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BIW By Ruwtll Alms to Vtct Its
Pows thi City
li r J
M Idi Witi ecMs 1bL
of 0111111
HeprMeotactve Cannon asked unan
i faBOM eeacent to tntfodue his Mil to
I aubmlt the qaestloo of prohibition to
tS mat at a speoiat election to b
Mi ta Jane
Mr ItoUnan of Mt Lake Arose o
ft WNfMkn of pereomal privilege and
objected to the Introduction of the
moauura charging that It wa the plan
af Ike majority of the houe to tack
the prohibition bill as a rider on the
Mldtsjl bulldlnc bill to be voted on by
the people at the special election He
aM that the purpose was to make
the proalMttoa question para
mount to the eapltot building question
aM that It UM latter carried the other
thea ust do 0
A Humtor of members objected to
IIJ Imputation and the chair ruled
that Mr Holmaa was not spanking to
a MsiiUea of personal privilege and
ho M delar to be out of order
dew sad Bow also objected to the
tetroductton of the bill by Mr Cannon
A ssaurs calculated to abolish
hesr of jmbtte works In cities of the
Ant claea was Introduced In the II
Mai afternoon by Rep CkMde T
RWMll of Salt Lake The bill repeal
sections MS m M and m of chapter
IT Oompllod Law of Utah It Is as
That all the rights duties powers and
l > lleejsi as are now vested In the
board of public works of dties of the
feel daes by eaM sections hereby re
yialid kali be exercised and mated In
the ettr COMMH of cities of the An
The emergency clause Is a portion of
the MIL
The Mil was referred to the commit
tee on municipal corporations
H B tte by Russell giving prefer
ence to ottlsen of the United States
on pabttc works has Introduced this
AReII V W by CleajR by request was
mtrathned this afternoon It provides
that retWM wilfully carrying away
ore from any mine shall be guilty of a
1 JoIat nh and game committee
ol the boo and aenata met this morn
la and dold d to report favorably on
the tab and gam Mil which II g B U
by Marks
Th house committee on education
this afternoon offered an amendment to
M bill granting to the university the
right to loan from the state land board
uJdoloat fund for the erection of the
central building provided for In > he
w5sl Mil The amendment removes
the MeeeaaVr of the university incur
Ihs bins Jsidlelarr committee re
MJS l ttaJarorably MoCrackn bill
wtaMl Is hmtidsd to remove the em
i jHyiri UasMty clause froo the stat
Heasv chairman Clew win submit a
The = eaenmltte a a federal reo
4 toMMM MgewMd tmMvwuWy the Mil
lit 1I pe provtdlar for a hjnlnwrapnlc
afW wader tM direction of the UB
H LY sH cooperation with the United
4t trgstoirical survey
rlt gemmlttee on labor of the house
JICr1J reported AroklbaMs bill re
lattag to the class of workmen who
tMr work on Sunday This Mil was
reported before and referred back upou
IU autbors request
S 0
Pucoral services for Joseph Obem
S rttr who died yesterday of pneu
meek will be held at I oclock Monday
attemaoB at the family residence Mt
Mt Ptrot South street The service
will be oMducted under the auspices of
BabW Owules Wsund It Is probable
that the Blks and the Masons will unite
In services at the grave
Mesolutlon were paessil this morning
by the supervisor the principals and
teachers of the Bait Lake City schools
on the death of Mr Oberndorfer The
teachers association had the resolu
tions spwad upon the minutes of their
misting and a copy was sent to the
family of the late member of the board
of edtMatioa
Over tbe nom do plume of Aunt
Betaey V 8 Uoodwln of Beaver
Utah sends a prohibition argument In
verse In which thanks are given the
laftalatlve friend of the cannon bill
aM Its opponent cry Importuned to go
and do likewise Comparisons are made
between conditions bi < fore and after
the Invasion of the saloon Into Utahs
fair rltles and a ft urn to first prin
ciples la strongly advocated
Qs gral 3111r at COIOflHIO Ibitnd
s 114mtmo I C Is
Xiher hi
Oeo W Vallsry general manager
at the Colorado Midland railroad U In
tIt Lke today accompanlod by hi
wtts Mr Vallsry U her on one of
hta portodloal trips which he makes
into fait Lake every few months In
dlecueelag the Colorado rallruad situa
tion this moralag Mr Vallery said
While changes coin and changes
go In the Colorado situation the hi
nd keeps going right slung about Its
Of < IUl Illd 1 11h
AIi hot 1Hlllc Hlilllli
