
rotAiled that In aud terrible book
A Maiden Tribute to odarn Baby
with the underworld of
lon dealing
Jdon and the white slave traffic this
district Otrured prominently
The Duke of omWlloltr In otbrr
word the PrInt of Walesown near
ly all tile houses In this unsavory
uelghborhood Out of fairness to the
lOyal home however It must be njen
tloned that several of the houses of III
repute In the district are held on lone
lea over which he U said tn be un
American Society Women
Set Hot Pace in London
XI PI il r rnrrospondknc
DON Feb 17 American
LONDON arc taking time by the
i n t lot k aa several of them
HIM already announced what
i i loud to do directly the season
fart aav for
t I As a matter of
k ft iiitiial function whisk are on
Ihn Ip1n the only galetl BtcllBt4
a lirlns organised b v hosteatus
ft n ether side The Hon Mrs
ii i I wrenr whu ws Catherine
i I r of New Turk so pru i Sot
s f in philanthropy and so In
uu friend of PflOele Christian
u Lit great deal socially this
n lr i she in Ulte a grand dame west
yt gala and wonderful Jewel
N i nixi li Incwtj Christian met her
Ile > t + et hlghn remarked t < > a
II d > that ahe wa aumewhai afiald
of i Kiuud manner Hut now lbv >
ii fI friends and the other day
ka iuilns Lawreftf resigned her
knf wy of the Koyal hospital t
Pi t in favor of the WNluarr as
na I h felt a royal namo would
h tire hWpful for the lMtltuUoM
II I s 0 bnwvr at the request of
ne tmnlttee coal ated is remain
ns s Ihn honorary treasurer The
Nan Sire Chart Lawrente has given
Ina c sum to Inls pet charily of
Mr kor > haWd has keen cabling
> n i w a about INlafaMa1 houses t
t f in Londwi and I hear aka U
ahC if sevtral rteH AiiiorfcuiM wk
have Stratford souse under considera
tion Only a mllltonalra could heap
up properly this magnlttccnt lmidun
palace which should meet the require
ment of Mr Uould In t + very wry
Her nrloan friends hero ldll hr
with Ute Inuntion of giving a hall fur
nr dau ur Marjorie In London that
will surpass anything es have ever
n Ton have no notion uf tin ex
cltojnant Majorluv coming Is taualiiK
We love an American girl who U up
to fun who la UBUonvtmtluaal and
Uefor all in lag natural If i < i > urt
epak truly MarJorU Oowld Is up to
pranks Consequently > care
alt IINtII of
are Just dying to as her It wan in
pranks < > f Mar artta bDtead which
have made her the Imrnxn succeas
she ta
Mr AnllMsny Ur gels new
huuvs In rusvnr H < iuar has aivni
her no vnd of trouble It Is i
so when po4 ha1t tu hun up
furniture Isvoatrl and bHo wbiunaf
certain Periods so oltat tn > w1 lIut
clash with arch IIlhr Uk other
wellknown Amerlian won lhas
brought nor knowlodsjo of Iliinp
aMlstto to a flu a point aid iw IllIJItr
IIr cB ml1Mea ageal however s III hat
tnd ran puaai her la regard tso what
is gnulB and what Is c The
Drssels moan to hato thsli ull II Irl
val hand and pnpoa to II In It
only plekad is v ers Thew II t Aum
fur thus Vset1 avalla >
U ileas applliunu Vset1tYllDisV
hlr some uuili distinguish
desiring to ire appolllUid U Is wall
kilosn that the lhyql Ia utanft
ontly for shut ther want onP ut tha
American H ure s
fsalui of the
Orosvnor square nik1 It iu ha
nw IsIt
MMiura ni whtila U tu ilu 8l1lblt
n LL I V r I ILL Irv thI
1 n ii il r rpnrvl llity Ii = + nl as
101 i t tint puiiitilai ruw s un the
nth i Ii mil It imixl nit b lirguiteiL
thin ni Prim i nt SVtles ever has
mlsi guy xiriiiurmx kirk over the
nHiililon nf his slum property or
lhu seriously to brine about a
chance for the hotter
Traveler acquainted with such clUe
an Naplet and iiaroiHtB whera tIM
lumi are said to be jraatteally the
Imltsay that certain nooks and cot
ners of the Prince of WaNe London
property are aa bad If not worse For
Instance there Is one spot r lkl Salu
tation Court which aa a slum pure and
Flmple ranks with the most Wrrlute
It l > narrow dingy dirty ratInfested
and unsanitary Most of the house
are twoutorled shanties built about
ISO years ago They are totally dell
tltutn of any of those convenience
which make life worth living TIle
room are lighted by little square
planes of what appear at oDe time to
have been glass but which has lost
all semblance to that article owing
