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r = = n11 rSPitVT EVE TXG NEws SATURDAY F nnnY 27 IfMin is
Ins the week vMUsc frteMi In RanK
lr Ihris Seott entertained at a
r It dinner at her horn W Inndaj
iMmx of her birthday r < ovar wclxt
i for U
Ktudent of the H Y f mv a
hiful dance und soitnl in the tym
nun Monday evnlng
vnmn PCoyea spent a toupee of daya
i v ek with HrndIn Nonhl
Mi mil rifts Ihnll T si MK an I
i ni r the tnpfi In m of Hi It dtugh
MlM Julia to M > It E H XI of
rI lake
The Junior elass of th L I I A
Ih Hornnd wnrl oiirpiKni the nenl
uday even MR at Iho mil hune
< enlnv Daaed In KHIIK a and imi
A light lunch wxs IMI
i I f and Mm A I lmvl ilcllxhiiii ly
iillid Tuesday truing u1 ill r
Mhem of green and white nhtah are
Ute cotort of the r A C Women
aiub of which Mr Perry Is a member
will be curled out tlvcly In 4ft
orating the room wMtn carnation
and mnllax btln lId The plan will
ba marked by dainty iaru having
upon them Jepanee sketches In water
nlntii Hurl IK the afternoon Mlee Mar
garet Wilkinson mill read from the
writing of Edgar Alln Poe HIH jruf
Uflorg Thatcher Bill lng lore reel
lirafel Mt to mush by Oliver King
The members of the 1T A i W >
mr cub 1Ira entertained most
p I tlrn 8aturda afternoon lint
b > es G U Ball and Mil Bllaabeth
Hmlih The club meeting waa held at
the hirnin of Mrs Hall when an at
i > lIanl imjur on Bernard Shaw was
Iced hy Mini HuntHmiui after which
the la taa repaired to tin illego din
ing room where an olaimatr dlnaer
wn served by the Homul rvirnrv
< part iti The rtecorutlon of the
lining rttorn and tablo uses r < tremely
Itelty consisting of n < ifici pluntn cut
Ilimer and many pHtnotl rmblem
t HUU I CHHH t < < tU
N r
Eyelet embroidery maertlon wa ued tj mak this pulls nook ankh
eiv the effect of expensive allover eyelet work The ln Hlunt arc joined In
i inel aoh panel being outlined with narrow Yaknek nnee lace The van
drkd arrangement of the Inaertlon which onclruJea the skirl h > wi how
very bit of thu material baa been used to advantage The yoke and sleeve
apP of embroidery Are full of BUMvatkma for the use of line insertion In
inblnatlni with lace A light and graceful look III given to the dies by
liu fliunce of lace and batlate this rtiunce being mulched by the long
inVL of batiste alternating with the lase innertlonB
11 r1irtuiuiiziu U U JJJHJ
H p
i i1 party at their home In iMNHlt or
rinf and Mrs itenjamtn Clutt The
i Kta were the faculty and teacher
f the B T university at the Ulna
I t fluff warn engaged at the l1 T
The evening wee one that wiN
UK tx remembered by all present An
iborato dinner wee served
The aged of the Sixth and Second
ml were entertained Wednesday at
i brand theater and afterwards
volt with oranges and candy
i lie Forgctm not club of the Sixth
Iud gave a very enjoyable ohaiacter
hh at the ward house Friday evening
lal1Y unique characters were repnt
iitrd and n very enjoyable evening
i nwd
o 0 0
Mr and Mrs Joahua Dunn enter
nued at thair home Thursday evening
Ilse mcmben of tho Owl dub Caro
Limes and mush were UM feature of
in venlng A dainty lunch was served
The tlftyaevenUi wedding annlv r a
ij nt Mr and Mra Roger Farrer w ac
iiiiugly celebrated at their home Wed
uY evening the cblldnn and
iwidclilldren of thto eMaamed couple
held Id
l ho Nineteenth Ceatwr dub
afternoon at the
r < alar meeting Friday a
j of Mm Swat Schwab After the
tulur business had been trana
d ted MIH John Marwlck gave au tx
lent paper on The Woman of An
Mr Jen
ii urefCf Aftur reoaM
i rheever continued by reading es
t l to from tatters from Orseeoeomo
er which hud been rwd the week be
The Utah Soroal met Wednesday
Lund Prof
moon with Mrs Cordlla
toctar on
i ltd gave an excaiteM
June I and Translation of the Bible
MIM Ins Hndnon and Mrs Lydia Hold
member of the
a iv wore accepted u
dub The remainder of the time wee
tu61n up In completln arraaajmenU
for the club annual banquet to be giv
en Marb I at the HoW Roberta Club
Mourned for two WMkS to meet with
