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D immimliN n NPivs
fltindnv Ib ept 1 >
and East Temple
Onrnrr of Bmith Tempi
e tab
lilr mreeta Halt AltO tIIY
iTornce O Whitney Bsslneas slanawr
N adynW >
One Year
MM Month > f
Three atoalh
rturdy yalttloa pet 7eet 1
Mani eskly tier yar
CarrtM > ndnee and other rwdIM mat =
ter for publication should be adirssjMd
to the EbYTOR
Addrea all Ml Inca romaiunleations
end all remlttanres
Halt bate City alas
Rntered at the pastofflce of Salt Lak
City a aerond else matter according
tn Act of Catara2L Match i Wit
fiQOftlpftik11IIZ IIAUATJr
We hop our lnrUlator will not for
got the Hunter ctaata law There
aro such town on UM took and they
prove what the enttm fit of the peo
ple wa when they were enacted
There le no chance In that entiment
But of late rest various coaoarn
have presumed to violate the law e
lating to Sundar obatrvaace and out
rage public MtlnHnt For that rea
son new legislative enactment may be
nacwwrjr and they hood be effected
The Latterday taint In Oonfereno
membled have pledged thmalve to
do all in their power to try to Influence
the legislator with all proper meant at
Ihelr disposal to strengthen the Baa
day closint laws And we cannot but
believe that members of other church
es In Utah will as rltlseoa Join them
to their effort In this direction
The queatlon aa to whether the er
Irnth or lint day la the true Sabbath
In oar with which the Legislature baa
uMhln to do It Ie clear that no day
no Identical portion of time ran be
Minultaneoudy observed In all part of
the earth nor even In one lara coun
try the dlOVrcace of time produced
by difference of latitude and longltudo
Stakes this Impossible But It
hall been fully proved that man
Ve < i one day of rt In
fixcn It ba been proved
hat a laborer who work IIa day and
fivfu the seventh aooompilafaa more
v nl selves better satisfaction than one
< > rat work every day There la there
r every reason why legislator
1 11 tako tocnbmnco of dill Act and
the iMneflt or all enjoin Sabbath
i nlAtlot from religious but from
i dr motive And laaamuch u
fui dny ta the day feaeralljr agreed up
oa nx a lay of ret that day should
V icl > lly hadcod about by aaMahta
JKiKlntlon The abbath wonfade for
V n Man ha a right to H
I The tsHt > 4ar flalata have sssa
TUat to observe the labbath by It
tt < Mt > ir > a the hjai of woraMp and t
11 en xina < > t the Sacrament They have
PI < r t iught to do DO unaMary labor
< a ut de > It follows that they
Kaiit ji with good eooacieno atttod
lee or um000 ant on that day or
arrange far aanyaeimnta br wMeh oth
er are drawn away horn UM place of
firirattip where they ought to attend
th Latterday Balnt wilt keep the
fetabbuth aa the bard W directed them
itirr have the proenlee that the ful
rrwso at the earth ahall be then that
they hall have peace In thla world and
cpr01 uru In the world to come
A < this paper endeavored to ahow a
ft jar since It IS true that the Unl
wtity uf Utah ha atlM some work
ahead of it In order to reach the stand
yard laid down by the national aaaocta
tlon uf ttat UalveralUe But let
these remark micht be taken to mean
that the Utah Institution U of Inter
ior rank or that It doe not do III
work ao well an some other It may
be ua well to add that In all the work
that the Oalvrlty pro esrse to do
It Is fully up to the standard set for
this work by the bet InMltutlon in
ther state iM standard of admiaalou
rank with that of the hleThwt of the
tate unlveraltle and it hither than
than of many of them Its require
mrnta for the B II and the B A da
oleo are u thorough as the requMtea
for thou dcfraea In other ualveraltlea
In these respects Utah lead rather
than follow the newer tato of Ua
liar wealth and pnpulullon
A vbrit to the treat educational ta
tltutloa In thlu city has carved to
improes upon the writer the eitentchar
arter variety and thuruuttbne uf tbs
work givea In all of Ua course From
the officers of the institution and from
the public record we have leaned the
following illustration of Ire history
and achtsvamento t
During the Iffy ale year of Ita lite
r the University baa graduated about
