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i ffi ie
ow R1
fi rt <
J v v w v
aertsl Correspondence
Ole TO JI > IIn11I J1n bank
rupt The country oweL >
TOKYO more than tlWOOw
eeo and its atpetuel Jut
ware altanet LMLOs S a day Th
tan on the avenge nm now be
tween Its and W 11 family and thee
bar been steadily im reeling for the
aMt I i years They wore conslderabl
Mi than loMO4t11 In lM Lat Seal
thar approximated tlMOMWn ana
much of the Increase hall been since
UM dose of the Russian war The
Mpener of the nation have more than
ejpadnipted eluatha Chinese war an 1
I the foreign tam Have jumped from
almost nothta to jnors than 800000
100 They are niw to largo hat the
government IMS called A bait and It I II
I cutting down ° ita expenditure sty
the new potter just inaugurated It
ton chopped of a tool tlMOMtOO and
pate to to be sk ed during the net fnw
year The banker are demanding
that the expenses ba further reduced
Md the whale nation la calling out I
for retrenchment economy and re
form JAPANS MtcAtnrr DUNE
Every one fe JaOan from the em
peror to the opret coolie new meat
IBM that the national fwtar Is based
peat the money lane The country
inset eeuhllah a sound credit It It I
to hold Ite plao among the nailoo
Aa It U now it has one of the peet
armies of the world It has more than
MOM soldier with almost 70010 offl
Mr It ha more than ISOOWO
trained men who could be drafted Into
the rank at a week notice and It
In adding half a million young man to
t available force every year liver
boy Is being drilled eo that he can
form an efficient cox In the fighting
machine of the future and altogether
Its human military iftaterlal to cur
passed by none It js the aame with
the navy which new rank among the
beet and to whleb It la eoon to add
n more WleahlN of the Dreadnought
All this le well But without money
It In naught It take gold to buy the
food coal ammunition to carry on
a war A single naval engagement
often costa million and a big Inter
national struggle mq run Into the
bllllone In a War with a great power
Japan can do nothing without a btr
money attest or a sound national credit
At present aha baa no spare gold on
hand mid her credit la such that
ebe cannot borrow more of any of
her European uncle who with the
three gnUwh ball hanging over their
door leaf only when the colltfaral te
III eight SUM peace was declared
the condition here have been car
rally Investigated and the nation wll
have to make a better ahowing before
It can Mat another great foreign loan
Until then there need be no fear 01
Japan gong Into a war with any great
power much lee with tho United
Mate which is the richest of all the
But this letter In not to describe the
war sltuflon There to no talk of
war here howl and I bare looked for
U among all rlasMS of the people
The Jatiaijef afeHae frtoad of the
United arid they are net
ashamed I aay so U the word of
Baron Oeto onel the emperor
cabinet who talked to me recently
You may go from the top of the
Hokkda to the bottom of ftormosa
and t the door of every Japanese
bon and poor and you will not
heat word against the United
Mate Thl feeling was amply
shown IB the welcome which wa
give our fleet hurt October
One thousand million dollar It
seems a We pile for one people to
owe It mean a lot of money but
there are other nation who owe more
and proeper Th debt of France U
Jive time as great that ot Russia
I IIMIOOOOOCI and Oernmny Including
the empire and elates owe almost as
much Little Italy ha a debt of
tt700OWoai and as for ourelves WI
n M MWO toO and are peln Inter
ent M MMW WO If a country is all
rlht many think a national debt H
national Mewing I am In don hi
howevor whether no big a debt bleu
es Japan
The question of a debt depend on
the security What ha Japan gut
bark of her obligation fan she men
the lntereat charges when due amt
will she eventually redeem her Indebt
ed neeeT
Let UR take a took at the country
and Me Jape all told Is a little
