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If we Would Have Ponco Must
Insist on Willingness of Our
Country to Do Justice
111fIkkn tfiect Vntt gah1 lie Wanted
10 pW That Itll1tn ito < > t houllt
Ito 1roIti1onIe
Tort rub MrItIe Pea II SB
11 ei New York bnHwtot tapt b it
arc tnd the banquet table at the Hotel
Alter tonliht a notaltW IIIItherine of
prominent IB natlenftl tat and
Ttf The rtlmwr waa In hoonr
rill ftffftlrs
of s l1ltc relfoct HBIhtt Hoot of N w
Yom Joseph H Chiwte tout
I r8llfdentelect Twft Qor
nlufl Ambassador Bryoa Baron
Hiiirn <
Tnkahlm nmlxiWRiior from
Ic > r > ro
jpsn and Jwmulin Nabwew BnwHkm
I IImbUwor were Uw apeahera and tha
t numbered bout m
I Barely baA a more brilliant dinner
retl been wltwwswl The prounun
rani contained miniature portrait of
j Indent Roonevelt and the emperor
Of japan on India paper together with
brief expression on pwwe from tho
periWn portrayed
Mr Taft canes In wttli former Judge
Alton B Parker and the gueeta arora
and cave him an ovation
Mr < hoate WAR In his beet bumor Iln
I had t > Mn commanded hi said to lead
1M oKhestTH and draw all sorts of
niMiiwiit rturnAf from those who had
Ln + IwitsTWted to speak To tell all
I ben
the fHd thing Mr Root had done
wntiM Kwp the dines awake
jlr Knot hf said had don mow for I
tt in of the wnrld than any ono
titan in our history
I Mr Hoot wan then Introduced and a
it nut kablo demonstration ensued He
pk on the eausss that lead to war
I ifTff with Mr Ctaoatn h IIILII
Mluit three Is no Inconsistency between
the work of a secretary of war and the
work of a secretary of peace because
a lour ICs MlltihneM and greed and a
villtnimess to do Injustice and brwtadty
contliiun In this world we mud have
Ih i Herman and the International
tmlli man whoso presence makes the
am of his club unnecessary Is tilt
artily nod the n
It rosin with the army and navy I
is make aggression and Injustice un
nrnntitble and unattractive It rests II
with you and with every woman wlth
mt trumrlln for the right of sulfra e
in cxerclm the powers that God has
ilrrady placed In our hands of every
man In the exercise of his milieu po
intful or social morally to move the
inficeptlons of an honorable lite away
form the old Idea of onvasjery toward
the new Ideas of civilisation of hu
manity In their pmerews gradually 1 1
the supreme Idea of Christianity
H we would have pence It III not I
I MHIth to cry peace peace It la es
I rStel that we hould promote and In
la upon the wllllngnes of our cnun
irr to do Justice to all countries of the
rtil In the oxerclse of the duties In
Mh the ambaasadors of Lent nrlt
11 Rraail and Japan have played au
11 H part In the last few year In
inhlnRton the great obstacle to the
bins of thine which make for peace
vet not been the wish of the dlplomat
lOt not the policy of the government
hut It ban been the Inconsiderate and
thnughtleo unwillingness of the treat
body of the people of the respective
ountrle to stand behind the man who
was willing for the sake of peace and
juitlce to make fair concessions
War COOIM today u the result either
of actual or threatened wrong by one
country to another or a the result of
a nuppoelUon bjr a country that another
Intends to do It wrong The toast of
these three caums of war Is actual in
In this oountry we are far from free
from betas guilty of all those great
cauaeH of war The gentlemen who In
troduced Into the ledstatures of Cali
fornia of Montana and Nevada the
feciflatlon rewnllmc the treatment of
the Japaaeaa la those states doubtless
bad no oaM ttOM of the fact what they
were Join to that rent nation of + n
lemon soldlem of scholars and s < l Gn
Ust and statwmen a nation worthy of
challenging and recelvlns the renpct
the honor and homage of mankind an
Injustice by an Insult that would bring
on private war In any private relation
In our own coumiv Thank heaven thu
wiser heads and the sounder heart In
Ducted and enlightened upon the tree
nature of the proceedlncs prevailed
and overcame the Inconsiderate and
But a few days a CO a member of
tHe house
npresentatlvrx with no
other apparent purpose Hum to mak
himself prominent by an iittiwk upon