1600 students Among these are many
uf the most valuable and prom men t
cltisen of tile Mate In recent years
lea h graduating else ha numbered
about two hundred young men uud
women Many uf thrar are trained
for aoine particular calling upon which
tn at ono enter For the put four
teen yean nlnty ltbt par cent of the
graduate uf the Normal school have
become teaiber Practically all the
graduate of the fewhool of Mine be I
uom engineer Of ape Ion or aaoUiar
Otter graduate enter other occupa
tion which demand rospunMbUKy and
tlu skill which comes from IMeUeetual
i The education which the Tatventty
provide whether It directly lead to
I M me partlfular calling or mil to
turougbly iiractlcal Kuupaumi Ie
iliacUral whys It grounds tudata In
j Ik hula aid prtawlplra underlying na
> let and society when It teaches them
to think straight when It develop In
theta rvaponslbUtty and moral pur
p w Htudrnts wi edueatad have a
uiwir of ui hi Viinnt In any under
tukliitf to which they turn They are
the laiMiur In their community t
them We lintk fur the > velunma
or our resource and fur the furthvr
uiicr uf all ou Interests They are our
ul 4i n ii d r h T the rctaal to
R knit the mat Inlvriiliy provldav
S If leach NlI sOn n rmtldnilY n + sl Ita
j I elb ln ti i M1 1 11
i Tl
lwnild 1 I I
w Ii
all part of the state and all stases
of people Thl year them air In Ht
tendance 1W7 students cleaolfled M
follow In college and post grad
mfr work tit In normal unit prepara
try work 110 In the training n hnol
and WnHrrgarten tel The latter are
Included bore for the r ann that tttry
occupy a University bulldmg and of
course cost the University a consid
erable sum of money In the summer
vchool not already counted this aohool
year there were HOa total in all de
artrnenta for the eehool year of MT
laMe student represent every coun
ty In Utah They not only represent
aH part of tIM State hut sled an the
calling of tie people of tile slat and
all kind of life that charaetortg the
people of tIM slat Among them are
the sons and daughter of day laborer
ere of carpMtora shunt maetalnhita
farmers merchant banker and of
men In all the occupation carried on
la the State
The University Ie ra no way a aehool
of the class It Is a school of all the
people It to believed that no body of
students more representative of their
community than the student of the
University oaa M found In the United
A large percentage of thee student
work their way wholly or In part i
through the Univrlty In November
of this aohoat year two hundred atu
denta one hundred and five men and
ntmtynv women reaponded to a re
quest to give their a ripsaw and earn
big Of the one hundred and five men
BJaatyMx are earning a part or the
whole of their college eapene forty
five ant earning more than onehalf of
Uiilr college expenses and twenty are
entirely selfmipporting Of the nloety
flue women fortyseven are earning a
part of the whole of their cottage en
pmea eighteen are earning more than
onehalf of thoir expense and six are
entirely srlfsupporting Of the re
namIng students a great many meet
by their own eCorts a part or the
Whole of their expenses
A sample consideration of these
and many similar fact that might be
adduced will quickly dispel the Idea
If any entertain it that tile University
of Utah Is lamina behind In the gen
eral progress of education through
out the country It to on the contrary
well abreast of the time and white
lacking much that to desirable In way
of facilities for higher research work
yet It lacks nothing compared with Its
later institutions In the work leading
to the several degrees which It actually
The praise bestowed upon this Uni
versity j equally due to the other meg
almost laatttuto of learning with
which Ida State to bliMia and tae ex
istence of which I a remaining monu
ment to the aottcltad of President
Young and his ssertotes In empire
building for the welfare of tb young
We have excellent sehoato scattered all
over the State aad wo haw a popula
tion appreciating education la all Ma
There are twentySve Illustration la
I th March I prov iuat Bra among
them Man Hill Athena and the trans