Ully Ull tillil llll I I Pteii h
Kundullt Uiiii 0111101 II Ih
tHOCOI > All
M mlly thin >
Provo The Candy Clly
Keep Those Little Soldiers
Healthy and Strong
Those little soldiora in your blood known to
scientists as white corpuscles whose important duty
is to defend you against disease germs that attack
the rod corpuscles and tho bodily tissues
Too are helpless unless they are appetite nervousness general da
ta condition to lip for 7 This Wllty are all Indication that the
last il fBlly established little soldier in your blood are not
1111 condition to dgnt for yon
Tbf are lost M surely indloa
1foIIWt1 U mow lapottMt titan Uons iW you should begin biking
to inab and keep thorn healthy Hoods Banaparllla at oneetbo
and Mnwf especially when there medlehis whose 1 di11IdIoIa Ie
hat it aaaba ad keep the blood
b to inch dieaaeee the
npomK M
of lbs riP quality dqnantlty
trip typhoid lover spotted fever And yoa should take it TaithWry
mallpoi MMtal lover diphtheria according to the directions
ebolen maloita tuberculosis or
umpllot nud when if there Jty taking floods allA
my blood he been purikd m
not oN or lees txpoMf to rach tf iitth has been built up aDd with
dlwaMg the central improvement in health
Row shall TOO bow whether my nerve are steady and under
tbsjy Me health and siroo f good control I would not be
By year looks and Uaenm phased back where I was bofora I
Awfrttow sorotoU iciimn ea banui taking this medicine for
birth ftwviiiatiM aMHJa IM WS7 AaTHtnt K WILMV 1
lose hint Irad sac J of FHUM 81 Jamaica Plain Has
MMosaT ariaparliu estects Its Wlhdufal cures not sttaaly
bejOMeM It contains nersaparilla bM beoaaae It combine the Mmeot
reinndial vataeit of more than M different Ingredients each greatly
Mtreafftkoaed and enrkhed by this peculiar combination These Imrre
dlenta are the very remedies that succeaafal physicians prescribe for
the Mine dl isssi and ailments There Is no real substitute tor Koodl
areaparllla If arged to bur any preparatleo said to be Junt as
good you mar be sure It is Inferior casts low to make and yield the
dealer a larger prom
Be b biking hoods SufMtMuOk today Oe It to the sisal qW
tern or te chooolaHd tablets known at taujHah lOODoewOM BoUar
busbies and by the way business I
good Both Colorado and Utah sr
great states he continued and I am
glad to ins them progress like they
are doing Times are brightening up
over Denver war and what I have
seen this trip of Salt Lake you here
are also very prosperous
Mr and Mrs Vallery were this
mronlng receiving callers at tbe of
fleee of J 0 Harding commercial
agent for the Midland on railroad row
They were accompanied by Mr W U
Picked one of salt Lakes oldest
ettlaena who Ii Mrs Valtery bIbs
Mr Vallery was formerly general agent
for the Burlington lines In this city
and Is well known to Bait lake bush
nom men He expects to return to
Denver In a day or two
T C IhtvttiKtfl general baggage
agent of the Bait Lake Route 1 in
Halt Lake today on business He re
turns to Loa Angele tonight
The VliHe Iou baseball team of
rhlcagu will pas through Ogdon to
morrow en route to Ran Francisco over
toe Southern Pacific
rim lInt wiwilrtiii of the Thirteenth
cavalry V 1 A consisting of II of
ficers JM enlisted men and equipment
and horses will pass through Ogden
en route to flan Francisco on Mareh I
TM squadron ooouple a pedal train
and Is being transferred from Fort
Nierldan near Chicago to the Pacific
Clmmcter IIIA character ball
will be Klven next Friday eveolug
March K at the Twentyfirst ward
amusement hall for the benefit of the
ward choir A cordial Invitation is
extended to une and all and a good
time guanuiteed
lllrtliilur PllrlA birth day party
was held In the home of Mr and Mrs
N C Christensen In honor of their
daughter Mrs Nellie Christofferson
Friday evening A number of friends
were present and were entertained by
long aad recitations by Mr and Mm
John P Maakln and others Mm
Chrlatotterson Is on a mission in Nor
X nv AwrUiieiit The Meredith
apartment OH Pint Avenue a Mock
east of Mae strut are nearing com
pletion The building contains 21
apartments of three rooms each with
halwar buffet kitchen oath and oth
er modern conveniences The struc
ture front oa flint avenue and on
South Temple street a long Bight of
stone steps leading to the latter