bigger than nrilivrnla Fur Sfthe
of It to maile up of vaeoanlc mountain
but the remainder IHehMlng a terri
tory perhaps us large as Indiana hat
about the rlrhrt noil on tM globe It
III rich enough to feed the Mete laps
nee people This untry haa Ipore
Inhabitant than the fntted Khwdom
of Great Britain and Ireland wMcb IK
now epoonfed by the United Mate
If tncle lam shut his bread basket for
three month Kngiand would starRS
All the natlone of the world might
keep heir supplies of food away from
Japan and the 000000 itomaeh her
would go nn working Jut the aine
Notwithstanding the hard time of >
day and tho big taxes of the Itr
war them are no wrinkles In the M
M90W Jainineee bellies Th people 1
see on Uv ulrretn are plump and the
children nro fat We have In the
United Plato almoet 1000 ponrhouecu
with bent UOW Inmate I dont
know what they < iwt but It must he
well up Into the million Japan IK
now upending lets than MttOooe a year
to lake car of her poor antl the gov
ernment give for lICh purpoMi much
leas than our
A good Index of national prosperity
Is the birth rate This Is Increasing
In Japan and without Immigration the
nation steadily grow It had 31000 000
In 1871 It ha now 10000000 and It
population la growing at the rate of
MOOOO each year Within the pINt
M year over UWeWO have been added
to It and today the babies iwartn I
Melted every great people of the world
and nowhere are there eo many new
babies aa here every other child
ha a baby trapped to its beak al
most every woman who work in the
geld Is thu loaded and one meet
old men and young boy going along
toting theee almondeyed yellow bit
of solemn humanity The bablM look
well They are healthy and they sel
dom cry I doubt not the birth rat
will be tlil higher If the condition
Improve and one of the burning qtte
tone is how Japan can keep on geld
Ing all of Ita people If the itoetc con
tinue to bring In a half million more
bablea every year In moet coun
trle the birth rate fall with
want and hard time Marquis Kat
sera tell me that this ha been the
ease with Japan In the put and that
it would be 110 today If her people
lacked food The tact that the ba
Me come faster and faster shows
that the nation to not In devperat
A to the actual wealth of this coun
try it oempana favorably with that
of other kind At the preeent writ
ing without MOnUnic Me debt the
nation la worth bout Ile00ow000 of
gold dalktr TKi la alnuwt M
much its the wealth of Italy more
than twice as much M that of Siala
or Holland i > about onethird of the
estimated i donne at all the Jtu
ala e The uest countries of the
world are the United Plate Ureat
I Urltaln France and Germany We
lead all the ret In having money to
burn Our auk are estimated at
ntWaMOWI gold dollar Oreat Brit
ain at WOJeM of Prance at
UOWMOOOO and of Germany at 41
Considering the abort life of the new
Japan and the great wan It ho under
taken Ita Dash Account Ie reepeotaMe
to any the least It has almoet SMM
000000 In houee land and other bulM >
If you had positive proof that a certain remedy for
female ills had made many remarkable cures would you
not feel like trying it
If during the last thirty years we have not Aucootdcd in
convincing every fairminded woman that Lydia IL Pink
hams Vegetable Compound has cured thousands Mid thou
sands of women of the ills peculiar to their sex then we
long for an opportunity to do so by direct correspondence
Meanwhile read the following letters which we guarantee
to be genuine and truthful
1 tellMtht XJRut fur 1yJln K 1lukhwxls vaW
OeHapouud I would nut he alive to dMI for 1 WM H 1eusMrelhle
Mjttrer for four or five years The doctor raid It wa GhHiis
M Lift and I suffered untold aguul
1 bait rend thai LydU K PinkUHiiis VAfivbla CIftMHtI
WM good fur tomato troubles so atoned la take It I fwiiud
MMtt relief Ht ItDctIo and todnv I am a well wales I tlH k
Lydia E Hlnkbuius > sebl Compound for It and ttUtdl >
