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r 1
Deed Stolen When Life Ebbed
Low Figuros In Divorce
fMlICkoJr Idol DtTrlopt Kwrtllnu Tea I
limon of Unuwinl Jfatnro I > e j
frndnnt SInrt Pay Alimony
After establishing the fact on < rues
rtawlnatlon In dlveroo court j irtci
dar afternoon that Mm Agnes Blnflo
a handsome mlddl aged woman had
her ratheriniaw
ttoien a dud from
R L Dingier whllo ne Wes thought
to be on hta death bed and had it
recorded In the name of hr hiisbnnd
William Ulncl y deputy game war
den ft summon in a civil suit wsa
retied upon her an eha stepped from
the wltnea chair The suit to annu
the deed and to thwart her scheme
tn obtain an Interest In the property
will be filed today
Her meddlesome tactloa which al
1 most divided the family against It
self were aired before Judge Morse
when fllngley whom she Is suing for
H divorce waa called to show cause
why he should not pay alimony while
the suit was pending In her testimony
she said that Blnglay had 7011 which
he had recently drawn from the bank
and property which wag valued at
11004 This property It developed
vu bequeathed to her hueband In his
I fathers will and was not to bl record
ed until the fathers death She admitt
ed that aha found the will in a drawer
mid without the knowledge of her h un
bind or the consent of hla father
hid It recorded Then when she filed
full of a divorce one asked for an
i interest In this piece of property
When Illngley took the stand he al
mltted that he had recently drawn
tiO from the bank in fact It was the
lsy she filed her suit for divorce
It reprseent all I have the sav
Inp of ten yean he said I have
I etn hording It up for what they call
a rainy day I am a cripple your hon
o i having lost an arm and a tea In
in accident and I will need It In my
Id age now being a man paesed
middle life It to probable that 1 will
< > M by iMwItliHi next month and I am i
unable to do manual labor
M to the deed he continued t
did not kuow It was In existence until
nn father sued the city for damage
fused by a Mood a year ago When
tho CAM came to trial he was non
Milled became the property wai re
i i ed In my name My wife admitted
to me that abe found the deed and had
It recorded As a result of the eontro
< i > which followed we separated
Oenplte his plan Judge Morse orders
ii > him to pay his wife J1S a month
xiliuuny until the suit was settled
Mm Blngley wa a widow when Ding
ley married her In Salt Lake on Oct
3 1 > DI nine they separated Mrs
Jilogley ham lived at 347 West Sixth
Hiuth trejet keeping boarder In order
tn urovMte for herself 8be ha a young
lilt pretty daughter by a former mar
riage who III a stenographer In tho
NViitem Pacific railroad office In her
v Mnplant she alleges that Hlngley
called her vile name and forced her
iv loavo his house
Vlthnugh her husband John B Fel
I n1 Ohio and la worth several thou
raod dollar Mr Belle G Felber who
sees granted a divorce by Judge Morse
s 3 unable to obtain support from him
Ieaul he is not within tho JurUdlc
Inn of the court For the past throe
n in Mr Felber who to BII elderly
omn him worked faithfully In spits
r falling health to provide for her
fff and two children Alexander S
ara old and Hope 1 years old They
lire with friend at Xo ill north
Vet Tempi streets The couple wai
married here on July 35 1991 in
feplember 1006 Felber deserted tier
Ithfttit any cause leaving her In dell
ntude olreunwlaneeo
uealthytPlttaburgfamily srtoo of a
uraltliy Plttaburff family had to oboo
itweon the alternative of being pun
> lied for eantenint uf court by Judge
Morse er Msnlnsf an order tn hi wit