thoroughfare Th building la situated
on so high a prominence that an Im
posing view of the city and valley Is
obtained a prospect that will remain
permanent each of the several dons
is provided with a couth veranda
OoiMllihHtM All IHvwmW tol F M
Bterrett this afternoon reported to the
commander In chief of the Orand
Army that everything looks favorable
for an early and favorable considera
tion by the house of representative
of the bills before that body effecting
the coming encampment One bill still
In the house allow cltlss and coun
ties to make appropriations for the
encampment and It U expected that
upon its paaeage u number of such
contributions will be received
A C lHslHm Curs at itHlM The
farmers Instltutti cars Jklilt Wednes
day last at Wins A lunge crowd of
farmer from Salina Rdmond and
Aurora greeted the profeasur at the
depot The lecture car would not ac
commodate more than half of the
crowd An equally large crowd of la
dies grexted Mr Maycock at the II
lief society hall The visit warn a sue
csesful one In very respect
Farmer are preparing to put In their
crop and If tin line wnathnr continue
a few day longer sprUgh Work viii be
on In eamt r
Davenport Iowa Pen IT Packages
supposed to contain 111010 shipped here
by alleged swindlers under arrest at
Little Rock Ark arrived here to
day ky the American Bcprasa The ec
press company was served with a writ
of attachment and garnishment pa
per on behalf of John K Cavanaugh
Davenport who Is allowed to have
been swindled out of U7OM on a fake
wrestling match Tb espresa pack
age propably will remafei unopened
until produced la court at the April
JWUf WITH rtuieviM
New Orleans Keb 17In a running
fight between deuetlve and Italian
thieves her today one of the thieve
wan killed and another fatally wound
ed Two other man alleged in be Im
plicated la Ute robbery were captured
Those who did nut reoeiv a sold ring
at tint time
of purchasing their gocart
otter our first supply was sihausled
will ple4IM ail Our second hlm nt
hu arrh il Only a few genulna dut
mondstt ring In this lot so > nil early
and get your eMI ftp will u dis
played in window Sunday
I X I rhe Nig Moir
Hueoeewr to F M ffet lii IKaU
JTOC POX ooxBvrr OlmrD
Itaseed of Worti Defer A tkwt for
OHO Work
Davis > Heuser cement contractor
were the lowest bidder for the contract
of building tbe North Temple conduit
from Fourth West street to tbe Jor
dan river to take car of the high wa
ter from City Creek canyon Their bM
for reinforced concrete was MSZUand
for plain concrete ttH which was
MM below their neareet competitor
The contract was not awarded to thorn
however action being deferred for an
other week
The tender were opened last night
at a meeting of the board of public
work At the same time bids for the
construction of conduit for the Salt
Lake and Jordan canal over Parleys
creek and a culvert across Mill creek
were opened by the board Shea and
Anderaon were the lowest bidder aw
this work and were given the contract
Their tender way tS14tM for the con
dult over Parleys canyon and WO7 ft
for the culvert across Mill creek On
account of the necessity of having the
work done before the Irrigation sea
son the board will ask the council to
approve the contract at once
The other bidder on the Parleys
creek and Mill creek contracts weri
For the East Mill creek work J D
Hanley 1S3MU 1 > J Moran ItMSH
McDonald Mellln tU3TOt J C
McOulre IUIll Parleys creek con
duit J r McOulre 201 J D Han 1
ley ILlid P J Moran UUO This i
Is to be of concrete also 1
Them was some sharp competition
for the building of the North Tempi
conduit This work Is to be rushed
to completion and the board announced
that It would enforce all penalties It
II to be completed by June 1 and will
be a cash proposition the money com
lug out of the tMO M bonds that were
Issued recently It is to be seven feet
In diameter and eight Inch thick If
built of reinforced concrete and 11
inches thick at built of plain e orete
The bid of Davis A Heuser was a
surprise to tile board The city en
gineer estimated the cost of the coo I
dult at MKM The bidder ud1
the amounts rabttlttod were
Reinforced Plain
concert concrete
Davis sV Heuser MstttOO UtMM
P J Moran BL1TIM 11I7L
James Kennedy SMttJ MJUOO
J D Haaley UMeW MMTM
A M Btodgett Con
struction Co UTMM 1114770
V P Strung ITMj00 MmOO