Mr Dora Irvine
ol 4 K terse William Hatfleli
i 1 John H Tvnlvea left UM latter put
ih week for u brief visit to Danvur
rrlul d Mil iloodwln have rtlrn 4
1u ISM Anacltii and other points of
i Iert In ialllurnla
< he luigent oitul affair of the weak
1 ib the ufurnoon given by Mm
1 nerd li Prrry ut her home on West
r tr ntniei nil Saturday aftwrnoait
which elaborate paraUonv are
cog iniiile Mm Perry will entertain
it M inul and will bu desisted
Inns uiiil Mining by MIB T
NI hr Miss KHlhiilnr Mmltli Mts
11 lloliliiHun Mr U + n Oamplxill
I i Ih a KIlBMbi ih Hmlth The color
A akin tldu y J JT t
D t ilia ao ri d eQr1etitd
n rtiw tt ft
L belt s1a p Y
brant o
IiA III bran I nl
n1lvn u I
ei a j
A a col a
pf t
IMIi 1161
I II va W1
w iIIn
ffl 411 1 1
T IrusJ pp M I 15 oM
l i
D v on IQ lie YIN
IliaT UtruiJrnf ITMte ftru 1M
sv edve of WaanlnfiUWa birthday
TW card were very dainty bearlig a
small bonoh of hand painted cherries
with an American Beauty row The af
fair wes not only to celebrate tho na
tional holiday but also the seventh an
niversary of the organization of the
club and toaats were responded to hy
Mrs Wldtaoe Mrs Utngton Miss
Huntsman and Mr O W Thatcher
Jr The afternoon was pronounced one
of the iiioit enjoyable of the year
One of the rleaaanteat social af
frI of the week waa the luncheon
i n at the B T C by Mrs Hay B
Went Mrs Bad < narh Mra Unford
Mrs Wright and Mra W O Hnhnmin
on Tuesday In honor of frs Ho Hell I
Their guests were the member of th I
Clio Circle A pretty feature Lf UK
luncheon which was served by the dn
meatlc science department of the col
lege was the colonial costumes won
by the young ladles who served the ta
ble American Beauty roses national
colors and emblems were used In Un
crating the dining room and table
The place cards were extremely pret
ly hating va them a pen picture of
Ueorge Washington
The niarriag ot Ur lagnn it Suli
Lake and Mlsa Minnie TVtcixm i > C
Logan wit noltninlsod in the ligin
temple on Wednesday and iminedlatcIS
artet the ceremony the bride and
groom left for California on a wedding
Dr lagren DAB captured one of Lo
gans most charming girls and many
friends bespeak for them both u long
life of happiness
The Misses Mary 0 Ubblr anti All
Welts Orac Grant Louise Spencer
and Alice Young aril In Logan to at
tend the military bell on Monday neat
1 1 0
On Friday teal the r A e aoroaii
entertained at A pleasant aortal affair
In honor of Mias Fn Mtb lOn Th
chaperon were Mr and Mr lee I
Toigvnsen and Mr and Mrs Bill Mor I
rcll I
A marriage of lnirrekt to inuin I I
an people was that of Ii T K
Budgo and Miss Duella Ahoil and
lOok place Wednesday In the 1IIIn
tempi Both Dr Budge cud hie hom
ing bride nave a wide chile of frl ads
who extend congratulatlonH Alter >
eel week apent In Callfornlu the >
will nude In Logan
Mrs Wlllutl Langton iitti mlnd at
a children tarty un Wcdm da > r II
lM r nw Olbb
Miss Virginia BaUson entertained the
fulliiulng young people at u imuit n
oyabl candr pull on Monday iffr
noon The Misses Mil Mlllen Adeline
Maitor pounce and Mary s artiste
kva PAy Ortta Marlon und Isna
Hmlik ClAIM Martinaau auul Ohrl
lansnn Marjory Kcbelwt Laura
Thutj iT Mlkol Mpnudo Katie S iUlrM
Mia Uuliv Nabslur ass tin lioatfn
at a prettily uMpalliled luncheon serve l
at ih I Ar C on thmwlio the
gutfsliuf honor helm the meinli of
th > rtttutonl IMf edit Mr U urge
Torgearn IICI td M rhaparona 0
Mr Jail Htak left W Tlwrl y fur
a uy of Wr l months m weYW
Maher Frvd Tlmwaji sal i ind a
uuintmr rtl hhi young lay VI 114511 mast
tileanantlv an WvdssMty III h nor at
his blrthdar
The regular iwwUAfj of IIp lieu tir i I
11 woe held at the SMM tI t Mrs Parr I
oil Wednesday PNI 11 gS v an
Intrrastlng P l > will Its alI Meredith I
k fr ehatsttc SON eertI i
lilt Amanda 8rlk ti Hlni
I with ti end In rJadr n
Mi Paul ilmOru al leI Aulm y
I 1f theatrical tarn were cote I Iln I
ivy Mr and Mm w d Ivinirton IItt1
the play on Monitav evening
Mr Ray HhiittlllT Jf Ogden heS br n
I Hlnir with Login Ielhthea for II