bsuing himnforda divorce for
ills lat J 6 After consulting with him
Ktomey William II Leery he asg neit
he order and then borrowed fifty
IIIN from his lawyer to obtain a meal
mil a plaaa to sleep last night
Frldi im contesting the case to ob
III poesewiou of Almoniia him one
irold child whom he want to take
ik todhia
k to hte family in Pltuburg bell
hi wv 19 year old he gave himself
ill to a wanderlust and left home He
hind the army and was tranfrrd
Ft Douglas m me While he wee
are he met UII young roman he mar
abouuttothhe an he Informed hili family
i bout Ihe marrtaRe and they laftrned
hat L100 not married a Catholic
hie father rprim ndd him and
Intlttaed 1 to disinherit him After the
lally wq beer and their respOi fig
ie maw hevr the couple met with
I eVersea Wblfl he was thrown out of
IIOItUon and had no mean to pro
ude for his wife she returned to her
ther He ha mad several effort
Lhr to live with him again
ut she reins to do It it ended in
r luarral with him motherlHlaw and
hen ht wit sued him for a
Inure op the ground ofnonmpport
id aka for the
custody of the child
ttbun Jail family heard of the separa
1 his faUIer Nnt hIm a WM check
1 leave his WIt and bring his child
k hoe lie returned the money
> niag that 110 Intended to remain here
a iL the heel 1M could to being about
reII i Hit sister sent him
JIato h p7aad his brotbrlnla
0 hoi JIr 1 but hi returned botli
Idt that he would lake earn
l hlnuett fjr ale last four month
J baa kM eaurioyed at the Hub
> < hnv Mar at IS1I per week A month
oJ the Olarl icdarsd him t pay his
wire iu atuaony but an account of his
rdltaim of his wage wa at
hide aa1 he bad nardly enough iu
jI cc
mum K > R rou < IIONTILW
aMr IIeIIII UMfr who dcrd that i
ohIO doe aM believe h divorcee was
ranted a > cre from John B Berger
u inaobtett After 4rtlng her four
tooth after their marriage In Jaim
Iy 11K oho ray that he hs Intii
f11IId with her bulnes and bami n d
her In every poaslbU way Cure Mhl i
ud him itrreated whoa he In ok Into I
Her apartUMinl in the KagUi plats opt
t i M Bond Youth utrvet and stud hr
uh after braking up the funuiura
and dfslruyblg her muln
AU l fMattlnj to tlM police and tin
o ilmlnal iwurls fur irote lion from h r I
1u bebd Ueurg H Jon whu tlnai
Id tu kill her Mr lirlfo Jow > hln I
Jeun Wag granted a dltirce by Jud e
slur QII UI4I erouud of uiuelty Thy
STCIIARL1ES HOIpltal QuebeP City
Ono of our gletern who commenced
to take Peruna ha improved and Wilt
continue to take It Rome other urn
trying It also Sr file Marie Superior
CONVENT of St Laurent near Mon
V < heal Mother lion Sister of the
Holy Oroet
After using 1ernna for two or three
months Hereral membon of the com
munity hare experienced such good
effects that they ein recommend I use
to other Stater of Holy Crow
for Inonrablefi Notre
Dame de Grace near Montreal
Notre Dame de Once Hospital for In
curable having need 1ernna for ner
erel months recommend It highly M
an excellent tonic and it Uwitli plea
ore that we add our teeUmofilal to the
HAYING need Perana for the pent few
LI mouth for oar nick and poor we
are happy to say that It has given us
treat aattofaotlon The Bfoter of the
Good Shepherd Montreal
After a continued use of the remedy
this institution hoe found no raven to
change Its good opinion of the remedy
were innrlrl May SI nor 1 the day
after the > JiJliiif stii irnilfled her
hurtmnd truck her Aimed with a
butcher knit hn drove her from the
house In her night Clothes she eottKht
protection In her mvtherv house reverid
block away He forced the door of her
mothers house a few day later and
bent her insensible Fur this offense