an American chanted upon the hlcf
magistrate of Panama a fmudulcnt
oonaplraoy with regard to a ovintniot
under negotiation by that country re
cardmg the foraata of Panama All
Panama WM Instantly alive with Just
Indignation This insult was felt all
the gwta fc111 because we with our
M000 M and our groat navy and army
presented an overwhelming and hrc
awtlble force with a little republic
whose sovereignty we are bound trably
bound In honor to maintain and re
spect These are the things that make
for war and If you would make for
peace Yen will frown on them on
demn them and feel that an Insult to
a friendly power Is a disgrace to the
Ineulter on the level with the crl ne
which we denounce ror which we in
Mot disgraceful punishment by Mm
TwoUiirds of the suiiplclon diillke
and distrust with which our nqnu
WM regarded by the people of South
America was the result of arrogant and
contomptuous bearing of Americans
for those gentle polite sensitive Imag
inative delightful people The government
ernment cannot right It the laws can
not control It Public opinion public
sentiment must deal with It and wh > n
the public opinion has risen to that
height all over the world that the peo
ple of every country treat the people cf
every other country with that human
kindness that bind home communities
together you will see an end of war
Ambassador Takahlra In his address
It ta < m4 nlable that as civilisation
advances International commerce tll
gradually developed and an universal
deslro for peace Is proportionally In
created It U a happy sign of the ttm
that m aaure attar measure Is SIKCM
fully devised to sure peace Confer
tooe of more or lee Impnrtnnce hove
been held at the vnrtoun capitals and
ooeietles of peen an formed on the
afterthoughts nt them confTcnrs to
Uwniiw plans fire peacu Thl chews
tho world U realising more and saute
too Imperative Importance of lasting
peat and enduring proMperlty
In the midst at these clrcumstamix
it Is a distinct feature of thing thul
e arc very oftrn sunirlwd liy the ru
mor of war sometimes not without
some cause but In most oaaes entirely
unfounded as though there was a de
sire in ode quarters for such a Moody
I cannot help referring to title un
pleasant subject If not only booausr It
hAil a dlrent bearing upon the question
of peace but because Bllhu Root him
self had a trying experience with that
fallacious clamor in connection with
the relations between the United Mates
and Japan and stood out against t
calmly and firmly during the two years
time of Its constant uproar
Today we are nappy to see that the
public has become convinced of the fol
ly of propagation cf that Impossible
Presidentelect Tan delivered the
closing adrdess
I want to say he began that Bll
hu Hoot ought to be presidentelect and
I a prospective member of bis cabinet
beau 1 know bow to serve under him
It there be a man with a profounder
knowledge of the lam with a clearer
understand tas of human nature and of
human justice and with a greater pow
er of putting hlmwlf In the position of
the man whom he has to advice as to
his proper course than Blthu Hoot I
dont know Mm The pleasure the hon
or of having served the country In as
sociation with Ellhu Root and Theodore
Roosevelt will continue to be the great
est honor I have ever enjoyed
We otganlied a society In the cabi
net There were Athos and Porthoa and
DArtagnan and Aramls My friend was
Athos Who DArtagnan was I leave
you to guess Porthos I only have In
troduced to you and Aramls I am not
going to betray because of his love af
fair with duchesses But I Instance
that to show the spirit of fellowship
that there was In that company and of
the willingness of each man to serve
under the other as his chief with the
consciousness on the l art of each that
the service will be loyalty unto death
Now I know > ou would not N here to
look at me that I hu c inn profess
ilonal amo lation with ith r th i hal
mail of the me tliiK f th ti t if Hi
evening mid yet I prlnVi myself upon
the fart that by some hark or croolt by
some earl luck I dropped Into the peal
Uon of KMIcltor general In time to re
e4 ilre a heating from both of them be
fore the supreme court