Bhea A Anderson I7U1SI 641101
McDonald A Melton SMUM 7U00
Mr and Mr T F Thomas and son
returned this morning from a trip to
Lou Angeles and southern Oattferolan
point Mr Thomas returns rested up
ttflir 30 day absence from his desk
and business generally
A J Vance of Cheyenne superinten
dent of the Wyoming division of the
Hell Telephone company Is In the city
on business
flip month f February IK It nut
an pleauntly ami quietly cc It cain
III lioimrroiiMU aid storm lw < > high
irfin urt upreail over the iiitlre west
t tri for the low 1t f 11 blaming
iiln in id RrliUh pNiaiiudnp 80 fair
Vo iitnT Is iHheduleil for lumnrriiw the
limt ilny of the winter month Monday
will lie the drat day nf the first spring
month although prlng property Is not
due until Marcia H wlien the un
ruMw the equator lIar vernal squlaon
The barometer In hlgheni OUT the mid
dle plauau central Rocky ssoaatalii
lop and Manitoba caualng cam woatli
tt over most of the country with torn
perature M degrees below mao la Maul
lob Over the south plateau Brltlh
northwest territory lower lake region
uud middle Atlantic states the bare
metric preure la low producing light
fir Ipltlloo over portion of Oregon
y hln loo Brltlab ColuMbia Manitoba
MIen Peaaswlvaala aid Ublo tight
frail Is reported at Lie Aagls this
Record at the local ofHoe Tnlled
MUte weather bureau for at hour
ending at I a m today
TfmMrature at < a m M maalmum
Mi minimum M Dams lT which u 4
degrees shove normal Total ese e of
temperature slnu the trl of IN
month W Accumulated egcg of tem
perttture sine Jan I 54 degree Tout
prwJlplutlon 0 inca Total pnklplu
eva wasw ° Inch whlh
I 57 leek a normal AumuIem
C star Jan I I III Iiiti umll
Jl Ilh
I v at I I m Ti pr RelI
j I
I sba
Waw f
V f
1 pm I
VK > M III VI S 1111
Highest I
A th vel plaaaant evMtaa wa spent j
II be form
oily Mi 4 I VI un h r lorD
I i
lath birthday
Iall Mm r ol II h
out and had o
lt u vcrt J
lug t < Hi
IA j
Evil lnru noe of Hnzl Olmsteads
Hemt Frowned Upon by
Ju OUwrnls
mn4motho XVfll Ore for Her Man
W1 M Her Idle I >
Mfll tHIn tiall
In an effort to ve her from tht t VII
Influence of her mother Mr Ell
CMmstead and Charles Coy whn will
man be released from the county jail
where he ha been serving lx anon the
Miss lionel Olmatsad a pretty Ilyear
old girl was sent today by Judge B V
Oowans O the Juvenile court to D
ver Oslo to live with b grandmother
M Transportation wa obtained trom
the county commissioner and Ihq girl
will have this afternoon Mr Olm
stead wa arraigned before the curt
today for contributing to the dulln
quencr o her daughter and Charles
cay wa convicted fo b criminal
tl with her
Mtas Olnutead took the stand this
morning m oourt and signified her wli
Ingnees t live with her grandmother
Mrs Olmstead wa also In court and
relinquished her right to her daughter
Frank Olmstead her brother 4e4
1 year was committed to the state
reformatory He II out on parole from
the Uolden Industrial school of Colo
rado a has violated It everel tine
Hnc he had been within the Jurisdic
tion of the court J Is probable that
b will be taken back to Colorado to
remain there In the state Institution
until l Is n age
Joseph Manning aged 1 years was
also committed to the State Industrial
school at Ogden He hu been on probation
bation for several months but recently
tale 1 from his employer
Two boy were arraigned In rouit for
frequenting pool rooms They were
reprimanded by the court and reltAJoJ
their to reform Several
o tlr promise rform Re
other boy were arraigned for smoking
but were iflrsesfi on the same promise
B D Gammon a detective employed
here as agent O th Thlel Detective
Service company was found guilty of
embesslement yesterday after a jury In
Judge Liewia court bad dellberatfd for
M hour His aged mother who at
beside him every minute during thj
trial which consumed five day col
lapsed when the verdict was read and
his young and pretty wife broke Intj a
deluge o tears It was her to
t them from the court room The
passing of sentence was Used for 10
oclock Tuesday morning Oanunons
attorneys Immediately moved lo a
new trial and th motion will be ar
gued be sentenced when U prisoner is called to
In the information Oammon U
charged with having embgld L20
which he collected from H W Reed a
mining man who has offices In the