to the Incrustation of UM grime of
HentrlUiins as to the number of
persons allowed In these houses are
extremely elastic and consequently
from nine to twelve persons ur room
II nothing unusual Though only the
very poorest occupy Salutation court
toe rents are extremely high Aa
there are no legal restrictions as to
tho number of person who may occu
py the rooms the proprietor of a
shanty la expected to get the rent
somehow and the somehow usually
is a very degraded form of human In
dustry Several of the room In these
houses have even double sot of tn
ant that In those who occupy the
m in tub day time and those who
steep there at night and of course
for these excellent convenience high
rents have to be charged To give a
case In point one of the small rooms
Ina Salutation court shantyIs occu
pied by two married countes at seam
wbareaystln the day time the same
sweat is slept In by three railway
ed a unique collection of musical In
strument Some priceless specimens
no longer IB IN have been obtained
by Km Drexal for It The musician
gallery where the band will ba station
ed at the bull which are to be given
during the season te the largest In
any private house In London It over
looks the great marble staircase and
the hall
No one ha over glvuu more beauti
ful cotillions than Mr Dreed many
of the figures having bean designed
by bur while the presents have been
In many Instances ral gums gold and
jeweled cigarette cases and the Ilhe
Mho thinks nothing of spending JMtO
mi the dainty trifles with which site
presents her friends at these gather
I ings Ja It any wonder that Anglo
Anwilran aoclot I looking lrarclo
with keeneut excitement to bet much
lulU i > r ball in the Immeduilt fu
The Unit is Sated for the and of
March or the beginning of April aud
It In expected that It will be tar most
brlllkiat affair of the earUar purl of
the season Mr Anthony P > stnl has
oelv con fault as a hoatea Shu III
Inclined to overcrowd kr parties a
pardon able wILD < > wktofc merely
itrovrn that ke Is an sjoeadlngly
kind hauled woman Wa aN told
that there ar inwu of beautiful
Yankev dtbutajit < outing sear this
season but I vwntm to pffamsot that
Margiirftu DrMl I III bold bar own
amng the let fi > < Is UB4oubledly
not only thi nrettii but tIao most
popular Ameiinan sir that ever BP
atared un the Meld horlaen of Lon
don sine HMyg Diacon Chimed ye
hllllu In the I K k row of th +
chorus uf ate of n r InlllllaJ pla >
her is one uf tk mtt Uoauttful young
Lawn all girls It IK pusalble tn you
aloe she has lh < fac uf a Ma
donna but with mm i huraotar her
eyes SK as an entbr sells youth ea
pras d n tn me th nly real old
e > r on hao ever sr < and her lashes
arc loud though lg sv > V tN cillne
rortci1 who nark at Wst rliHi pta
hon close by A hrr only one
mnaJl ianeiiiunt vlndivv In tits loom
which cannot be open rl owing to the
rusting of the hinges niP ventilation
In of H somewhat acue description
But s Salutation court which doubt
lea bears Mint name from the noted
aJwbritr nt the locality another
bete pot on the Prince of Wales
London estate It Cornwall place Her
HOC In struck with the pectiUar fact
that all the house c face on a little
space completely Inclosed by big fee
torlflc and wood yards stacked high
with timber Huntsve Dare would
have delighted to draw Cornwall Place
IUI an Illustration of Dames Inferno
Slatternly bnr Hldcn vice enslaved
women Infest the building which face
cm this court while hosts of anaemic
wretched nhoeteM and almost naked
children play In the filth and garbage
that block the entrance to the nar
row passageway leading down Into this
den of human misery
All the M cull < t buildings ra
ther bonlln Cornwall fitao are
twontorled affairs built more than a
hundred years ago U posslbin they
are In a worse tam of decomposition
than thoup of Salutation court Most
of the cottages are fronted by little
brokendown wooden fence surround
ing patches of ground that once were
twobyfour gardens Instead of gardens
den now however each fence Inclos
es a stonepaved spare devoted to the
offices of the washtub On a cold
raw whiter day when the writer Tla