lator of the Book of Mormon Into
Greek with a nag of III Nepkl Chap
tar eleven In Greek There are four
aoone wa the new Church farm la
Hew Zealand and leveret scenes from
Hawaii alao a cut of elder preach
iac la Nome and tbe rot Ifs um
school w Alaska Among the llliu
raid doaerlptiv article Is A Vait
to XlUMMa by E Wesley Smith and
Waahlagton in Hungary by J Han
Utoa Gardner Preston Nibtoy write
on Uaooia std the Laturday
Paints Uaabth a Cannon oa Pet
ano Din std Prof Milton Bnaion
on Th Young Mao on UM rftrm
President Joseph P Smith In a dau
trlnal writing treats of the Holy
Ohoat Holy Spirit and Comforter a
subject uppermost In many tudeatV
minds who are following the Manual
lesson Dr Wldtao contribute an
article on Other and tbe Holy Splrtt
In further explanation of the Maatul
The Prtoathood Quorums Table 41
Coon Important matters to the Priest
hood and contain a coaels history
of tho movement to date The Mlulon
Mwagsa Mutual Work Bventa
and other departmento are very attrac
tive and the general artlciea poam
and atorlett make the March Bra as
valuaMo a It II Interesting
The following data from tlae AmarU
can Magazine give a goad Ida of what
the prohibition agitation ban accom
plished m the United State ao pars
Statewide prohlbltlaa now prevail in
Alabama Georgia Mississippi North
Carolina North Dakota sled Oklahoma
Kansas adopted prohibition IB till but
did not enforce It rigidly m the larger
elite untU 1MM and Maine bu gal
vajilml her old law Into sew efficiency
Prohibition now ha abolished the aa
loon In a majority of the counties la
Arkansas Missouri Texas Connecticut
Uelawara Florida Illinois Indiana
Aiwa Kentuckr Uoutoiaaa Nebraska
New Hampshire Ohio Oregon South
Carolina Tnniss Virginia sad West
Virginia And la ovary OM of these
aisle rsoeptlag Now Hasnpablr and
Iowa wher prohibitory law were ro
pealed in IMt there to a strong move
ment for atM wlde prohlMtioa os
doraod more or I dunaltoty kf app af
tbe two ruling parti
In the election of INS Us ptyiggWs
toagus made rJn la Maw Turk IUI
Dots South Carolina Washington da
te and Ohio Th mown sat to strong
la aoulkan califorala slid to moving
rapidly up tIM ooaat In Colorado lha
aalooa ha been naoitohad from U
towas within the put two year In
Magahuastl In Svf years there bas
been a gain of UI town for the still
aloaa torrltory and Woic tator Is said
to ho the uuget prablMtiaa tuWn la
u world In Michigan thur we now
U Pfohibltlun ouailo and 1M prohlbl
don Nubs as against 1w0oualM and
4M towas lve years ago la Minnesota
Sva year have seam the prohlMtlun
Iowa grow from Uu tu 1111 In New
Jersey able there lu bum s HUUH
tonu t fur four year the Uimiimi
prapir have rur d Nunday rIsins
And a ntewldi lampalirn for uhtr
prohibition la waging In ranaiytvanla
The tart to that the antlsaleaa ells
ton III a lnmg hhu In every Amer
ican rt > Th p > pir i itllae the line
ful Influtuo of iti 11 ivior traffic and
they want II by tar I r mld aa llltal
Just a ginhin iirlc IIhllnll and
similar potl han Hn prohlbltd
They are tirrd f thr Impudent Inter
fereiw of the liquor Interest with poll
ilea They want to ere the moral de
cent element reinstated their right to
run tate sad municipal government
And Utah should not be behind other
state In this great movement In the
Interact of morality economy and the
That Utah M without a Capitol bald
Ing to da to the fact that owing to
aattMormon agitation by amktUoaa
o sbuntera the State ha been kept
kt aa almost perpetual condition of
turmoil clam hM been arrayed
agalart claw and In the conflict devel
opment hu nerpmilly been slow a
It always I when peace doe not pre
vail But for this unAmerican apt
ialsaa Utah would today have a much
torger population than It has and the
natural resource would have reached
a higher degree of development The
State would have been proaparou
enough and wealthy enough long be
fore this to own OM of the finest
building in the IntormauMtala region
The question U again up before Uw
Legtelatur It should ba oaaldorod
carefully from every point of view
Everyone regret that we have not a
Capitol building Everybody anxlotfc
to see the beautiful dream realised