euhetuently It Ml to my tot to be
invited to II fardistant country where
If I had not fti I should not be
here At least that IK the way It fell
out And I owe th feet that I went
there to the rktar lurid fonlble stat + >
ment and advise of the guest of thn
evening FV > ll < iwlnii that advice IUI I
nay T have the plvnniii of being h
Ind testlf > lng to tin ttemAll8ltlr nnl
what 1 want also to testify to bet euse I
do not care whether thl rr what so
ciety It Is people Itkp turn with g ol
red blood In them and In that tetsv I
tt Is one of the ualltlrn of thin
Now I observe that lie I coming n
a reprewnMtlvf of New Turk Into that
body of which I must speak with all the
respect due to a coordinate 1arur and
where In the secrecy of the fxecutH
siHslon they discuss things Kith a run
dor that doubtless aids them In IHCI
Ing a Jut conclusion 1 am lllnlitl
an he cannot hold closer relation to tin
next administration that he In ihr to
defend UN In the many Instancex utter
we shall nl defense
I fim delighted to be aide to Is here
to testify to the debt of oblliratloii of
iwravnal obligation that I reel to Rllhu
I congratulate the pcoplv of Now
York that they have ouch a noble cunut
tot aYid a men with whom they ran well
compare nil the great men who have
represented them In the sedate
N York l > h Z7PhyldaH and
rclentlvtH In New York who have made
a specialty of the study of radium and
Its effect on lupu or cancer are wime
what skeptical concerning the alue of
radlothor of thorodX the discov
ery of which was announced by Dr E
Bklllman Bailey before the Southern
Homeopathic Medical association of
New Orleans on Thursday They doe
dare that the radioactivity of pitch
blende hue been known for otne time
and they are Inclined to think that
It wan Imply pitch blonde to which
Dr Bailey referred and that ronxe
quently he has added nothing to the
one well known specialist perhaps
Hummed up the prevailing opinion He
Kxperimenta have been carried on
with pitch blende to some extent but
FO far not nearly enough to draw any
conclusion from them A fw apparent
cures are quite useless as a found
tlnn for an opinion on the value of any
therapeutic agent
But it seem to m > that tin great
objection to the uc of plash blende In
medicine is the Impossibility of wlld
urdtilng It Its radloaetlx varies
greatly With the Xray and with rad
ium wti can determine precisely what
the four Is we are supplying to u
Dr tfetram Bolt wood professor of
hylcH In Yale university and a rrc
ignlied authority on radium saldi
In my opinion there 1 nothing new
or original about this thorad X It appear
pear to me to be an overstatement
of something already known 1 have
found the ordinary radioactive sub
stance In pitch blend There la no
thorium III It and no prevlounly recog
nised radioactive unbalance In any ap
preciable proportion
UK II tic IN 1iiiiiAnieiriiiA
Philadelphia Feb 27A Are which
broke out In the Federal Supply com
pany of Paxaon and Comfort at SIt
Arch street early this morning prac
tically demolished the interior of the
big structure and before It was gotten
under control did damage amoutnttu
te 100000 The building la eight stories
in height The flames broke out on the
third floor and for a time ft looked
as though they would sweep too eatlra
The building was completely flooded
from top to bottom as was also the
Kurd bindery
Victoria n CoO Feb ITh1 a strong
ly fortified naval base with an exten
sive harbor I being wade by the Jap
uiese overnment at Kerluns In north
east Fvrmoaa wa the report made by
the American hlp Elwll which reached
Rsqutmalt last night 62 day from KIM
lung after a passage marked with con
tlnuoua storms dur net which a number
of ale and spar were blows away and
It wan necessary In several Instances to
use oil owing to the tremendously hlffta
Nee York IM i JT falulouinsfrrnr
ii re tuiriint Jit lurtfnth atret
01 I it h u ruu mi fM into > if e
I ft 9 J t
A p I
c I
McDonalds Bitter Sweets
The Original on the Market
What the Saturday Post Thinks of Imitation
Just As Good
t Is seldom good and never just
Almost every good article will be imitated in one way or anoth
er It is an unfortunate trait of human nature to hook behind