Ited thl place halfclad babies were
sitting on the stoner of these little In
cleted spare crying from cold
Doubtlew the royal owner of these
disreputable slums would plead ignor
ance of the condition It directly
charged with responsibility but he Is
surely not Ignorant of the fact that
every year an enormous fund is poured
Into his private purse from the Lon
don property belonging to the Duchy I
af Crop wall and the condition of tha
human being who live on what has
been ailed In Irony the delectable
duchy Is worthy of royal oonaicjcra I
She Is as good as she Is beautiful and
he thinks et but one dean In UW world
a struggling young artist with ambi
tion but no name In most London
theater thc masher ls not admitted
behind the seen At one very Im
portant one however Alfred da Hottu
child has carte blanche to come and
go All be pleaw Ha la a croat patron
of the arts and a tannin lover of mu
sic as well as of the beautiful and he
IlkeI to have a bat with any per
former man or woman who Interest a
him Not infrequently be ask halt
a duacn of tin artistes to cupper The
other night he was giving a festivity
of the kind and he requested the beau
tiful young American to malt on nf
in gathering after lie It understood
be had been present to nor In thu
most orthodox fashion by the managei
Hut with the air of a quesn the Amer
ican laved he best oaloh in London
up and fines and frigidly dalNlsd
It u pii > hahi > lie grit Urn IB his iffy
the great Ilium isr fouml himself re
fused a request by uy woman and
It sasms the xpertote waa novel and
will be memorable I dont accept
hospitality from men I do not know
said th madonna It Is perfectly
ridiculous thai you have not a halo
luund your head was the only com
ment vuu iisafed by the giiiinalre
No wenmn Is mr Bought attar on
the Rivieia title winter than Mr
Krsnch Vdiidertrilt MN has the must
egtraardluary vog4j which It II a Hub
di cult to aocouat for Vary pretty
she rrtalnly Is and dressed huitless
ly but far mr stilklnrly beautiful
women surround her and receive no
beam whatsoever Sam attribute
Mrs Vanderbllf power of attratJUuw
to her very magnetic iraiinalUy Otb
frs say she uarrlrs about with nr a
chines charm which has tile must u
liaonlliian uuouil WID lan
iii crud DM It Is said to reach her
latu inmhiiid who Is n dlted with thu
bumIB ilrslr te net his wife back
again All this may be purest non
same hut with many It nams cm
dente I uln It U thai Mrs French
Vandrrblll U like her slater lad
hqlll1uur a great luvnr of anarm
lion pnrtl < nl irl < when It come to the
children bon 11 1 nought up tn these
infernal iurruunilinm I
Hy H lieus mtuappll atlon of char
ity a xplnndld hospital ha boen
rained on thl property at the corner
of Waterloo road and Stamford street
The Prince of Wale Is one of the
patron of this noble Institution One
of the local doctors county council
public heath mssjector who recently
snowed the writer over the duchy
property rntarkd
It Is all very well for the Prince to
give money to the Royal Waterloo
hospital but it seems to me his first
duty should be directed toward eradi
cating root and branch the terrible
evil of the districts which he owns
and which keep the hospital full of
patients The children brought Into
thi hospital usually art In a most
pitiable condition The Prince of Wales
occasional visits them and there
la no doubt he sincerely sympathizes
With their condition There Is how
e pro a peculiar blindness which make
H difficult for one to look behind such
a enormous rent roll all the IrlHoe
enjoys from their misery
It te a significant fact that for
some years rents from the delectable
duct brought In only about two
third of their present sum but when
King Edward was Duke of Cornwall
before the death of Queen Victoria
be managed the property so well that
he brought It up from J506000 to
100000 a year and since the corona
Uon rents from the duchy have Jump
ed to KI5000 This Indicates that
whatever reform kayo been carried
outIt anyhave not been In the di
rection or reducing rents
Local housing authorities frequent
ly have called attention to conditions
of overcrowding in thin district For
Instance there areIN houses per