she had him arreated and he was found
guilty of battery They have lived
apart tor the lout year She laM sap
ported hens elf by workln AlII a do
mestic and Jepeon la out of the state
Mrs Ally H Allen of 7M east
Seventh Sooth street wag granted a
divorce from Auborn A Allen on the
ground of desertion und restored to
her maiden name Alice WonacoU They
were married In Loa Aoaerse on dept
S im During their married life Al
len tuu only oontributsd UT to her support
Mrs Ddlth L Bouthworth a pretty
Darf halted young woman who wa
married when he was It yean old
was granted a divorce by Jude Morse
on the grounds of desertion from Frank
W South worth a cook They were
married In Ogden Aug U 106 and for
over a year he has failed to provide for
her During this period her twin broth
er Ommett Parrteb ban had to
support her and she hae kept bouae for
him the war restored to her maid
name JDdlth Parrlsh
E4eo W aeker who wife dewtt
ad Wm eight years ago secured a de
cree of divorce from LiMe Packer
They wore married In Eureka Nov K
Petttkw Is UehlC WhW Siewri fr
ICaMttru CWtMiiwtHw
A vetltloa Is in circulation and being
largely signed eking the Utah light k
lUUIway company for extension of UM
system on Thirteenth Sari street from
Fifth to Twelfth South street At a
meeting held yeetentay aftemooa In
the otr1cea of Meek ft McCartney of
Interested cltUenn It was decided to
Duab the petition and present It to
President Bancroft The preeentatioti
committee oftftslaU of George M Can
non N V Jones Dr Alva Lewla
Henry J Wallace W J Meek and
Ohm R Bothwell The petition calla
attention to the Nop14 growth of the
evtion of the oily the convenience the
Improvement would be to many stu
dents of the university living there
while W tndetr college will open
Its new building on the southotut
bench next September The company
has i rajMbla coveting the proposed
eswnaton within three yean But the
residents want It done this year
Unhser fty WwleHWiritM aleait III
0e4Ntt WWiMeillt4iu nod lastembt
GoY William spry presided aver a
patriotic meeting held at the VnlvIIIi
IIC Utah yeaterday In honor of Waah
Inctou and Ulncoln The gatneriug was
enthuaiastle from beginning to end
the remarks of UiUhonlbah Thomas < > n
The father at WM runtrv and lit
Rev P A aimpkln on The Man who
dared the Union Ntll epe < ally well
ruoehed Gov Mpry ema Intnxlucoil fie
tmlrman by President JoseiH r
Klngabury Music wee turnlao I J > > I
the university huh and In soio < r the I
THE BREW Iltaluf I
I1tIP nmv hOlY a II 1via
WhulUSUIIK < Up of
If It to plOl > > OIl bired but
Poslum ilk lilt pJ hliwf1
can be spoiled In the nuking ir
t4c > k has abused you Ia > n m
IIM t ° w 11
lrtlr try e ei
Ulllk oil KH
Ther i a Reason J I
and rxprcMrfi iu Rallifaction the fol
lowing term
JtYI I found Pernna a relief In vera
vv eral races
We can say it is a good tonic and w
are very thankful Sister of tbe
Good Shepherd
Oneot the many hoeptUhi which bare
found Parties of value in treating old
and obstinate race of catarrh 1 the
Hospital St John who writoM follown
U yTlt are happy to toll yea that
1N your Pena har given 1M Mtt
faoHon Three patient have tried It
one AS years old llouotil Dupels af
flicted with catarrh is much relieved
more than he has been for a number
A young girl Ji year old had ItIt
obstinate rough which half a bottle of
Pernna raised to disappear
II An to myself two bottle bar con
vincedme thai Perana Is magnificent
fie a tonic Before the treatment t ooolil
not walk for a quarter of an hour with
out experiencing much fatigue Now
I can walk a mile easily I
Through these three case we desire