The State needs a bulldltig of its own
Aad If In the Judgment of the people It
can afford to undertake tbe enterprise i
It should btt date And we ahould hero
a building of which the people can be
proud when atrangers come to see It
We suppose the question of a special
lax will not appeal to all the taxpay
ar Whils aa extra mill would not
materially affect property owners out
alder Bait Lake It would be
an addition to the taxburden
of thue In thin City who are al
ready taxed to death by regular aad
special taxes and who are now stag
gerliift under the load that an extra
vagant city government ba heaped
upon them year after year without re
gard 10 sound business principles le
the administration of public affair and
without humanity or mercy The peo
ple In the City would gladly under
take their share of the work In the
construction of public building and
make other Improvement to the ut
most of their ability were they fro
from be Incubus of a Meal administra
tion subservient to political dictators
whose leading motive la hatred and
who are unscrupulous aa to means sat
method They have la the past shown
their wllllngnea to make aacrino for
the public goodads witness the matgnl
Oceat building that wore reared all
over the Mat by tbe people without
Incurring Indebtedness to rest as a
cure upon them and gnratioaa to
We refer te Mee facto not because
we are opposed to tile ooaatrmtMa
of a Capitol building aa now proposed
but merely to point out that tt sees
opposition should develop In thto City
there are econosnlc reason for It la
tbe abnormal conditions existing
A little volume entitled Lwivo ec
Truth Utah and the Mormon to
about to appear la the local beekaaP
hat It la by Mr John P MaaMa and
contain papers poems sad letter
mme of which are familiar to taos
who have had 1M pleasure of attebdtag
Mr Meakln lecture and entertain
ment while others are new The toe
turns on Utah and the Mormon con
tain the substance of what the lecturer
told the people of the Baat about this
State and III people and they era
therefor of coaatdarabi local Inter
est The letter toll something about
the people of 1M Date and the poem
are elections from many aourca
weetneaa gathered from many a fra
grant field
Among the varioiM leave ta this
booklet we notice one on the story of
the Mormons There Is another oa
The Mind of the Mob which to aa
earnest appeal for liberty and tolera
tion Music in Utah receive special
attention Out In the Desert to the
tory of creasing tile plain a told by
Mr Walter L Price who mad UM
journey as a boy IMp an Nareut
on the Pioneers oa President Joseph
P Smith and Senator Heed Smoac and
a letter to Mr Frederick SoboK This
le another earnest plea for toleratloa
We are pleased to call the attoation
of our readers to this little volume
which many we feel sure will peruse
with latoraat Mr Meakla hot doa
good week In the lecture field trying to
remove the misunderstanding about
Utah which have been created la th e
t by misrepresentation sad false
hoods His book contains the saasne
of bit lecture sad It can be pissed In
the hand of thou who are dse row of
learning the truth about Utah beoaua
1M author to entirely impartial rh e
book to full of bright little anecdotes
Ale Si set be edn too much gov
The Autertoan system of govsrameat
stroagly toada without doubt to tile
edacattoa af the masses but it hum a
notortea toadenoy to uvroruw l bal
oountrr with itNaemea
To begin with oar statute tow aro
aocumulaUng at a tremeadou rate
We now enumerate furtyBve tat tee
every erne of them with a toglaUtur
grinding ant biennially a ago or les o
chaullr notes of rule for human roil
duct TU Uaagras of t1Ie lmui
Iotcs la snerally Mtva iuaet m le
It to ulaiimd with a psrattitous non + 1111
and the law nWihtg powr in die t r
rltorii and our litautor puvaruioa add
to the grnrral confusion of l < gal per
pie U 1k
1iixiiial demure ilinn have ini
Iii k pI lour uiih hhu tast immbc
of tin I Intended I rtffltv rot itC
fight HII I i enforce ilUblr r i lia
Same sort of rlntifv Codiflctton of
UM law now seam nooessary Tt
even now the ehaage such ae thy
are In n Inint every I w err > mi