r0oomni iid It to any woumu Hiinorluir from Chatigpi ljf ftr
feuwlr truubaeeMrs Wan HomeiHI 1 Wrt llitiuburvli Av
Is terou N J
Malbountfi la I am thMMkful for ties great giHMl IydlH 1C
ietakh ha Vtablfl OomiwuHil bs doue mi 1 uffr d HMIU
years from ohronU 10blD sloe and Iwsirlar down Ntlav aHA
was unaMo to do my work
a Mdia K lMnkb Vrstet eU Compound r stHr Ml ua lit
Uealtb urt > raU other mess bad aUcHl and today I sat H mlHjr
dvariUfiueHt fur IYrs Cg rK WaUnuMHH U D Xtt i
Kolbourao low
There i > Absolutely no doubt about the ability of this
grand old remedy made from the roots and herbs of our
fidds to cure female discuses We possess volumes ot
proof of this fact enough to convince the moat skeptical
r < irlt ear Lydia K IMnkbattttf V sjwUbl
uiirkuunii bus kwon the atasMtr l fiMtiedy for b 4
sancta Ills So Irk wowiMH SMHB JHaUM to
uorswlf also will not lr > this fawoua HMwUotuo
fade xt lu hclv from meta Hud UHrUs aMli
i has tlto i aii < U II urea W Its OMllIU y
Mr 1llikllHMt invites Hll lek WOM10H p
° f I 10111 her for iwlvlo She kM 1
L Qulutsl lInu MinU to IiiHltli free of rhetrtf
t Ahh1i MlK IMlllUtMH LjUU blue t ru s ue
IL 1
Japan is Worth Twelve Billion Dolars It Oerss 1000 Million and Spittle s Millions
DayA I About tic Wealth of the Country and tic Po s Dtwci f tack COM
MBIM Which Pay Dir dend EijKt Million Portal Sy ape DepoeitraTie N w f
Electric Rod and the Government Railway Whose Rate Arc One Cent a Mile
Ship Subudici Which PayHard Time and the Taxes Government Monopo
Ii Etc
ISooooo00000 Oo ocos0op00o00b
Photographed for the Nett In feats < 0 Curl rnlrr
uH uduHuu UUU
ing about two Hilton In furniture and
works of art and over one billion In I
good and other merchandise Its ship
ping is estimated at a hundred million
which Is probably low and Its marine
products at eight hundred million
which may be high Japan has over
WO000000 worth of mines She ha
almost one thousand million Invested
In companies and bank and over ttOO
SWMO worth of railways telegraphs
and telephones
These islands are rapidly becoming a
land of factories Formerly everything I
was made by hand In the house and
today there are million of men women
and children who work at their home
There are also something like 6000 fac
tories moved by steam gas turbine wa
ter wheel and electricity and more
than 100000 hand are employed In
them Over 2000 of these factories are 1
devoted to textile and about 400 to
machinery and work in iron ana steel
The government alone hoe tjtt fac
tor of Its own to whjcb almost MSSM
men are employed It tAaajas oaanect
ed with Ita shipbuilding abed naVal es
tabllshment which cmptoys over IOOM
Many of the private companies have
tarn capital paid In The total aggre
gate over > MOINO SO with a Mfplu
of more than onefourth of that
Amount This Include agricultural
companies and industrial of various
Kind It comprises many commercial
combinations and transportation com I
psnl and also Insurance companies I
tock exclMMffes and a multiplicity of
All to the bank there are now over
IM0 all managed by Japanese with
Japanese oaMtal Their patdutk stock
aggregates over tUO 00000 and their
dividends are big Take the Bank of
Japan which doe the business of the
government That bank has a capital
and reserve fund amounting to about
20 OOOoot and Hi assets are WOOOOOOO
Its deposits show a balance on hand of
over J2000WOOO and the net profits are
about H000000 a year The stock pay
IS per cent The Yokohama Specie
bank made lt000000 In 107 and paid a
dividend of 10 per cent while the Hy
potbeck bank paid 10 per cent There
ar > M agricultural banks here which
I pay dividend of t per cent and roost
Continued from page thirteen
The path to thl lake ii calked the road
to hell bring very steep dark and
allppery The miner always slag hymn
when taking visitors down there and
their voice vlbrat and echo among
the rook and niche There to a legend
that the devil haunt It from Urn U
time and that the npint of departed