Bitter Sweets are our finest Chocolatesthe best made in the world Ii
hand Frank A An hambiiult i Hrond
way restaurant man ly the pr
live purchaser of the hunlniH i the
Delnmnlco and a cotixuniiriilon r th
deal awaits the return of Jnnepn H
Delmonlco who own the lHi > tt mur
eat In the restaurant from Kuropf If
the negotiations art con laded ilt
monlraf WIN pass from thi ontrol or
the t for the neat time Hincv it
was rounded US years ago h > John and
Peter Delmonlco who ram < i < > thiK
country from BwltseilHinI It I + un
derstiod that the offer hr ih imp
city In approximately lnctI
XO lilMIT 1XJ 1scnIllts
New Torte Feb 17ky rapri in
the city are not to be limited to ri
ft In height according t a dm isimi
or the committee < if the hoard of inti
mate At a meeting ycteiuiuit the
committee approved the proposal I
construct bulldlnit of the lower ly t
any height en long HK the build logs aii
low light and vutlint tutu foi Tiljln
Ing xtructurex
Wanhlnalon Fob The pn ea iiv ih I
wlrpspread honorn eonferr1 nn rt
Ident Lincoln Represeutauye nii y r
un ha Introduced < Mil pins
Ins for the purchase by th Kn inment M
ot the farm on which lien d mi 11 I
In It Louie county Mo 1t before en
tertny the army The fHrin Ilea on the
MI HOurl Pacific railway mil oat + + iar
about 4 N acres Mr cinlii propnwo
that the farm shall be ti nnrrme ail
a national park and hoc 1111 airi mi
appropriation of tteyQn for its pm has
lreel < lent Fells ItojMirtcrK Hntv lie
WUH AttucktHl by IH > Press
Wanhlagton Feb T The president
called In a number nf newtrpApir eor
respondenti yesterdii md told them that
George Wa hln < < lon H > tiered the amr
kind of attacks upon bn retirement that
now are directed at Mi Roosevelt
HI reminded his visitor of the aumll
ants who pestered WaahlnEton durlnit
his second tern To eni > ha lEr hie point
be distributed for publbHtlon tvprwrlt I
len copies of an edltorUl written bv
Philip Vrcnau and publinhed in the Au
rora of Philadelphia March C 17V t > it
tcrly attacking the flrit president whone
econd admlnlatratlon had lust closed
Cnilnr l by WOlllAn Tells PolIo I
IliirgUiry Ia IIU Trade
New Turk Kb 27Mr erne Hmni
returning from the theater last nth
gave chase to a man whom she sutw in
the dlnlncroom of her home Kraipei
with him und screamed and held him In
her grasp until a policeman arrlM
Taken to a police elation the eau
showed little concern and said that h >
was a buririar by profession He volun
teervd thin Information after being akd
the rt > ulull n guoatlon by the pnile
Wb do rod sale me wlia T wnik < i
Yon know 111I II burglar That > nip
11id HI wrel the niin
V linty of I a 4rc W1V f ru i
ih > a u I i I 1 i hi mmi i o
I Dissolution
e I
t C o S a I e
et Davis Shoe Co Corporation to be Dissolved by March 27th
0 t Sufficient cash mutt be railed to meat all obligation and pay stockholders in compliance with I
iJV corporation laws
Many of our friends have not thoroughly realized the import of this cvant Ban Davis who has since
the organization of the Davis Shee Co always taken aotfve part in the managemont of the concern has
secured options on the entire stock and after the dissolution is effected will continue the business as a
rAO private concern I
flu nrtessity of raising the tremendous amount of cash necessary to liquidate obligations ha brought you lilt IIlth I
shoe sale made in the west
ontprrhrnMvt BBBBM e ever fsaa ss > w w
Thr entire great stock with a single restnation is reduced All our new spriaf shoes ami oxktfd are included in the ti + u I
ful undtrinarking us soon as they arrive
Its aomplota Its a powerful inqantiva to anrly Shoe buying u
The great response to our moumriueni has been so far very ratifyiHf i
every lay has brought hundreds of eager purchaser they know tht DsVsB I
reputatiun of fair dealing and the oak tunscuuently means mu < h to all
Such Offers as We Are Making Are Irresistible z
SLot from maw spUaJiJ styUi or fcO 65 S JU IWM of Lwrfi mai s wJ wo W2 65
HUB i Nettltens 6 U > 7 U at ly4 a liens 350 to 500 shoes at the pair W
Salet ram wimu faMOu Fwter > O 65 r Tk rratt ib of UM lIU ever
3 Jrttt 2 00