to make known to the public the
I efficiency of your remedy
ftonff lvio auillencn Joined heartily In
connection with the patriotic exercise
the ultns and purposes of the universal
pftaxe vunferenrn entered Into the do
ings of the meeting
11Is Ie a common term of muscular
rheumatism No Internal treatment Is
needed Apply Chamberlains Unlment
freely three tunes a day sod a quick
cur la certain Tliln liniment has prov I
en esi dally valuable for muscular
and chronic rbeuatatlMn Hold by all
IrupHratlon nnd ftrietrtteu of Eabsisl
IJIlOO Compoix to be Diseases l
Tim lIt of a ort s of lecture and
dtecueeloiM en tbe aunj at of Domestic
Science In tbe parents classes of tbe
Enalgn stake Sunday aehooU will be
otmiiucted next Sunday morning com
mencing at 11 oclock
the topic to be presented Is the
claaeMcatlon and preparation of food
with particular emphasis on the proper
food for school children
While the whole work In this line k
being done under the general direction
o Mvx Lucy Van Oott the following
i s jUt will under be direction
I tcri the iHfooMdoo In the ward
The Twentieth ward Mia Lucy Van
Cutt < > f the University of UtahTwenty
lInt wrd Miss U K Hartwan sup
iMAUtr of domeetlc science In the Nor
uutl Training school Twenty iovs ith
ward Miss Blanch Calne domestic scl
once supervisor In the Halt Lake High
school Eleventh ward Idles Pond In
charge uf dietetic at the L D I he
I piUI TwelfthThirteenth Mtok Anna
i Onuit director of domestic edema In
1 the L l > S InlVf inlty
The topic to be oonaldered In tbeee
Assns one week Inter I food W
and What to do With Left over
to three doctor was kept In bed for
five week Blood poison from a spid
ers bite caused large deep sore to cov
er his leg The doctor failed the
BockJeni Arnica Halve completely
cured ma writes John Washington of
Bovu vHle Tex For ecctma ball
burn and pile Its supreme Ho at X C
M I Drug Dept IllIll to Mate It
lan Lake City
Iublfo Aii > irftm < > TtMtMiTuw of
Ultque urrnla Mme4 4 ee
Seven CMneee girl WIll up
pear ta cuulve coetume and
Ing tomorrow ID the Liberty Park and
Pleat JteUoakH ehunshe At 11 a in
the children will slag at Liberty Path
and at ltU p ui before the Pleat
church Bunday school At 0 W the Bp
worth league of tfe Pint church will
bear them and at fM p m Monday
the little CeUstlaU are to sing befenw
the public In the Flint church auditori
um They are front the Ohinaea Home
In Ban rranclaco and M routu ueat
from an eaatern tour In which they
song tor the PIWeat M the White
HOIM lite children are travlln un
der dae auspice of the woman Homo
Missionary so > My of the Bplwwpal
church Although they drew In Ihlne
fashion each one spanks Kngiish nuent
Iy Ous of the girls gala as pianist
Mir Carrie Dai the chaperon al
po k of the eartb < iuak and tell i > nie
thing of the work nf ilk OMneaw Home
In Hun Hhuasot
The following nape o being Marl out
airy by koeal uiiilvalon burr to
Hi teUII trade Ice the city W
ttid at the praM nl HUM that wr niuM
hale > nut credit vfctt ui fir the t
In il tint oil r t > nu > nls up < m our
UH uf < uu4 toss idy IOn id the
IIIIH until we ai < unable lu early a
kiiMrlMit stock l < > supply the ilnnin < l
< > ui money k ohlIIUl1jJ wj louts hII
r IM It is reluriM c ii we hew lucre
f M lnlro4iMM 8 stem of urkly
M tlres W e Ml reaed 10 say tout I
inK nuiiitui t ir < usioin r > HUI
II i lint lo this i > as they tliriu
i < dad thllt i In41acrlinin I
in i n d > momlisn their busiue I
Onmilhuillnn lit tn be ICffeOtrd at Vret
Inc to be Iltlil Tue
Tlir ftah Itnte IKwItfc league mill
mcel Tuesday overtime in Paohnnl lib