miner who have led had live float
about In Ita ages In the last eentury
there wag a very cruel overseer named
Zuplncki who wa either thrust In
there by his men or fU In by accident
It U said that be still live there In a
perpetual Mat of burning tblret which
hu strives to quench by mean of the
salt water Even today dome of the
older men employed about the mine
declare that they hear his groan and
shrieks at night
Bu difficult and exp nlva Is It to light
up the whole mine that vlailon must
niche up a party of at east M and pay
variety imp according to their num
ber It 1 err rare that they are tak < u
to MO the lake un account of tb dour
tiroud ivweat One of the aighi > > t
the t > i < i Is the ihniMl of It Anlttony
hewn nut of the stud salt rest In the
yetr dUN b > iui nierprUInc miner N < >
IKH then IOU step lend down to It from
the a i end ° fliHi and It measures over
Ihl yards tong coven wide and tht
altar tandktitiik and statues are rut
out of crystal sail At on time mow
wee Bald there every day But owing
to the fact that Ute pet st doe not live
n ur the msrvlon gre only luul
on great paint day In the rorrdur
between this chapel and another small
er one to this tatu of HI Culegulda
the palroneiw ot little wh ork u itiur
ground hewn out of the solid rock the
work of UA pli > u miner A vanda
Ubra of wit conUlnlng tt uaodU
hang before It and I lighted up un
grwi feat day From this pot run
corridor and cell with tail bust and
etatuP of the Austrian Moperet and
tuiloun pereanagr who Have had con
nectl in with th win <
III lliM underground town which
nraaul5 uo lee than rOIl kilometers
nx uui a klullIlIr wide over MO men
ltl It II rnlllvH spend their day
II nit nn ate born luiU old men
d rue nf them dUltke going above
wu 1 vn fur a f u lays Th mi
h hul4tunll rfuer t do co uy the
lauaits u bllnUlu After living lot
rHJJfHfJlII = 1 <
of the ordlnar hank err prying the
ann and some much mote
One person In every Bill In Japan has
some money In the postal Having
bank Theee were started In 1176 and
the depositor have doubled In the put
five year There I a non four time as
much money In the postal savings
bank as there wa at the time the war
with Route began end their account
amount to almost 140000000 with over
1000000 depoettor The bank pay 41
per cent Interest and the Interact is
compounded by adding It to the princi
pal every six month It In probably
the highest savings bank rate paid by
any government I
A to the private savings bank they
number five or alx hunrded with de
posit aarecatlllllf UM000000 and the
dividend are on the average of about
I per cent The paldm capital of such
bank seta to more than IS3OWWt
It must be remembered that all theM
Institution have been established with
in a generation Japan knew practi
cally nothing of corporation until a
few years ago and the people are still I
afraid of them Marquis Kataura the I
premier who originated the new inane I
gal policy now starting says be want
combinations of capital and the bigger
the better Baron flhlbusawa one of
Japan multlmllHonalrtM who wa in
strumental In starting some of the ant
of such combination say that they
have already quintupled the value of
every Japanese industry and have In
creased that of many twentytold He
bellevee the future of the country de
pends upon them Today Japanese cap I
ital to organising There was a big era
of such speculation at the dose of the
ChinaJapan war and a similar one has
Just passed During these period there I
were many over eapitalised companies i
but moat of them have gone to the wall I
and the greater part of the corporation I
now In existence are paying dividends
There are now nine or tan thousand dif i
ferent companies with a paidup capi I
tal of more than MWNOtNL I
There are electric railway In the
larger citle Thew have a capital of
some month In this strange mixture of l
brilliance and gloom they can Me noth
ing when they go above ground though