Judge building for services the com
pany had don for him Gammon fail
ed to account for the money and In
a number of letter which were Intro
duced I was shown that he had written
to his manager In Denver saying that
he wn unable to And Heed and oollavt
the bill
The first trial was In Judge Arm
strong court beginning April 2 1b 1T
and lasting until May I Inclusive
After wrestling with the evkNnce for
two days the jury wa discharged
without reaching a verdict Oammon
was repieaented In his second trial by
Powers A Marloneaux and Atty Mar
A Roger
Harry Revere manager of the Mat
Jestlr theater who was escorted sev
eral day ago on th charge of violat
ing tbe theater ordinance by having
the eKlt either locked or blocked up
during a performance wa brought to
trial before Judge Bowman In the
criminal division of tb city ann
yesterday afternoon There was a inns
o testimony to the effect that while a
performance wa going on and the
house practically filled with women
and children most of the egIt wore
either locked or so blocked that t
would b almost Impossible for any one
to get out wfely In the event of a fire
Judge Bowman stated that the case
was o such a serious nature that he
did lo care to give a decision until
Tuesday at which time b wilt an
nounce his judgment
Judas Marshall has flislfJhUli Moe
day la 1 as rul darl the
federal court at which time the fol
lowing case will be subjected to call
Lawson vs 1 H Mining C Tel
lurid Power Co n Provo U 8
Mining Co VH Lawaou Hrchl Min
ing Co vs Bothwrll Miller vs ttah
Con Oneida Irrigation Co vs Cannon
Craxall vs Colorado Mining Co How
aril Administrator ii Annie Laurie
Mining Co Dorlaml vs Ptah Cop
per Co Caiwady vs Silver King Coal
ition Conkllng Mining Co vs Silver
King Coalition U S vs U P K R
Co V U v Moore I re Kamlln
bankrupt In r 0 Uherwood bankrupt
lawson v Van OMen lnkut
Van Orders Kroupa VI Am Osoksrlte
P I A vs ITIntah River Irrigstlon
Co Commonwealth 11 IrIUon
rlngham e al Btevakl vi U ft
Hmcltlag C Etateman vs Itah ton
Mining C Richter administrator
Leigh vs Ho ton Con Comm As ur
unce Co v In A Mmelter Hipplv
Co I case diver King Con vs 1
King Coalition Mines Co Blnghatn
Amalgamated vi Vt topper Co In
r Prlsbey bankrupt In m Miller
bankrupt In re Zerbe bankrupt In re
Little bankrupt
11 volLS1I4LS FlUOt
WithIn AM Hour hJssflm f I ISH >
pti4atsd Wham Ns
Within an hour today four divorce
ull wr flied in the Third district
court In each
a < Instance the coin
plalnts wtr made by the wives who
allege dee itloD Sarah Hsffeinsr en
ured tbe first suit against Frank E
tsfterner who h steady employment
arnlng tl a month They were mar
tied Here on Feb 14 laM and hive
one child Kvclyn 8 2 years Thtj
ilaughtur Is In the custody of th moth
er and sue auks the court to grant hr
ufll lent alimony t uP hflf
I the llltli > girl
Mi > Kale N Silver of Ml rift Bast
eiacst aigks a divorce from Oeorg D
iur traveling salesman for Herbert I
Bio who has Do provided for bei
cure Ort 7 IMt There are two j
children lordon aged I year Man
Wy aged 4 ran foi WIO IIIIMI
she aJl and saoush nuiney l ° ui
port MM Ullvr Hfn IO a a dl i
she s Thr IIj 11 Mid
T iki nn I > i i I 1 > i i
Ion Mliian imkn fn I loire of rtl
a 0 > < fliin I i U rflmn II ii i
luiiff nl 01 ii n Iii
I 10 mv a
llUU jMlbll I ui Ilioutll ulU Ell 4 I
Feeling Nervous
Or RunDown
C =
A bottle of Compound Syrup of
pophosphltt Tonk will build
you uphi an etcellcnt remedy
for nervnus end general debility
bronchitis lose of voter or for
100 a Bottle
J n Passe Dn
D aMry
G 112114
South Main
says that her husband left her Sept
2 1M and has Inn that Ume failed
to provide fOr her
Mn Jennie M DiinVIe of lit et
with Tempi street brought alt fo
divorce against Allen Q Dunkfee at
laborer 0 tie chars of nonsupport
They were married Jan 1 101 and
have three children Jnnl I year
old Mary 4 yuan old and Rove I
year old She ak for the custody
o the oklMren and sufficient meant to
support them
Because Dwight I Holmes a xm of
a I Holmes now attending liar
vard failed to pay hip tailor bill 01
wa eat against ills father yete
day In the Third district court to re
cover tn with Interest from 0 10
1MO Israel WeInberg brought the ac
tion who claim that young Holm
said that hil father would pay for the
clothing Dwight holmes pJ minor
child who Is in the custody of hit