pact few day
Pr Mdent WMI
w hf K set n
onnNt i It Its II I 1
M rtuy Thatrbey spent
Pat I bias
o 0
MIs Anna Adams of Halt Ur
the Kura t of Capt and Mra Ferry
first part of the week
Mr Kees Hnwell and Mr Me
NIMey wore visitors from Salt u
this weak
0 0
Aronie cwont A Smith wa
town the first part of the w tk r
< Hiivr < rt an Interesting addles bet
the C A < r ftodenta on Tnnday
1Ii Ma Itvage of Salt Lake
It < guest of Mr Md Mra George T
M I T W Haylor is Wok from
I t nr to Boise Idaho
I 1
i < s Lou Thateher cam down fr
P n + Im to apand Waahlngtons bin
I In nltIi home tDIaa
MIX Fee Matkkwn left during t
I rI rr Wyoming
IIIsa Hail Live ga e a divert <
I i ° A C in the early part of ti
v 1 iii honor of plus Minn Pete
Irf J T Cain has ratmiied troll
< ni in Idaho
i Bit ltny entertained > it to
> Ils most ptoaslacty ow iftc
n II Hr thin wk
L II Fob I Saturday afi rn ion
01 wnlng nt a social banquet inI
1 teas riven in the Opera House
i ii n r Hf Mt Rebecca Htandr nl
1 ii ni Idnt of the Relief socliy
I 11 f talon being her elghtyniNt
t 0
I IP rr lends evening MISS Violet Long
I n i m nN gavo an enjoyable chin
1 i nt tin Long reeidenee in honor
i M < Sni Whlppl who will marry
i IU iKtHir a promiSMfit rattle mm
I dan For roon
MI nI Mr parley Austin wore
iim Niphi relative the tint of the
1 Id Mm Mink AiiHtn nr Sugar
i n vidting Ufhi relatives
I I nl Mra George I Va ghn ff
Pill s are vlnltlng friends herein
o 0 0
> < in find Mrs Lund of Salt Laic >
I 1 r vlxltlng L hl friends Tuo
S 0
MI W W southworth bus returned
11 > n Itil extended eastern visit
Mi j E Standring and children
turned Sunday after pending two
month with her parents Mr and Mil
U Hurley of Sacramento Cat
Mica Olive Stoker Is visiting her sit
ter Mrs Hamner White of Huntaville
Mr and Mr Rhone Smith of H oer
City were visiting lAId relatives the
flr t of the week
Miss HUH Strong of Provo la visit
ing Mrs Lott A Russet
Mr Thomas Klrfcham returned tile
first of the weok from the German mls
lon field after an absence of three
The State Council of Women will hold
a buRlnes meeting on Wednesday at
the Kxponcnt office at 2 clock
At the regular open meeting of the
Ladles Literary club yesterday after
rnr in Innit qt i f Ih film thi + sn ln ee in il rid
upon In unlink rs i ililiu tin nJMsabllliv f I mil tea > cites of
the satins 11pi ntnl PUIIIII1 Htufrnblllt uf very Minpl liiiei Konir of
went a tie rtvliut I luik then up with trimmlnii This giaceful gown
of iaspt l fiip list n i tI land shrug these fiy HluiplA line and lit the
foist rf the skirt It hiiMl > fKBci with ilottj to make the light fubil drag on
the floor Th bodice Is trimmed only with an edge of flue lure along the
decoltotage and around the hort sleeve Fold of the crepe Mart from thin
Btin clasp at should and bust nnd crolng at the right side fall In gir
dle end to the knee
non Mr W R Wtghtman rev lewed
Th Two Kalonte by Maria oule
Pool MIIIII Helen Allen rend a paper
on Madam Currle The musical pro
gram conalsled of vocal solos by Mr
Kmma Ramsey Minrl and Inctrumen
tal nnmbers by Master Rusatii Bailey
o 1 1
The Woman club met this week
with Mr L 8 rane 114 east Third
South Street at Jao oclock Mra
V O Mover bad charge of tr pro
gram s I
The Boyvtow Literary club waa entertained
tertained this week by Mrs Richard
Savage at her home In Third avenue
The Seeker Literary club met this
week with Mr Havener when The
Brownings to the afternoons lon
o 1 i
The Ctootan met Tuesday afternoon I
with Mr K T Badger tN couth
Eighth East street Mr r H Wells I
read the paper on Social Life In
Hoarse cough and stuffy colds that
may develop Into pneumonia ocr
night are quickly cured by Fotoys
Honey and Tar and It soothe In
flamed membrane heal the lungs I
and expels the cold from the system
F J Hill Drug Co The Never
r I In Womens WOrldJ
Till H decidedly a euiott of trim
ming clad th mAn little vests that
arc Inn with an > thine from a ihlrt
WIII Hut to an elaborate costume ate
almmt II ticceailu The handembrol