rtiv hall to cnmrMi UP orgsMilMtlon
Ii t < the aim < > i tin mowm In thlt
dlrr i llun to tusk the agile nlil nld <
nn > + the earnest mippnrt of the pilblli
Is xnlMted It H hoped that all re
yirdlas of their prnfmiiilonR or pall
IIIK will hi > In itttendani f lit this
sting whl < h ixrlim at F ooluck
i > vrnr Spy will pTr < ldc mit among
i Ieskers will i Tllliitii H King
f M IK fulmar IT KbHllXh Of the
I iMtHiity of irinh nit Kn K I i
i iH n and Dr Ttui K In
OJ1nln 1In8 11111TIt PLOT
it n niiil to J A Htno a civil war
< irni of Kemp Tex that a plot an
oil tiftwe a clfupcnttn lung trouble
nnj Ih grave to rouse Ms death I
i irated a stubborn cold he writes
i t in developed a mulh that stuck to
ti spite of nil mnedlc for year
M wright ran down In tlo pound
then I hnttnn to ue Dr Kings New
Isvnery which restored my health
pletPh 1 now weigh 171 pound
1 r severe fold obstinate COUP
71 morrhKRMi Akthma and to prevent
Ihounnnln Its unrivaled Me and 1100
Trial bottle ties Ouaranteed by X C
M I Drug Dept 111114 Bo Main It
Salt lke City
The regular ftiton meeting f the
Halt Lk tab Sunday schools will be
held In th Sixteenth ward hall sundry
JVb St 10 Th anbiertr In the var
ious department will h > cc follow
ICuperintcndent prtmrrl Annual
report mi celtareou < mntti > n I
Chorister nd oracJU < > mrtmint
How to play narramental music Bongs
for the month of March
Parent department No 26 Work
away from home No 26 Play
Secretaries department Mtecetlan
eouc matter Leon one of Divine
authenticity of the Book of Mormon
Theological A department Third
year 1 fton 7 t and s
Theological B department First ear
n t to IS
ftcond irlcrmedlate A department
liSU loB of second Intermediate pu
pil Second Intermediate H department
L rtnre Bro A R Klnkic
First Intermediate A department
aeopraphr of Palestine fort day lemon
for March
Flrt Internxtdlate R department
Past Lesion 3 considers t Ion ot le
run work
Primary department llin to tell Bl
w Merle
Kindergarten dEpart mnt Fourth
IMon in March Outline member of
Nineteenth ward 0tory member of
Fourteenth ward song and rest eser
r Ids
Your only hope said three doc
tor to Mr M E Fisher Detroit
Xlch suffering from tvere rectal
trouble He In an operation tnen I
used I > r Kings New Life Pill she
write till wholly cured The
prevent Appendicitis cure Pnnttlpa I
don Headache Sc at Z C M I
Drag Dept 112111 Bo Main St Halt
Lake City
lluuntliul DullilliHt ISnteii Up Hy
I1ann Yesterday
Fire destroyed the Bountiful Open
house yesterday entailing a bee of
mUO to the owner C H lamp
ton A mereantll business wa con
ducted on the ground Boor and It wan
here that moet of the loe occurred
Thfe blue wa discovered about 2
oclock by Dr K W 8medl Boon a
large crowd gathered J4 trenuou
effort were made to remove the
merchandise as It was Been at one
that the building could not be saved
It wa with difficulty that the Issues
were prevented from ftreadln to
other bulldln
All soon as he wa apprised of the
fire Chief Wore of the stall Lake de
partment sent Captain William T
Ayland and Amu Moroton and a num
ber of men to the soens An engine
and hoe wagon ww loaded onto
flat car at the Salt Lake A Ogden
Railroad company depot and a quirk
run nor made to the place t aiu In
the finrngln being generated In he
nraniuiK It was found hUIII
that nothing could be donu to nave the
all but consumed building and the
dppruiux wa not unloaded I
The building formerly belonged to
the Peoples Opera house and Merrun
tile company passed later Into ihe
hand of J J Fisher and finally wa
secured by Mr Hampton It cost IIC
i0o and the stock of nwrchaiidlsx eat
red Hampton wa valued at n