acre whereas sanitary expert claim
that 64 houses per acr should ba the
limit Within the area of about ODe
and a half square mliea there are 101
SOO people and the average expecta
tion of life I I from eight to aiMn
years shorter than In the healthy sec
tions of London
and a believer In their Indaeno Both
Lave all sorts of mascot from birth
stone to statuettes of aatnU
Will Mrs Vanderbilt remarry This
la the question on the lip of all her
trends She shows so tar no defi
nite preference for anyone She stand
as a queen among courtier and like
all these wily American society wo
men she Is aa carefully chaperoswd
an 11 debutante TIll fact II emi
nent amusing to Rngllsh women who
In Hii itrst Instance were taught to
dtHflN the ihapwroa their trans
atlanil sisters Another rsmpje of
tin v ry much chaperoned married
woinaii IH the Duchess of Marlborough
Mix Marshall Feld Jr too before
her sntnd manlag wauM net cross
the suet with a man unless she had
a fcinnie ttendaat
IMdun is eapcriniMitlng with opsn
sir stimuli They are fur i mr rhUdran
their session Is from June 1 to Oft M
and tlwy ant proving a sucueaa
The beginning was mad hut sum
mer and was purely experimental Tic
ttuthurttlns mad a grant of Ill tu see
bow the thing worked They har In
creased the anufupriatlon for next
uninisr to < KMO and three schools
will btI establWMd
Hatli ikuol will accoinuiudat 11
chlldrun divided lAt < three elgseL uf
K MUli Th Stan mil consist at
nun head teacher thrv assistant
leathern a nurse a cook and helper
and u janitor
Of tours there are building whlrti
are oicupled a part of each day aa
well in pleasant as In unpleasant
wwutlinr but unless the weather fa
y bad almost all the Urn U
spent In tha open air A black board
tn an easel Is set up on the grass and
the < 4i lrs uf lbc pupils are grouped
bofuie II
The children are small and he
iuiirx of study Is light There are
games too listhiilc natur study
In the UBM sod the results of all
hMo i In physical lmprovm are
as td tn 1M leery gratifying The i IL1
nil have their m al on the pistol
sad spend tot antic day thereNew
In S ill Anrk where the slum prop
rely of Duchy of Cornwall Ix situated
Uu death rate Is more than 211 per
crnt whereas In 11aarlp lead and tits
West End of London generally It
averages from 10 to 12 per cent In
fant mortality here according to the
London County Council physicians Is
something like UI per 1000 while
normally Infant mortality In n healthy
residential section te only 31 per 1
000 These frightful conditions arc uf
course due to overcrowding in the
Duchy of Conwall houses their di
lapidated state and the unsanitary na
ture of the district
The neighborhood te Infested with
pubs or public house otherwise
saloons In there gin palace verr
day you see hosts of woman most uf
them carrying intact In their arm
and other children tagging ou to their
skirts On Monday morning In Corn
wall place It te the general custom for
all the women to pawn their husbands
Sunday clothes until the following
Saturday The money so realised And
Us way promptly Into the saloon
keeper bottomless till Hwveral re
forming authorities have tried In Eng
land to get law passed restraining
the visits of women and children to
the saloons but so far nothing has
been done On Saturday nights In
Cornwall place Salutation court Bond
street and in other haunts of the
delectable duchy you may witness
orgies of bettrlflc glorification In which
the whole neighborhood participates
Attempts to bring about reform In
the duchy district always have bn
met with the statement that noth
ing can be done until the lease ex
pire This Is not altogether true In
discussing this point a local housing
expert who knows the conditions well
The Prince of Wale with his pow
erful Influence easily could exert 1IIdII
dent moral suasion on the denizens of
the district and If not on his own
agents who collect the teto bring
about a radical change at toast with
reference U the children who are the
victims of them crying evil Local
reforming bodice often have petltlnnr
the duchy authorities to help to atIer
social condltlonx but little sympathy
has been met with from thin mun