der d one and those made of rich bro
oadea and Bilk aiu f < u beyond thin
purees of many of us and yet a eat
we must have They come In all shape
and plies from those that are tight
fitting to thu little separate front pieces
that may be tacked In any OBM COM
AH pattern may be obtain W for al
most any shape tOO making op of the
embroidered material In a simple mat
tel Linen buck In a heavy weave IS
used for the foundation and either
heavy rope aUk or mercerised cotton
may bo used for the stitcher
The work IB done by running the em
broidery cotton under the threads pro
vided In the buck to form a pattern
The heavier the embroidery cotton or
silk the more effective Is the stitch
especially It n more or lea allover pat
tern II used
o 0
Vhivt are the women doing In the way
of municipal housekeeping In Maaaa
chu etta they had nine bill before the
legislature in Pennsylvania about the
tune number and at loaal half a dozen
In most of the other 1I1aleJofnr child
lihor Juvonil > courts better rendition
fni women wageearner t < m > erann
M IOAlVVOhPpd h i
Ip 441wp0 S4t +
11114 1Y IDRM mriHieiTio TOfU rowcun ron
I 1N1N xn nm1J8
E fill is an Mfqul ltlr rfumd anllI toilet pew
der It le a bnumhoM as eeatty for the nursery sad
S ut It keeps the nefja4 Blon else and yf erta the
Ys ivirtr natllrenyey th Tt i > uK be used truly irtcr
f Y l low ens gtHeR a tckWLM ± eM lf f1et 1
trrprlrod t > v Ferd T HO MTaf T CITT r
J 1reyrlter ef
ra For sale r
Me I Mall it IW the WMtHfteet
mad 3It 3w w
balou vatuitlon nrhixili pure Void
I > l MivtngfltMliikH Ivll iMtrvlon r
I r i better pay for teachers Kurt lil I
t sdMoiii women factory InnBx
s children i pUyginunds > n
i ice nialroaa antl xpaotoratlon In
elk alsosa all for UM betterment of
community not one for gift
R job of any kind nil claim
leoI muoh needed laws
if tlm haa oomv Says the
i > UneaUtr In the chUdnacOe
i iipaigu when a stand of eon
treble ImfjSJrtanoK has to be ufc
> For a year and more the Delineator
I i s pnsM wd the arts In connection
I th the 1I1NltII homelessness tfs
mehiwee the doflctency of Its child
I vd life The hour haa now corn
cbelt the evil which the old fashioned
natltatlon In almost all oases uncon
lonely does must tm forcefully and
tKornmly emphaateiHl We have al
vales Id that the child when ptIlble
should be in a hon where It rxn haw
the advnntagp of IndrvlduaJlty and va
rely We now say that except In
MW where medical or eorrectrv au
I ivWor IB absolutely nepeaswry tho
i hlld should not be kept In an mitt
tiiiton Tho latter for all except the
purposes uf a receiving and temporary
ixnmlning agency 1s an anomaly and
should be done away with just aa rap
Idly as the vartouite homeplacing or
ganlsatlonH demonstrate their ability
to can for tho children now In theee
Institution in the family home under
thorough supervision Already there
are such organisations In moat of the
states fruth of them need to be
strengthened In a few states home
placing agencies have yet to be organ
Id Many people are willing to take
children by adoption and many are wil
ling to board them As a rule the or
phan asylums refuse to give their chil
dren up The Delineator doM not con
alder the fair to the child
The Delineator want the Institution
done away with pa soon all possible
The great motherheart of Amertea
want It done away with and wo aay
now that aa rapidly ns the women and
the mn of this country come to under
stand what the Institution means to the
child and Its future they will Join
hand to see that It Is done away with
We hope and believe that the kind
hnrtad and unselfish people who barn
given of thoir time and meara In UM
support and management of UM Insti
tution In their desire to do the best
ponsibte for the children In their care
will be among the first to appreciate the
advantage not only to the child but
the state In developing Utla modern
method of oaring for dependent chil
dren The problem U to gt their atten
tion and thought
How long Is it going to be before the