like figure Building and Mock were
Inaured at about BO per cent of valu
There Ir n < > me < 1t < lne mad Ibnt IK ri
lied upon with more IniplkiJt conndn
than rbsmbrlaln Celle Cholera and
DUn hue Remedy fir sale by nil druv
Mccoy Llvry Btabl Both phone tl
w < tniiM n rg 1 > 1
The Great McEwen H
n f 1 N nten L
h ling wJ Fie III II IIH i ml Mil
It i tlandcotf 11 hkIv fLd
i 1 Yn 1111 LM j j
it R n i eJs and 0alulil < 1n
I I in Ji
7F ye The Theslie rmirrnl
L YRIC Unlr antlTru ho ner
In Nit lakl
r c = aw =
Is dig Fraluim Two Iced ruusi
Itwuntut 1llarIt H
K nu e Iliwn al lh Litt Tory
are Unnl
Lyric 1000 Reward j
4J 11uWfiITil Icfltv ITnffijg
ildfl n ITt W TIml cerr 9 +
Tflrredi N1fi a t
ilotith Hut H en IIwnt in Gathering together thin Mgnifln and Tatiftl
HHHnrlHH of II ami some Now Spring Snit Each unit currlen with It a suptrb
liBoUoiittn individuality whirh give tbfm expretwiottR 6f the Jrentost style
fharadptand most important of oil in the dine giving power In the prireH
Never Urfore hare w > shown such jnagnifitent suit at It1lffII hut will be muly
for oar In iM ition Monday at
5NYaq 11 3v1Y9 33O 3500
AN lixtra Hperinl feature of the Day Monduy will lk j
m 1M T h1IJw iig Dffil 1I1fi Y
S III thi Slue Monday we quote three extra spatial prices and put them forth
IIH ail extra gpedul induce IDNlt to compel early Buying
Exclusive Suit Model at 1500 made up t
Beautiul New of a beautiful all
Spring Suits fully n 3 IfY wool shadow stripe fi1J
n 5 00 O
worth 1730 0 material light and 0
Special Monday dark colors
A D 1mc V8 1lncmwg colorsff 325 ua ftL
One of the mont wperb and the moet attractive nitR that we have show this
fitt8011e take special pride in announciug thia imrticular suit for its a suit
that assumes the appearance of a 2500 or 3000 creation it hIM all the smart e r
effects of the higher priced one IUI well ae the material The tailoring is per
teetthe style supreme and the price will appeal to all Your presence at our
sale Monday is requested
1 hl1l1t1 rWl e Wmft 3pCi5o
500 and flOO value will l > e placed on sale Monday at the above quoted
prhe There are several 8tylen to choose from They are nil dnintv and exquisite
tbe front of the waist Haboratod with lace and insertion and Medallions long
Ioevcs the vuloiti alP cream black piJik and hll1eall sites Not a waist in the
lot worth lea than f 00 und from that up to KiOQ f S 9
While they last Monday 2 ofi < 2 f
Holiday we will cnntinne our big sale of Mimlin Undorwwar The post week
made a new record in thin flepartmcut and having received a new big shipment we i
II in a position to show many new Hem at as great a saving as the past week
c of the ale The following items will talk for tIUMIIHOVPH Head the Prices
SKINTS 1318de of good material
deep ruftle trimmed with lurks and
SKIHTS 591A goml quality of uiu liu
wide ruffle with heniHt Itched tucks
and embroidery edging A good as
S tfortmeot of lengths
SKI WIS mltFille muslin deep Noose
df tuck and embroidery olhere with
hemstitched tucks An extra special
SKI IfIt itkIatlf if flue soft muslin
with deep flounce of lawn trimmed
with hemstitched tiKk tint entbroi
derv ulNi duttt rufile Au extra itlX
SKIKT IIU Made uf fXlra good ma
terial deep flounce of last and lNIel
dOll alho fiiibroldtTj and tucks with
deep duet ruffle
SKIRTS S12tt Uxtra gotxl quality of I
s long cloth llMncli Mounce of lack
euibrulderr aim 21Inch Mouu of
Ian and iinMTtioit also deep dust
ruffle i
UliAlTIJlL XIC111TH flWJ Kine I
uiiNlin with 21 inch llouuce and three
rows of iuaeitiou iuterniiHgled with
liiMter of tucks and finiahed with