mother at Long Beach California He
has been In her charge three years end
according to the decree of the divorce
holmes was to provide for his sons
support and education
MAV sinruc niiPicuirncs I
I Is believed that before many days
the difficulties between the OhioKen
tucky and the NevadaUtah mining
companies wu be settled natlsfactorl
ly Although the matter has almost
been settled a number or times before
and then only chanced at the It
moment It Is probable that something
definite will b done after the visit
of the osaclals of both companies to
Pot tomorrow
On J H Hackett president of the
OhioKentucky A H Oodbe IE L
Oodbe and several other Interested
stockholder will meet President
Learnurd of the NevadaUtah
Lmlrd Neva com
pany on the Overland Limited train
tonight and go to IMochi A I
Lewis and a number e other persons
Interested In Ptuche properties will al
so go at the same time At CailenU
Ih limited will be met by a special
train which will take the n Into
Ploche by tomorrow morning
Mr Editor I have road your editorial
of Feb 10 0 The Common Illusion
I assure you that education of thai
character cannot help but bring the
desired end Truth must win I Is U
eternal thing I fit Falsehood does
not nt We have something In us
which answers to the true and feels a
dlstruat for the false la the hut num
ber of the Outlook Is an article on a
proposed mol license law under the
head of Public Opinion I did no
know who wrote It but wondered dur
ing the whole reading why the Outlook
should print anything with e false a
ring I wa l not surprised to learn In
the Outlooks refutation that It wa
written by a man connected with the
Wine n Spirit Circular He ntorts
out hy a plea that the liquor men are
ubout through his league to make the
tuff respectable He states that cv
ilisation has almost reached the point
of dei 1ilrng that mn shall not b per
mitted to overthrow their reason by
overIndulgence In drink D not
that sound very pious I have seen an
attempt to regulate the amount a man
may drink enough to prove tb thing
Impossible As soon an be wa given
all that wa considered by wiser per
sons good for him b would swear h
had money and knew where he could
get all h wanted and would go and get
gloriously or rather beastly drunk
whole crowd of them You cannot tell
how much fire II tb safe amount t
apply to a house and that house b still
safe from destruction Again he say
I also believe that society has about
reached lbs point nf declaring u
those who supply the public with bev
erage that may Intoxicate shall b of
good moral character and ahall respect
the laws NoW what do o think of
that II not th stuff under laws In
every state and doe not everyone who
iii given a license Ue under an obligation
lu get the testimony of several men to
th fact that h Is a good moral man
You see there is a great difference In
the opinion of men ss t what consti
tutes a good moral man Th e saloon
lament would not Invlud me In their
definition There are hundred of per
sons who would not Include any person
occupied In a business which dlh
a community In then definition of a
moral man I wish to stop here long
enough t nay that lh liquor business
In not adding to tile good aol of
this city wherever m 1 tb blame
Thr liquor people may blame It on the
pix aihr and the people I they wish
hut no on will believe them The
writer above quoted also says Over
helving testimony could b ottered as
to tM value of drinking places But
when he attempts to give hi testimony
he always tat his sylogtsra o tola
premlas I have n doubt that his conclusions
elusions may satisfy a deluded CUM o
unlearned persons Mpclally those
hose brains kv ba wsvrv il by
aloliol But In this day he has an
other class of psopte with which to
deal Rut his teal aiwumeut U la fa
vor of getting t the saloon interest
great advantages He belong t the
greedy gang You have otto heard It
aid that the devil always overshoot
hi mark Well as ho doe After pre
tending t dir to holler the communi
ty Ibis ii > onnt of the liquor business
feel be hues done uk a virtuous thing
that h ask U to take a th re
striction on the tiafnc and wkIs by
telling us we have barf I ir hold
far a long lime and now we ought to
let Mm have I He say II W not tali
to give UK liquor men i M > ene fr
only mi 0 n HI a tliii Iin tliii theli