women of the country wake up to the
fact that there to a problem In con
nection with the homeless child M t
nt controlled by the local orphan
asylums ° How long before they real
ise that literally hundred of tliousttn
of live are being delayed shadow I
permanently marked The Delineator
ha preached and preached It ha
written to minister It has spoken to
women clubs It has naked rg praam ta
tift women to aid Still we drift
There are the women of the Natlonal
Congress of Mother What have they
to ay It ls Just probable that they do
not know even nov that the problem
exist Them are the women of the
P deration nr Women lubw what
hat i hj tu M > The ballot t not 1Mtr 3
CIHHM tn this tilamc to help the rhlkt j
Titer are the women of UM D A R
and the < lvli Improvement elus AM I
of the churche hamn that we hNe
to apxaJt of the rhurcne lest We haw I
asked President llooaowlt to tie sees 1
thing to help He stands ready tn art
when Miblle sentiment demambi It We 1
have need < > f women who will look Into
the pro lain of the homeUww child a
we have preached It and as It to and t
who will then get up and do anltmethlIJt t
Tnr In a prrr M ra made perfect
ly plain In Mr Daggetta article
Whom M0460 Children Walt Row
long la It going to be before the women
of the country the bixwMed jAixwth
and righteousness of A ItMIr1rOIkf HP
and find It 7The DeIIneaWr
Little Florence aged 5 went Mlltu
with her dolly Upon Wing urtiml the
nationality her doll one replied Oto
she ta bisque
C R Kluger the Jewels 1U1 Vlr 1
glnla Ave Indianapolis Ind write
I war BO weak from kidney trttttbUr d
that I could hardly walk a hundred
feet Four bottle of Foleys KMnuy
Remedy cleared my compl xion cured
my backache and the lrr eularlU
disappeared and T can now attend to 4
buirimB eveiv dav and recommend
Foley Kidney Remedy to alt Buffer
em es It nre < l me after the doctor
and other remedies had falledF J s
Hill Drug Cu The Never ibatltu
of the Book of Mormon A nw xjl i
tlon now ready ttZS postpaid D sret
Hunday School Union Book Store Sell
Lake City t
P llre Draw and I > r eorip4n > our
specialty Hhl lay Drag Company i
The riam for the popularity of t
the FleuidcUn chocolate Ie that
they are absolutely pure and of the t
very bet quality For sale at Willie
Horne Drug Store Smith Drug Store
Brigham Stieet Pharmacy and HatU
day Drug f
That Good
Coal t
t fWd
Wed like to tell you 1
what our customers lay
coal bat sometime youll l
try It yoarsslf and wtU
wonder why you ever
used any other
1C1 Mclfllm St USA
B iB Tbf1 RI Oi JB
The sale comes but once a year When if doe its all you hear
Guaranteed s Petticoats for
500 uarantee Silk etticoats tor
500 Lucky Women
a1 I is
v y
f 1
t ij I it t I I
il iiJ I 1 l t I
I 3C d rnsL ts = I
i The sale which they about and wait forhein one of those splendid ktu
I ales that make friaacU for the store Ve wish we had a thousand of thee M1h
I fine stylish pcieoats Every one would be sold hy Monday closing time IW
Tu are such beauties the taffetta silk being of unusual merit a first class long wearing lustrous keayy taflTatta 1Atn
ilk not a pin holaa close wgavdltl better taftatta than is usually found in petticoats The guarantee ii emphatic Should yVD
14 the silk split or crack within three months from date ot purchase we agree to replace it with a new skirt provided the
defective skirt is returned with the ticket Every skirt is numbered and shows date of purchase
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ill jb 1 7Sk
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blue pink a wicot fin uirtcria rid blue irrero navy bate Wick A i < L mil m 11111 > ir CturJh u ruyt It m Iris yrc u
O Ma titrheil girt n around canary dwngesUe green and btu red n4 blue and uret n tnJ bow Us J lJk sun skirt unwed with Iuith
hw ttatwn ot Tea tkirt is tiw fltod top guit different from any u l flu
0 other Can be wade to fit allY nixed watit Cotton underlay on aclt skirt I K
OOjfi J i
aualr r e

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