n e at the pair JJ saw quoiW at tk tMmal frwn the pair f
The haw windows illustrate the beauty style finish and oleganqe
of the line offered and clinch the fact that this is the greatest
I SHOE SALE in the history of the state
J V1 1IIIIWM I 1 8r J
Ilse i J I
I To School Teachers
You are invited lo examine and play the
F Anderson Piano I
And hear its Singing soul at our new
Store With Young Bros
We have other standard ma e3Easy
payments no interest
New York Western Piano Co
23 West 1st South Street
J trI All
I Lets Advertise Salt Lake I
I With Electricity
There Is nothing which appeals more firuhlj to visitor to our
city than well lighted husmetf Ktreetn tlculiirly where some form
of electrically Ughtcd decorative street l any > IHIKI Is used
It gives the city a reputation for civil prtde tircurnsslrinnn and
proMuch a system Is lnUll d now on Main street Let the met
chants see to It that every i > ot N lighted
We are prepared to du our cart by making a very tow rate for
the current and lamp renewals
Inquire of our common lal department fir particular
Utah Light and Railway Co
Electricity for Everything
lull Vx lui
F = n
Triple Wall Chart
w slaagula l IIRIII
Paid up subscribers to the Dcseret News can
get this TRIPLE WALL CHART for 30c
Regular sale price 100 Size 36 by 28
The chart includes maps of Utah United
State and the World Photos of all the
Presidents of the US of the Presidents of
the Church Governors of Utah Rulers of
all Nations and other valuable information
Address Circulation Department
l L 11
Debt tPn all il it i VM trul > yuts
Store J
Remembers J II Hlltn
Ii u H tl test turned to Iw
IH1II t < > < 4I I Illl Ill yur lullll
Isl mid ae V I 111 11 unr futrid Led
MVrtlltiete l leak a ul Iaae boy rxlt III t t baly
Yt uiiiaii WBIUK r
H She Can Pat II
c mi 1IIh Krh 11 fhrp In
s uniiiii im HI stiiuiii I wed ul
tMi dune atmiil Hi years u S W III
wild ad trr > H Of I
y pl aa nir Your < I
n inward tin money with iniT
lh rimcoliia is vnntauiMl In a Ins
ter iiici with the nan of Maele
finikin 7J4 Broadway > ar u NI
iriivril by W D Klpp orHpokai
Vhi i uiiiluctrd a vuttal turr at Na
Hamilton ia from 1m to itn 1
lir ants WWl I
li 111 letter shows deft In Iel
M riirhlonxl honvaly III the nii I
iiiin i runaiunly suMMiesd be seal
it I am sub to sniiil p rwilplcil
In in lira narkln aa H brliii < i
I iMima present Late Anct
NMIV Rxamlnr feb 14 IsW 1
i f iuurar hers b Tit iri ml
lea of huneMlv 111 ecrSbuds
M i a a Irli r we rvriitfil UMtuy fioii
r iur Mrnl r
Hrljtimii IM Feel u IY1 jf r
i mi la II Luke Uu HH tlnn
I k Man rust n rned I ta fi
c pLaw HI < i iii > Ii n
I t I Mill I I I I k < >
SM1 LtII CITY DTUI lltANCIK O IlKl tics Measger
I mi B mr Kir LinI 16 La
Rubber Sale i
Fountain and fnrnliv eyrlnps J
In nil PXR nod nUll style Me > f
UT Met nnlet beIr J that Will re
ller y iir n lies Rubber glove
i iiflions and shertlns Haby COOT i
firin In tail evcrvthln In rub i
ber It will fav you to coll Het
I c it way down prices rith
I ins C7 UeniembiT the nuin
Ceo T erIe Drup Co
ttittjuir t
HI1I p j r
Perfection in
I Mantels
I te pnrnn < 1 Iii th hand iarx 4 1
Keniiin ilin T1nI ied Mantel we
ai liM > iiiK TiiK t Inn in mate
From 5O up
I Vee what y II err buying I > ont
Ctd 1
Opp routh gilt Temple Block ij
I Remodeling
II Shoe Sale I
I ep
IENa NIIr168 i
245 and 335
I I HOY s < M < IKS I
i 168 and tl85
I 185 aM 241
75c and 100 i
I tg 40Jj
I r N
Your New Spring
U at 322 South Min
11 Ju r rthrd ftpn t
inn d tvust IMUllufii Ur
i i a ful Ion nf the cisiti4
I I il > i I itioiia n iiina Inth
I nm inli i all l Iwo Italy h v
It I IV in r < I i nil rat tl
I atIIS ml to Itrodue lui
ml h ivc dldoI til ina
th foils Inn noclsla for It t
I UiH > lily I
2500 Suits fcr 1245
3b0l Suite for 16 45
1t suit tIny Hal and Fi
II I5111 h
I + I MID Ir it i r ul I
Its Right Below
L Walkers I
Can BHUHunwM Sick Pf Tj T TLT Cleanse I the fytt0ra
Headache Sour Stom 81 fT I N II thoroughly and clean
ach Torpid Liver and K A it mf allow complexion of
Chronic Constipation T FfHll Qvttrt pimples and blotch
Laxative FruIt Svntp
Flea tmt to tuKe JuaAaUYC 11 Hl Jjl UJ It u cuvrajvt 4
r cu r t

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