merlin thit II is difficult to ka i tra k
< > f them
A pmrtl lnir lawyer writing in Ih >
Wlaroaln Farmer deflate that thr r
Ie a constant and apparently over st
ain change going on A enn a a
person become somewhat famllUr
with lawn lion have ban IM d mi
or them Kill hv changed OIILTK rIwal
ed and now one passed N < ne out
a lawyer who fives his mllir Um > >
to tile matter ass keep UP with the
procession and It keeps him guessing
ret svery pesos af sound minI Is prn
sumed by the law to know what It I
and to construe It correctly N one
ass ogaaaa the hjaal eonse > iu n < II or
JaIl eacntaet by pleading that he nn
laaorant of the law which Is an ilcabl
to It He mat sttffer the consequences
the game aa though ho were perfectly
familiar with the law
Tb roavtothm la becoming somewhat
teaeral that the legislature convene
too apes and pap 100 many law that
there to too much machinery ton many
estlelala leG much red tape and that I
the mere at of enacting these laws
Uwnfth eve < the least of the evils of
excludes lawmaMac ha become a
distinct buries ta tile taxpayers
The oldest member of the Brittah
House of Lord ta Baron Owydyr
ninetfnine rear of age who baa bean
a member of the House of Lord
thirtynine year He tlU conduct all
Ute baatnoM of has estate attends to
uorraapoaotoae and personally aaaer
intend outdoor work
Th vicar of the established Church
of Hngtaad In Oulval Penance Ut
it e Mr WlagSeld recently celebrated
hla ninetyfifth birthday and the
MwantySftii anniversary of his ap
tolntnvent to the Church where be BOW
la Ho Is Mill able to preach and writ
with much vigor
There are six other clergymen in the
Church of Bngtend who have been In
charge of their churches for more than
sixty years and It to quite common
to moot a minister who had been In
charge of 1M mane church for forty
The longest service on record In the
Church of Bugiand Ira that of a Vicar
of Hickmanawortht who held the posi
tion of mtntoter in the same church for
Hrhtyon year from 1M to 1110
When an Bngltoh clergyman gets lo
cated aattoAMtortely In a church he
rarely errs r ears to change and usual
ly prefer to remain ermanenty In
the one poMttea
In view of NHeh Instances what beCome
com of tie aocAltod Ostler theory
rracMoa dow not make perfect it
only Imgrs
Ia the unwritten law to toecom the
oommon law
A traveling Mrary sometimes give
people wheels
Invariably ilia mmpklim cigar la
reduced to the ranks M
Next te a aaaa of duty a sense of
humor to the boat thing
Hoaaaty Mtterpouay
a bettor policy than any
insurance company caR give
The beat too r to tIM fellow who
doesnt know that 1M has lout It
Playing golf maw a man more
ttakaayod than a Hawkahaw
It to wall at time M vary aiming
wood with chopping Madllng
Whether a new broom sweeps clean
largely depend upon who handle It
Borne of those Bngllsh luffragrtte
an made of tbe same stuff aa the Muil
of Orleans
A bee commlaaion would doubtless I
feel It Incumbent upon It to run the
Hive of Dsaarot
The New York WorM wants to know
the feminine of aeronaut That easy
Woos m w cows
Poasum haft proves that they be
long to the mansjpteto by jumping from
fifty ants to ten dollar la the Georgia
The German retchstag nearly rent
la twain over the death due Rent or
soildlted death will have lain duos
A Country Whit Iiouu at West
Point for the President But as we
recall Its recominendatloaa tIM com
mtoalon on country H did not make
say such
And now Professor Porclval Lowell
ii telling huw Ute oa this earth to tn
be wiped out thriugti a oaUhuon fir
planets Can 1M tell a waiting world
how and wIMp It will lie wlp > d out u
Vaatar TUlaian sm to be of the
opinion that tIM report of UK Irel
deaf eamml loa on country lift u
soarosly M to so through the mall j
And why Mt TraIn robbers sometimes
go throagk the malls
rrai aat to t Taft aays that pro
portly waits aa tariff revision And
bar for several month the countiy
1 tau been assured that It had returned
la aU Its power aad glory
The Civic Psdaratlon of Huron M D
ha petitioned Compress In
favor uf u
coactHiaional amondinenl plodding for
thine prosidaaU The unlimber must
hay road about Mom one having