their sight till serves them In the mine
Otherwise their health to good and ac
cidents are exceedingly rare Those
who are too old to work with the pick I
make candlesticks traya and itatu
ette out of the salt which they sell
to tourist The souvenirs last for
I year In a mild climate and can only be
almost 140000000 In addition there
are other companion organised but not
yet In working order with an aggre
gate capital of over 16000000 The
electric railway business is In Its In
fancy and It 1s susceptible of great
development The Toklo electric
tramway paid 8 H per cent dividend
last year and the line from Toklo to
Yokohama paid more than 11 per cent
The OaakaKobe line yield dividends
of It per cant and there are other
road which are paying from 4 to I
per cent All theee line are over
head trolley and the service te good
The car are crowded In those of
Toklo It Is often ImpoaatMe to get 1
t during certain hour and aa
usual the traps aid In paying UM
dividend Tou can get mere for yewr
money on the Toklo street can than
anywhere else I know The far Is
equal to two of our cent and the
system of transfer U such that atti
can ride over H mile of track for that
All to the steam railway the meat
of them are owned by the government
More are being acquired and In Urn
the whole of such communication will
I belong to tho Ute I understand
that the government railways are Bay
Ing and that the prosy hut year from
them wa almost MO 000 OW This will
pay the Interest on the purchase of
the line and still yield a small sur
plus During my stay In Toklo I talked
with Baron Bhimpel Ooto the imperial
minister of communication Hethink
there le no doubt that the reed will
eventually yield a large prott That
are 6 OW mile of them and be tall BM
that Japan need 6 too mile more He
expect to broaden the track and
standardise the equipment and to
greatly Improve the rolling stock He
believe In the nation Illation of the
road and say that government own
ership 1s a necessity in Japan In or
der to prevent overcharge The gov
ernment roads have coat I11WMW
to build and when the loan Issued lor
their purchase Is paid It to estimated
that they will yield the state ttSWeWI
and upward a year In my talk with
Baron Ooto I Baked Mm whether Ja
pan could afford to carry ate railway
passenger for t cent a mil He
re lIMi
We are doing better than that Our
I distinguished from marble by the salt
task they give when ticked They are of
courts mad from the aocalled glass
layer perfectly carved and strong
A xxw xarnox
Of Reynolds Dictionary of the Book of
Mormon no wready at Deseret Sunday
School Union Book Store Halt Lake
City IU6 postpaid
I I W C 3B J
= St
lirtgaui rU < mrtl George H Toriiey who rtwut y awx < i < 1 Uui cxitllly
11II load m Lbo mdlcel tlllon iJ our army ttus burn In liiunure June I
116 lie intweU UN envy In UW ad bee MVvl l iu many ini > iUiit pool
At lit IIUI if lit Kn ynarlo 11K mfce h iiil
a ui ut I In oj
psrttoatIehlwow red U4 < i dregs < of all r ii tuy work to etono
f pane ngei rnten are about 1H cents
A mir and our fieight rates are equal
ly low Iur rate on the average are
j Just about half then of the United
Hsmn noto say that the traffic on
that business
the railroad shorn the
conditions are Improving He referred I
to the fact that we had last year some
thing like sroooo oars Idle nn the
American tracks while Japan had
more freight than It muid hand
I mid Its ftatlan air now filled 111111
I goods uvMiltlng transportation
Hmn Onto snips that the shipping In
tcnsts are doing well and that the
imminent mibldlrs nre paying In
the Increase of foreign trade Japan
lies now steamer which aggregate
more than OOOOW ton and mlllng
sale whoa tonnage Is onethird
that amount It has regular line of
tesiwl to buroi Araorfca Australia
and India as well as to Manchuria
und Siberia and on all the big riven
fOt china The atoamshlp linos are
pitying dividends The Nippon Vneen