Hi i like nli I h r un nilm tn t aalralilr I
i aa i n i iO < Mt > N whit IiI
11 i I a a I IHoI
irkn r 1 Kuril i nit
I t n ju
I hi llUKl III I Illll I t l > tluKlt I
I i m f 1 i hlj a I i it a t 11 tjn ii a I Ui
IIKI charge We were In a rmiinunlty
> f five rttil lie M < h in NIDllUlly I
n unin ii kii > v i i i II n
iiulh I oroud os r my iL iahi
for liuiiH IIILH Ut suij A rtu naa j
the other I sekert his
r on him than It td
iniiftuflid m I ii
l1ln He
nianlni l ntn told him 1
bukd him sevcrely <
I buld Os t
hoped be was not aS tnwrl
1 biwk abe he
behind is 1
bhlnd Hr
as itM n L In prewn
hr thm
red In harge
eIl h n s pre
with a hat he laid nlll to a I iIei
to the Ji5ivif al j
bin In ama 11tp
ocloik hm he eaiflw I had the
whole sans present gnat sfter praying
with them Iiet Sf11 eherged every on
of them a lh having hecfl trunk They
dnld I And began 1 demand wi
1 uild nol rnn all on Ih IAn
twice 1
rZe ihat told mf anytbink
10 ptntr tht he had ntlln
JI the other
each nhr
l > nt male
hit mr sit around ff
tt a si rles of question 1
I rntiit have been
say thy ml1 In
icitirse you
bJlonted to the user
rol They blonlf th UIt
and beer
whisky hr
Vohll demand fu fairness from the
iroflie Is a demand from that which
Is o snlawtI Of course they will 5
ucla UP that they sire givfl a lawful
11 to Pt it but the rtrlt n
placed nn it it S proof ot thc
11 I of
under the
fatet that 1 I undt bn
< law and the renting o sny
tights In the bui0C05 is 5 reflectIon on
W hve tried to
any governnacfll hundred hvt and find
rtguistC I for ft hundr N
4ercaCfl5 lh I
that tntsd of drrn fl
increases > I he been weighed in thO
balances end found wanting
To hear th howl as to the property
Involved one would think the prohlbl
tlonlsts Intended to burn all the lon
and breweries I have not heard or
an move against th property of then
people rnle the right to produce 1
hurtful thlllC Is property 1thtl
hurful prt the
will be here
that I property wil MN
traffic pprtJ A It seemS there
tfe I abnb destroy the destructive
Is no intention lvn detr t
structive fluid The law gives ample
time for lulel b sent ir on its
baneful errand Carrie Nation woull
not be so liberal to the traffic
b 1 tn
a thing I dislike
I will now say llk
111 with my regiment In
say I have been lmnt
several place and have never been In
any place where It Is so difficult to
maintain the moral tone of the r 11
ment I do no mean to reflect on th
mod people af this city I know there
a7T enough good people In this city to
rectify the n which egit here I
do reflect on th evils which an per
mitted and which arc now crying out
for fair play If 1 mt a lion or an >
other savage beast and he should beg
for fair play wiiul > I trust it Notf
tr fll gun B termln tlon of the liquor
quor traffic Is the only safe plan and
the only fair play to a comumnlty
I am prepared to say that the men
who drink most are the one who most
desire lid total removal I have proven
that When going with a large number
of men where they believed they could
not get any liquor the very men who
drank most were the ones most pleased
to go where they could not get I
Men often argue that I Is a necessity
those hot
to some men especially to thol
have acquired an appettte for It I
haw some facts 0 that point J
have never known one to have gotten
by It any hurt They did not get sick
They did n lose their minds On the
other hand their bodies became better
their minds became clearer and they
Improved In every particular Under
these circumstances I have asked nvn
If they ever get that burning desire for
drink which makes them risk even life
Itself for It when they a at liberty
Men have often deb thin nir of
desire that makes them believe they
will die If they do no take one little
nip when they are where It is possible
for them to satiety the desire Every
man 1 have asked b assured me that
that feeling b never come on him
when he was where he knew It to b
Imvoetsble for him to get drink Thin
ta something for the psychologists to
study I Is something for those whe
argue on the need of alcohol to consld
er Let me speak 1 an outsider Mr Edi
tor In conclusion and say that out
sider an somehow left under th Im
pression that there WU some drtnk
money used In lh IMt election There
Is a story of a saloon man In conver I