rig omperora all at the same time
Whoa Colossi Cooper was asked
Why did peg draw your gun lie
aaawatas h Mil Caimavk If h
klltod my sea That is alniust Hi
eamme aaswvr hat WillUm Tell rev
dMtor when the seller asked him stir
lie had the sells Hirow lug
In bomni >
To kill the trunl
trim had I slaw m
= t = 0
Li Gathered On The Battlefield of Thought J I
IAIM1IItt1 If Lincoln had veer
I X ta4e learned tn play the fiddle
ot w i nK there wa that In him hat
would doubtless hlll got
out < 1 n fiildli Homrwnat of whit It
hell Oavld lifted up hn solo unit
the und of it otlll endurenUng
the tnajiun of living lingua A
few chin deliverance of Ilnroln have
sufflred to enthrone him amonn the
tneetr of human speech Hch lnrs
dliwfri hi litters find ipnvhi I < 11 <
cover the evict of hbtvir and wn
lei there he linrtied hl usr of woo
Who taught l > nvld Who taught H P
mere Who taught HhakeBpeaip 7 Lin
coln had the lime master HI wli <
Ion caught voice from the name currents
rent The common technique of s
presalnn he had learned and In a good
school He learned to read and read
the Bible and tlhnkeipente he learned
to speak and spoke st 1 to pprxuiutf
He learned to know word and how to
use them and when hln mind thought
great thoughts and hi heart fell what
a great heart can feel the little nim
ble common word shaped themselv
forth for him In form of simple maj
esty I was art oh YM a little art
but all but lost In the plendld current
Vt Inspiration It la not Lincoln
words that mud hi great plccca
Teat but the tones that are behind
thtm the same tone In the Urttynburg
address In the letter to Mm thurl
portion of his great Bib
the tone gets behind the words fa a
question that belongs not to rhetoric
nut to magic Somehow what Is In the
mind and In the heart can be pat
ate word but the doing of it greatly
I e tare and ao inexplicable as to be
a kind of miracle
114 o that leaves the doc
ton of letter perplexed and dumb
Harper1 Weekly erplOe
her The Human Pincushion wa
An lire bat yesterday an lndlpn
l rcwbaT Mlle member of every well
regulated dime museum
family He used to mueum
lag his photographs between the snake
ckarmor and th strong man Nowa
day his clan f dwindling Disappear
hip the ditty also ls the tattooed man Run
You can beat a tattoo
But you cant beat a tattooed man
Subsiding In glory Is that noble
specimen of human tapestry his per
son craftily embellished for tbe youth
sal eve with daggers anchors ser
pent and even a duel Where has he
gone Has he forsworn triumphs and
purple tight to mingled forlornly with
hH kind as floorwalker or wth
urn agent Almost extinct to Is
thi Indian Rubber man Once his re
hl r
alllnt Integument enthralled hundreds
today ho runs a trolley car In Rahway
or Danville The fat lady from her
dais no longer sheds abroad her
changeless embracing smile The
living skeleton no longer shiver he
nlde her JoJo the dogfaod boy
I s amid the vanishing cavalcade O
ciHlnnally n few ttom all liras arr to
b nion In rural fHstnesxcn Gin aa a
metropolitan ion roiiN they have closet
the panoraina and the hornccar Tin
irof sqr who le < tund on thorn
has Krown silent before thi patter of
the glib vaudivllllun und the whir of
th < mninitpicture Him uevili i 1
not yet claim them but they are gone
Where am the teals o yesteryear
Bdltorlal In Collier for Pcbrutry II
Mr Tuft No one who ha followed
n lilinl hi tarter or nas had the
l oinllF Inestimable privilege of
his frlrndahlp has anx
cliiiht HK to hil PUCCVS In the prt
He will enter upon Its duties
dcntv la
not only the most thoroughly trslned
held the ofHoe but
man that has ever hI
1111 had long and
1 > cml > iniin ho ha ht
> 1 ilfi training for I He him been
In herlhiri d the Roosevelt ad
iiilnl trallon fin sewn year taking a
trading ran In the solution nf 11 prob
lem In Iarl formulating of Itl policies
and In the ox > < utlon of many of the
Ant dlfflruli of them His capacity
for work like his Intellectual capac
ity III well nllh Inexhaustible HI III
literally n mind mind In a sound
body and It nork with the eese pre
cision and cffectlvejn of a perfect
machine 111 represent In the