The Duchy of Cornwall IK not inn
entirely by the Prince of Walex ihiunx t
he takes most ot the profit A ItO t
vrning board founded In the tun n r fit
Edward 111 ft what IH
presia nyse by v t
called a Lord Warden uf the fcUamn
les attends to the details uf tut r
I talc Tit lord warden Is unilMil
by a keeper af the privy seal an uttm
j nty general sad various state seii
tarles They also have their law clerks
and land steward The Duke of
Cornwall the Prlno of Wales nl
wuyr U head of thl Interesting little
iirinclpallty which has been estal
llshAd about < 00 years Mllllum thu I t
Conqueror gave the duchy to IM half
brother In those early days Coinwall 1
was the principal place III Eutop <
from which Un was obtained KM i
earlier than 100 years ago the Pho
nlclans traded to Cornwall from Mil
Iterraneau ports ecchangtnp cloth tot
tin The duchy at a later iiorlod nr
its existence broadened out to include
not only all of Cornwall but ulna
parks 6i manor 1U castle and IK h
boroughs and town In various parts
of southern and western England
This is how the London property came
to be a portion of the duchy
The duchy enjoy what ha been
facetiously called a Un constitution
being ruled differently from any other
part of the United Kingdom It waa f
in early times divided Into tanner
ies eacti tannery sending six mean
bt n to a parliament belonging exclu
sively to the duchy The Htannerc
parliament had Its own speaker and
peered Its own laws In IMS these a
bodies were done away with and the
lord warden was vested with their
powers subservient however to tho
Prlno of Wale Occasionally the
Duke of Cornwall In his ofllclal ca
pacity convenes council of his war
den and official but these meeting
ar few and far between and tin only
interest the nrlnce really take in the
property Is directed toward the unnu
ul balance sines 5
Austrian Society Dances
In a Subterranean Ballroom
pedal Corr < spoodnc
x HACOW Feb 171n a ball room
CR4lOw of solid salt rock a4 i
A orurd with rift status sad
llrhlfil with idudolabra which
though they look like whit of the flu
sit crystal are made of the same sal
las nut rUI the lower of the Aus
trian artoUicraay have just bald a
mufjwrabl hall Tb ifak took vUo
is the biggest and richest Mil mln
la the world Kuata4 bi till hamlet of
Vllk ka In Austrian PM some Ii
qty from bun similar fcMlvitles
CtftIa take place there because tIII 7W
mines euxacnl In the mine ar fond
of danclnc but the guess In this care
Merit not mlmr but members of SAW
of lh greatest families in Austria
who thought M a good Idea to fellow
the Inhere ample and five a hall
underground Instead of In ate of their i
own palace
Hut mine consists of sewn More or I
stopping laces and the ball roam IN
un the third Auor approached by lifts I
and severs Sights ot steps out out of I
the solid salt rack The guest 11 wore
lighted down the stair by IIIIMMM of i
torch and Uiial lights bald b > min
or standing on the stalls at frequent
1n 11II Tha tad and yellow light
thus rodun4 tell iipan the rocky MC
which are of a arwn color pr4uvlnc
a mist weird and m > lrlous ffct the
more weird biaun of the utter dark
gase within u yard nf the staircase
yhe ttlati wu still further nhaiu + ed by
fnMip of Mlnr who hidden IB lbs
frnttoM sang sunfK aa old M rte mine
IUlf which was first worked In the
Xar 1M4 by slave
< taco In > tiilI UK u u dlii llclils i
lave OH In OUkJIlii IlilliAtl N
cause Un 011 fuuud taste U of the j
wealid glsa wJWr IMe rMlt 1
waa that uverythlnc from title walh t
the eandleMMu looked like i sia
pruduilnc the effort of nuuntlons Ula
monde where the light fell on It Agate
tho Impress conveyed may be unipaj i
to that of u gigantic tie palaw bell
liautly lighted up and sprinkled with A
thin luyur of whitest now The unit
floor form an Ideal oue for duffel
so brilllaniiy U It polished
Rut tot urine of VMIcika f < + ututu
suiathlnc snore than a uiiliuf halt
room It U a busy underground humun
hive all the buffer In vonlnurt with id t
alcepy hamlet above In tact all the
llfu of tlw Hettlttiueiil U owsntrstelt
below bruund Thu air is clean alit
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