K ilshn which is the largest in Japan
pays U per cent and the Toyo Klen
Kalsha ha dividend equally good
i Many of the ship are built In Japan
some of the vessels constructed being
1000 ton or more There are 200
private shipyard In Japan
I In another letter I shall writ about
the factories of Japan giving the
amount of bustneea they are doing and
I showing how they are growing Jttf
ttti it to city that they Include cotton
I and spinning mill machine hop
i works woodwork establleh
I tnenu match factories and thorn
which make watches and electrical
From what I have written In thto
letter It will be seen that the finance
or Japan are not founded altogether
on wind The country la In many re
spects rich and it has considerable
undeveloped resources the chief of
which are the Industrial possibilities
of Its people At the ante time the
Coat of living is comparatively low
although more than in the put owing
to the gradual changing to the more
expensive customs coming in with tho
new civilisation Whether the country
will continue to prosper with the ex
travagances of Oil civilisation re
main to be men As It k now what
the United State wastes at every
breakfast would feed all Japan for a
whole day and the money aha spends
for carpets would buy all the furni
ture of this nation of lfl009000 peo
This letter Is about the hard time
of today That they are hard there to
no question although I doubt 1IIIOftlo
they are u bad a they w err In mar
of our cities during the poet 1
Bvery one seems busy and RHh1JpJ t
some of the fmlorle have
rm L
the force there ore few unemployed
The men have her
Jobs for inn xrl
every houm the people are making nn
thing or another for sU At for nm
time wage are low and tame pan
bren ntliiurd on the war feeble r
the struggle with Uussl
Everything In Japan Is taxed Th t
are stamps on all bank check all
when you pay
your lLynur rrepn
has a stamp llvery lhess U lux I
I according to the amount of its nIUI1
I and every pedler and Jinrikisha
I pays a license There is A nv
I medicines on sake and liqucn n
on Japanese toy the sauce whit h i
people Use with their food Thl <
increased at the time of war
All Incomes pay taxes and bloat
grow with the amount of
ones >
pert There are about so
families In Japan and
all an rzp
ed to pay a certain percent
they make more than
1150 n v
These taxes were Increased durlnu n
and they Mill hold
war There n
course taxe on lands niiirii
run from I per cent upWHnli to i
per cent according to the clunn r
Ind There are Inheritance
taxes < In
Ing taxes taxes on stock rxh r1
and the Issue of bank notes
There are customs duties on t
thing Imported and there In a < p
tax on travelers whether Lucy u
leamboat steam train or on i <
curs This lax depend on the nil
running from t sen to 60 sent a
Ing to distance for tutu flrt
from S to IK sen for second i i
1 to 1 sen for the third class
Is onehalf cent It will he seen tb I
tax Is very light on the third i
the longest trip coating j cent 1
that It Is heaviest on the tint
where the same distance Is la1
In addition to all this are t h I >
ernment monopolies Including tc t Ie
alt and camphor There is mu I
where good cigars cost so mu tIll
where the homemade cigars are Trl
Any kind of tobacco cats three lim <
a much here aa in the United M I
an ordinary twofor is sold t r
dime while nickel
a cigar M 1
bring SS cen Cigarette aro r i i
high The tobacco monopoly n L
In about 16600000 a year I t
government and the wit mO1
yield over 17000000 On the r
the nation is taxed just about
can stand
= = = = =
3 y 1
fiOXfT 5 i
fflfflf P1I II
4 r
I v
I t
The latt brand of
t Royal Broad Made in ono
i of the moot modern bakeries of the wCltA
I plant that it famous for its oloanlinest Bread
that Is right seasoned just right and baked to a
delightful crispness It is appetizing and whole
Auk your dealer for Royal
liieart The Crown Label
19YA Insure fnbnw k9Yil
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