4 wide luce nt bottom
An extra ape 1
1 MT8LIX H KIHISEx1t goad uulllv i
4 tuateriul 27inch flounce of tucks and
oM u fiiibroiden ohIO dual rtifflt of
lawn ull leugthn I
= = = = = c o
nG1HIT ii U I I
NKiHT DRIfeKH 9tOooo quality uf
flue uiualiu lout aDd abort itleeve
M 1 button and liM > venr trimmed with i
v tucks eiubrtiidery Iud Marrow ruftk i
< < Kxtm MMilul I
111 HLiroVISlI nilXVX Otlr Jtfadi of flue
cainbric u Hk nud nkrts triiuineil
hrfl with embroidery and hiMHiou an ex
tin tqiwiul all HijMw Iliuiieil quautilv
j s125 CAMBHir IIUWN Tlk Hutton
mil slipover inailc or 10111 quality
tine cambric trimmed will lAW em
bruit ry tusks mien iUII and ribbon
ulna and wleevcM fluiMluHl whit euibrol
dejv ruflkM
1SlIX liOYVV 1kdllpsivr styli
tiiuiuitd wilh iHiiiMtiUlied tnlge em
j bii > id > rv and liuiMbed with flnbiliinc
brtild uti weirs tHd1 ulu
UIltult uf K iod quality of loug
cloth short Mlieve and Itm iuwrtiou
eUtfttl with lufHeM entire yoke trim
uied with itiMeitlou mull ribbwu a wg
ulur 173 iwu quantity limited all
MOUT UUWS 1W1u xtm sptclsl
ulue made of HIM ualuaook allfiuver
Mt > l < 1sburd yoke uf blind embitii
dery Mud InwHiou Nlfueves dpl
wit It Pwbruldery
I X 11 liT DIIKIM lIKMaiif of wilt I
muallu alliMiver Styli Nth tape yukw
of fmbr ttfl > ry IwtmUia and ribbon I
uleevei flaiidieil with beadUigj und halt J
rii He I
CONSIST COVERS islelade of good
quality material with torchon lace n
joke and edging Regular 3c all k
IXHSKT UOV12Ri3 WcOoo quality
i miielin daintily trimmed with lace
I and embrolihry iiiM > rlion and ribbon t
Regular J5c cover all Mixes
CORS15T COVERS 18c Regular Iliic +
quality made of extm tine quality ma
terial deep yoke of hire or embroidery a
back and front and finished with rib
bon a good ttugortnipnt of sixes
CORS13T COVERS tltlIHII of Hun t
cambric trimmed with but and em
broidery and some trimmed with em
I broidery medallion und ribbon
COHHKT COVERS Ihule of extra
good quality of hie soft mu lin extra W
full front trimmed with tine embroi ti
dery Insertion and edging all siva
UIfiI3T VHRS 110AII extra spe i
cial value cud > of flue soil m urial
Ii trimmed with lace and iiiNertion and = A
ribbon All glees 4 s
ii CORSKT COVERS 913H A uHItItltw i
fussy affair daintily trimiiuKl with
i lace and inedallioua All tdiea fully
worth 9176
MLMLIN DllAWmtc 2thsMade of Hue
mutilin eithei olwU or rlonwl extra
tine tusks sod imbioidety regular ku
HUA WKlW i3clud of wood quality
of muidiH trimmed with wide 1lIf f
or heniatitched tucks and wide em
II bflahiNlr
I 1J1lAW IW eMth ajadP at gdni ItUulIl J
Ibrl whit uilroidfi rufflnM and
llbbuu auolher wells triuimid with
igeks und luce iiiMTtion UMI ribbon
run r
uIIAVPIi KH k M wll lir HIM uultllitlOk
I 111111I1111 with n heaiitiful l quality of
I HIM wide einbviidiiy mid tlniMheil
I with lacka u ntfiilur 11L3tr qualllv t
i DUAWKKtt fll > Iiup uuiuMMik opeu
or cloned ruffe of embroidery sad s rid
tais Mud iiwerlloii extra npefui fiiu
j DUAWUKM 12t Mude of oft ttuc
lung cWh with tia Mp ruffles of lace I
I and rmbruidfrv fully worth 175 a
limited quantity only
10 = =
r =
1 Cu WLMY3eirr i
j lauI 51kNhw material burt
IPMgtlis yoke trimmed with cmbroi
dery ami i liner t tun all liM
IHKMIHK HYIhnM leiitfth erTettn
madf of Uue iiuulity stiff uiiulin fumy
yoke of embroidery null lawrliou
CHKVJIKK Htii hound and Muare
yukfH of fuibntldcry uud liiwrtton awl
UubtUed with mfrte uruuud bdttoni 1
CUKMIKK iiLLutuK chewlne with
ruuud and WIIIUH ueck yoke fluuibe tr
with infill of Iliibnildert abut epl
lllllillil Itolllirr lilOUIKl hlll1l1ln
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