White House all that I hest in our na
tional life and In his policies and act
he will seek to attain those result
willed will lonloim moue I r
ideal and MpiraUoa af t Amerrg
pdple1h Pelt of t f vl
e w
Prtsldent In the March
Mach Ontup
Orhrln In And as we may irn
Orlcn Il I
A Mm rcflael
H an i VX < IH it
olavrriu 111
Slavery comedy or a 8dmn
court theater iri
I back to the hanawarst of th mr
ket place sn may we tree the
nine of our own national thi > mM I
i In the first Hush of IU lusty fauni
rectly back of the blai I
recty bck very blacki n1
that our country has ever known lor
I It III a direct outgrowth of negro imn
tretoy which accurately settees d AS
rlcan slavery In the pathos of IN i A
ladry the heedlesanes and lnrin
quenc of its mirth and the nurm
I than of savagery In Its dancing
toa vlry II dnlh In
qhettlonMbry the Interlocutor
qtetlOIbt Interloator Uonti
and End Men of
minstrelsy haw t
Ind IIIr
somewhere In
origin slavery
nrlrl la ju t u
characters Harlequin Columbine In pantomime and the mm t im r
traced directly back to thom ul
Italian provinces of which
Ilan they rre
the comic divinities James L Krj
in McClure Masjaslne rl
Editor Deseret News
I With the memory of the Inspiring
fidelity of Washington and Uncoln
conspicuously before them In the form
of patriotic flag display centennial
memorials and Innumerable magazine
articles the member of U Utah sate
legislature with b brilliant excep
tion deliberately and unaccountably
I caused the death of a bin which by
an overwhelming majority represents
the will of U people whom these leg
islators are supposed to Serve My
pride take a upp feet more than
ever that the days of chivalric In
corruptible legislation rest with our nn
rectors In their grave Knowing our
xtate senators aa 1 do and apprerlat
the apparent unpeccabtltty of their
I characters I am both surprised and
chagrined that I am forced Into h be
lief that o this occasion they voted
not as they sincerely felt no as the
people desired but In accordance with
the dictates of a surreptitious volco
to debased to find followers who dart
claim allegiance t It In any but an
equivocal way How a man dare per
mit himself to vote directly against
the will o his constituents how he
doe not appreciate that by so lining
he sacilflceH hi reputation hil loyalty I
and his future is a mystery to me No
om even partially conversant with the
salient feature o represented gov
ernment will venture the opinion that
a legislator has a right to vote directly
against the will of his constituent
That In till Instance the people do
rdred prohibition II a fat which an
not Influence the principle Involved
Trust his been violated And nn > ril
turpitude 111 been permittedfor
what consideration we oan only iI
mlto take the Mat made for m j
lily and honor
Evasions excuse eahonethrew tit
useless for the fact still remain that
duplicity exist and men stunJ 18
corded tn an inglorious column stitch
is entirely Inconsistent with then bib
Its and the wlt of their tnimm
MX men tot Q place 0 the 1 oil Or
honor they are unsullied and nm h
their refusal to do aught but th niii
of the people They are Chrlm > > ie
Burton Jr Atatmo Brlnkerhotr
Brton Ak Bakrhot W
Ham C Uorsley Albert 1 Miller ui
Ham N William and James n ton
f As Cicero said Honor vniutH
I praemlum = Honor let me seta nut
gold Is the reward of virtue ru
Very respectfuly your
Chicago Itecordlternlil
Great Britain now provide it > f
fleer to administer the IJbcni nis
toms and France han given aid n the
same Held Greet BHtlan has > U
abated that It the United Btal s III
UiKl an official to Introducr n rM llls
Into the judiciary acting In th K
naclty of Judicial adviser It would Ids
well It waa Secretary Roots
wl relr Ult pr 1
once however to have I OrelIxud
lnvenlKtlon made before taking in
definite reform steps Such HII nKx
tlgatlon should 0 mado with in n
care and skill which we can pnoit
Hooker Washington la quit 11111 n
wsyltig that we should give I o
of money and men to upbuild iit n
e wo have given for the PhlMippnt
Domingo Hawaii Cuba Porto Rico and xn
gB 1w iI
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