sation with a legislator In which the
saloon roan said Vat I bay my MOO
for beyvat I bay my 400 fo hey
Straws tell which way tb stream
8 but of course that doe nope
prove a deal
pe Respectlfullr
Chaplain Fifteenth Infantry Fort
nteklayera sr requested to b prsu
ent at ball 1 2 p m harp to attend
funeral of Brother Rlir Roberts
Of everY character and description
arranled how thim best legal forma
aad brought utrtotly up t date
A full supply always on hand at the
Deeeret News Book Ito
The funeral of Mr Erne WIn
will b held from the Sixth ward meet
Inghous Sunday commencing at I
oclock The remains may be viewed at
the family residence mr west eh r
uth atiret from It to 130 oclock pre
ceding the obsequies
The rnnsral of Mr Annie O Winter
Cities will be held at th Twentysixth
ward msvtlnglioua tomorrow I Sunday
at X p m Friend may vlow the remain
at the reddancv sU west Seventh South
street oclock between tI hour of 10 to 1
I In
UROWNAt t Mmsrald avenue
Feb X from old age Kmma ii Hrown
In her MvratMveitta year native of
Notc of funeral later
ROBKRTCln this oily K < h M Edwin
lobsrl In his Sixtieth year
Funeral ervlee will be held from the
a t len mortuary Ihapel 4 south
atats trI Sunday Feb a HI a pm
niermfnt In Mt Olivet
H U ICvftH IlorteC M g 3lnln 1
Floral deslsTBs a specialty Pone 911
bay horse with unit of harness on Re
ward given J I orenseii 173 8th Ave
Fuctery Operator prifsrred
Principal place o r business t Main
I treel aslt Lake City ttah Nnlltc
ihie ere > > y jy upon the following
stock M acruuntof aa assee
sisal levied on the Mtb day of January
e the M1 ral amounts o oppuaii
lb 0 IIfn respective Itlolt
d 4t
gittia Rises IIr
A I i5gckurr IUI
r N
a uii
Al W
14 l i I 10 0
ii I Ulrrl t 4 U
I of I
ro 10 lr t
Slab 1 J t
ICii et
I t 11 d ti
al 11Tii I a I I I I
I 11 i 1 H L
m Ih 5 1 1 tJ I
IY sissrIent
I r I
j t
0 4 I 0
I I tb Zgla 11 bll LkL ql
Mme A
Nordica U
is a r 1 I
IunH III i Od 1
The more I use
the Kimball
PIano the
better I like if
Then I refinement ot iin >
about the Klmliall a i
mal It a thingnf artist ii h
ty and Ih Hlvolutn honrsv
every dotjll o material 1
workmaniihlp Rlvrn it th >
staylnit powers drmundud for
Music Company
1991113 Main treet
Union Dental oJ
Are now permanently locat j
ed in their new and hand
somely equipped rooms
Romember us
Painless Extraction 01
Teeth or no pay
For pure durgs
and carefully
The Bridge Drug Co
18 Main Street
Bell mo laid 40
f t
Y We declre to announce that in
A hate established In oonnecticii f
v with our paper a Patent Hmvuu y
t and invite the cooperation o
t Inventor Mechanical Engineer
l Draughtvmen Maohlnlits 8u 4
> eriateadents and Foremen f t
f hop and Mil SKUled Me
V chonlos In all trade Farmii r
A and all other In building ui 1 f
A patent system that will ilof
honest advice to Investors p o y
+ let their Interests by good tea f
a ent and si i onjr contracts asit
4 Inventors In perfecting thEIr in J
1 ventlons and In sailing their pa 4
cuts when obtained end In 1 j
I matters to tender careful I r
A vic and give full value tnt
money paid
We have alt with ut
Wshlngtnn D C an atton Cv
who has been In continuous pra f
> tie for the past twenty jean y
and ws era In position to gun
ante that any patent malt <
placed ia our hands will reeI > j
< > prompt and careful attoiti
y and that the charges will ahn a
be moderau
W also In addition to re ir
I of patents obtain Trtl <
Harks Copyrights Lt ls Im
sign Patents and In fact trait
act buslneu of all character u
this Has 1
All patent secured through > < i 4
Bureau will be advertised fo e Y
at oar apeae and will thus M X
brought to the attention or II
thousands of readers and II < j
terlally a < ait the Invunturs 1 1
deposing of their patent X
If you havs made an invention A
send us a rough sketch and < <
scrlptlnn with W and we v I
have our attorney make a th X
ough search of the records > A
the United Stales Patent I trio
and advise you as to the ecu v
Ir 11 of patent the oot and I h y
IT Iner of proceeding Y
i Patent Bureau The
Deseret News Salt
Lake City 01 I
4 + + t4ttl4441
Old Magazines
Every hotuhold conUmi
thtm but few think ol
preserving them in neat
and convenient shape
You can have them
bound in any style and
at any expense you may
4cd OA AI
The Deseret News

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